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Budget Plan Strongly
Advocated By
Wesselius Also Dis
cusses Michigan’s
Political Ills
Two randldilM for the nomina-
I' "tlon for governor. one candidate for
the nomination for mayor and a
• miscellaneous anortmflt of candi
for state, county and city of-
EpjpM were beard in a meeting of
~ the North End Republican club in
; the tent that ha? been erected by
’ the club at Reaubirn-et. and Mllwau
r kee-ave., Tuesday night. A third
>’ OUtdlda'*- for the gubernatorial
..nomination was represented in the
| meeting by one of bis active »up
tf porters.
I' The meeting developed into a
: Prat-cl a."» talkfest with alamo here
/nnd there, but mostly with well tern
*pored political orations. Rain in
| torfered with the attendance. There
| trace about l&o person? present.
Eraser, chairman of the
Inlnb'a executive committee, pre-
K ikied.
i ■ O. J. Diekema, of Holland, and
| §ybrant Weaseliua, of Grand Rap
w Ida, were the two aspirants for the
I; gubernatorial nomination to make
I tfco meeting. Frank B. Leland, of De-
I trott, was represented by Joseph
i Moynihan, chairman of the Wayne
«oanty Republican committee.
| Diekema has been in Detroit since
f Monday morning, registered in the
rpMAtchartrain Tuesday be ad
jreeaed employes of the Detroit
| {Sopper 4k Brass works, and the
Timken plant He leaves Wednes
day night for the western part of j
the atate.
la hla address, Tuesday night, Mr.
SNokoma recited bla political experi
j? oaeea. claiming that in the point of
oatperlence he was better qualified
Ifcnn any other candidate for the
He recited that be had
Pporeed aa chairman of the state
Republican committee for 10 years,
for eight consecutive years as a
•tote representative, for two years
•0 speaker of the house, for two
foan as president of the state muni
otpal commission whose function it
Was to draft laws for cities and vil
hfM, four years In congress and
•fat years in Washington in the Span-
Ml claims court.
Michigan’* financial problem vi«
then taken up by the speaker, who
declared that he had given this
problem serious thought long before
any of the other candidates because
ho baa long been cognisant of the
■weakness of the present financial
Machinery. The atate. he said,
needs anew deal all the way
|dround. He cited the growth of the
‘state In the last 10 years, placing
-population at 16 per cent, wealth
>46 per cent, and taxes 110 per cent.
The tax Increase, he declared, was
•ut of all proportion to what it
should be.
‘This is due to our system," he
•aid. "What Is this system? l>et
me tell you In a nutshell. An In
stitution In the western part of the
..State wants a big appropria*lon u
’■sake an addition. I'p north another i
State institution wants its appro
priation Increased for some reason
Isr other. They go down to Ijinsing
to seek these increases. When th»*y
there, one finds th° other on the
job first.
•* 'Why, you can't have that a\
proprtstlon.’ that on** «a's to the
Other. *we are after an appropria
Uon which we have Just simply got
to have, cant do without, and if
you put In your hid. we sill not be
able to yet ours.’
. "Then the wrangle begins. Bui
how does It end? I*h‘s one give
Way to the other' 1 No* at all. it is
purelv a case of you tickle me atsd
>ll tickle you, and after lining up
their representatives on the Issue
they usually get what they ask for
sad aa a consequence the tat rate
|«mt>s higher.
•* “(Jcntlemen. this system is wrong,
ga you can see. An a remedy for
tt, 1 propose the budget system. If
1 do nothing more in thin campaign
Os mine than tn educate the voters
Os the state as to what the budget
gyatem la. Ia 111 feel that I have
•©Com pl is bed a great deal. The
> budget system ta in use by prac
tically every large corj»oratlon in
the country. It has been proven to
he the one solution to flnan* iai de
Mr. IMekenia paid his respects to
_ hte opponent on the stage. Mr We*
•alius, by stating that he believed
him to be a man as big in rulnd as
, In body.
.' Mr. We—alias also touohed on the
tax situation Ha gave statistics
•» to the coats of running state lit
•tit ut lons and the atate govern
Mjftent. The coat of running the state
■ Ipvamment. he said, waa tII.OOP.OW
P*LZ** r
V **Tweutj-ive par cent af thia.’
