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American Driver, With Lead Dog Dead, Shows Heels to Rivals in Red River Derby
AUHOHT ‘•'•ln has been flvlng from the top of the N*' >n ftrl . r^.**
Ml winter if certain Tig* r comvpiran,.. go **U' n ?!Ij* ~ "
will bo added to ibc at*U n< Xl w »i» *f a * ri '’ , ‘ # * * h ,. r j, nx
1 southpaw hide, for the Tig* r - arc hoi on the * h , r ‘ *' r **
U,«. ha* pcMcrcd t! *-r. for
Detroit Who dmoo't km>w ( «rl WHlman. the an m 5 ’ ‘ ,?,
who pitch*** for the Brown# J'Wgi bug "" *_, 1 J , '. f ‘ (m ,,
M r<- to *av that they arc prejudiced Mg.un • him >■* v
when « Jubilee would have ati*fiNd :i
sud'l< nly befallen thla pwrwofc
When the a#**«on of 1914 ended Parl a -unpopular t* re ''c had
fr*uu«niie pitched again t i Tn.-
Cunae Beyond a qU* turn he a ■ hi: Bu .-r “' ,
STllmus «» »»tr l-'roi. am. ■ »» o *
die pennant There were v veral r» w •*■ i *cr. - .
h„- f amour ■
against Tiff*. awl won *igh' of Mien ih* • ITI - 1 ' „
combined 'ould win only one other roust Th<- r o er.
the TilW »ae the scandal of • <•' o’l' 0 ’ 1 '- - -••
club in the league turn up it u-> by merely walking ‘‘ ev .
there was a ghastly, gho '!> jinx m b -ha this southpaw »
Wellman entered the sr»*4,n of I*>U * '• rs ' 1 ”*• r J
24 start* ngin**t l*etroif ll** or;* • fr
20 victories In 33 start- Tb* Tig* raws cl - ' w « % •*
They won *lx out of their mn« gm: .» v r ’ p »i *
are going after those aoten unavenged r n»
This Weilman *w one of the good pH ■'f. of \ *lu - 'j * '
Chicago and New York were easy f«t 1
be but the Tigers fooled him Near.;. ■r' ■ -
the daintiest lunch ever served to a lab- * - bu' th" m.v r
Mr Wellman five out of eigi.- gam*** .«rd th **• *•' q ;
of at Louis the kindergarten club cou.d achieve * \r*r
Assorted Jinvt>.
IT la an Intercutiug baseb.il! e< • r*■> v *1 « p
certain clubs which they can trim with ease wT:b of -r r - mars
the** marne fllngers with glee T l -* <.ea*on of lkl* was no * xreptmn m
tbla rule Eddie Clrotte won .- ven out of eigb- Marts *.n.*
Yankees, and could get no better than an n-n brev* w -h *' *
Kmir Shore could pickle Chicago and coul In •«• a> in ’h*' ->t • '*
the Browns I Leonard was a sure winner iga.n- \\ s »o. ' nsi
again*? the White Sox. May* could b*-at > 1 :* w st Lou.** n
- York. Walt Johnson didn't have ,r.y troubi* w; • ln-1 *-- or
Y’ank*. but the Red Sox and Tigers were poison for l ire
Reb Russell couldn’t atop the btr the Jur.g;,-ers k<*p r i?b
in the ]eafru r by playing dead for him St. Louis »■»* ap pe for Boe ng
who war slaughtered by Detroit. Washington »x th>- or. t**am. in ’ "•»
league that couldn't beat up the New York fiusse'l The Naucmals w r
reldom bothered by Eddie Plank, and so w re the Whit- Sox. bu’ rh*
grandfather of chuckera bad no troub’e wrh IX-trott or Bos'on V. .Hie
Mitchell let St. Loul* run all over him. and took ou' fct* sp.** on ?h* \ ink
Harry Harper had a lot of fun with Chicago, bu* wasn’t o - r!y eff* Tve
Chicago always thrived on Bob Groom « offerings R*jth and Coreieski*'
wrre consiitently good ugam*t all comer- Boland too* a deiig: ‘
baffling the Yanks and Indians N;ck Cudop feasted tee Whit* >ox
and starved in *erle« with Detroit Th- Tigers and Indians «• re a d**l j‘
to neb J£aber who for the lif* of bun couldn t thr « th- b.* pas* *
pfork or toe Red Sox. Dubuc was never happy excwpt « heo he was workin
against Washington
There’* a long list of heavers who coyidr t ge* beer *Lia an -*> *.
break aginst the Athletics, weird ** tha* assertion tuay -rr We*.;mar.
Bo* hling and Russell couldn't even do th *t well * .cott*, .Shocker. F -'-r.
Harper. Plank. Dubuc. Klepfer. MPeheii. \ycr *nd Jam* - ar* -orae of the
fellow* who played f»0-!*0 with Mack's infan*?
