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i Condemn Land U Is
» to Buy at Reason
able Price
■ by Hamtramck fanners
Grand Trunk railway of
•a the value placed upon
'a! estate eiperta brought
iry condemnation proceed
■ probate court in 15 years.
Grand Trunk started ac
idemn 17 acres that lie on
r way to Port Huron. The
now on before Judge Hul
led by real estate agent -
[way the farmers refuel
j any price within reason,
to the testimony < l I <>
real eatate man * no hat
le right of way for lines
:ted for the corporation,
era of the property over
contest is being waged
. Kuhn and his wife. Mar
l.eonard, Mary, George,
lisa be th and John tspren
other of tbe family, Mrs.
t liea between the Seven
-mlle-ros., three-quarters
aat of Van Dyke-ave.
i Huaan. president of the
•I Estate board testified
valueleaa for subdividing
He said that It was only
■tick gardening and farm
the fair price of the
as declared by the real
srta to be 1250 an sere,
tl, who had been author
for tbe Grand Trunk, de
the Kuhns wanted 12.00*)
bile Springers were un
llsten to anything less
an acre. The agent had
rlaod to offer S4OO an acre
\ obviate condemnation
i and to expedite the pur
e property. Thia was the
however, he said,
i direction of Judge Hul
•puty Frank Belhart the
> taken In a private car
miming to look over the
id rorroundlng the 17-
aa been purchased by the
t aaaerta.
lefiaww Stakes Win
attic With His Tale
larital Infelicity
L Lacbmann made the
if Judge Tappan's court
I with hla shouts, Tburs
be told of bis trou
la wife. Mr*. Yetta Lacb
■ be la suing for divorce.
bulky record of injunc
sourt orders- Lachmann
llllng In the interim be
ftllng of hla bill and tbe
tb a spirited contest for
which he seised and
n started a journal of
idd troubles, kept from
’, with all tbe fidelity io
i Samuel Pepya. It was
that brought a stormy
court, which Judge Tap
o quell by beating upon
with both hands.
Charles Aaburst, counsel
achmann, objected to fur
ling of tbe journal, but
continued louder and
rly shouting out the de
m Income of $l5O a month,
to his wife.,' He alleges
braateoed to poison him,
parry a “rich" manufacturer ard
Bln on hla money.
ms were married In
seven children, the
la 37.
R $9,000
me and Mrs. Re
mind Gets War-
His Arrest.
nga were responsible
i troubles of Mrs.
lond, of No. 182 U
she was led to be
» E. Howard, of No
ccordlng to her story
Thursday, so he pre
to part with f9.000,
> relieve her mind.*'
told Judge gtein. is
nd a “healer." She
o consult about her
t the course of their
ide him aware of tbe
vaa the possessor of
ie, the ‘healer de
*as the money that
r trouble, so in order
t the was ordered to
tey to him. that he
H overnight and wish
g which the contain
Drummond returned
|«r. She says She
WBM tbs "healer
l wawant was issued
Alice Hoosevelt Ixmgworth 1*
wearing gowns of her own original
blue ulmost exclusively at the cuu
Rose colored raincoats are all the
rage among society women at tb
political Jambourees Among rbo-c
who are attending the cot. vent ion
in them are. Mrs. John Hey* Ham
mond, Mrs. Theodore Roost wit Jr.
Mrs. Charles Verkes. Mbs Ruth Mc-
Call, daughter v s the M.i*t>acbu*ctr
governor, Mrs. Warren («. Harding
Mrs. Charles D. Hi’les *C'J Mrs W i
ham Alden Smith.
An absent minded society t di’re- -.
describing th * gowns of well krn-w n
wtMuen at the Republican invention
sessions. c;i:it • calmly statt-d t'-.c
“Mrs. Ed*.trd Hines wa> dressed m
purple flowers.’*
A large quantity of Rc-evel!.
