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A Pledge for Every Page
If The Time* print.* It, The Time* believes It.
‘gossip; declares head
Amazingly Accurate
Forecast of Note
Wired to Brokers
Private Line Carried
Inside Information
Over Country
NEW YORK. Jan " 1 ‘Rumor
uni. "common 50.- p were book*']
tco«j to * biani< 1 foi t n* ■'l
*i:.-< oxer*--] leak on I'rf sidcnt W ll
iun’i r*<*rnt note to belligerent*
T*vptte the inw udn* i's !' \
Connolly's interpretation >x!r*d from
v asbingt**n to the K. I Hutton L
totnpany brokerage houer oonrern
ing the note on Dec 2b. t ounollv
icntenda that hr had no "Inside” in
formation Moreover, hr denied that
R W. Bolling. president WiDon’s
brother in law. and meniher of p. a
(onnnllv and corn pan * , jn<> him
>dv lin«* on th* message. »nd Bolling
■himself dcnle* any inside traca.
On the other hand, Connolix
claim* ‘Vommon goaslp" in Wash
inghsn nth'*' him the n**»i« about the
note which p F Hu’ton it Company
t pr* ad on f.ieir *!*■*.* the afternoon
before publication of the document
Ftrangeiv enough. the Hutton xer
loon mentioned th- id**a of h warn
ing to belligerent* not to encroach
on neutral right* further And. news
I apery, confidentially informed of
the message on tiie 20th, did not
generally get thl* warning angb
until the nfternt>on of Dec 21. when
terpretatlon' of th not* in his
“verge <*f war” .ita" , mrnt.
The llutton tHegrajr came to
l-ght during yesterday'- h« trinu K
F. Hutton then levified that it »,ia
oilglnally -ent <*ut h> A t'or.nnlly,
head of the Connolly houwe, Waah
tagion rorre*pond«‘nt of Hutton
‘•Hutton and Connolly were slated
a;* today'* witn*«s<
lief ore the «nd of the week, the
Committee expert* to has*’ ae.eral
tp*tarular aCrount record* of Wall
M. plunger* before it. One well
poxted rommltt«-cman : aid igmtl
tantly today:
“I wouldn't be surpri-ed If we
uim aero -ontc very intei ‘ting
ihing- lieiore were done'*
The committee expert* to finish
it- NVw York wot k Friday and It*
Washington work h> the * ml of next
v • -* k
I Whether or not it pin* < -r»- ponsl-
Tltltjr for n ]e-,k. th* eomniitte* ‘feeb
f ha* don*’ a puMie <rxn< h> t how
ng, first,That th** floras of the out -
■ id** public on th* lone ,«id»* are oft
n mod a« th*' v#r> morn* for *hor'
•perafor* to deity with a downward
:jtiv«>. An<l. secondly, that th* out
tide public ia practically Always
"long’ while chlcflx professionals
ere the only one r*«lizlng that there
•• a ahort aide to the market
Bernard Baruch Wall st plunger,
leared SI76,'WR» plating peace
hunches,’ during hi dn - * in De* cm
tier, he told the prober- Tuerday.
If he hntl known wha ’ was < om
ng from Washing!* n. he ml, he
would hav* old .ill tl.it I»»•• 20,
instead of covering part of I shor
•riling b” ' 'ting f S St«e| and hi
profits would have beep huger.
Bam* h raid compbuentlx hr had
inhumation frori Washington re
tardlpit the pre-id* nf* note
On I tec 20 he hour hi in 17,91X1
hare* reducing hi.- short nc« cun'
o 2b -Vit*
The twentieth »;* the fin- before
lie note wna ptshluhed in the pa
NRW YORK. Jail ”1 Haughty.
'!«tu*lve nfth ate. |V to b- invade*!
