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BETS 818
Becomes Senior Vice-
President of Peoples
State Bank
Stands High in Finan
cial Circles Thruout
Whole Country
Following nearly 25 years *erv
!«•»* In executive banknig capacities
John W Staley. vice-president of the
First and Old Itetrolt National bark.
Tuesday noon ana elected a dir*'
lor and w**nior vice president of th*
I’tople' Stale hank. U» luorrcd K
S. Mason, vice-president. who r*'
tires on an annuity Ml Ma-on i.**
the oldest hanker in i*-troit. and
jrohnbly the oldest in the state.
Th* deaths of George H Russel
and George E. laiwson. former pn*s
tdenta. within a short period, created
a vacancy on the executive staff of
the Peoples State bank that h*<
not been entirely filled. Appre
ciating also, the tendency o* close*
relation- between state hanks and
the federal system, director- of t
bunk deemed it desirable to obtain
the services of a banker who would
he fully conversant with the opera
tion* of tb** federal hanking law.
Probably no banker in Detroit ha
rt wider acquaintance among the in
fiucntlal men of the countn than
Mr. Staley. The acquaintance ex
tends to financial circles in the ea.-t
and thruout the middle west state
as well as Michigan
Mr. Staley «u a protege n: th*
Lite John T. Sha». president of the
ITrat National hank, which later at
sorbed the Old Detroit. Mr. Shaw
enjoyed, as a national figure, a rare
prestige ibruout the ooun’.ry. and
Mr. Staley profited immeasurably
by this acquaintance.
* Mr. Staley was bore in Danville
Pa., of Quaker stock, but he ha
hved the greater part of his lite i'
Michigan. He entered Albion eoilegr
In tBBB and graduated in 1 wit!
the degree of A. B One month laVr
he entered the First National bank
as assistant receiving teller. Aite
k filling various position* ha whs a i>
assistant cashier in IJOt
and In 1&12 he was elected view-pro
id'-rt, an office which be ha* heh:
Mr Staley has been active in the
ufiairs f>f the i**iroi' Bankers.’ club,
end lias be-n one of it# nio«t ener
getic offi' irs The club, of which he
has* been -ecr-Larv and treasurer
mik-c lIMJA, ha# probably don* mor*’
TO promote n cordial relationship
anions I art roit bunker# than an;. <nl
• single. factor.
lu addition to handling 1»»-
guance* of the Children a FT*** im*
pita), Mr. Staley ha* tak*n an ..
live personal Interest in i<* • har
itnld* work, and ha* don** mucn u>
promote ii as on# of Deiroit* 1* a«i
-Ins charitable institution'
Mr. Staley la a diractor and .«■*•■
»r nt*-
laclurins company, and o i •
American Wood Rim coi'M-an v,
both located in Onaway. i
In* >lr. Shaw at th*- tiro*- <» the
latter’s death in 1911. He * *■* *! ■
secretary of the reserve ettj f>.>nk
era last yea*-. He i« a member ot *be
University club. Country club I
troll Athletic club, and is mi tn*
board of governors and secretary of
the Bloomfield Hills Countr* dub
Mr. Staley was married in IM7 t
Harriet E. Bewick, daughter of th*
late Charier Bewick Th«y have
on# child and live in Groans I'oirr*
Kmory W Clark, president of th*
Firat and Old Detroit National hank
said Tuesday regarding Mr Stale\ »
“Mr. Htaley leaves us with th*
good will and best wishes of ever
one connected with the bank
“His aenrlces here, over a peril C
of upward* of 25 yeara. h.o •• be* n
In every way to hla credit, and h
consideration of other* has been i '
that you could expert from th* a* t
ttcmnn that Mr. Btal«y la.
“Ilia going la. of courae, a los- t
ottr organiiallon. However, it l» th*
losing of the personal daily comae
with a good friend that w« a,l fe*
Ihc moat
“When Mr. Keen*, president *>i
the People* State call*
upon me and explalnQlSjfiat th*
wished to offer Mr. Staley a post
tlon of an advanced vice presldenr
with that Institution, carrying will
ft g membership on the bonrd and
n likelihood of his succeeding to th*
presidency, we promptly ioog the
position that as friends of Mr.
W you MAD A
LOMO as t mia set low.
ymifr-u Rtitwir
Well-Known Banker
lakes Climb I pwaid
i b. nm
He has }u*? been appointed -*ninr
vice-president of the People* State
Tank H** i- one of De’roit - b*-t
--known back * xc Lithe-.
Staley it w.is uppermo** *n our
minds to wi.-h him Godspeed sr I
the «uccca* that no doubt awaits
him beouu- of his qualification* and
the man ihi' h* -
Regarding the -«*!• ■ ion o’ M
Stab v for vice-president >f The !'***>-
pi*— Stat* ank and th* retire :uery
of Mr Mason. James T. Ktvt. ■
pre-idont. aiu
•*\V* are sorry to los* an a* *•<: •
of such kindly and conservative tern
per anient, and -o ripe ;r. experi* tv •
n» Mr. Mason, hut, fortunately he
will not ®ep.'trace ertrinh
from ht* c’d field of dutte- f> r h
will continne his present ennhoc* n
nun :f> -»ii(v »- a dir«- ior
al*>« a- a direr >r o! fD* t-a
branch, and will maintain a d**>. ir,
th* pank where h:s old friend*
find him
• Hi.- banking « tpenence ts .:
back »o is-'k, *l.* n * w«* c". ■
cd »i r n the * and M:< h ir.- • in* --
bank. From th* ank be wen.
the- Firs: National m Is* \ a fir. :
teller, and upon L * rgarijati.vq .t
the Sta’* Saving- bank ui !--> ..*■
accepted the position ci cashier
Upon th* m-*rg< : -i the St-r- Shfi ■
ii.g? ban .:v ? • l*e >. S■. < rig
bank into the pre-en* Peoples Sts -
bank, he became vice pre.-dv at. and
ha# con tin >d in .that positna until
his resignation t***lav.
