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City News in Brief
if TCOilt BARD «'ORI< KBT*.
m HehmSlM i Military Kand. Hr, man
fei W, Brkffl«am director. r»ml»n the
| Mlowldl program In Palnirr park
t tola a/tamooa. beginning at *
» and In ('lark park In Ik? even,nil.
> CSlsolf at B: n&arrk. "U*n Mi*„p
| W. iv A. (Allan!; Lorrley. I'arnphraee
r 7|S—rad ha I • melodise from The
I VUtroy (Herbert): overture to
t "William Tell" < noaaml) r*mi from
>• **Tl»fa» Twins' (Hoachna). waltaes.
W "A4lyn‘* (Hall); grand aeiection from
■Jf "A 14a” tvsrdlL lntenaerap. -flowor
& Girl" ( Wsnrtrh>; Btar H*n
r mmt. Kllaabeth Hoff LVlfaon will aing
Jj,- at tka owning concert.
MM* tor Alverr* were Bled In Conn*
«p Clerk rarer ire ..rare W rdnee
r, A|. |v Mary va Theodora H*tm
dara. MUM# ra. William » liana.
I Charlotte va Leon Sellers and Ker
f dlnaad ra Nettle Richardson
% *Mahr llao* «*• nanotrker
i aha era hr Aden* *■«•»«•
name which he aek-d iTobate
Judge Command a permlaalon to aa
antne Twine Command allowed
tka petition.
Cady, aaalatant enpe tin trade wt
E mi trhaeU. returned frnut n merlin*
r of the atata board of education in
I canning. Wednseday. wherr he de
clared Pat rolt'a work for the
' Americanisation of alien* waa m-
BMpaekrtt at nark •• ■ Fnnr
i turuth-urr. rue Into WHnetda.
night. "frteked the pocket of t'e- j
ter T*al«aaalo, No. ?117 Ruxaell-rt .
K- for IHt »a the <ar waa pnaairg
i Martinge-at and Adama-are Palxa
anl<> notified the pollen. j
Tka new kilted re*tmeat being re- ,
•waited In W Indent fnr eveveeas
will itjve it* first public drill Ir. j
*wlt Highland costume at Clan
Campbell p m.c. Friday, at I'ota
Blanc A team from the regiment
will enter the rug-o-war conteat
for the Henderron cup
Wkm Hannah B. Hnghe*. fnr ao
yaara ean ■ eased with tha etrvwtn
flon department of tha Detroit
.Vena and well-known throughout
tha city, who has been In Fontieo
for a year, has returned to Pe
trol! to Osaka her home with her
alatar. Mr a Isabella Gascon. No
818 Blstaanth-at
Tka ItU pnaltry and pa« aanck .he*
at tha HletUgan atata fair the
largest exhibit of the kind *.er
held la tha atata. and it la expect
ed that the 111* show will ale be
a record hraaker. General Man
agar Dlcklneon aaya that Inqu r,e*
are being racalred from poultry i
men raatdlng in all aactlona of »ha
trt- aa trampled dawn tha
grass at tha north end of Wash
ington park, opposite Hot*! *tat
l*r. that It has been necessary to
resod It. Although Immediately
adjoining Oraad Circus park the
atrip warn aa daaudad aa a public
I—nlMtha mi Bn. Haatanl A. Bat.
Ink, nrrnotod Wrdnraday •* a
charge of practising medicine wlth
ant a llcanae. waa sat for Aug t
Ha furnished a IIH bond and w*»
released. Dr Bullock la an osteo
path and the doath of Mra H»uy
Wlachmayar aftar ha had perform
ed S surgical operation on her la
tka ground for the present action
T \aaa < wltk*da anoao wad to te be
sues in the lobblua of the big
hat ala It la nat a peraptrieg.
euapaadarod mala, who tote* hi*
want npalagetlcally over hi* ehoul
dar. hat braesea forth In a broad-
Smm alto shirt, with the wings
& " gs a thtek baw tie tucked tnslae
£ him sallar and n large diamond
fcgjgnad on his cheat.
Bass mooting Tkuroday evening n
the hams of the Mtaaoa Odjii. So.
|W Longfallow-are It wifi be In
Ut form of m masked Mother
Poona garden party. Kaeh mem
ber win drees to represent eome
ffottttr Qooaa character and wtu
wear a mooli, The member* are
r*H|aeeted to ho on hand by 7
IBs there wka amend tka Mlrhlnoa
atata todr. wktoh will ha held at
. Detroit, kept. 4 ta I*. will have an
pnportnnUy ta laara their children
In tha now womans building.