IV h fit e land ten rent *lore A .*\n
llcate haa arranged for a dilute
oration and .1 dr liiv -tore
ft will he opno*it< the *rk
■Uhlle Hitrarv. no' lar front the
Irand f **n*ral *tttio*i N Hten
aa*e ha* been obtained a' a total
»nt«l of
Tk«t **ll*A*A I rrlliiK After > »lir
*.cn>l I, Pitvb *a«.* I|e|*| <Tr I»« f-lrl
( ounri] l.a>> Ordinance On
Table After An Hour’s
Final adoption, of the amended
traffii ordinance, which embodie* a
few of th* s*ugc*«tton:t mad* 1 ' by
Commit*Moner of Police Janie-* 1 ouz
en*. hut. in the main, is radically
diff* rent from wha' th- commis
sioner believ ed wouhl b** iflea! r* gti
lation w.« put over for another
work by the roiiimmi council. Tues
da> ruch' T. w.* tione ,ift* r tip
ald*tm- n had pent an hour argti
tng variou.- 'lon.-* of the proposed
«nadment without making mil' ll
he*dw ay
A th" ojd nance um* taken up
•ection by section each was ap
proved at lr**t no "hje< tl<>ns were
made that would haxe necessitated
changing the ordinance materially
AhJ Albert T Allan, chairman of
the nimmit'c" *>n traffic and poller
rrg ilafion exj latned the i hanges
made a.* the city clerk r« ad the
amended ordinance At the conclu
sion Aid Charlea W. Burton moved
♦ hat tt he laid on the table for an
■ ther ** eek ao that al’ the -ildermen
might have an opportunity to read
i* again. an«l -<uggest <hung**s. if
ne» de*i, at next Tuesd iy'.* meeting.
The onlv di-veussion of moment I
was that as to the meaning of the;
word "parking " Aid James Vernor ;
brought up th** question as he
would b** vitally affe* t* and by tTie or ]
dinan* ** if “no parking" on on** *»f '
th* street.* specified meant that he
would b«* prev*>nted fr«im loading)
and unloading truck.- at his place of'
business Ahl Allan explain* and that •
th*- * «>nimittee intended n<* such re- j
**triction, and a few words tn the 1
proposed enactment wpre changed
at his -ugg* -tu*n so that business |
houses might have fr** nc«ess to*
their entrances for loading and tin-;
Recover Body of Putnam Boy
The body *\f Kr**d Putnam, 11!
>*-ar- old, who w is drowned Sun
da while »r>lng to *ro-- «m the ice
irom Bell*- ls|e to th*’ Detroit main
land, wa- rceo\er*'d Ttiendav by the
police after a two day search Fires
w• r* burned to break 11 p th** ire so
that grappling hooks could he u*cd
Sinker Snyi I iwhwr Should
He Put Behind the Barb” i
Uu? . H
u^ . *
M Sf,
I‘link Fisk, hi nu mh* r of c
hHnking fttip of Harxfev Fisk A Sons
.**ld to the "IrUk - etuiimlttec: “I h*
li*‘ve lie (Thonins \\ . Dawson) should
hr taken at hi* word and put behind
the bars on j* basis of perjur>,‘ Law
■on had told the committee ArrhihsM
\A hire, another bank* r of New Yftrk,
had said Fi«k boasted he could con
trol Secretary of the Treasury M*
* don.
i Holland Neutrality Squad Brings Down ’Plane ■
, .
Tin picture hows .1 Dorman I’okkei . giant aerop'an*’ brought to th*- ground xx recked b -h* li- t>r* *1 h> the
neutrality -quad «>t Holland The pilot of the wat plan* , proh-ibly because he ioM hi.*- direction. < ro-se*j over
the boundary line into Holland where soldiers and anti «*iit*titf T squads arc on watch to uphold the country
Many Preparing For
Bolt To “Bone Dry”
Drinkers Prefer
Drought To Pint-a-
Month Proposition
RY U\ L. i'A f.\t)\ .
