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IPjfrtt Signal Motor Truck Cos. and
||| rm Motor Cos. bar* been
HfMgii la the Signal-Commerce
WSm Truck Cos., and incorporated
HUN* York state, with 600,000
EMawsf stock of no par value. The
HKI i> lo bo underwritten by 14
jaHafeen of the Detroit Stock Ek-
Pull, Who believe tbat the prcpo-
IpHMn will be over-anbacrlbed.
PMRIO now company la wholly a De-
Nffigtt etputlaatlon and Ita officer* am
ffistroit men. Thomas Neal, former
rpMaldfint, and later chairman of tho
( board of director* of the Geneml
[iMan Cos., and now rice-president
[ «f that company, will be chairman of
rlbe now corporation's board, and
iffiffil direct Its policies. Among oth
[db directors will be Myron Neal, of
|tbo Acme White Lead A Color
iWtorfca; W. K. Parker of the Mexl
\mm Crode Rubber Cos.; Arthur H.
Ml and Thomaa J. Boeqnett. of the
liatni Insurance Cos., and W. K.
of Chicago. Several other
| gmn prominent In Detroit auto and
tMldaf circles are to be directors
l; of dm concern.
i v The merger unites two organisa-
E diM manufacturing a complete line
and( trucks. Mach la said to have
shown n substantial profit In tbe
jut if months. Material Improve
gMßta nr* to be made In the Signal
lint, st»«* the Commerce plant Is to
Is moved from Solvay and Mackle*
to the Signal company’s plant,
go, €7l Commonwealth-ave
r of tha Signal com-
Mmy was about 1660.000 and the
Qtmmofoo About $2f0,000.
gurnet L. Sprague, Investment
IrOmr. denies tbat any other truck
gampniles are to bo Included In the
gltrgrir Mb. Sprague says. It la un*
haratood. the stock la to be offered
AUs share when Issued.
* fkmimlaslnn men reported ao
effimwe la quotation* this moraine,
lml receipts sll along the line were
ofiqr moderately heavy, and the tone
K, |he market wa* firm. Some effort
Ms made to advance poultry pUcea
tittle, but aa the market U already
Seer kigh. tha effort wae not eue-
MMafuL So far a* possible, both
SRiaaale and retail dealer* allowed
ghsks ta run down for over the lone
Wider and since that time everv
hndy la short of supplies and the re.
gpipta J)WS not caught up with the
TTsir tl.Koffil.7l per box
I_L lmsssi —* Shipping stock.
MJlffil par knack.
S"TCl»a—Dried Unat, #4 07* lb.
Strawberries 84-qt cases
mkfffiS; blackberries 84 25 bu;
HMUaSaavta* **&«•« p*r bu,
Mjgnpkeerlee. |l.§6 per lt-at. case:
Waok raspberries 34-qta. |404 54.
>|| ttsmjrrisa 94-qta. utt zl
SplMaewSa ffiinssa—Cherries fits,
nprtoota, jits par bos; plums |S.KO:
jeaebes fI.H par bos.
ftmlmeiill—ll.Mffil.Tl per bos
fnVrnglr— r TT**‘ crate.
Cpo— —Michigan flats 14 4e: New
ferk UHc; Swiss HffiSOc; Imported
He; 1-lb., like; brick cream, 164 c:
fmtg horns ld%o; daisies U4ti
wfs por Ik
Detroit. Mick., at the close of bust-
MM Juae SO, 1010, as called for by
K the Commissioner or the Bank'n*
AUease and discounts, vis:
t tShamMi dept.. 794.250.54 2.121.19:4*
B Mb a is.' mortfscesand
seceritlea, via:
Tifpt. « 94.100.09
* fdtiaas dept.. 1,739,1 »J.40 1.833..140.1 5
fir. Premium account 0,010.43
* Overdrafts None
r : Accrued interest 1,343.03
polriif house 109.000.40
|HplMe and fixtures... 60.739.03
f Other real estate 10,099 43
El-Dim (Tam other banks and
E£va*akera 53.700.i0
feljMtM lh transit 30,170.09
K thspease 73.34
n Commercial
p Xhse from banks
Ek v la reserve oit
( 9304,039.1S
|V. ft. and Na
-811100 l baa k
m> sarrency 99.040 00
KiDMd coin 3.472 50
!«Vtr eoin 55.440.90
i ' PKwels aad
f esats 1,190.01
A. 0399,910.01
|JN| frees Wake
it r. ... . ?! ,4909.439.94
> asrreccy 199.000.00
CoB seta 90,990.00
_ 9499.49944 147479.10
: okaolu aad other cash
, Usohs 99749
Sf/fcetal .99.040,919.91
■Mol stock paid In 9 300.000 oo
;Hph (aad. 51,000.00
;. Mjwßvtded profits, net . ... 4.014.11
flHdaaAo unpaid 3,74100
i , subject to
rjjMiit t ... .41,194490.99
iW «Mit.. 3,000.00
f/fMeeks out
_J steadies . K9.995.1S
Jfeats , tacaiss
..jgea deposit.. 10,090.00
CC»« 31.999.14
MU Savinas
/deposits ... 9.979.99
■fcONias depos
its (book ac
ewuuts) .... 1.949.01104
tiaeatss of
glr" 1« 4.734.799.20
MIMM 49440,911~>1
mate ts Michigan.
