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M Bv ■ ottktSsi*vrwm
HHUir# 4|BA \ JWT % rrltu**J by m
Pr v ;/
pK /#/#• *♦' v4 *• *~<~~ »roooAO<*- O
Br -
BtOM PRICE, a young archl-
BIAURA PRICE, hit wlfa.
■ pROF. SARGENT. Laura’s
BN#”* laachar..
Trfllfl LEGRANO. famous song
Klar and composer, friend of
■§M Frio*, a young architect, and
■p wtfa, Uara, are happy In their
Laura refuaea M good contract
8MP V » concert tour for Le grand. a
■AMR when Tom objects. Pro-
Sara (111 T her mniinc teacher,
■p her sne has a career before her
|HP«m sine In public. Tom
■Ka the contract for a small of
-9| hulMlng and while superlntend
ooaatructlon is injured. Hie
■LIS broken and hla Injuries are
■NOM. After a long fight he Mins
■anaay back to health and when he
ESil* to pay attention to ordinary
ISN flada that all hla savings have
Hi for hla expenses and Laura has
■P her piano. Bhe telle him not to
iHHrrr; that what she has done is no
SOgaSoe and that In a month or two
■7VMII ho working again.
MT S month or two,** ho supplo-
Bttsd, "I shall have to go limping
Ksari 1b search of work. For, Doc-
H*fpc«sve tells me, the Stuytoff
■BBtrsetion company went, laat
■HR, H to the hands of a receiver,
■ tho Lord alone knows when I’ll
H «BJ money on what they owe
Hfp designing that miserable
Htftaf for them. I hadn’t meant
Hd you know this until I could
mm post some better news along
Hjl tL But there doesn’t seem
Hp much chance of ‘better news.’
S' may as well face the truth.
Hkw dead broke, you and 1. And
■ffß BO prospects of being any bet-
B'rK for a long time to come.
Hgvblk, when the money you got
■fthe piano la gooe, what are we
Big to do? It looks pretty blsck.
KPtPt have each other." she com
mu him. "And— N
Ejft Xtaf at the doorbell Interrupted
K tb* answered the summons,
Bitting two men.
SHE roooffnised the older of the
as Prof. Sargent, bis
Bfi sis|t"f teacher, The younger
WpT * strikingly handsome man.
Kply SO years old; and with a
HaM, self-assured manner which
Bm «B Price.
Km welcomed the newcomers
Htettr. Prof. Sargent was warm-
Hlfßßßtthetic In his greeting of
ISj'ißvelid. Laura Introduced the
BSftftt* Tom, as "Mr. Paul L*-
■M" Her husband found difflcul
||F|h asking himself barely civil to
■bßMßOser. H * hated Legrand
TOflgK. JSm did not know why. It
B RM Os those sudden antipathies
|XjAAi to explain and so much
Bf to overcome.
K| Aargent came at once to
of the vlalL
MbSvilco," began, “this Is
Batitp no sort of time to come
Bhf ffTf i t 4 "y business But Le grand
HpjjEfiiie until I conrented to.
starts In a week. He still
■jpißtfcß* no soprano but your
B«BB do justice to those sorts of
KfX||| ho seems to think I have
KpAh influence over you to make
HpS|g|i your mind. He also au-
Khmo me to add 25 per cent to
■hum be offered you. before, and
K|HRIN too, ns a bonus, a per-
Bmg| pn tho receipts.”
afraid It’s no use. professor."
■ft lam, her sweet voice vibrant
i|c#Mret that did not escape
HPmy husband does not—”
BM price!" broke in Legrand. lm
■gtvsty, "perhaps you don’t realise
this means to your wife. Asa
■y ipstiissi wise, you may not
HUP* 1 om just now one of the
BUUde composers in
mSTrU concert tour Is to ex
aomrii sung as 1 Intended
goaff. I. myself, shall be
EphpfcßO. That by Itself. Insures
BSmPNBS of tho tonr. Ism offer
Slgar wife an opportunity for
iTTlc sopranos of e*t*b
WmE rinatatfton would be humbh
IUEm |gg conferring a high
iO» your Wifi by asktaa—”
IpK* hlghaet honor a man can con
KEMtkor man’s wife." lnterpos
miHR <la to Ist hor alone. At
B£ that Is the way I record sneb
ggEL ] nmy be hopelessly old
iiSipaia/MLsfTaad assured Idm.
