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■ ■■' y‘- —~ —l» i. ■
Detroit Mau Prosecute Coal Brokers
More ’ Ktr6n.tr Points
Fall Into Hands of
English Win Footing 1 In
Foe Lines After Many
PETROGRAD, Jan 13—East
of Monestirka ,ind Kachlnul Ru
manun force* succeeded after
a violent struggle In throwing
back Teutonic troops and oc
cupying some of their trenches,
today’* off'c Aa I statement de
clared. Three machine guns
were captured in the Rumanian
LONDON, Jan 13. —A Russian
naval souadron rp.ded the
Anatolian coast on Jan. 6 and
tank 40 Turkish sailing vessels
bound for Constantinople with
heavy cargoes, according to an
announcement attributed to the
Petrograd navit staff by the
Central News tod. y.
Sixty-three planners were re
ported captured
HERI IN*, via Sayvlle Wireless
Jnn l'T Brin-h form-* gained »
footing t:i in* I'l.u i north of tUr
An* r* . follow ing a number of at
tack aga n**t S< rr< the German offl
ciAl star, nmnt ad today.
“North of tho A»irrr the Uurlish
launched new nttm k- against Si r
re,’’ th* war office “aid. "The grea*
*r part of Hunt w**r*' sanguinarily
r* pul.-*'4» I t >n on* position the en
epi\ im iI a f xXinp We hol*l the
dim in jio it; *i n.
Sto: nuns-' and capture of the-*Bu
mani iti tow nos Mihalea, with It-*
Rt ;.* n rnrr!* *n of t"ii sol diem, a
number *>f other Huipianit beln-i
drowneiV in nttciuptini to escape
h* ro*"t* tli*- Set* th, was reported.
’At the Jun< tion of the Buzaiil
I* nntinnrd on l'n«r l-'.tgM)
Troops To Come Home
*When Pershing’s Col
umn Reaches Border
{HtnfJ (’•>) respondent / wife I Prrnt )
WASHINGTON, Jan. 13.- The ad
minl itration pinna so strip the bor
der of it m militia |t nard before
March I
Such action will he taken after
Gen. Pi rahlng's column I* with
dra w n
Pershing's withdrawal In stated for
an early and tie.
wireless report that Ambassador
Gerard bad said at a rerervf Merlin
banquet that relations between Oer»
manv and America were never bet
tpr slnee th* war started thsin at
present is substantially correct, ae
wording to word from Gerard to the
•fate department today
Hopes To Find Ground
For Continued
(Stnf* Corrrutondrnt l nurj Press.)
next move of the United States to
wards continuing peace negotiation*
i* in the procet*.- of formation today
After a conference with hi* cab
Inet yesterday a? which th* tntente
reply to his first note" was dls
cussed In detail and after a lone
talk with Col House, rnnfldentla'.
adviser, President \Vtlson has be
Klin laying the rr- ork for fur
ther mediatory neg t at ion*
Them*. it *is understood, must
necessarily b*> highly confldi ntia’
for a time
Those immediately in the pres,
dent's councils say the time for
open communlcafion which must of
necessity include much bombas*
for '‘horn* consumption'* and to w in
th*> sympathy of neutrals, hat
pa-sed If any headway is to he
made now it must he developed
thru se< r*t channels, they believe
If is deemed likely by some that
the president will he given his tirst
cue if he does not already possess
confidential advices from Ar"ha«Ma
dor Gerard by Von Hethmann Hnll
weg in an address before the reich
stag on the Kntente li'rtns.
What th«‘ president is looking for
i« some common ground on which
the Knfen'e demands and Teuton
concessions square sufficiently to
give him a basis for effectual work
In the meantime, the submarine
bogey again looms as a prod to
American efforts for peace. He
ports from abroad confirmed to a
larger < xten? In German circles
here, indicate that If there is no
peace now Germany will push her
warfare oi\ a larger and more re
Iv-ntless seal**.
