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Th* Octroit Journal said ed*ter*aßy on Doe. 3t*t.. '9os:
? "Nirlllf«iii n*« Itn* »i"*nr Hteejver. who assume.
IUU Butt*. ; l • "" P " f
Os kaaher wh if, * gepo.lC r\ ’ n(ld*ii' ♦ ••
peoples ommv Hr a meitvel •al business " * n ‘ * * 1 " *' 1 "
, rmma Mp»i. thrift. hsrd w*irl- «n ati#m n t<* 1 '? ‘ »n*l i ♦ l >r imttiv.
«Ul«4ir4i of hottest' M. -d'SK-rs rr. i,i "»<•*• •'■»" • ' “r> »”»•**
rfn* sort of ■ person to have in - hare- <’< »*»o •»«’'
Now Don’t Take
Word for It!
Thoroughly Investigate the Character of
Mr. Sleeper and You Will Find That He Is
Proof Against AH Derogatory Sugges
tions and Intimations
If You Will Refresh
Your Memory
by looking: up what ho actually did as State
Treasurer FROM THE MUDDLE into
which the people had been deliberately
misled in 1909 to the BUSINESS EFFI
CIENCY of 1912 w hen he urged the nomi
nation of his assistant successfully.
You’ll Recollect That
He placed the finances of
I 1 the State on a sound
business basis.
absolutely prohibited
the removal of money
from any but the proper
He put an end toithe pad
ding 1 of expense vouch
ers of persons travel
ing at the expense of
F" ’ the state.
He furnished, for the first time in the history
of Michigan, monthly statements to the
public showing where all money came from
and where it went to.
He compelled each bank acting as a deposi
tory for state funds to put up a bond to the
state to cover the amount of the deposit.
TODAY, simply as a business man uncon
trolled by any interest, railroad, political
machine or faction, HE W ISHES TO GO
ON RECORD WITH YOU, that if his can
didacy is successful and frankly it looks
that way—he is going to make a DOLLAR
PAY, have exactly the same purchasing
value as a dollar of his money has in his
HE’LL then he mighty well satisfied TO
Detroit Saturday Night •*»» editorially, Aug 19th., igif
''The on* f. r *>\ - w > -y*n , aim , _ _
lb* pNtfatm of imD***’’ U ui star. v *. ... *•P • <
Young Mao—if vow are spending: ail vou maK*
—no matter hour little that may be—vou are no*
making a Mirer** of life
F.ven a small portion of your earning- gys
tematicalh Wanked will grow «urpri«inglv rapid
, Safety Depomt lona $4.00 Per Annum
Reeoureet Mora Than $29,000,000.00
march nrncM,
uniiwii N*»» a*. itra jgNtw c
««• Mlchlata A*. urr Unflat At*.
lam *•<l<tnrt At* ?«• W.n4tt«r4 Am.
Fori and Gnowoid Slrvei*
Hf’ji a Conqueror W hen
He N In Uermanx
f*~ ■ADt-ui f?A.jL * tf w ‘
TM. f • rh* ft"*’ auth-awc phot*>
of vlnursl >che*- » r n" vr •
e* of t*e Ormfll 1 h .C bas.
I ~fr -v# , o««' Af jv nr • ► S n f, e Una*
* i ah’, v hi< h the <;*ru. in- t aim*’ a*
|.l victor*. Admiral si<*he*r ’** '*
l hailed and sere-1 a# * roa . i*
Jefferson. S. I).. Mi>> 1> Onl)
Years Ok*. But 1"
> r.* Kiri for •• -
f fce i* ma' me a- •- - > • in
!d*rakirg Mi*- P*. rl Bra.*r«
: . i’*r - -n;o> -
a jfid time j.d .1 ’"iic out.' d> o*
business '•a ir* 1 1' *uie a
U M/tta in, 1 ■ f. ,‘ l-i n, *I 1 i1 ,
►no ' .'i 1 - 1* 1 ' r> u 1. up • . .1.
„ ( i. v, «a■ 1. -sa ’z* m si, ii
an unn»n r r; rl.
Mia* Beaver- -v -m and
th® • > arly |.ar r of h-*r life at J- ffer
son Ac: •• .’ * ''
'ho life o' a -r« »•> Do t* * '. '
rr,o«' -’rorgly r o fc'-r nor
did the usual •‘•a -btng ecnooi hoF.
her ln?ere«' 'ran’--l * ■
anker fwo vmji 4 g> - k '* •
Sioux %i Y * ,s h ih** ftx*-»J
«krav.e ouM >T ".r.2 -i < - > Ah
h< r **ay 'ti* h mel on
\* r - , r < -ror.p>'<»d
•j i? r T • ’ * • pfir• •. ni r > K r .A O K *<a
ah amo
aq for ac in
* f Vr . * K' **T’f - *•- r. '
S . , *h' and * fife.
