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Merit System To Be
Adopted In Food
(ftaff Corrt*i>fmdent Detroit Timet)
LAN9I NO. Mich.. Jan 1.1 The el
tort of the .idrainUtration of Oov
Albert E. Bleeper to get efficiency
first tn *tate affair* Is to be given s
real tryout In the state dairy and
food department
Fred Woodworth, of Huron roun
ty. former slat* senator Horn Gov
Bleeper'* home district, has taken
peer the food department as com
missioner. succeeding "Jim” Helme.
Adrian f)«mocrat. With Commie
clotiei Woodworth there goes into
office anew deputy commissioner
Bat that Is all. for the present *»
least Better than SO employes of
the food department, scattered
about the state will remain on tJ■ •
Job. undisturbed at (his time
“What we want is efficiency in
the food department.” said the eo’:.-
misaioner, discussing Ms plans “\t
this time, beyond my deputy. I hav<
not a single man m mind for any
certain place in the department
“Also. I understand that th*re ar*
•mployed In the department in i*:
tain place* men who have made etc
records and given the fiat* mosts
Helen t service | want to rrt'n -ties
men and will look them all up **t
fore any employes are displaced any
Commissioner Woodworth -aid he
had not paid any attention as y t to
the Detroit office of the commission,
but understood that aorue excellent
work had been don* here Eugene
P. Berry, department attorney, and
three inspectors arc attached to ’hi
Detroit office of the commission o
rated in the Majestic building
“Hallo” Trouble*
Something like 400 complaints are
<m file with the state railroad com*
alaaion, charging that physical con
section has not been made between
telephone companies, so that call*
oUrtlng on lines of one company
can bo connected up on the lines of
Thor* Is a law demanding such
oossoetlon for long distance service
a»d moat of the small mutual com
ysslos thru the ataU, many operated
ass co-operative basis by farmers'
organisations and not for profit, ar*-
anxious to get their line* connect'd
with tba big companies’ lines, sc
they can get fu touch with the out
aid* world.
The law was dragged into the
oourta to have its constitutionality
tooted and complAlnt* made under it
hod to wait until decision ▼ as ren
dered. The state supreme court -aid
the law was all right and in Itn*
Pith real public service More com
plaints piled up quickly, until the
present 400 mark was reached.
The commission w-as waiting un
til next week, when Addison A. K*-i
■or, of Ludlngton, the n** member
Os the commission appointed by Gov
Sleeper, would be able to go over
the complaints with his fellow mem
bers and the intention wa< to issue
O call for a sort of mass hearing of
the petitioners some time early next
But now another delay presents it
feif. The telephone companies have
. decided to appeal the constitutional
ity of the law to the I'nited States
auprerne court Tending this appeal
positive action by the commts«ion
will have to be withheld, but *he
commission says tha’ it will take up
tome of the complaining petitions
and look into them so that ni’l be
prepared when the highest . ourt
gives its deHsion.
Supervise Private Bank*
What may prove to be an import
ant and much-debated measure In
the house has been introduced v
Rep. Wells of Caesopolis. It alma
to place all private hanks under the
direct supervision of the state hank
gfm depart in< nt VTTh bomtv •‘rind -nr
Insure the depositors and regular
reports submitted. While Michigan
has had no private bank troubles in
recent years, a aeries of sensational
failures of private banks in t’hicago.
mainly conducted by for* tgner* and
handling deposits of foreign speak
l»g people, caused touch talk last
fall In western Michigan, where Chi
cago news circulates freeiv
Oxford Man “Warned'’
Rqp A. R (»la»ple. of Oxford. t >hk
land county, ha* filed one of the odd
•at “petition*'' ever *een in the
kourr of representative*
The mall* brought him a letter
front hi* home town that wa* type
written on a sheet of t*sper headed
•'Sportsmen's club** and very evt
gently tra* Inspired by a reading
Hpi nawapaprr* of the amount* of
wet good* that the Anfi-Aaioon
league ha* suggested a* It* idea of
**We, the undesigned" the letter
reed, “will stand for nothing lie*
than four cane* and two quart* a
“Remember the recall."
Mine scram ly signatures, done In
lead pencil, mere appended, but
skull* and cross bones that formed
the principal signatures, wore don-
Keetiy in ink
Having read it. Rep Olaspte tor
Bally died It as a petition and now
It Will go to the all-dry liquor com
Btttee of the house along with all
. ether Batter relevant to the gtat
wtte dry IdglalaUrn.
