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Suppose* a Man Should
! v Build a 800 l and Then
Punch It Full of Holes?
There is no mistaking the sentiment
°of the people oT Michigan relative t*» tr.• •
kind of prohibition law they wm t t .-
legislaturc to pans.
Word corner from the t <.ij ’
that legislator* who sp< t? the 'uw- i:
in their hom« towns, hav- r< muM no
‘vinced that a !«tw that vii: n i <
what the amendment or the » .
Those legislator v. ’.>ii ii f
have been busy <*p>on
remin-. ng n U ;u r
was voted dry. and / ' ot<
to pass a au li. .*. w it 1 ' : ■
rather than a iav\ t; »t
it wet.
Asa result t>i tvi >v la.u< i
peo|)le, the legislature « xp* . 1 ’
the bone-do nn a. ur< ;nn -c: rrt- .
This is cheering, v ws.
Any other 1 ind of law w . i u
fully in consistency . od •
70,000 majority regi n N- > . » r
against Ikjozo and 11. fi*x . *r. <
It is argued again*! -* • ■ dry v< i
the one hand, that i ..it '■ -■' car
ried at the poll: larp ’■ ihru x D '
of wets who counte r
obtain at all time.- I. .at .* i■ . }■ «;
sonal use.
Another argument ;.v i .r
--law is that it is the very rd >1 a law
the wets want.
These latter wets are recognized at
once, of course, as the pr< fc»i raN. a: i
the others, who have assume ' 1 r
guardian*, are as easily iv ogn zabi . -
those who say “I can dr'nk *. or let it
alone,” as was likewise remarked mo
what earlier in his career as a b«x>ze
fighter. by the fellow w\ r e cal’
now for the attention of t aforesaid
The quite, apparent. e fleet : a no-cry
Jaw would be. therefore, to eixede tl ■
ranks of the wets while i ire ALL
This would make prohibittor n jc>
surer in Michigan for some time to come
than would a law tha* would i t mean
prohibition at all.
The law proposed by the Anti-Sai-xui
league would amount to Lidding a ro d*
of the best materia! oxer the home a? i
converting it immediately w »th \ g r-*i:
punches into a sieve.
Credit Is Due State
Board For This Very Pat
and Equitable Decision
The decision of the Michigan «-ecur -
ties commission in the matt-.r of th<
stock of the Harroun Motors corpora
tion is a verdict for the -tockh o r an i
upholds the point contend • !
newspaper, which questi< n- ! < ly u
sale oi the stock before ’ 1 .» J i-. •r: a; *
proved by the commission and the sensa
tional and misleading adverti ing of the
brokers engaged in its sale.
The motives of the Harroun corpora
tion itself were never a part of the issue
raised by The Time?.
Promise? were made in the advertizing
that were unreasonable. Th * broker
made contradictory* and bungle g * •
ments concerning the potentials i .n an
investment, according to th. rej-or of
Richard H. Lee, social c< an?' 1 ! for th*
Associated Ad Clubs of the World, who
made a personal investigation of tnc
brokers in Detroit.
The licenses of these brokers, incident
ally. remain suspended.
The first restriction is that the $4,000-
000 worth of stock given the • rig.'r prr
moters must be held in es< row u.th the
eommisrajn until tin corporation sh a
six per csnt on its enta o cap
e italization of $10,000,(h)0.
The second restriction appi>* s to the
corporation’s advertising relating to t::<
sale of further stock. It require that a!
advertisements shall be submtit* ti th<
commisison for approval before h ng
A vote of thanks from .-took' <*r
and the public at laig- i- due to th
securities commission for ib very p.<t .mo
a most just and equitable dr* ision.
The Journal Becomes
a Syndicate Property
* A syndicate made up ot prominent
newspaper, advertising and n arazim
men have succoediKl to th« ov. net hip ot
the Detroit Journal.
Messrs. H. C. Thalheimei and N. C.
Wright now manage the Toledo Blade anci
the Newark (N. J.) Star-Eagle. Mr. Paul
Block ha* for year* been a succe&aful spe
cial repre-enirttive of leading dailies it.
the national advertising field and Mr. t .
l\ Vornam f' a magazine publisher.