Whore they may bo assured that
/ tha haps and girls will hare the
kost of atteattasL Oaaaral Man
agar Dlcolason onjra that com
pat sat a gross will look after the
ohiMrea. mXm will be provided ab
solutely pure milk, kept In refrig
Aa tka roonM ad a Wodnaaday night
■kaattng sfllrnT. lee Isntek. n
years old. No. Ml Mllltary-are and
lira Anna Liberia a No. Sit Ur-
I m\\ 'w\ \
Real Food C'i^^jjj^.'
For Real Boys—
must taste good—and, more important, con* s>ju
tain true nourishment for their growing > {
bodies and rapidly develoDing brains. V/ I \
U Jr I
ts crisp granules of whole wheat and malted S'
barley well balanced in nourishment, easy vsk)'!
to digest and delicious—a wonderful energiz- v
ar for boys and girls and grown-ups.
“There’s a Reason” .Jf
Croccn everywhere oell Crepe-Note.
- J?’*"® C T*! Cri ,\ U4 \ „ . Bst»|. Creek. Mlrhlken
t, Wk\- CanaSlsa Poetum Coreel Cos.. L;<L Windsor. OnUrk>
la «
ernola-ave . M eieter >f ly-*,*-*.
sre in the city hospital suffering
from l-ullet wound* Police *r«-
•eerching for Ht*nl«*> iSeron, »
boarder in Mr*. Liberia* home, who
t* '•aid, to hsve dune the *h'o>tPiii
Lealak wat shot tn the al»dom~n
an.| Mra Liberia* In the right aim
Neither 1* serious,
la aa a<l>ir«-»* ta the *anriat cam
paign club, in (hr |lr>l *lrth»Ul»t
| Proteatent church Gratiot .»c.!
Bellevue-ave*. \A edn« »dn» nigh*
i the Rev. Isaac M Ward, in charge
I of the men's »• rk f>r the no'»l
evangelist, acid he and the othf
worker., arc p ,>>g after •'•lacker*
I In the Detroit camj a'Mn 'We *r»
going to a>k everyone t.- enter In
to the active work. *aid he
The vartetl ger*uancl of lbe I‘tait*-
Iburg '■ rnialag caiup I* (old of by
Paul Mason In a letter to hi*
father . V.
rector of ('hr at Episcopal chur h.
Detroit. With e ghi m> ti t<> a tent,
tn each v f which a sq'iad Is quar
tered. young Maxon declare* tb-'
among hi* **•«•' tie* are a pr >•
feittoT of Greek frvim I'n‘on oi
leg,, a dent i.«t frog', Umth*. ard
a physical training dire > ir
New York. Dr Maxon a .-ther *e.n.
Itiehard. al»o 1* alter.ding the
Mbliclcy'a military baud will give
(be fulloming program *a(ur<ta«
afternoon at . 2c odock. r. \\ ater
v* rk» park March. Tran»a! an
tic A P*t ("lair 1 overture. Ari
adne" <K!tng,. "I’ncle' Erh » Birth
| da> i Johnson) The tVcddir.g
ihe Sunshine and the Ko*e (Gum
hid. »fie,-t!on from The Ul i*
l 1(. v" i Keren) ) « alt*. "Weddir.g
, of the Winda'* (llall). caprice
' K he de* K.it>on» (Kltng). My
Tom T M.n Van Alstrne) fox
trot. Ix>.. Me at Twiligh*
Ora - 'The , n a
i'h*»c 'K 'c» med'ey. "Hem
lok » Mit- • L*mr»). Mtar
Spangl'd Uanncr.
Judge I t*d<l ha* |l«e« permUolua (*
»ke •ccurliv r ru», C*. acting fur
Dele* It wler. x 11-yegr-old
youth u • ,« no father, mother.
*i»ter or hr th-r to »el! tha Fow’-
er him * a' v m Cgaflald-ave.
west. The or ;e-ty, said to be
worth 131 Wk wa- nh»r't#d from
hi* mother lira. Grace M Filer
Fowler Hi* ctipeney of hi* sum
rr.• t Aux (targuaa
and hi* ntep-.plxtad atten'iance at
eaetern preparaio'y *ch ola w-rej
advanced a* ri-*#> n* fv»r the «*!e.