[nou OUoHT to j
said the speaker. I* paid by you
voters. Now. if there were a mil
lion of you in your particular terri
tory It would cost you II a year in
state taxes for every man. woman
and child. That is an exorbitant
tax as you can readily appreciate *
Wesselius spoke of Gov Pingree’s
hard fight to place part of the bur
den of state taxes on the corpora
tions of the atate. declaring that as
railroad commlasloner under Pln
gree he had a hand in the fight. He
said that Gov. Ptngree saved the
voters of the state $4,000,000 a year
I’nder this corporation tax. the
speaker said. Wayne county re
ceived $1,034,000 last year from the
railroads toward the primary school
"But, gentlemen, we must get
down to business and stop the Job
that is now going oc if we want tu
continue to share this tax burden
with the railroads'* shouted Wes
selius. "And what Is this Job?
Why. the state tax commission now
proposes to come to your county
and raise your tax valuations s?*).-
000 000.
“At the time we put our present
tax bill through the legislature. Pin
gree and tho*** who aaaisted him.
Including myself, were not strong
enough to completely best the op
posing power* at Lansing, and the
result was as imperfect a f ax law
as ever graced the books of any
state, but we gained what we par
ticularly wanted and that was the
primary school fund We succeeded
in changing the method of taxing
corporations by •histing the assess
ment from their incomes to their
“Ever since there has been a con
stant effort by the corporations to
shake off this burden. See bow it
is working out. The corporation tax
rate is fixed by dividing tbe total
taxes of the state by the total a*
?*-*sed valuation of the s'ate Now
along comes your tax commission
and double* the assessed valuation*
apd as a natural result halve* the
taxes that will be required of the
corporations I/>ok over your »at
records and you will find 'bat. while
tbe railroad taxes of this state hav*-
remained stationary, your tax**
have increased D2 per cent in the
la»t JO years.
To remedy this situation Wessel
ius proposed that the present s»a**
tax commission be abolished an Ia
new tax body crea'ed, consisting of
the governor, audi'or-general at.d
j the attorney general a? a majority
of the board. He cited the cost <>f
the present tax commission as all
out of propor’ion to its service an-1
de< lared that it far surpass* * the
expense of a similar board 1 .
The speaker rapped sh« propo-' i
Here Marquette fail road morg. *
He said tbe assessed vgluaMoii 'l
this road is s26.o<jo.bOQ *
now seeking to St*e k and ><:;'!
proi*erty (or four times • ha' ;n . i
or $105,000,000.'’ said ’h> -p» -r
‘Tan yon go out and rnortag* v
property for four tltne- ,i*§«-?*d
valuation? Inde* and, you sit, and
why should thi* old road •*! h i.
become th** foot!.all of poll* *s. !»«■
allowed to and » so at yo.*r ■ \pen-e’
Ben Hanchett, who i? nne*t*.j
with this deal. Is trving *c du'a'*-
the politics of this sla'* If he
wants me to prove tills sta ement at
any time. I will he glad *o ■ > w
Dlvle B r>uffi* Id. candidate so:
Republican msyoralty iiorniru'ioii
made an Impressive •••< ») aud wa*
warmly applauded.
‘ .My Opponent, Mayor Marx tel'/
us what be has done by w ,iy of g* '
ting street r lrond far** reduction *
and a city bo pltal, but d***-* lie r**li
you anything about the Belle Isle
bridge proposition?'' he *md "N’elth
or does he say anything about th*-
poor police a*lm mistraMon which th •
city lias today, as a result of which
Detroit has become the gather iua
place (or pickpocket? ard crook? of
j the country
“1 place the responsibility for th:*
i condition squarely up 'o th*- police
| department, and th*- re.s;*on*ibilt'>
j of the police department is *q are
!ly up to the chi-f executive. F* ur
year* ago when the (resent may-r
came into office, there u.« as go and
and competent a police comtuis-ion
**r In office as could be rho*e:i H**
was ousted to reward a poli'ical
manager of the mayor -and the re
suit la the inefficient police system
, which we have today ”
Mr Du (field said that the purpose
of the primary law was ’o do
with the buying of nominal ion? in
party convention*. Thi* has not
j stopped, however, because, he -ays.
