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Box and Chair and a Bathing Suit!
| Now for First Kellermann Lesson
TWfITMb You How lo Make the “Breast Stroke.*’ the FiiM Essential Movement. Breath
ing and IU Relation to Swimming. You UiU Be >wimminK In a Meek.
greatest wo^an
nr william fox

m n M\ || 1
I i ..
I >**
>■ - y
' v |
I *y£ 1
I wkiP S '4
I «*-‘'
§f Ef£>
H?~ r™f r •■ • * 3
|M _ I
r- ■ *■ ■■■
LOS ANGELES. Cal.. Aug 4 —So
tapreMed *u Yone Okita. pretty
Loa Angeles high school graduate
With the conduct of a woman law
Ifc . . V
in a magistrate's court, thai .~h
announced at the cloac of the pro
biitaadiags that she would take up th*
.«lud> of law
V : Mias Akita appeared In Jus' e
. llloahaw’s court as complaining wit
* S«a# again- 1 Fertnin Vcrnuut. ar
tdoaed of stealing her purse. Th*
|flroßerutloa was conducted by I>ep
District Attorney Mis* Hibb"*n
<,Who questioned the little Jap; :m-e
Syltncas The defendant «j> bound
Sifter to the superior court for trial
Vocational for India***
/ WASHINGTON. At:? t -C-.-o
h Soils. cor.-.mis.-ft n«• o' j- e
jjj hat Ju«t ar.n'ttinrn! th :
fern of vocV.lonal t*■-*•-ip? * . ?
children she dc not ,
’-grhr'nls wcttld! be fr*ro'
V e :c;-T> itnfcs. Th* * fill,
gglfcn divided for the purpr
rlc disirlrfa. headquarter.* of »
Me Santa FV.
E.Tph tsis will be laid on agri>
ture and domestic science Ins'’
(Job. with a view to making Ind.a
‘ golf supporting The iystera will
Hy to moat of''the tiO.Ooo rhildrcr
■•dor authority of the Indian b i
Today is the centennial anniver
•ary of tbe birth of the la‘e Russell
Rue Oran***, Rat**
li**r© 18, Parte
Call un on the phone
and we will send
it out.
Cherry 1231
Women’s and Young Women s Suits and Dresses—Less
Again the Blue pencil is used to the advantage of
customers in order to clear our collections quickly
This is the final mark down of all cloth hi;* and p*. *
Our entire stock of high grade .-ports coats. con.pri>ing
ailk jersey- wool jersey, pongees, silk poplin and flannel, cor
fact for outing, country club and street wear
A limited number of Women’s and Misses’ Cloth Suits,
priced to go at once, including check** navy*, green and
tan; $26 to $62.50 value. While they last—ss.oo.
All Cl<*h aulta at leae than on** half regular pric*n in gabardlr *•*,
aergea. poplin* and relour chorka. beautifully built and airlklrgl>
atyttab and a vary food aaaortment to rh*.*** from. a than on*-
tats for Satmrdav
r*«nk n«*r
| Arflld* No. 4.
International Recerd-hoLJe' a*d S*.a
of the Wlllia"! Fov $1,000,000
Film ''A Daughter of tm
God* "
Before taking up the breast »•
I want you to obtain the folio-ins
1. A piano stool, nr some bjx
strong enough to sustain you**
w eight
2. A kitchen chair.
3 A one-piece bathing su.t
like garment to wear while k inn
through the exerrl*e«.
l A cushion or pillow
Vow **fore s’artmg open ail » r.
i do* * Fre-h air is vitally sueir al
; to good health
Pi are th* 1 piano s'ooi or boa r
? he center of the room and i.ty *:
cushion on lop of : .t Then ;la
I the chair directly b«*hind It
short distance removed v,
•' If so that your stomach -i n *1
rtool or bo* and your legs on *1
K»'e-,. >«vir che«t cl»ar of 'n* s'
■ That part of your b<*ly
' In: *vhere th* ninth rib r« *:s *houb
1 ‘ clear 'he edge of the e'ool
N v. place your hanils on a lev,-
with your chest palms downward
and hands side by -;de. Do r:
.place your hand- Jn the usual art:
‘ tude of prayer T > old m*'
of starting the hr* .*•
wrong and. be*id* s r means *n •
* tra move men* K*cp >ojr
flat Now bring 11.• a forw.r :
abo*;r to dive St tch t h*" -t .
o' t r.® :ir .■> i an. !<*•♦ ;•/ f
•: ■ : v 1 :r. >. h.n Ha..*
iiV < ns to clear the
.fvirv tv *^r.