. Oouatjr of Wayne. ss..
t. J* Walter J. Hsye*. raehler of ths
iRPN aamed bsnk. do eolemnly swear
-<Mkt ike above statement IS true to
fS| VCM of qir knowledge and be-
MlaM eorrectly represent* the true
KfeDptf of the eeveral matters therein
as shown by the books
I, J**F' J - HATES. Cauhler
Baker r I bed and sworn to before me
■ifcTs Ttti day «f July, 1914.
Mr Koiory rublic, Wsvne Connfv
HLjMf BdWtsslon expires Feb 21
WW' Bbßf Mmo
■luJUui smith.
Wgm' * , Directors
rbesilie —Hour. Util 10 per 10-ql
Cart sale —Red. $2 50't12 75 bu
' Dre Med Calve* —lancy. 15<u 1. S<*.
eommon 120 lSc lb
Fioek tegetablee—Oreea neppeia.
fj 40 crate. 40c ba»k**t. radishes
ftc doe.; parsley. 20 u 26c dm ; cu
cumbers hothouse i'JiiTe hot
house tomato##. 1 8 4 0 1 3e lb : carrot*.
10 0 96c dm.; heed lettuce. iceberg.
§lft 01 50 bu; wax burn*, bu..
green beans. t1.604*1 7t hemp<r.
Florida tomatoes, |2 Ib'u « . <*« i»»-
paragua, sections $1 2»<t Ibox;
green peas. *1.760 2 bu . watercre»e.
fto 30c per crate; green « mho- 17,(
lie do*.; green corn. 150 5 60 tbl
Honey—-rancy white, new. 14.#17c.
amber. 10011 c lb.; extracted, talc
per lb.
Hay—Detroit shippers are paying
the following prices for fated nay in
car lots f. o. V. Detroit V. 1 tim
othy. 921 60023; standard •tmothy.
930.60021; iTgnt mixed. 12 j«®2T;
No. 3 timothy, 118019, No. ; mixed.
f 16.600It. No. 2 mixed, sll<fl2. N>.
clover. 918014, rye straw l 7 Rotif;
wheat and oat atraw. ft.Boo* per
Leneae- 14.760 8 29 per box.
I.law —(1 in a 1.36 per 100
Helena Rockyforde. etandaru*.
94.60 crate; watermelon*. 3’ j 60c
Nubreea*—4o 0 60c lb
Oraaaee —Valencias. 8404 76 bos.
Valencias 18.6004 per box.
Oaloae —Texas Bermudas yellow.
12.15 tit 2 26: white, 87.25 rrate: south
ern. 98 76 04 per hundred pounds
Peaches —Texas. 82 75 r*d 4-tx*ket
reaches —Texas 6-ba*ket orates.
Ptaeaaalew —92.75 0 8 per crate;
91.25 01.76 dns.; Floridas 8104 case
Petateca—New Southern. $3.65 ft
8.75 bbl.: 11.7608 bu.
Paaltrr —Broiler*. 1502'<c: medium
hens 17 018 c; stags. 12 013 c; geese.
11012 c; ducks 18020 c lb.
Canaad (ieeda—Apples. *2 28 02 50
gal.; Lima beans. 110125. Corn: Fan
cy Maine, 11.16; etandard. 91. Table
beets 91 2601.4#. Peas: Fancy early
Juns 1180; standards, fl. balmon
Jtall, 92.80; fiat Pings 80u Tomatoes
1.16. Marrowfat peas F; early
une 91.60; sifted early June. 8140
par do*.
Feed—Jobbing prices In 4-bbl.
sacks: Bran. 124; standard middling*.
1199; fine middlings. I3t, cracked
corn. 988; orn and oav chop. $39 ton.
Fleur —Jobbing prices: Best Mlchl
gat patent 96.80; second patent 15.70;
straight. 16 60; pure rye, $4. spring
patent. s#.3o per bbL In paper sacks.
