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J. Ellmann Makes
Charges Against Vil
lage Police Head
Welcomes Full Investi
gation of His Acts,
He Says
Sarlous charge* were preferred
against Chief of I'oiiro Charles W.
Seymour, of Highland Park, In the
meeting of the villa#? council, Mon
day night, by James I. Kllmsnn. an
attorney and counsellor with offices
in the Penobscot building, and in
Highland Park. The chargea affect
the entire police department of the
The comraunlratton which wai ad
dresacd to the president of the vil
lage. and the members of the coun
cil, reads. In part, as follows
“I reapecffully charge Charles W.
Beymour, chief of police of our vll
lage and his subordinates involved
with misconduct in office in the fol
lowing respect*:
"In using excessive and needless
force while making arrests; In ihe
Inhuman treatment of prisoners
while in custody, denying 'hem the
ordinary privileges of human be
ings; in preventing prisoners from
seeing counsel, except at their own
will; In being needlessly rough and
discourteous, in depriving prison
ers, before trial, of their constitu
1 local rights to hail bv the refusal
to accept proper ball when tendered;
in making improper and unlawful
arrests; In unlawfully detaining
prisoners after arrest and before
trial, until the arrival of the fav
ored Justice; in Indulging in the use
of epithets Involving race prejudice,
in denying a citizen the right to be
heard in complaint against tl*e
abuses of the subordinates; refus-
Have You Made Your Will?
Would nil of your plans for the welfare of your family, rein
lives and friends materialize if you should be suddenly taken away?
I)o our State law-* provide for the distribution of your property
as you would ha\e it divided?
Would a competent Administrator, one thst YOU would ehooae,
be appolnt- d?
Your Attorney can express \our wishes in proper form,
if you would insure Ihe absolute and impartial administration
of your Estate, name this Company as Executor or Trust**. Your
Estate will be administered promptly, efficiently and economically.
There is a Department to rare for everything that should be done.
WHEN it should b* done
Our charges cannot be more than individuals would be allowed.
Call ami let us explain the details.
Southwest Corner Fort and Shelby Streets
Opposite Po*tofflce
Depend- -
You must protect your
country. How about your
family !
You can prepare for the
future of those dearest to you
by placing a fund in trust for
them now, and by naming this
Company as your Executor
and Trustee, thus insuring
efficient management ot
your Estate.
dnion&ust Company
Detroit, Michigan
mg to furnish the name or number
of the officer to a citlsen for Identifi
cation. In committing an unlawful
assault upon th* writer."
Elltnanu aska that a committee be
appointed to Investigate and to set
a time and place for the bearing of
the charges and the witness**.
Beside* the 11 leading charge*
listed, Ellman gives others In detail,
the following being taken from bis
"I charge that in refusing a prop
er legal bond, the responsible party
at the police department was guilty
of a misdemeanor, for which it la
piactically Impossible to prosecute
him Will not discuss the propriety
of making a Joke of the court'* man
date I claim, further, that if the
man at the desk has no authority to
art, and seemingly cannot averciaa
his own Judgment, la it not fair to
eipect that somebody would com
municate with the chief at any hour
of the night when a person’* lib
erty it involved?
"J charge that in the police de
partment. discrimination has been
shown in favor of one of the Justices
for a considerable time. I would,
pernapa, h.ive no right to make this
statement were not the average eltl
r.i ii'b liberty Involved In this fact.
The Justice in question ia engaged
In a good deal of private practice
and other work. He Is at hi* office
during certain hour* of the day vary
ing naturally In accordance with the
exigencies of his practice. The oth
er village Justice Ib at his office al
most all the time, engaged in no
other occupation. Yet prisoners are
bound to wait for hours at a time
until the arrival of the pollcefavor
ed Justice Meanwhile, the prisoner
is deprived of his liberty."
Ellman states that he is ready to
hack up every charge that he has
President Pro Tem R. A Caldwell,
who assumed the chair in the ab
senoe of President Thomson, refus
id to have the chargea read in pub
Ho. and will have a secret meeting
•it which the chargea will be read
by a committee and discussed.
"I atand by my record." said Chief
Seymour, when asked regarding the
charges "There is absolutely no
foundation for them
Deputy la Friend of Birds.
William norland, deputy sheriff in
Judge l,anagan's court, working in
conjunction with the Highland Park
Humane society, is a lover of ani
mals. During the hot weather Sun
day. he felt that the birds around
his lawn at No 163 Orand ave. east,
needed water. He placed a pan of
water before his house, and within
an hour 180 birds of all kinds, three
dogs and two cats stopped to drink
CYou keep every item of today’s
business in dependable hands.
Clt is even more important that
your affairs, when you leave them,
shall be in dependable hands.
C.This Company as Executor,
Trustee or Agent is dependable.
CAPITAL and SURPLUS, $1,000,000.00
from th* pan. Several of norland's
neighbors saw what he was doing
and followed his example by plac
ing five other pans of water on the
lawn* for the birds and animal*.
Rebuilt Highland Park State
Is Model Institu
Th* formal opening of the new
lAiUdlng for the Highland Park
Btat# bank win take place Wedues
day, Aug. 1. The institution will he
open for the occasion from 8 a. ra.
to 8 p. m. that all who desire to
inspect the new building may do so.
The new structure la JSO feet
deep and 60 feet wide, the public
lobby being 100 by *6 fret dimen
sions, and having a cHMug 37 feet
In height. The tanking room Is one
of the finest In the country. The
idea throughout Ims been to provide
a atructure which is thoroughly fire
proof, the only wood being used in
the doors, fram°fi and de'»kH used
by the officers am! employe*. Con
crete, atone, steel and brick are the
materials which prodomlnat* lr. the
rtmetur*. A special department
has been set aside for tin women
patrons of the bunk so that they
do not have to stand In the public
A feature of the hank are the «afe
deposit vaults In file basement.