A pobltcli* ugeai fnr a big nkcle
•ule drag Sent appeared la (be re
ception narlor* of the recorder*
court. Wednesday tr-orning and'
began to extol the merit* if a -»r- i
tain brand of voice tablet*. *a*n- '
pie* of whUh he passed around
Among hi* victim* wa.« Attorn*)
leVUl* Cl !c :n t>o. Who Studied for |
the grand opera stage Colombo
wa* prevailed upon t<> give an »»■ i
hibitbin of the after-ualng eff.-ct, t
and singer and audience adjourned,
to Judge Connolly * private ofhee,
whence issued strain* from I)
Troratore. Faust" and other 1
classics. The troche* seemed to
po**e*a so much merit that Chief
Clerk John Grogan ordered a car- ,
load for his speaking voice
In Ike Gardes* theater tbt« ifteraeen
Mr*. Robert B. Liggett, nf St. Paul,
who ha* been g v*ng a **rle* of j
afternoon and evening lecture* in '
the theater, this week, on "Twt- I
light Sleep.'' g.ve* a special talk
to woman only, under the au*p!c**
of the board of director* of the
Woman's Hospital and Infants
heme, the box office receipts to be
devoted to the fund for the estab
lishment of a Twilight Sleep'' ward
In the hospital. The iwture* w.ji
be accompanied by a series of pic
ture* showing an actual case of
“Twilight Sleep" tn the hospital n
Freiburg. Germany. where this
marvelous method of painless child
birth originated
Mr*. Catherine Williams, wife of
Colonel Cecil G WiHliama. chief re
crutttng officer for the Canadian j
militia department, told a gathering
of Windsor vonifs. Wednesday, to .
boycott atore* where men of mill- I
tary age are working She epoke
under the au«piee« of the emergency
corps branches that axe being estab
lished for obtaining girl* to take the
! place of men of military ag* tr. j
businegs after they enlist
State Board Recom
mends Institution
Be C losed
Inmates Bathed But
Once a Month. Sum
mer and Winter
FREMONT, V'ch . July 27 -
Severe . rra.gnm *nt of condition* In
the Neufcygo ounty infirmar* lo
cated outside ;ti. vill.xg»- cor.
tamed in a re;x>if of the - 'a'* ~>carl
of correc'ion* and charities, which
recommend:- ti a' unle** itnme! At.
action is taken toward th# erevt on
of anew lnfrrr.ar> building ’he in
•titUtiOQ b* closes;
Insanitary condtt'cp*. vermin, lack
of r»a ? hir.fi faeMitief and fire pr>
tection are tmom. the charg** cot;
tained in the report, witch follows
in part
An !n*pe.'(-.ir, f *h*
c|,'***l w Eiat ,* probaf.ij m>'*, i»-
. rabla ad it lor. t - •
inptKutlon. •Itl-er pnbli,- or prlr.,*.
within the *tare Michigan Tb
building !• a dt’*p;<lat»d ci<i farm
hou*e that must be cl.>»e to half *
century ;n age an . »,
bave be* n painted for that
jerlod The wall* .vn<i . e<iing« \re
filthy, and :p. mini p.acr* the pi»«-
tar la oomple-eiy *• of tb- well T »
floors are rots, n and full of he’. *
What llt*'e plumbing there .* n *be
bu'ldlng la Inad-quate »nl Inue'-
t*ry to the ’gat deg-ee The »ew---
age empt-.e* into a •••pool ]. vr--!
abo»it three rod* from lb- b,ou.< and
the c*a*ponl *mptl»i on the *r und
only a few feet aw*v The *ten*h
tn the building i* revoltrg and
nauseating The bed* *nl bedd rg
the rra ked wall*, and ’h* rotten
rt*v>r* g ve every lndl<-at‘on of *-e'."g
covered with vermin of every vari
ety Many of the Inmate* ar» ,n
the same condition
Many of the b»d* were broken
During the pa*t few year* th» tn
*»'*i w»re '■•athed only on:* d-ir-og
the w<nter. and dur:n« th- 'aat v*»r
they were bath-«l on * a month Tbe
nuni'e* of Inrrat** i* s-nerally
II or N
The t. vard re*, xmenda that at th*
r.**t eleef on t fc e -e-tlon of hA r /).
tng for anew Infirmary he submit
ted a* an ind*p, nuent proposition,
and that If the matter !* not favor
ably acted upon, the proper prtx-red
ins be institute* to close th!» In
%*t •»•*■; \ v w loru.Vf}
Yeggs Attack Watchman.
Ix>uls Koch. 45 year* old. No. Rbij
Hgncock-avc. a watchman em
ployed by the Detroit Lumber Cos,
was attacked by yeggm*n. Wednes
day night, while a? work In the
yards of the company at Ctrafiof and
B*«ufait-avea . struck over the head
three time with a club and knocked
down They took 130 from hl«i pock
et Koch was assisted to a nearby
doctor's office by a pedestrian His
injuries are not serious
Stage SSI
J l rtUL W;
■ ——— ------ - 'm '
A ''Twilight Sleep" lecture is to
be given in the Garden theater. Fri
day night, for men oniy. b> Mr*
Robert B Liggett, of St Paul. wh.
has been talking to the women ol
llVtroll fxir two week* on the sub
lect The talk will be followed
an open discussion end an> i.u
In *he audience ma> *sk question
Thysicians will be aakc l to >?. *•
tb-lr egperience* w ;tli the nietho
There ts no reason w*i\ men sn»>
I not be Interested in *-)«»,•> qu» s i
of public health, and childbirth
3 i üblic health problem.' Mra I v
xiii aaya "No retorm can be .i
. on’.plish.ed without the co-opera?iot
: men and women*’ The |ectur»
w 'I be illustrated with motion pi
turea taken at FYeiburg. German)
-bowing an actual case of "TwtUg:
Sleep" birth In charge of Dr Kur
li Schloaalngk. who has been , .