Detroit Oil—Raw llnaeea S9c;
boiled linseed. 70c gal m t*-rel lota.
Kerosene In iron tiarrel*. Diamond
headlight t.3c; perfection. * »c; pal
aeins 10.9 c; red crown gasoline. 19c
per gal.
Hardware—Nails 82 80 k-g base;,
annealed wirs 12.90 per bundle; gtl- |
▼anixed barbed wirs 2-polnt. $2 22 j
par spool; galvanised sheets. 24-
gaugs 94.10; 27-gauge. 85 10. 28-
fauas 86.35; 80-gaugc. $5 05 per cwt :
luni bronzed axes, single handled.
18.60; double. 912 5n per dox Me k
sheet metal, 22 and 24-gauge. $3 2 r >.
2t-gauge. |8.30; 27-gauge. $3 36, 25-
gauss 18.40 per cwt. Carnage bolts
■ mall. 50c 10 and 6 off larg- . 40 and
9 off' machine bolta. small 50. 10
and 10 off; large 40c 10 and 5 off Nat.
Hides—No. 1 cured hides. l«4c. N •
; green bides* 16c. No 1 cured bul'.?.
Ac; No. 1 green bulls 10c; No. 1
i ured veal k!p. 20c. No 1 green veal
Kip, 18c; . o. 1 cut »and m irra.n. l*o;
Ito. 1 green murrain. l*c. No. 1 cured
calf. 28c; No. 1 greex calf. 25c. No. 1
horse hides, 8t; No. 2 hides 15.
No. 1 tallow. 8c; No. 2 taliow. 7c; No.
9 tides, lc off; No 2 kip and cvf. i
iUc off; eheepakln 'as to amount «f
wool). 50cfl 92 50
| Financial Strength
Loans and Discounts $2,040,116.26 ! \
S' I—* nn«l Mortgage* 6,109,792.22 ;
V Raal Estate and Banking Houses 233.653.73
Cask oa Hand and Due from Banks 1,664,160.41
Li ABILITIES '/ .^UAfSdJ, v ‘
Cwafcol Stock $ 800.000.00 j limfv
uNM Snrplne and Undivided Profits 21431646 aHMIm k>
1 »?-“• xoeiiJijj | -■ fs
| Mm* P-n-t. om |
I r h mlpwm I
“Look at these figures”
They five you in condensed form the condition of ths German American
Bank at the close of busineM, June 30th, 1916. a* required by the Commissioner
of the State Banking Department.
RFHOt K( M. m*n.i ■ im
Loans aad PUeounU 9a.IMJTS.OO CasMal Meek. 0 OMJSeJS
Furniture and Fixture# . ... tOJtl 00 Dirldead* CMdi 10.110 JO
fcrW-SS! jjftfirS IXZrvSfr: ::::::: UZV&
00J04 JSISS 04J04J07M
omcm oraacToas
2" "it 7“ Chari os D Aaron W KM.r
‘.•“ 1 * r ' r \ T . L _ 9u«tav Darmataetter Abner B. Lamed ,*
Chaa W Kotcher > Vice-Proa r. Oray Irvtn* Lea#
Abner E Lamed * William J Hartwlf Edward A U»*ie
Edward Tenterh, Caehler Chas E Ranter Ora J. Mulfoitl
iohn Kwh A»»* raehler , j« n h Klrrhner Crrentoe A ntwrenk, ft
I J. Ko< h, A«»t Cu.hl-r v,, C K<vh Ooetavn* D Pope
•mil lecob. Auditor
German American Bank
rhriw end t.ratio* HRiM REX TO BF. OFF.BF.O «OON.
FrmdaJe aed Sprin««e||.
. '•t Hamilton and H ehh
•••epn < ampna and Nrwtnn.
W nod ward and Elio*
I Financial Notes |
American Smelting and Refining
; has reduced the price us lead from
j7to t cents.
i ■—
The Iron Ai« has received a w|r#
from Duluth that the ore strike sit
uation stands "Ut where it did a
week ag'V Kfforts to organtae tha
dock w, rkers were without avail.
Oie shipment* are going on steadily.