I another wav to bi.v nonuna* -*r.- ; *
been found He declared tha f th* 1
plastering of ‘he city with big p<>-
ters and banners, the presentation
of cigarettes to workmen in 'he far
Tories, the giving of outings 'o
Kidd.*-? of th* dry. and the hundr< and
and one other means e.ng resorted
to in the ; r*-**n* campaign 'o win
votes must of necessity take *
larger campaign fund than 'h*- law
allow * far as he was concerned
the -p*-aker asserted he would n ■
surrender his independence bv
adopting such tacMrs
Mr Duffield promised a general
clean up if elected. This he would
do by putting a worthy man in of
fice as police commissioner
An impre--ive appeal for vote* f r
County Clerk Thomas Farrell wa..-
made by Attorney Fi’zg-r.-vd of the
county clerks office, who cited '!;»
improvements made in the manage
ment of the office and told of the
efficiency that now prevails ther*
O’her* who addressed the me*-*
tng m*re I>ouis Taub**. Phili.p I
Van Cot s Arthur E Wood and \
Peter K‘ nnedy * * lag nom ru*: r *
for th- sta*e leg.sla'ure and U” j
C. Blgholx, caniiuate (or po.:c»* Ju*-
A rash div.uend of 3 1-2 per *-r'
j-aid Aug 2! to stockholder *- f
record. Air 16. Is th* large' th*-
White n’*ar line has ever paid for
th*- fr*' half of ’he vt>ar, and is con
vlncing evidence of the prosperou
•ea*on navigation concern* have *rt
! Joyed so far 'hi* summer.
A« it iias ‘-rri ’hr custom of *:*
Whir* S'ar n** to pay its larg*-*-
dividend .«* 'h* > !o*e of the naviga
rp.ri *ra*on stoc((holders are look
:r.,r forward »o > much larger r* r irn
»hi« falk The largest previous d!vl
den.! for 'he hr-r haif of th»* y* ar
■*as 3 p<t rent.
' . F Hielman. secretary and f*-n
•’a manager of th* White B’ar
. m hi- s*a’»d *haf *he volume of
I . ri*s- handled i>y ’hr company
■‘.is year nd th/ earning* are th**
greatest in the company's history
Lecal Stock' Exchange Dull
The Weiln ;.*y more!r>a; session
Os th* f «■ V ■■■;!£•■ >ll
tinned and Trading "a* egtreme.
ly light f'di otj , ,».s off a haif
l«o nt. fontinrn’al a quarter, and
Her, (nr t <j r*r while Iron and
S*ee| «j.- up h haif ar.d K« o Tr j< h
e O'laP* r Mrokcrs were unable to
assign any ot • r reason than the
aftermath ot warm weather for the
Inactivity of th<* market The un
usual good form of the New York
! market T ««<lav. I' was exi*»-rted.
would h* reflected In the local ri
change h r *urh v*a» not the ra-*-
More *rt|c]ty was for*-* Ai*t*.*> for
la'*r aft* rr.<»on dealings, however.
I*’rolt hank Hearings W«dr< -
(day w*r« |7. .i 11.742 01. Total cbtr
; lngs for 1116 to date, were ti
! 733>52 .".s as against UkO.’T* 71'
for 'be corn.apondio4 period .i.
The organization end of the
"BUy" Sunday campaign is in full |
operation A luncheon will be given •
Thursday, in tne Board of Com
merce. from 12 until 2 o'clock. 1
to give the business m* nos the city
1 tn opportunity to become a* quaint- j
led *l»h the w.rk being don** along
I organization lines and to learn at j
1 fir?* hand the ftnan* al. mental and
moral a«;e< t* of *he big indeetak j
i ing
Iw'roi* b*:-;ne-« men will mee* j
bu.« ties* n*n fr*n Sjrac.se N Y
and other clti* *. and h*ar from 'hent j
*h• r .1 - ■ - reg
which ha- b»en derived by ail c< n j
muni*;*-* tn whi h a campu.qn
l>e*n held.