There are boxen ranging in
size from tw-j ini hes ir. height to
22 Inches in height There is alt-o
a room for trunks This Is the
only hank between the n nter of
Detroit and Pontiac having h com
plete safe deposit department.
The hank has 54 employes. The
accounts number over 21,t>00. The
hanking hours are from b a. in
f. p. in The safe deposit depart
ment will be open during the same
The ofTWT-i ard directors of the
bank are James 'ouzens, presi
dent; James T Whitehead, vice
president. F I* Klingen.xmiih, vice
president; W I . 1 unliam. vice-presi
dent; K. 0. Rice, vice-president; E
C Vcr Beck cashier; R. M Joues,
assistant cashier; G B. Jurlson, as
sistant cashier Director-.—John W.
Anderson, Edael H. Ford, James
Couzens, F. I*. KMngonsinit.h,
Charles A Dean. A I. McMeans, W.
L. Punhmn. E O Rice, James T.
Whitehead and Henty Ford
Highland Park Notes
Mis* Ruth I’nse, of No. 24* Hlgh
land-ave., left this morning for To
ledo. where she will attend the wed
din* of her cousin. Charles Ashley.
Mr and Mrs Albert Amacher and
daughter, FM**. formerly of Alpena,
hut now of Detroit, sre spending n
week with Mr. snd Mrs. John Mil
ler of No St Besuman-ave.
Mr and Mrs. Xlcholol former resi
dents of No. 195 Avalon-ave . are
now making their home at Royal
Mis* Haxel Gowtng. of No. 68
Orove-aw., has I* ft to spend her
xn.-atlon at Midland, Mich.. with
Mr and Mrs Mott have moved
from Vo 171 Bueno Vlsta-ave. east,
to No 11 Chamberlain-ave
Miss T<v pher, of Montsrey-ave , Is
spendln* a few weeks with friends
it Fair Ma\en
Miss Helen Bradley, of No. §2
Monte rev-ave.. Is the guest of Miss
t’lnra Bertrand. of Cleveland. O, for
a week
Elliott Howard of No. 122 Con
nsctteut-av*., has left to Spend a
few weeks at the Boy Scout camp in
Mr and Mrs Oswald nml family
moved, Monday, from No 174 Ferris
axe, to \o 982 Wnhash-ave.
C F Bradley and daughter, Mar
tha. of No 42 Monterey-ave. have
returned to their home at Rockwnod
af'-T « short stay in Cleveland, O
Mr and Mrs .1 V. Crook and fam
ily have moved from No, 251 Mon
terey-ave, to their new home at No
341 Klchton-ave.
Mr and Mrs K. F K inner have
returned to their home at No 7 4
Monterey-ave.. after having passed
a week at Fair Haven
Mr and Mrs J Frown, of Sarnia.
Ont . are the guests of Mr and Mrs
I, .1 K inner, of No. 254 Cortland
Mr and Mrs McClure have moved
from No. 128 Wlnonn-ave, to No. 3*
Clalrmont-ave . Detroit
Mr and Mrs William Marr and
sons. Harold and George, of Port
Olaseow. tint . are the guest* of Mr
and Mrs. I* J. Ktnner, of No. 25*
Mr and Mrs formerly of
No. 77 Buena Vlsta-ave east, are
now residing at No. 171 Buena Vlsta
ave east
John Welch and K Sutton, of
Orlnan. Ont. are visiting Mr and
Mrs I- J Kinner. of No. 254 Cort
land -ave
Ed Strom moved. Monday, from
No. 98 Ivißelle- ax e . so Royal Oak,
where lie will reside
Miss Maxell* Martin, of No. 14<>
Glendalc-axe , entertained several
guests at her home. Monday after
P T*ym*ek. of West Txirne Ont..
Is vlsltln* Mr and Mrs I* J. Kinner.
of No 254 I'ort'and-nve
Mr and Mrs s< hr»m. formerly of
No 21.1 Puena Vista-ave west, are
now Iti th'-lr nexs- home at No 254
Avalon-ax e
Clayton of No 214
peresford - e . is enjoying his vaca
tion a' l.ske Orion.
Mr and Mrs. Sullivan and family,
moved. Monday, from No 194 Buena
Vtata-ave east, to Vo. 43 Ford-ave.
Mrs P A Sutton and two daugh
ters t.tltlan snd Rena, of Council
Fluffs. lowa, are visiting Mr and
Me* Kinner of No 254 Cortland *- e
Mr and Mrs Wilson, of No 155
Avalon-ave.. are spending the sum
mer at their cottage at ta»ke Orion
Clarence Winnie of No. 14 4 Cand
lerase, la confined to hla homo
through lllneas
Mr and Mrs Peckley and family
have returned to their home at No
• 7 West Puena Vlsta-ave., afte
having spent a few days In Kings
ville, Ont. with friends
Mr and Mrs C. A Rarth have r*
turned to their homo at No 2744
Woodward-ave, after having spent
the last few days at Adrian with
Mr and Mr* Mills, of No 775
Greenwood ave , moved Monday, to
No 2411 Hamllton-blvd
Mr and Mra. W F Porch moved.
Monday, to No 2414 Woodward-ave,
from Tin. 144 Ford-ave
Mr and Mra. Cook, of tensing
spent tne week-end with Mrs Cook's
brother, O I Aitenhnrg. No, 19*
MrT«ean-ave, en route to the east.
Where they will spend two week*
Mlsa Phyltss Pelanger. otf Am
heratberg. Ohio, la visiting Miss
Celestlne Pibadeau of Pes-fenger-
Moore subdivision. Highland Park
Miss Grade Farrell, of Grand ave
eaat. la spending her aummer vaca
tion at Groase fsie
Mra. J. Powlnskt and daughter.