Hughes, Burton. Fairbanks ar.-l other
enthusiasm has nal io **lk aroun l
In the rain since the pole ** ’ srred
glee club;- and ruidtar> band- tr<’ii'.
the hotel lobbies a ’mg Candidates
Republican Chairman Hardtng
drapes himself m a fresh hoilet.
shirt and a different colored tie -• v
ernl times a day. He * partial to
robiu a «gg blues and silver and obi
gold symphonic*.; and when h«
strolls down the Republnau plat
form through a forest of pink peonies
he’s a riot with the ladies —a riot
Right in front of Mr. Harding, on
the tittle blue boarded peninsula th >t
Juts out from the platform, -onie
safety first soul has caused the ar
rangement of a miniature prize ring
with brass comer posts and red
plush ropes. AIL that remains to be
desired is that the National com
mitteemen wear bathrobes or re.',
white and blue trunks and have
burlies fan them witL towels.
Ex-Gov. Frank*in Murphy, of New
Jersey, has developed a habit of
standiug forward on the Coliseum
platform, shrouded in thought i*nd a
mouse colored wes’kit.
In the midst of the ex-governor*
public meditation, three worthy
huskies tramped across the platform
lugging 1C volumes of Hinds parlia
mentary procedure with which *he>
surrounded Chairman Hard’ng *
desk Hinds’ procedure is the steam
toller** aecesory with which, if nec
essary, black can be proved whit<
and white a bright cerise
One of the choice sights of th*-
convention I* to see George W. Per
kin*, the man who invented the Pro
gressive Dollar Sign, eating pea soup
at the Blackstone, at 60 cents pe
Roosevelt boomers looped the loop
district last night, gaining force a*
they proceeded, until finally the pro
cession waa six blocks long—the big
geat procession tney’d had yet.
In the Religious World
Tsrss Comments On the Uniform
Praysr Meeting Topic of the
Young People’s Societiee—Chria
tJan Endeavor, etc.—For June 11:
"The Will and the Way.’’— Phil.
"Where there’s a will there's x
way." The homely proverb strikes
at the root of all our new and com
plex problems of life. For what we
need today is not more lnfonna'ion
and not more skill and not more
power, but elmply anew mind So
ciety needs making over in its pur
poses. A will to be godly and to
be brotherly will solve most of the
world's difficulties. All our prob
lems are comprehended within tbe
one great problem of changing the
purposes of people. A basic remedy
for everything that is the mat’er
with us may be found In the words
of the Scripture lesson of this topic
"Rejoice in the Iyird always
Hickey’s for Quality
“Is That All You Paid for It?”
Men are often asked that question when they tell their friends they bought suits
here for
s ls, *2O or *25
ff you know anything about this store, you know it is hijrh grade from top to
bottom. Our motto has always been “Hkkey’s For Quality. ’
Then do you think we’d sell suits at slo to $25 that are no better than the or
dinary suits at those prices.
Not on your life .
Doesn’t matter how you're built or what your tastes are—we can sell you a per
fect fitting: suit in any color and pattern in the newest
Pinch-Backs and Conservatives at *ls to *25
Hjgfeg 3
Senator Borah who parts his hair
and delivery in the middle, uses but
one oratorical punctuation mark
when hi make* .\ speech. He talks
with h;* hand* in tits pocket*, but oc
ca-ionullv ne hauls a couple of fore
finger* (Hit of hi- trouser* pockets,
shakes them .it the crowd and put*
them hr; k again The *»nator hasn't
had a hall cut for a long time and he
looks line.