The Time> congratulate* these gentle
men upon the selection of the most l'as
, ,niitiiiiT r.' and in the world for the develoiv
tv nt ot v » nterprise and upon the ac
quisition of .m already healthy newspaper
It j , '• d* ’ ->lves upon The Times
t, : .,„vi e t'r.c ii ivnitios of the occasion
a- the old -m new in this field under
* - ». t e cnership and control.
S net " r . \\ov. of The Time.- in 1900 tiu
I o i*.t ’ changed owners thrice.
• f ‘ sice, the News has bade a
f. * • it- morning edition. th*
TANARUS:, u:, . ar.d the L'nited States Daily
. * ’ r .•• ir " to ay
|- twdx-l-’ nr" good-bye.
\V, and tis * ha* ever happened befori
• ,vt ,t 'vet' -:*>iitan daily ha* attained
,ti . 1 its field at seventeen.
Wp ( an l>e Thankful For
Idealists,/AVe Are Their
Debtors For All Progress

- _ ne- "egret v*
r h . I t* tho it- official end
■ f • • :,r? V y t>*'| -’f *r an t w r-h.p
•f w . - • *} to b*> a- .vinr and a her?-.
T w - w.-rk that H did *’ a party during
>o». j, «j,. -M'.i’l compared w-th the
. , • arerun pi -h*'d in giving a cer-ain
: - *o the. Democratic part) and.
one r.iifeh* --*• , i bu’ <* few ag- and «'AT.dpa;.tcr«
an-i v. ry yr-:.~c anl inp*f *-rl<?oeed trxo
Wo b- ”.v rh» existence of *hc Proft«c
-’Vf pa-»v ar.d r< ir.fiucncc upon all kinds and
r V: n- • f wa> raapor.«!bi<* for
he -i vy.ffr ;’n of the Republican p*ry with
•h-' e, urprofrw*iv:.«m of Mr H
t* : -*a- i la-cc fart/cr in brirg:ng about hi*
d«-f e *< t
\X * I'*licm» that ,v » ‘arr.e pr’fr’ o *‘-ivisni 1*
;* * 1 ■' * rc-pon-iblc for the broader outlook and
ini' rr r: -nal >f rit of the American people which
be* »jtk> at’K-iia e rhfu the President's address
to rhe acnate.
XV* believe that if ’he t'n.’ed s’ate? !« a protr,
.r.* rv factor in brir.r-r.c abou’ a permanent pea<-e
n the world. : -e p- sr* >.-:t e- will have bee-j
one of ’i:» for*'-'- wh.ch ha* helped to mold pub
e opto oa w • boilt which barking DO -■
•-an *.r • t*» e.-.-d
For th -a part* 0 f practical and.
- u h. rmp.-e.- '* <i is-e’s upon this countr . and
that th« • , though
i tb« w<»r.<; w i.- 'he- r .i*-- .*e. a<-»]on or not
ran n«'\er be completely |*>-t.
V\ jth*.ut 'tlcb th*'Ught. without *hr
■utile pe.,, *a!k Voeiet»•.**. organifationa an-I
p:;b, op nion- uch an addre-a a.« that of ?h *
pro-. ;en* »n*l -u<b a -v m pat he tic recepfjon as
,• received in the world, would never have or
n • e- ire. >» *be ideali-’. go on without lo«?
of hoj»e or faith.
bet rh*r.i ;;md b' f heir principles, whatever
fbev ma> be
I.*’ them continue to ’btnk. and speak, and
a * *r..; w * e;,. V er th- pr* - **ure beromes crea*
* r.oug ’• * n.ean- w be -applied *o c*r-* r.t
a: m i ’r.e.e point when a great and courageous
a<" x* .*1 gi*.< it t*> the world
From Another Point of View
Bu C. T. S.
A* xvo understand, the council parked
the nexx pai king plan for one xveok.
• • »
f meat find.*; a demand in Nexr
York. You can runaway with a porter*
hou-e of it for 12 cents.
• • •
Whoa. Emma!
* • «
-V- for o ir oxrn immediate selves, p>er
■onaily—neigh, neigh.