BBoMlßlOTinhr* by the snnb, "and,
*-lELfc tsO you. If sbe rings in these
BL «f mine and If she scores a
IKjjalß them, her fortune Is made.
|| «BI be besieged by offers from
pS 1 la true, Mr. Price," said
■£#-. fargent. "It la stated rather
■ririntly than you may care to
|BbL. Hat It to entirely true. Mrs
Kgp aot only reoetve far higher
IE far the tour than ever I have
MaEL m gntritf singer to get. but
Sfß also have o chares to make
Kflhl M herself A name that she
into money. With a voice
..'Bmg has already made a name for
gOE air," retorted Tom. "sbe
W at the Altar. The name of
BEL flat an exalted ns me. per
BET But I belkve end hope *he In
IK content with it. *>be need*
|SpEi IBlsundermi and me.” an?w«
-HHrccoti "1 m*o ßt to p * y ”'
BjjEfLsgfaad rut blm , ‘ ho^, ’ ~y ln
Mr. Pri<e. let’s ppesV
KV made inquiries about
• EMm thnt you’re «•» broke.
Bmn got nothing laid by-in
BkSud you're VP ngainst It and
of going to malie a
living for some mouths to come.
“That Is my affair!” snapped Tom.
"it Isn’t,” contradicted Legran l.
"it’s your wife’s. It s she who suf
fers by It, a long shot worse than
you. All thus smug oldfushiouec
talk about a wife’s place being in
the home may be correct enough, as
long as her husband hxs a fairly
comfortable homo to give her. But
you can’t give her anything Sar
gent says she has even had to sell
her piano to keep you from starv
ing. If you were a musician you’d
understand what that means to her.
It’a like giving up her right hand
You can’t give her anything She’ll
starve to death with you. Yet vou
refuse her a change to make a liv
ing and a reputation ”
"You are mistaken.” said Tom,
coldly, "I am giving her a chance
to keep her reputation. As for my
not being able to provide for her
that is no concern of yours. ’
"Tom!” protested Lstura, troubled
at her husband’s rudeness to their
Price’s eye met hers. He saw, ln
her face, the sharp disappointment
involved by his refusal. He recalled
all she had done for him—ail she
had suffered and sacrificed on his
account —all that this "chance
meant to her.
Moreover, he reflected, what right
bad he to refuse her the opportunity
to make a livelihood, now that he
could no longer earn on* for her?
"How long Is the tour!"’ he asked,
“Ten weeks,” replied Le grand,
with rudden eagerness. ”We open
next Monday night in GalveMon. We
close ln New York Just ten weeks
"Tom!” cried Laura, Joyous incre
dulity bringing a flush to her cheeks
and anew light to her eyes, as she
read Price’s expression. “Tom’ I o
you mean you are really going io let
me go?"
Tom nodded, in silent wretched
“Good for you. old mar!” applaud
ed Sargent.
"I congratulate you on coming at
last to your senses. Mr. Price.” add
ed the delighted Legrand. "You will
never be sorry for this. I thank you
with all by h«art.”
"I don’t want your ihanks.” grow l
ed Tom, ungraciously. “I’m doing
this on her account. Not on yours
I owe it to her. And I pay my
debts "
(To Be Continued.)
(CMtlaar4 froa Prr**dlng ra*e>.
game thing applies to both of the
Mulberry hllla sub-diTlsions, which
are only 5 months old. We ar*
placing aldewalks and grading the
streets, and new houses are un
der construction.
"About 20 per cent of our pat
rons ln the Mulberry hills and Gla
cier park sub-dlvlsions are complet
ing payments. All we require is 10
per cent down and 1 per cent a
month. The property 1* all well re
stricted. There Is a maintenance
clanse la every anb-dlvlston contract
providing for keeping the property
beautified for four years. It la only
40 minutes' car ride from the city
hall to my properties.