When House Officer Abram*, of
rbe 1.54 Snlle. wanted to clear a cor
' rijoi of argumentative Hughes and
1 R -pvclt ‘.'corners, he lelivered a
f« w -ijuiri- cf ammonia -urreptl
ticu-ly ano’.r. their edges. The
Hughes delegates, who got the first
whiff, mev< and aw.*.} with the remark
j that •..* Rocs-veil -*ntinieut was
k '.iiig too *»rong for them and the
j *--t of t.;c r* wd quickly tol.owed
Nfr* Gifford Ptnchot i- a -inking
i pgure » wn among hundred.- of wo
i. * n iu th» midst of the mobs h^re
More »han a thousand 16-candle
pow.r htilbs arc going full
b!i*.*t .!i ’be Coliseum cornentien
hall ceding. oer durng th* mtddav
stations of th*’ Republicans
The ' .lied interior of the long
high *'» .!>* u:n look* 1 ki the under
side of a railroad culvert rr'mmed in
w hite and yellow < ht osecloi h.
There are thousands and thou
sand* of yard- of the ihre*ecloth
Senator Reed Snoot, who rushed
ino the limelight when he was
brought tip from the winds, in his
-a*J. drooping mousta he lo real
the report of the corum.ttee on
creden ial- !a* i -lightly stubbed
nose Hi* report is the one that de
termine- whi her delegates shall
-it down, ■Maud up or get out; a..d
it's the one that precipitated the
free-for-all battle in 1912.
It may hav* be*>n misapprehension
superinduced by disturbing 1912
memories, or possibly only habit.
but the senator braced hintrelf and
k*-pt his right hand or his pistol
pocket all the time he reported.
Both Chauncov M. Depew and
Uncle Joe Cannon S2 and s>. re«pec
lively, or I*l2 years oil all tc!d. dem
onstrated »n their speeches that a?®
ha* not impaired their lung power
Both of ihem can be in the
Coliseum as well as Chairman Hard
ing. a much younger and huskier
Senator Lc'lg*. to whom one of
the keenest delights for year* has
been the exclusion of newspaper
men from the sessions of the reso
lutions committee, scowled and
growled and was real pre\*d wnen
he learned that some of them had
.-lipped in this time. Hie middle
name of the senator's family tor cen
turies has been Secrecy.
again I will »gy. Rejoice. your
forbearance be known to all men.
The t.* at hand. In nothing
be anxiou*; but in everything by
prayer and supplication with thank*-
giving let your requent* be made
known unto God And the peace of
God which pa*.*eth all understand
ing. shall guard your heart* and
your thought* in Christ Jesu*. Final
ly. brethren, whatsoever things are
irue, whatsoever thing* are honor
able, whatsoever thing* are pure,
whatsoever ihing* are lovely, what
soever things are of good report; if
there be any praise, think on these
things The things which ye both
learned and received and heard and
saw In me, these things do; and
the God of peace shall be with you."
• • •
Aspiration shape* activity; we do
as we think. "Asa man thlnkerh
in his heart, so is he. - '
• • •
Happy and strong and brave shall
we be, able to endure all things
and to do all thing*, if we believe
that every day of our life is in Hta
hands.—Van Dyke.
• • •
There are two ways that all may
choose. One is the world’s way.
which say* ‘ Get all you can.** The
other 1* Christ's way. which says
“Give all you can." The one lead*
to death the other to life “Choose
ye this day whom ye will serve.**
• • •
In the realm of character, possi
bility is obligation What a person
can do. he ought to do.
• • •
Anew will must precede anew
work, a« purpose goes before per
formance A fresh impulse for ser
rice must vitalise all new forms of
service, if the latter are to have
• • •
A person !s called Into the world
for two great purposes, to live hla
own life and to do his own duty
For these everything else should be
made to stand aside.
• • •
<-,od'* ways are pas’ finding out,
except by those who have walked
Jwith Him to the end of the Way.
• • •
••jteif.revtrenre. self-know>rtgw sslf
Th»s«* three ab-ne
Dead life to sovereign power."
• • •
Mean to be something with all
your might.—Phillips Brooks
• • •
•'] will ceas* t« sit repining
WV’.e my duty » cal' is clear.
T will waste no moment whining.
And mv heart shall know no fear
. • •
For little child, for venerable
sage, for Ignorant savage and pro
foundest philosopher, the will of
Christ is a sufficient guide to life
• • •
The Guide is also the Way.