(Staff (’orrtsponanit Drtroit Timet)
I.ANSIMJ. Mich Jan :M ton
sidcration *>f th* l "bone dry" and
"moist" prohibition hills now before
the legislature will begin thi.- aft
ernoon. following the daily session
of both house- Chairmen I<ewis
and Foster, of the house and senate
liquor committees, haw* arranged
to hn\c th**ir committees meet Joint
ly on th* bills and to go over their
details dally until the committee
work is completed
In adxan*** of the actual -tart of
committer consideration the time
that the committee* will require for
their work before reporting out
some sort of a bill can only be
guessed at The average guess,
however, is that the committer*
should be ready to report within
two weeks It being a certainty
that every detail of th*’ hill that
will pass th*’ hou-e. where it comes
up first, will be scanned most care
fuily by every member and that
every one with a notion deviating
in any way from wha' the bill pro
vides. will try to amend it, pre
liminary committee change* are noi
so important at* n noriL-hUl*
Sentiment still remain- divided
among house member* ah-m: ti .
lines indicated n these diapntrhr
l.ist week following th* Introd’K
tion of th*’ two varieties of prohlbi
»>on hills The 'bone div-" eon
tmue to appear to have ,1 shad* the
best of i? In tha' th* x ar< -t,indin:
for outright prohibition of intoxl
cant* being used tor beverage put
poses Th*' rank- of the ‘moists"
are split into three -ect'ons, xvith
ix«o of th* three seemingly ni«»r*
wtllinc to join th* bone drvs’tban
to stick xvith th* ot,hc* moists" if
they cannot have ?h* 11 wav
Horn** of th** "moist*' are utterly
opposed to the import t'lowante
for individuals in th* moi t lull of
one pint of liquor. 01 on** gallon of
win** or three gallons of heer a
month Thr-*- opponent-* *>t :ht
pioxt*|on contend Ihat -tafewide
prohibition rule -hould h* merely
an exic.pvion to the whole • t.i*e of
she ruts- n**w goxerning th* **>un
ti*’« that art* dry. They d* rlar*
thrx would mu* h rather go »he |jtn
It and bt* b**ne dry than to haxe th*-
'one pint per n»r*nth alh»wanre
Other "moists" are opposed to th*
creation of a department of prnhibi
tior with a lot of lobs tn it ‘They
declare tha' the prose* ut«irs and
sheriff* h.ukfd up hx lb* attorney
WKI)NKs I) AY . -I A M AIM .11, 1917.
genera!' department, should *ec
that th* are enforced
Th* bon. dry- expect their ranks
tci h- >w • Mec| xx;*h th* sc* moist in
M.rg* n ! s. at th*' effort will he made
to line tlu* moist* up as ta: a- pos
ihle he lon*l Ih> hill prepared by
Hi* Anti-S iloon league nttorneye
xx Inch bill itielud* - noth ih*‘ pin' a
in<*nt?i allowance and the provinon
foi a prohibition department.
Mn.-t hous** uj* mbers »r<* noting
tin fa • that tlieir < orstpurnis are
• ■ 1 in ‘h* p' >h I hit ion
hr.* that ,«re to he passed and that
th* hone dry sentiment is much
mor* w id***-pr*<ad that many of them
hsd suspected prior to sounding
our general feeling on th*’ subject.
M*>riy letters and petitions are be
in:r received by members from per
ons In nil parts of the state, back
ns *liv» rs kinds o» i>rnhibltory leg
i-latlon But there is much more
ntinmnf of providin'’ Mlrhigan
with a brand <>f prohibition that
ready prohibits than for all other
varieties put together.
Popular Salesman
And Entertainer
Seeks Council Seat
'/?*;. v.
Mr Watson i.- a candidate in the
Fourth ward to succeed the
la‘e Maurice J KeHting. having filed
his Ic* it ion with th*‘ cty clerk H>
Tut —been ti r*” id* nt of D* troit foi
nmr* than a0 y*at-. -*nd ha - lived
during nil of that tint* tn the Fourth
and Sixt! xxards. For II years h*
was a meinbei «>! Ihe Detroit fir*
(h parllii* nt. an*! later xx as depttrv
sb**rlff und* r Henry \ Dm k on anil
tieorg* T (ia*ton Mt Watson i
particularly xxeli known ** an *n
tertainer. liaxinc gamed eou-idera
hi* local fame xxuh the Elk* min
Mr \Ynt-on ht- a host of loyal
fri* n*J- xvho ar*’ determined to land
him in *he council, and already th°y
are xerx active m his behalf As
city *>ale.-man for the (1 A 1! Me
Millan company he • n.iox -* Wi*le
arquaintance. His honi* 1 at No.