The gren'e.* d* * re of tU organ
izat on reten it tee v- that lur*
eon may be well a* * * n«l*=*«l 'ha*
any p. irv- no' uni»r-:o*jd by *h*
bn.-ine-* men in 'his «:ty. may *.••
* 1 eared up
A full explanation of the ;g>h< y
of *he campa'gn * ill he given *o
anyone who de*jr» - r The gue-t?
w.ll !»*- addressed bv c,-n c Edward
Murray, president of the Empire (
Rubber (’o and the Crescent Wire j
Cos of Trenton, N .J who will 'e|, '
w ha* th- Sunday meeting* have'
mean' to him and to hi* factory. '
arid by Herhen K Sal *b .*•% •/ 'he 1
<>nt»ndaga Po"*-ry Cos and Pa -
Seymour, of the "Billy” Sunday Bus-J
in* *- Men’- cl-ih of- . n j
Y., who w H teil »h.v the Sunday
ampwign has done for 'he uu-in* » j
i rn«*n of Syrnci-e
I. \ Eddy who for <! years has
'been superintenden* of *he Br ! !
* * re*>* ig. ncy. -11 also *p. v* Mr
Eddy i* 75 year* oid qnd since h;« j
conversion eight month* aro has
spoken in tl ehurch*-* and 22 M».e*
l'r*-d Shaver . capi'ai-.s* of Denver
and fedar Rapids and Er-d MMI- i
lar. director of 'he Ry i: Island rail j
road will •»:«*» gp.e short *a’k*
There w 11 he no solicitation of]
! fur. !*, th.v part of the campaign ;
• »r*:r-'y in • *• hand- of t e
comm 'tee, whi< h will m-e* nil
curr*-nt e*per.***« from the offerings i
a* 'he ‘ah*rnac|e The uu\y off* r
Ing given i< t Mr Sunday 1* 'hat
’ak*n up *he lav day Should any
money be left after the *Xpen*es are!
covered, it w i he devoted to 10
or 12 charities of 'h * 'i*v. *o he «e. ]
I* *ti and by ■ ;.I a < ■■ it* r • v.’ti
these mii'ters Biilv Sunday and hi
organization w*.rker of 1C per»or. *.
ha»e no'lor.g whatever to *ay
According to f*e<>rge Sunday ‘l,*
j brewer*’ ion ha- a f .r. ;
* especially for 'he ; irpose of fig:.'
i Ing the Billy Sunday campaign and
,]■* « |t e.-ljr.-ly al'.f,.: hr.'-- r>f v, 'i
i cation
About two we-; a hefor a ea i
pa.gn op* n«. the > •. .*.* '.
b* held * II b»- '!'" <l* 'l « -i
-tore kn*eking ever. p*,r* < -, ■ l.»•
Sunday organ /a*i<*' ’(•*<, ;,a;.* r».
| financed by *».*• r*-w* r« are gu«. n
tip to this wor one 'he ■ 1 |cr*nt>
! clas*. ’ rur. 1 - <1 < < ...*• *J h. .* f«»rrr.--e
lßapti** minister, a tio wa? pu* nut
;of the church V 1' •*■ *. t,.i ■ of
. tfi» »• j»:i < ’ ' and ;< • V hie* - v ill ur»
| cir'lUte.fi- m iNtfv* ii f* • Mirtiute'd
A' pr« sen* *.‘r*e > h-ur- ar* being
forr; *>d Tr• >•1 'l.* .riou * hurehes
of the city n imt*« ring 2.2 >*• person*
' eacl Two A i «ompo«ed of
rr. »u and wop .n ind on*- *»f male
] voir* a lor e \t th* end of the cam
paign. th» . win ut.l'e »/.r «*ne con
. t-* rt -Ing'r.g fti* Hallelujah chortis
jof Hand'd It will be Ute largest
chorus iti the world to ut\» fin--
classic lla> li church h.i.* ajqw»lnt<ul
one person to recruit *ing*'i> for the
choir, which wnl he under thz* dt
rtvtlon of ilotner Rodehf.iver. niusi
eal director of the Sunday party.
4* . ording to atiiteiuents in the
office* of the advance organization
the newspapers of the cm* - during
a Sunday campaign, hav* increased
their circulation by about
subscribers. These tr« l.irgi !> trom
lout of town i • *>;>!*' who wish r»* keep
tn close touch with the meeting*
IVtroit i— hejr.g canvassed hv two
women Mi.*? France* Miller and
Mrs Will ini \-h*r permanent
members o' th* 1 Sunday orcantza
Mon toint*r*‘«t ih«* women workers
of I* 'roit r. «• m* * it - They
expect to (u>.i in personal contact
with • ’ per ce: of th* enitdoyed
women *>; th*> * \ They arc hold
ing prayer me. ng* in to *u> of the
large stores before opening hoir*
They will give im«hfon- to all
working girls ap.d «. • **r: W*-dn -
days, Thursday * h'r.fl.iys and ring
the campaign, in t. r.,1 M* • *1:-*
church. f«ir five cents, and v... 1 h*’.d
pra'er meettngw .*; the -.tn u: .