“W* rv?nfil Mr j?;Alev !£*)>:
eminently qualified for ir- nm k .j
-ttion, and taken in connection - 1.
I his general popularity and baukteg
• xprri*.ne«* h»- -Lout. *;*• a very vu.
uable acquhJtkm o the official sr.ff
o( ill** lektiajk* i siTi\ tg sirt « .* con
I section ot Mr. Stall y with thi# - - u.k
i trte dl> r-t.iti r.- w* -
‘ 'wet-n the Flr-t in 1 O’d fV : ror \u-
I tional and the People- State -nJ
| sll of their officers
‘Robert \V. Sa. Ii will became
director ar.d ic-president »f the
I Lank, and his i<>ng a. 4 faith' ll
j ice quaiiL* s* .m .or ts*• r* js.-.'i
Mr Smvlm hs- km for nuac *r C
1 ih> r.'.i a..d i. * <j • •• .a•-
f teaslv** in;* rn tt!*>;;.(i b: nt-iag ♦v-
I ....j-j, ri ( j, -t rtj ..] **j. > round
of th* bank ft Dm -li \o- h Am-r
i tea srid continued with fha» i-.-*nk i'i
I Mont mi! tin’*: i'T vh* n*v y ttied
I the Canadian ‘’.«r.k of t o imer * ir.
{ -'he -esvt* • ■’ whn.h J*- p scheu •
; n]
i Fri- t.o. n and S rg iwi'Utt:
1 ~ " - :— : —
I iftatlrution* of u- k;n«l n * !.*
j re*ustiins Ir tv< r. v. i»> <
[ ''ept a pt-ition «i»h ;h»- A4 F--*>•**-
msp hafiti fp** ii tp« »«ik*’ • t

! bank h« contlaued in ht* pn-sition
!of rr*«li ; rr»..-'ag* r.
"M • r#«r* * a! ■> 'h* r* ■ijm-*'.iurt or
'•hark- • W Na-L ?: m Ml I dard •
dlrv'tor-. v hi* b a*'ir n s founu
n»*-e#-arv o*ving to the *#*•• ta 1 .>
ret ently moved hi* farnil.- und all
hi- bu-lnss- #C’ivi*if , t*-( K n . 1
'Vi* vi* he-* -ifx-i rx nut.'ifir-.
tion for a go* and director *nd d'l-'n r.
bis shor* p*-r od of «#rvice mad* a
most ‘avorahj* lmprs4»jor ’
F.dv.prd ll.’imett, aid* : Tna;i (r*
th* ThirT wiid. who i:< < ->n"ir and »
his horn*' with nn a thick M I.* tr
trouble irid who*** cond.tion r*
garded as serloo*. was r ;> r**■- 1!
.Wednesday morning a* b* ir.* mucl
Improved, and hop* i* h« id out L<;
hla physician* for his ultimate re
overjr, tho it Will tie cot. *id era •
lime before h» will be aide to r*
iUtne hi** business Flower* v*r«
pla* *’d in hi* vacant chair in 'h
council meeting 'lu*-d«*\ nght. *
first m-etinr of the n* w year. and
th** flrM r*r* in a Inni: "m*- tha
I the picturesque alderman bn. n<»'
attended Ho fellow < oun* tin * r
|u»H*,-*d a resolution of sympathv *-v
pressing the wish Hi,*' Aid. Barn*!
would soon be restored to h * *ith
Nieboer Named Cb'ef Deouty.
J**hn <' \l<*. ! .. !■ : *>
county treasury' ofTU * h:- b« * .
appointed <hl**l d* nun *i»erid h>
Sheriff ltd ward 1 s*. n N»*bv*“
* ill i • niall i
W Ver#**uv ac*in. count* »*>,.
tirer, leaves that office June * v*,
gouw, who was *fcin’s chief d*pti*»
ia,the courtv treasurers off. t will
I then become chl* f depute -herifi
<< on iln *»«*•< iron* !•**» «»•»*
. uew roll by Uny Uierk Un 1-ay. isn r i
1 the advent of 13 n**w aldermen
knt'Sg T#i*e* Chair.
Solemn! *.»< ! alde.'-n • n Intan* »!
J •’Maurice J K<.* *n<" when *h« roll
|wa railed tor election *»•' a u* w
i pre-id* rs ’ A i Kt'Htlng w.* the
[ escort * and ! o tb* chair by Aid \U.vj
I and Burt«>n
I Aldenuen tti*“n with varies! ;*•-;
I eelctesJ Aid Hindis pre*id**nt pro
*»m Answers ’o the roll call were
| all th*- w*> friiu' William Hatdi*l
Clarence Hindie to Air Hindi*
•1* mighty gossl of you boy
but >pu co*- roe too many mini*--
w a.- the ,-u know lodgin' n’.
