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WEI)NES 1) AY . J A MARY 2t, 19 17.
'Most Bt-.iuiiful in America
Kits I’aiK**.*’ Says 11.
M. Jewett
“1 11 admit th* l’.«iK' is a stunning
looking car,'' remarked :» well
known motorist th* o*h**r day lit tin
president *f th* I’algi- h' t’nli Motor
Tar company, llurry M .l*w*-ti
• hum hi- found .it tin- automobile
► how, • tntt really now, Mr .'rweit.
aren't you Just a bit arrogant, a lit
tin bit boa at ful. in flatly uruioun* ins
your n* w niodrlt a.** tin* moat beautl
ul car In America*’*
“Jus* what do you meau?" asked
\J r .In w oil.
' aid lb* motorist. “you
night »\p«ct a manufacturer of tar-
Itt Ihr $ .*Mt or ?'*.""»i , i ( , adopt
nicb a -logan H* must pm an **x
r« v bau'y rt fln**m-nt. luxury
and all ib.it sort of thing into his
i at If In* I* ii> g* t h> with his price
Itui ’h* I’aig** is in a much lower
pi i< * vlasi**.”
“Slog *n . Mr .1* w tt replied. ar** |
o' .fiiral Lmd*. t»r, rath*r, th**> J
t oiu* from various sources. Sint*-!
tin.* .- 'h< tn.inuiactur* t il*'lil■••rand'
nianufa* lur* hi Hogan an 1 then
bop* ht »'.u w ill tiv. *ip to ft 'I h»
(*n.**rl«ntb»U' on* will r*g«id it .i»
n iri»'al to live up t«, a *r,oal to
r* ai n. and IliU- It b< nunc: an Inn’ll
tivr to great r thtnr**
Hut w h 11• -onn slogan* am
i u.**, oilier* .*r*' thrust upon us.
•Tilt moat b* tutiful rxr In America*
i not a pin a * conjured up In our
advertising •*. sale* departments It
wi presented to u* h> th#* public.
W* hat* b* * n impressed with th*
f,i* ' that I’aig* owners hi v e so de
,-u *• *1 mjr •ar Ihr phra * was
firr* n* b* i*• r* *• * »v*r a*b*ptrd fr
•H* w cam* to th** conclusion thai if
p**op',4» w* re .ailing fin* I’ai?* ‘The
r."**' b* uMiful ir tn \menca.’ it
wa no br» a* h <u mod* ty sot u* to
i * * Th** pu *llr made
tin -logan/ We bad n< ’hing n* <lo
mlth it
nnr of :hr problem* confronting
ih* advertiser i« now* to secure th**
gri at* *t amount of publicity Tb**r«*
•*■« n a gm.i’ evolution In adver
tiding in the last decade, and now
ti i- merged with c »lc* min« Mp. Mo
tor car taanufartur* rs spend mil
lion* tn Irtting thr public know
about thrir new model* They were
umeng th* first to embrace thr mo
tion pirtu'r as a means of arrouip
lishlng th s.
To g**t Into the film what the nuk
* r« desire t*> Impress upon th«* pub
lie to eliminate all was* sir* and
fin illy to a.** -* ruble ,** filn of *uc h
merit Hat the moving picture
bouses ar n glad o run It ».* an edu
rational feature, i what M N Nel
ion has a rompliahed Th** Nelson
st*idlo. No 7't Woodward ave . not
only is equipped for till.® purpose
hut th** operator® are expe-t^ 1 hence
the Nelson film* rank ro* thr t **wf **t
any in ne industrial field Motor
ra** maker* who have used the N**l
on srfvr. * pronounce it IdejH for
their puraos* and have volunteered
vfr. N’elsen flattering testimonials of
Th* V-Non -tudlo also produces
nlmat**d moving plrfu •*•■.-.. th*®e
•lr.au lugs don** by ittisi** >n tl»e d*»-
partmenl even showing lh<* work
of a ph*f»n or other no* hatu.-m
when In operation.
fleued Advice
What hould I do if a
*nan r.i3 tn* a liar?
t nb*> t* n I* depends on how
in « man h* is and how hie n lur
be rail* you’
Automobile Insurance That Really
Kegardless of the price you pay for automobile
insurance its worth is commensurate only with the
amount of protection it really affords.