\n erica for the past year and h
j-ersonally conducted many ciin.
in Vmerlcan hospitals Mr* 1 -
ge*’ win continue her lectures so
women only every da> at 2
o'llo.'k until Saturday, and busines
•Aomen will have a special pracra:
Thursday and Saturday evening-
Th* Thur*da' matinee Is lieinv
given to raise money to establish .
"Twilight Sleep" ward in the Worn
an s Hospital and Infants home
this cay.
Two important headline attra.
tions will be on the Miles prog-i
next week The Graham Moss- *
Players, an organization of talented
Scotch players front the Empire the
ater fckl.nburgh making an eiten
sive American tour will presen* ti
farce comedy playlet. 'The Con
cealed Bed." a cleverly devtsed
rapid moving vehicle that abound
in quaint Scotriafc wit and humor
and funny complications Second ic
Importance will be lAwrence Trane
Irish magician and necromancer and
company. In an elaborate production
called "The I>en of Mystery," in
which many new and startling * \
pertinents in up-to-date magic ar*
pre rn*ed Other act* progv amm ~j
are Gilbert singing comedian
Orville and Frank, m a gymnastic
norelty; Stone and Manning, eccen
trk- singers and dancers and Baby
M ld*ed. Juvenile entertainer. For
the screen program, which precede
•he vaudeville, first run feature*
new ccmedie* and the latest current
weeklies will be projected from
12 30 to 2 30 o'clock dally
“Beverly's Balance," a breezy
American comedy which served M*r
garet Anglin as a starring vehic!-
will be the offering of Je«aie Bon
•tell* and her company, next week,
in the Garrick. The play it delight
fully light and amusing, and w,il
give Miss Bonstell* fine opportuni
ties ‘n the role of Beverly IMnwtd
die. a young southern girl, who
"hires out” as the correapondent in
the divorce case of a millionaire
friend of her young lawyer-cousin,
Watt Ihnwlddie The millionaire b
wife ia title hunting and her ac
commodating spouse is willing to
«eyer the marital ties to give her
the chance *h* longs for to enter
European aristocracy How Bev*
erly mends her own sadly depleted
fiances, reconciles husband and wife,
and marries her coutun. make* a
delightful play.
Comedy will reign supreme in th'
Temple theater next week with Nat
Wills topping the bill Wills comes
dircc f from an all-season s engage
ment ;n the New York Hippodrome
production of "Hip. Hip. Hooray.'
rU ' ill offer anew budget of *ons‘
und storie* said to beat all of his
previous efforts to arau«e Wills i*
one of the strong drawing cards of
vaudeville and his charac*er of "Th"
Happy Tramp" is a fixture in the
haP. of vaudeville fara*. Second
feature of the bill trill b* Ra*kln's
Ten Russian*, a pretentiois novepy
♦bat ha* been a hi» everywhere The
company have a fine balalai'.a or
f hest.ra th® naflv® musical ;n- f r
m» n* of Ho *la and dance and i .
a* only genuine Muscovites /.
Clever couple on the program v ,1
be Jimmy Isuffy and Merced' L< •
•n*. in the-ir miniature musical
comedy. "Springtime.’ The or-.t
inal Thre* Leighton*, of "( s •
Jones’ ard "Steamboat Hi!; fin*'
wLJi their bright *nd m< rry nr
•k!t entitled The Party of -ho
ond Part," and five other ac* »i!
complete the bill
Marguerite Tlsrk will ** '*n Ir.
the Washington neji w. *-v in »r
e-n' rely new environin'n* *.« l.lttl •
Ady Eileen" The scene* of »hi
q-iaint little »cf**-ri ir.xy *r* lad Ir
* '• Emerald Isle, and Mis* ( lari
ta *h* role of a t\pl*al Irish la'sl"
vho la a hejlev'r In fatrie« Th®
c'.ngs are sa'd to I,® exqulsi’e an*'
the tory unusual and f* cin»»i n g
r>'*erm >-d it v'arnp out Infantile
psralysi* In Ontario. Dr I w H.
McCuiiougi, -f Toronto. »-h|ef med*
off 'er of 'he province,
hat *ent a cjrru lettrA to all phy
ulrlan.* In () n'arln advising them
that all 'a* egos 'he disease must
he reported And warning th# m that
failure to do means prosec,if ion
As far as known, tlmre are 17 case.