The l a»e of Burns
WHEN a dispatch came out of New Yorkllas« f w»*k relating tfca»
George Burn*, the cloutini. fir*-' baseman of the Tigers, fc
attended a strike nieeting r ailed by l-av** Fultj :* was fear* and
that George had allied h;m.s»i f w*b the malcontents !♦ **
Immediately re**alled that Bums hnd b-.-r. »he -eripun? of unusua 1 courte.,
and financial aid from the club at *he • m*- of : • rioc ’ * • n 11
and that he should register annual gratnude an . appreciar r i w.»
aaaumed that George was not doing this, bu’ ratl.er »». lending aid to the
Wiemy. ,
In Justice to Burns, It should b- - , a , *d ina* mfonrstl m
frrrlved in this city that Indicate- • . ■w* ever r nd* 1 t r 1 •- :•.*•*
in the strike, or to seixe upon ’.he proposed walkout tr embxrr. .* tr e lx*:
club. It seems very probable that ha.,ng heard »ha‘ ,k i. n • *■* *: w
called, the Tiger ran over to New York from h - Pn.?*iieipf hi m* m-r-'
to see what wa* going on It turned out, however, iha* his pr* --nre wa
noted and commented upon in the public prmc ;* niisfor’urr *>.« rsd
not befallen player** who had attended other nciilar m* * *.rz- T v a n -de
George appear ungraceful, and did a bl» vnno mg - *• ;h T *
was an indiscretion, but there is no reason to be: ev*> iy, t > i«• *
Gotham is any more significant than a mild diplomatic b* n*-
Burns wants a larger salary, and «o do eve rr ,l other Tige-s Pr* «id*»n*
<avin does not seem to re»en* these request* H* -a - • fls’ > ths* h* expe**’
ibsolutely no difficulty In coming to terms wi'h anv off. > ,-xcep
Vltf, and declarer that Vltr is the only one who ha trad- urr-a'-'-mnhle
Semandt- of him Nor does King fYancts have b.’ter thir.g* to «av of lit*?**
Oscar, who was very loyal during the Federal jamb*>r** i magrv.
ha* a notion that the third baseman ha* been badly advised and *.» rh*e**-
fully standing pat until Vltt cut.** loose his parachute an*, g.-n'h purr,;
ihe earth.
Meanwhile Hughey Jcnn'nge i* turomp * * ** • -a’ . . &,tt
courser into marvelous replica **f the shell plowed field- be*»cen rbe
Suropean battle Af<er on- *lan* «' Hughe\ golf, - nood arm>
.mgincer has earnestly recommended that Vncl** Sam discard - ,•* trench-
Ugging equipment and set the munition factories *o r. King rr.l : r* • jr
übltcks for the military mole*.
Boxing Prosperity
THERE arc certain advantage*» to b* ing wir.r.er in the br-x •rc m*
Billy Mlske. who Is surceed;ng Jack t ’llon a* ,v .» It * fc* iv
sensation of the year, tell* about it In a fanrung b-c, v»h«r-tn h*
discussea his spectacular fight «*arward Bay* BU’
The first scrap I had in New York la.-’ fall netted t |*.j l
knocked Jack Hubbard out In nlnr r« und» T h * far *h r Iw
offset the croallnehs of the money. The dour? prad*) , uvr. v- <!
In slxe *s | went along I put Jim Rarrv ..way and g *l7* !* •*
W’as more encouraging Tim O’Neil wIS n> xt an( ] f T th«* 1 r.-
out I got 1143. Johnny Howard was stopped o cin* r* :* ?r ■
I received 1237. Then 1 began to g< t m !r > *he bg sg e * .«
| : - They thougl.t Rat Levinsky would trim me but e o.dr h* *1 f
boxing him my bit Jumpe*l up to s4<* r , We ha«l a ret .rr *rt -i
and this time I was draw ing well, my end coming to $* * T v *?n
• hey began to send out for m«*n to beat me, 1 «■- g* t-ng ■
gether too fresh for their champion* Ag:tinst .Isrh r»)''on fir «
time in Brooklyn I annexed 11,2.50 and added ti e «a.m. ..c.r * n
the bankroll for putting It over on Bob Moba U> *,t tin.*- i »
a good card in New York and was ;<b.» nn ■ *r H i ... rar.’e.
of $2,000 for boxing Charley Weiner* Ay :•* T’. .r * •»* v *
fight I had in New York. 1 got 11.500
This Yost Gent.