At critical moments many car owners have found
that insurance purchased at high rates did not fully
The accidents retorted in any daily paper should
convince you that driving a car without adequate pro
tection is foolhardy.
Your name may ap|x*ar in tomorrow’s paper!
We offer you absolute protection, and at most rea
sonable rates. v
Compare our rates and service before insuring.
\utomobilo Insurance Specialists
HI 1 fnion Trust Hldg. Phones
Heads Successful
Automobile Concern 1
f «
Hr i* president of the Saxon Mo
tor <’?ir corporation, one of the eon*
► pinions -iicr* sse*- in the aiitomo
bll* field
Detroit Firm. Which Builds
.'tTo.OOO Annually, Meets
Makers’ Needs
I rom .10 to r.o p* r rent of the
price of a utorcr ewi i* represented
by its bodv
.at relative amount of ini*
pormner*. pa!esm*-n ay. is a.-corded
tbr bed. b the pr .-pec ivr huy«-r.
Hv lar 'he largest of the fco*l>
man it.** »ur* rs ttic larrest in th**
worbl is the Kl'her l*o«lv • orpora
lion which inain'a n I t tnalor plants
m l»etr«)t and another group in
Walken ill* . (>nt
In th* »* plants ihr Fish**r Porly
< **i por.it i**n employ,« nn*re than 6,000
t*i* ti and produei approvimatrlv
•»i,'*.ooo iiuto'tiohile bodic.® annually.
I h** cuh u.atn.n **f sire, sea, the
httHinm*n' of ricidl'y, the ellruln*
Hon of .®qu*aks, rtittlrs an*i other
i not*-* « ar** problems which Fisher
. 1 1 • >1 > . >rp« ration entin**ers licve
]‘c.:\*.i r :ctentifl( m*ans. Tr.vrn
!ti**n® t*> puuiTote rmrvfort and con
vent* tv* are add*d yearly The
*ju* » for >n< r#a*ed beauty and gra e
i Y «.utlipp i* une aMbg.
The tir t * tuple f*d chrtssls of any
new rnr lcl is ont to the bo*ly b*nld
* r’s plan* V. her* a sample body is
. nit up tr.iin d* tgns. by hand labor
V* ben t i -uly has been accepted
bv *h<* rh i.* .*■ is manufacturer, dies
amt jg a built and produ« tlon en
terrd up*.n, with a prearranged
schedule of dates of delivery.
The Kt-*h*r Body corporation has
m* rale' departputit and no tradi
tion < It **ll- n*» bodiet at rrlall.
. ut r mti.ii*iy annually for th** ►al**
lo' ils onr|r* produ* tin adv.inc* It
ha.* ne ■ « xl.ibit**d at an aut**n:*ibile
*h*ri tbn n< national th w has eve
** n hrl*| a* w*hi<*h its pr<*<loet wrn*
not display* and in tb*> spaces o xupie.l
by the badiug manufacturers whop*
it lias supplied f**r many years
\t th** Iwtrnlt she w, tuch exhibit'
.nil he vein n lit* spaces »h*>r
< 1 aimers. Hudson, ('.uilllac. chand
ler. Maxwell an I Bm k are repre
i • ct* and.
xfrH |icwb**rrv lhay fell me is
this little poem food enough to pub
lish '
rotinfry E!dltnr (to bookkeeper)
.lim' si* * If Mn*. next*berry's sub*
-rriptl* n i® paid up'
Ji I ■ Jt
Tlie Hudson ( oavertible Sedan
A Itn# .i*mt*b <*f » l»«.l» lipr r»|il.!li «r<i’.irlnK (rni>r*l xofU.
