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\V KI)NES I) AY i jAIN(' AH l A , i9I 7 .
~" '' ~T~. ..... ' I IVlrakenr I krrrr .MINI I M**re Oso*. NiXO t* ItiM I >* alrk.*«»r«l. “Vnkf l« ihf i ».t.nifr'' W*r»H*«.r* lair mm* Wmtmrr.
Ilir .1. 1.. I ound»d ISM, | r I r I— .. , ~— —.... ,
Gloriously Ready With the New Year, the One Event That Every
Woman Makes It a Point to Attend
Nearly 40,000 Fresh and Dainty Undermuslins, Beginning With the Simplest
Garments at Very Moderate Prices and Going Up to the Marvelous Hand Em
broidered Underclothes from the Philippine Islands.

HUDSON WHITE] SALES arc important to the women of Detroit. \T7DMEN WHO UNDERSTAND the fine art of spending can hardly
This one, in particular, is tremendously important because of the resist this sale. It is so great, so fascinating, so full of charming
great rise in prices. All the garments in this sale were ordered nearly things, that to miss it is really a misfortune. It is the one great oppor
a year ago. Otherwise these prices would, bo impossible. tunity to purchase all the pretty lingerie one wants at real savings.
Sixlv JVf Cent of .'the Linen Looms of the Old
World A.re Now Weaving Cotton
fhi> is the startling news that the liowm-k m*i*m is facing today. We told her six months
hro that this would happen, as the linen supply of the world is giving out.
et \\ hat I)o on 1 liink I his
\\ oiulerlul llucLon Linen
Store lias Dour?
Cone the linen chests again and
brought out linens REAL linens that "■*
have been keeping for just such an emer
gency as this.
No on** u«pectrd «e had these linen.-* but 'h.-* hn.. laid upon the shelve nf our stock room for one solid
\eai " ait in it to appear In thin while.**!*-. and mak* It « RKAI. even! I«>r the housekeeper
Th» -*• lured Up treasure* which are opened for the first tim- this month, will not he --old at the Ur Mr
advanced price- rh.it m*k* linen an almost Impossible luxury NO. indeed. they will h» sold at the «ame prices
of one Near ago *nd. a> vou know, linen in th* p.mi \<*ti ha# advHncfMl beyond all hounds.
the .*ur' off all i* tht- -al. doe. not in*lud* :t t w remaining piecea. or broken seta like napkins of one
pattern and uihleet.ul.- of another it is a .ale of ( n.MI’I.KTK SETS, numerous one?, in all the exquisite pat
tern.- women like
I!7Damask Table Cloth*.,
napkin- to match, made of pure
Irish flax; all-over designs, in
cluding the chrysanthemum,
sj.ot and rose, fleur delis, sjx>t
and chrysanthemum, fern,
stri|*». coin and dot, vine, rose,
-hamrock and lilies of the val
ley. This nlimiter, while not our
finest, is very durable and ex
ceedingly good looking.
Cloth* 2x2 vard- f«»r IX2’*
( loths 2x2'j| yard*. 14 lit
( lot hr* 2x3 yard*. 11 9k
Napkins to match. 22 in* h,
350 Table ( loths, with nap
kin-. including five l»eautifui
patterns in the next better
grade of pure Irish flax linen
damask cloths and napkins. The
designs are round and therefore
suitable for either a round or
square table. The patterns in
clude the tulip, chrysanthe
mum, , vine, rose and daffodil.
cloths 2x2 rani* for $4 39
< |o*hh 2x2';. > hr*l f*»r i • .’<o
('loth* 2x.T yard- for $6 69
Napkin to mat* h, 22 in* h. t >.25
tloz* n.
Napkin* to match, 25-inch, $6 V*
158 Table ( loth-and Napkins
of double .-atin damask, so
smooth and One it is a joy to
run your fingers over it; extra
heavy; in six stunning round
2x2 >aids fin I 2->
2\2'n y aril- for s*» .>»•
2x2 yards for *7 !•*<
21 Inch Napkin- to match f*»i $» 19
200 Table ('loth.* and do/en
Napkin** of tine double satin da
mask, in seven round designs,
namely, th*- Japanese flowers,
American Beautyrose, chrysan
themum an«l ribbon (a jierfect
wonder), fern, ribbon and spot,
tose and a plain pattern with a
-atin 1 round liorder, of extra
heavy weight and the finest fine
Sheets, Cases,
Cotton Goods
Stacks of them, filling table
after table.
Like all the rest of the White
Sale, these standard, staple
goods are at prices specially ar
ranged for Jnnwry.