In Ontario, nine of which are in
Windsor, three m Ford ("tty. one in
Sandwich west, and on* In Randwlch
»**«t while 'he others are in the
eantral portion of the province
Dr. Simon Flexner
Talks On Infantile
Detroit Doctor Pre
pares Interesting Sum
mary of Address
hr J H Itompftrr. editor of tb* I
•*»in*t Medical J<m,rr.nl luh pr»* i
p '*’'l un inr* retting summary of a ,
• •ii address by hr S njon Flex
n* r eruineui ,\* w York physician.
- ' >r< ’he New Yoik \. ari*-my of ‘
> r-n«>* on infantile pwratysus. The i
■ ir. im appears in >he A o- ,
e of !>r. Dempster* magazine'
<• 1 is h’.ghlv ill iniinanng at thia [
• ie. when the scourge is taking
•- 'crible toll in N* w York and is
• regtenlm; to imol\, o: her cities
T>r Fiexner defined infantile
iraly -ss ...» an Infectious* and com
M■ ■ a l .**--'; > lb* la ’
vasion >f he •entrai nervous or
gans, brain ar.d cnrrt bv a minute
•\ •►•rai> • micro-orgau -in.' ,«iy* I r
."v vr In hi* su r nm..ry. «hi h
Ti « :rl ro 'rsa'ilstri ha* heen
»■ • '«• n r? ** ,! ulture and i* via
hml> r '•;*,*.■ r p..w*r* of the
- . p- It to l>e found MB
star.tlv it. th» »ni*«l nervous ornn
t '#• mu »u« of
ti.e sand threat and tnlrat’nex
• f ttv «e ass ted with the Itseose |
Th 4* ' hr. a ft. it a a mi ro-or*an- (
* t / VNcilon t>v th- or
.l.r in h i<-ter *i--al te*t« M-althv
;- r - r » n. > ’•ec.nr.. rwrr’er*
, enters the bod]
h> »i\ f the rr i '.up membrane .>f
•n »• r * - «r ■• t '-ri• .i t. m Ulll pl l e*. f h n
brain ard t
ny \*r*\ o’ 'be lymphatln whlrh r n
n- • the ut-p»r n»*al me m hrane with
th- ‘ntf’tor f t--.e «kull Reina ron
ti» t’.H n 1■ e .-*-:• f r « of the Ul'per
r»sj. irato-y tra t. It t« »a»,lv .Jl*-
t-»t-<1 ! .•> i(t!i'nr r «nee»|rg Th
n r rfunl*" will *tand for * 1 ng
time n.K t»mi>»ra'.ur*. • mplete dr •
i'.a t t rw> <« ti. nos vr. ak chemtra'*
I* ,s. how pv»p readil’ -*tr<*>e.i hv
sur* *> hr.ght sunbath? Accord
ing to , rn.'nl hr v'« !*•« ’"pprt.« \*<*
not *A*nfp ;n the pr*»ad f Infantile
para I v *l* t o>uirh the flomeatic tty
. . .pi a-nina - *’ t. nay >’arrv
the viruii and b»om* an lhf**ct've
fur a p--ud *.f two day*
;« h»- •—-« u»i «pulaml-~ji
o' tnfanfil* [aral. i * » <t« nd fr.-m
place f ■ routes of
ordinary travel Not ll »pidpm ! r»
of infantile paral-. «i» *r» «'<j li *iiy *».
\ere tjr«-at varlif. on* h*v» b»«r
known to oorur 1 r i. *h n .int’-r of
rapcp snd the deal'’ rate
V. itik -t i'i’-r «rr a« « rule mu'o
*■ *<*.■|»rTt.Jo • .rMri 1 ' *ralv sla than
oid**r onop N’.o a 1 ! ■ hMr»n aro *tj«.
ceftibl** nr r.in '* i.** stated posi
tively ’ i • r» tir exempt
Th» die i-e piiny n pa-alys *
»' r «!»V»r. .-r pa i;\* x I r .« so
sl’gn’ '*T- . • irn * *«l The Itßht
or abort v. aae* a *r-ai*r
piisp 1 '! i i■. *y,p -i s to' h»rto fc>e.*n
reoo Kni*»d
The 1 of in< ii atlon v*r!<»«
fr- mtw lay* ' two tve»k* Tb'i
na<«: • r n f e v *hout
• ‘got tl-iy. Th* p r. >f < om.munl
ratlo’i .* and .rlr* "h- »• rly «r.d arute
.•Hi- -• .*
shown that re >v r- from oti* afta<k
i» pro?*” 'ion from * jba<'U u*nt tnooti
latlon T o |. • fr m p*rs->n* who
h,iv» *■ -»d fr • *h“ iliseaae ha»
ad* - n« effect upon
t • t'fii«, thoutrh *h» blood of nor
mal p‘ r. n* a no' pr< rer?;on fr* m
am * ■ •pend* up 'O th** pr*«»nor 'if
Irrmun* tr d'e- w h arl** in rh* In
ternal * rjnnl .nn xr.d ar» yielded to
• in <• 1 •« ap •
X ir in the blood ev»n after fhomlld.