9*> 1 Third axe
W'll Fight For Mother * Estate
\t‘r»rn<) lannis Ott ha- fllc-d no
ti«« that he w 'll take an appeal trmn
the probate court order probating
the will ot Mrs Augu-ta Wr-ser
line w hi* h left I*l .000 lu-qii'VtfP t(J
each of f**ur hr**fh«r- and Meters.
7he petition for probate wa*
pos*;d a D wa -ex
oral month after Mr VYo-serllng 1*
•leath tha' the xx'll was **fi* r<d
X llml x<ini|io Itinnrr.
* I
I. ’i* i<> x Vi i> ni Hotel qr «wr>M
D. T. Jackson Looked
Forward To Bouts,
xSays M r ife
Failed To Get Any Joy
Out of Spouse’s
Daniel T Jackson was a methodi
cal drinker, n forehanded battler
w ith booze, xx ho tp-ed to arrange his
sprees sexen days in adxance and
then relish the prospect of a glee
riotis "bun" all thru the week, ac
cording to his wife, Mrs. KlVte F
Jack*on, w h«> sought a divorce from
him Tuesday, before Judge North.
Mrs Jackson didn't see anything
admirable in her husband's methods
of hilarity. It was the misery and
hardship whicn it brought that she
recount***! to Judge North.
"He xx ould plana week b* for** he and
g* t drunk and tell me about it," she
.aid. "And he always w<nt thru
with ii I would have to stand the
abuse. |fe would tak* it out on m*
in hi.- sprees."
Jackson is a structural iron work
er. The couple xx ere married in
1912 and parted la t August, th*- oc
casion being a drunk of her hus
band lasting a week and starting
wh« n h* "bad trouble on th- job."
according to Mrs. Jackson, who said
■ hat he wanter to tak* it out on her
S!u will get a decree.
Ry Kit. 1. ku:s
t s ' to 7 ♦ '**/'rc«im»/ (l’’nt i 1, b • /• 1
I.ONIXiN, lar. I! A: r* of fou*
prisons chiffcii v.th eon-pint y to
poi>on I‘re.i.i- . it-vnl l.lox*l l orve
■ •*nm«' knt > n tO'!»; tjiru iriaig'
ni* ut of tiie <;u ir** at 1 * ri>
I wenfy-five delegate* from the i»e
troit Board of Comm* ice left lie
• rot* f*»r Washington D C Tuesday
noon in a special ear to at**»nd the
xe-sion- ot 1 lie | nnerl State* ( ham
hej of Comr*ierc« winch ont*-m
pla'e- aetjon relative tn many que»
tion.* of lin pot tanee t*» Detroit While
in Washington Walter C Col**. -ee
r< :.*r\ «»' th*’ Detroit iu*aiil of t on
meree D. W. Schmidt, secretary
of tin Americanization committee,
|ol the board. .*Pd II W. Hoyt,
chairman of the committee, wpi ;) i
tend the session of the National
Conference on Ar..er|ranl**tifm, )
The word khakt. i.r epplied *o the
1 l*»th noxx «o gene;.nix u«e«l for ml:
t*ry unlfoenis. n tlerixed frxh' the
Perslar 'H ak " -loaning du.«t or
.. -T e«
Total of Nearly Twelve
Million Asked By
iwtroit h.oi a school board of
nine member.* Tue.*da> afternoon,
when the inspectors met in special
session to review the 191718 budget
providing for the expenditure of al
most 112.h00.000 for new school*
and the maintenance of the city's
educational system.
