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Used Kesinol for
Bad Skin-Trouble
juhh 26 "For nlnunit ?ix month* 1
suffered from a severe ihi<p of skin
trouble on my leg between the ankle
uinl knee. It began by swelling, with
Revere pain* day and night, followed
by constant Itching. My l r K then be
came Inflamed, and later water bllat
era anil plmpl* aoroe broke out on it
At thlH time niv leg was at least one
third above Its normal alto, and the
continual Itching and burning HeitMi
lion wan something terrible. 1 applied
many remedies but gained no relief
until I commenced uaiug Kesinol
Ointment and Realnol Soap, from
which I obtained relief by the first
application. After u continued use
of Kesinol Ointment and Tteainol
Hoap the swelling was reduct'd, the
Itching and burning were entirely re
lUrred .*n*i a oompw-te cure vai es
|ected. haring used only thrt'e Jar?
•f Realnol Ointment and two rake* of
Realnol rtoap. My trouble sure was
■ertoua, and 1 consider the cure re
markable." (,£tgnod) Mrs F! W. Nee
i*us, 826 Pearmm at.. Orwmsboro, N. (’.
All druggiata sell Kesinol Ointment
and Kesinol Soap. For samples, froe.
write to Dept. 4-ri. Kesinol, Baltimore
Drummer Hunts for Hollow Trees
«copyright. lnH, by T. W. ltur(«u )
If Drummer the Woodpecker won
dered why Buster Hear wrh so
anilotia to And hollow trees he
didn't -u»y nnythlng about It. Prob
ably he didn't think anything about
It. You see ho waa ho flattered by
all the nice things Muster had said
that he whh as *-«g.T to hunt for
those hollow trees and shorw Buster
what he oonld do as Buster was to
have him.
"How many hollow trees do yon
want me to find'" he anked "And
where shall 1 begin?"
“Bogin right here and go In a
straight line 1n that direction," said
Bue’er, pointing in the direction In
which In* had seen Busy bee dleap
pear "Find a* many as you can"
'’All right." replied iTumruer. mai
ding hl» red head "Here I go"
WMb thl« he flew to the ncit tree,
and. beginning half way tip, went
round and round. all the tfme climb
ing higher and higtwr, and tairptau
with his Stout bill as only Drummer
can When he reached the top he
flew to the next tree and did the
same thing it was eiirprialng how
rapidly h* could • xaiulne each fx*s-
Buster llcar followed along beneath
Th* \ had gone some distance before
Drummer found a tree that had a
hollo* in it. When he did find one
he ur.pp* and ’> drum. Rat a tat-tat!
Ra‘ a-tat tat ’ Drummer's red head
f.itrly t’< w ;is he to at his long roll
"on'S" said he looking down at
"I- !t.< " replied fluster "Now for
an >t| r "
S D- mr: ■ r vrt;’ on from tree so
tr» • >l% • or * in a v bile he
found n wit!- i hollow in It, and
at the #»•;:. ! . ri* r« ’at tat Bus
ter \v«• : « ; I ••’are at where
Drummer ■< drumming, and In hts
f < t. w< ' • ’: • most eager
look V -r, I mummer found a par
tp r < . !"g t-u'iuiw he
w out Its ■ ,ii j • f ■l- . ti
ph u ii • * . > • ic ■’« 'to ? unid >f
h. a- ’- * * - to D-urnm r
t* » .| ■ r - !‘u - • r M t t nu’d
get ♦. rr id' .mi ,fi. but he »
car* - * 1 ii r. i pr<
ten |e«|
th . it.' - '•*••* Mi ' i>-
the h»H..• D ri
were >»i;. 1! ‘ ■ 1 t
would d* -i' h •'. ’ g* »■!•>. ’
on in ■ 'f-d tb* t. ' i• . : •
drnmn.i and tloi look would char if. to
on' - of ( l I'polU* Me !.* 'I i.d 1 • would
n h* v '• 1 ’’ r fvrttmnn r to
yn on t|»e n* %t f-.n my Jay went
alnnn too <if coir • Sammy Is
smart lb knew th.v llrt*r had
some particular reason for wanting
to know which trees were hollow,
and he meant to find out what that
reason was lie -aw that eager look
In Buster's fnee every time I mum
mer found a n' w drum, and the look
of disappointment which would fol
low after a minute or two.