*i * n<,«v lyir.e fla* wrh »r
x ; tic though making a ».
>i r hands intil »h* p
<•' : - ITV rti'd. then
r.'b-r plowing th
r.i, 'l’* m back In a wide * r
ur.'ll ih y Arc on a level wirh
hr ‘1 >r.»
\V. le vou are making this ~
nien*. inhale a deep breath
th*- r.< x* movement bend 'he
and k*epln* th* hands fla* *> a »
; rut the w ater. bring them back *
1 their original f-< *)tior. on eh*--* ar.
under »h*- ch n
ConMnue thi.* tnovement un T tl you
Coitunv>r to (rPruleti(pm' , n /'•*>**««*
do it fa'iltlessly K«*p It up unti
you ar* »Me to do it with perfect
Should 'V s exercise make your
m tec »s a* he and become stiff, a
fr** movecicnt- in phyair.al culture
will -e>.'n mak' th.'ni right again
Ibe for.i wn< * \erciaes will
-*r* n«th- n tbe runsclrs of the atom
iv h *r.d make y i feel more com
f rt.thle afer your irvac' stroke ex
*Tv 1 - e
’. '. “.at on the floor HaSe *ha
left l- ti '**nd. •;< 'll** slice ulltli th*
e,j > at r.s’ ’ «ng>s Then lower
* v e ,‘-g wp.bout t** i d.ng ’he kn***»
\.*-rr e r*.'\*tnenfs of 1* gs. 'ak
,n* flr• ■ ■ ■ right ar 1 then 'he left
p _ l* a about flve times with
e* '|| ■r » j'.ir*r and *n ;n
Crer*e to SO
2 N.»w raise both 1* cs an id *
thi.< ’ to ;o tjn.es
t ('ortrol y r hr- a*hire In
fc.ii* • owly • rough ‘be nose ar. 1
’hreueh 'n- j uu nth
4 s*and np ar.d * ntinuc the
or* ar! in* -»ver- *•' fr* m • hree to fve
rr. re* I cannot 'more-* upon
ye-. *oo rr ich the mini* n.-e va i*
First Showing of Sew Veiled Hats
. 1 i-I-a. Advar. *' iut v en’ic Fail models x LtT f f
1 Jk . nerv the »'.c* V. .i’>rv s'. t *Z~.^ I f
• ct . f N. s York *'■ e r.* v* l' >ke T . I ’ Ij F
1 I£VM I 1 - h T 'arr.** V.-iv*-* Wi \\ ' k||'
.Upfc uS',. I Per.r -*• ••• v • popi A * r
V I L n* : r a’s The n- * 1 X - Ts (|'
I • *' v !■• 1 M.au gr.* • L LX , ! i
I K '*• YO' * 1 f
XL ’ ' Ft v‘-
<jT* i / I La's. kourth Hoor , v x v
M* * r/ L e.*,/ J
eT' 'V—«C
uainty Dresses in Seirest Fall Sti
In -a*tn. r -of ".tun »:.d S-Tg- and S *
Gec*rge*'e—all the ’.»** - - Second i *•• r
*2.5 and up
" Blouses Are An'ring Dai 1
*i g$ /ik
» e ar. i f.-.i1.1i
chine, cr*-p* me •••or and r.e-.- \■- ex- *-’>n: value* at- Firs*, i .<mt
$5 58.50
Correct <JKe L) ¥ Courtoou<.
Fashions |J I attentive
First JL \mm— <it Salespeople
Smart U and Misses U*> ir
250-254 Woodward Ave.
a ii- Rot good company
Advertisers and KOO d results in
'Fhe Times guaranteed columns.