* * *
'-Vo glean from the *tory toid by a De-
Vojt wife in divorce court, that a ctove
'i'vr in hand.- of one ? husband will
al o raise quite a rumpn-.
ITte short.
The tall.
The fat. the lean:
The maid Ion? once pa erf -weet sixteen :
The flirt, the nag.
The brag and jag,
1 he egotist and village wag.
Ti e man v.ho>e '-tubby nose is red:
The mar u;ite Ktli upon hm head;
i I he rn* ad a ho happens in too oft to dine.!
j Have their axes sharply ground
."'ill -on l*e rx-king round
jl'o the .-ender of that, comic valentine.
• * •
«iyne county i- m-ar 4 hr point of boi
(rowing money. Sympathy.
• * •
Electricity i being used to ripen
Then, that 1 whe»*e the coal sup
ply ha gone. They have used it up on
' imburger.
t $ t
There ha - just* pas r»rj fporn our midst
1 another man who w»»- present when Ein*
' oln va- hot. Ihe crowd theie must
'have b< «n in the Ford theatei that night
that in tht u ood old days they
u-er 1 to frive out two passe* for hanging
lit ’ithograph in your window.
♦ * •
I he charge against, that Ohio man who
stole a v*t of false teeth will probably be
{larceny fiotn the person.
I Did we.say a mouthful?
Jack Pot On tho o
A 'vdimv lUIT m ) ,
JuNTMeouT TiHETbucep C V Tic kn s Vtt . \
( '‘“- 1 1 r ’ Mp Ts^ T *t Mt fmN VX’AIA/Ih(s ) ‘jflkVy 1' IhT kUi»7I'HA 1
/ A -» A 5T«A fc « ~r fee „- lt Mt M - 'f~
X -V. / £>00»«- • * / IJPCM IMThC AAIIPtC j ( i -S
'what *ec L i_V_ Vs^- 7 *
<XI IH V M i. ) i
~ .
■ \ k \ • - 1 V ' -;
* ‘ \W 1 .r -Al* C 1 / I. \y
y irt-MS Wl Vl f - V-« j S l . <
, .s '
' CL P noc Knpioc Tmc
OH/4 M PiKtFft*,M6LP
v Sack s iue other
v6Niri6 3C|ST THr
• •• . r
A- f- al.t> t .*1 •! c' and Tarentnood »tc.
Irelav I wsn* to ?iv»- ,i f.'w waTi
:o« hm’r to tho**- i.T.or* n v rt .and
r.- wh<\ in, school, ou-me?s
Acideruy. or othr r.tl m-'i
tttdofi. ar»- trylns ••arnesrty to fit
• .* ;ti-elu«. for a .-*-s-fiil
* know* w-II tha tnany, in their
fhoughtles«ly il**f* i a"'ni thnr own ob
» pv disregard so. hv.- n-* ynnci '
pics or by» - -td *’*i,i r-t -1- Th- «c
;r* 'he -ruden - -- ! ,MrtjcuUrl\ *v,\n’
to reach
And. chi*fl>, f w ...uld ;:a;-r» on
th* m
i fc »n* forr*' that \ou Ii\;» ody
. -v well a, a Mind, and that y, .*i mo.-t
tak* care of '’Oiir kv)\- ,f you would
h »•e your rJlnd Wi>r : { well
?*on't prolan* your st’idy hour- un
til »c>«i ff*-l ’ ;re*l out. KatigU* liter
pIIt pr*i<ic.r.-> ' our br.i’n. and br p. is
- nins: vour b-vin we An« voijr m- m
or\ power Lx**-ii-* -tudiod v hen
-ae i- fatigued are always «• on*
badly mmtmb*-r'd.
[ti.Q’f study imnievl»atef> af*or r.i’-
Ing If you do *»udy then, you dm*
•o vour brain blood that your -'mu
*< n n**ch- for • - : irpo*.- •••? d-gt
»ion G:v* your .-to*navh for,r plav
or C will avenc* it--*lf on your ram
b> -ending to it '-lood -’r* ;im
r*oisoned b' the prcdu«'U- »>f mdiges
I*on t think > i cvn -*udv
» IT.t iently if vo-i -.* irregulariv or
-.nadcuuATeh X‘r»ur brain, part
of your hod;-. ne*-<j * *o ’• >u stained
by nourishing food.