Multiplicity of Ver
sions Is Befud
Ministers Afraid To
Quote the Bible *
Literally y
Voder th<* surface of the day'.-
religion.- a unties mn many r> a
and important problems, of fa*
reach.ng influence On* of 'h-*
most serious of these, which ha-"
r.e\er hitherto be**n touched ipon
t. print so ft" as I »xn aware,
the fundamental problem of Bib!*
■ udy created by the new vogue of
modern translations off t* scrip*
’ ire*
A verbal knowl-dge of the BtM*'
cuch ts ha« been the cotnfor* ari«l
guidance of ' hr.stian- for centuries
past, is threatened by this new pop
ularity of versions tn th* speech of
the day The new generation is
no* '•learning by heart” Bible tex*?
Memorlxiru of Scripture ever,
among ministers t.« gome i>'i’ o:
fashion And 'he ba-ic reason is
•hat there is no uniformity in ’ho
•egt used h> Christians
When the authored or Kmc
James version of the Kngli-h Bible
issued tn 1 €ll . was used by ail the
Protestant churche- it he Ca'bolic
church authortxe- the Douay v*r
sion > it wa * a r tuple tra"er to
quote Scriptur* m concert. Public
speakers did n<t beer.-.’* •
passages from the Bib!* If.’ Old
Hook was 'hen called a well o'
English undeflled.” From whatever
rorner of the earth they came Fr.r
liah speaking people could unite in
the use of Scriptu-v quotations
The rich and re-ound ng phrases of
the Ktnr James version wen*
deemed th* race* ricne-? li*erar>
The B'ble Down To Date
language is not a dea*l 'hinr.
but a constant growth The speech
of today is unlike the speech of i
century ago Thus it came abotr
that many of »he passages in the
’vine James version which were
’ erfectiy clear in 1811 grew to be
archaic, and difficult for 'he non
critical person to understand The
uae of “let” for •'hinder.'' of * pre
vent” for ’‘preced-!’ and of 'man
aior.s” for 'abiding place*,” are ;1-
lustrations tha* drop naturally fror.
the pen's point
With the increased knowledge of
•he original Hebrew and Greek »..r
ruages, in which the Bible w.i
lginally vrr’A'en ’here am.-*
strong demand among .scholars f*
a revision of th*- King Jarne* tran-*
iation British Biblical 'fholar
took the initiative m shine
the revision committee which be
ean it- labor* tn I*Bl and published
the result of its labors in lkkS.
Many revision propo-ed bv *h*
American tiremb*-r- of the comm I
•i v* •riot r- 4 *<r
Published by agreement #n »n sp
pendlx One of the mos’ signifl j
cant of these was the u«* o* the
proper name 'Jehovah for 'he
title. The Ivord ” which ’he Bri’:«h
reviser* printed in small caps
show- that it meant Jehovah \ *er
15 year* the \merlcan member- of
the committee who had continued
■’tiFi —nrgamrat "*r, —*-»)bii-t.» —-'i--
American Revised version which
has foun*l wide acceptance among
seholar* and clergyman Btbl*-
student* generally.
This idea of rendering Holy Writ
Into the vernacular took ntom h> M
of many persons Other T*-r-i*r*
heran to appear ranring # rom Prof
Haupt's freak ”polyeh’ , onie Bibi* ’
to th*- colloquial ‘'Twen*i*»h On
tury New Testament." Probably
the be**, tn point of -cholsrshtp an*i
clearness, of these manv n*» irr
stons, are the ’’New Testament ir
M*»dern Speech.” by Weytnou'b:
and *'A New Translation of *ho
New Testament.” by Mcffatt Bt ly
Futldsy has also made his own ver
-ion of *ertain Bible stone*
A SiewM Dilamma Far B.tle kludsr.u.
Nobody seem* to have foresee-n
one immediate result of this mul
tiplicity of version* Confused by
the many translation*, preachers ar*
*fraid to trust ’hemselves to quo’e
j literally. No longer may «n» be
expected to be accurate in hi«
' Scriptural quotations, for the ques
tion arise*. "Is he quoting from th<*
King Janies version, the Knglish re
vision. th Knglfsh edvtlon of th*
American xemion the American
Standatd edition the Twentieth
Century New IV-!a;n«*nf. the w»y
month ver«»on the Moffett transla
tion or ‘-•►me Mhei »>ne of several
recension* of the teo*”
Children are not being taughr.
.as of old. to learn by heart" p*«.
Workers Who Lose Millions in Illness
.Must Make Cities Fix Sanitation
The wage earner* of this coun»r> U -e annually frv' •• '<'.ooo in wage
and doctor's f*-e# on account of aickn.'-s'
Thi- ts more than Is giTen toward pht’aithn'pic purpoaes tn
this country ' .