rHE annual antl-Y'ont bazoo at Ann Arbor ha tartr-u On* prof -*or
rerlvoa the ancient hirncnt that fraternity favori’iem pu* ■ « p,*r
in influencing the »election «»f toame Thnt i* pure bunk Th -
armic* of Europe couldn't influence Yn*t in the -elec -v <j I
- particularly when only Half enough good rr> n • * k« * ~*
To available these day*. Another denion prof dt*(Ow-i ih*. y,,,*
laahecn and a worshtpper at ihe -hrfn* of tradition *h,rg* , -h*
sort In the dark ages
, Fielding Y'oal became supreme among coaches m i * «.f pi
Oothall. Sino that time anew gam has deve.npod. depending n **re up'*’
hrusts apeed. agility and ver*atyiltt> than upon -h<*r power and courag*
lowh*-r*. tn the*e I nlted State* ih reiejii **-ai can a partn ularl' in*fic.r
■id b*auilful demonstration of open fo4*tl»all b* '.*gi»d w ,thr• » >rre fan
Title looking wise and shouting. ’ Aha Yo.-t footbali Tha’« 'h* d**f e
Tost is th«* man who mad*- the open gmi* plu'yabi* .*• and 'ormtdahlr Th. 1
ew styl*. nf attack that has revolutionised the su'umn ,*pf*-' te ever'
rheiw known either as the western game ot . o*t fooih Yn«
■ a barkiuunh* r—Ju*t like foxy grandpa u*ed to h»
They# t» one chance to «ritlclte Yoet*footbali Noi verv rr. «r p a e*--
t the type Michigan ha* been getting recently ran pia It r '4*,r, v
matt hoy to comprehend the Yost strategv and a *peed> qui< k w ( tird
ggresetve lad to play tt ft'* no game for duh athletes Yos* s a big leagu
nnch, and if Michigan had big league athletes tn re.44ona.bie. number* tlv
*’ofverfnes would still he champions of the west atid doormsia for nobody.
Second P:iv of Sptirt At Mt.
Clemens To See T»o
( Events
MT t I.KMENS Mich lan tl -
H. r«emen ga'hercd b* - the hundred
n ML Clemens for ’he winter meet
sre** » the morflins -eeklng v cold
spell Th * track w»* -n fine *ha:-*-
yesterday morning but the mui
da*- sun uiad* r v:« sof* enoiuj to
•ak** oi.t ’h* *>pec-! Three interest
in’ rat-e* were *’*gcd however.
Harry M -■' and r.c some *tcel'ert
starting Two * !x<* race* ,n *Jdi
turn to • • rr t en*« will f*-.»
• r- the . ' v - ifterncsn The
T”***day • .mraAry
. ; V fire. I'ur** XIO"
Battle Hr.** Kn«
**r * *
V ».*; a ' ir * - I « >
,rr. >, U : »e ♦
-r. j. * , s v nr’« i « • t
' l nr, * .'•»'• ’-v * »"tr
_ r e* r a
L St +* • # % 'A » *r
; HI Pjlt r. Pufvfi 1104*
Cl# 1 n " ' 'A!• * ’ J
. 'i* * “ r ‘ ~ • 5
. IJ I"#, - l**iF«f Xll*l i I ■flnl»ar4 l
T c M c* i H ill'nn , l * .
R • IV ■ -■ »i pVT*
Hi.' / C S e ' 1 ( .* ♦
Tin. y ’ ; 11,. :
Proposed Law \\ ouki Give Each
Count> An Aseaxiation;
Mutuels l*Top<wed
racing MU. prcnding for the crea
'ion of s-ure reit.:a* commie*.on
»as mtroduce-d before »oth the
hoji.. and -enatv Tue*daj. Th*:
bill, fa*her.-d tv Senat. * John 1 • r
v - '’hir.tg". provide* ,’or th* in
' orpora'ion >? <oun*> racm<
ation- a referendum vy.r T
* ran*- h- **..*.< b; mean* of the part
’ll 4?ue! :*." rr . Tb«* pr > W '»rCi
-tat* • ofiiu. • - •• *omp ee< <v,
t;:ree n;*-m H-r-. pom'.ed o» t *■
governor They ;re 'o ha* e .'">r
gr.iu' . cu*. tor one rcCing a*
-n county. 75 p* r c**u'.
t the »tocit .. a aich »• to bv o*vn
td by - lllino*-
Add t:• ..*-»; i**- :i ; •* ould be per
rr.:*t»d m hicas > ynd-r ;>• ••
• ■•on -fis' lic-nsee m-ant se <rsue 1
for -very V." lnh.v "if* The
b 1 pr<> *' r;g o*'v*r *h*n by
*b»' iUtboriX'd ma;htn>
Mtrbigan horvmefi were i
•hi c;*v to . •* . -er -ar ng
they got together and fram* and r h* pro'.
gram fo r the h r* .h■ ~I Circuit r.-V
eurrirr*' f.ex:c- p»» *>!«■ new r*>
troit *rark, t- given da*e« for the
first ’irno Th* **at* fair t. Mir* * ■
place in th** cjr> uit
Oe« re* F HtJt'cn of h.*«
b**-n prc'iden* and Dm Nfor*
of bag)r.,tvi ierr*t*rv treasurer Thq
prn.grqr'; for the *umtner follow*.
■•jr. r : *f' k r*r> •*»
Jar." It w»»k —Dext*r ft*-
tr - •*
. ,r. •* eek- ~fv r* If-. n
■ * * • ■m.