I t«|* i« ■(« ionur.i. Aitiii i» (Jr-fiiilAr« *t |M*wiliiui gn I g,, jjh
• •••lira ralw.l, Ihr l>«.|jr m (horo.iK*.l • wratttrrpronf. In |<lrH«;mt
«rMhrr. »«*br. ttrr r.tallv l>>wrrrit »n*l rrmoicd, IrMving
the s'dr** ei*cu miU free trom all wl>«tr«u tiuun.
«> -n
■— / ■' P uft
The Ford Se*l*n
A tKore«*htr high o*l*l"r h...|r irMrli, thr**ieh
•mall. in. tn.lra nil lhr **** nnuU „f il;if*hUity,
ti'ilrln*«< anil •**mi.l l«.lr I *ir «.«.* In lit.
end w*lr nml ***■> !• .ii.hr.l tn »*rr l nn.t frit,
S«*hm »rr ih.*.«-forr iMihrlrw, ln»«h in p.wOinn nn«|
• lira lowerrii.
The Hulrk Se*lnn
A *t«*inrli, gnw *-fnl hn.l* «l*h .unntmrr pitlnrg
•mi a.lJ'i.tAidr, .ll.MpprHrlng iloor mill aldr »tn
d«w Mt.hr* Thr a* it *i I ir> i.ntnrwn *r«|. whl*h,
whrn not in u*r, »rr romplrtrljr •*i»rl.m.*.l In the
htrl,* us thr front »r»t* trr . lmr«. trrl.tlr of
l Uher ihnij Corpora l io a Uraigu «u.i **urwinonitup.
8 ■ n ii >
a wwww y /jy \
The Cadillae T.lnu*nslne
In mntrrlixl*. workman*hl|> ami .Iralgn the hlrhrat namplr of
the hod» huildrr'a art In »«l« . thr mo«t popular limoualae «*B
the trarkrt 'lhr rnilrr body, ,n< lu.llitg thr roof, t* of nluminam.
I phol*trry I* of tlir flnr.t un i mo»t dttrahl* fnt.rlf*. xinrtv of
thr har lomrr anil man* of thr n*r« hanirsi frnturr* or** at**o
lutrlr riHuaiir Thr r'»r « ompartuicnt la rquipi*rd with dte
•pprarUig wuiUlao «rut*.
Vrl rs eon
f o
The Ford Poupalef
•r the n»r nf liighlr *prrl.*i|lrr.| tnorhlnerT—marb
of It ilevrltmrd t>* t!ir I ..lirr 11..*..r t orporatton
an.l h.r lafgr-qtinnt >lr pmdiK-tion tnrtliotla, this
an. ill hodv haa t*rrn glii n n .Irgrrr of .pialitir
(•thrrn iaa min'talnnM. 1*..0r »n«li. • urr h. ' . «1.--
apprarlng »>id S.lJll.tit.|r 'lhr lop las Idlng.
Thr rntirr l«,«l.r t« wlttioiit ruttlr or oqiirnk—a
qualli/ cUaroclcriatlc of the 1 i*ucr-huilt proUurt.
The ChsufUsr Convertible stvlnn
Built on eoa»entlnm»l linen, and <le»i*nrd with
roomy arrnminodatlnnn for nevrn i>«..<-n|rri, thin
body Inrlutlen .otery itWf«Mn ilrlnil in make It
rnnipletely rontrrtlhlr tin t«|> In ntotlonorr. The
(lane nonhen of nlden nn>l doom nee adjimtahla null
disapproving Side pillar* ore demountable.
IMIIIIM ill' , I r
l’ |7 ,l r| . ri | Kg
IM-iLLIi—L-wdL KC-,
Tbs Msvwell CWnTerflhle Se«lan
A light, grnrefnl body, with odjontohle, dlnappear
nnihen In doom mil niil-• w Indnwa, and «le
mnuntoliln otde-plllar*. AfromnimUllonn are pro
vided for flie pan»en*ern The rnn»erflhlo featoro
make* thin h«*di Ihomnchly adaptnblo to both win.
tot nnd lunntr ten let.