Don't, on th*- opposite, overeat
100 much foo*t njeau# nient.il hea>i
nrss and ln*-rn -s*. just , |t means
physical b«ftvin r *&a and inc-rness.
r>on‘t tudy -n a p-orlv ventilated
room The rnor»- f esh air you ran
rr- into your lung*, 'he i*--er rour
brain fill function, and. *-*iuen’
Jy. the better you r ’.-Th think and re
Don t study in a light so poor s hat
rou are forced ♦o strain \o-ir eves
to road. Have the paa-e ,\ou are
readtng illummited clearly by a
l ( ght vj placed thv 1* neither c «t
a rhadow on your textbook, nor
ttrlke# direc’ly mto your eye*
Don'* study In a room too bril
liantly lighted- A glaring lirh’ Is
had for *h« eye and a cau*e
of nerve -'ra'c
-vowr t gh» clothinr when
you st'idy Tight clothing r never
The Times “Ad-Mirror” Will Defend_ the Public
Against the Crooks^
[AT \\\ FURTHERANCE of its policy to protect newspaper readers
1 J against dishonest, misleading and questionable advertising, The
I Times is e tahlishing on its editorial j>*e a department dealing
with the irregularities of advertising and the advertiser. The first
in-tallr.ient will appear in an early issue.
It will bo strictly the reader's department—your department—not that
of The Times.
It will be maintained to preserve the integrity of business and adver
tising: to give the advertising reader who h; > been defrauded, misled or
»wind! *d an opportunity to present his ra*e.
Ir launching this department.. The Times is merely amplifying a long
eHaol.shed work Ikutic out in its slogan: "If The Times prints it. The
. Times believe* it?’
The Times has fought steadfastly arid persistently for "truth” in
advertising, for fair dealing between the buyer and the advertiser. Against
great odd* it ha. battled fearlessly and eame-tly to oust the advertising
mi "crook” from newspaper space: to banish the quack and faker who specu-
AQuiCSS lates in idvertising to prey on the gullible; to supply a safe medium
% Tt i n partment \cill welcome communications signed w ith the w riter s
InC name and iddre - relating to any experience of unfaimes- 1 between the
TißfS bwy* and tie advertiser.
hygienlcally desirable Worn during
Ih* -’ud\ hour, it interferew espe
cia’ly with the pow*r to cuocentratp
tson't try to keep vour attention
cor* - n*rated on your book wi?hou’
o<ca«ional interval- for res-, study
ultensel;. for say 2’* minutes Then
'ukc a five minute rev* period in
>!-;-• way you ui -:udv x>th long-r
;-nd more eflV:,-nf'.- than 1/ you
l lugged away -tcadily ur’ll •'th?. -t
lxivr'f !e’ 1 d*v pass without ge»
ting -ome exercise psjt.
Don't overdo at e\. an<l don ’
:-';*.rt studying the motnen’ umj ,-or.*
1 from ••xcrc|stne •lire yourself
a few nr.nu’es of physi a! and men
ial r- st -lof.ir*- you xg..in *ake ip
your b*eil «
The Keep Well Column
brace up:
The < an-las* of *he body may
determine *he condition of on* «
•i-e ma*enal to
b»* deposited In th* ti««je* and i
r*-ponsibl* for a Ur**
of headache*
of th** unnatural **rv.n
on hum • - *n! lUf%meats, i dt<
nervous and mu*c-iiar *n*ro i«
expended iq holding a poo* position
than ir maintaining a correct bod
uy po*t re
Good poise *tve* the blood a
chance ?o carry new food materia!
where needed and to eliminate
It allow-.< the nerve* »o
carry their message* and for th»*
luna« to All tbo tissue* wVh life
Klvtn* A certain readings
for action prevent* loaf motion.
The common fault* of po*ture*re
drooping shoulder*, protrodlnz head,
hollow rhe*t, round shoulder*, hol
low hack. b*nt knee*. and w»*ak or
l»y Webster.
