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(The Doings of the Duff a.
0 ]I P| P S 5-ST* HAY
, I ! ffl I COME W P IWAWT
H , *1 ' 'll To ask ™
,~ --“j • F“jrsjs , 7 Tvte»’£,s < .;c;
'"'i j
One Woman s Story
Chapter XII.
I spent alnumt the entire day on
Tueaday going thm my wardrobe
and then putting In shape the
gown I selected aa the least out of
atyle. Really It «u very much In
style. aa my trouaaeau had been
copied from the advance niodela.
or the model Itaelf purchased But
Mra. Caldwell had Juat returned
from 'Burope, and had doubtleaa
many newer modeg In her ward
robe. She had looked eitremeiy"
chic on the day ahe called
Without consulting Robert I aent
his dress clothea to be preaaed Me
scolded me when I told him. aaylng
he could done It hitneelf If It
was beyond ni*’ Hut Iw aa too full
of excitement to mind
The housekeeping eat going very
badly altho for the flrat few daya
after Matilda left l had really tried
in > beat. But the only reaulta were
aenrehed or ajvotled food, burned
Anger*, and a fraziled temper j
ready to break out into recrlmlna
Ilona at ihe slightest word 80 the
proapect of a a >od dinner added to
thi anticipation of a pleasant even
Inr was doubly alluring
Robert had not once complained,
but he ahow ed hla disgust and dla
approval in hla face and by hla
manner. \\h*n 1 attempted to
apologize, he had Interrupted me
“I cannot think you are too
atuptd to learn t'ntll you do I
niuat put up with It ”
So we had tacitly dropped the
aubject Ye| I knew he looked for
ward to a w< II rooked meal with
pleaaure Why shouldn't he’
When we were dr« aaed and ready
lo to I couldn't help a thrill of
pride aa | looked at Robert, atralght.
tall, and handsome. Hla unaualtv
crave, peplou- face did not detract
frr m hla attrarttveneaa t knew
th* pride of possession aa I looked
at him • I forgot for th* moment
that I ronaldered him a failure
Mra. Caldwell greeted Robert rs
fnalvely. and .Mr Caldwell vis all 1
had imagined he niuat be | could
aee that Robert waa at once taken
with both of them The other
gueata were an older brother o *
Mr Caldwell, a Mr. Howard Cut
ting from Chicago, and Holland
I- nalng Mra Caldwells hotiae
gueat. ”Su< h a queer name for a
girl.'* I thought when I waa Intro
Mr Caldwell took me In. and
Robert piloted Holland lAnatng
We had a delightful Informal din
ner. a'tho both the vlanda and the
service were perfect. 1 wonder how
I should ever dare to try to return
Hieir hoapltality with no servant
and the limited main* and knowl
edge at my command Then forgot
all about disagreeable# In my en
After dinner we adjourned to the
drawing room and danced, I found
Mr Cutting a delightful partner,
who not well, hut knew
how to say complimentary thing#
In a charming way. Hut In aplte
of this I could scarcely keep my
eyca from Robert lie waa dancing
with Holland lainalng. and evident
ly enjoying hlmaelf. He looked ao
handsome, an distingue, that I fait
a Jealous apaam contract my haart
as I saw him tean interestedly to
ward hla handaome partner, and hla
rare amlte light up hla face Mias
l.t nalng danced divinely, and I waa
not aorv when aha re I earned Rdhert
ami be danced with our boateaa
It wfe nearly 1 o’clock when our
little party broke up. Mra. Cald
well lnalsted on aending ua home
In her limousine. and we dropped
Mr Caldwell a brother at hla home
on the way
As 1 leaned comfortably hack In
the Injurious car I breathed a ; aigh
of content. It was one of the many
thing# ( had tniaaed atnee— I had
married Father alwaya had al
lowed n»e the use of a car when
ever I wanted it. and It had been
a real privation at flrat to do with
out I had never mentioned It to
Robert, however 1 feared he would
think me fooliah and ailly
' Preitv nice. Isn't it’” he broke
the alienee
'Yea'" and I sighed again
"I'm sorry. Margaret”' and hi#
strong Angora closed over mine.