Ambassador von Hemstorff. how
ever, has assured that there will be
no further violations of the "prin
otples” which Germany has agreed
After a cho' king up of cars parked
In the downtown district, which
showed that only about half the
owners In Detroit have obtained
their 117 licenses. Police Commis
•loner <"ouzrrts anntuincrd Saturday
that he had rescinded his order al
lowing motorists until Jan. JO to oh
tain the n«vv plates He has in
strurted policemen to make a note
of all ears hearing 11*1*5 plates, start
Ing nett Monday, and unless the
owner can show that he hns made
application for his 15*17 license a
complaint'will be made in recorder's
Paul W. Voorhiea chief assistant
Itoeeentor, has audit rlg*d the | su
ance of a warrant for the arrest of
George UHf, an attorney, for alleged
f harp practice. According to the
sworn complaint made to the prose
rutor, clients of Olff handed over
*?k for fhr adlustment of a CH*;e
which rotild he settled for that
r.mmint Gift is "aid to have de
cla red that the money was dtie him
as an attorney’s fee, huf a receipt
for aa attorney’s foe disproved this.
Tabernacle Twice As
Bits Would Still Be
Too Small
If tbr> big Billy Sunday tahernaclr
on Grindloy field won- Just twice as
largo as it is. |t would still be too
small to properl> house the 1917 j
automobile show that will open next
Saturday night and continue for a
week. The taberna<U, now called!
the It. A I)A auditorium, has the
largest floor space of any building '
In the city, and yet is sadly inade
qua'w to house the great number of
automobiles and accessories that
manufacturers would like to exhibit
at this great sh »w, which, it is pre
dieted, will eclipse any exhibition
f the kind cot given with the pos
ihie exception of the New York
Since Billy Sunday left the tab
made the vast building has un
lergone a great change \ ceiling!
as been put in and a floor, which j
i 1 t ing carpeted with green denim,
will 't he the place of the famous I
sawdust and tan hark across which
many thousand- of penitents drag
god their feet when the evangelist
awakened their consciences with his
fiery eloquence.
To carpel the floor required 15.000
v.t.ds of denim, while the same
mount of white goods was .required ,
lor the ceiling. Then tD• • Detroit i
\utomobiln Dealers' association in
HtiilUd a steam heating plant at h j
cost of Jib,ooo. That sum is the
rental for the apparatus for tin
week. The boiler Is in a separate
building removed some distance
from the auditorium to eliminate the
possibility of h fire
12.000 Lights Used
The huge building which for a
week will house enough cars to
transport an army, is to t e illmnl
Cold wave tonight:
This Is the warring from the
Uiuteil Stales won*her buredu. and
the < jtv had better keep wrapped up
;.nd take no chances because of bat
urdny’s mild temperature and mow
It will get colder during Saturday
afternoon and the cold ware will
rome during the night, snvs the
weather ninn. who also announced
that it will he cold the first part of
r« xt week By Sunday morning
thermometers are expected to be
around »h • r* ro mark after a rUe to
2t> above, Saturday morning.
After the middle of next w eek will
come wild weath**.* i gain and n.ore
snow-. The present snowfall was
more than three inches Saturday
morning, and sh« full continued dur
ing the early aft 'moon
Workers Meet Death.
While working at the Delray plant
of the Solvny ITocess company, Sat
urday forenoon, Steve r«npn, .11
venrs. of No. 141 Waterman-awe.,
fell from a platform and broke his
hack lie was rushed to the west
branch of Harper hospital, where he
died soon after his arrival Coroner
Morgan Parker was called, Steve
I<oj!flkuff. 31 years old. of No. 10<>
Itrandnn ave ,i was Instantly killed
by a Michigan Central train, while
walking on the tracks near Vine
wood ave His body was taken to
his home
Try ftsr XV nablag hr «be I,H. Maaaa
rkaaota I unnitn (a. Wain MM. Art.
When la tlMralt X lalt Xlf. f Umrna. ,
the world-roaow ned "Bath City."—Ad. I
SATU KI) AY, JA N UARY 13. 1917.
Detroit Gamblers Nabbed
In Raid on Eddie Glassco’s
Joint Across the River
A score of Detroit gamblers made
a quick getaway, but six were caught
when the Windsor police raided a
(Ambling den at No. 3f» Sandwich st.
west, over "Eddie’’ Glassco’s cigar
store. late Priday nighs
The gambling joint is on th*' third
floor, and when the police began bat
tering down the door leading to the
plac the men opened a door con
necting with a store in an adjoining
building, locked it and bolted down
the -.(airs to the first floor, gaining
exit by a rear door. A half dozen,
however, lost thetr way and were
found hiding in a pile of rugs when
the police effected an entrance hy
battering down the connecting door.