Reading officials deny the report
current ;n Wall-st that the company
has »r Is negotiating the sale of
ntthei. or both, the Philadelphia
Reading Coal-Iron Cos, or the Read
ing In>n Cos., to the Bethlehem Steel
The formation of another new au
tomobile aoc->ssory combination 1*
under way. Promoters are attempt
ing to secure control of certa'n im
portant companies Two similar com
o.inles have been launched recently,
t’nited Motors, and M >tor Produeta
Both the American and British In
terests which will be represented on
ti» new board of director* of the
International Mercantile Marine Cos
The Peoples State Bank
Announces the Removal of Its
99 Washington Avenue
The new banking: offices have been especially de
signed for the accommodation of its patrons and a
commodious, well appointed Women’s Rest Room,
on the mezzanine floor, should be an attractive
Safety deposit vaults, equipped with the most
modem devices for protection and convenience, con
taining boxes of various sizes, for rent at moderate
prices; also space for the storage of silver and
other valuables in bulk will occupy the extensive
basement floor.
Resources Over Sixty Million Dollars
I favor a plan In build new ship* out
Os earning.* Tentative plans under
, way. call f<>r construction of a large
number of ships out «>f cash reserve*
of the company.
While new construction »rr'‘°P r i»*
tlon* of United States Steel aggre
gate Itt.OOO.dUi) to 190.000,000. It t*
not the purpose of the management
to carry forward its building cam
paign with a rush A Urge amount
of money will go into construction
this year, but millions of dollars will
be held In reeerv* to be used for
construction during the next period
of depression.
June was the biggest month in his
tory of United Fruit Cos. Net profit*
reached 92.5*0.009. This is at least
8600.000 larger than the blggeat pre
vious month the company has ever
had. and equals over five per cent on
the 848.000.000 etock During May
and Juns. United Fruit earned about
84.440.000 net a sum equal to more
than an antlr* year's dividend at the
rate of I per cent
An entirely new taau* of war
bonds will be authorised by con
gress Panama canal bonds now au
thorised. are not to be Issued to
rule* money to pey expenses of any
military operations according to
present Indication# at the treasury
department The Panama bond# run
for 80 year*, and the administration
is opposed to SO >v*i« interest
ehsTges Kpseial n*r bgnda of small
denomination* running from one to
live year* probably will be the
m< ilium* it la atated at treasury.
Woodbury, N. J . prohibit.* drink
ing by city eroplbyea wnen on duty
At the close of business June JO. I*l*.
as t>lls(1 for by the Commissioner of
the LUuking Department
Collateral loans, llms .1 7,150 00
Loans on real estate.
mortgages, tn ofUes . S2.JJO 6J
Due fiom other banks
and bankers; Items In
transit 699 00
Du# from ap
proved re
serve agent* 1170,482 It
Nicks sand
cents .i
Silver coin ...
Gold coin 423 00 170.192 10
Total > 141.H3 »>
Capital stock paid 1n... I 00
Surplus fund. ?!
Trust dsposits L*o4 1#
Other ItablUtlss. »« »
Total > Mi ll! II
State of Michigan.
County of Warna aa.:
I. W v. Butler, secretary of the
above-named corporation, do eoiemn
lv swear that the above statement M
true to the best of my knowledge
and belief
Subscribed and sworn to before me
this «th day of July. JPI«
Notary Public.
Mv commission empires June IS.
Report of Condition of the
At the Close of Business June 30th, 1916
Loans and Discounts $32.848.92 ! 34
U. S. Oords 1.959.420.00
Qo d3 a~d Securities 9,136.32136
Re'l Estate 30 .000.00
Safe Dcpos t Vaults, Furn tu.-e and Fixture* -15/.541.11
Customers’ Liability Urder Letters of CrcJ't 201,314.00
Foreign Bills Purchased 45,206.53
Due from U. S. Treasurer 9 “20.750.00
Due from Banks 9,465,821.47
Due from Reserve Aflento £.829.’26 34
Casn on Hand 5,899,976.29
Capital Stock $ 5,000.000.00
Surplus Fund 2.30 C 000.00
Und vided Profits. Net 291,9
Divderd No. 9, Payable July Ist. 1916 100.000.CX1
Rese ved for Irtereit and Taxes 169,0/2.21
Circulat.cn ..... 1.436 200.00
Bond Account .00
Lette sos Cr- j t
Fore.gn Bills Rediscounted 45,228.53
Deposits 55,421,695.19
Airs. MrPfcrr»««. < hnlriiiMn of tkr llounl
Emory >4’. < lark, I'rraltlrnl
Rw. J. firry Vlre-Prra. Walter Mrkolnon C*«hler
Wa. T. Ilet,raff ... Vice-l*re*. \V. I Me VV binary l»al. < s»Mrr
Frank fi. »mlih .... Vlee-Pro*. F. I'. I hrbl e last. < nuhler
Merle B. Moon Vlee-I’re*. Rimer l;. Kuril %«vt.ln»hler
John W, a*ale> Vlee-I*r<*a. Ilnsaell K. *n»lth a«bler
Edward C. Mahler Vlee-I*rea. .lame* %, U 11,<,n l«»l. I nshier
John M. Hart Vlce-I*re«. !.. K. Mer* Mgr. Foreign Kaehg.