S'-rr.e 'uart r » Aomen's and misses' aftr-iT'-on
and -tr- •■* 'in .< » a few b€*autiful models for traveling
in navy, co *-n. ? <■ ar.d grey.
$25.00 to <29. '>(} value now $19.73
$35.00 to .<IO.OO value now $23.00
.1 :: r.r - -i -n rnvjr and
•' op«*n
I 500 vi ue*. now |14.7S
\ H ’5 value*,*" no*» *12.76
Prokan Itr• of Junior Tarty
Frocic« in rhiffon and allk. In
•lain'/ "had*-* of pink and blue,
Hrrartljr tailored, fr'mmvd wi*h attra*'tlv# while find M*- k lutir,,,
*rd -tain’? rolleri
All tut »*IM* et-"-t«lly p-rl'-ed
I Wrd Kle«r.
of 11 roper brenthlng either for if*
own sake or In conjunction with
sw imnung
Os course you understand that nil
of th* -«■ «*xercleew are to be done In
the one piece auit. Your body must
I e free iuni It cannot be if you wear
ruany of the *-eneele** garment*
wuh which we human* are afflK'teti
rotuorrow The leg stroke will
he d«*ecribed *o that you may make
it wl’h ra*e Thus is tbe n«i»
necesaary stroke for you to know
K:v wing this and the breast stroke,
described 'eetemlay. your training
Is well under wray
WATERm’RY. Conn. Aug 4
Two babe* in the woods. Andrew
and Mary Yankauska*. eight and
nine year* old. were found In the
den-* forest near lanwood, after
they bid been gone from their
horn*' fl * i *y* and five night*
When polite oflVcerw came upon
them aft*T da's of search they were
■r\mg tben.s*Tves to si* ep under i
iarg** tree, fearful that the strang*-
fr<»m bull:rogs might mean
d*-h’h fr*r th- n i: any moment They
h.vl 'vt nothing but err-- and
hark *■» *a’ -nd Insanitary water
-> drink and their laces ar.d hands
we-e badly !:»cera’»d c> C'-tvart w i*h
th* b'.^aes
2:: ::<« Woodward
Linen Sale
Still Coin? On
Fifth Floor
value up to 529.60 Sp*cuJ o, r
rl«*»rßn* ♦*, I*B 75
$12.75 value*, now 17.75
I*6 CO value*, now s*) T 5
V 8 75 value*, now 1M.75
-• >l* ‘ T ‘ «• '.f ;i*T»n f',- w< fr im
*n an t •*>!»■*• in white blu* *mJ
ta v*-n<t*r
lA)r* ANOKI.KS. l’al., Aug 4
'M' won Ham rav pertnlssUm and
ble**inc to go And n«cLit Mexico if
Mexican* menace my fellow ciilyen*
on the border. amt w henever Amer
ica U invaded or threatened wih In
\«*>lon by k foreign power 1 w ant
to *ee him shouldering a gun in her
Thu* spoke Alfred Bryan the man
Col Riwisevelt called *otuethiUf
.ik’n »o A mollycoddle because ft*
wr*»r«> about two t»«r* ago, a imijv
ular eottft entitled. I lhdn t Raise
Mt l«o> to Bea Soldier." Alfred
Drvan. .Tr . has Just been married
a-d I* V a family partT at the
Brian home ,n Hollywood that th*
'aifv-r delivered himself of hie I
!»«-n'. meet*
Dcrtitt Say* Wife Spied
ST l.CVlsv Auk ♦ \ Stratton
Wo.ff a dent:*t. ha.* tiled suit to dl j
t > !”.* V 1 Wolff alleging tha’
. N a** joaliv:* of him and faleelj
ac 1 hi: -of a**octa".ng wi*h oth
v.* He «av« that because of |
hi* - accusation* four women J
Assistant* he employed at different
titr-> ref.-t»»d *o continue with him
)’<■ .»«- *r*.« th.H Mr<* WVff «p!-rt
ip* him at his office and waited
f or him In the dark
I'rtn fln* —« hr plain null klnil—fhst
l< rtaht limn J«>h l>rp« —Main 4A2C
Prlntlli*—tlt» plun nrat kUii—llinl
l« rlf kl —ll mu J«h Miln 4SSQ
Your l nrestricted
of our *r, * r« *»rck ' f-ad »•
Mnf.ir, l«4 Ir**»l llela,
•* »• $1.95
Thar* *r» If differ- n» »ryt**«
from w*ii< h to *«*l**'t in
. 11 kr ■ anil In plain
hl%a*r ■trip-* *nU piaMa alao
Mottair. I’alm B*« h S*r«w* -tc.