e-i attack
Th* ««rum tr*»tm*nt ha* »Iv»n a
measure of *uc. • «s ti h*r* it has t* - en
uaed. chiefly In Franco where Mood
.e. i, ; , fr rr p«-r-- n* Who had recov
ered fr -n r 'a tll< sra ' \ «'« ha* h*»n
lnJeo'*d Into » » xp:nal membrane*
of per*, ns who p.tv* just e ..me |-%
X'i' ■ ,;*r| t'nforfu. ■»'*-!> human »* r -
•im. i» Mi ted am other animal
except th' i i-.nkei i* arah|» nf
yielding an in.nuno aer im
Fievner >* i r ' a<ain '■ *h» pread
<f •f> I T 4(tl t e ageflCX Os
t * r ~ o ' ' 1 i-i.rrie. i n C«ihfar*
w• * the na ini -eoretlon- of fhnae 111
« th *h. and lease and the
'tread hv rr rt a r *na *' n K ' • and Fie*.
n*r «•>** on to aa i that tie degree
Northern Pacific Ry i
This 'hnuiii the cool, tn- ( |
and rurwrefful north
weat to
Yellowstone Park
Tlm On(iMl aa4 Greatest
Haitoaai fart
Rn’rr a» Osrdmer Oateway—
irniif ind Mily nWri mirwirf. .
Oar m>je w-stwrrd crowing three ’
range* e 4 mo*ir»t*tna to Spokane, •
Paget Ro-md, I* winter Na:«xi*l
Park *nd Alaska.
Low Found Trip Summer Toariat |
Tickcla on Sal* Daily
Oo Nor’hern Pacific g»t addi
tional a enery ervl terries at no and
a<. irtwyr.al cipen*e.
Prrvurglly e,rr#rt*d tour* ■»*rkly * 1
end Pui./ran sleeper* deny to
Y-lln*M»'mc Park.
ftaad May for fra" travel literature
ask aferaialiee.
i 1
of euaceptlhlllty or children and oth
libera of the community to In
; fantile patalyala la relatively antell
and t* liettnltely lower than that to
ti ra.ple*. ararlet fever or diphtheria
fact ihoutd pr. vent panic In a
community, though It ahould not Jua
ittfx l>\r»*p* tn controlling tne epread
of the epidemic
fh«’ average death rate In eptdem
Ila stated aa below 10 per cent |
Manx ia*ea according to Flexor r,
a e doubtless not reported to health '
hoard* being of a mild nature and
not followed hv paralyela. In many
i I.*, f p iralyala the paral> ala clear*
u, ?he II -pp*.trance may he com
plete In a few daya or may require
months The number who suffer eome
•|egr-« • f permanent crippling I*
relative! > small
To <| u. ’t e riesner There exlatai
ai present no safe method of preven i
I I vi inoculation or vaccination, and i
n > piacti.al method of specific treat- ,
men? The prevention of the disease
r i t hr «'• oinphshed through gen
eral sanitary means recovery from!
I r li .■M's ■..< .« a spontaneous process '
w rvtrh . in he greatly assisted b\ ;
piot>er medical and surgical rare"
Infantile paralvsts la an Infe.-tloua
O.sessr dll— to i deflnlte and SpeC'.fll' 1
micro-, rg i nlsm or virus recovers la
a mphshet t>\ « process of ttnmu
nlsatlon which take* piece during the
a u'r 'tat” ’{ the disease The
tendency of ?h* disease 1a towards
r - \ rv and w hen death results It Is
due to paralysis of the brain and
lV w 1. 1 h . ntrol respiration and
heart a tv>n
An ox pi talon that Mew the roof
off the welding room of the Petrol?
Hang** Holler On, at No 619 Twen
h' fourth-*! . m l shook dwellings
for a b'ook around. Injured one inan
“o aerloii»l> Tuesday motnlng that
’ ho tna> die
John M* >* r. Ii year* clu. No. 60S
jAsh-gt, a ftnerator lender In the
h’Uint. w.s the rletlm He wav
( tforkt»g ever hi* machine at t TO
j o'clock when from an undv termln
j r d cause the r-'r.cretor blow up
j AcetvUne ca» turned hln* at»out
rK c hold. cb««*t and shoulder*. He
% as given first aid *.y F. 'V S-od
lord, president r* the flnn and H
1 Smlrrt. plant niiperintcndent. then
taker lo the citv ho«p|tti.