"Oh 1 don't mind in the least!
that i* not very much"’ I returned
giving hla flngeia a squeeze
"Hut 1 do'” he rejoined tolemnlv.
"and some day 1 hope to give you
all and more than you gave up to
marry me But >ou will have to
be patient." ’
I felt my lips rurltng into a dia
dajnful smile Why I should he
dead of old age before Robert could
afford to buy a car. unfa* by some
mliacle we should be left money.
H*> could never earn It. But I bit
my lips and made no reply 1
wouldn't spoil my lovely evening
When we reached home, Robert
petted rne and waa more as he waa
when we »ere flrat married than
he had been for month# “He ace#
w-t at 1 have missed in giving up my
social life, and feel# guilty.” I
thought, "so la trying to make me
understand without hurting hla
But whatever the rauae he «»*
kindness Itaelf and that night I
went to sleep without thinking of
the neglected wife In the book that
had taken ao strong a hold on my
Ckwp awbetltatee ceet TOO mcm yrti
her brain or
;r’s Cocoa
tains more q
it than beef” j r-> I
er&Co. Ltd. *jk
oonaicsTtn.MASS j ML
—By Allman.
Will Regulate Gas Heaters
Hecauss several deaths hav.t lately
resulted from defective connection.'
on gas he.ilera. the common council
1 ueaday w*ll consider a proposed
ordinance regulating nil gas heating
contrivances and requiring proper
flue connection* The ordinance
committee recommend* that if
Print I —t kr *lnln nral kina tbst
la Hnkt—Tier* .ln*» llml.— Wsie WW
Relieves Serious Case
of Chronic Constipation
Or. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin
Corrects Condition That
Seemed Hopeless
After suffering from chronic con
stlpation until she was so run down
•he was unable to do any kind o'
work. Miss H A Free*. 209 Adams
St, Payton Ohio.'*obtalned a bottle '
of t>r Caldwell’s Syrup Pepsin and
used it with such gratifying results ;
that she continued the treatment and I
ha# written to Pr Caldwall that her j
condition is again normal, and that !
she wants to recommend Syrup Pep
aln to everyone who suffers with
i oust tpat ion.
Pr Caldwell’s Syrup Pepsin ia s
combination of simple laxative herbs
with pepsin. g**nt|e In Its action and
free from griping or other pain or
discomfort. It contains no opiate or
narcotic drug. and. while acting read
Uy on the moat stubborn case of in
active bowels, Is absolutely safe for
the tiniest babe. *o that it Is the
Ideal family laxative and should he
kept on hand in every household for
use when needed
Pr. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin coats
only fifty cents a bottle and is sold
in drug stores everywhere To avoid
Automobiles and Accessories
Hollier Eight or Roadstor $985
I Marion-Handley and Briscoe |
MOTOR CARS B. F. Fatter Sales Company J
niatrfhwfers for Fester* Mlefc. 13X1-SA WmAs'l. I’Ksee Market Mtt I
nupmooue “• SKaviawsr**
w _ Jf rieae Market *4*4
- - - ■■■■■■ ™ ■" 1 -
The Confessions of a Wife
What You (Jet Free. You Pay For Most.
"Why are you so bluer this morn
ing, Malcolm?” 1 asked "I Uav«
never seen >ou in such a p»
mood before.”
Immediately, little book, Malcolm
Htuatt forced a very diff* r**n‘ aium*
to hia lips as ho smd. “pcrbnpe. In
tie l.adv St.lv ia, It is botause foe the
flrat lime in my life 1 want aoiue
iliiug that is not for sale noructbln*
that I rannoi buv "
"Why don t you try to make the
people wh< have it give it to you.
Malcolm? I havp always noticed .he
things that motley cannot buy are
those that are usually glvt ii freely
and without price." v
He walked uw;iv from ine quickly
end went over »o tbe railing Then
.is quickly 'timed around ui.d came
back agnin
"My dear Margie, no one in all
the world ha* ever given me any*
thing.” he said
"Oh, yea. they have.” 1 nnswfrrd.