IMilow ra*c» beginning *1 12H|C, u|p
to i ti< finest percale rawn Ht 3r,c.
Sheet* beginning at 7ftc and going
up to th** scalloped Htid hemstitched
Hi 11.4 ft.
Sheets and pillow tHHM In match
ed sets ht special prices
< nitron* and shr*'»ingi* b> the yard
♦ hut housekeepers will buy In quan
tities a' the January quoin lions
„rfi,4 11,,,,—Mum HwlMlna
1 """
t loth- 2x2 vard . $6 kO
< loth* 2x2 c y« rd - t>9
Cloth.- 2x2 yard-. $1" 50
(.'loth* 2'**2> 4 yard* ff* 79
Napkin? t<» rnaich. 22 inch. $7 5o
Napkins to m.t|* h, 25 inch. $10.25.
.‘tOO pure linen scalloped Table
Cloths, in many distinctive de
signs. The scalloping, which
makes a pretty finish, is, of
'ourse. machine scalloping —but
beautifully made.
67x67 In* h* -s for $2. 75.
7«>\7*' inch*** f*'i $ > 10
7"x7*» inch**- for $ > *9
S1 \k l inch**- for $7 7f>
9**x9o in* I c* for $12.75 to llu.i'h
125 hemstitched pure linen
Lunch and Table ( loth- m
| many designs. The simple hem
| stitching is greatly in vogue to
lay and carries with it an air
j,)f simple elegance that cannot
I lye denied.
36x36 Inch*** for s,*.
4 >x4k inch* - for s•> 69
54x54 inch*** for $5 25
skx7B inches for $3 50.
:t() hemstitched Sets, includ
ing one cloth and one dozen
napkins. Kxcellent quality of
loiilde damask at sls, $16.50,
$lO and s2l a set.
20 sets, scalloped; each set
includes one table cloth and 1
! dozen napkins. $0 and $lO a
I set.
6i> dozen verv attractive little
Luncheon or Tea Napkins, the
-i/.o one cannot have too many
• >f. all hemstitched, of double
! satin damask of extra fine qual
jity, in many designs. 15x15
! inches, $5 to $7.25 a dozen.
luncheon < i*. nf pure linen In
vnrioii- *l**MKn*. h**m*iitch*>*l
asxaK inch* I *, cloth «n«l 'j do7.**n
mpkin . $3 50 to $3 9k a ***t.
Linen Damask by the yard
in all the different grades of
Irish, Scotch linens. At $1.30
j to $2.50 a yard.
Imported Mercerized Table
Cloths. Owing to the fact that
fitr* of the looms of Europe
IlmlMM'a—Hrf«n4 Klowr— Wat* Hallillm
Soil Nainsooks and Cambrics
lor the Woman K ho Seus
This In S perfectly glorious time
of the \c*r for thr woman who
m.-wk* On stormy. cold. winter day«.
to si) quickly before 1 h*» fire nml
make lingerie, Is Indeed n happy
pastime Them Is so much real Joy
In forming lovely underthtnga out
of n plain bolt of nainsook. Them
Is ihe pleasure of creating under
garments that flt perfectly, that suit
the Individual taste and personally.
In the White Sale we have loads of appropriate materials
for making underclothes. Among them—
20t) pieces of English longcloth at 15c a yard.
250 pieces of English longcloth at 20c a yard.
Boxes of nainsook containing twelve yards for $2.00 a box.
10-inch wide nainsook at 20c a yard,
Extra fine nainsook at 40c a yard. j
Nainsook for very fine lingerie, twelve yard lengthjr neatly
l»o\ed nt $2.50 and $3.50 p«»r lw>\.
These values are made particularly for January
M»«!•»,* •—*•«-* *»*»* Moor—Mils RulMlns
that formerly made table cloths J
nf flax and linen yarn are now j
weaving cotton over the same
patterns, the imitations of linen j
dama.-k made w ith this cotton j
is perfectly astounding.
Many nf them nr** *o perfect that :t
*ou»<) take an expert to 101 l the real
linen from the mercerized cotton mu
Os cour*e. we hav*> many of the*.*
mercerized cloths but evert on** i*
plainl> etampe*l "MKRI’KRIZEfV so
hat the customer cannot be deceived.
Out salespeople will never attempt
to -ell you cotton for linen, they will
slwa>* show you the cotton mercer-
Iz* <1 cloth* and tell you they arc (‘tit
The collection of mercerized tab!*-
wear include* round ucaiTopeTl cloth*
made from the finest quality of
Egyptian cotton yarn at $2 09 each.