To aev the#* and syi her (eretnon
#-,,** . * ,*-.- .* • rvw si ;; *
I filial th- .;..uiber to capac.ty Th-..
earn* «o rapidly ansi eagerly th,*- |
Car " V ' - *n H• k- who wa- at th* 1
porta! Had in hi- regimentals of
! b!u» anil white, had hi- troubl*■*• n
I admitting them all.
I It was i corgeoc.# -ight that roe’ j
th** aan* oi th*-*' v - tor- ih |
I chamber wa- like th** hanging gnr ;
I d* nos » Ltng There werv sr*'a
T ;i-#et- and wreath* of flower- on j
every desk and the president .* plat |
form wa* ’ tvsw-r of fragrance th. ** j
o*n • tb-*! nr* Dob” Ruu*r an 1 j
then tiijch -n > i*-r Maurice Keatinv
The old nor- wer«» agreed thw
;• v - ■ f.• hi--*-- gathering evt*'
! ocMisionevl by .» new council ***** j
*!on A* n .*n*- wtitio-n as ntrn .a 1
tendeai to tm tbeir husband* Step
on the threshold of politics or pass
i Intsv ot'livi n u* the case might b»- j
G* # t« A-e Num»*xui
A f* at ure » ,*- s gift giving period 1
in L*- proceedings Richard W
JH» dm# busin** - manager of The !
V-rof Time*, was given the floor!
and cal!-*d forward Ralph G Miltei*. j
n-w Fourteenth ward alderman. Mr ;
1 Reading told the new soion his M- >
I : ow-citiien* fn the Fourteenth had
1 n r.g- ansi ware*** *o r":v- a «oa- .
ejete expression of *he:r r*-*?s,r*!.
Then M- Rr-n j;rr placed an
i al»rm clock in the fa a- of M:
! >!.tter, and *he th sfraijewav :
j wth ». t Mitt* r ".
liitte tint** "o c* 1 *«-d " for f.■
wa# bidden to ran* around and !
I Thi# was th* real gif’, and the n*v.
! n *i jcno^ l * i **i' .■ |
1 • ‘ V *# 1 1
r oc- of tu* T+M JoK( Ci • '
who wa# \’<J I * xi.
I t * th** n#w ’h ? F r.■* f
[ •
•*]f *« ark *i r .f- *
[ .itr# rittiijr our r w r »\
•Mr H.-memaa. and tberaupon h*
. bar shed ov»r a told w.- vh to AM
' Holden.
. I> *.:}a*! 'n r+* ' V . }!• r
| man borrowed in w a»ch and h-«is
:*.* I earn* in and I was
j - ■. • * . .
j Fresiden: K*»*inc .c *h form <*f
Ia wa’ h. a pr--*!,* from ’h* ex it.
I cl’ fVP predated by \ 1 AlUn.
.nd K»ating * id th* *_i:k *ll
nst of > r:. t-.t h» *i \t9 u:d b* on
* ;rp. *. ■ ry 'Doaduy uizh* f'* r h*
r.ex» »«;* veiij:*
An iropr* -*i v p:,.r : 'he pr»>
f v ft' m "■ n ** ii flf
Holden H>n n fia** ?of thv ,r uy '
to g#** bi# BCnuai . A ? r»- • .
JQiyOf fflf*r*f (1, * ttlkiQK f* •*» d*e*p
( J
f hr>f f ) fti r * hpi.'fia** ras „ it
r A * m J • «. »vr*-meeaae
Aid K**HtiS£ 4*hro m
‘ pf il#
Ms f. P»a- <* f $ *f'.q ff. f♦ * -
.* i r * •• • ... ~ \ rr r
Pfifi ’ «»■— Rtnk <**i i’s«, iVenjsll.
j Wt.»*n. t it, u *;* Hrr tn. b»r, ’r*kl!
■'i'-Tk, arm • vur*>.’ \l >r ■
H*-.* * .1 , M irnftl.
’ *'. / “ * v ‘ , * n
I L >j»|Df *rn 1 11’ *f. (.tH 2A rW l#?. hijfe
1 '
Il ' }
“ AU ' : - "'
Only One 1«*OMO QU'NiNf’
To ge* th*- .line *- ,!l fn*- fijll name
for aignatur' r*f f; w fJROVF Cur**
a Cold In One I>a> 2’a —Ad - .
Km pi re Need*. Our Money and
Our Trade. Says Iteration
\ttache in Talk Here
■ Th*- I’mted States never b.a.l ..
• i.km opiH*rt unity to »xtend it
j foreign than it n**w lia- »u
i'i.tn . ' and« i <d Jukun Herbert \
I :i<dv.l. \me ncan com in* rviai «ttH»'he
oor*-.ii!c(l to the legation of Pekin
ed tie **iitb.v**sy of Tokyo, who a*l
dr*--d a large g-ath.-ring *u IVtrou
r# ir ih<* Ivtroit ftoai'i ot
-*rcc Tui'm »y noon
"( hies go bunk* r* made a move in j
he r:cht dir* lion when they ad
•an i if.*- Ch nes» s’■$ ’■ .000.000 cap
•* 1 T.jd*- follow -a loan, always,
h ' r.:* n* • *5- money to develop her
;ur* s aid n irixid- She wuott 1 j
V' « r:* >n capital*, uuu with h judi !