" * "*• ♦ ft w ill a” r t* and i .are* to
r*»' n*! (ixvl a; Mm * m I
tuny a'tend the meeting* ts t: * v d*>
stre The iw*lrol* < - *'tiin. ’t*'e *f
women helping tn this depa-tmet.f
> as follows Ms* j jja It s- l.
eh tintian. Mis- Helen K* <1 r
mar. of the executive d.\ - >n Mrs
4 P Brush, head of the cer.M.il
-” • • \r. I Mr- France 1?
<'r* s-y \:! firms employ ng w,o ; . n
*r. k-or, n and k- pt *>n fib at i.*'
\ M l' A
Dr -.hi • W ard has the '* 'or e*
’n charge and expects ?*> hold ?
meetings a w. ek in The autotuohde
factories durr.g trie tu.p.ugn IP.-
ne-s men invar ably assist ;n the
campaign for tlr.ir al rea-on* ;?
'or no other* TV- efflet. n y of
j ‘heir work* r* i- ri -r».i*.-d and •'
»r *tanda'd ' :>er c.-nt tug!
■ r ;' ha- b* *f». .rid
great*'?' effort i* b*’:r:g <1 r
and* and towji-d th*> oor**-rva’i >n <*f '!>**
I convert* aft*r th* ('.ur.pitzn 1- • nd
[ -’d Th** w* ak* st p.v of Mo tn •
safeguarding of the on\*r- th 1
na'ural irif'-ng nw :i % by ::.q . aual
ur.les* proi-er eh -. h h ■:.*' w r
i’l-r.’ *•: r:niu ; **.
iff » >rt- -*c i* ind #• *rw -*■.
Trls i estton I- V-rz car*-' !’
cons;der*-d ard all who des r* to
| lead a r»• ’ z ■ i :tf* ucr-oriinff to
•he idee - •'.*- -Lurch w.!i
R*. rd- k*-p* Os sund * onv* r
tor a period of -ix month- t >
(■ ur year-, -hoc that only four j*r
-n' have retrograded
Mr and Mr* r? r- Kr* ■ * ■''
•:v* up their home. Ro-T**ri b|; i and
■V* dward ave . for th*- w- of 1r-
Sunday and h’* party of ik p* *; ie
1 ;:tng rh* tr enM-e vay in th.-- M'y
Opportunity Will Knock at Every
Michigan Voter’s Door August 29th
Candidate for the Republican Norn
Inat'on for Ln ted States Sen.
ator. Ajg 29.
On Tuesday. Aix '. > th* Repuh
lican voters of the > of Mi’hl
gan will be given ’he pri-. il*»g« of
a’tendlng the ;*r . arb -ir.d *i< ar
ing their pref-ret.n f-r the non;
inee of their tl' i-es fn l • offi' " of
t'nited S*a'e« e-r.a’i/r
This Is Opportnn;’<■ spoiled h v
big O- an oj. tortunl'v • .. t » .id
be highly cherished tnd a<**d upon
with religious ze;* 1.
Too often the primary s an op
pop unity lost an opportunity i*
nored with no realization of what
’lie value In to the Individual voter
The voter deaf to the kn<>< ,n th*
door Aug 29. Is »h‘ man v io 1-
l.bera’ely neglec ts hi * ow n h» st m
'•rests He is like a btir.n* - n.ao
who permits a f ew self seeker* to
choose his gene ral u.anager ar.d hi
ezecutive staff
Wm H. Hill’s Plea.
William H. Hill. Isetrolt bu-in*--
man and fandldatc for *h* He put*
ll*an nomination for rtilted S’a’e*
s**n«rr»r, urges all voters to wak< •■>,
tjieir great opportunity. Aug 2'.t.