Mias Rote of Candler-ave. are be
ing entertained by friends at New
Baltimore, for a fortnight
Mrs A Toogood and daughter
Mis* Jessie, of Riverside. Cat., wh l '
have been visiting In th* home of
H. W. Toogood. No. 90 Winona-ava..
for several months, hav# left for
Garretsville and other points In Ohio.
Charles A Perkins, a partnar In
ih* Highland Park Paint A Glass
Cos., and Mia* Boul Fenner, of No. 44
West Huena Vlsta-ave. furnished a
surpnae tor their friends by going
to Marine City snd returning as Mr.
snd Mrs. Perkins.
M and Mra. H J. McDougall. of
No. 74 West Buena Vlsta-ave.. are
• pending several daya In thslr sum
mer home,* Bloomfield Hills.
MU* Leiah Holmes, of Frankfort.
Ind., Is being entertained In the
home of Mlaa Marlon Leet, of No. 11*
Dr. and Mra Dans, of Bereaford
av*., are the parente of a girl.
Mr and Mra Frank Lorang and
daughter. MU* Clara, of No. 106 Av
alon-ava., returned during the week
from an extended motor trip to
Chicago. Niagara Falla Buffalo, New
York city and other points.
Mias Josephine MaQttif. of Savan
nah. Ga. la a guest of Mlsa Alice
Roaedale, at Pine lake.
1 J
There was no chang* In the berry
situation this morning. Thsra war*
plenty of huckleberries, but of poor
average condition. Enough rod rasp
berries are coming to ksep th* mar
ket going, but the supply runa out
early in the day. Black raspberries
and blackberries are merely Inciden
tal, receipts being Irregular and very
light at their beat. Tne butter mar
ket Is firm, eggs ar* In a strong po
sition. and the poultry market Is
1 firm for bans, but easy for springers.
Apples— New, $l7B 3 2 per box, $5 3
1 $6.50 per bbl.
liii itana* Good shipping stock.
$12532 per bunch
Brans -Dried Limas, 4k,@7c lb.
Merries -Blackberries, $3.5004 P*r
bu.. huckleberries. $434.26 per bu.;
I black raspberries. 16-qts., $201.16.
red raspberries, (6 3 6 60 bu.
4 aiifornla Fruits -Plums. $23 225
p< are. $3 25 03 60 box. peaches. $1.25
| box.
4 aullflower $1 753 2 box.
< abhage New. $2.75413 crate,
i lirmr Michigan fiats, 14\e;New
York. 16'*c; 26010 c; Imported
16 . i-lb, 15<mc, hrlck cream, 164 c;
long horns, 165te; daisies, 163k0
; 15 V- lb
( herrle* Sour, $1.7602. *weet.
$2 . 5 p> r bu
4 urrsiiia -Red. $2 600 2 hu
trrxh Vegetable* Green peppers,
$2 25 vrati-. 10c bu-ketf radish***. 6c
bunch, parsley, 25 030 c dox.; cucum
hers, hothouse. 65 »76c do*.; hot
h’lUo- tomatoes, 12 012 Vie lb.; car
rot-*. 15i dox.; head lettuce. $2 26 bu.;
wax beans, $2 250 2.50 bu.; green
beans. S2O 2 25 bu., green peas, $175
0 2 bu.; watercress. 25030 c do*,;
gieen onions. 16 (i 18c dox.; green
corn. $2,25 3 2 50 bbl.
Hone; -Fancy wnite. new. 16017 c;
amber 10 0 11c lb; extracted. 70 8c
lint Detroit ahlppcra are paying
the following prices for baled nay In
car lot* f o b. Detroit: No. 1 tim
othy. mw. $1150015: standard tlm-
Othv. $14.50017; light mixed, sl6 50 0
17; No 2 timothy. $14016; No. 1 mix.
ed. $12013. No 2 mixed. SBOIO. No.
1 clover, slOOll, rye straw $7 5004;
w heat and oat straw. $6 5007 ton
Lemons —$9010 per box.
l.iuir* $1.1001.35 per 100.
Melons Hockyforda. standards,
$S 50 03.76 crate; watermelons, 36 0
50c each.
Oranges—Valencias. $404 25 box.
Onion* Southern. $3 76 perlOOlbs.:
Spanish, $1 75 box.
Beaches $17502 bu.; $1 6001 76
per 6-basket crate
Plnenppte*-—s2 7603 crata; $1 160
175 dox., Florida*. $3 0 4 casa.
I'oiatoea—-New southern. $2.35 02 60
Paultry—Broilers. 220 23c; fancy
hens. 140 19c; No. 2 hens. 15014 c;
stag>-. 120 13c; geese, 11012 c; ducks,
17 0 14c lb.
jonniXH rnicFb
(untied (ioods —Apples. $2.2602.60
gal.. Lima beans. $10125. Corn:
Finry Maine $1.15; standard. $1
Tiilde beets. $1 2501 40. Peaa: Fancy
early June, $1 30, standards, $1 Sai
nton, tall, $2.30; fiat. ping*. 90c. To
matoea, $1 35 Marrowfat peas. $1;
early June, $1.50, sifted early Juna,
$1 40 dOB,
Feed Jobbing prices In
sacks Bran. $24, standa-d middlings
$24; fine middlings, S3O. cracked
corn, $35, corn and oat chop. $32 ton.
Flour Jobbing prices: Best Mlchl.
gnn patent. $4 40; sacond patent, $6 40;
straight, $4 20; pure rye. $4; spring
patent. $7 bhl. In paper sacks
Detroit Oil Raw linseed oil, 73c;
boiled linseed, 74c gal. in barrel lota.