"Buster want* to find one parllet*.
lar hollow." 'thought he shrewdly.
"Now I wonder why It must be
t.ha’ Buster know -of something hid
den In some hollow and wauts It,
but he doesn’t know where that
hollow is. and so ha 1 * got Drum
mer to find it for him. What can
It be?"
Sammy scratched his head and
th*«igbt and though* hut for the life
of him he couldn't think of anything
Which he had over found hidden In
a hollow tree which would be likely
to Interest Buster Bear. It made
Sammy so curious that It was on the
tip of his tongue to ask Buster Bear
what he was so anxious to And, but
he wisely kept his tongue still snd
slb-ntly followed Muster and Drum
By nnd by they came to a great
big hemlock free, Half way be.
tween the bottom and the top on
one Bide wna a long gray streak on
fh*' trunk where there was no bark.
Sometime or other lightning had
ptrock flint big hemlock tree, and
Mint long gray streak was dead wood
when the lightning had struck*.
I umnier puw It at nneo and flew
: if.light to it. for he knew that such
I due* s nrc quite likely to bo hollow.
Mat n-tnt fat' Kat a The drum*
n ,*H' stopped right In the mlddl*s
and In Ms place there was a faint
humming sound that grew and grew,
nnd It was a note of anger.
"Bees!" crl«*d Drummer, and with
out waiting a second flow M tuu4
Paula Wonders How Department Store Clerk* ('an Live
On $6 a Week.
"| was up bright and early tho
next morning, Margie," said I’uula.
"and hurrU-d down to the department
store to sew ts I could tlnd my
money. It hud not been turned lu
ut the lost and found desk
"While I was at the department
store 1 thought I would a-k if they
had any vacancies. The employ
merit manager told me they were not
taking on anyone Just then, as sum
mer vras coming on, but he took my
name and addrens 11* ask*<l no* In
which department 1 would 11k** to
work, and I told him I would like to
go tn the lace department, as If
came to me all at once that ! knew
"The man looked me over rather
"‘Are you sun l you want a poel
tlon In a department store, young
lady? \ou know we give amall
wage* to h* glnners ’ *
Busier would alt up sod stare at
where Drummer was drumming,
on- error ha could to a safe distance.
Nrxt at aryl WTm* Happened in
this JtWr Hendoclr Tree.
Swttah of m Oossf* Tall Coats Eye.
TYNDASiU aC* Au « i.—A« tho
nwult of a <ttw ewttehlng her tall
<>rWth**b R»'h, a famtv living n*-a.r
the city, will V*s« one of Ida eyes.
The tail of the cow struck him
! squarely on the eyeball, Injuring It
to such an orient that he now has
gone to a hospital to have thr *.ye
removed. This was the only way
In which the uninjured eye could
tr saved, as It has been affected by
the injury to th>* oUvr.
Picture* of the munition ~x;. Ic.
sloes in Jersey City, which w■ r
promised by the Majest.c theai. t
for Tuesday, did not arrive in Do
trcM until Wednesday morning
They will be shown for the r> >•’ I
'h** week The pictures w* r»> rutd* 1
while ‘h< explosions »ere in pro
ere--1 nd show ’he desirurti.:i o*
the piers and other !iulldiii*s s»
w.’ll a.-» the discharr*' of "
noweped bombs nnd D rapeM
fj Save the Fruit* Qtch\ |
L This is a bumper yaar-eyeryWhere for all U
P be|w. -
I f° ivf'i 'irmmut ' 4 c^clcest |
| to save. Buy I
tj libeyaiiy/ PutjujHa-l
me preserves you can use. |i
h Next Oyster you will appreciate the economy 9
| of> bountiful supply of delicious preserves. I
I iVc-oar % Gtanuteted Sagan
!l do you rail small wag*u*
I asked.