And those who contr.but* to phtlartheepie* cm usual’' afford to
gt'e thi- «utu a thousand tmie P more ea#!l> tb in t: - work«’r» can.
This means tha* the workers are making a %er> suh- antial contrl
butior which does nobody any good excepting a t> w doctor* —because
health conditions area t what they might be
Sometimes this is th** worker- fault, especially when the law-*
of bea.th are violated. But frequently »? is -be fault f ’he munn paif
or the atm baniM of tefAcimc) *: Ignoraaca an s he pur* of bnltl
officer- or other o?flr\!« re-pi-rtsih;* f» housing and «nr. • it' conditions
Great progress has been made m recent years In fighting disease
but there s a lot more to be done, especially in our cities, tn wiping
out those conditions which br»*ed_>tckr.es* and invite dia'b
Conditions will be quickly Improved when the worker* themselves
i take ar interest in local health q'uesv.m*. e<>opera*irt'g w th health v>ffl
rent when !he-e officials are aincerviy <1 r.g ’‘-.r duty, and seeing to
it that the rgtr kind of officials ar*- appoirv-tt w h**r he pr -ent officials
*re incompeten' or worse.
s.vgw* from the Bible for the new
idea, which ha- uacooKloutly come
to dominate ihe minds of- many
church folk, i? that it is the gen
erai -pint of *he Bibles tea<hing
tha* coup's, and not the lltera’
Bnttrely uiu»uspected by minu
ter* and ehur-b officer- there ha
thus crer»t :n’o the popular nrn<!
ar entire c.*-m conception of in
spya’in The profound .mi 'ar
reaebing importance of this is a;*
par* m For :* raat**T« | r#ra< , r.ili>'>
!y \* *■ * *h**r *he P:b e i- in-p - ed in
*- ceredr-.f* ar.d idea* -r
wor i- Moreover f-ow ;ar *i * - •f
--of irtsp'.ra'ioc extend o
translation.- ’ Mos r Christians hold
tha - it is 'he original *ext that i
m«p red
Mjdqi ng the Men-ory
Asa practua! aia'i*-r likely ].»
receive mor- consideration in th*-
future *han ’ a- h and heretofore
the probUm * h>w *o re-store
knowledge »,.f tb* '*r> w«nl- .
R■ ■ !
Mars 'Thy w.,rd have l hid in n
hear deciar*»d the psaimirt. fc>,*
cial'.y in th*- .-vr»4*y -chool- vhrr*-
the revised version 1- com in c in'
-*ead: ' mcr- ..-me •■**. *h*- p**n \ .
ity i- a r-al or*
church council.- can scarcely re
store the «*• o* the 1811 version,
no* - car. they, withou* rrcai <»r i
- fix -irnm iny «>n* rr *d* rr.
trmn-la’ion. V*-* if 'h* n*- 1 g- r.* *
non o* young pro; !e ar* no; to
'earn the maje-tic wi.rd- 1 of S- ri
ture th rare will he poorer m mm
and charact* r; and ail liters*ur*
will los* one of i* - grea’est sourc* •
of enrich meat
Thf Hlllix evangelistic ;..trty 'or.
of *he R*\ »* {■; If. : - \tr-
Hill-s Mr B'x!;.' fn.-icx! i:r*-'t*.r
and Mrs booth a- un.; r.s' ■ 1
soloist, is now enraged in a«;
cia; five weeks’ uci;.. gu in I .
•ngham wsth ?he Method!-'. Fiat *;-'
and Presbyterian chur. h**,. e«vo; •
The ?n**e’:r;g« are being held
tr a ta ernacle erected at lia * -
and Jlaf’in-ets which seats abou*.
• • **'■«• r-or.j* Th*- m-e*;r.r* ar" it
’ractlnr v'«a> ral and favorable a’
• r.’ion *r.d g >o*J audience* ar- pr* >
• at a? » u< h service
CCc-ch Held CeieO-atior
T»t r Palme- Methodist
. ,rch • . g i'a’ r.g plan * f *• t*
--•mi centennial celebration of ’he
building of *he • irch’- fir*- edlfl'e
which wa ’h*- Jeffer-or. ave 'fetbn
diet hurch y* ars ago Th* -e>.
br.*tton v ill 'ai;* place in Hi*- r»-Iy
vpr nr
I? you wan* ’o fina out iow re\l
-j;;ri T jabty' *ho* s i*se|f jou c»Q’t
c.«, tMtr-r to study the Plbl«j
••'*■»■ a* w 1 ‘»’ l •—•* h*" —*» ft re—told—K<rf
controlled by • 'h* spin’ of (Jod
'Abfl ! kto'i of people «««f? they?