Kerosene In Iron barrels; Diamond
headlight. 8 2c; perfection. 8 6-; pala
cine. 10.9 c; red crown basollne, 19c
llnrtfware- Nalls. $2 90 keg base:
annealed wire, $2 90 bundle: galvan
ised barbed wire. 2-polnt. 92 22 spool;
galvanised sheets. 24 gauge, $4.65; 27-
gauge. $4 86. 28-gauge. $5.00; 30-
gauge. $6 40 per cwt.; Buhl bronted
axes, single hanxlled, $9 50; double,
sl2 50 dox.; black sheet metal, 22 and
21-gauge. $3 25; 26-gauge. $3 30; 27-
gauge. $3 35; 28-gauge. $3.40 per cwt.
Carriage bolts, small. 50c, 10 and 5
off; large. 40c and 5 off; machine
bolts, small. 50p. 10 and 10 off; large,
40c. 10 atol 3 off list.
Hides--No. 1 cured h’des. 19c; No.
1 green hides, 16c. No i cured bulls.
14c, No. 1 green bulls. 12c; No 1
cured veal k!p 23c; No 1 green veal
kip. 21c; No 1 cured murrain. 14c;
No 1 green murrain. 14c; No. 1 cured
calf. JV NO 1 green calf. 27c No
1 horse hides. 15 50. No 2 horse hides.
$4 50; No. 1 tallow, 7Vxr; No. 2 tallow,
44c per lb.; No. 2 hides, lc off. No J
kip. and calf. 14»c off, sheepskin (as
to amount wooD. sOcosl 26.
Sugar Market
— " 1 r
Corrected dally by W. H Edgar A-
Son; Crystal domlnoee. 2-lb. $1156;
do. 6-lb.. $11.55; Bagla tablets. $lO 25;
cut loaf. $9 40; cubes. $6 66. XXXX
powdered. $8 60; standard powdered,
$8 45; granulated, extra coarse. $8 20;
granulated, 26-lh. cottons. $8 15; crys
tal domino granulated. 2-lb and 6-lb
cartons. In cases. $8 35; crvstal do
mino granulated, HF case*. $8 46;
diamond A. $8 16; confectioners’ A,
SB. No 4. $8 05. No. 5, $9; No. 4 $7.96;
No 7, $7 90 No 8. $7 85. N%. J. $7 80.
No 10. $7 75, No. 11. $7.70: No 12.
$7 46; No. 13. $7.60: No. 14. $7 60; No
15. $7 60; non-caking mixture. $9;
beet granulated, $7 95 per 100 lbs ;
household powdered. I’*, 24 to case.
$2 40, do. 41 to cane. $4.70 case.
NEW YORK, Aur IFlour yu'*t
and firm. Pork; Firm, mess $270
27 50 Lard Quiet; middle weat spot.
sl2 700 12 80 Sugar Raw, firm,
centrifugal, 98 test $8 1404 *7; mus
envade, 89 test. $5 3705/50. refined,
dull, cut loaf. $8 80; crushed. $8 45.
?nwd#r*d $7 76; granulated. $7 450
.70 Coffee Rio No. 7on apot. 9Sc.
Tallow Dull, special. 4c; city. 7c;
nominal, country. 7t*074|0. Hav:
Firm; prime $t 26; Vo. 3,86095 c;
clover. 4Oros) or Dressed poultry:
Steady; turkey*. 23®25c. chtckena.
210 35c; fowls. 14022 c; ducks. Long
Inland. 20c Live poultry: Dull,
geese, 18c; duck*. 160 21c; fowls, 200
21c; turkeys. 16018 c. roosters, 14t*c;
chicken, broilers. |0023r C’hee-i
Firm, state milk common to special*.
130 16\c. sktma, common to.specials,
5V* 01 3'4 c.
U. 8. Cotton Report.
r*mi of crop estinigte*. fiep*rtm*nt
of agriculture, today *stimated the
condition of the cotton crop July
25 waa 7211 per cent normal, com
pared with 81 1 June 5. 19H; 7M
July 2f», lfllf*. and 78 R average on
July 25 for the last 10 years.
Russia, th* United Rtatea, Poland
and Austria. In th* order named, are
the four countries haring th* iart
esf Jewish population
Judge Goes to Confer With
Vance McCormick On
National Campaign
Judge William F Couiolly will
leave, Tuesday night, for Now York,
whither he was called by Vance C.
McCormick, chairman of the nation
al Democratic committee.
The Judge said ne had nc knowl
edge that title might be a general
gathering of the clans to outline
plane to thwart the opposition in
adroit campaign movements. The
Democratic candidate lor mayor
said he doesn’t oxpect to return be
foie next Mond.ty. In answer to h
rupponer’s expresa'on of worry over
his honor's appurent neglect of his
campaign, he said:
"I don't believe in long cam
paigns. The people get tired its
tening to speeches, many of which
must uceds he reiterative, I really
haven't begun my campaign let.
Three weeks is long enough.”
Judge Edward J. Jeffries. In the
recorder's court, Monday, ordered
that the dwelling at Taftpl., and
Jefferson-ave. eu‘t, be vacated and
demolished on acccunt ol an insani
tary condition. Inspector States, of
the tKiard of health, reported that
the place was In a revolting condi
lion. Steve Charkonoski occupies
the place together with his wife and
If hoarders. Tne judge severely
lectured Charkonoski for allowing
such a lilt hy condition to obtain
in his home and said that the placo
was a menace to the community.
Several others were ordered to
clean up their premises.
On account of the rapidly increas
ing volume of traffic on the down
town streets. Traffic Inspector Wil
liam P. Rut led**. Tuesday morn
Ing. detailed 15 additional patrol
men to do tratllc duty on some of
the unprotected crossings. It Is ex
pected that with the additional
force of men the number of down
town traffic accidents will be mate
rially reduced.
Altar 1,000 Year# Old In Ruins.