■H»-is ppUcation of this capital in j
i . • e t ropir* t Me- r* will he nt i
• * \t* r. n Arm ri»- tn j
Th - b:ne-e nr* friendly to th' j
I nroi St.V'-- SYie wants to do:
■ i-tn* -- h : .t *he cannot do it
’ long distune* Xmencan# roust
i'** in organisation in t’hina u» ,
repr*-sent them. The t hme-** ar*
lot m ustoroed to doing bus in e--
ny other way. Other nations have j
ran - «c'ed otYi*-'r bu-iu*-s ;n t’h.n • I
ty foreign orc iniratior..- !’. (.her !
Vme’ican *‘xp**ner- sho’K.d estahimh *
force <jf i- own or obtain re pro
•i? tl= r thru -oir.e other American J
•■< tin- n--e*is and wants American
materials for building and recor .
st ruction.**
(harder 'Are Made in the
Vnnual Flection of
A I ank# added n< v director
'.ange- ::i * -ir vie* pr* sid *n‘.# and
.. .* ..-Liers in the an
rtuai election? held osr the stock 1
W.- ’• r • XkholaoQ SUC ecd# i
• ’ - -*.t I *r>-Ton Nationa
vj- • p- - -i*l**r' T to i'eopie
«*. who -O* -* c A '->w
" b Jr. was el-.v* ; a vice pro
irtving 'hat h-.nk i-m v.* -*prcri
i In a-m* *• v n the pr*-vi«ior
of **■«. c *r*n sc* p„»-.' p Vn >-
De’roit ard the Highland F S' ,r
I.«nk or IlKh.und Dark H* roMined
liar <*■> .*■ * rcr h.-.a« .* •" I
THft h<Ngfffi’A •-<**’%**.♦ Os tF| f ••-?•** *d"
r :, f • -*• ►', *f • r s y, 4t rj r>f.
*•« t r ot tti+ F'iT«l Motor * ;i>-*.)>
* ;*ov f *n< A K - * Mfth <i
’ft f r..’ n* ■ |»u .> I* r n-zr,!.# \*i *
fcij* r x hi- former dr* "tor
AD *n M M.«i *■»..•>,’ *r
the Ps»*jcard Mo»rr company .:r*l
.*•( **trh mad* Hire*to.'* of »hi
'■ ♦ bourne R g-*o.i*»
reside a*. rYiai*l»>.s O Bail h a.* trtade
v • ■ «n. r.g -part
Will S' ' ! vi '<r*«irv *r:d trees
if* 1 - of ’h> w ;..w r A Com* .
* •:>'. rerl *•*.’, •> d***J'*r*. wn- rfdd“* y ■
•o the (,o;,rd ot ih» F>*iei»! EJta'e i
l ank. -■.!*’ ••. imir <*hn L enior of i
.In V son.
k a 'l*.;mii *~* r. n>«c**r
for }’a k“, Davis & C*»Tnp~r.y *u* \
1 » direct•• r of th*- l'eo; i*ur!'r
d* <>•*.. y v* ndertt of b-incbe- a
' n*v,- and ri ,r* <*n*
r- t: i-e n* R’.rr * !h.-*
; w •!• W *l* * ■ and ;i dr* I*>r *»f
•.'t'-'d t' *.i *r,■. f r . , ..r.
I '* * .■ te » y
.1 Iv K r rn 4nd 1,. K 1 - •-*.* r w* r*
«ho * n to ?■ I teo "• th** i« a ». i> ft
.* **alfh s v n? b nk thru th *. m-*
«-r* of v \ K j;* • r Frok
If: R irhman f*nd F*r.mk B Wtikh.
• . vr« n'o S ; i»h a .*!*•« K-tj
, - :,*.i-. *ant f;rh>: * f th** <’entr*»
h-avin< bank H* b * »■ *• with
•he hank m*ir* than 'hr** year*, be
Jo * ;.h A R*. i&nger, John W.
! D-. r**! f'hari* »• ' .* r i<*. were
! m*d< dlr*-*ti *.f ih*- Amerl'sn
(State bank, .nd H V Maue; was
j * j <t< U man ,;vr *»f he»
liilx rliitixr li.» Ksetnin*.* I. It
W III*, *s|.‘.l*lol *. ,lh* autlltnr
1 .: * . # * * # \" a ;,v
K * A r.,e/f«
I rn t r »M| • - • -lit • -*l •• A
jin •lift'* I % Nil /i |r I* « obßmfß
hi* hy it * ©fit, ffp |a *h«
i-. t e *
i A l>
,»n l>o No More Kor fhem
Phan He Has Already
\V \SHIMSTON Jan B> Express
in„ rt i that "m> many .xrd**n!
* in tli* >iiffrag*‘ movement
| failed in ih* UM rlecil ’» to gppre
| . ut*' thm tli«' Imiuvniu' part> whs
i..ore inclin'd than ih*' U>n to
• ,ip iht-lr r*UM‘. I‘i> sflmi \\ iNon
i Tub'll*) rtfiernoon infortt **d neveral
hundred ttufTnucrUr' he I* not In a
i ;h>» ■ hi to do more than he bat* done
! in ih* tr behalf.
Presided Wilson »losed his rv
marks b> .saving "woman suffrage
i' h .au.'t' in *h eh ! pcrsocAlly be
j In vc.”
The president today cut down on
[i h« oratory planned by ;ho suf
fi.uieltes Just before th**y assembled
for their memorial service in the
«ast room if the'White House for
me; Milbollind Bidssev.xin this aft
> moon When the president loam
**.. there w->re to be three or four
■-rtkers and a* many hundred s*uf
frag e workers in Lh** delta it ton be
.nt work to the (\>ng:ea«tonal
l nion that there would be only one
Memorial resolutions were pre
i n?*-d to the p-eaident.