" *lx dollars a week,’ he answer
<nn any girl live on that?' l
blurted out In surprise
'"Kvideiitly Home girls do.' was
his rool observation at he turn.d
a»ay. signifying that the interview
was over.
"You cannot Imagine, Margie."
"aid I’.nula. "how peculiarly tlmt
Id’a -struck me j began to count
up »-•? Mi for my boiird. would leave
m* SJ.6O sot lunch*-. , clothes, doctor
hills, amusements and carfare if i
l K " ( ' a Ida* *' In t department store.
I "I plodded out again to the park
! an.l sat down on the bench from
where the day before I had seen
Du sky. Friday It was gray and
mi-ty | rat no it -plraflon frem It.
I began to think I M.ol been very
foolish not to marry Jeff Perry
If 1 could have felt that he really
< .lied for tin 1 but you s< e, Margie,
I still ha*l that snobbish ptlde. Jfff
j I ''rrygre* n was still the retPhc-adeii
hoy tbut dellver»>d the groceries
from his father’s store at our arcs
rate I could not get over that feel
lng that he wanted me as his father
did my father’s house- to add to his
f*'« ling of suceem
Margie, I have since laughed
heartily over my fatuousor-as, but at
tI.M time I think I would hare gone
Insane if I had not still kept that
Illusion of my worth.
“All my fnflure at first wns be
cause | did not »hlrrk I reniJd do
inythlng 1 simply moved about
thinking tliat bectwiH** I whs Paula
Newton, fate would throw acmie
thlng Into my lap. It took me a
long time to And out that you h«<l
to 1m a hale«ewv>man to sell your ser
; vice? In the world of work name
does not count.
“I annwervd the ad of a womar.
who waatod a social secretary. 1
found a marcelleid. tighrty-coraeted
woman of about 60.
"She did not a«k me to sit down,
nnd she asked abruptly;
" 'Do you know the Poclloty woruen
of this town? Whnee secretary wtme
you lasi ” f'an you keep afeounts'’
Do yroi know how to arrange a for
mal dinner f*an yo-i dlplomdlcally
snub an UTKV'simble" Are jscai ac
quainted with the most popular char-
It lne*"
"A? sbe stopped for trreath, T said:
'I am a stranger in town, and I have
! never been a social secretary. My
mother always kept one. however,
and I think 1 know the duties.*
" 'What l* your nanieT ?he inter
> rupted
" ‘l’aula Newton.’
i "‘Not the Paula Newton whose
father committed suicide lately?*
• ’Yes,’ I answered shortly
"She wa* nbout to speak when
the door opened abruptly and a
vein" tn m entered.”
(To Me (’ontlntiedl
Mr and Mrs Louis A Koch, No
'.74 ricllftve., lnve announced the
ru'rri.ige of their daughter, Irene
Mary, to hurrcnc*’ F. K**<l?:le. last
Saturday, <h« K- \. l*r. Tish*-, of St
t’hnrlr? church, ofllclatlng Aft.vr a
;•*» i-v >v ...i s vI«L at Dong lake, Mr
dll Mr?, iv'drle will he at home to
• *1 r trlenis «♦ No. 81 1 Field ave.
Mr. and Mrs. Otis Mor-.e have r*
turned from u month’s outing
Torch luk*\
- <s>—
Dr W. H I’orle and family hav.
Just returned lroui the Thousand
Mr. and Mrs. ('harles A Dean
will leavi this week for Poiute uu\
-C —
p Henry (*. Weber will remain
th* momli ot August at Mackinac
J •V
Dr. Maude Mrokaw has gon* to
Maih-y's 1 land, off the Main*- coasi,
for tin* summer.