.‘•r ’he v.cr#.% thtk
ir # for worh «hlie
4‘i f T)'‘ <(» if .a** o r.,- ere iUUI
VKIINA ' ** '■.« A (■»*•!
| in nr* * •< or* *a,i ?h*r# j
i * th«- iroi i'ln* •* i \ n:*h bond a« *
if It *#-. m:ui. • ..Mi th* rofh *n« |
j rlaa’h -a. ..n 4i. - .N on th* (
farm of Jo n TV A'. n fir. K<> V
< m ■ ■ or 'a , * * ■» »*A ■ if
i s hip to* n f‘ • r<v H r* all ■ori<i
>f hi#-Tot f>> ,j k |i r*.. #
tayn»d *h* f a i >11) fj * rap
I p«"l In Ea-h I-fii«- M<»n
In r**mo* u,r -> h*ap« Wf at
4 fn'ind rornror.*, ,# f. . fr»ina of 'oru
anil *’ .'•roa of ran# «p1W«'«l with
«r**«f*no<l H» «rrotrt no* Xha'
I r rjt j » ri* i •!)«* lr*ro*J'
j lorn and plan* tF»»n» in hop# tha*
j tom of an arKiopt nilfur* mtfcH * r>»
j acaln prod’i'#»fl hut at th«* t|m# h*
’hou(th' of four*#*. tb#*|r f>r# , a*r.f*
union* t h#> pro# |iid»-fl t.h# p#.*
albllttv of lA# i»rm* b*Mn* r#*ain«.'j
Th#> arro* «aa Knp’ but th* hari<
1* rtppr.l « K *l*ton *aa tvi: ,nt.o a
flv»C*Uon can and bltrt#>4.
Animated t artoons Tickle Cen
sor l ntit—\N ar Stull
Is Ridiculed
I‘AKI> Vug Kr*n<« will ne*
« • »n»'» Mum and Jeff,*’ at l»»u>:
r<" unMl after -h* *var i« over T'lluis
.showd:. * 'h» la ituilinoufi actnuie,
of FU; Fi«her« charactor* **f*re
ion.a t o E'r.ir e fr-*m the United
Stit'e* *e at inaaniitvh
■m ' *n»r a»e.l iiuivm" of tar
it'-* k iful «:-»|. ■ 'h. »n Mr
drae >*»ll n f’an« .ir.J ar* Caturvd
,a* 'he . ' *.ef att: .<*•! r. at any h'">ue»“
ahe-e ih#\ air n«n, nag« flg
• red iha* Viut and left" op t w e
»-.Mi voultl e heartil\ welcomed
!'*le c*r*.’ handhriK the Mlm. gave
\ ’if ’’ rman '*A'*.ng . a French
•* u*ms irwc), ai;»i h.c rmio* of
•wn principal? on M •' film? con
-»’d t'ie F^en'hTien w ■ h laughter
at «n • to take over
he f:!nt' ."•* a goo. pri.e i,nd al»o
-.ed fur ail fuiri , - nlnia rele.i.ed
l' Mr Fiahor i'he: the 'il»»ia *eiv
a Wen *o the nc<r * werjthinx
•; u*’ he pa.s«el b' \t a asie," a?
the rew«p*per rd. f i'! he cen
Vnd 'h«f» wh<r» th* inch «k
The moT’.e* d ,% p t M lit and
« • .» .tl\it:e- n th-» various
a irr.v- In on* of cenea t w .«-
•harari*-- m fl-*l ! « r »' er. 1 pick*'
i hauhe. u • ?ho» 11 ai wii a, nd cap
mriug 1 1ngrit* lundu .m enitre rrgi
' tvctil t>l ► r.'rrh Mvldier*
i'ht-n the i*n «rt-.ifurr* ot Mr.
Fi?herT p-n »r»- - nv n a-* poilu*.
Iv* h*-* th*' kul" and mke **ith
|th**tr ulterior oft:cer- in 'be Krenr‘>
aril' .»n ci uerpetraic of It vll >
• m * 'nformlt\ *l»h 4l«riplir<
!-Mum and Jeff **' Mi-tior« in lb-*
R «isn arm*- \»:u»re ih*‘- lake th*'
\» ■ v >rk •• »fe *h
n iilard Mv.r*n prirr lichi were al- o
rc'r.irdetl a in >sd »a«ti bv the
Ften* 1 : * * nsnr
S tli»* censor Inuih^d
'>*'-11 lie nearh fell off hi' « hgir at
•he p':'uie *ho» ng of the animated
Lar: ton* In the H ire»u •!* la i reaae
t u . j,*. *,,i fpet nil the <*hi>ttiDX of
11 e dims
Thu' t. France robhe.l of »he
pi ' lece of viewing the haiardou*
1 a. tior.v of the irt p 'abl* pair
M toeairr S i»d on %' AS2 B 1
GREENWICH. » onn . Aug
I Join Ti Tyson i '-cung millionaire
of Rtx.rdale fonr •t • lefen-1-
an' iti a suit Hnutglu h> tho P
! .-Son* con.pvn'. * oal and h*
dea.- ' h* re to reoo'er o:> a Ml', fo'
good* of $1.18:.*: Th* j laftntiff*
rtsk ' the income t*n uoo left
•o I*' son bv an aunt be applied to
***** J
j La.e Emptied For Womae's Ring
in a cit> perk here «a? drainr 1
Jof more 'ban ytp i-on gallons of ea
■ tfr th* other !a> to recover a *rJ
j ding ring It).*’ there by Mrs Hugh
1 po.-'er Several days ago while
j A.pruntt *'c nr.- across the surface of
rhe water she ioa* her riri > *T her
! ftneer
July Smashes All
Sales-Records For
Our Wonderful Year
Tire dealers this July sold to car owners more
United States Tires than in any previous month of
this year —our sales-records to dealers prove this.