A roulette table and a quantity of
Doctors Now Sure He
Did Not Take
To Offer Immunity In
Exchange for Evi
dom in exchange for evidence and
testimony that will send Harry K
Thßw. erratic Pittsburgh million
aire, now recovering from self in
flicted wound* in this eltv. back to
Matteawan or to prison, is what the
authorities of New York city wiil
offer Oliver A Brower Hnd Walter
O’Byrne, it whs learned on good ait
thnrity here today.
Brower is now in Moyamensing
prison, awaiting extradition papers
from New York where he is charged
with having conspired with Thaw
to kidnap 19-year-old Frederick
Gump. Jr. O’Byrne Is under indict
inent on the same charge huf p*v
lice have failed to locate him
(Cnnllnarit on Pace Fight *
Rules Committee To
Subpoena New Batch
of Witnesses
plete reopening of the house note
-leak probe was docUUul -n~
a meeting of the rules committee
The rommlttee announced if would
subpena in addition to Thomas \\
la»wson, the New York brokerage
firm of l/ockwod K Company, t>on
aid McDonald, who is alleged to
have given Information to Lawson
James Reilly, managing editor of
the Wall Street Journal. F. W Me
Kinnon, 1 Chicago broker. Hnd per
haps half a docen or a dozen other
Alleged uncongenial condition
surrounding his work caused Mount
ed Patrolman Charles 11. Block i<>
tender his resignation to Hupt Mar
quardf Saturday, with the reques’
that it b« acted upon Immediate!).
poker chips were also found In ihe
store. ha\lng been carried .there b>
the gamblers in their hurried flight.
The nun arrested were taken to
poll*** headquarters but later re
Th*' raid is said to be a sequel to
an unsuccessful attempt by "Doc”
Hall, notorious l>eiroit gambler, to
* pen a place in Windsor Just across
th*' street from the Glassco empo
rium TJiree of Hall’s lieutenants
fltt*-d up the place and were prepar
ing to open up when the immigra
tion authorities learned of it and
deported the men. Asa measure of
reprisal the Hall entourage tipped
the Glass* o place to the polio*' and
the rat*! followed.
funeral of Council
President Held In
St. Aloysius
Church Is Packed With
Friends and Former

A long line of motor cars rounded
the corner of Woodward and Mlehi
ganave.-)., Saturday morning, and
moved slowly past the city hall. The
rity hall bell was tolling the funeral
knell. On the step* of th*> ston*
t wilding stood groups of m**n « hos*
laces are familiar in th*' city’s p«>
lit leal circles.
One of them lifted his hat a bit
ns a motor hearse passed
“Doesn’t seem right. Maurice.’’ he
murmured, “that you can go by here
and not say anything, and not even
stop In.”
Detroit was paying Its last honors
to Maurice J. Keating, alderman
from the Fourth ward for I*s years,
w ho died last Wednesday afternoon,
the day following hIR election as
president of the common council
The words of *he man on the city
hall steps were typical or the touch
ing trtlnitr that was patd the tats
council leader hy hundreds of men
and women of nil walks of life
St. Aloysius church was too small
to hold the throngs who came to at
tend the services Mayor Marx.
(r«ntlinr<l on Pn*. I-'.l* Mi
Mi vaukee Sti-nnded While
Seeking To S;m* Sub
tiAMOA, s->l Jan UFl.mtxU-t
--ing almost helpless In a heavy sea,
tho United States cruiser Milwau
kee, which w ent ashore w est of h* re
in a heavy fog before da\break to
day, waa lying at noon broadside to
the breakers. sh«* w.is rolling ami
pitching badlx and Bars were *•»
pressed by some observers that the
tide th«*n coming In might turn her
Shortly before noon the coast
guard tnen got a line aboaTrt the v*>s
sel and hastily prepared to use the
breeches b'lovg in uu effort to fee
cut the imperiled men It was sain
that 4.’*o nmn and 17 officers were on
the ship (4 men and officer* uving
absent on shore leave.