I it poesi le m ’hese prac*iCß< f
* fo«*|e iiro •?“,» mi me kind
Os live-’ APd do w.< wish to llw
•hi* w . N.it * • \‘ boM.erg a
lo» ft u* * •> h-\'" r ’fi ’ r he tempera
men's whmh penr.it us to
• jr religion in th* ’*•»' ’ha* seme
other* believe i- the ortK oPhodoi
fa*hie«n of d'-ir.r I*.
I>ei'-i look at * few of the out
e’andtt z men ' < ! d abotr in the
Hlble, with ty U n , n m in»l
'■■ ;»e k .n t K e day when the
Ueraelit** »• r* about tn
the wilder *,* v *> are fold that r,od
«' 1 1 ! 11 .! 4 ! le- ■ PV —-■«»»-It If
‘ < ther thing* » tabernacle and all
: lije fumtf ire to b* U*ed therein
And a man h) *fce nutr* of Beial»e|
i was select'd f r »r ty task The Blbl«*
| tay tha* If** »as • perlnlly "filed
(with th» pr i f of (}od' •* what for’
iSo that h might be> ome a t lp tr»p
ineehani' so that nr nißh* make -i
good lob <f ’ha* tabernacle Any
thing fanv'anit about tha'*
Then la'*T vh<n th* lsme||tr«
were In in:- *rt» ir 'fcflibk* eitb the
l'hlli»iineji and the other n..ilnns
| »hey n-et-e fighting m order »o tin
t th< ■ promised 11nd ’ thc\ needed
{tome cenemle ||n * were ty»e«e
jhgh'int <ren equipped? v Ve are
I ’oh! tha* ’'he spirit of the igird’
I*am* upon ’heni nod *o they *e
New Yorker to
Preach Here
55 I^§
will addrcs? tk»“ m»*mV‘**re of
Temp iV ": El Sunday rii.-rn r. c:
* T': r- ♦ r
I* . V .•>*=■ ha< ».lined
»|.v pi ; /it'ion • hru hi# oratory
ip.- •it ■ o* Mibtp'”.* pertj
-7 - • : _• belief H»-
■ . ... ~vr th tal *ervW d*--
; • .• r «.»f :h b'T • . na*: ••krue n
N> a York >no of "•» :arf»-*»
t it: n- «f r> « ,r.-' iu! ' t' b- * n a
leading figure ;ti many movement*
i>f ru •"-.r l ■
Hamilton Molt, editor of TS fn
,d* p* ndon» ' .. *rr n. : > is
crtsoctat* 1 wif*, international pear*
\ • -
?•* :nda: ever .it: a at 7 j . <*n < n
m«*re!»li*rr and journalism
W Re*u~e Se"»*'3P , s
f.*-ip Frederick Edwards will re
- ime b- popular S-jndm *..-nn.~
•proton* in St Pan!'- K -n; • '
.VN-drni S'rr.dftj T'r« -•» rrr. r
•a - .p ‘■♦'••n r.s v
Tb*»y ar*- mod-led af’-r fh»* • r
mons J >« a r. Edward* used In Mrar
i church Y'*'k city, in a -or,*
..miiar to hi* pr* •■:.* on<*
A II P'racp Go Peace Nctc
In h!T r or- • •.- M rh».*e
Sundry r.i*V tl' R* v f{ K ion
will ■« k b o; Th<- -*t« o prop
! f»f Ormany This fee ' ;r- **>>-
*n*h !n t »«r - <>f modern ->< ii
; and ■ cconon.:'* topi -
cured Jo.-l.ua and O’hniel ihd Old
•on and ■* V' ra! o»h* rs
There *, * Samson and every
body km*- *hat he If. TiO’e,! for.
15y .port him and did ho bccom* »
great *x'nrl*T r a preacher 0 No —
he given wonderful physical
strength, so tha* be became a gr* a*
Th«- spipt r»f trocj came upon oth
er» and "t-be\ >cf:«*ne k rg*- nk-
Haul an 1 t»avid, sotn*- be Clime
proph*'* like Flyah and Azari.ih
end Isaiah sod Y.x< kl»l snd I a*ruei
But other* defame ca-penteri* anl
masons, so tha* they might I.uil*4
th* temple in Jerusalem.