Mr. and Mr? Alex Pat on and fam
ily, of Virginia pk.. have Friday to
tpend the remainder of the mimnicr
a' Crosse lie.
I>etrolters at th** New
York, p.r*' Mr. and Mr? P. \V. Pearc*
Mrs. A F Sanger and Mrs. C. R
J Allen Rumpus, of Bernlnole-ave
left Thursday to be the guest of
Raw Hon Kohhins at his stimm* r
home In northern Michigan.
Mr. and Mrs. John D. FTlder and
i I. 1' Phlster have left for a motor
trip to Vernon, N Y., wh«Te they
will visit Mr I’hiiiter’s brother.
Mias Clara Ibalges, who Is visit
ing In Massachusetts, will remain
during the sumriHir. Mrs Frederick
Hodges returned to iKflrolt, Thur?
Miss Pauline brooks Is visiting
Mrs. F. Caldwell Walker, at Rlascon
aet. and Miss Helen Brooks Is i\'
Baas Rocks. They will remain un
til Sept. 1.
Capt. Gaunt, naval attache of the
British embassy tn Washington, who
has boon the gne?t of Howard G.
Meredith, of this city, left for the
east, Wo<lneadnT.
Norman Hackett, the aotcrr, who
has been In California and the
northwest for the past yoar, re
turned for a short visit to his fam
ily the first of this week.
Mrs. Anna
Friday evening for Oakland, Cal.,
where she has been called by the
fllneea of her daughter. Miss Elrosc
RandalL Huntley Randall, Mrs.
HondalTs son, will accompany her
Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Wilkinson, No.
3f.3 Seyburnare, have left for a
trip to Georgian hay and the lakes,
stopping for a month at Sans Souei
where ihey will visit Mrs. Wilkin
son's father.
Miss Mae and Miss Marie Ran, of
Field-are., have gone to Houghton.
Leh., to vlrit their sister, Mrs.
Christopher Haas, who was one of
la'troit's June brides.
Mr. and Mr?. 7ft7„ Mopher IT. of
Se ond-Hve., and their iruest-*, Mr?
Gronv.'nor R. Trowbridge, of Buf
falo, and Mrs. Fowler Van Rensael
laer, of New York, leave Friday for
a motor trip through the White
mountains and the BerUshlrcs.
Mr and Mrs. Robert 12. Hughe?,
of Putin* ne, Hawaii, v» h*i have been;
t lsltlng Mrs -i i * Walker In ihti
city, !• ft Sunday tor Honolulu.
They will stop on the way hoin*< at
Yoaemlto park, San Dlogo, Ixjh An
g* Is and San Francisco. They
won* >:uosts of Mr and Mrs. H. 1.
Johnson, Mips Edith Walker. Mra
O. W. Monger, mid Mr. and Mr*
H. C. Walker, while in I>etrolt.
Mld.s Julia Crosby, of St. I .on in.
whose engagement to Chouteau
Walsh, brother of Mrs Charles 1,.
Calms, was recently announced, has
been the guest of Mrs. Charles A.
I>*an, Jr. She has now gone to
I’olnte aux Marques
Mias Gertrude Girard. i<rlnrlpnl of
the Antoine school. Ford city, has
returned from the Mt Pleasant nor
mal school, where shw has been
given a 11f** certificate, specialising
Each Succeeding L>ay Finds Ntevrcr, Bigger and Better Values in Our
August Linen Sale
Himrr.n rati men towem, oq
with red border. Value, sftc dot C
Saturday special
part linen A^xC
13c value A*/C
soft and absorbent, yard
190 quality, yard A l **.
eo-rvcH ildachko table damask, io
for restaurant use, 3bc quality, yard AC/C
flo.incii, unrw white, fully worth «So. Sale price UOt
■- X
At Real Savings
These are seconds, but the Imperfections nr o so slight they
will be hard to find Then again the savings are MOST noticeable!