You Ju*t remarked ’>nc tor Virol
and I had given you something >o»t
value very much*
"liut. me d*-ar girl. I am really
paving more for li than lor anything
I ever bought in im life."
"la being good ho very h.'rd ior
voii. Malcolm?** I asked With t * nil* 1
I asked tr.v question tdlv. for I
thought he was fooling. *•* I "‘as,
but I wan rcallv frightened. IHH'*
book, when 1 saw his fare change
I' whitened until I thought all hia
blood wa« leaving his heart Hi*
lip* tightened and the even widened
with pair
"Yea, d»*ar little l.ad' Salvia I
.tin finding it very hard to he good
ho hard that at Ilmen I am a I mowt
hure Home day I'll succumb (o the
temptation that alalia me and then
I know I ahall lo*e you and youi
dearly bough' friendship "
"I'm probably not worth it. Mai
mint." I *aid “I have almost come
:o the conclusion that mv life so fat
ha- been rather futile"
"Dear little uidy Salvia, you have
given me the only real substantial
happiness I have ever known. I'n
til I knew you 1 did not know Ood
made such women. Had I known
you earlier I would have been a bet
ter man."
"My dear Malrolm, I am the av*r
age woman, neither better nor worse.
I am afraid I think Mollie will
make more of her life than I, and I
am sure Marv and Kliene have al
ready don*- so I wonder if you ever
met m> deai Snnie l.affei v There
A.Fn?p s |j. p
mitations and Ineffective substitutes
tie sure you get Pr. Caldwell s Syrup
I Pepsin. See that a facsimile of Pr
Caldwell’s signature and his portrait
appear on the yellow carton In "hi* h
the bottle Is packed A trial bottle,
free of charge, ran be obtained by
writing to Pr. IN' H Caldwell 4.' .
Washington St. Montlcello, lllin<*i s
i* h woman who bn* certainly mud*
LtdkH without straw | have only !
lived from day to day trying always |
’• do the duty thnt was nearest me
• a and sometimes. I hiu afraid. I t
.'v*• not done that ”
”1 want to meet your husband.
Mar*i* -| want to maks friends wtth
I Interrupted Malcolm at thla
l»«» nt. "Sometime* I think h** has
intentionally avoided me"
“No. I don't think that, Malcolm
You must remember you have been
tn th»* city where our home is but a
few times You know me beouuae
you have written to tne and felt
‘firry for me. For the last few years
I have been more or less tn your
* And voti have been away when
he baa been down here lam sure
it is ail force of circumstances. I
know you would like Pick he is e
’■eal man He lacks your artisti<
teui pet ament, but you would find
much in him to admire"
"That Isn't It. Margie It is wheth
er your husband would line tue. Non
ace I have lived so lon* outside tin
world and activities of men that
sometimes when I am with them l
Ind they speHk a different language
from mine For many years I have
Mail O'der §/ X- M*
D.v.aJon " '
• FT* 179 * 101 AVt
Girl’s Wash Dresses
“Kline’s Factory Made" , '*
5,«. «.0 m *! j , .
SJ.OO vg '.
By Mail Postpaid ?Fjl /
Style 1 29 1—r.iiTs Wash
Dress in pretty plaids in as-
sorted colors. Opens in v** 1
front. Full pleated skirt.
Collar and vestee of white wh Ljji V
Repp. Large jrockets. Sizes ITi VUI V^r
6to 14 years. Avery un-
I kid nu nii.Mihun to l»u»n> *l<i*hj
uia) ictount for this in a measure
“Well, y«»u wtil have it chan*. to j
►i-i' pick tomorrow. lie li» numm ’
down ”
“I kin terribly sorry," said Mi
ml in. "but t'v** mid** arrangement
to take mire frienm- out for a w*>
i*ml cruire ’*
"There, you ••«•**. Malcolm Luc I
probably planned th.it you und lb<»
should never meet
Uttlo did I »hfnk. litt!•* book. ho*
fateful vnmtft b* thclr ln :
(To He Continued*
Hospital Children To See Film.