After thru the eof|re
S’orv, you r*‘ left with *h«. fee | -,f
that ■’spirituality” l*n't the up-in the
asr thlnr *tat «ome of us haw
tne«l it to b< ft a vital. h*-**l‘hy
thing which h»-lps men snd w* nK-n
<»—* niiii.—. <i.«—
teters, living p»-rfe< t|y normal
—-not prudeiH. or pharisees, or
tan*” Out with lot * of punch nr.d
not om'tt ng r»al fun snd laughter
But not * eery in* mho 1« a me
chanic, or n kirg. *r a prophet or
a general, h. nec*'-arlly working
wfth the -pirit of t;od a* th* di
I reefing power in tbefr liv*- . Th
point I* ib:it the spirit fllbu] life
tnsy 1 * ' * ’ i■ it, t*V; of,|, n , r ,
' every d.i\ or; ip oi* n
| The man or. th*- woman *ho po*
>.e«*e*i rhte |,ow«r. n**ed not be ant
lous ihe va> that it ph*i| be
i shown * hi* wii! t.-k* cwr*- if n.ejf
I All they are required to do is t»*
1 tackle the job junt ahead, n** ina»
Iter wl.at |t mav
HcH%y IvcK’i.Ntration Mark* tht*
(ipcning of Teachers’
Training School
Much interest i> -being taken ti
’«vach»-r training n Tvtrult S'ui
day scho' l !*
Superintendent*, and jastor* ar*
I demanding a higher grade of service
in the Sunday school than ev**r l***
for- To meet ’h.s need the Wayne
County Sunday School association
h;>- .M'l: .-.-aie very definite action
during rvgent months
i T v - Ih trott Traintng School for
Viib e Teacher*, conducted under the
I auspice* of the association, baa been
■ ;< »- n she lecture room of the
!•':** iyterian church, and u
'ce number have registered # <>r
;’’*> entir* course, covering t p« riod
iof ’ 4 »e«»k« Olas-es will begin
- *' tr.d win continue tn >*"
■ n * . • ry Ttl«-day evening
\ immunity” training cU-j* for
* • - •!• ;'<i-l JCrui e.
* ft.* Stanton T’ark -iapt.
•h'i- K.gh'eemh and Por*c:
» h ."■*.- interested and roc • :*' n»
;>re th* Immanuel Pre.'oy’erii^n
F-* -r n \f- h.»di-T. St Th.v- a- K. *
cop and Si in ton l’ari\ Barns*
' training -chool for Red* > r vt
•*-w;.s-:p w .1! open m the Me hod ’ ,
> church ‘if Bedford ou the evening]
j' TANARUS! e R*-v ,*• \ Ki:; gtv an *••.«»
*ot •>' t >ra**nmav» •"hufeh -u
i Christ, nf Detro;*. w.il 1* ad •* « i t-«
u. >. -*udv. and th»-r*- will b
in of *>r
v Mr- F \ l'eta. > -
\f r y* ?t Gnndnr g-i-nd
' -•* 11.. t!!»ck »ii <*;" iietro.t Other
* v "g -< on *v .11 pro; a i> \
\ * .<;• > rh* 's’acher tt ci
- y S (•■»*'-!'.:rk. Jr
~~ -.- •: • vt K" ~
i \ to b# *'* of & 4
* • . f ’llf'f'fi! if • To ♦ (OIIUC * <t
1 *> * *4*n in *h*’ 1
- ► .1 * \ r *«riil* r*. -ihA
*• •* yif *hion \k aH rlo ** with a
; rt n +<f\ir+ .iVe n hy Mii*« Ida Hi * .
To On Lord's Prayer*
' r * Her f>***l* rif U M Whit* ’!i
-he- seeOtld. Os .1 Seri*** of
riif.ii* i*n ’h** i»r<J - Crave- > r.
i morn ns in tb- Grand jl-v -
NEW YORK Jan i . Lir l>y M
tlarrison. f-*rrxi* r -* • r* ’an of w r 4»*l_
f’roid*n* Wil-on - - ah a*-;. *
member- of l. ■ New York Sta’e ■
a aociatton a its annual me* *it
’ha? the I'nited Stn**»e hau« **nro:gn
to do *o mind ;t- own bisine-r with
out beronnng ,t»vol.*d ;n ’L* pro
;*osed league to Hnfor'e F*-;*c*-
The former < <bine* mem her ex
press'-d th*- belief *ha» oar- a»way
would come He thought t’ a good
way to get mixed in on*- of them
for the i'nited State* to interfer
in the affaire of another na*l"ri H
declar' and ’he project un-Axneri* ;*n
;‘-cause the t'nited States ulw ijr .
had t>olicl* -and principle* singular
ly it« own
4JALVBRTON, T**x far. 13
Practically the entire »ta»e of Vera
fnis i 4 controlled h> F'eUd-ta* and
Fell* I>la/- is rerejvlng all th*; ant
munition h* want* from this roun
try it being hrpt «ent to Heine and
iiouxb. American I>or** for tran
ahipmen’. This wav 'epored ’oduy
by pa-senrep* arriving on the
reamer Harald from Vera f ’rui
Woodward Ave. Baptist
John Wellington Hoag,
10:30 a. m. “An Entrance
for Everybody.”