4 11 f ‘ ■ '*
I ■PBHBPBBfc* re'.
!■ m mr"*
In j
w m .v. '
The CstlllUr Victoria
A rlono-ronpled body for four pnurntrri, In whir It
• niotlonary top I* rnmbined with adjustable, din
appearing gln-n nanlien In doom and nlden. I tie
nlde-plllarn. ei|tilpprd with I l«her llody f'orpnr
atlna built nn< krt-hlnge* are eanlly HeinntudaMe
and At nnilgly Into a padded rnmparlmrnl under
the rear neat, time limiting all ttie parts ne|f.
rontalned —a t|Uallly nbared l>y every other lUher
The Cadillac l.an<lau|p(
A hodr In w hich • eimple threw-pin hin|r enable* the rear eec
tlnn of the roof to be o|>cnc>l or cloaed h« one person. Thli con -
atmellna permit» a Joint that U » alert If hi. and eliminate* tha
need of the imatchtl? robber roof rover, roaventlonallv need.
The top I* folding In other detail* tb>* bod y |* a (Inpllmte of
the eicluaita iwuoudna which la al»o *b»*a on thla pas*.
An Ancient Art—
A Modern Industry
Royalty once rode in a coach.
Such a coach represented many years of work and
experience by a master builder whose craft has
been dignified for centuries as an art.
But Royalty—and Success —now ride in motor cars.
And the service performed by the coach builder
has become the heritage of the manufacturer of
automobile bodies.
Demand has multiplied the product a thousand
fold, yet the occupation has remained an art —an
art in which excellence is attained only by the
supreme skill of hand, eye and brain.
To retain all the advantages of the veteran coach
builder’s loving handiwork, and to reproduce it
faithfully in every detail, from modem materials
and by modem, labor-saving machinery, is—and
always has been —the dominant purpose of the
Fisher Body Corporation.
lishei Bodies
have certain characteristics best
known to the great army which
daily rides in them.
The v have been built to the limits of
the most skilled Twentieth Century)
coach builder's ideals of comfort and
Their durability has been proved fully
equal to that of the chassis for which
each was designed.
Even after long service . they have re
mained free from rattle or squeak .
These qualities are exemplified to
the highest degree in Fisher Body
Corporation closed and convertible
bodies, several of which are illus
trated on this page.
An Industrial
The Fisher Body Corporation has
no sales department and accepts no
orders for individual bodies.
Its entire output is sold in advance
to a certain group of leading motor
car manufacturers.
Tisher Bodij Corporation
Detroit - Michigan
The (’halniers Convertible Sedan
Tbl* body differ* from the onr rational all araaon rnovertibla
t.*pw In the design of It* front. The wlndahleld la tilled an I ltd
anpporta are arranged to pre»ent a nilr.Unnm of obatroelioa ta tha
ilrlrar’a tUlon in either direction. The door* jive acre** to tha
rear •rati from either *lde In line* and general detail thla body
I* a < tiara, lerlatle re*ull *>f co-operation between the automobile
manufacturer aud tha flatter Body Corporation.
This group has remained virtually
unchanged for many years ah
though, as these years have passed,
each of these manufacturers ha*
tremendously expanded his opera
The Fisher Body Corporation ha*
kept pace with this expansion until
it now employs more than 6,000
men. in plants containing more
than 2,000.000 square feet of floor
space and producing more than
375,000 bodies yearly.
Fisher Bodies—*
All of Them
Fisher bodies—open and closed
are built for cars which sell at a
wide range of price. The bodies
differ correspondingly in size,
weight and elaborateness of ap
pointment. Yet the Fisher Body
Corporation has built into each of
these bodies the same broad, char
acteristic qualities of merit for
which its product has become
noted throughout the automobile

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