A Hr* alarm was turned In. but
♦ for*' ihe apparatu* reached the
'Mil.Hng *‘itiplo\e* had »*\fjtipiji
'he ftrr .tarr-d hv th, explosion
The damage wgt slight
?63,200 AWARDED
In an award br Judge Hally, of
2on to 11 property owners who
forced condemnation proceeding.* by
M e school board to acquire a school
atte at the aouthwe- corner of Uv
nfstone and St Antolnmatg.. the
inly persona receiving more than
’hr* price offered by 'h* citv we-e
wro women who had agreed to »he
Ify’' price, hut were forced into
or.demmtJon by the attitude of
'hci r neighbor*. They received n,>o
for their |o.«re.* from delay The
tnd w : |ch ccmpriaaew half a block
h **f f-»T‘rur»tone. wtif dnubtr
th* site of the Unroln achool. and
MM be used for a duplicate building
to relieve th*. present cmgegtion
. klsil—the,
ta right—TlNiee JuK fleet Mefw 487%,
Specials for Friday and Saturday
Toilet Goods
t<id Hat Uratkar Teeessttles.
• vv Hind’. Money aad OQ
tlainnil l"re«ra O«7C
2tr Jergi *'• Renawln
tint \ Iniond I ofUn ... Ilf
Odomna 19c
Mr In tllarkr nn
r owd-r ... .kJc
UVr W nndhnry'a | n
Kars Powder I 1C
Mr I’rkrra no
T»nth Paste . . i)^C
3.V taaltal Tooth t m
Paste or Powder ... 11C
SAr Mulslfieri o*7
I oeoanat Oil «J I C
Mr Parisian n i
•*n*r.. .. .. ,54f
Mr Mnrer'a o*7
*to«r Memeilt •J If
IV B-os. | m
Pernalde 1 IC
file 4 oa -a |
I‘rraiMr .... 1 AC
2Tir W nndhart'a |/»
Porlsl Snap JOf
Mr fleslnol | n
«*•» IJ7C
Mrs ttllcnrn 1 Q
*'i«p I(SC
2V krhrata <)A
noth Powtler AvC
*%. 19r
Mr falaefde IQ
I Ampnand . . , 1 «7C
lljerhlaa Pare PA
Powder *rvC
like lamb's Wool Poll Pree.
TWenriant tu an action brought to
Sooiete Ati on vine Ue la Plattllertt’
de lg Liqueur Benedictine de l-'ecamp
David Roaenthal. ex-alderman of chc
Third ward and the proprietor of «
Oratlol-nre wholesale lltiuor store,
wm loarr. Wednesday, when an In
junction Isaued some time <igo l>>
Federal Judge Arthur J Tuttle, re
straining Rosenthal from selling
i’’Benefactore * put up In bottles pre
claely similar to the characteristic
Benedictine con'alners. was made
i permanent. Rosenthal paid dam
ages to the concern
He was brought Into the recorder a
I court aotne time ago on a charge of
| misbranding, but was acquitted The
itecret of Benedictine distillation.
| compounded hv Fren, h monks, is
! Jealously guarded, and Rosenthal
was accused of concocting a name
that would deceive tho undlacrlm
ry rxTritb rn' ts
CHICAGO. July 27 Herea th*
banner flsh story
Sidney Walton and wife w**r.t
bathing in tJ»ke Michigan 9.im*
: thing nibbled at Sid * feet and he
| started for shore One look hack
anl he weut faster ••Sharks." veiled
| someone, and there was a scamper
for the beach.
A huge flsh. evidently lonely,
plowed along behind Fifty women
and children saw the glistening form
and ran from the water screaming.
} Walton. aCer getting to shore, was
encouraged to get a roi** He threw
it out. lassoed the monster and
towed H in
l Result V IS-po’tnd carp t’arp
wouldn’t bite a human being on a
Real estate hoard* o' Detroit anl
Cleveland are to rtsl? Buffalo today
Kodak Season
Are You Prepared
To srPt the enjoyment that is
due you this summer?
Is the best way
Macauley’s Bookstore
Household Remedies
1 aopply of these should he
kept on hnnd during this weather,
1-oa. Caarara Ol
tagrada dr 1C
3 da*. Phennlaa Ol
Wafers L |C
I Ih. I parm Q
••Oils if C
Mr ttrap Pigs Q 4
i C alifornia > t)*»r
•'r,.., 79c
"Lm '.. 19c
• I O. I). It. Eeaeaua 7(1
Hemet y I a/C
IW».- Milk of Q 7
tfragnesln .... O 1C
23e Milk of I 7
tfngaaralo * 1
"V.r... (i9c-39c-19c
Drlag tkls aad to onr store Fri
day or Saturday and get a regu
lar like Ply Swatter Pree.