.Vow gr-atiy reduced in price
til *|*e« II»no* n •,/pnran* re*
•on you Mliouid b« wltbout i.n<
Ijidie*’ Cloth Coats
tnoliwttng our fimoua Burberry
and K*-nn«t>i I'tiraaM rnaku -
all priced f >r eo#y p'irrha«m* at
\\ off Former Prices •
Maker %rc*de
Fashion’s Frills
As Betty Brown
Sees Them
Soutach braid applied in Intricate
pattern* adorns mam summer
gown* of voile or light silk Mani
■•mart .sailor ii*l* of silk or felt are
braided tn »outa h. too
A cravat of narrow block volvet
ribbon, and bracelets rs narrow
f lack velvet that anap on o\er frill
ed of a su'-iinery blouse are
The j«r»tlonat Is no forcer a mere
ttrd'*r>klrt It In as “perfect!} love
ly“ a« the summer fn*cfc ‘t-elf One
of fh*‘»e n* w “pet*let*” is soft white
i.aflera with a low bodice cut in one
with the skirt Hands of Mack and
withe taffeta are «et on between
r>Wh of hetnaritrhlng
From Paris co*ne« 'sets" of pan*a
let tea and prtn-ess *llp in coral
gold or China blue organdie
"grows with Detroit ” <*•*»—
206 Stunning Silk Frocks
From a Drrssmakur in \uw ork. \\ ho Solti Tlirm to 1* at
a l a)\\ Prirr a> an l.ult rinn W nkp in tin* llmUon Divs*
4 i
Ife Can Srll the
Presses at Si a
They ill cause quite a flurry in the fnsl.i r
salons tomorrow.
This price is very sm.tll con
sidering the style of the
dresses and the lino way
they are made.
Tic styles are all created in the aut ;nr
—There are dresses of taffeta.
—Presses of georgette and taffeta.
—Presses of charmeuse .md -atin.
—Pres.se-* of serge and taffeta
\mong them are models for afternoon wea:
ridge and teas and some h«*th tailore 1 ; >
aimyle enough for street wear, and dre*
enough for more formal occasions.
Women who are going away and have I*m r
wishing to find anew frock which will he t
l*»st style for fall wear will he delighted wii
These 206 dresses will he i< dv for sale t<>-
morrow (Saturday) at ftfte lars each.
11 n-lsnn'v—Tfc Ir <1 I —>l «i 11 I.uliillmk.
Games that Instruct
The Child While
Entertaining Him
To develop as well as amuse children has hern the pur
pose of the originator'' of a tableful of Ixwks and games in
the stationery store. There are all sorts of painting, past
ing, cut-out and sewing games that instruct and entertain
A Handicraft Scrap Book with
pa*t** and blunt end jh» arr, has
d-*ign* and colored paper f n b»»
rut out and panted on them
A P**g Printing outfit ha* d*-
• tgn* to he mad** hr pe* prin*
mg in color*, the p**ge and three
prlniar> colors accompanying the
'•Playthings 1 Can Make" t* a
book showing how to make hats
Each of these outfits is 50c.
lindane'*—Mol Finer —Hale RnlldlnS
The Art Shop for Gifts
There are pretty slippers
for the grandmother, em
broidered dresses for the lit
tle girl, refreshing pine pil
lows for the invalid to nap
on. cloth dolls for the tiny
There are baskets made hy
lledeee'e— We«»**l*e tlnur—Vein Be IMlne
Packing Trunks Stronger
Than Ordinary Ones
They arc plain, simple looking trunks, like the kind
traveling men have. Not a cent has been sftent on them to
make them look fancy. But not a thing has been overlooked
to give them strength and convenience.