Measure To Make Capital Dr>
Mill Now Go To
Sheppard ptohibiuon bill to make
the nation s capital dry after Nov
I next parsed the senate late this
aiternoon by a vote of to 32
Ur. ler the term'* of the measure
;i inculcating liquors of urD kind
ui *e brought into the District of
h.imiii.i nctp» by individual* for
• .r rer> >n J • < *e. ?n 1 tor medlctn-
The bill c •*-.» to the hoM-**. where
i* t« etd to pass The
<nv it is • •'*%« i, will rign it if it
,;«t up in hiiu
<renti «and r«(r On*i
_lltv ’h*> tro’ - n]e Pi 'he b did nn d>-
..**i i w ,r«en fr->m x bad sys
tem rat'-er *h,in per«rr.a! ***urt C' r*
i- .-arefu* *"*iMon tr
! * cnrt’.pl**r revision of lh*-
f’ndu* -' fe In submitting in
<•'her pro >*• 'ion for a n**!i** T»I •
l l«r would endanger this needed
irr.provt n# n' ;»rc n! nir to th
r aynr T > < ir ••-■d mature d*'’ib*‘ri
» n *n? anproral for the span
•* hirh h - me ir» -aid. should fc*
j- ded a• v- ** :;'«blo .ippf •'1 n fle
at ei’her *nd
Highland pa.k is or.e and th*-
am** community a- Detroit. and It
citizen# should not be allowed *.»
-hir*v 'h-ir r»--p' nsibility in *Ol vine
th* »v * problems and helping iv
t.i advancement. »»'-d the eaet’jtlTe
in advocating annexation a* »ho
.'ago af 'he time possible
There in a tfererai demand for
• ili*-r eminci! and th*> p* o*.
il* b- ■ ‘r. 1 ds.ino- *o , ,
n t-n a rounu-il at-largo or reduc
t.-.r of sard reprejtenfation troni
••*0 aldermen to one, the mayor d*
dare I P»* urred *epsrafe e|e.
•ions 4 0 that municipal Issues ntlghi
no’ t>* • iouded and fha' *!i» rro
»h‘n**ry of ei'-<-*inn* rrik*" h* mad*
More Power F<*r Vote Board
Tl‘ *« 4 d that the rJr-Tnjr ,
r: in r**urr,- no' -~ w od
» and nefhrienry }>' t rrnd»T* and rornjj
»*on more p-ob'rhle Me oryed tha
th»- ejr rt|r»n r-omml«elon ’•* give*.
r«v* e* to r-o-re/ * <h|i condition Me
»p Ue «f movenm' for th*- rr< f
but d:d not
n<irr«» Jt
••p»rn-neilv f t>r''« ve the n*
*f-n»l Übe' i » but little if any.
nfti''nce on nrlrt'iion *of ir>un , cio;il
•J ej it* b- < >t*«e n f •»!#* tn''-o m> n
p#’ in • i< h the pr-»« and «p« ti<
p»>«. nt th»- i• *t j *-« raid Major
M rx
Orrf n»n'e- ahotlld he rodlded a r ( d
<h» m ’e** r-rr * e'lm rttH that
•rp" ft nt nod rtu* 1 1r it <>n* l»*■
wr * r*fj •« <1 tt» mr
rb *fje'r r* v i* n *he
i may r dmratrd th <♦.. thl* he rlor»-
Iby at* ry i_ ;' n l»v an
I other menu l« rue" t,era« r>»*. nnd
! nrred airmen to initiate p-orr»*.»-
• IV** rhs* »er ehen*e> wt*hnu* fOTf
in» the peon!« to tjo thia by in
|t'at-rr pet*tbina.
"Pr'>rre««i\e U-aialxtlon ahotiid
not onlv l»e f .ater*-<1 btjt Intt'ated
by publle offlr.Hln. ■'* declared the
l'nlea f . rtepv are taken imtnedt
atelv to H»p«rate tr »dn- a* rror*-
inrr, the rifj- will be rh»rr«| with
reeponaibtWf y for future rni«hap
-aid • li*» mayor who ulmitted tha
rrad* Vfpartition won- hn> not be»,p
I earned on eaflafar’ortly *o far
brg»% Night Court \
The mavor ud’orared A ntrh<
jtOMrf that roanr pri«r.n'r nrt iaa-1
tof onl’ minor oTenae* miaht r
i turn to ’heir home* without navjna
'to remain at pollee headquarter
j over nl*h ;
'Him J»mr- Cou«»n* rend* tn bn
1.000 New 1917
Lingerie Waists
In the* Jar.uarv Suite at
* 2M and *3 J°
InWividunl styles in Voile, Linen and H.ttist**. Mhii>
tinjqu* f**;»tur**s in ih< n«*w collars «nd cuffs
ILitnl • tnbroluered L*< *- trlnmtetl and many wit li
tun tucks, iieniclilchinK or diawtiwork
New Striped Linen Waists, .55.9,’,
Sti.l Farther R.duclions in
High Grade Winter Coals
Values Which Must I>e Seen To Be Appreciated
Women’s and Misses’ tailored and fur trimmed coats in Velour
Cloth. Hroudcloth, Silk Plush. Zibelines and wonderful mix
tures. in staple and prevailing favored colors; silk lined
throughout: fashionable, flare models—eemi-fitted, loose,
belted or semi-fcelted. VII si/es, includini: stouts.