A *-■ * * k !'•*•» rsr'e
A. * * ... v ~* ■ ■ 1*01(1
' ir »• _ 'k *■ *k— H r - »
- w*• *k Nf: -‘s'e
• ■-»* * ; •».»•■ r 'l'f. n s*“ <t
. »■ * ' -j> .* V \t» r « * * r
EAST LANSING Mich . Jan 31
M h ZHti Agrtcultur *1 college stu
d< n' - w ere J'.hilant today v. h*-n it
wf.4 .»rnounced that f h'*’*.r L
Brew* r wou'd fet'trn *,. \j \ <•
a- director of athld* Brewer was
ti'.e flr>* * oach to sztve tl.e Aggie* »
foo*L>,«!i team thar could vie W'.’n
Mich gan t >r*e of hi* e|*ven- played
a » Orel** *i*. w;*h th* Wolvern*
ft is expe* *erj *hat *l;e name of the
ftK/bell coach will b»- arino;,o'*-d
n th* nej* fe» day* and then ‘he
Ear . •r* v* 11 .*• m a position ?«»
get .ji *'nm for the eTcep'ionally
.e*,ff football schedule that l.pt b* r-n
pr* 4.are,j for next fa!'
BLOOMS Bl'lto p» J*n 3’
ii*rr* Sn>der o' t entrtiia narrow
y * ap'd pending hi# life tn 'he
t o .m»’* co in! • Jail, He rom
m ted m lu'.y. and »h< f *ct
o*. •■rptoked w-*h co re-prd on ,r +
|co ,- * do' Ke * h* '«** *»« never
t#d r»cp i*r .-rirr ff Hidley *h#
d<het- flay called b.e dlvrtC' a’
. tOrflev' * 'i« 1 '» Wnrde' • prex
"t)re >n • .*• and ' • *(» -•* #ree
i ■* \ lerni* of isl t'i h»' r passed sin- e
he m commit>d on • larcen,
I charge.
Golfing Veterans Fear the
Prowess of Demon Kids
But There Are Some
\Miiskered Gents To
Watch, Too
NEW YORK Jan 3! With H**b
|bv Jones. Norman H Maxwell <nd
I Perry kdair a!r« »>i.' «t. Aitig around
| ibe ’optno*’. p.vrt of soli - adde; »
# »tnc chaser- of the rluaive gu".>
i p* rcha are naturally tu
*or.der wotinsamhill is goir*. ?c h<i
pen to the gr.«nd old s.t. .*• n* \
Yerv g >*vl vnd sufft«■ er ;*.4' n
f«vr the mvstenou.' murmuring- ir
found ’tv retrospectlun ui T’. ,
Franc;# c»mnie’ hec.nr** :.n op» *
cbaiupion .«ad ht infani prodigy
v 1 • r . ** *- u a you h VI-
B alter.Trav i* .*.lv.moed i. r is*o his
day* and then vr.< k*d loose with
u, 'ham tv ion*hip o- -o
vl»o ync i'h’ t. Evan.- v* ho horn
~1 • • <md *b>- top •>r I t-'v*.
*- * M a p< ir o* t i.mi
> . r.- v --•>n* • n *o- vuiiivr. .*ft* . ,
he o«:e. in 3 n nuifip* r t
S*»me nc r*y«c > r ( jicl. r..e >r*g
as* ’ha- *hc a of '. . J an
I*l- * a*.«mg froirt v lhc chhl o ! >l ,*nie
of hi* it and pursue it But ■»n»* *
e*l ’o wond'-r wher- m - . r
f o* - **-«** ce- X**’. -*j 'h <F»p« cl'
my .*ne • «n ■’’gt-r, 'hi *on • •u** -
g'e,* zrand'a 1 h '*' :*n t a> u’ du
to cop all the h.>u»' ion«ht; * •hi*
c ur, v -an *par'* '.>*x - -uc.aie’ f
would be worth vjnle to hear h.m
explain why
It :» quite ’ru* tbiit tac young
»*er« are coming *o the '•sn’ but
'her have doe-* *t m spurt* Th*
danger o' -jn-shav. and > -•v -r
nr a**’ ,v - crown- n»f aummer
.-n’t r*\ g*. ->*.- "h-n tha* th* new*
janers •* ill prtn* pic* ;r»».s of -om
c»eyc* %rd a* ’h** : \ chutu. ion
Nothing- .% so '■ -.-.ot .- gu’f
fame, and no direction ha/- * :ik!i
on the runway it ss iu-. ikely
to ”un M« *rd •:.*• Ce*;;etct> «« th*
And th»- bvs ;*r >f r - ’h.-.t.