Mercerized damask. 64 inches wide
is 39c a \ard Verv good for Inexpen
sive hotel or case 'use is the nter
•erized damask which sells for 59c,
*i9c an*l 9Hc per yard
Pure Linen Napkins in many
designs; sizes 18 inches by 18
inches; from $1.75 to $2. rt j>cr
IHxln inrh. $1.49 per half dozen
20x20 inch. $3.50 per dozen.
20x20 inch. $3 19. $3 75 and $l5O
per dozen
24x24 Inch, s'. lo $7 per dozen
1,325 Dozen lltick Towels ot
Every Size and Price from the
simple little white towel with
the red liorder at to the
lovely white hemstitched ones
at 50c each.
And the luxurious l%iported towels
as hiKh as $1 69 each.
The large assortment include*
guest towels, large towels, medium
• iy.ed towels, towels of pure linen, a
few that are only half linen, many
huck towels, some with hemstitched
borders, others ran he bought by the
There are towels for the kitchen,
lentist or barber; towel* for the in
xpensive little hotel, towels for
lubs. towels for luxurious hotels.
«nd there are towels of every qual
ity. all exceptionally priced
One i.- called the "Everlasting Rath
Towel.” because it Is nf extra heavy
weight it* *lzr t* 24 Inches by 47
Inches, and the everlasting hath tow
el is only 50c apiece.
Women who sew can enjoy having
many little 1 extravagant things tliai
they could not otherwise afford to
In this white sale will he found
holts and holts and yards and yards
of the flnest longcloth and nainsook,
nil watting to be cut over patterns
and made* Into the niceties of the
wardrobe, which, after nil, even
woman likes to own
More Than 200 Salespeople Will Be on Hand Ready
to Serve Customers Quickly and Intelligently
The White Sale underclothes will be
found on the first floor down the entire
center aisle, and on more than 100 ta
bles in the regular underclothes store.
Special Features in the Sale
l,oho Corset ( overs at 15c. 15 models. One, par
ticularly attractive, is of dainty all-over Swiss em
broidery; others of nainsook with embroidery Or
gandy medallions; many are trimmed with a firm
scalloped (machine) embroidery, put together w'ith
pretty entre dux, laces, insertions.
500 pairs Drawers at 15c. Nicely finished with
very small tucks, embroidered and lace flounces;
some models are circular; a great many different
styles to select from.
1,500 Night (towns at 95c. Night gowns particu
larly made, and well made at that—of very good
nainsook, for only 95c! Twenty-five models to se
lect from. One little gown has smart tucks, pret
tily feather-stitched; lace insertion and organdy
medallions decorate many.
1,500 Envelope Chemises at 95c. Some are simple
|little affairs, with (machine) embroidered edges,
iothers more elaborated"decorated with medallions
and lares.
j 350 Petticoats at 95c. Hood, sensible styles that
’wilt stand the wear and tear and constant tubbing;
not quite, so durable, but prettier, are petticoats
Itrimed with lace and embroidered flounces.
750 Night Gowns at $1.45. One model, quite ap
pealing, has Torchon lace yoke; many empire models
with satin ribbons; valencienes lace and embroid
ered organdy decorate others. One good old fash
ioned cambric gown is high neck and long sleeves,
excellent durable material and trimmed with, a con
vent scallop and hemstitching; prettily finished
and well made.
350 Petticoats at $1.45; all be-niffled, all made
with an extra flounce; trimmed with laces and em
broideries; eight different models.
200 Night Gowns at $1.85. Perfectly charming
little affairs. A bewitching little model on which a
-mocking effect is obtained through a shirred yoke;
cleverly slashed sleeves add a piquant charm; very’
fussy gowns and quite simples ones in the collection.
210 Marcella Combinations at $1.85. Only two
models, but these two models are very worth while.
What Every Woman Knows
Th«* basis of the wardrobe is a proper foundation of lingerie.
What k*m* behind th«* frock i* more important to mam
women than the frock itself few women can resist beautiful
underclothes, the) are a« essential to her happiness an the
river i« to fish She simply glories in lavish simplicity, in
sheer tine materials: she adores “the feel" of dainty, exquisite
things, she loves prett* fresh lingerie and above all she likes
to lo*e herself arAid such a fairyland of stitchery as is to be
found a» the Hudson whit*- sale
Another White Sale In The Basement Store
How many muslin undergarments do you think the Basement Store or
dered for the January White Sale? Twenty-five thousand garments; every
piece made specially for this occasion. Every piece specially priced.