7tie Oath QQ
Hruakea OifC
milk Memorable Handles i
me ho lid Hnrfc PA
Hair flrusbes ifUC
*Be aad Mr 1 7
tlaad trraka 1 1C
•1 .Aft Christy's l.agllsh Q(k
Hath Towele . OarC
Tike rhrlstr's Pagllah PA
Hath Tawets •lifC
IWte Solid \ Irohol OQ
■tores . . . m• / C
l«e fanned Heat. 2tsf
Mr haaltary 1 Q
Taoth Brashes 1 «7C
Wle bilk 1 Q„
Weak rioths li/C
Ittr Mask f lotks. OP
4 for w*JC
tfle l.lgnld f'oarl 1 A.
Plaster. 3 for IW
an.«, ra."’., JOo
i V
in the face
Aching, burning feel
give a drawn, tortured
look to the faro. The ,
cool cushioned comfort
Dr. A. Reed
Cushion Shoes
relieve the foot troubles
and give the face a
rested, refreshed ap
T*> avoid Übi
tstlnn Inok ftx \
the m • k • r’» \
»'* of
272 Woodward Ave.
(T u N A R D
xr. tv \o a k l.l vk a »•" oi*
v lint N \ SAT . At’O IS ll’ M
•TT'IU kNfA .HAT.AI'U. 11. NO<>N
f r . Alto M.IPH
rARI’kTMIA Sv T «F.PT t. 5 PM. i
•T'- t,lverpr>ol «n<l <lls**ow (
>nu i miK-r ai vtm ri«—m»Ai»oN
IANNIjNIA CAT. A l 1 » e. 6 P M
A Nl' AN f A SAT. Ai''! ii il’K
31 kUlr-al., V*w York, er Agrt*.
WHIVHIM Klll.r.t* 111 VI. '
And it wtll ruin »r kill any man
:h.> *..•;•* Sf i>k It ISo *OU wsnt
t g.M rtd of the iliink haMt’ I can
help you I wa* » victim of drink
sqd was absolutely and perrnarsntlr
cared bv an efferflve. r«-!tat*!s home
rem-dv the formula an.) right* I
tur.haarJ and m*<l« w 'h u the r*a. h
r>f every human being burdened wit ,
th- cur*e of drink It an*-* no sick
n-*s or rerna'nlna away from work
or l.ualne** ft al».> Imlda 'ij. and
atr-rvgih-n* and tnn-s 'he ayatem It
completely r-nvov-a all *rav!ng d--
glr- « r taste for or need f<*r stimu
lants of any kind All almhoiio poi
son i* at once eliminated Nn mat
ter whether you are a perlodl. *l.
1 r of *->nal drink - r r
hvhttual drunkard 1 ran save y.>u If I
y ti have a friend wtv. drink* writs'
me Nu ..lie whu ai’P'at* to me will
t.e overlooked or neg'erTed All mr
respondenre ronfldential 1 ran refer
you to hundreds of pe. nle right In
( Igo if got* h' nr*t'v des'rs to j
I* forever fr-e from the curse «*f
drlr.k h-r» I* an opportunity vou
should n< t over! "k Addrraa J 11.
Fran-Is SC« kouth Dearborn-at. Ch.-
ca|» 111 • Adv.
.Inknstnai's Quintette. (> * An
pk B ... 91.UU
JohnstoV* Treasure, ip a rn
b» * •laOU
s T ... %. T.. |J QQ
Jibnstaia's Innovation gn
Mwrefa OifC
Johnston's ftehatante nm
< koeolatea / >)f
Johnston’s Pratts la a* « /wi
freon. M.UU
tvt. f hocolnte fnrered nn
Pineapple In By rnp t)“f
llflr 2-lk. hutrs Itlsle on
Twist Sticks
llnnle's pnney Hard nt\
Hoods, Ih W.7C
tOr 111 tie llutfersrntrh, nn
Free Nyal Sale
I pkg. haul o.
fnrn nrmnree 4s»)C
ar»r pkg. Kas.Rw Pree.
I hoffle tfynl » A
Ittgrstlve lonic ;)()(>
I ho* ■j a I lllgestlre Tablets t ree
I bottle Tynl -o
r«'trma l.ntlon ,)(](•
Boa *»nl P.ereatio Ointment Tree
I bottle Tyal mn '
lllmatone aj**r
Mr •kamynn Pree
I pkg. *yal - A
Pare * ream *>Uc
f Pbg. Ny Intis Pare Powder Pree
I ' **"• •mokes for hot
I U weather. last In—
m n lo.ottn tnnrkltns, n
■ IES r,r " r Ha* ana rlgnri
I® BH worth llte. r.c str'gki
H l,ni *•■>. *' WOTII.'
fT'aß IH ..... vil.i p
I ts /B Hillsboro, ninafe la
|IL V nf t'bmaa. clear lla a.
K. b«* straight. Boa
H \ || U —The
I lAll— llrj, *;f
■ for 2,v Us "

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