everything «atd pro* e. *h*’ golf i«
about on* •* • -•-*'• * ;clns.v.- i
':*.e- * X U: V f |
»and ?n •v- > • cc ■n ■ :*y
OA Ki. AN; CaN; J.-r *, 1
..* h»> -*•<*• *- * unction |
T>S’* T'vjl'7. pr*. - tbn* i.t H • 1
• Baseball r'n : rn
! "Dutch'* ’.eonarl R-d S r
rr, wVI refuse to *'gr n + or
* *
Lvoneid, who :» .VHtbnvs p
r* Man- colU-r* rvn•
.•>ay* so hir'veif
"Elgh'v *i*'e ;>•' c n' *
ma .vr l*a*u - .la■ er* «yti.*V i
w'.’b l uiu - |tal- Im . i "1
*. e-v„r'.;i • pt-'s > ■*'r , v- -ut
;her* doc.rn —-ejn *o k- • au> j
! choice ahoc* r
Fine Trophiet- A a ailing Re
cently Organized fr*ip-
Shooterb If The> Appl>
-—I ■ • -
garnered ihruout ! •
I'nitcd S* 4* * go *o tha' it,or
•‘.in *' ,r - r,r and trapshooting <, j*,-
were form*-*, during yet only
72 of Vat number appliaU to ’h«
Inf#r«f*'e Association for th*» Er
< ouraz r? —nr of Trap-h<cO'.ing f>r
The ln’er*' it< asaocUtion, in r# J
effort* *n promote ir.q popularize
trap hooting off. red tnii‘ s » to give
a 'rophv to e-.ery n'-w gun club or
ganued—if 4ppiic.it,on wac nn.de
for *ame -ar.d the *«aociaflon will
do th* *ame ,;n r, 17 Either th'*
r l ,0* do no’ ;< -i of th ■ *>f»-r of
tbe Inter-'at. h «-,i< :, * ion or *h» >
do r.ot want *h* trot>ftiee. The
v> riter is inclined to the opmi"t; Vha’
the former |* •},# ca*e
I'm ]«.,d.-» in h* formation of
ncm < ibr registered *ltl» th«* Inter-
S*.l*« a- *Ce ,*! lors. Wtlh 10 The up
funded U,t -ho** *he of
M variQUi* *'i«ie in fo,fe.-»ng *nc
' -f'or’ tilurlat; "
w , 10
Mar' an-l .... h
Ka r» a« ... ... 4
I * Ihto 4
*>*-w Vara .. .* a
r>* ■» * a
I ‘h t ,
Mir.r *« .*•« j
\t**t rgint* . .
y *IK .n ~ ...
, r»,!i'.tji .
\*V an«• »
1 >k !• t.' r- +
M - r %r< , •
Tex a r
■ fns*e*i j*
■ > steie* * e I,|«
M *>e • • j *
;* -'da
~r . . _ , 4
To* a I
»lm* problems v ill •< an >,ne
#h.r«* rorsldered . h* anno#
j meetirg O' the ’r» t#i| P*e *» Chair
j he- of ( Oinm- *'e T,g ,-eiay
tn \fa*k -?*<-,n i °Tii* ra rirad
’ttja’ior n* - lona de'en.. da*, gy
*av-|ng **.<* *h* p-on'Ot'on of 'oreigc
rad* »r* o*he- • ft tr * xrhed ieq
’0 re{ *jve a**er,rion »»
Chop mile off the
college crew route
NEW YORK, Jan. 31 —c ollege
rowing oiflciala, after an infor
mal conference yesterday, an
j nounced that in all probability
! he distance for tntercollcguie
J rew races hereafter would be
I ’hree miles instead of four
{ miles. The latter route ha> been
crlously critlclred becau«e «>f
he «tra a tt throw- upon tbc
I ,-arsnten It was demonstrated
ha? »hc re-ult of the average
, i are can be determined at the
nd of the third ruile. and that 1
j he - xtra distance was needless
• I'tiniahment
1»i illiani ( omhination PU> of
Vrena Bring*. Hi>me
to 0 \ ictory
t j i-i,*L’. ;*jh t*•»—*»i
*hc Snrit i • 'ick maul* *- c:e.»f off
t•; fin* *i 'err *n.*trai ,on of tom: .ns
ha- u • t: r« *nt y- ar- The
►cor* 1 .'a- *o Ht’.d 'he ro;i of
•he C’ap.vdian* ;*b-.viuie T ere -j.
or. 1 % !■ nimutc - >f real r** r .pc* ’ton
\f»rr the -ampW of p*’*rott drive
and co-operht'on *n :h* owning
r:> . *h•- v-1 «*r- * ::t• >i They
couidn • stand 'he pa *e Th- r* after
•V g.i.u* *«• a h’;-p Hirome but
in’eresting t< v *r* ♦in • \*-n'
rause cf *h. •-x eUenc* of the Pc
• roi' a’ll k
;•** c ’..vn:- ire *.v#;i mvch-d
«y.n 'I- p.'Toit*'*- play * c-ordlpg
*o their old standard-. Wan *very
•van ou' for Mrn-* If. !"»• troit ha* ••
cured t -.-n*. <>in', . ;..••>* 'rom !•*»■
- an*l "i Monday n:gf" rely
-ip'd with i tic count Tn« v«lu
of com tuition play i* >llu»t*»* :i
'.an 4 -nmei *r th* bur- of -p- and
<*.•*. ..-:cv *•*! Tu n.gh* Bla k
•vs h* individual -tar bu *:! th*
off, n-e :ri**n did >*’?' i,i- ariHlv)
th.ee or fo'ir w»-r - .-kaMfig »»•> the
rink with he puc* ct all ”rr -
TANARUS: er*> wi'i h-‘ no F’-*.!,. r.lyl
game, fh o r»x» tons* beinq Monday
vf*«n Hamilton w ti; .- her**
Th* -surruar’. of T jrt>ti if'# ram* 1
: kttv r- *'.! vt \
H» . •"» t • w -. er
>•!.•«< L. I t »..M*
he- •' BP M «-*g*
7T.-,’ma» n It* ?