Everything has gone up this year. Cottons, thread, buttons, embroider
ies, labor; the very labels and strings are dearer.
White Sale Prices
Nightgowns 50c to $1.35
Drawers 19c to 59c
Petticoat 50c to $1.59
Chemise 50c to $1.35
Corset Covers 25c to 59c
1.600 Corset Covers
25 patterns at 25c. Imported otrt
broideries that Insure fast edge*
Mine. aoft lingerie cloth, dainty em
broidered "dged ones. 39c.
Samples In soft nainsook, elabor
ately trimmed, 59c.
i 11 ' I ,
1,450 Petticoats
Six pretty styles with 12 tnen
flounces ofa imports.l embroideries.
imagine choosing all ones summer
pet I icon Ia ai fl - the*e dollar ones
<rc pretty enough for most any oc
A 3-yard flounce of embroidered or
gAndy anti flsheve lace on on* at
II 59.
2,500 Envelope Chemise
Hoih simple and showy patterns *n
bought long before cotton advanced
at 50c
Combination yokes of lace with or
gnnd\ bands at 79c.
Exceptionally fine lingerie * Inths,
trimmed hark and front atyl*s. at sl.
White Sale Prices
Combinations 95e to $12.85
Chemises $1 to $5.85
Corset Covers.. 25c to $3.85
Petticoats 95c to $lO
Drawers 45c to $5
Night Gowns ... 50c to $25
The New “Luzona” Philippine Hand-Erohroidered
Underclothes Exclusively Here
The little women of the Philippine islands have >een working tor months supplying exquisitely cm*
hroidered lingerie for this Hudson White Sale. It is wondcrl ully lovely, yet inexpensive.
Such dreams of snowy white creations they ha\ ‘ made! All put together by hand, all made over
perfect fitting patterns; the tiny seams, clever little tucks, beautiful de,signs embroidered in a perfect
ly even manner, distinctive of Philippine women. The evenne of the is positively appalling.
The little medallions and edging formed by pun hwork arc unique, yhe materials are u soft, so
fine and sheer, yet of such excellent quality that they are durable.
“Luzona” Straight Chemise
us sheer besutlful njuterlal. pretty chemise-, tlm-h* and with
triple scallop. $1.95. Straight chemist vith rl*\er lint.-
design*, more elaborate designs on more oxpensiv. mod*
-$2 to $5 The $5 model hss an Irish crochet top wii.i
»h»uldor strap* of ribbon the old favorite hand made In * ■
Irish crochet, is creeping into some of th* cxclm-ve under
m-ear again this season.
“Luzona” Envelope Chemise
Typically graceful embroidered designs of i in**--
butterflies, tears, chains, and a gr*at deal of punch wor’
mark the lovely envelope chemise. $2 9 > Seven or * ;rht
designs One model attracts particular attention. >* th*
shoulder straps are formed by ver\ fine saiin baby ribbon
which lace under the arms. Profuse embroidery aero*,- th*
back as well a* the front of thi« model
At $3.95 are still finer envelope chemise. 'The i in
woven stitches are expressions or beaut) slid t«nd <nn
vividly on the milk white material. "The chain nf 1«».
is a pattern used on one of tht-f-5 wnd+4*- —-The
spring" and "tear drop” patterns are embroidered on the
envelope chemise model* at $5.85
Silken Unclerclothe.s
Flesh color crepe de chine underclothes. The
quality is excellent, considering the reasonable
prices; many chemises, night gowns and eor et
covers at very alluring prices.
360 Envelope Chemises, $2.95
Five models to select from; one is a \er\ shut, l,u
model with a tucked camisole top
250 Envelope Chemises at $3.95
Four styles at this price. Very well cut and toon .
trimmed with laces, organdy, embroidered medallion
«ome m«re)v hemstitched; many finished with tiny pit
and blue rose-buds.
250 Night Gowns al $3.95
One model trimmed with filet lace
72 night gowns at $5.00 each flesh color cr* n d* * I »
nf beautiful quality; one model i;- put together with Inn
xtitch which is effectively used as a decoration It p* ’
fectly plain, but is probably one of the loveliest in o- I ,r
this price
400 Crepe de Chine Petticoats at $3.95 and $5
Very elaborate or very simple, as you chon-.
II ■■*»«»ll‘a—Knurl* I'tnor—Multi MiitMlna
Children’s (towns. Princes**
Slips and Petticoats
nt 49c and 79c
with laces and embroideries t
little narrower, a Util* thm*.
youthful looking, material* r»<allv
fine MnusuaJly pietM embroider
*d flounce* on the petticoats Th*
garments at 49c are just ,i trifle
•oiled, but they would hr laund*
ed before using «nv»»' ♦* to 11
rear sites
' ill' 1 ’ ;
H s fir
Hudson**.—Fount* f lour—X.iln tinll.f Ina.