Women’s Two-Clasp Silk Gloves, double-tipped fingers; OQ
black, white and colors. 59c finality
Women’s TwoCiasp Silk Gloves, of fine Milanese silk, double
tipped flngera and I’aria l’olnte back. PC
75c quality OOQ
Book Purses
of genuine leather, top or
back strap, -oik lined and
fitted. Made of fine crepe
Morocco or ptn leather.
Kxtr* good <>”l PA
yuluch at
Roomy Wardrobe
l*dld a™ yo ” nrp<S nn trip—
-1(1 m nigh—-wrongly made, equipped
with five hangers for units, drasses tud
ovapeoai. beside* W large drop drawer
an(f two smaller drawers fur b«t4,
ihtVrwsHuts. toilet raifutaitaa, «tc- TC
vacation and an-o>e*r-ra»«M b«c %,41
rJtJ""-"-. _sis.oo
rrlamfTa OTVd Wops, with bandit,
worth SOe—with a bottia us pollifl
.. sac
A igissr stale of “Wilton lings sr>;.n»i rai
ltrfnt ftpecfJit-VTno <•***» of F.xtca tgirge
Crixlipl Bed Spread*- regular 11 U
finiAg. fat Saturday IO
ofil/ ~ J* 1.4 U
MlrrqulMtte Curtains, tn white, <r. .no i
bleaQ- ffrly Jf> ptee*a <>t this material
i»r Ratur(lay. worth J»o yd i/>
Srid. lOC
In drawing. Miss Girard has been
allowed a year’* leave of übaence
by the board of education, and will
accept, a position as assist ant su
pervlaor of music and drawing at
Anacortt s, Wash. Mb * Ethel Baum
gartnw will take her place at Ford
City until h* r return.
A lawn party will be giver. Friday
evening by the \ niversalist church
at the church house, No 825 Cass
avc. r>iring the evening there will
be a Btereoptlcon view und talk on
the Yopeniite, followed by music
and dancing All numbers of th*-
church and their friends are cordial
ly Invited.
I’rlntlnR —th** plntn neat Ulmt—lhnl
la rl*ht—Tluies J«»b Ilepl.— Main ISIS).
Sport Skirts
—newest models. awning stripe*. clever combinations with
decided flare, assortment $2.98
White Tub Skirts
--all the new style* and materials fully represented tn this
big offering for ClCfl $1 Q3
Saturday at AND <>1.20
Extra Size White Tub Skirts
in eceaonahle materials, gabardines, piques, etc.; neatly mad",
cool and desirable. <£o rn <£o QO
Very low In price at «D«)«OU AND tpJsi/O
50c Fine Linen Stationery, let
ter ai»e, or choice of corres
pondence cards with gold In
itial. (excellent
value at, box ........ uvC
Mary Jane Pumps and Sandals at
Clearance Prices!
Infants’, children’s, misses’ ami ladlin’ “Mart Jane” side strap t»nd twoatrnp sandal-, tn patent and dull leather
—the infants’ all with hand turned sole and wedge he Is.
Infants’—l*i* to H, pair ~75c ChildW to llVt, pair sl*l9
Child’s—7 to B*4, pair 9,Sc Misses’—l2 to 2* 2 , pair $1.48
Cilrls I —B to 6, |>air $1,63
Fifth Floor.
Wash Goods at
Lowest Prices!