• • •
To learn God's will we must look
up. nor in. It is better to mark
one's course by the changeless stars
than by the fireflies of human Jtidg
• a a
Nil who would w-a!k with Christ
must tie willing to give up their
own way.
• • •
•O I/ivs is a guest that will kill all
And la>v* Is Immune to all dark
And l>.-. * « a cur» for lack of gold
And i>*ve is a screen from the win
ter'i -old
And L**ve i* the source of a golden
t stream
That I sthtens the soul w ith a
Where fy-ve ta a gues’
There will -ome no fear '
• • •
*‘l>t this mind be in you which
was also in Christ Jesus ’ That is
i the one clear way ou» of the world’>
There is no wisdom like frank
• * *
Opportunities approach only those
who use them —Emerson.
• • •
With care and ■ ulture ad ma\ find
Some ppeftj in their own mind
j Some talent that is rare.
—Charles and Mary Umh
• • •
Nothing is denied to well-directed
labor; nothing l* ever to be a’
tained without it.—Sir Joshua Rev
i nolds.
• • •
Jesus saith unto him. if I will *ha’
he tarry till I come, what Is that to
thee 7 follow thou me —John 21 22
• • •
t'nhrard. because our »ar* are <J jll.
Cnseen. t>* aus* our *i m are d!rn.
H» walks our earth, the Warderfut,
And all good deeds are don* to
• • •
All thinking men and women get
the main satisfaction of life. a*id ft
from the domestic Joys out of the
productive work they do. —Cbarlea
I W. Eliot.
I There is Nothing Jl
'■.lust a* Good” %
' BlncKburn's
Ir or v onstlpalion 9
Biliousness, Stomach ills I
Joseph Jacks Is Held Blameless
For ( onrad Pfeiffer’s Death
By Coroner's Jury
Joaepu Ja* ks was exonerated from
blame in the accident in which Con
rad Pfeiffer, a painter, was killed, a
week ago Saturday, at the corner ol
Mt Elliott ave. and Berlin st . by a
Jury in Coroner Rothacher s court.
Thursday morning, whose verdict
was that Pfeiffers death had been
caused in an unavoidable accident
In which there had been contribu
tory negligence on the part of the
victim Jacks drove the machine
which -truck Pfeffer a* he wa- step
ping down from a street car. The
machine was not traveling more
than 11 miles an hour. Jacks te.*?i
ST CLOUD. Minn . June 9 I-ake
George's whistling well, a freak of
nature that is unexplained by pro
fessors at the University of Miune
sota. again is in the limelight A
farmer in the vicinity has written
county officials asking If something
car. be done to stop the peculiar
noise is leaving the ground
and the whistling is loud and rtis
tinot "I bought two dog* this win
ter to guard the house and to help
In herding the cattle." writes the
farmer 'Every time the well
whistles they run over to if and
stick their head* down in the hole.
1 can t keep them around the house,
they don’t help me with the cow.-. ’
Thousands Take
this nruld. family remedy to avoid illness,
and to improve and protect their health.
They keep their blood pure, their
livers active, their bowels regular and
digestion sound and strong with
UrtM) Swb mt Aay in tkm Warld.
Sold *T«rT«U«. IsbMM, lOfc, 15*.
Basement Special for Friday
and Saturday
812 Pairs of *3.50 Patent
and Gunmetal Pumps
$ 9-00
- 'i? f fft illustration
II splendid
II f \
|! \ ' |j
13V \ sell at ; n
\\ hile 812 pairs i*
\N*v a considerable num
\ her it is doubtful if
1 they "ill last the
/ two days at this
\ \ery unusual price
I and wr therefor
suggest that you
\ make your selection
\ Friday if possible
They have gray and champagne
colored quarters, covered Louis
heels, turned soles and small orna
ment. All summer weight.