IHack . it. llrtiiß
• -f. 'V t »ore
r r g o**n »;av n. eu
i . t. t * i— n
- rn I t> ,1 ft
K r«* !■» - ■; ai* - t •* - rr.if* .
r 1 .. -r. .1 r T# II lihgv, I
r ■ ■; ft< •)•' i fv* rr ' Off
1 « I-rt.• ■■' * ItF 1 4 ’ •• TI 4411 >
V. ,r,i D - >. rHt« *U
r rjlfc k * V. Tr fir ** *
H' <• .. r>« tt*rnrr.el*f
; >•> r , " « rl r a fVr tr*».t 1. - *'O ; a
. ♦«»;: • * i ' ■*--.* -1. I(■ -re. vr !
r,,\- doll rtofsetw, 4 4-* --'F.rs
I* ,-fF.F •' * • , * • 4 * *»F*.
i * * i.- * . " FVr» !t . ft !r,■ > n
n*f»re 'l j e n T '*;> • f vis
*1 n• - ibst * • i*.iF*n> »*■ t** •
Report* *■' T g! ,F*n -«r*i 4 .L-ge
f*. hofiff*
«'orw m Hus’on »nn th* handicap
balk line billiard championship of
Ml» hu >n last n!g : t !n the p;,- ,ff
of th* Me r,F'TfFn himself and
Ilarri Po-*a?. The **c«,re wan JJ '•
to Hu*' >n had a high rir of
Church Team, Clash
The Ple’y Icag’H' c ; h« e ~n
inning tonight, when the Trumhuli.'
and *hc Firs' Pre-bytertan bask* f
ball team*- will ch-*h at the Trim
bull gym
Our Entire Line of Winter
Suits - Overcoats
.Sale of SI.OO Value 7Q
Pleated & Negligee Shirts / «7C
*2 and $2.50 Shirt*, $1.15—5 for $1
$1.50 Shii f*. for 51.15—.1 for $1
All Our $1 Neckueai al Ssr
$1.50 Winter Caps With $, /Yfl
Fur Lined Far Laps 1 ,UU
J.CTfassc 6- son
T,.)«FI Ctoll.i.F4 Hitt.,. Htk*F4«*lt.F|
Student Organisations Heal Aid
In Giting Michigan More
Athletic Strength
VXN \RBOK, Mich , Jan JI
The Michigan campus is agog with
* tenement over the latest accus v
H**ns nrisins f r*»tn *he article* by
Morn**'' Punne in the Inlander, m
which the favor,'ism of irat4*mi'>
rn*-n ov**f "InUepcndtnts” i- offered
,1 the reason for Michigan's poot i
tthletlc showing Since ‘h- iirticl*
l*y Prof Mortarity is .4itm*ii directl.' i
tt Punne. the »ampu* is reucting f«
vorably toward th.* athletic star and
o’,union now seems to favor the ba
Michigan does n*it feel that thet*
favontl>m That fraternity men
are in the majority on th** athletic
t.anis IS due to the nature of the
circumstances rather than anv u*
->re on the par’ of the eoa.-he- to
*!io-v partiality to •■ e;n The fa
tenti*te» -ecur> h< majority of tt'*’
ihlete- \ho ettt* i collt'g'*, «nd ar*
•e* 4<nsible for th* inn# part for
- *n\ of ’hem *n’erng a? ill \nl
the>* i< an unknown *h<*w# promt-•>
he ;» inmeiiaiet >aeued '* -OtU£
frat* rr:*> »» i rr.-dH to It
Fritemi’i‘ off r induec.n•• n*« *»
men of aihletli faui* ?.n,l thin cau.
:*u- •J**i.n.' , i.*n to jo.r. >y r« * f
:n- tc. nib* r- of *>' year'.* t* "i
»» . * made tu* inb* r- of fraternitie*
v. htl. , kir- '!'- mo;’.-
tut wer- enab •4i to • ,;tl . r<;
a. 1 of th* l r r-4'. rmty On# o' ;
pi t ?<'* -• rr.e;a'.*>r- nf la«* fair*
■’•'*. en !.» work:nc h* * v 'hv;
-nh.-Nvl e'er- ’ho a mi m v er of v
And *h* ?• \* ern trie* pu-h their
*ien hvrd *n msk> them «*.ir*
ndep. r.d- tv beennma dl*. ouraged
.*ntl quit- w Ml* 4 fra* n; *r thou
discouraged a* firs' is urged on by
‘ii.- frat*mity in'U he acht.v*.* -*jc
f'o This pic-ing of the go.vl tr.en
and th* hacking o# the men whv
a- "jnd*'"*#*nd»nt#" might wtit under
fir* :* re«pnn*tb'ie **»r *h* »lu*w rg
of *h * f- .’-rt’i ,, »'- >,n 'h* athle’i*
t-an:- L\ *-n 'h- i()F*penden»t" re
# err*4l ’o h* F*? if Mortarity .n ’
s ’tini -- **< ■ fraternity msn
Tr..*' v ira*ernltv map #a* gi'en
preference :n 'he k ■ krig tn h*
t’orn* ‘1 ~a me and lo* : . 'la* r .tn* ; - e
I;-m ti the nd*i endeptt" who
:, ;g l :«.». • a ked had fil'ed In bis
opjwir: ;ni* <*- to "revmu* gam.