7 :80 |». m. • - M With Me ©l.
Against Me/'
\<>TK M*‘«* >■».u r\»r !
Woo |vw* r*l a* *'* wr**i rvr>ninr
M idi n'> ' If r t. rr>- fhi.* ‘■' in
<l«> ts h»v», f '••m*' UK -n
• rroa-'t Iniiplfirir rri'in ■
—»-'rT*V*l W « ..W. ■ ~..T / .|| ...
First Baptist Church *
Wiy>4»»ril ii
lUr Tlabm J. t lllrn. D. D
10:30—“A Militant Brother*
7 :30---Sjhm ini ATuySer-
I vice
The Choir a j si>tod by Mr.
Albert C. Cre«nla'*\ Bass
f)r. Villers preaches.
ii %»• ri» r.
I 11h Ave. Baptist Church
Iwarifrulk *h4 islvlnttu.
Hr. W ». tiu«rrlr»«tun.
• I’wtar >%iil prca.h
IC ('hr .t Causa Hark
1 \Vt.«t Wo 111 l Hr 1'.n.l in Huri
*larinmliH llipll*l, OildfalU'W *
i hu!! Mru»h and B- ihutic 10 30
AV h < v i'.'tiling * Thir l Mrmon
s.sni f Tmm ' 0 Achnn
i>r 11. • WtiKrrn of Cob -aliunit.”
Hudson-arr. Baptist Church
Uu laon .if | Ma. bur* 1 AV«*»
■'* l> A
10 00 Sunday achool
'John Baftlit -thf Oan
ulr# Man.**
6 I 1 ) loins f»copla « n -atlng
Th* Ne««it Tf'ng In
[ thr World. 1 '
h »»-ri»r
Swedish Baptist
! Institute Mile . Wo. .I» i r ßaptist
! rhurili. fi'rnrr W ndcr. 1 an;
j Sunday sv hor I 74 j p. ni l.'rn
fnif aarvrlca K-* 1 >■ A'v**rl -.1
h irniT
Grand River Avenue Baptist
Carerr Vrm*»M*r.
r»r FYrilrrl a M Whits. l*aator_
to M Thy W‘ll Ur T'ona
II 00 BlMr »ohi'i■?.
• P>*-sonxl ’leap nsibitlty
*r«llri'ltr ll’ptlot. if 1 l*'
| north 't M * *n. I l ' *0 \v r-
I .t»#r I • Ci- •? ’• T*o "Whirr
CMMI* 11 A A
Central Christian ( hurch
s» nl-nrr And t-dyard-at
r J “.ANVAR >ftt. slcr
| J Tr-v T rr '
Ht‘ H * *:
niHi' 11 a
N\ iH»(i\A ,ti and \u*. ( hristian
• * wrt* r * • »ph ftfi
TANARUS: \ i! .\tK tj.i; i\. rv%At^r
* r » > r t t s?
nißm i % v
Christian t^urch
(ir»r. 1 ,s*ir -« • 1 A) #*l)4*l*.
i) % vjii • r V'.'n*: t'Hurch
**.. , r- p ' t.< ,r
Arno \ rtf' B • if. ** psak.
I OM.IIi t. * ruth At
/T TA Congregational
(M .
Hu get
w Mini •• r
, ■s » tvK>l‘ hfftrH’l ** ■ V c*C
r ox.nr.«. \ n<»\si.
North Woodward Avenue
Congregational < hurch
rv r T .v c’w-.r'l nrul Plain*'
lI, T ( kralrr 11. I:iwrr*»>n. I , «*|nr
10:3 0— “Facin gFo rw ard. ’ *
7 ;3o—“The World Crisis.’
First Church
Mm * harlM I .
Waterman Avenue Church
W ,it* rrnin -ft F rt-gt.