A Surpassing
Sale of FI RS,
I nnieasured Values
estimates calling for a larger i
lice force, th*- mayor urged th 1*
aldermen think of the holdups and
crimes, that have happened in 'h>
city and approve the jdan for an in ■,
cre«*e 'n the fore* The nia>o
said an increase Ln crime na'
ural in a city so prosperous »n 1
growing hs Detroit
Mayor Marx recalled how th*- •
trem- h« at of last cummer pr -'*
present pubitc bathing faciiltWc 1:'
tdequate and urged that the ; ir.<
• omrrt*sinner be given suffle -it
fundi to make entargo (
Following are th*- parte of th* ;
mayor’s address pertaining to th*- ,
- bw,i> proJ*«t and other big im ;
ji-tn -m* n's
~ (h** -*r>r»tr'i!*tton of *
* b-v »v »% *f *rr to pr-*v|*le f«*r *he
** •*. 1 -*r-f f alt ’#
- , - t.* t tr nsporf ,t; ,r» Wo .. ■
1r i t- <* the c p-n*t*-ir t»rne juir* J
of ir. i o > 'he to he ,r
t* -r »tr t » i th»
w.*ul< r* • art’-* *■ t V ’
a I dirortion * of th.e and h *
trim frr <*« »»■ » ' «* * K
<j -.tr and t **t -a - *
Third that •* I'ratirfae#
line the -r r J « »
far I*w r •h ’ t
In g * . tb» **nvt» e r-■ jt /’■ ’■>
«- • v » > "ike ’r ff
w .vst• 1 il 4'*> 1 * 1 . *< 1 - t*
K<> ; irt’ y 'hat * *» ***■ |
rtf '-rids and fte -- t ■ • »' ** ,
• -its ay »>•'.* m uld -on m » v *
•■-« ' v •sr « l' f* ** • thl*
>,et a«■ »n f h** ' y an * * f • * '
Rsi'wsv w >utd In a” J k—We
h od - result t tat s H subw *' ' r
c- 11 >t I < n t r 'J ‘e
•!* and n *1 • triffti- survey a
h- r*- ' *1 »h-- r ■ ** nt a in die'ri-t -
e .-r ’ .ndir.g the • it "
Siihway iml) solution
In »ril* *'f th* « he* « ■ * h'l- er I
f.U I We tie-, e ths* • -
IT ■ r 1 r - f-i 11 ht tO
* . -,r,erru tior. .»fa •’> -r •
i> .'Hurt-, system. It Would *-m *
th*>. anv oth* : a t* mpt at «>’ »*« the |
’ i«ti*|"M •’ 1 *1 pftj!*ilefj I 1*
, *, n*. *h..-i . f * ik li ' 1 • '
* , it h- a ■*.et 1 y and * *. f*< .It -t ■*
Detroit >*w*a It to its i-r*«er,t »n-l
f ill.l. resident eto *.TI . ••hsihT* : «»>d
p* r*i a-• n*;»- th- trans ortat n i>i
whi . In th.* a- in e try it r |
1 . .. .t. t 1 ‘ .i.i.l , .
ing>r»ui'» of it * »er\snl*
1 . ntly' t *>r»* 'ha* * tr |
* nor*' le *' di onfer in.rned *teiy 1
vi*h *he lioard of *trr*i ratDs.vi. j
~ •*' in**i •* It • w 1 t in in :*
Ih, n- e ~. • .1.f,. t*. t r vi-Je a .j*
•a, • vat t n f.>r Detroit
V nr • -r* ml > v, le tho *>ly
mtt-s* wk.ttr the • < figrstion on o»ir
ir-n* i*l a-.en.jes and arterlee. s e I
- - *rv f reitevtna thl* «- * « •* *r ’ j
rt 1 the » '•*o a f •— f' a. ti
•tr*e'a m the downtown *1 *’*' *■ ‘ ■ |
> ■ >t > u Ho a r ■ t f* *r <• tn ■ \ »Mm
*'d»-*sik» the remo at of 'eetaif,
par a ways arid th- nstt.-tion of
• i*' ant n**? a'l'i no th sr.J h 1
• . '» -« r-.e*- #tr< ■*■ r.
•S**t •«*< I » -i »t r u t n *if
f 11. r v j r*'s p-ira ! I to •- j- ■ fret* a-
I'efferson end VToortw-ird 4 «e as
well a* one extending from th* »<*•'
■r f 1 *-»tr*mltV Os the r|ty e;ro>
Wo*>dward• av» a» a r n* >n -e th
t<'js’n***e 1" t' - t I* a'eo advl\*ahle.
Ilnl'dlnx tod' Fisllr.
DlaiaU-IKLUia w h ’ on * jet *-f
the WutHt M
t nn-' for >n ' * t-* -' Th 'Critl
rl- >1 It ‘.ft no **r .. l* t e . flon «.n th*
»> • m ««j..n* * fT;s lave *rl’*-n t h«»r
| Hfi'li'M * th* <ll y without < in |»e|»-
1 -iji n. till la* l r rt ev'-'en o"
• ir. *.- • • r>. ad for n »h*
t*l > tin* in (*»* -I <*;• * D r
,i>; \r* h i t*-' t«, w I 11 ha- long 1 o
* re,| lrd*> rtf.*s -e 1* * e •
* t* < h ndly * rtered t-> *-ot* rate
■ tth th* 1 .tv in .1 1 e |:iion of n>
' t* .. ■ h t a- n> r* r- r' - • r
' • i- r,f »h- ii *pi r' n nt Is a* 1, *|s’ •
. i«. • te.n 1f . I*l t ■ I' d.ii t f " h
* f thl* ’ ft, 1
! r -r rt we| hs |irO|i r'- t In t
:the, h' tlih ant saf ty re-i•ilrertlnn'
jof a rapidl:• n- • n» p -pututi -*»-.