3 ANT A FE. N. M.. Aug. I.—The
discovery of a community house
probably 1,000 years old In the pre
historic settlement 30 miles west of
Santa Fe was announced recently
by Mrs. L. L. Wilson. She has
charge of an archaeological expedi
tion of the Philadelphia museum.
Seven In Family Under Knife.
WICHITA. Kan.. Aug I.— ln lean
than an hour seven children of Mr.
and Mrs. J. H. Williams, ranging
from six to 15 years old, were oper
ated upon In one hospital. Most of
the operations were fiinor and all
are recovering.
Scxepan Wylerxyjski, 239 Twenty
ninth: Andres Kavy, no Hollins; Vito
Mantealbano 547 Clinton; Francesco
Tata. (547 Rlopelle; Arthur Drew. 223
Montgomery; .lohn M. Mulroy. 51
Hark; Joseph Mile.lkl, list Duhols:
Andrew Pletras. 69 Portland. Frank
Rrabeau. !> 7 2 McClellan; Walter M
Held. 100 Arndt. Edward Sumpenskl.
747 Farnsworth; Mike Stermer. 499
Wilkins. E. 11. Partridge. 343 Can
ton; Dwight A Bryce. 31.3 Taylor;
Thomas P. Horan. 1235 Purtei . Carl S.
Krempskt, 586 Ix>vett; Edward J.
Walsh. 38*5 E I*»fa\ette; Charles I.
Crane. 298 Palllster. Joseph MudlnfT,
.38 Mack. Louis B FlJux. Woman’*
hospital; Alan E Voshurg. Womans
hospital. Alexander F. A aohenhach,
788 Sixth. John W. Davenport 180
Ferris. Adam Frier 1.398 Canfield E..
Stanley Korte. 11 Kercheval. Thomas
C. Mclntyre, 1364 Burns; Albert Fte
phenson, 938 McClellan. Charles Phil
lips. 318 Bohns; Pasquale Tscaro. 778
Hlopelle; Don Is V. He-ht. 81 Lincoln
Edwin Q. Beach, 32 Montelth; Harry
B Wilkins, 793 Michigan. George E
Singer. 292 Marquette; Alex Sienc
wic*. 1587 Garland; Paul E. Melsel.
265*4 Holden. Paul Matuslcky. 2210
IV. Jefferson; Peter Maczek. to
Barnes; Orville Shu I wilt. 208 Lincoln;
Patei A Dearson, "87 Fisher; Gilbert
F Cox, 273 Third; Herbert Harvey,
388 Hags Emil Slomke, 575 Ferdi
nand. Walter Guzdeckl. 84 Thirty
first; Tryphon Braet. 42 Harrison;
Hobert Smith. Samaritan hospital;
Charles If. lent*. 18*3 Helen; Frank
Green. 178 Porter; Giuseppe Traci. 141
Sherman. James C Kendall. 825
Twelfth. Edward flavin. 151 Brook
lyn. Anthony Kraus, 771 l^akcwood.
Jan Zbuean. 25 f>tls; Arnold R Sim.
mons. Hreadstreet-hlvd.; Glev.wio
Manao. 482 Macomb; John J. Lawler,
Providence hospital. Harrv M Stern,
fels, 190 Putnam. Alexander L lav
ett, 898 Ylnewood. Salvatore Saplen
xa, 20.3 Fort K . Peter Christian. 85
Seminole. Louts Low. Woman's hos
pital; Nixon Illnes. 208 Marxton. Wal
ter Sharp, 483 Parker. George StaAeg.
1110 Junction. Authory Brichter. 356
Lawton. William A. West 27 Horton;
Ge>orge J. Bernac. 1*55 Tarnow, John
E Bauniev. 05 Besstmr*. Harry O.
Nelson. 4f 1 Ix>n gfellow Arthur H.
Boeck, 879 Williams: Joseph W Pick
ering, 786 Conlin, Lawrence Erickson.
888 Rohns; i-’rank M Gent*. 1498
Sheridan; Charles Toth. 57 Vnnder
hllt; Stanlslaw Sleklerskl. 1218 St
A uhln; Frank Blelskl. 377 Medhury:
Frank I kroy. 881 Hancock E Josef
Skoumal. 1 433 St. Auhin, Ernest T -
xu. 115 Thtrty-Arst. George Prle'e,
1541 Vlnewood; Charlea Renn»t»
BeSuhlen, Filippo Tocno, 259 Rlva r d.
Samtiel Escrow, 115 Delmar. Jo». f
Olekalak. 829 Hendrta; William F
Muem. 747 Rohns Jesse A. Kline 285
Campbell; Stephens Vtllerra. 244 Du
bois Joseph DltkofT. Woman's hospi
tal; Harrv J Yates. 282 Michigan.
Ignats Kuhlak. 1139 Chene; Stefsn
K, ,xlr w«kl 1 '.'26 I Uibols
Leo J Sunday, tfenry Ford hospi
tal. 24 years, fracture of spine Ei
leen Mrf’lam. 319 VVoodbrldgc E.. 8
months, malnutrition; E«*her f.'dvar
dy. Herman Kiefer hospital shout 4
years measles; Delta McVay. 921 E'u
clld W.. 75 \ eara. artcrlo sclerosis.
Henry F. Thoms. 330 Humboldt. 63
Saar* dtahette mellltus. Teodor\u
tanlsxewskl, 678 Frederick. 1 month.
Cash with ordsr; if ohargsd, To a
No tronatant advertising Inserted
for loaa than 16c with cosh; if
charged. 18c per insertion.
The above rates apply to all classi
fications except Births. Cards of
Thanks, Obttuarias. Masting Notices,
Births. Deaths, Cerda of Thanks
and Masting Notices Minimum
charge. !6o for 25 wards or lesa
Keen additional word. 1 l-Bc.
cholera Infantum; Louis T O'Brien,
Receiving hospital. 60 years, heat pros
tration; Wladlslaw Wnltoka. 271 Can
field E. 3 months, cholera Infantum.