FTnr, «h« c*r materials strip**, clucks and floral pat
tern*. 40 Inch*** l (aide August f'ltaratoa *|n
■UTrtee...* ... u&i'
Kport strip.' skirling*. 36 ltieh*-s wld« Th. n> v> »t
Till* colorings a.id w t»v«i. t’<r V irt eir. *) •
end trimmings August Clearno* Ha. ■ Ur. • £kJV
Karat-Sffk. silk md cotton fabr. s f.-r wu dr< ss
hnd fancy work—fc fan, roes, gr» «n. i(»
(Mli, rad and hella, 2Hr valuvs I Jf
White Goods Special for Satorday
40-trreh onfbiofdured v< ii-s baitst t and
—eJT I9)f battarnd. offer, and for Fat ur liv >■(..' mtr
stock EUguia; 7uc tu |2 5» y t t '.• *1
II I .*" r tC?t»r fkrlcis An •ccih-amy Virm >ri 111 cot'*
Prods white Oooda R*dtl< n w rth wl. ,1 u *
vantage Os, Bnt rviutnjbe Oils t* f. i Sui • !♦.) « oi)
NEW YORK, Aug. 4 —Stocks and
pap<T i worth fIOO.OOO ware report
vd to have been found In a second
hand safe by Irving Lofkowlts, a
Jewoler, of No. 51 Malden L&be.
The papers apparently have been
tho property of Oscar Adams Tur
ner, a well-known mining man. or
gunizor of the Ely Copper Cos. and
Tonopah Mining Cos.
Mr. Lefkowltg bought the safe
from the Knickerbocker Storage Cos
two months ago for $75. In It were
63,500 shares of various raining com
panies, including $14,000 In Shares
worth sl.lO Special, yard Ot/C
7S-IM II PINE MNRN 111,1t.41 IIEl) DAMASK, or
w«>rth SI.TR Saturday special '’i.OO
IM RE I.IVKN NAI’RIMt. medium slip, g j jjq
f,.r lunch or dinner. $1.75 values, per and * 7 L»U*/
lorgo slse, doasn, prb-«
iwi.m ocai.mm'rd Lrtrcn n.oTtf*. • cq.
$ i quail t) O I/®
n*4 P.AITERN CLOTIia, round designs, hemmed, ready fur use. Dur
able for hotel and restaurant use qq
Worth $125, Sale price Ot/C
$.( value Sale pries * ? sS«OU
$1 value. Sate price
22-lneh Napkins to match.
Girls’ Dresses
Os gtnghnm, muslin and linen —also
<(kl white middys with check skirts---
plain !ln« ns with navy blue sport
stripe dresses—all In a wonderful as
portmeaL nicely trimmed, in light and
dark patterns, at a very attractive
sale price Agea f> to 14 years Values
up to |l.Ou. Saturday’s Sale ITlce -
of United States Tungsten. Theft i
was also a large number of unpnM
notee, leases, and commercial pt* \
per made out to Oscar Turner.
Turner was divorced In Reno la
1911, and at that time his legal real*
drnoe was In Nevada. He had of» i?
flees at No. 4! Broadway this year,
but has since moved away. How
he came to abandon the safe Is B
It Is stated by Mr. Lefkowit* that
he wfll keep the property until the
owner has had an opportunity to
hear of tho find. If the valuable* i
are not called for within a reason
able period, he Intends to sell the
Printing—lAm plain n—.t Kind—4fcnt
l« right—Tlani Jab ikpt—Wntn 4S2A
of Cool
—Plain Waists. Waists with
pretty lace trimmings, Waists
in organdie, batiste, voile, all
in a great assortment of cool
summer styles, find their way
into the heart of many who
view them tomorrow, Satur
day, at—
-79c, 98c
$ 1.50
I s *
■ In wht’e atui i olors, with circular
flounce Our regular s.’<»o values.
ZTT r . $1.50
Women’s Fine Cors' 1 Covers, lace and
* mbroidery trim tir'd. with or without
short sleeve- S ies up to .‘>o. r A
T’.c anil II values. Special .. •JwC
Whit** Petticoats. lace and embroidery
trimmed, with ribbon bead eg or cir
cular flounce V Irfg Sstur -j pa
.il at OI.OU
Infants’ Hose
Os Silk Mala. In white only, sires 4 t®
K- ? 9C r
lav spe ial at U f er uJL
—lnfants’ Section. Third Floor

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