I I hetfeve lh*l the t-on i*- n •"■'in
! should In fn* I t»f*-lv run- -1 r tl < -
•tpion of th* co-1s In conjunct, .n
i l*h th* hulld'ng ronimlMl'iii' rs ft*
1 Detroit f'hapDr of ArM-hltei-ta. f e
h ilfh a j*horlt|e* and r.th*-re 1 mt> -
i*nt to asaiai in -su h an und-rt tl. v
To it * e« mm n I‘oun 1 II *>( J.*tr
■v* forward *1 tl.e plans for the r *-w
llrite Is'e hrl'Jge prepared hy m t
■ * Kent hoard of ar*h.te>'ts and engi
neers. It tins been sngge t* I that
an amendm* nt aothorllng tills irn*
pf. em*nt rn'.ghl he submitted at the
*prin.- election without in-alldating
th<- bond issue by • hanging th*
a rn*in '■ t a(i*(llA*d In the previous
.*tnend' tent
While w* are eager tr* see folk
oin.n«-n■ »-*i *>n thla inrtpfovement l
behave it would be unwls< «>n our
nart to take any thane* a.th a to
1 at'ii* lunmts lon of th- u>l«ns. A
delay of a fee- months will *•* less of
a hardsh.r *t,an the f.'.«a|i.||My f an
*v*’-daimn of toe bond Issue If th*
I .D* r ■« • .ii'ii Itled llbxalh ,
! fn ronne-flop w *!■ *t.c iyV-* bridg'
I 1 t.-. ominend (hat io it y»-*r i.rahfe
J body fake su h |»* « sra <i*<»s
I af . to *• *'i* 1 * e t*roperf\ in th* v,
j 'nity **f Is (Ter *. n-ai e an. th* ho«»-
|evafd that th* hridg. rna' havs an
! .si near h in k"*piog with its t.sgiitv
1 and practicability.
shaald Ins*) Hlgklssk t'ark
p<*f .r* th# federal en«-ia ..f ia.i<)
| h*lt determine t>»*ro(* a i*osition in
—— ytw' i “•** • ■
4CV.U **O«IHWM * UAf*
th* Ist ( f gr»af >t *i. ths annsxa
»l n- * II ghla*ul tbyrk should bs.-.im*
an acr.implishsd fa* t Far *p«rt
fr. m th- *iu».siif-n of msr<* n*i ni.--**
’h* a* t i that Dg*r .t an t Highland
In k ars n» »n ! th sums .-omn. in
it, Ths it'K*-n« of that illatru t
*i 'ild n-*t dsny th* rrst * f ua th» ir
\ and n ths k rg of I**trolt •
p:i*bl*ma and I iann«>t hi !i*»t that
■n\ ■ n*,<t*r i’T> numbs*- if th*tn
» t*irptsd by tarrikjrary. «>r
. ;n*c* • *-r»ttf'rt t’ >l** tin n
»11 th - « ID wb*r« *o mmi of t b -n
urn th-ir living and whn h H'**ns
~\ . , ... th.-• r and strict It* i *r. * .
win . bar.i t-r A rlvtc prids n »
-«ur „i : .•. ■ i nt that
* -*nga a.» rightfully to th*m as to
Georg** T Gaston, former cit.
''lark an<i sheriff b*k been off' red
he p » »icn of pr bg'.on ofT.cer of
h«* ;o' re court by Jmticw S'eln
i xnd Heaton Altho no dsrt
; nn ncement ha.* b_en made,
1 • ; -u I *hat fl f, >n is gun *t cr •
■» n fr arrspt Lie place
.1 rw -a rrmnnger the 'tarx
*,<n at the ia,r r*< ? n and
*. ■/ * the mayrr su r tur cd to
, r*. th r** ha* b en much «p**c.u
; : n is to -hi h city p ,»t the
f r< r «h**r ff would g**t a* a r<-
arl for hi* service
The n rrer ms rumors c nr**-n!ng
the fstgra'inn rtf Police Cofumta
stonrr Couaens named G*»e'on as t
The probation r»ying f i soa
p*r 'yr |, wy il minor importance
eompamij with what many polit
< lans thourhf i!»*'nn w ould a»*L but
it 1- s.ild In city hall circle* th«t
ibis job if the only on* that t* nn
liJ* l and that •inninn will receive
i ni'r* remnneratlre reward <*-■*
»« th* minors inMr preaepta j*
Wolf to th** mayor
H i/.rl Hamilton exhibited marked
.jm:*'on,« of stage frlghf when *-he
neared .a the r*r ntt court Tues
day to proseute a suit for a divorce
■■rom William Hamlltott b*it the at
•racfivener t of her clear compl* x
| |r*n blue ey< -a. slight girlish figure
nd handsome clothe* won her an
alt* nth e hearing •
Hh»> declared that the sd*e'r' *rt
r »t *• sstnt* of her fath r, the
atr f'harles |»in~s. well knn • n xs
a fsiio*-. Tad had to psv the debts
of T r I i**ti.ind w*ho failed to suj>-
' rorf hr r
"|fn hi'h f worked since 1 st
1 M . * ;A.
Th-y livrd t'’gether four v*m*<
■»p-rnt ng a y»-ar ago t% t October
S' e got h»T d'-cre«*.