Fredrlch VV. Dreher, 326 Carter, 32
years pulmonary tuberculosis; Flor
ano« Wleland. 193 Humholdt. 24 year s,
tuberculosis of lungs; Ludwlk Pu
<lala, 142 Copland, 8 months, cerebro
spinal meningitis; John L. Hldley, St.
Mary's hospital. 23 days, malnutri
tion. Harry Syllgo, Children’s Free
hospital, S years, lung abscess; John
McPherson. Jr, 170 Taylor. 42 year*,
diahetis mellltu*. Margaret M. Wil
liams. 318 East Orand-blvrt., 67 year.*,
apoplexy Lewis German, 252 Milwau
kee E 4 hours, lack of vitality.
William McMichael. House of Correc
tion, 48 years, pulmonary tuberculo
sis, Ernestine Moehl, 409 Itadema
chcr. 59 years, aortic stenosis; Chas.
C. Donohue, Jr., 759 Coplln, 8 days,
heat prostration. Edward Gllnskl,
Harper hospital. 52 years, hemor
rhage; Anns K Gray, fill heyburn, 13
vears. pericarditis; Mary Ptian, ICI
Theodore. 3 months enteritis. Waln
wrlglit Schroeter, Jr. IXS Hums. 1
month. Inanition; Mattie Lewis, Re
ceiving hospital, 35 year*, diabetic
noma. Charles S Bunton, 223 Michi
gan, 48 years, broncho pneumonia :
John W. Manning. 57 Sixteenth. 57
y-sars, acute nephritis; An*-« Koss,
810 Chen*, 86 years, bronelr pneumo
nia; Katherine Gordon, r>f Bagg. 60
years, heat exhaustion; Olopa h’»*t
mlsx 680 Kirby E. 1 month, entero
colitis. \nlda I’tak Receivin'. liospl-
Ital, about 35 years, puerperal Infec-
I tlon; lOlward Urban. 31 RWllllam*. 7
, months, auto-Intoxtcatlon: Margaret
Touba. 1007 Twenty-fifth. 2 months,
collide. Vincent Zajaoskowskl. 968
Mi Klnley. 69 years, hepatic cirrhosis;
Bernice Wlehland, Children's Free
I hospital. 3 month*. muiMimus; Jo
seph* Kaiser, 266 Humboldt, 26 years.
I myocarditis; Roan M. Boucher. 576
, Lansing, 7 months collttiu: Norm'n
: Herbert 743 Townsend. 49 years, ap
pendicitis. Mary Sjolak. 1 o Lyle. 3
I months, broni’ho pneumonia: t’arl F
i Jackson. Providence horpltal. 34
[years, acute lymphatic leukemia;
John Jakubcxlnk. 363 Otis, 5 months,
cholera infantum; Frank r> Moors,
252 Htllger. 1 month, heat prostra
tion, Vincent Hardy, 1013 Chalmers,
1X» months, cholera Infantum. Robert
P. Chadwick. 809 Cadillac, 2 months,
marasmus. Agnes Bowie, 736 Park
view. 4 months. gastro-*n*erltla; An
drew Mass, foot of McKlnstry, 39
years, accidental drowning: Ignao
I’artlnskl. 1 536 Michigan, about 69
years, erterlo-sclerosis; Louise Knes
tle, Receiving hospital, 54 years, heat
prostration; Ladislaus Rtron. 157 Mc-
Gregor, 6 months, cholera Infantum;
Hattie Sieraekl. House of Providence,
about 20 vear«, typhoid fever; Ken
neth K. kinsman. 599 Campbell, 3
months, cholera Infantum; Catherine
Killer, 880 Rohns, 9 years, convul
teenth-st.. beloved daughter of M.
J. Christiansen. Died July 30. Fu
neral from house at 2 p. m Wed
nesday. Interment at Woodlawn
"Try Bemb Floral Service."
“Flowers for Everybody”
The L. Bemb Floral Company,
Albert Pochelon
Main 2002. 153 Bates-st.
C. E. BIRD & CO.
Funeral Directors
87 West Hancock Ave.
Phone Grand 318* Detroit. Mich.
LABORERS WANTED- lly George 4.
Fuller Company at Ford Motor
Company, Woodward and Terminal
Railroad, Highland Park See fore
man on Job.
Kxp«rl«nctd In tallying anil loading
Interior trim, sash door, etc. Steady
work. Hood pay W. F Hurd Cos.,
2rto Campbell-ave
Wanted—Two house carpenters
and six roujfh carpenters. Ap
Wisconsin Bridge & Iron Cos.
Studebaker Plant No. 3,
Campau ani R. R.
OFFICE WORK Wanted, young la«ly
to work in nfflc*. Xpply IVnplr’*
Window <’N**n!nK Cos, ’.»2 isi MwohJ.
Owinjr to the constantly in
creasing number of calls, we
require additional operators.
Pay while learning. Ad
vancement rapid. No slack
season. Apply Miss Middle
ton, Principal of Operators*
School, Michigan State Tele
phone Company, corner John
R and Madison.
housekeeper, city or oonrtry But
E, Vo. s®, Time*.
Hannan Rental Agency
A fro* Hat of house* and flats Call
in person at th# oldest tn I largest
real estate exchange In Michigan
to niiNT—-rooms
Cor I *rn*d and Bates—only a block
f* IVoo laKrd end Jcfferson-avea
and only halt a block *r om ih» n-w
lnUTurhan waiting room. Extra
fln» room* at 'l'\ ft and sl.stf per
wx n in» r«> m mimici.i, tfcnt a
CASH fur old false te*th. Bold crown*
broken Jewelry, diamond*, watchea.
ate. full value paid. Liberty Itfg
Cos., 17 Woodw'd 4th floor slevator.
to bUm from oltjr hall, Detroit; good
•oil. good buildings, plenty of
•hade, over car line, on Lake St.
clalr. A rare buy. Prloe omly
14,600; terms.