$2,000,000 DAMAGE IN BLOW-UP
Mayor Would Prose
cute Men Holding
Up Cars
—i -
Dinpreman’s Agents
Find Many Cars
In Yards
Speculator* who are holding cars
of coal outside the city awaiting
still higher prices while IVtroit
stiff' r* from n fuel shortage during
the cold wave will be arrested and
punished. If Mayor Marx has Ills
way *
The mavor, Saturday morning. In
sfructed Harry J. Dingeman. corpor
ation counsel, to confer with Prose
cuting Attorney Charles H Jasnow
ski to bring about the arrest an-l
prosecution of the coal speculators.
Dlngetnan will hand to the prose
cutor the report of a private investi
gation conducted by the corporation
counsel's office lMngeman s invrs
tlgators reported that they found
hundreds of cars of coal marked
"hold" in the Windsor and Detroit
yards of the Michigan Central an-l
Grand Trunk railroads.
"people may say that the cars
of coal our investigators found hel-i
up in railroad yards do not amoun*
to much,” observed the corporation
counsel. "Hut It must he remem
bered that we made only a conipar
atlvely small investigation, and
that the fart that 2*o ears were
found indicates that the practice of
holding coal for speculation Is
alarmingly prevalent in iw-trol*
Then too, 2bh cars of cor! amount
to a good deal as things are at pres
ent They would provide for l.flOft
families for the winter and take
care of the immediate needs of 10,-
000 families."
Will Find Remedy.
lUngcman satd he did not know
along w-hat legal lines the city and
the prosemtor could proceed against
coal speculation of the sort re
vealed, hut was confident Rome law
ooulrt he found whereby men who
would starve the public for gain can
he punished severely.
M >ynr Man. *hn got the report
of coal speculation from TMngrmar
Friday, expressed Indignation tha*
Mich a condition could exist nnd
asked to be quoted In strong terms
regarding treatment of the nfTend
"The condition revealed l»v the
corporation counter* Investigation
is an outrage nnd demands drastic
treatment, by officials," he said "You
may depend on It. v» ♦> will And some
legal meant to make ft very un-
ThmfT''HßtiD' —nrrd —iinprnftTalitc frtr
fhoM- guilty of speculating In coal '*
Mayor Marx and Dlnreman de
clared that many persons, are ap
oarently speculating Ir, fuel nnd
food. feeMng secure In the feeling
that nobody ran do anything about
It They said these person* war •
due for h Jolt and that the public
might expect the utmost from city
officials to prevent such specula
"The city will go Into the fuel
business rather than see the people
grasped by the throat in this way."
declared Mayor Marx
Mar* Order* Probe
The investigation was ordered bv
Mayor Marx, Jan. i. gfs*r a rttnftr-
Cl— <!■—4 mm i'i*« kiafeu
New Orleans Results
First Bate :i furlongs lie) Dover.
Ilk iI- hi rto ■' tiirr i '• to v, S to 5. t to
•'*. won T> ink* i, I I .*> i.Murphy). 7 to
7*. " t* ! to •*. «i*i nn*l. Tamps. 11'
tbykt'i, 2 to I. 4 t*> r>. I t<> a, third.
Time . .I’* .1-5. Watei Wave, Gay
Lady and Mncushtu «. 1 e*» run
Second Hare .Mile Easter Greet-'
ingH. loft (Hanover), 7 t<> 1, 2 to 1,
••ven, »un Habree. ] ■»7 iLykei. ft to
1. 9 to ft, 4 to in second Mtelcllff, 112
(Kohinsoti), 4 to 1, s to ft. 7 lo 10,
third Tutie I »! Stonenenge.
Cuneo t tint, Fen rock. I«j» \ Sam and
lturhank also ran
Tblril Baer fi furlongs: Souvenir.
110 t Will lame t, 6 to 1. 2 to 1, even,
won; Briaz, 114 i Murphy), 9 to 5. 4
to ft, I to 3, second; Kilkenny. I<>4
U’rump), 10 to 1 4 to 1, 2 to 1, third.
Tim*- 1 1?* Paymaster, I’rogressl ve.
M Hurt Thurman. Taxi, Luke Mae
an*l High Horse also ran
New Orleans Entries
First B*ce—Malden 3-year-olds,
selling, ft'* fuilong-* Sir Oliver. 112;
Itul/y Kuscli. 104 Kail tan. 11 fl Miss
I tep resent 10ft, Dan. 110; * Walter
Duncan, 111; I’atiip*** <*. ink. xl'asha.