"In August Improvements will be
ffln on the Palmer-blvd. estates, one
of our lately-acquired sub divisions.
Wa will put In sidewalks, cinder-
Young Doctor —I found him quite
delirious. He kept begging me to
spare hla life!
Wife—But that was lucid enough,
wasn't it?
Mabel—And has he all her confl
denro— all her trust?
Ethel —Oh. yes. except whsf little
she puts ln God and germicides!
lxed boulevards. curbing. park
entrances, with ornamental lights;
park centers the entire length of the
two main boulevards, which will be
shrubberied ami landscaped. I in
tern! to build two new houses, coat
ing IMOO each, on the Santa Mon
ica boulevard, for each of two for
ru*-r laud owners. will atari
building operations at once.”
Charles H. Collina.
Gharle;- H Collina. of the Charles
H. Collins Cos. No 50S Free Press
•uildir.g has been ln tli* general
renl estate business for the past ten
ye:irs. and during the past six years
has established a reputation as a
conservative 6Ub-divider. 1c an in
terview with a Times representa
tive. he said:
"The point that should interest
lot investors is bo* will m> invest
ment show up when I get my lot
paid for, say in five years or so'
Will it have Increased In value?
Will h ive become a part of the City
of Detroit, with city police. Are pro
tectiou. flve-cent oar fare, etc., etc.?
Will it have a good class of build
ings around it? Will I have good
American neighbors? Am l buying
In the right locality so that l will
get th*s* benefits from by invest
ment? Where will I And such a lo
"Take up a map of tho city of De
troit, In what direction do you in
stinctively glance? Why north, of
course, out Woodward-ave. way, out
past the eighth wonder of the world
the mammoth Ford plant, out to the
beautiful Palmer park. Yes, you
say, but the lots are all sold out that
way, and the few lots that are not
Improved can be bought only a f
prices beyond my means Besides, 1
cannot buy them on easy terms.
Then, next you naturally look out
Grand Rtverave., which has made
wonderful stride* In the past four
years, and almost the same condi
tion as to price at least prevails
there as adjacent to Woodward-ave
"The class of sub-divisions out
Grand River-ave. are as fine as you
will find In any city in the country,
but lots out there are mostly all sold
and you can only buy from some
original buyer, and pay him a big
profit. You must pay SI,BOO or so
for a good lot and besides you can
not buy on easy terms. Where will
you turn? to the east side? No. too
much foreign population there Will
you go out Michigan-ave. ? Too far
out, you say. And out Jefferson
ave.? Well property adjacent to Jer
ferson-ave. is about all sold until
you get to the very high priced lots
in Grosse Pointe. and you cannot
afford to buy there, and besides, you
say. my wife and 1 have a little rheu
matism. and I must keep away from
the damp, must keep back from the
river. You do not want to go way
out to Royal Oak. Birmingham, Pon
tiac, R*dford or Mt. Clemens, be
cause carfare is so high. 10 to '25
cents, and besides these will always
be distinctively suburban districts,
and in your time at least, will not be
a part of Detroit, the city where
life is worth living.
Then where will you go' Why.
you were almost forgetting the dis
trict that is right at Detroit’s door,
that Is beautiful and is bound to be
be one of the finest sections about
here. The section is right next to
our present city limits and will un
doubtedly become a part of the city
proper. This section Is particular
ly high and dry and away from the
noise of the factories, a section that
will attract the attention of careful
American buyers, a section that Is
very attractive to a genteel class of
”1 refer to that magnificent neigh
borhood south of the Slx-mile-rd.,
and directly between those two great
arteries Woodward and Grand Rlver
aves, along Palmer-blvd. Puritan
ave., Twelfthet., Snyder-rd., Wyom
ing-rd. and Llveraols ave Is It not
natural that these favored districts
between the two great avenues,
Woodward and Grand River, will
gradually All ln with good homes? It
seenis to me it Is Just as natural
for It to do so as dawn to follow
darkness, and I believe lot pur
chasers. whether they buy in our sub
divisions nr some other to thia lo
cality. ts they will have reasonable
patience, will make big profits,
whether they buy them for Invest
ment. or for a home.