▲bout 000 fast; good raodera house;
food well and cistern; car otopa at
oor; Ideal country homo; |B,OOO.
Close to oar line; first-class eoll; 7-
room house, barn and other out*
buildings, all kinds of fruit and
berries; plenty of shade. Price
14, tOO; terms or might trade.
Overlooking lake; choice garden aotl;
only 11 mtles from Detroit: does to
oar lines Ideal location. Price
only 1800 per acre. A rare snap.
Cad. 8908. 1016 Cham of Coni. Bldg.
And Ladies’ Hair Goods
VaL V ' ■
Rest made Wigs and Tou
pees in t.he world for the
money. Ladies’ Hair Goods
wholesale and retail. Fine first
liiality French Hair Switches
and Hair Goods. Prices right.
Established in present Hair
Store— lß79 —over 37 years.
2 Doors from Bagley Ave.
Dodge high lumber prices. All ma
terial is cut-to-flt; saving time in
erection No want* of lumber. Call
at 607 Ford bldg, for complete In
formation. Phot.* Main 8860.
Typewriters —Late Models
Underwood. Royal. Co
rnna, Smith, Remington,
Ito to 950. or rent $1 to
KMeggHf 13 mo. Detroit Type
iScjwl writer Cos., 180 JefTer
eon-ave., near Wood
ward. Main 4102.
SINGER PIANO for (152. was $276;
rich walnut, thoroughly modern,
fine condition; put*. sweet ton*.
Easy term* to suit. GRINNELI.
BROS., 245 Woodward.
FOR SALE Various elec rectangular
and cylindrical tanka, pnrtloularly
auttable for all kinds of chemical
work. Detroit Boap Cos., foot of
ITHACA ORGAN only 823. wua $80;
solid walnut. 6 octaves, 8 stop*, mo.
dium high cabinet, knee swell*,
sweet, full tone. Ea*y terms.
GRINNELI. BROS.’ Branch, 87 Mon
ROOMS- Furniture tor roemi com
plete Jl week Sumner. Mich * 4th.
CORNET BARGAIN—One silver-plat
ed Majestic, "B" flat with “A” and
"C" attachments; double water key;
good condition. In black satchel
form case Outfit this week sls
Great value GRINNELI. BROS.*
Branch 57 Monroe.
Wo manufacture and sail the BEST
and LARGEST lina of aoda foun
tains. hack bars, counters, show
case* and store and offlca fixtures
of nil kind* at tha LOWEST price*
Quality and prices our success S««
our line ami gat our figures before
buvlng Call Cad. 47A ft for sales
CO,. HI-3ft Catharine naar Gratiot.
Concert six**, rosewood finish, back
and aides; flu** spruce top: axcap
(tonal tong quality. Roitilar • 2»*
value; u?e,j less than one month.
$lO Like* It with ense Coma quick,
lv ORINNELL llllOF.' Branch, 57
flor> A FOUNTA IN. till Bare and pom
tal'las. n*w and second-hand. Geo
Marsh Cos., 20 K. Atwater. E 7. terms.
STORAGE furniture nearly new, bar
gain nrlre. Sumner Cl-.. .vllch A 4th
GARAGE, $46.55
Prompt shipment and quick erection
make title garage a bargain. For
further Information call 407 Ford
bldg Phone Main 384<V
1,0*4 AA D FOI M>
LOST—Boston bull pup; brin
dle, except white feet, white
neck and breast, white scar
on forehead; answers to name
of “Punch.” $25 reward. Cal!
North 70 Blaine-ave.
LOST Black containing about
S4O. between Gratiot and Eliot on
Brush st Reward. James R. Mo
ran, til 1 Brush.
rr-.RsOXAI, "
NOTICE—If any poor girl In In
trouh’e, needing advice, friendship
or help, write ~r call on SECRE
Fort -st W Su h a Mon Army
f OR MI i: -4. AH AtiF.n
BEST~<?ARAOR - In Michigan and fix
ture* cheap If sold at once. H. W
Ellis Fonlarvlllr. Mtrb
\\ t\ i ID—11» »:\< it v NOB
MAIN 2904
s roll 4i.a: aaii i'»hth>|
ACME Storage mammoth warehouse.
Storage. moving M sl9 41 Oilman.
packing, fleeproof. rats* right. Mo
tor vans for suburban moving
Phone Cadillac •*.
ROEHL UUCP Store*#, Caitna# and
racking Office. 142 Alfred Rida- IJI
PARTY MOVING to California eaa
rent part of car Central Storage
Cos. CndtMac <»
Prlstlsa—«he plain »r«l kl*4—**■«
la right—Tliaee Job lirft-—kata MM.
NEW brick TMMtr tm^S-'V'-
neaV° JefTar W * M
down. Hapantf aUMI HPmR
Ing-room paaalM jurf tmMimmttSm
ir&'JSr “ xr ’*
bi ' noalow coitiMUi«a, gpg
rooms, 8 bedrooms, flreolMfc JMH
caaea. steam kMt OMg fMß.j't'i
91,2(0 down.
HAMILTON-AVB.. 4«-ft. let, I
month. WUI taka VM4»
CH a RLLVOIX, t room a, « MnhH
oak finish, dining-room —mmmmmuam
beam celling, Froaeh 4000*L~lifwi
water beat, garage tMtCTIMiBI
down. ■ •
FORT-ST. east. 44-ft. lot. 11 mlggh iOP
bedrooms, hot water bagL MHIhH
for 4 cars; only M.MI, tMK 1 ? ' isl
10-room brick voneer t
oak finish, china cabinet WUmmijm
heat, cement porch.