99, Sandtiorn, in'* xDlunger, 98, Sir
Haste, 104 >•« x Velvet, 94.
Second Hare- t-j ear-oids and up.
selling, H furlongs Foemun. lit*. Best
Bib and Tucker 107. xldttlc F<>rrt,
100, J’ribolo, ) lu• xHundlvinur. 105.
Jungle, ill; xAnxietr 107; xTomatO,
■♦s; Bari. 107 itlnrk Henuty, 100; Sou
venir. .14)9; xMitrgcry. DM. Ash <’.in,
112. xKI I’atn, 107; llasty (’ora, 95,
Third Bare—7 y< ar-olds and up.
selling 5 furlongs Loyal Interest,
1 1 *>; xfirlxs 109 lYnchle. 100 Mlnda.
HO; Supernal. 100; Chilton King, 112.
Meeiicka 107. Superintendent, 112;
xAlex Met-/, 100 Mlco Mtrl. 105. Bryn,
111: xStllly Night, 102 Energetic.
111. xEllen Smvth. loi
Fourth Bar* The Consolation
handicap. 3-\ear-olds and Up. mile;
1 .1 Murdock. 112 Cliff Field, Dio;
Hrynilrowh, 105 Grumpy. 110; Jim
Wlkely. 100 Mayse Cassidy, 107; Hob
Hensley. Ui9. F’b < tat*.llo; Jem,
Fifth Bare—B-yesr-otrts an«l up.
selling, mile I’rlm Harry. 110. Irra
waddy mft Col. McNnb. 110 xSchool
for Sandal. 100 Buster Greeting i.
110; Hut hank. ion, Thorn wood, 110.
xl’eraens, 9ft' Smuggler. 1"7; xLady
Ward, 90; Lelulohn. DC
Sixth Bare I-year olds nnd tit*,
sell in u 1 1-I*l mil's ,Kon. lift. Tu
la*. 112; xChtvator. D>o; stelcliff. 112.
Narmar. ltlft Mir n ID. vLeCo.
IrtK orange. ID x! »tl\l Began. It".
ls*ui* l icsc*>rn* ts II Emma Suinrt,
|O7. I>leturh*r_ 112. Kn>el«t, 107
Seventh F.a l '** 3 * car-olds an*l up,
yelling, mile and 7" vurds I’-pre*
ston. 110. Ics-i<- T.**ij ■«• • - to. ID o'
Light 110; vKing Marl. I"-’*; Bcnn.
105. Turco, 10* r*ltv L'pend. I'M
Baity Cal.. li'X Mia Krut'-r, 100
xNo Manager ms xllops. 95 Bay*
master. 1"k xGreetlnga. 9»
xApprentiee allow nn* e e'alrn*4.
\\ * ather elnurtv; track fast.
Juarez Entries.
Fir«t Ba.
ill* nt.. fltrl'-B' Sallir (I'm., 11
Pl*ie Ttscer 110. Shadow, I'"' Salvan
-11 * D'» Violet D's. -n.ltnu: Maggie.
)(i e - Be 11 r Hird !"•
Second llac Selling year-olds
rrd tit. 5 furlongs J T‘ Sugg. 111:
llom*, 11»* I' >m» I teach. If**
Major Bell, Die. i:<t**.f Mantell, 10*1
Zo'7M D'*t llt t 1 K. •1 1 e 104
Tilrd T«.-e ll.tn.Ksp :. -y cm r-**l*l.«
and tit- 7 fur'onra y.' I*<l H>* *’*>nt
maurctla. 10" TANARUS/.« !.■ 1 B 'K '
F. 'irtTl i'.M.r- I’ll ■•“. ' .-ar-**lffs
and ’in, 7 furlongs i‘w'i' S*i *>t. I 1 *
Joe Bla'' 1•’ . t tot l.lot_ < 4ta *.
li*c s lt | Su 1 '’’a "Hi"" «7
Fifth T’ •-e !.'•)— I • nr-nM
anff on 7 fori***' “ *: *i ’ t *i»»« B.'*. t f T
I’nrtcht 107 Pun- . <f K-ys.