"I have great faith ln this district
and myself and a few associates are
backing our faith with our money
We have bought the acreage at a
good round price, and we are hack
ing It further by potting onr money
ln the Improvements. We sre not
waiting for the money to come In
from the sale of lots to make the
improvements. We are now building
SIO,OOO worth of sidewalks, also
drainage sewers elnderived streets,
planting trees, etc., etc. We have
the money to pay for these Improve
"I believe, considering prices, lo
cation, restrictions, etc., the dls
trlct between Woodward and Grand
Rlver-avea 1s the best section to
buy In around Detroit. True, at this
time It may seem a little out of the
way; It may seem a little hard to get
to. I realise that the D. TT. R. pro
fers to have you buy lots out Birm
ingham way where they will collect
15 to 20 cent fares from you, but
take It from me. It Is my opinion
that It will not be long before we
will get good street car sendee In
the district I mention.
"Lines are gradually extending In
this direction, and any way It Is
common «ense to know that later
when the demand comes, service
w ill come. Also do not overtook the
fact that when service does come, it
Mill be seven tickets for a quarter.
We have two suh-dlvisions In this
district, Puritan Heights at the cor
ner of Puritan and Wyomlng-aves,
formerly Snyder rd. and Olencraft,
corner Monnlerrd and Twelfth-at.
If anyone wants to know abont our
properties, com* to our office for
plats aud we will take you out and
Intervention in Mexico Would Cost $2,000,000 a Day!
Also, Loss of Thousands of Americans In Battle and By Typhus Fever.
An artnv of 600,000 men; a cost of $2,000,000 a day;
a total of $450,000,000 the first year; almost certain loss of
260,000 Americans by death or injury in battle and by
typhus fever. That, say our experts on Mexican affairs,
will be the result of any American attempt to intervene in
Mexico—to invade and occupy that country. For invasion
means occupation; the mountains and valleys must be
policed to prevent the descent of brigands from secret
Doings of the Duffs.
- I’Ll put it on » wanted to know l doNoo rr tom ?
' NOO, TOM r— l UKEPtT-$5»(3 IT FOR A DlMgTftgMT ONfc L
/ —mt
ALL RIuNT. Tom, Keep THIS one- ) MANre r
TheT nad another. Pretty one forl p THAT TW,^<J *|MivtooFßNrh () o
$63 &OT THIS ONE WAS OUIM &5S - I * fjjQ ir I °°°
B— i [ DOLLARS ANP now I L HtER ’ I
tFIFTV-f \ find out: IT* FIFTY i \Z
~ , J . |B
show you the land. Alsu, read our
advertisements in the daily newspa
pers, and remember we do not mis
represent. We do exactly what we
agree to. Our word is as good as a
gilt-edge bond.”
The Whitley Cos.
The Whitley Cos., who recently
leased the third floor of the Miller
building, corner S'ate and Shelby
sts . to care for their fast growing
business ln subdivisions in the West
Highland Park district, announce
the opening of building operations
on their properties.
In an Interview, Monday, Mr. J.
B. Whitley said: "On the Roycrof*
subdivision this week we start the
building of the first group of mod
est homes for Ford workers and
others whose work Is In the north
end Specializing as we do in build
ing only enduring homes of solid
brick, tile and stucco, we are able
to offer really fine homes at moat
reasonable prices.
"The plans and specifications of
the flrat houses, which may be seen
at our offices, indicate that when
we have accomplished our purpose
of building up the community which
has started in the West Highland
Park district around Livernola and
Purltan-aves., the tone of the neigh
borhood will be given the right note
by the high-class appearance and
construction of our house*.