183*185 Woodward Ave.
l\\u»tr» te UsHjas|f
1 F^ E
& B°° k T ANARUS„. *m*V*"« "’’, W
n , .tie** \ , T J *** „. * • *° 4 Mr
of 1 .■,*« ' vlti** n r *A rom *. UHli
A ~>;. ««
rn *gsr 4-/JS-; \ ,°r! :: -:;:;, =;»•& B?
n *ss‘r. on A, ?"&■ \ 'hr^' nt v
KJFctV *jjj| U *io£ ' lll \T
jUfl °' Mr. I, V"Hk, *.r. 4 M
** T. %., its s»b i 1/
Jy ‘ \ l»rlr**lt. pSnnr »l»ln .%•*«*«*. U
USP* ~>nak •*. I>f|.»i, |.fc*i*r y|
Most kitchen garden* are too
small for tuirh \ Ine crop* as cucum
ber*. melon*, pumpkin*, etc . but »
few gardener* make exception in
favor of the cucumber, especially If
they are blessed with more space
than the average backxard has.
Cucumber* are tender to froet;
require a warm aeaeon and full ex
'l Truck
ii\T / Msy 13. 1916
/ f\ If 1* t umlom Tu* sad Rubber Company,
1 VMf DrOo*. Mark
a _ Ceetlrnm
assistance SiSTSiT zsZzzr— ” -
W# spprecMte smmS of all the (nomptnew with which you make
3ft If: th« aecemsry chaags of Ufa froai tune to tuae.
V * J' Daisy* a out dalrrary arnct sra wriou*. sad your mnUbce a
•gm • • • helping us to trad ths laying up of our buck* oq account of tvs
O rn/lfvin CT equipment u vary gradfyiag to u*. Your* vary truly.
5 # w^l V l,l O (Signod) CRECC HARDWARE COMPANY
By J. H. Gragg.
Vou also need “excellent service.” “promptness,**
and “gratifying assistance.”
Call up the Firestone Man. Having the complete
Firestone line to choose from, he makes unbiased
recommendations. Why> For the betterment of
your trucks, for economizing in your tire expense.
Flrastons Tire and Rubber Company
Mwnn'f imrgmt IkSiM OroonO Asa U«*»»"
Comar Csnftald snd Woodward Detroit
Phone Grand 8480
Horn* Ottk* and Foctorr. Ahroo. OU*
Branch** sad P—kwlwryvkq*
pohurc to sun. They arc grown In
hills and must be seen thickly as
the striped beetle is their deadly
enemy and usually manage* to kill
about two-thirds of the plants. If
the beetle should not get them, thin
out the surplus plants, so only four
or five plants remain In each hill.
Some gardener* Insist that an
onion planted in each cucumber hill
I Did You Know?— I
that a veritable battery of ice stations sur
rounds you at all times? They are Absopure
stations and stand ready to protect your food
and health during the hottest season of the I
the “Big Sendee” can Ire depended upon. It’s
going to get warm, and real hot soon. Better J
m l>e prepared. Call Main 3660 today, or the sta- |||
tion near you.
General Ice Delivery Cos.
David A. Brown, Praa. and Gen’l Mgr.
Washington Arcade
A Point for You
to consider is whether the time, thought and
capita] now given over to your power-develop
ing plant would not profit you more if applied
directly and exclusively to the dividend-earning
end of your business.
We believe we can supply you with lower
cost power than you are now producing your
self, and, at the same time, relieve you abso
lutely of all concern regarding your power
Let us send one of our engineers to talk the
matter over with you. It would cost you nothing
—and might prove very enlightening.
The Detroit Edison Company
MAIN 4300
FRIDAY, JUNE 9. 1916.
will drive away the grub worm.
Pick ofT the first cucumber from
each vine If ita starts much earlier
than others on the same vine, for It
will consume more than Its share of
the vine g energy If the vine has
a tendency to spread too far. pinch
oft the end. Pull the cucumbers
every few days to make the vine
more productive.
Most men become experts at but
ting In

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