Mr, Hill believes that a change
a new' deal- is < *tr* rn* !v deslrsMe
and tha* now, mor*- than ever in th*'
history of this country experienced
business m»*n *n needed in the
Kuropc-an conditions will gr*u«tly
compllca’e b**fh our domestic and
our foreign problems for several
years to come *• per tally Indus
trial, commercial and trad*- affair*
Itoalnesr m< nos br**ad « *p* rl*nce
and txaloed Judgm* ut are uc*d> and
Investigator Notices
Oakman's Cards Isy
Slot Machines
Easy to Find Open Hack
Door to Saloon
In .4 l»’f *»*r t.> The* Times * few
lays airo J K. Stcdrr.an charged
*:.«• i" J> flancr in I*»*troH and
Wayne umiiu) was hoing tolerated
v - . \ • ’ v >r* als who'
.ir* candidate* !n th* primaries with
th* Mea .*f in\ ts in* ltl*ral votes
v*'.:* upon ttie suggestions in
l< • r. a fr t*t ! of The Times
coi.dui'i ! an tnvti-iigs'ion in per
•or. with the id. a of reporting to
The Times ar.J to th*- Billy" Sun
la> committee
Tht Times hi* • » list of the
pl.t • s M ini b> investijcator
iiid -tan.l* sjioi M>r for the reliaall
it) of the r* : ■ rt
In n* i *>• r\ pie where law
vmiaMon w » • t.< i. nt* red in the
« n! • ■! ri • - tl •re were I.*r*if
ards and • an:.. : • showing the j.r* f
.r. : « of th. proprietor to beso r
V toil Oa k p present sheriff for
. . r. on n.it on for eounty fieri.
Th.e r* ;. rt to Hie Times follows
! v!-’ i • > .- . . »•* i.n .teffer •
s'• .iVf <>::• it. the i ,ty limit* in
A i.n. or.’ In ..ns *"»r. I’otnAe
r i • t a «f ’ niAi h.ne* wer
* v ' t •• b *en :. r
-•it . ■ r s ri hs t 0 r*» I “n
t • ■■ s ••..i. ■ he ‘ok! taken
.' «. * : w i -«:•*„ n f • and.. r
t x . * • h ir Tie - r • lar.-e
»r .< n» * ■ • m t .•*• wmr r> in *’n
t -• s • re w mint- r*:r. fr. n»
t * Itv* • n» p{«. .■ * to 10 n .he!* n<
i : ••> ' • r . i. h; -e sh» M«‘\.
* ■ t ; t t her wine nar» T«’
; r.. •.•nr« *. .•.fit .iti-l cents
r i ti .! j. 1.0 • vt*it* 1 14 S < in
fir < . ! ir>e 4 • • , place imt h c
r •• * • .1 i .
Alii* f I ' f’*’l •[* n ll *i f olJli I.
• • r i••• r . ■ i ai hlrev
Wer- if ■ r ’hr nr one on \
til if t *ie win*- room in'! or.e
n • • in n;■ ' • r * T >* t ■•>
r. ’ - • f Were 1 • * h i-r ■ l 11. »' *o 1 * t 1 »
• r t • -r • >.■ f »* . ire* * ;•••
ler ■rd I * < , * .• w-T 1 tl-irkr I
iv th 1 ,o r * f i|. kinds tost (he
y 'ipjj ” 11 \ ■ -*n *. \ * ve
u* '• ». - e*lrie t » p •• w»« >
I •*» * ll . IV. « •*• 1o) ... . t M <
« . 'lt f
•■n work o;’ *h»* di?Tl< rilt problems,
"•«f 'h- b- nt ;n r. r . -, of all the'
I »o{ .■ rmty b> s.*rv# 1
T. da;. < ?<• < wll be day« *
’ r .i' Mon itl <i.* f. .»r nr favor !
*HI • !r: by ind 1 1 «ir .
* * 4 inson pur#* *m
In th* <lrt> - *o i-om* rh.r*- w ill he |
n<> pl i ' for ■ h** do not bin*, the I
"im.d job id* >b‘* man afraid of ‘
th e.irv Hi#’ fellow with one eye j
* n 't* r.-xt election. and fh*- o f l.*r
only indiff. r* n*l>' B M>n*] Kv* ry man
in 'to- .r k! i-*of thr f'nitf. 1 H’atc-M
should b»* •<jn.il to his ta-.k »nd “n- 1
ijowf-d w ;*h lent conr igr 1 0
perform It corn*. what may »h«n
*hr n* x ■ election day arriv.-s.
rhis m William M HlM's ronrep- .