Met ( |><Jr I . f»lh««n, PMtgf
firand River Avenue ( hurch
C - r iirnr.it n>v*»r *nd Klrby-nv*»
He*. I iliir «*. I MUM*. r«*lO r
Mack Avenue Church
■ ,rn< • M I'-k * r.rj Vn’i Dyk« »vh
K, Vi j. \ Ifntmhaterr. •
Hamilton Blvd. Church
r rn-r H»mittor Mvd. nnd
Colling w o. d-avo
H,r, c. I i.Rrlilrr.
Kerchevel Avenue Church
C r K*.r«*S« - v»I »nd Cm k + wood *v« ji.
|(r*. Unit r«*Hr
Harper Avenue Mission
r, rr . f . Mirror *nd Flnhrr «v«*
Hr*. % II mlm h •»•»* r,
Twelfth Street Mission
Tw*lf* *t. tnd Onviron-***.
Hr*. A. Ilnlinhwher.
rrr*« ne«k
• ,*»(*'• • Mur'd. r H*»W*rd
"TT^TTTTi —runtny m * n J
7 ■> i j rn ll* ly rnmm*inlnn. ■•'•on'l
■i and f ( . .rth H I« 30 * m .
other Surtdnyn « a. m. Bun<lny
■ - h«»ol | II fiQ'iß
( ,r n rtHT mktiiodht rno-
> t .1 rn *> *. s' rhurrh
* r- m Turxfln\*. m*trtl<rr«'hnm»r
I ««•.■*#, Mfth'.Ant
. |«rt* In K»»f I 'i>'»
p'xtr 1 Kvrnint ihji rI .
North Woodward Methodist
Episcopal Church
10:30 a. rn.—At the Regent
theater. Subject, “A Sale
4 30 p. m.—At the North
Wood" aid Congregational
Church. Subject, “A Suie
All seats free.
Grand River M. K. Church
Cor. Urand Rtvrsr and kioUraw
R#r. Irani Kaaltr flirkrll,
10 30 a. m.: ‘Stormtn* the
Klnfihm " Special music.
T ](> p. in The Albion (.lac
Jrffrr,ua-nr >l. F... cor Mnrll or
, Castor. H»», 11. Frltun. |-h 11.
Morning 11 Croan*
-.* Evantna. : Ur "Th# I’sacs
Proposals or Germany."
Simpson Tabernacle M. E.
(.rand 111 *rr aal Ragg,
B. D. niMOVI). Paaiar.
> IS a. m • Sunday school.
!1 00 a m “Kala.nc tl>" T*m
l -’•aiuro of l.lfr '*
•5 3 0 p. rt; Kpworlh
’ r m Sar( ica in t*.a mw
v M rmm.
mi: i iimi»i<*t
The Mary Calmer Memorial
Methodist ( hurch
lor. M.-Uuugal A l.ati tafarailr
.- i.-• r T 1 1 v 1.1 • « T* •• n.
af 1 hniorivng and
«»r\ ' t » O r Ilf•
'• >m*nii "f I■. < ♦ tr” ami (»•••!'*
»;r la* "i* A i «
r* f M White. or*;Hn *t
OntraJ Methodist
VV nod .« i* fl and Atlanta
- ♦ ■
10:30 a. m. “Eternity in
the Heart.”
T 30 j». m.- “Prodigal Son
and Daughters.”
“*v#*r . ‘ i) v » x ij rr.u«ic
Maitha Holmes Methodist
I.* r •’** in • r <} rutnmavM
HKV AVAI.TKU H I'l'.iTr Bailor
i r. S .'» ltt> -S. !
: ’ ' ‘ » '•.!> ' r M (,r't
(■ »' ' :■'* -th t.r K i
#• -"II 'in -
mi: rnoniiT,
H«rn«-air. Mrlk»4l«i lpi.r U |inl.'
y *r **'«p nr.' hold in the •‘rid
t» mpl* n .'-th •n If
Bark v w -ivi . ..i t. t • r> <l h«* •
•i* vi W m 1 llainif' I < i<.
m-.niaior S .:-}•• » IP .i ru Th-*
lM*r ri* f>a • ,»nhfort. TlO p m
\ A\ n•.• r f' l l (• ft ns -met.
Sp»< tal riiiia.'f lloarf y *v>lt ..m*.
North Woodward Avenue
Presbyterian Church
at rim. a urn rm a
Dr. W. H. Wray Boyle,
10:30—Worry Sin 1 '”
7:30--“Set Apart for Ser
Illustrative music hy n Soltat
and Chorus of 30 voices.
Westminster Presbyterian
i 'hurch
Cnr rarvor- and VTnndwiiid
lira AA llllam Rral Gaall. F». t» .