'.VMIe '*;• 'a.' that an Ind
pendem »*» used on!y once in each
of The Cornell and Penn games «Joe»
no* sho \ an' evidences nf partial
Itr - cau«- i raterni’v m<*n v> a*
k* - t on 'he J*Hnes *hr«.- ear* ur.
*lt an in/jr> g„ . * h.m m oppor
t>tn;tv *o pr*> * him«*-if nti<* of »'i»
r it.* • qiigr erhv’ke M" *-.’ •
Th'. Morr*e” r*'inne hrt t r - *
•,1 ;i« hi*' *b»■•-,.> of ronver-e
on, *'v»n -'-.antinat-on* fs.'lng o
f!: plar. ts •.<{.!* \id th* * *mp'i
o.iinton. - nr af*er ‘he outhr* k
of Ia ► * *e*k »- - * inging '*> Toirne
'I ha* n,. n.. rn* r fus-" ?;*»> nrteh i*
i kno** n far't and ’.ha’ -om*
•hrse ’n» n m g'n* vid th* a'h!*fl
-- i’ also a known 4,>nd*itor
\\'r»h**- 'h* - ..*' 'nee wo*ild t*i • *
lr»o*be!’ *r ba-eUglt if th#, . or,- r*
o-*f]« t ffeoa*s !». for o'her influ
*>nr< dr«‘W ’berj) 44|\ before Mieb.
,«. • ,in« «och « popUlur <*** du
rational ln-tiMjtir,n
L* **. 'u «tng **'Ould » and Michigan
athletics ur 'hr r>»r'. to hlani# la
n«*t th* <or *; j* . *h** -tufirn' who
- ill no -tor flee aorisl rleas*ir*
for hi*- university This is th* h*
lief on 'he r*mr»Ui»
7 > w eliding of Mis* Eleanor
Thaoktra da'ighfer of
\ ■ xand'-r Nf Thack;,!**. American
* **r.s'i?-cer,» ral at Pan* and rr.*nd
L rht'r of 'h* la»e f>n William
T Sh*rrnan. and Frederic f auldwrll
of Washington will fake place to.
day at Ri.«emr;nt, Pn
American’s Night Run Makes
Him Leader in Dog Derby
PHMJkDEI PHI A. Pa, Jan 31
Hoh Folw.dl will get a hearing
i before the decision of theufac
ulty athletic board at ihe t’nl
\er*!f> of PetinaylvHnia goes into
••ffect This was announced b*
cause of 'h* prote-t which gr* **t
i *d th* announcement that the
popular mentor would no* h*
j employed for unothi'r -*a-or
Th. imrir -*l.*n here tola) Is
that F*»lwell will be th* Quaker
1 roach aga ti n- vt v* ir and that I
he -Will b.. given .4 hugely in
i r*’A**‘d salary
■vcandal arri Death off ighter
Cause Whitman To S4*eh
Hepeal of Law
N'EM 5 U:iK ii I l- v, u-p
ment of »h< . , h**ur- m and tu*
bo*, ng (jam* \. r. York * < **n
du- ’*>! uni*- p. - p '*•> - ggf
nv; nd hanging u:u opes t,*
■l* i" Wii'.uun. « xu- i * nit
» ’a: ,• oru git . y t*’ , -d A
'V • n<*k rnxr nvg- of h** *te !>os
?rtg c<*mraiM.on <nd - * Is;ion
whien hav been made nte -umor .
•vrd -t rted bv 'h* de,'h u. an .\]
ban. r'H f »’*,>(*.n }
is -aid t * nav.- tie- jred ha he '*ll
a*l» *he repeal’of th* ;>o\’t)g a
fh* decision i.-tv Whi'Dinn t# ’•s'd
to hav * r* a, he<j ,< . re*ui’ of car*
tul in ■ e-ugaUon ;nu» th* »lenient#
control :.k the Urg* st ;-*-»• of b'«x
iri? m \>w \ ork nt) He’l* -.vi*l
to have *.ia' un*, -'' r ?ifil»-.
hav* st* inside r the op*-ration of
figh'ina iub-
ani si;»u,y i- iMiniuKUs
1 . ju'i« stt .in _j —' - ■ ; —jj-lj. j \ ii ii'iasi -r rsrtag:
E y e« I Phone
8,5 ■ * I* wi ill.irlill.l c -‘
■ i j l j ii
| ACT 8 70
Will I | H t **X Fresent.