Chtldren. nurM and Unchere of
the Van I>*iivcn Hrowne hospital
school, will In* jrieMa of the \Vn>h
in/ton then'er Monday af’ rnoou
when a matinee performance of
'Twenty Tbou*and league* l'nd> .
the Sea * will hi* *rl»en for ♦».« t*
benefit Thu* I'tci uresqne film It*
eipecred to ln f e~e«t the children
a.« it reveal* the tnvaleric4 of th>
ocrnn dcp»h« V niotiiohlfc*; *
take the par*) to and from tlx
t heater.
Laborer la Bankrupt
John A Rending. N'o *•’. Fore-’
a'e. Ko\.tl Oak. * labour. lih- riled
a voluntary pent Inn in bankrupt* '
•kith the t ntied S<aie dteir.ct ( i „
lie at hcriiilt*- M« Ini ului* a
1;* And Im* ;it M
To Edison Customers — I
Our Coal Supply I
Wc can fontinue full service until after the Febru
ary 22nd Holiday, and are hopeful that we may then see
our way clear for the remainder of the winter. Hut the
railroads ire still unable to gi\e full service, and the
different embargoes, Eastern and local, force coal
movements into unusual channels, and stop some chan
nels altogether.
The present stoppage of export of coni is sending
ocean cargoes to New England, where there has been a
shortage all winter. It is not turning any coal to tlie
West. /y
Display Lighting I
The co-operation given by users of signs and other
display illumination is very hftlpfi I. We request their
continued assistance for at a i t v days longer. We
hope that the restrictions in force ma> be lessened from
February 22nd.
The Detroit Edison Company |
Saturday. February 17th. Alex Dow, President .
rpholdlng hi* previous decree
hat held the city's "lolterlm” ordi
nance unconstitutional. Judge Mur
phy Saturday, ordered the release
«f Aaron Hnatiek from the Detroit
Mot •• of t’orr* 11* o. aper Hoatick
I t .1.1 Institut' and hi• • •.»■< corpus pro
I Hnatiek l. ih** thud man to he
r. tr.i.** •! nee Murphy d**^
| i liti*-<l th<* ordinance uncoiteUtu
il <nal There are approximately
1n» prisoner* in the House of Cor
r*** t|on who w er» rent cured und**r
’h« pri^ylhic na of the ordinance, but
i who have not the resources to seek
, :heii release thPi lula-ai corpua
; proceed Inf; a.
Children Cry
C A3_T O R I A
I z
••IF* r nri | j like ker I
the h*»»t picture the I
G «V*| had taken'' t\hv I
0 it. ti t* )«« have one I
t .! JTi’U Juetle** r
rhnln|ri|iher ■
Studio R
!*7<i W ondniiril tre. I
The Drink Habit
is a Disease
It h it disease that re
quires u treatment that will
forever kill the desire of
Alcoholic liquors-— the Neal
Treatment w ill do it, and
quickly, too.
A Free Booklet
Mailed in
Plain Envelope
Tire Salesman
One of the large Tire Companies require the aervkee #f two •»
penenced salesmen for Detroit. Those having filled similar positions
will have preference. Only those who are up todate and desire a first,
class position, with future advancement, need apply.
Write fully, giving age, where and how long employed, and salary
Address Box A, No. 60, Detroit Times.
Passenger Service
Pere Marquette
Effective Sun. Feb. 18
Hint, Saginaw, Hay
City Division
Train No. 3 will leave 7:20
a m. instead of 8:30 a. m. Ceil-
t r al Standard Tima, week days.
Train No. S will leave 1:10
p. m. instead of 1:30 p. m. Cen
tral Standard Time, week days.
Chang** on Other
w r*»r» xi, w. t>h, M Wat* sen
lltmr Hk. RM(„ I'tiwaa Ualu U2S
" ii
The Detroit |
Neal Institute I
#2l (.rand
Woodward 2322 Li

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