Mri Doimtn h id sup'ioaed
*T. - » h< r husband, MlrT ie| Prnmm,
a railroad man. had held po*'»«on«
; is a y.-'f ltr aster, snd D»ld .ludgtt
Hal’y no In ss’ Im* him for a dl*
; voice from Pm mm but the eourt
t InD rrup’ed her to derlrre that tliat
| v.as Impoatilbie if he drank as she
"Ho never misled a pay day with
out getting drunk.” she said
•‘And how often was he paid**”
"Rvery two weeks
[nimm had been keeping It tip
for something like in years, aho
The eourt took the rase under
consideration for to days
Bertha Vlulf*' t, who has he.-n
inarrir-tl to her husband. Alexander
for in years, asked Judge Mandell
for a d'f/ree on the grreinds of
( r'leitj- She alleged he threw lan
terns n' her and smach'-<l In th**
| door" of their house Because of a
defer m th« filing of the pap«rs,
1 Judge \J mdejl rontltried the < ase
• until Wednesday
Prlstln*—»a- ststs sea, king—that
' It rtaht—Tlsses .lab r>»,i—Wata <*T»
VV Kl> N KSDA V. .1 AN 1 VIM I 0 • 1 17 •
Jjh & ■
M : 2
A Surpassing
Sale of FURS'.
I nmeasurud Values
Forces Wayne County to Fay
lncrra*»ed Sunt for 1917
Cement Supply
The good road* ?otT.mi*sitvn re
ceived bid* for material* for work
during the coming yetr amounting
to s23o.fl<h) in It* weekly meg-tinf;.
Building materials have g<*ne up
In price sharply since last year,
largely because of the rise In th**
pr.« of oal, large quantities of
whlh are used in the tnanufsturu
of I'fmsnf, according to Elmer G.
K're. secre'a r y of th*- commission
For 70.000 bsrr* Is of cement, ap
p oxlrrately «140,t>*-0 will ha\e to
'•« s *nt
"One small plan' which s ibml*-
'ed * bid uses four carload* of coal
i day.” said Ricr
For the 2 '.nrc tons cf sari that
w T go In'o the Wayne county
r is dur ng 1017. .in nu’tay of
ah >u? |2<>rioo u r he ne •••4,ary; for
.*lO 000 ton* of rtxi.*. >7&,000
t'o* ri|**aloners !l ,, :gerty. H nes
and Butler attend and the ro***u ng
Ab ut 20 flnn* submitted hid* Th»*
c.f n'r icts probab’y will b«’ ltt dur
ing the coming W . ell.
Members of the Michigan State
\ eg* table Grower*' association,
'which 1« holding It* annual convan
tion In i)e!roli In Hot<*l Tull. r inad>*
addre.-aes on th<* opening dav. Tuee
day. The general trend of llu
eailier si»Mech* s whs that there w,u*>
a great need for rn»*n on the Tann*
an*l that boy* should Slav lh**re. It
va* argued shat young men can
make mor • money, h.ive hotter
health and ’onger life than if em
ployed in the cities The greai
trouble, it wa# H*id waa that lann
life was not aufflt ienlly attractJv*
V® keeji the youth there. How to
nake iVie Mfe more enjoyabb* Is one
of the orohlenis the farmer lias to
figure out The automobile, w Inert
has brought the farm < *n th»-
city, Is a rreat help In tliat direc
C W. Wald. «err*»ary of 'he or
gin'ritlnn. said th**re was lift I*-
chance of snv grest reduction In th*-
*» fe of vegetable* within a \eai
or two.
I b«* folloc Ing offleora were elect
rd bv th*- inn or more members
[ r*-sen'. president O. r R.ivllar,
PI piouth, Mich.; vl**e-pre«ident, R,
York* r. Grand Rnplda; t reaaurer,
f-.urje-e D l-. s Gr nd Rapids, nn*l
.erreiary, ( . \\. \\ aid, East I.on
“U kT s*>l follow sir n*rti*rt Itesr
ttoSm 'I roe's h-ih't Im the rk -r-*rlsf
if * -rUI- s' \\ d*•- > »f holding Srt
o*’ l *’. <o ih ni■»<- a* we r *le on
th* |t|-ventilat'd. Insanitary and
gaclic-ste* pe l D F It .-nrsT*
a«lie.i a w<vw*,n witnessing a n'r
f..rmin of 'King tfenrv Vld"
»hl* week 'n the Detroit opera
house IflstoHsns reror*l thst
"fVolsey, w h*ne-. er h* was 1n a
. r****- 1 or pester* and with suitors
held to his nose a very fair «>r»ri*e
w-i if ih meat nr S'lhai an'.'s
within was taken out snd filled up
again with (tie part of a sponge,
wherein wa* vin*-g,-ir and other
•(infections egxlnst the p**sMleat
alra "
“That's what I eall a tlehllsh l*»l*,”
said a man as he watched four
other men unload a piece <»f plan
glass s. Mu «s the side of •
and lift it into pis **. "That sort
of Mdng would g*i <-n rny n*rk ••
if 1 had to mak- rr> living that
wav itne slip and a wav goe, a
month s salsrv"
For Infants and Children
In Use For Over 30 Years
Always bear*
I StfrJmr* of

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