I et the People
Rule- and Write 1
Sees Brotherhood of Win.
T'~' th*- Klttor >f rh‘ Tir'd
WV ar* proud nf ?h* following
l*n*r J'.is! r*eeiv*d from K«'.w*rd
Fr*n*iiorf. rn'infiT or
pri>on board of cctrrol
V *k n»: «n d*'*.*? i*n g'-d • jvi*-
p*>»* >• •. , ,r« f «t*rin* »n<l * *n
Tr - -t > t f *h. Hr >th*rh*.*<l <>f
M»n *;»« p *'* • • ■ 1 , r
w*i rs» j- i».:i 1 !
*•.'}** r> * * *h- *n jr*R.--
ft*" ' '' I '*'" '
’ • • r, ~ . | rh ,1, : .
di-'n f nr •!; *r d%' «*'*n ? K » • pint
A' 1 n**n’ n ■ ' t K * founder if th*
1 * r < * ~ rh .reh w *!J •m* •rt ■ > r■ <4’
«■■ ’ S* » IS
••ii ''l l ■<* •* * »ny
wh*th*r it •■* »ll*d i >Ov)f*h a
?*rr.p>* i p * ip ih« v. *ii. r ( t
h«* '■ r it.* p .rp «•■ th* *l*>annn of
m » n k i r •!
<• ICP- 1i l'r*rv*d*rf.
Kudfon. Mi* b.. Jan 24. 15*17.
flat f* * * Many person* ha'« almost
all of defect.*
If claimed that more than .*»0
p» r rrn’ of all o»?h of spinal
trout* • are due to faulty position.*
. w.h! h ha*e hfronif habitual
I*allv i x*T' it**'. well regulated, will
not only prevent hut will rorrert
many faulty posture*
l»am inc i-< on** of s he most whole
>onie and most effective waj* of
cultivating pood carriage If call*
into play muacie* In all part* o f the
body and tend* to produce gra< «*ful
netw 1
<>f r'<-a* *• i!’i•» for ‘ilnllar rea
-/ n« are many of »h** outdoor *port.“
rtjrh a-< “wimminr. “kating tramp
ing. rowing and horaebark ridin*
The habit of erect carriage ran
be*t b* acquired by first training
the muscular "ftis* 1 to tell the dif
ference between what La correct
and faulty position? Then, strength
»n the muscle* that maintain rood
Treating the body as a whole
produce* the quirk* t and the most
satisfactory roHu!»« To give aften
rion *o the placing of the weight
th< position of the rh®st ’hr angle
of the rhin I- the mechanical way
to brace up
yhe Daily Reminder
« i\m\ i
-J1 £k>" k - "* • • v
f r I % j rt t-iftytr' h , • *
Mi* Hr (I»h * <f par a i
IT. • iliiuifrntii M ■*■• . • *
•P >■ i" •' Onuif in ’ •« * n
'f th* v in- rli an r. pu '
M• »r : .niA. N Y 1• ■ 1 h
«i. IM4.
Ill l ' Milwaukee was u> i<rt> iti 1
.1 * a I*l l v
I' ' si .mahip t Irani Par r n
laun had hi \| .Dm all. KnalanJ
'.Sit Hamilton 11 •lamt , l<*. p >
nn* of Mia* iri •turtnit Ihe I w
d'*d it m !..■ iia H >rn *1 NS n<
t»r N'h . N.'\ I*. 1
l *s/> t"n:t * and stat p< I' .«• f l "i r
| »rnt«llv**a pa.inp.l th. Thirl wih
Nr rrilni-nl art > n.! th- a •••.* • •
‘ ration iriX-taii apon
isa: • * 'em plat in r ih- \ -is »
i * "Inrun, in rrafalisar s juarp, la’ii
M's Prplir.lnarla* ui ;• * •• t>
tw»m H i**.* an-1 TuiWpx igm«l at
| A It an<'p>
MS'* Hr **h ira'rvnt *1 p Stalan*
ta »ith f'li on h.-iard **ii*.i (r m
H*rm i<la un i »«» nn rr hrard < i
a vain
Xki ► u n»u n*- v 1« f,. r t h
r jrk'ah i.t ii wrr* laun h*-d at < >n-
M9J I'haHp* M Sr-n>-|rp.<n famous
r lip < r*tor. tlip.l 1* M nt.iii.