More than half the members did
not attend the meeting The budget
as originally prepared calle for an
appropriation of |10,768.441 83. The
tot«.l of expenditures in the budget
is $11,938.441 83, but interest on
daily balance and primary school
money furnish a total credit of $1 ,-
An item of $.">0,1)00 for s new heat
ing plant in Central high school was
adde<, to the original list, and the
inspectors voted to add SIOO per
year to the salaries of clerks in the
board of education office A few
small reductions were ordered, and
when it was all over the nine man
board laughed knowingly at the
grim humor of one of the members
who said: Well, we got. n fat
chance of getting all this any way
What the estimators won't do to
this is a shame.'*
Added burdens placed upon the
school system by the recent an
negations, caused a loud howl from
some of the inspectors. In three
ca>e>, alterations and improvements
of 54,00i> each were asked for little
wooden schools in ihe annexed ter
ritory. !>r Charles E. Chadsey.
superintendent of schools, informed
the (oard that the school buddings
w« r* not worth more than s.">oo
The board of health ordered the
iotprovenients, d*s laring that the
water and sanitary systems were
unhealthy. The board d'-rlded to
cut out the improvement items and
provide pupils with car fare, if
necessary, so that they can attend
recular rit\ schools.
The North* m hirh school was
p«-n* (I Moudty but already an item
of $27,401 or. i* a-’,' 1 for furniture
and fixture*. The original appropre
*t on po» ufTlcient to meet all
t eipurt mi n»s
It* recent*!jv*« o's ?h» boa-d of
health notified ihe inspectors tha»
*w iniining pools in sehools are dan*
7* foils to chil*lren be-a use of ini
purities in ihe wate* Sterilisation
and flit rut ion v •t*m* were room
mended Inspector Gordon d*n dared
that he would rather abolish flm
pools than put the city to *.ir!i . \
per.se, a-. iat h stent would cost
abou $. o"*i. Hi* motion to * ose
th* pool was defeated but final
ac'lon on the itent was deferred
For the me* hariit al * ncmeor the
budget falls for an. tutomohile cost
inc s;*f>s Below th t* rrtii i> *>fte
for the purchase of three more au
tomobilo* at ?7oT» *-a* h. fur the use
of the assistant supe i <nt* ndchts
Th* inspector® leaped upon thisdis
(r.mtnatjon wttli fury. an*l when
the\ go* thru shakin.’ up the item
it provided that th*T assistant si.
perintrndt nts should ride in the
same i v ind of a tar .* e the men ham
chl ensrineer will hate, if the esti
mators l approve.
President Mum ford and the fol
lowing inspectors attended the meet
“tr.p flhe phold Spalding. Komrof
■ k't Gordon, Morgan. Harms Hely
red Krueger
V »«r f ketee mt Balking
*’"’U»d he the Motel kfinefgl
sort Tiekc:sh R<th* *nr Men and We.
rr»'-n ei #n and night Expert at
tendants. Adv
Democrats In Senate
(Tioke Off Debate
On Proposal
Thinks League Would
Involve Nation In
WASHINGTON. Jan. 31.—'The
Democratic majority in the senate
late Tuesday, effectually shut off
general dehate on the president's
jeace program by tabling Senator
Cummins* resolution vailing for open
discussion by a vote of 38 to 30. One
Democrat. Senator Marline, voted
with the Republicans.
In speaking for his resolution
Senator Cummins declared that the
president's pear** league idea, if
worked out might put the United
States in the position of fighting it
self or rebelling against the world.
"I believe that if this country
shall do what the president pro
poses, we wifi he involved either in
almost continuous war waged all
over the world, or we will h** en
gag*wl in almost constant rebellion
gains’ the authority which he pro
poses to set up over us." he said.
Administration “tipporter> de< l»r
--*d that the vote demonstrated clear
ly that the prestden*. has the unqual
ified support of his party in the sen
j.te and that any bgislative action
which he ina> dedn necessary to
forward his pv*ac*> proposals will he
forthcoming. The\ .-aid that it male,
rially clarified the atmosphere h>
showing that the opposition to the
plan came only from ihe opposite
party In the senate.
| ]
In Limelight In
the “Leak” Inquiry j
. . v»*r • x- k e 7. ....