And this is the year of astounding and record
breaking sales increases for United States Tires.
Such great ~>ales growth proves two things,
—that car owners who have used
United States Tires continue to use
—that car owners who have been
using other tires are now largely
buying United States Tires.
Have you joined this gigantic army of wise
motor car owners?
United States Tires
‘Nobby’ ‘Chain’ ‘Usco’ ‘Royal Cord’ ‘Plain’
Insist that your tire dealer supply
you with United States Tires—and
see the difference.
Man Dreams of Buried Treas
ure Second Time In
Fi\e Years
soou as he U able to Ind a mineral
I rod with which to continue hi» work.
I u Butler, «'f Fast Colorado-si
j * ill renew his h.in* for hurled treas
ure in th<* neighborhiHHl of ihe old
j Miill on the Huntington estate
( Butler has sett* to New Volk in
b* hope of locating the m trument
which he expect? to use in h's
-enn h for several aallon' of fo’d
1 up posed * * live he*’ huriod .* i >n
I tin' ,ig i ;>t Hi,' carl: Spaniard
i - 'Klgh» times have I dream* 1 of
1 -he buried treasure.' «aid Hi ler in
! di-'cussmg his plans "A* first |
j i *>d no atten'ion to mv l*ea :i*.
I'U* thev returned O'rr > period of
1 fi\e 'ears and when ’he details in
e.i.'h were *h* rime 1 made inves’i
ipa ion« ar.d "a* told of l» early
Spaniards who buried treasure in
th** distri ■’ * here the old mi : ! nc>
* and* 1 went ’here ur.d sou and 'h*
i p'xi’e to Se *xxe»|v as mv dre..m*
' * '
Butler went on ’o describe the o'd
I miller "ho supposed »*> have
l b*en killed while guarding the treas
we for 'he old San iL-hnel nu*
stoii. .« M d '.ltd ' v «*»\#ra!oid
ta d* *>f (Tabnei had recounted
the exact circum'tances to him th*
same as m his dream
| Th* trea>ure han’er -at* a *cal
th* woman of I.*" \nge>s ha*- of
ft-ed to finance his work if he will
I give her half ol the find Butler
j refused, and say* she now threatens
I to buy up all the land ami conduct
i her ow n search
I’opular Police Olticer Hits l one
plated 2h Years’
Collet Commissioner John
.Me will ret in a few day a on a r*
’ *|iie«t for rcttrem*nt taadered *ev
j.-ial da's dco In l.ieut t«eorg*
rltch. on» of *de oldest and moat
I popular |n>licc >ni< «i' in the city
l.ieut Fitch eompl* ted J*. years oi
active u i> Aug 1 He w a*, appoint
L*d as a pMiroltuin Aug 1. IX9". and
was cooftrim-d nomths Inter »>n
I De. 31 IBOX. h* was inftd* a ser
geant in th* flr.'i precinct, where h*
ha* remained on duty sine*- Two
'*.*r< -vgi he •'x • pron oiexl to .x
if the police con'miasionei a*ts
faeorahl' on th* lieutenant’s appli
cation for icti »mcnt. h*- "ill as
sum*’ new dtiti* • W nil 1* laig*' down
to* n bank
\F!IY Vt'HK Mr and Mrs Hert
i'ase of Portland <>re ha'e rtni*n
I cd th*’ first leg o' their two 'ears
Ntlni America auto it They
I ha'* cov*T’-d iSiH-a mJ |cs at a *os*
0 f |l4 «»•"'
FRIDAY. AI’CTST 2* . I*l « .
“The Man Who
Keeps Cool” may not
oe a good politician, but he
has solved the problem of
comfort and contentment.
He starts the day right by
eating Shredded Wheat
discuit with milk or cream.
He eats it for luncheon with
berries, sliced bananas or
other fruits. He makes
Shredded Wheat his meat
in the hot days. It is ready
cooked, ready-to-eat
_ /
Made at Niagara Falla. N. Y.
Girl* Dane* Barefooted.
i O.. Aug 25. — Bare
legged and In moat caaea barefoot
ed Cleveland girl* are dancing on
•be bea ho* of iJike Erie no* The
fml *na atart*d by Mia* Millie Peck
bam and Mia* R> rle MeCullom fol
io* mg h \ lalt to San Francisco
i They heard that an English solen
| Mai ‘■aid all vitality la taken in
through the *ol»* of the feet Cleve
| lard girl* ear that w»»er aoaked
■*trd make* he he*i kind of a dan<*«

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