Made of three piy basswood,
fiber covered and interlined, th**
ntrongeat and moat re*illen» con
• •ruction possible with llghtm-**
Kvery detail mak*« for *treng*b
*urh aa cold rolled *te**| ror
nera. hand placed rivet*, double
bar bolt. *e|f lockitig lin k
There 1* a deep divided tray
with a patent stay which remove*
II ■■ 4 «on - *— Mrrannln* I 100 r— M wirln * r«t lliitlitlni
Shekel tfeiweffl!
Gat the Round Package * Aak For and CET S
u«»jia« vt cnuiy. a iai/i^
nUllLlttl 9
Made from clean, rich milk with the ex
f LJSejJ -I * Tac * Br l ec * malted grain, malted in oui
iMref own Malt Houses under sanitary conditions.
I the u eoMetl stoma* h of the invalid or the aged.
(A Needs no cooking nor addition of nnUk.
\^CFPAiIDiKIVFUgjJr Nouri*h«* and sustains nurt than tea, coffer, etc.
Should be kept at home or when traveling Anu*
tT ' tK,ua food-drink may be prepared in a moment.
A glaaaf u) lot before retiring induces efreshinf
«f 0> sleep. Also in lunch tablet form lor business men.
. Substitute* Coat YOU Samo Prlc*
Tmko a Package Home
advEKitsE in ri;i;Ti.>L; k > FT FavST
f* v . • V?
V —>
\ ' r^ r7 '
ii ______ ... —■>
and other article# from paper
"Varna for Little t'hlldren to
and Head" contains atorlu* to
be tliuMr.Ved by children who
irv colored yarn* from ia *ke|n*
to form the pirtur* *.
There i* a book with allhouette*
to be cut out ard pasted up to il
lustrate the story of I.»• t|e fled
Hiding Hood.
the Indians who make such
wonderful ones, baskets for
magazines, newspapers and
fruit, baskets for the porch,
the library and den.
It is an interesting place to
spend a fpw moments wheth
?r one wishes to purchase or
just to look.
the neeev-lty of liftihk the trav
from the trunk when you trnnt to
get at th* bottom There hii
other. undivided trav Th«* lining
in neat and serviceable.
Four *l/,e*
Hegular. 36 inch#** long sl4.
41 * inch'-* It ng. .11", 7'i.
Steamer. li*i inch*** it>ng, sl2 75.
40 Inch*** h*fig. s|„
Vaclicttr Hajis Are
\lwavs Proper
The patent leather finish in
black leather looks well with
any sort of a frock or suit
that a woman will wear while
carrying a hand-purse or a
This accounts in part for
the popularity of vachette.
There are many kinds of
hand-purses and bags to be
found here in the v ache tie
finish. The purses are $1 to
#l2. The bags are $.2.50 to $5.
I Irfcf I l»or —imhl>4 iirt! Iluildlng
Floral ami Ml-
Ovrr Noilo* I2'/ic
All these were taken from
much higher priced lines and
reduced for ruiick disposal.
There iup dainty floral de
signs upon grounds containing
duster cords. bf» inches wide.
Th**r** arc alt-over d< algn*. many
of th«*tn, 36 to 4'» mche* wide.
There In 27 inch crepe, em
brotdered in color' upon a white
ground. ,
All an* 12'v tlie yard.
*er«»n«l Mnor—M«ln Biillilleg.
‘•Prcna rnlncss
Pallrrn in
Fall Silks
In the Genuine Fussy Wil
low' Taffetas, none is attract
ing jnore attention than the
weird Chinese designs unless,
perhaps, it is the ‘‘prepared
ness pattern.’
The figure of tl ■ \< <• i* in eagle,
* < (t Rpp nM or Am**n*nn coin*,
ha* been reproduced In >o|low upon
•« Hague blue. Tli* re art narrow
and wide blnrk rtflf** pint oil be
tween th*- fOW* Os *Mg|i*
Th** new pattern !« being
bought for gown and enmblna
lion purpose* It i* fit 50 the yard.
**ron(l F'|„«,r— o*l., n«l»dtna.

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