But here is a W bite Sale that brings well-made u iimcnt- it old pti c I**-
rause the Basement Store was well-po>ted anti foresighltd • not a to for.?-
-tail advances by placing orders as far hack a- last spiin^.
Here ate some of the good thing*-:
J. 300 Siiin|tl(* I mh rmn-liH- tiL
J.>c l«>
Chiefly salesmen's t.y.!« th >%»• h* -a flr. >. i wlf* <*» -treme
t are \ litll. ..it...1 and fl.< >■!< t > ■ •' * v ’ n u ’at* .»]t pt ii;t s.
()n« trip to tli«» tub i •! * ■ I.* v • a* I 1 • f Mi. r
Camisole • nt ti.r t. | r ' ••• ' • i- ' hi-*.:-* gowns,
the ml so and, rmnibiu.oltnM A v..i,>R't|:l 04 port unity.
1,050 Night Gown
- turnover 01 Ihkli ii*ci i* »
styles hi r.'n thfc* pt>tt. >t ■ |*■ r•
aud slipover oin s. at t''t.
\V*> never ha*l b<n r t< rr !■
for** than in those at V>*
1,950 Muslin Drawei*
| l»raw»-rs Iri * rplenMd p|tit*t
Mil I'itt* materials ,«»»• ful!T I' i
embroideries in llit- *• at
Very dalntv ta«y and embroid' red
ruffl** on* s c.t r '9>
1.450 Chemise. Gowns and
Quite th** loneliest thing- a woman
p’rr saw at |1 3> in li'dight fully ***•'
“Luzona” Night Gowns
Shci r and soft, prettily scalloped and ornamented with
a simple design in front. $2.50. .
A uttlr more elaborate are the gowna at $2 fit Four
mod>'i. to select from; one with a square neek and the
prettiest -dashed sleeves- another is empire, embroidered
will) daisies.
Vightgowns at $3,95: four model? -one n sleeveless s
tnplie. with a fascinating undcaerlbable shoulder strap. i
Nightgowns at Thp+*r- o»o<IWs t v }r»r>t+ Philippine de
sign the fourth made exactly like the French gowns, with
\oke embroidered in, and set In sleeve
“Luzona” ( orscl Covers
Thi < model ; ( i $1 f1.3, $231.'. and $3 !tf> t<* au' it illy fltte
in materials -and embroidered in French d< -ugn.s.
“Luzona” Drawers _j
l our different stvh . at $1 sm. ft !♦". s22* and wall
cut. wonderful!* prett> designs, exqm He workmanship.
Tin* Children’s bite Sale
Hundreds of crisp and snowy little garments,
all very new and made just for this Children's
Store, come at an opportune time for mothers
for fitting out..their children’s wardrobes.
I’M'HWi r He to tl 'O. Si/p- 'On to sl.
1 to Tit yoart Sizes 2 to t’» years.
Ktiiokorborkor • 2.>r to j. Pot • iront- '.no to $1 Size*
J 1 Si/*'- 1! to In voftr. . | to 6 years.
Mi* *■ • drawers. "0c to fl.i Potticoio $1 to f fid.
Sizes 12 to I,‘> year* , Sizes * to t»> years.
Nightgown-, r.ftp to sr> •» Prim.-- Slip*,. 55c to
Si/.. ti to 1H 'tar; ?1 f»l). 'Si." '2 to (t yen'*.
These underclothes for children are well-cut,
well-made, of excellent materials, simple in.style,
hut attractive in finish. Prices are exceptionally
interesting to mothers.
11 ittl »o w’« ‘I ti I r«< I ‘loo r—\\ im.lit uni TI n I l.l! on
■ I; ’ with
rum? o*, md? b<ind* nd m* d.tliions.
\il w* r< bo .if in w! a prices wnjrn
Silk < 1 . pe de ( him* Chemise
$1.95 and $2.95 \
Alt nt 1 ’ slightlV mu-sod and
t but Mf'tpe tie * ftitv Jn\un
-- re in b tuMfulHf New Idea* ,tn
,*•>>' *»*i -t> «i.. In*ll v f.-uMuine.
t iit'\ m ft*’-h tin»*- nuns in
wfiit* .uni ulncc the rad foc'T'otoc

i)t(t t?!.- is h 1 nAmv Tmi ta t*c

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