I ’tn r H 'fn in Eii|Un4, lunr
'« ' 4
’ Sit T*n thousand r* r»on* »iT'
r**nd« r» I hunirlm* !• V an • Artli r .ik
n th» til and . f Z*nt*
M>* Th* .1 \ ;■* nr •*> njturel N\ .
ll* • NVr | f r.'lll lh« i hln' *•
,OSK VK4H S*.«* TOIS % S l> III!
\S SR.
SI Itr * artlllr >. •*'*'* ' 1 i.-rman
• ■ rk* In Vrat' t n -t I’ If j**
Violent a* 11 !;. r i fl*r * t ■*: r *u «* I
by !• « , «ii • *n ' * 17 r 1 . i-r
Ru• *ir ; * • t i • *■ W I
Turk *h f r • • ’ ' • t m - . ••
wtir* • i ■ ~ !,.-»** 1
TOP H « Hilt IHDS Sa.
Nathan Strati* Nv» York phi'an
thr> i »i w•■ • ha* ’•< •n **i«* t- 1 t
pr*»id» .oa- th* f> rth •irl n * n*ti nn
■'or.arr.** < f !<•*»». t orn in Khnt «h
Pa' a r ia <1 '*»'t »* t >la'
• 'at tain ||*nr> \ w il*\ t « \ .
oommand»r ■ f th* h A *t;,«nip ns . m
Ina born in NU; amt. jO >*•<* •« at;
t•• and a >
NS i« -on* n Trrti nad i■* a | <s
•'ardidat* l f r
"fth (*on*rr*», v. *n a* Sup*r 'T nn »
ts >•*•*** **r•• t >*lar
NS*ilium NS' Alt*rhurv pr - * !anf
«f. tha Am* * • » Ht '•»*' it *
horn .♦ * N** Alt«n> Ini t o •
aar t* l»j
Zar.* i ;**v n. * *h * •
c* s«f-. ■* • ? ' ■ * r \
not »i'*i* **i t < *• . 1 .
V>n t:n»r*itr and Pr *«■-. •* r. *
Dad*h -rn . •
t til.
Th* -l*»r NV Rlrha* !♦ It** *r
'jni\rT«ity profrar r or. : N •> \. t
wlpn*r h..rr a* <1 *iint * }’ (
4» taars air I la*
Riahop RN hard f •' >o«. nf *h*
Mathndlat Kp »<• pa'. *h .r- rn n
N'rar York 1 1 v ft >r..r* ik t■d a >
— _
A Poem a Day
141 4 TSS O MM lillll
NV* l:r -in n i » \f It d* «. rh*
s(».r. «o d*«; and «f ,1
Tie f • d* and .«r, * • •> * ow' 1 1 ro , ‘• *
<*hr»k »• pa I* tin) b. i I
1 1 h* lid* tha’ will n • lift in n.tho
■»* *tia <ait and < all
’ Th* »trana- »h ♦* s.»|tt\jd* f ;*a' *
tla* .-»ttl** tar *!l
Tv* kn' * n and what It t |-ar
th * lasoJa** h*»*rt -t
T .i a dr** <| to lak* our da.'v ts a \
and walk 'n t aaa.n
; IN** know n t t<’> wt:4t <>th*r -phrr*
th* (ovad who l*av* u» a ».
IS— w* v w* r* *»ft to w p.!*r *MJI.
n> * why w* do not kr
Hut thla v»» know iv r !<-.v*d
d»ad If th. *y ahn u! and - tr* ’
drty -
Shoo'd *orna and a*v n» ' T .V k -at 1«
J'a * ' *.f or* of tis . oi|.) >tt
; I.lf* I* u rryt-'y i< d»*i i« •* r
d*ath run h*
Y• r h *- d* a r It 1 a to « this
tif* wr* IM* and «*•'
Th*n. mtaht fbay *a* *h*s* - an.sh
ad o*.**. 4T'I hl»SS*d « >'« • t.