Merchants National Bank
At Close of Business, June 30, 1916.
Loans and Discounts $6,506,564.42
Bonds, Securities, etc. 848,097.07
Customers' Liability under letters of credit... 100,000.00
Overdrafts 307.43
Furniture and Fixtures Charged off
Cash Resources Due from Banks $1,311,679.89
Cash on hand 841,234.03
Total $9,607,882.84
Capital Stock $1,000,000.00
Surplus 250,000.00
Undivided Profits, Net 175,211.86
Reserved for Interest 13,761.72
Reserved for Taxes 24,654.18
Letters of Credit 100.000.00
Deposits 8,044,255.08
Total $9,607,882.84
DAVID CiBAV.... . \ I'.-I'rr.litmi
JOHN V. HEHHEI F.H t li-f-Crfalil.iit
WBSJ. O. VKHNOH Vlr,-PrMldrn< and t nabler
ALfHED T. I.KHCMKN Minicrr of « rrdlia
HR.VRV WIBOKRT, Aaalatant t aabler
WAITER R. JOV Aaalatant l a.hlrr
Dlßr.t TORI
J«bn Ralliatrat Jokn A nrtlrntf Inkn I*. It rwnif|.r
Walter O. Hrt«a« I nman I H, l.r„l*
liar It- I)«**ktr Oran *. Ilant* A'rrU'k H. atetena
RtMT* E. lAadar I ml' *tr«*k
Don’t let your dividends lie dormant until ready to invest them.
Deposit them in this bank, where they will earn 3D interest from date of
deposit to date of withdrawal—
Interest for every day they are in the bank, whether one, thirty or a
is the time that most banks will figure Interest on savings deposits.
It makes no di(Terence when you put your money in this bank—except
that the earlier the date the sooner it starts drawing interest.
The Bank That Says
"Thank You"
Highland Park State
Bank of Detroit
43 Fort Street West—Penobscot Building.
Detroit Patriotic Fund
I hereby contribute $ toward a fund to be
establisned for the relief of wives, children and other
dependents left in want by the contingencies of military
service in this country’s interest.
Please send contributions to "Detroit Patriotic
Fund.” care Postmaster William J. Nagel, or care Mayor
Oscar B. Marx. For information phone Light Guard j
Armory, Main 4890.
Wayne County and Home Savings Bank
At the Close of Business June 30th, 1916.
Real Estate First Mortgages SI 8,621.661.78
Bonds 6.912,948.77
Collateral Loans 6,718,618.88
Loans and Discounts 4,367,858.36
Banking Houses and Branches 1,374,602.87
Cash on Hand and in Banks 10,505,776.00
Capital Stock $ 3.000,000.00
Surplus Fund 3,000,000.00
Undivided Profits 1,068,629.35
Commercial Deposits 8,524,782.38
Savings Deposits 32,911,055.13
Condensed Statement of
At the Close of Business June 30, 1916.
Loans and Discounts $30,362,755.66
Bonds 7,866,852.76
Mortgages 12,363,856.77
Real Estate 108,909.85
Overdrafts 9,558.60
Banking House and Branch Buildings 1,250,000.00
Furniture and Fixtures Charged off
Cash on hand and due from banks 13,519,127.44
Capital Stock $ 2,500,000.00
Surplus 2,500,000.00
Undivided Profits, Net 1,138,381.34
Dividends Unpaid 75,156.00
Commercial Deposits $25,633,171.31
Bank Deposits 6,855,979.65
Savings Deposits 26,778,672.78
Ruaael A. Alger M J. Murphy
Georg* H. Barbour Frank J. Hecker W Howl* Muir
W. T. Barbour Fred W. Hodge* C. W. Naah
John R Bodde J. C. Hutchlna T. 11. Newberry
H. P Borgman J»" T. Keen* Henry Ku»*H
H. M. Campbell H. B Hiiro Srherrr
B. R. Colburn Jae. T. MrMillnn F A Rchulte
C. A. iMP'harme R R Maeon Aprus Smith
Jeremiah Dwyer Fred T. Moran Homer Warren
Prlntltir—d, Alai—lkit rial* neat hind— that
la rtafet —Tinea Jab D(t>« 1 Rata 4MO. la Haht—-Tinea Job 4RRO.
JULY 1916.

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