"Many times subdivisions receive
a severe set-back from the invest
or’s standpoint by the appearance
of small and incommodious houses
early ln the building development
Assurance is given that this will not
happen on either Royorott or Harry
Leader subdivisions nor on High
rartr —anoriier property cold out ln
seven days by our company—be
3. E. Cor. Fort and Griswold Street*.
cause we will build the first group
of homes, and all other builders will
be required to maintain the same
“The Harry lender’s and Roycroft
subdivisions offer a splendid oppor
tunity for the investor to mak* a
'safe and sane* investment because
of the unusual features connected
with each. The Roycroft subdivision
is being sold as homes are being
built. This feature alone will make
the section desirable for investor-*
and make values increase.
"The Harry Lauder's subdivision,
being sold under a ’money back
guarantee’ gives Investors hereto
fore unheard of protection, and this
plan has since been copied by
other companies. It is only be
eause the Whitley Cos. are making
values ln West Highland Park rise
by their own improving operations
that we can afford such a guaran
“People who missed the chance
to get good lots at low price.* in
Highland Park will be glad of this
opportunity to invent in West High
land Park while lot values are get
ting their first increase."
Autolsts Have Narrow Escape.
Isadora H. Graff, of KaJamaxoo.
and Arthur A. Harris, of No. 248
Kirby-ave., east. Detroit, narrowiv
escaped death ln a peculiar trafilc
accident, Tuesday afternoon, a mile
east o< Dearborn, when an automc-
Lle passing their machine at a high
rate of speed burled them off the
road at th* one particular point
where they were protected from a
20-foot drop Into the RJvcr Rouge
by a piling. Both ©scaped unhurt
The bulk of the army of intervention must be volun
teers. for 15,000 regulars are practically all that can be
spared for duty in Mexico. Experts expect half of such a
volunteer army to disappear in the first six months—and
they *et six months as the probable length of a campaign
of conquest.
the three worst foes. Men stricken with typhus at noon
jue often dead before night. And because northern Mexico
has no clean water supply, danger of scores of diseases is
always present.
The Glorious Fourth
Doesn’t Mean Lockjaw
Safe and Sane Celebration
Creatly Lowers Casualty
Th*- celebration of th* Nation*
t»irfh'!n> >* o.**r .mrt in nn- part
■>f th:* pap*i >ou .an I-urn about th*
far* an I -.hi* ‘toil jj" »» wall af
tln>H»- u>ual -I ■ u.-iitt that coma (rom
facing t o i *tr .u .
Wound* from trunahot nr burnt
do n>>t n* **&arily can**
lockiaM-, although th* attending
; physician at May* rak*n every m»«n»
to p!«'\*nt the «• r;< ,» r*autt that
1 MIGHT com*.
You agree wtth him—and you
. ehould ’
Another thing almoet an e*rloua la
th* r*ault of a <l*' ay*d tooth run
ning againet th*- tong <* In a great
many <«•**. a- *r of th* mouth t»
• d!re< tty tracafale to thta rauae and
y*t fa*, a .*• you do not rrnli** th*
tanker—you delay a vtatt to th*
| dentiet.
A bad tooth ahould n*v*r he tol
*rar*d and nowaday* a vl*lt to th*
dcntMt i* d*void of th* old time auf
ferlng Th* J’**rl**< i’nlnl*»» D*n
ti*t* at 242 Woodward and at «9
Woodward avenue perform EVKRT
d*ntal operation tv,fnot;t '"a'latng any
patn and th* prl< « * ar* no hishcr
than * i*< M her* if you erper* to «*t
the work aatiafact'orlljr done.—Adv.
Anyone can tell you why
he takes THE TIMES
without stopping
to Ihlnk. If you
svC9 to think
take it
Savings Bank
Practical Ways To Use a
Savings Account
Permanent accumulation is only one of
many reasons for having a savings ac
The payment of any considerable sum,
such as taxes, interest on a mortjrajres, etc.
is made easy by starting in time and ac
cumulating the required amount by easy
weekly deposits on a savings .account here.
We lend your savings on first mortgages
or gilt-edged collateral and pay you in*
Why not try this plan for meeting your
larger obligations?