So d*afh >« sw **t so i« t 1 .v.t! th
wa Pis}' show you p a ifht
’.V* may n ’ t■ ■ th* .juirk **v»al th*
mjitsry f <l*At k
Y» rannP fall u- if < N» ot.ild. th**
trvt'ary c»f hr*ath
Th* *hl’d who *r'*'< If" or** - n't
with knowladK' or !n»*nr.
5. th is* who *n I* * I*ath mtjst g aa
Itttt* rhi|dr*h s*nt
N ith'nf la known Rut T ,h*||*V' tha*
r*i and Is nv»rhri i
Nnd as |»f* ta t th* Hytna s 'ith
ia to th* d*al
Mary Mu: *s r*od«*
j~ j ~
Pfxir Mamtom
Th* s’lpramn rourt of Manitoba
I has informed th* n*opl< of ranad.t
! that they hav* not th»» right of «*!f
; rov**nm*nt That •% a !|tt:*. nv rt*
j 'han any court ha.« T r -t don* on fM
nidi oMkr !; n* The Ia rat lon
* ■ 1
!*1 *h»* dir»ot legiiltt n law rail
jhy th* V'ovln< tAI t f »’a♦ u** Thi
flv* )udßta w»rn unantmotM in hold
•n* th* law to t>* rnn’mry to th*
Brltlah Nor s h Am*rl' , an act. Thn
r.hinf ju.atlc.* d*rlarnd ‘hat “Th*'
klnr and th* ballot b<»x canno*
nfukr laws” Anoth*r spokn m m
plainly H* said "Th* public ir"
not aoT*r*tirn In this coun*rv In
j ’h* T'n!t*d States thn p* ,p> .ir*-
«ovrru'gn hut »»> pnf our *o*. »r* ign
pow*r from Fnrlalld ” Ho In d< m
r—at lc ranada th nr* arc pro
who still rllng to th* dr.rn <,f
dlvlnn right, and unfort*jr n*-! •
I th*sn flvn happen to constitutf th*
hiirh<*«* ronr* of an otherw s* pr
i rr*t*slv* commonw*alth An app»ii
will bn fnknn to thn pr!\' *o nir
iof nn Viand It is o'jt*itm •» •>, r
j hon'd h* l n*m*aArv for Nf r i ■
! l»nns tch. ask a fnw nmn In . 1. '! •*
country thousand* of mil*s iTn-«r
j xrh*th*r »h*y may eov**m them
| s*tv*s Th* check which th* Hrit
lab 7k>rth American ;«ct lnipo nri
Canada was heretofore v n i<!*r< <1
I hut nominal Thla M m ‘oh.- dr
i cisjon if ii phr Id. shows tha' p mis
t»n mad* aa great an oh“*acl< to
freedom as aomn part of *h< t'r»it
jnd States cr>n*'|t"f <: . T? • f'u >! ! '
Health Question* Answered.
I y Miaa L f<> ’link d«n worjv
harm a p*r*on with '• <-t ai
• as* 4 ”
In th* first jit ic* hr r* veptinc
I * eep It also lnc*« an , tip of) pi
• life
1 ~
I Mtho the aN« ag* ma* msy kno •
J«h*n to stoj h* KchJfim do* if
BT carrier In PetnMiy A centa a weak; *!***•
where. 10 cents a week By mall. $3 a
>c;ti. full Mln < .I*o fit rfi) at Hi* l’«»st
ofucc iu l*« Molt i<s s. I'onJ i lu.-.i mail matter.
(Copyright. 11 h' Frank i rant )
You atv not your Ixxlv, tho you arc
n.y>t»*riou:-ly hound up ith it.
'ii .in* not youi liiuin tho thru it you
t unction.
You aro not your j 'ssossions, Nvliether
you be millionair «n hop oven tho
!h*> may inttaic or .shrink your con
You are not just a fragment *»f your
mother and father, a continuation of your
ancestors. Thc\ may .'iflecl-drnu, but you
ar- ■ "sentiallN as ih nn a creation as Adam
' Nvas.
\ ou are not merely a part of your en
vironment. a clerk in the shipping depart
ment, a hrakeman on the railway, one
of the town’s smart set a teacher in
school number eleven, a cog.'ii !v>lt, a pin
in a vast machine. Ymi are You, and in
heaven’s balances outweigh all orgaiuia
t ions.