! "ft of of! •■«• holding lo the federal
K< -v*ri,ment. rid the way hr looks j
V th»- /< v» rnri <ot problems that 1
ir< !•*..•. riK ip H». <l<mands vigor |
'■ t" : » (, :on .i><d on -ound buslntmm j
pr-nciple-. and pur*> Americanism
H" d' Tn in la a!»o a repre*# ntath»n
for M in *he hail* of con
cr» ’ha' will win for th i« great
tat»- the o*|tion she 1m entitled to
at <1 thr pr* xtlffr -hr deserves nnd
1 once had
JShy Wm. H. Hill Is a Candidate.
Wrn II Hill, of [irtroit, ha* been i
irc<d by hundred* of men through
out th*- .iat»> who know htm, to
1 place himself hr for*- the people of
, '1 hlg.in at the primaries. Aug 2f>.
o a candidate f ( .r the nomltiatlon
f t f'nit» and States »enator on th*> R*> |
publican tick* * became they know ;
flint he has first, rh»* courage rtf l
hi» conviction*, <#econd. that If nom
Inafrd ir.d ♦>!#•' ted. hr will hr a man ,
of arhi**vrni* n* -. and, third, that
I hi* long t nines training and e*
prrlrnrr *in a guarantee that
hi. arts will br rotialrtirftv** anti
for thr hr.t Interests of all thr peo
j-!** all *to t.m* and not for the In
nt#*res*h of a favored few
Mr Hill ha* consented to run
•in'l lit- rin pledged himself, and
do# here p|» dgr hlms#df, If nom
In.Ved and »|*t «-d to administer
thr affair 4 of his offlcr In a husl
n#*t».«llke manner Ifla viewpoint
will h* that running a government
1m a •** proposition and that
as a r«*p r»- rntatlve of all the people
he muss work for th#’ good of all
and In i mar rur to enable every
man at any ’ rn<’ to tell Just w her*-
he stands
frf run want anew deal, a husl
ness rtiari for a hueinesa man's Job,
a worker always above hoard, a
man who act- nnd accomplishes
irra*p your *r» at opportunity Tues
day, Aug 2f* Oet out anil vote
and place an X tiefor*- the name of
Iwa h mil ajv.
WEDNESDAY, AIdD ST 23. 10 16.
Beautiful Women and Huge
Sums of Money Used by
Allies in Rumania Intrigue
Hi-fit!.i\, Ans 2 n. lutrrui wo
mi n ar»il su*’i.'> of no n« > are
lie inn uoil h> the Allien in the
A-'reat diplomatie hat le being waged
at ft'.r.’hiii eat, ’lie Miles reeking to
bring Huninniit tnio the war
A dia’ ink'll .hod tierman tliploniat,
whose n; me wat noi revealed, made
(Ills eharge throuith Ho- semi «»fiu lal
(It rmrin news ag» ne> tml.i) Hut
uespi:.* i!•»' Vlli.-s efforts, linnmula
is yet uiitlecidr 1, he sail adding
"Kunmnla has been ihe sphinx
and 1' rli 11 now shroud’d with u
mysterious veil behind v hleh th *
politi. al passion and ..gHat mis. nm
onl) of the Ittunanlans, hut t f tfr*
allied agents, «ie at the hlghi -
I t. Allies' agitation *.ached its
height at tiie beginning •»/ the last
Kusslan offensive," s;itt! the diplo
l« i.pnating without a license The
i»sile clwlttted t*ie\ hill ! JftO mem
tiers 1 lint wituM menu a revenue of
It 4'e i-er >.>ar w< In wmil.i t.e nm
terla)l> better than p«> Ini out 9 • r
prr * .-Hr !: rn*e
Asl.l- f: • rtt a part) of five pers-.n*
tliree r i'll and two w. men. whn call,
e.'. w iile we w• re there and g t
dr nk.< eer etc e ho\ nf about W
\ * 4i" !n n<l got bottled
paid f< r sair.e and took It
a .4 a v
\l! | !»• n visited <*n .lefr.'r«on ave.