J. W. Mrf,Ai BM, • President
I RANK \\ OLI', Vice President
C OMFORT A. TYLER. .... Vice President
—By Allman.
dotte trap ehootere took away all the
prtaea In the Fourth of July shoot of
the Oldport shooting club at Oldport,
Tuesday. Jame* Barrow killing 90
of a possible 100 birda; lavl Vick
was runner-up with S5 pigeons, and
Arthur Thon came third with 75.
Thomas Parker is manager of the
That applicant for naturalization
who told a t'hicago Judge that there
are two bouses of congress, that "the
White Mouse was one and he didn’t
know the color of the other one,
wasn’t as far wrong as might at first
glsnce appear. The Judge shouldn t
have done anything worse to him
than put him on the waiting list.
office employment in
the day or evening classes of
163-169 Case Avt., Detroit.
Largest, Best-Equipped Business
School In Michigan
Phone Main 663-4 fee ratalafl.
24 Stores. Headquarters
243*217 Woodward Avenue
between the melody or theme and the accompaniment,
the selection is not properly played and its full beauty
not expressed.
is a wonderful music-control feature
that gives this contrast, and it is found
in but ONE make of Plaver-Piano—
Condensed Statement Showing the Condition of
The Highland Path State Bank
At the close of business Juno 30th, 1010.
Loans and Dlacounta 12,637,843.45
Real Estate Loans 0,001.945.19
Bonds 7,044,095.31
Ovsrdrafta 30.09
Banking Houas and Fixtures 227,070.44
Cash and Due from Banka 3,198,095.30
Capital •$ 500,000.00
Surplus and Profits 742,832.49
Commercial and Savings Deposits 17,849,303.89
Ressrva for Interaat and Taxes 18,144.20
October Ist, 1910 t 234,849.70
October let, 1911 030,379.07
October Ist, 1912 897,13960
October Ist, 1913 2,739.700.30
October Ist, 1914 8,324,702.74
October Ist, 1916 15,884,594.80
June 30, 1910 17.349,303 89
JAMF.S COIXBIM. FreaMeat. 7- *>. Ill* F, Vlee-Pre*.
JAM. T. WRIT*HU!4O, Vlee-Free. It. I.A FR OKI'H, I n'hler.
T. I*. KI.ISOKSSRITR. Vlee-Fres. It. M. tut. «'e%Mrr.
W. 1.. Dl KHAN, Vlee-Prea. Jl 11*03, \*«t. f'aahler.
jnhm W. AelrrMß, *. I*. Fnr4,
Allonirr. Irr'f Ford Motor Cm,
_ - Hear? Ford,
|>r. Oe«r«* Aeorerra. Free. Kerd M<>ior *'«,
Charles A. Oreo. 7. L. hlln«rn«mlth,
Free. PlHmam A Oean Cos. Vlrr-Frre. Ford Motor Cos.
_ . A. 1., Mr Mr o oe.
w. U DeoM«, 4rc*» IlnAir time.
Jame. T. USOeNead,
n O. Rlee, Free. W hltrhrod A Kales Iroa
Vlrr-FrraMre*. Works.
James Covers a, President.
JULY 1916.
$41.00 to
Round trip to Denver,
Colorado Springs, Pueblo,
etc. Limit Oct. 31st.
Yellowstone $56.00
Salt Lake City 56.00
Ogden 56.00
$83.50 to
Round trip to San Fran
cisco, Los Angeles, San
Diego. Limit Oct. 31st.
Seattle $83.50
Portland 83.50
Tacoma 83.50
Find oat about the splendid service
Woot vie Wtbaih and connection#,
by way of Chicago or St. Louie and
gat details about these lares at
Wabash Ticket Office,
9 Fort Street West
A. F. Wotfeeh lager.
Passenger and Ticket Agent,
Detroit. Mick.
Going abend with
the century and tbs
And PIANOLA riayer-
Planos are sold in Michigan
DNLY by the Moure of Grin
nell. This ir the complete
line: Steinway. Stroud,
Wheolock, Steck and Weber.
sr.:.o up. Liberal exchange
allowance on other Inrtru
menta—and easy payments.
Tafalog mailed on request.
brings you music in
ALL its beauty!

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