$6,200. 82 non down. House ilmmrAfeft
worth 16,600.
Ask for Mr Qoodhand. 184
Bldg. Cadillac 021.
Store and flat, cornsr on BOW MIOK
line in northwest section. , FTMMH
88.000. $2,000 dowx. Call Mfc .proBJ
600 Holden Bldg. Cadillac gHfclS 'jß
5 rooms and bath, oak floors. wwßnß
rented; a real bargain at
See Mr Johnson. Guerin-Babcock*-m
Godfrey Cos., 414 Parwsll :«9
Cadillac 4380.
- ■.... • ~ '-tx
< to <’»r line, orlek; five •uoOg»'"S
) i"tially large rooms: oak and wklMts3|
enamel, brick flreplacs; double B
rage, aide drive; 40-ft. lot.
buy In this aertlon. Prloo (t.tMk.IB
F A. Butters for appolntamt'l M
7QI Majestic Bldg. Main
Well built hnck veneer, largo soLygl
one of the heat buys on this atrSfOH
nt $3,500. $3,000 down. Sea Mr/m
Johnson. Querln-Babcock
Cos . Cadillac 4310. 414 Farwall
ful St. Andrew's bay. one aero nr”<fl
extent. Building slta lit caatOr<
Over 100 hearing trees. Orango, si
grape fruit, lemon. J*psm-perslm- v ßj|
muns, plums, neaehes. figs. etc. flasm
elevation, perfectly healthy, b«*UtP*j
ful scenery, fine fishing
bass), boating and surf bathlawJHm
Motor boat goes with ths place, -T&
cheap. Write M. E. Jackson,
laway. Bay County. Fla. -J
Brick, slate roof. V rooms and hath, 3
splendid location, a snap M |T,Db*»'i
SI,BOO down. See Mr. JohMSBI
Guerln-Babcocfc-Godfrejr Cos., CaSLj)
4380. 414 Far well Bldg. ’gfl
Prices, terms, streets and sbbHH
of over 200 different pronertleo fgtA
month. A telephone eau wnl ME]
you on our mailing Hat. rnAHHtd *>.
888. or addreas Dlcklnao*
Estate Exchange. It Caa>M» hHg» ,
etrolt. Mick.
Best built and most attraottre plaoa'j
on this desirable street for tM'ii
money, Maplewood, near OrgßCa
River; must be seen to be apprge"
elated. See Mr. Johnson. Ouoinn*>i
Babcock-Godfrey Cos.. CsMlillas 4ttp, 1
414 Farwsll bldg. J®
$7,700 ' "11
Rosedale court, brick. 6 rooms an 4 1
bath each; large living room, part- ,
sled diningroom, brick supporting 1
wall In basement, garage, very lfli
7. term*. Call Mr Squler for tM». ,
real buy.
701 Majestic Bldg. Main 8029. A
Modern Bungalow $638
Contain* six room* and bath. Price
Include* *ll material cut-to-flt. No'?
waste of lumber. Quickly erected.
For complete Information and Ca
talog showing a hundred other *
bouse* call 607 Ford bldg. Phono J
Malr 3860.
LOT 43x143 FT.
$1,500 DOWN
Elght-ronm house, four bedrooms,
onk finish, double garage. Price Is
right *t *6.500. »"all Mr. Mauler.
70] MuJ' stlc Bldg Main 508« .
4 rooms and bath naar Grand River, ,
French doors, fireplace, built-*** ,
bookcase*, modern to tha mlntltf:,
must be seen to be appreciate'). A
Also, two flat* near Sprlngwella
car line Phone Walnut 441C-JF.
Highland Park, paved afreet. strict** ‘
modern. 4 rooms and bath. Rrl cm..**
only $5,400,
Vl'Ttt t ITV REALTY CO.. Hem. <l4®
FOR * 4 Lie—. B 4 AT LOTA " ‘
40 FT EDISON-AVE 2..'5-t
45 FT LONGFELLOW 4.*nt ,
itu IT TUXEDO S «oo
50 FT BEECH WOOD * »** c
If you knew value* you will r#rt»«-
nine these a* bargain* and yon *
never r.m buy cheaper than today. ;
It men ns money lr you Will C,.,,
74 Grlswold-nt. CadllXtc 114$. »
_ . . i ———wJl
Highland Park Bargains
Eanon-ave., 4 5 ft.. srd blk. . st.s*a
Florenre-av# , 40 ft., tat bik.. 3.15# ,
Puritan ave . 50 ft.. 2nd blk. 1.82# .
Savannah <flat *lta>, 31 ft. . l.*<»# •
Orove-ave., 35 ft.. 2nd blk... I.®*#
In four lot* near Grand Rlver-av*.
and Rsdford; each lot 1$ by 15# -
feet; good location; four abstract*!
price |4« . or SIOO a lot: s4# taka#
equity. Owner. Box B. No. •$,
Times. 1
tn f<>ur lot* near Grand River-ave.
and Redford; each lot 21 by It#
feet, good location; four ab*traote|
price $4 00. or S!®o a lot; tsf take#
equity Owner. Box B. Na. s#. *
KtJK XAI.M—*X»a4»
rOR SAt.E AT LAKE 08108 T#»
!J2IL ?°*r d> g?- >>o -!L , ?k-JL
en park, outside CAUa/. Wf* B|f~
box 5M Pontlaa. Mlafc ■
amounts. J. F Webee. s#4 SNH| j
Detroit Land Contriet 2
sll sll Hammond Kg i
Pfietlaa—the MMB ■—it fa $B» «*
la right—YlaiM Jeb IMei—#Bsa 4HK9

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