You are rmt a member of tho Baptist
? hurch, .i sand-grain m the heap called a
nation, an ii teg* r m ti e complex entity
of the human rac* > u are not a t»er
mati u* aii in roan a n* : ite man or a
black, a tinner or a -amt. You are You.
and all these things are your efflores
cences, certain ideas and relations that
have budded out from you.
You an All. "I’fiere are no stars in
heaven. That is Maya. They are in
your mind.
There are no oceans, cities, hills, and
rivers, t! ese are but marked in the land
’, * n ;*• ns Me isr.ess.
Who are you anyway ?
i f m gl >st. N ■ man ever saw
v< l, eN 1 nn : ~•(* you. cNon .is "no man
hath s* .*it (1m i at any time.’’
Yii .re i force, as perplexing as elec
*r - r> , as acVia yet as baffling as gravi
* in. As j>*»tcnt and as indefinable aa
, heat.
While you dwell with this body it di*
gost>. assimilates, exercises, is pleased,
and pain* *l. When you go away it rots.
White you are with this brain it thinks,
remembers, imagines. When you go
aNsay it operates no more, it is no letter
than putty.
When* did von r<*me from? Nobody
i knows, tho some guess. Out of the vast
Nowhere hidden realms of the I'nbom,
jail about u as the circumambient ether.
Where an- you going to? Nobody
knows, tho many guess. Back to that
infinite Nowhere, into which lives pour
' lady, hourly as an unceasing cataract.
Why are you here? To work and to
1 love.
To work—that is the forthputting of
! Nvhat energies you find in your Ixxlily and
mental machine. In proportion as you
express your elf. and learn Nvhat forms of
activity are good and NNhat harmful, you
receive the wag** of existence, which is
To love- that is the normal action of
the pure You. ou are not alone. All
about you are similar yous. Your happi
nes is. not drawn from yourself alone.
You are inextricably tangled in the web
*.f souls. When you love, "the stars in
! their courses light for you,' you taste
cosmic jo;-, \ou are introduced into the
secret of the universe.
When you do not love you are a dere
»! ict.
iAII I can do is to read your signs, in
terpreting them as best I can. I look not
lat your eyes, but thru th« i m, to You.
I clasp not your hand, but You. some
jMhf're warm! g ” M; o ♦he palm.
I hear your word but I listen ever to
You. behind the word', e'king Me.
I love You. nf>* you; body, not your
!mind, not vnnr c!»th« , not vour virtues,
'not your p< .e-sion- ( r po ihon or name.
And nn!»h y<*ur vestments all shall
h;tYe b- t U lali MC'IJ Uli'i'T the So»i, that
'You that 1 love hall liv#* on and st.me
i where, om» tlay, meet this Me, that
ff.-ird hi ; rgernen? b e uunortality in
love. V
Laugh H ith Us |
• it* tl it n ;* f• * r Shmihil liihl ii * t |il ni n
jms ii •• u* t*n* us t li“ t* i
r* '! ' fh* * . i ' 1
I >i *lti*t r ' • *•■: •* tr.
II .iv * • t .
Mu'* r IP •*t t,. b* » (tit * Ui !
f ’' M ~ » kM\
Tl ' J’i * an a ntr H ■ • M ykr•• t
hi* fln*r* r off p.iiuMns out :)»*•
| *r* n* r' m!«*nt: Mt* Hr*- ’
H* jir Ford -ml a ,i t < < < thnn*^
* in If.M.Mt'n ' 7^
, , "T* •* »ri me nkMoßf nr* *l(
/<» -n iimri »' I* tn Mir wrong A •
| ’ -j £ r„-t„ : .-notht-t. Mmy
J; tip M P's Hkr 11i»
4 V J T;r; ’ >,,r
•t | ' N l!i M h*r in mi employ
I .ml on*. «ir*t to h forrmin
.--- -- ' N oil V. nk* »** I noMr*. **r
VN'hrt* • ti. I at' - Now n BrC
• know. Wh*T*- I* njy

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