4 A Daughter of the Gods
W I t II
Annette Kellermann
DAYS fc*l Thc P*’’™ jS“ ’ 31
J Heauilful \
V Th s aMract>en witt po».t<v«ly not ap.
pea- in any other Theater m Detro t
Fascination. Wonderful, Imaginative Story
20,000 Leagues
Under the Sea
Produced the Bottom of the Ocean '
Daily Matmeea, 25-50 75c Sun Mat and Evenmga, 25 50 75c SI.OO
Detroit- T v:r:z.:i t ;''*
i hurlpk l'>Akinati I'fMf»!•
.11 I It MN ItKllkO* m '
Il<>« >• || nat > \ t tr Hi tr. (' f4n * |
jonKfH rAWTHoniv i
\r.\r wKRN-trvr* Tin r<
■ Major Pendennis
I i*h4aii xitrkrll'a f omrdf
from Tkarknrat'■ >n»rl
Most arnjil.ati* I'jnriM of >lr Lire* •
Mrs. Vernon Castle in “PATRIA"
(Tn|<» »»«>k kfiff«noai at night)
Mile. ASORIA —7 »7;\' r \. 7
Matlurr., IIW-Mr, NlgtiU. I,V-JSn-IV
110 %> t « .It \ « | Ilk I 11.1. K.
3 1 Hit »«* It.Vl. 7 iSl* ami Mil.*
T—l It h*■ r l.raal hntn—7
Mata.. Itr.inr V«kla. tftr.Zflr-XfW-.
Avenue Girls.
mm 4
Italia tnlllar Rill# Nallna In raal
m vmiM | :*'" , "t a i*.as.«*-.?*>■
j lvtwm «n | r<>it \v. j» 'a
*• ImfHra »la»«f|tf lflaki»w*tl.an»
ruurrr Mrs Mur v h » l
tlnlntl I Second Husband
| k.al aatk "kaf lk» Haa *h*
Hartman. V ith Four
OSAKIS Minn. Jam 31 Sllpptn;;
allentlx through Ihilton like a phan
tom tn the nigh' F*r«-tl Hartman. tin
pluck' American driver in the Win
mpeg Si Paul dog derbv and hi.«
crippled team of \la.-k.*n and \lnh
lUUtee arivtnl a L’xansxill< at l
o'clock this morning 1? uitler nhe u
ot the ne.-ireet rival
With i frozen foot and a hiulli
wrenched knee the game American
drlv* r. •he «>nl> Yankee m the field
ha* lie. n follow mg In *>rrappx -ean>
on f«Kit for several hundred mile*
Had lu< k has dogged Hartman's trad
sine, he left Lake Winnipeg Plr*’,
hi* lead dog. one of th* smartest in
the r.i< e waa killeil in a fight Th< n
one »i er another the dog* on h *
team siiflfei <*l « .ih brut **d f -ct Min'
man Inn.-* It su ft-red gr.t»t|> from I
almost oiperhumat. *ti rtion in biKl*
ii g dr:fts and pi«k»n. h. trail fra
hi* faithful huskies
\flrr a few hours ■ le* n llar'm*
h.t«l lna leam in the harne-t. again
ihi* tnorntng and wa* off ew n befirn*
hi*. r»xais knew h> had taken th*
had and passed them
Headlining •he he«ki;t.< program
for t- nuh 1 • u gauv* be »"<>n lo
itayi« ami 'he l*«x on * adet* an
men* ri'al* who will p ax th-
Moo*, hill Neither ’• mi has been
defeated *hi‘ ' e*r n,>«' l)tv)nit
pitied '>nie fortuidahl* opponents
I'aua ly ih* t, idete «e a’ IVtrci'
and h'.v t o Ravis a* TMiyton
Th'-refnr*' a ictor' for ’be hard
ware hox ;s The annual
gl-rrie hr tx* en the*e Mxe team? «l*
»>v. hi* h< en i thniler The tnatn
bout xrill fart at •> t■ o clock The
protabk line-ips
l< A V I .> D.WTOV
- v*n* H r Whalen
o \x iis.'n t: f Z.mn'ir’nin
Ifauret s ij» r <mi «*■
Ks v nn* * !. • V> vI
.. .. • VI . t
Garrick Tndai, **'• t»» ll nn
l.llanhi lh Hurkiar< and K. Hat
I nma'urh I'ff.fnl
Hn«l lie llkla ff ul Miinl<al * nairdf Rrtr
Lew Fields
In ihn llltcarat lilt of Ilia I ar.tr
% .1 bet I onarita «»f Mrarl Inltrral.
IMII.I al 'J. 7 and It a. in
“Truthful Tulliver”
I iralaga, 3U>Mr. Hallatta, |O-1.%r
S2ftr It \ll t M% Tl m;i XV
H m (tar'an 4 Ini I mm.tl
W tl.k'a ttlnatrnla: Unnaran A
Inn i I IMami.ml 4 lirand.
.lanthl.fi llrrnlr 4 ltak«-r| I
lahikataa .lapai Onfl 4 tln||< a
IVlfknr l.rad.
••Mr.i.ro. i \ **—i.km kKi.i.T
Mala IHr
\n«t—JOlh I talar) Halda
CADILLAC 8,',", 1
\na» Wntfci *Tfc. (Harblef Mahan**
Prlnllke |>e nia'a a.al blad —that
la rl«b»—Tl*.a Ink rt.pl —Main *»**

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