Air Line to.) pc* L. to.". Ship* I,
101 Unitllrg Mbit or
*4*th n- -e . <2.-1 1 - g t y*ar-olffs
and **n 7 fit ’nnr n T*-, ,- v , t r ,i * •* T'c
ter I}r i m ’ll *o " f 1* ’
C*trrulatc. 100. Rermud an 9* ,u; *.
Wratber clrur t-a-k fas*
Rescued hy a tri * <»f Walpole Isi
nnd —Indians.• T~ fini"' —Fr*-o*;-«
fh.trolt landscape hi hitnt, who
was cut off on Russell island by
drifting ice a-;d narrowly raisse*!
drftwning n an air hoi** when h*
nft♦ mpt*■*! t** esrNpc, reached l*>-
troit late Friday night aft*r rrn cn
forced atk> on th** island of two
NKIA ) IIH H . Jnn f.t —Urpnhll-
ran national rsmmll termra a?-
rtvlna here Inilai for a mrrtlni
on sfooffny dented reports that
XX Itllam H. XX lllcni ««niild *«ihiol*
ala re »Igr* ii»lon from ike national
etiatrmanablp at the oieetlas Res
eral eapreaaa.) aaaawf.inee H U*
Houses Collapse Under
Impact of Ex
plosions j|
Glare of Flames Is Vis
ible As Far North
As Albany
Ilri-rnt Munition Rinata.
Fxplnatnna In \mi Jersey muni
tion plants within the Inat few
month* hit* r eauaed
Ihe explosion of sheila at Rlaek
'loin Island. Jersey City, entailed
a loss of •Utt.Z.VMMM.
The exploalon of shells at
Klngalnnd. X. J.. Thnrsday night,
ru Inr ,| SU,(HM),tHH> worth of muni
tion* and property.
The explosion of tfIO.tXKI pounds
of smokeless powder at Haskell.
>. J.. ch lined n property loaa esti
mated 91.000.000.
CHICAGO, Jan. 13—Fire foL
lowed by an exo!oaien caused a
lo6* of SIOO,OOO to the plant of
Charles Betley company, tool
manufacturer*, today. Th#
company had ju*t received large
shipment* of brass to be used
for filling war contracts with
the Russian government. Offi
cials believe the fire may hava
been of incendiary origin.
NEW YORK. .Tan. 13.- Two mll
• lion dollars’ property damage, but
at a cost of only two lives, seemed
likely at noon today to be the rec
ord of the Haskell, N. J. explosion
of the r>u Pont Powder company’s
plant last night w nioh shoo* four
stat es.
Tlip company Itself merely stated
the two men are ''missing." Onlv
two of the thousands in the diinger
rone were so seriously injured as
to require hospital treatment, the
company declared In a statement
from Wilmington today.
The I>u Pont company regarded It
ns established that the explosion re
suited not from Incendiaries or a
plot, but bv simple accident. The
first flare came In the glaring bar
rel, where smokeless powder Is fin
ished The company pointed out
today static electricity is frequen’-
I Iv generated in this process and a
spark, which would ignite the pow
! dcr would be possible
Early reports today of possible
heavy loss of life were ascribed to
difficulty nl checking up on panic
strlrken employes and rt-iden's in
| the -/one affected __
Immediately upon learning what
had happened fountv Prosectfo”
I •nn sent in vestlgstc-s to. th"
ac ne *n determine the extent and
i„n f *he damage with the idea
of beginning an official .public in
\i tigatinn If the circumstance* wr*r
rn n t,
Starting with * brief flash In the
glic.'ing barrel at tht Haskell plant.
i't flames hist night spread cjt*l <■ W
|> s o the blending house and ate
th-tr w«y toward the tlire. big rtag
aiines containing nearly <\ million
pounds of powder
v. *he flu h came tl.e warnin'*
«r\ (;f neprhy voi men and hi a
, mom* nt »1 e :;on men or the night
l(\iiillniiril mi I'aae I ink*)
n»ff*tl nt»d «lrln lo nstfi-iliiT
Hlthl unit 'iinitin »srll> atrrenat,
pri>h Mi sltk minn (liirrlrsi eolder
mnlntit kliii isiM wave* i»w m nknnt
lrr*h wniiti-rli »tlt»ila.
lon* r Ml'hlcnin l*enrrnlli fair
Snrnriltty nlikl nml «uniln.r, eieept
prohnhli anon flnrrtrn noif Ikr Iniinat
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