' • > • L
■s .
■ |
■ By
t. wtjt- 4 Aobo '^n
jygUQL.THt rgCAmwr, |
II * name i* frequent!' mention* and
in the peace note in\e*»l;g*
lion being conducted bj7* copfre»
sional committee
TH I' mil f.MHt N
Yr *v*ht Mile* Th*«fe* "Kiltie* *
B»*n<l IV* •p' r» Piie* si f'-at ure*
British Public Not Dis
posed To Ask
Teuton Views
Hold Both Berlin and
Wilson Have Been
LONDON Jen 31 Germany 1s
about to tell America ih:ti she is
ready to formulate her peace terms
if »he Allies request them, in a i oni
m uni cation now on route or shortly
to be sent, to Ambassador BernatorfT
at Washington. Holland dispatches
i today gave this .is a nett German
I pea.ee move, apparently decided
upon at the conference of German
and Austrian royalty and officialdom
at the German great, headquarters
on Saturday—the kaiser's birthday.
Presumably it is this now move
which Is to be the topic of imperial
Chancellor Ton Rethmann HoMweg’s
announced speech lodav to the Ger
man reichstag. Formal announce
ment that he would make an ad
dress was made by Berlin yesterday.
These reports aroused the great
est interest here today, but there
was an entire lack of response to
the suggestion that the Allies sub
mit a formal request for Germany's
peace t**rms. England and her al
lies feel they have sufficiently an
swered the German peace terms as
well as President Wilson's sugges
tions. in the three notes already
written. These outlined very fully
the Entente's aims and the only
terms on which they would be will
ing even to consider a peace. Eng
land believes, moreover, a spirit of
acceptance of these terms Is a pre
requisite to further consideration by
the Allies of any peace moves.
First intimation that Germany
was sending another communication
to America was made (n United
Press dispatches received here Mon
day from Berlin.
Police Seek Vito Vala.ncuso For
Killing of Sam Lanza In
Former’s Home
Family troubles, which
when Sam Lan/.a married th" *tep
daughter of Vito Valascuso, of No.
415 Fort-st. east, against hi* will,
were brought to a tragic terming
tion Tuesday nights, when Vaia. iuso
shot and killed iJinza in th* latter's
bom* Yalnsr’iso lef* the house lat
er and has not been found
According to ihe police. L&nta
boarded tn he Valuer u»n rtont* f- r
some time In the h*>m' va- th*
adoptee da igh **r oi Vslascn*:*
whom .mined an*! mart >• <!
agiin.-t \ a'ascuso's wih. \ liio
there v. **i e fj-equ»-nt quirt*Ms a*
cordinr to the polio t.an.a icTiTain
ed wi<h hi* wife's parin' until h*
wa* <rde-.**; fiotti the house a«t
\ »• k W hen le- »en' It♦* .o*ed he
» l/Uld he um* *\ aga ,p
T'iesdav nigh“’he;-e tame a (tno*'k
a' 'h« door 11 was An
.our ing tbs he na*l * om* bar*
I* advanced into the room made *
moiiop tovard ,t jj'in in hi* peck*"
and i ben f e!l dead in a doorway
leading into the room whete Valas
cuso had been siftini the victim or
a shot fred by VaUreuse
ala.*ru«o .»snt tn a closet, put
on hi* o'ercuat and ha' and disap
peared I r ark Andrea and George
* aiu«e w lio were n 'he house at
*he iim“. C*r»- «l*'t*ined .«* wit-
Thug* Get %2 5 from Victtrn
\S ‘u’e w.tlV.ng .it and Ri
vard *t» la’e Tuesday right, peter
W Fepineaii. of N'o. 38K 'Tairned-st.
«««’ wa* -et upon b» I to highwsy
r, en wro hea' him and -obbed him
. f 1.1
rHntlka—tfce pisl* isii kt»4— rk«*
Is rl ( kt-rtw»« leg 4*l*

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