“ ” “ “ J ™ <J
Morning Communion rul
dresri, “The Supper and
the Individual.”
Evening “Three Men’s
Trumbull Avenue
Presbyterian Church
Trunnhull. Hr*lnnrd and Od Rlvar
Raymond McD. Huston.
Feast.” Communion ser
7:30 p. m—“ Reason and
Faith.” Taliernacle songs.
Fellowship, cordiality, and
a welcome.
*m i, |< ir.v k nnii.i.i himtioi
'Si,' M. nth MB ALBERI ri.'fiv \ rill
on HERE and HEREAFTER, m taught by the ILLUM
All Welcome. Seats Free. No Collections
Free reading room open daily from 0 a. m. to 3 p. m.
PRRvm 11 MIAS.
Jefferson Avemie
Presbyterian (’hurch
(JrOirixn «t lUvnrill
hrv. j. k kitschks. jiu
Irt« m Hthlf K"h.*ol and Young
Men'* club.
II a. m.—Morning worship.
Sermon by Pastor.
a I. 11l vddr' Vl* hy p»»tor to
lh# AVeir* h >f T<Mti >rr(*w '«•
Will f ll<xl and a Man * Lfira
Work.' 1 ....
rn*.miv IT:III VS.
Forest Avenue Presbyterian
Fornt and Av*»
1 r** In Idnln llrudlrld. BlnhOr
10 Jo a. m CommunloD aervlo*.
Racajulon of mrmbira
730 p. m "Chrtot'o I#»
(kmpil aettg acrvlof.
First Presbyterian Church
- \*.«d«iid-(*r. #■«! Eiln*a»d-gL
Rev. Joseph A. Vance, D. D.
1<»:30 a. m. -“The Mystery
of Godliness.”
7:30 p. m.—“ Ought a Man
to be a Christian?”
nir siikTtMi as
Central Presbyterian Church
(or. (.raid lll*ri and V»coad a*»».
Uev_Jtngh Jack, D. D.
10:30 a. m.—Reception of
new meml.>ers nnd Com
munion Service.
7:30 p. m.—“ The Conversion
of Saul.”
A .-..rdlal Invitation to th««*
-t rvh'fti.
rvnt.*nrTK2M as.
Fort Street Presbyterian
Kort «ad 1 hlrd-ata.
The Rev. Dr. William T.
laijuess will preach both
morning and evening.
10:30—"The Master Mo
7;3‘* “The Pioneer Facul
Scovcl Memorial
O- .in 1 Itl vs r. VKiuiv and AA’lMlamv
James I). Jeffrey, Pas Lor
lO;30 a. m. and 7:30 p/ m.
January Sunday evenings.
I Ith—Crown of Right
Jlst—Crown of lase.
‘JSth—('rown of Glory.
Ail s- r* Krw
lll*.lll M I Mill (• Ml II AIX
No*. 4.1-41. 11l Woodward.
11 a m . '•>• a r luvliif Urrit**H."
S *tf r Chrlatln^.
* I’nlty maftir.g Ch«rl»
» ,n W. Scott »ti-tkfl
W.. 1 * • * 1 "Han Hur,** atrra
,rf|,MH. «•»> 11** i- 1 lon only; Slat**r
Tnur 3p. m Ctvaa In IT«hl
intr All «* V. 1 ntvlr
l.ove Tokens in (itid’s Plan of
p, K o*iK. 1» V., Spr»k-r
Eastern Star Temple 3 P. M*
♦ » Alrvandrlna
Ci.mf t > > hur< h: >-ou will bi tha
hat oiar f<-r an h- iir apt-nt wMh
u* I'omr and h* **flrnni* A. B A.
T. W. r. A.
Y. W. C, A.—4 P. M.
Speaker, Dr. Frank Totten
f d<Uati»: ifiaa Oai*®l .Million,
Social Hour and T-a. Spa Hal
r. k. r. a.
President Charles T. Paul
Os Indlanapolla,
ItrcanOy r-turn-'l frfim Scuith
American can'era. ap-.aka on
AMnilli A.*'
Sundny, Jan ldth,
7 30 P. M.
_jr* it a ni \n.
F’irst Unitarian (’hurch
Woodward Ave. nnd Edmund
Eugene Rodman Shippen,
- Minister

10 So a m : **Tha D- Mr and
ftridc T 1 r of Ih- < tf,,j|. M
II '0 i m School of Raltglon
777 r> rc # llumlllnn O. If nf
NVvi York on "(’omnirrclaltam and

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