M.f k avi .n 4 i1 • i : t 1 4 •• lis d!«r g»
dlspla) sos ;■ it . tana ph.-t » and
th*r nti’h literature piste.l up
i'ltl* »4a* the result if one iluv'i
ln4 e*t{gat i .n
Tiie next day ! found slot machine-*
In .4 saloon on \li W tve. w'.i fi ■*
evo. In. fed ... a «p.’ 'at leputv sherAtT
Vt in- ■ h»r place ..n \la< U .iv**
tb• re wer e f w r c 1 inn '.nth n t h
bir This |a a n* w |da-’e Just re
.•rli'lv .-pen. i 4K an on Ma’k .44 ..
J f. und 1 4\ ■ mi him. ne ..n ea h
end f th. i r in .in f »r n <trs
tint . *■• r. 1,4. *- ne. *i the bar. on It’e
j Oratl r id. t w machine* both on
th- bar
Courage of Thrift
You can look lift* straight in the eye when
you've a few dollars you can call your own
money you have saved.
A little “money inile|»endence" is frno<l for
you. Instills emirate into your heart—puts
the “punch” behind your ambition.
Safety DeiMedi Boxes SI.OO I’er Annum
Resources More Than $29,000,000.00
Fori anil Onswuld Streets
Mrnnrh Offierat
I I? I Jr fffOoii
SOT ••ratio!
ISB I Woodward
p—pp——■— — ■■ i. ■ ■ ■■ p ■ <
ma *
------ -i
TiVt’ '^&l^//%/' z PR2CE3S
rLA V"*'»' D ‘ o< ' *.or \k
" 'i r # ii»'< ° yU v**' V
ti nt "Ai (h** samp time th*’ Allies
glinoiiiii mi u Usikun offciislvt* by
(«*’n. bin lull «hn h was umicrtakAdi
!>uri l\ for poli'lc il puryi sis. rin*
i’itiir.4l lowers, in their offUlul rv
i»» rts stlgm itli and bkrrAH b opera
j tloiif. us tcigne |. Now rt sudden
j UitlKannn ofT-'ii dv • had ptit a tjuh !t
**nd tt» the Alii *r* activities. The
itiiMslnf* offensi. * hud put it quick
• till ti* Ihe Alii * ’ uctivitlf'S. Th®
U u shin ii offensive in apparently
I slackening.
“At pt< ent It tmrnls 1 J still rrn
► '!< i ..!< and Slo probahlv will not giv.*
*.p lu r 44 ell cah'tdiitA and. a lever neu
‘ral ir \ which Inis brought hi r an
'.lonnmiti T.iin in jower unl«*sa she
’M*iks tint .i .<*all4 decisive turn
has In «n reach* 1 Ip ihe war Mean
while irate relations between Uu
[ mania and the i'eptral powers con*
llinue ►mall.**
ITbrcr msclnuw. »»rf found In /m
--.■th.'i pla. *• < >nc 44 '.n n stsnd on
I th«* oar and .'’it* n the In th**
b,n w 1 >i esc me ibr t.srlendrr
saltl th<*4 intended raking to one of
♦*• ■ r *a!i>.ins In*i.l* lh*’ limits \
kirn,, type of niMi hlhe wu* f-ur 1 In
tbe dlring room • *ti «5i«tlol-rd i
slot i' Vne i4 n s found In i p **d
I room This place is n w rpersted hv
a w .tiian vll machines found were
Ila) ed stid found In g - I working
< »|l s;r.da 4 . An k a i 11 .vr i m , I
4 -'fed a salon on 1.af.0 *iir ave
oast Th** front find side and .or 4r«*r*
if und cl .sed. but I passed throiirb
ii gat* n tie extreme rmr an,l found
* h*• » I k «l • r wide open and J'l t'i*
rons in the place Fur men were
ee-Ate.j .*t a tsblr plnvlog cards \
a! •! ’1.4 1| .lie 44 IS round O the b-.r
Tb ii i. heir ir rontinuallv plave.l
j the place.
Itnaus Wagner spoke n mouthful
44 hen he said that man* a h*tl pln.rr
tie lines krriutr he ilor.Rl tlet’llne
rnuiiK h
•' .'•.tSa'ffl J
P*. i« 'stsnßjtH
•>. .... .S »vs*# Ijgt ,
i'Lw • • (>i/ iff
imf * UTdkCZ 'i«n
; > >. \;£sSfc§i
7 he Home of
GRAND 5680
Itraneh Os flee*#
Sl** VflrklKna
% i e.
I ,V<>« ••ra n 4
Hlier Sie.
pit* \Vuodiiur4

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