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Subdividers Reserve
Plenty of Business
NEARLY 5,000
Royal osk Car Line To
Run Through
In platting out the new auction of
th» city to the xoutheut of the
Ford factory, subdivide™ havs In
enough business property to
eerve probable development in that
direction, according to a detailed
statement secured from a atudy of
tb« plata filed since October 1, 1915,
for this part of the city.
Thla section, which la expected to
develop rapidly aa a result of Ford j
Motor company's activity and the j
sew Highland Park A Royal Oak J
traction line, haa 4,416 lota platted
Os thla number 1,850 are 80-foot
lota for buaineas purposes, leaving
only 3,004 residential lota
Including alt territory aa far aa
the eight-mile road which can be
considered aa contiguous to the Roy
al Oak traction line beyond the Ford
plant, thla section la bounded on the
south by Palmer btvd.. on the north
hr the Eight mtle-rd , on the weet by
the Grand Trunk railway and on
the east by Deqntndre.
Investigation was made into all
plats filed alnce Oct. 1. 1915. by the
H A. Jones Real Estate company,
to find out jnat the proportion of
business and residence property. Aa
a result It haa been decided not to in
clude any buaineas frontage in Col
ony Homes subdivision, which la at
the atae-mtle crossing of the Royal
Oak A Highland Park traction Hnu/
Ho— Si too Aeeemible To Ford
mnd Other Factories Get
ting Favorable Attention
Even tho North Detroit near the
Davison car line—part of the new
ly annexed territory—was officially
announced to be within the Detroit
city limits only shout two months
ago. the civic interest already dis
played by the residents of North De
troit is surprising Many tax pay
era voted against annexation, hut
ttey are unanimous now In clamor
tng for city water and sewer*..
Speculative builders have been
qt lck to recognise the advantages
of the location of thla section since
ft was made accessible to the Ford.
Maxwell, and other plants last No
vember by the new double track
line along Davlson-blvd. Dosens of
n»w, moder «te priced booses are
already under construction, and it
Is quite evident 'bat the demand for
houses In thlf vicinity will exceed
the supply for 1917. North Detroit
la already a splendid Tittle aettle
m-nt of uotneg, schools, churches
and stores, with a good class of
Krgltsb-gpeaklng cit Irens It Is now
only 15 minutes tide from the great
Ford plant. Maxwell, etc., and about
20 mtnutea ride from Dodge Bros ,
Rvssel Wheel A Foundry. American
Rvdttor. and others In the great In
duetriaJ section of Milwaukee June
Citlaee Captures Intruder
Maurice Rosin, 29 years old. of
No. 239 Putnam ave . Is under ar
rest in police headquarters, charged
with breaking and entering a dwell
ing lit the night time. Lou in Bcbrl
ehevlch. of No. 325 Hendrle-st . says
be caught Roain climbing thru the
window of bis home late Friday
night A Struggle followed, and af
ter he had overpowered Rosin ftrhri
ehevlch summoned the police.
H HL Pelley. formerly with tbs
Weston Mott Imperial Wheel com
pany, of FWat. United M«>»»re hold
ings now has hoeofito Identified with
the B r Stephenson Reel Estate
Treeless Detroit Is Outlook
Unless Prompt Measures Are
Taken, Warns City Forester
C. R4»ird rfmkh. city forester. »«
drNtlni nwmber* of the Twentieth
C>ntar> club on the coadttlor of the
trees of Detroit, mM that ther* are
anw 40r»,044 tree* within the city
limits representing a total value of
$14,127,000. Belle Isle baa 114.000.
Palme' Park 36,000. the strati* of
Detroit 364.000. and small parks the
The city lo**a S,OOO tree* every
year from storms. Insect*, etc . and
at the present time 19 per cent of
mir Dees are infected with insects,
he declares
•'Every yaar 40.000 or more trees
are protected," said Mr. flmlth. "Last
To Manage Home
Building Company

He comes to Detroit from Grand
Kuplds to manage the Hannan D*
velopment company organized b:
the Hannan Real Estate Exchange
Manager of Hannan Real Ro
tate ( ompanv Forma
Development C ompany
Ever alert to serve the best Inter
ests- of Detroit, Buy 8 Greene,
manager of the ilnnnan Real Estate
Exchange, announc'd the organlia
tJon of a building company to be
called the "Hannan I development
company" with offices at No. 1 Mr-
Graw building. Mr. Greene has had
thla In mind for some time and has
been casting about for the right man
to take charge of It and feels that
he has finally found'one In C. H.
Mooney, M Grand Rapid.*, popularly
known In the Furniture City aa
“Mooney the home builder.''
Mr. Mooney, tho etlli g voung
man. comes to the city with some
very unique and original ideas and
methods of constructing and mar
keting homes.
“Hesse note* say a Mr Mooney,-
I said borne*, not houses. There’s a
reason. There are 100 many houses
and too few homes being built lo
Detroit as well as elsewhere.
“It costs but two dollars and a
half extra to make a home attrac
tive, different and distinctive; -a
borne in which not only the osner
will take a pardonable pride but one
that sold* its mite to civic beauty.**
The company is erecting Its own
mill and establishing Its own lum
ber yard and warehouse ou tbe
Per# Marquette rrulroad. Just vouth
of Tlreman-ave. It has hired Fred
Cole aa superintendent of construc
tion and will have an efficient corps
cf foremen to look after each depart
ment; excavating, mnson, carpenter,
plumbing, electrician, plastering,
Mr. Greene sava Detroit needs
10,000 more workingmen’s homes
and the Development company will
provide 500 of them thla season If
material and laber can be secured
to build them.
The con-i any expects to special
ise along that line this season at
least, and will continue till the
housing situation has been relieved.
Then It may turn lls attention to
larger construction work.
Some of Detroit's strongest finan
rial Interests are backing the com
pany. The officers are: John Trix.
president; l.upian W Gooden >ugh.
rice-president and treasurer, and G.
H Mooney, secretary and nan
With Joseph Mack. Guy 8. Greene
and Irving G. MoCulley, they ron
itltute the board of directors.
Asks $20,000 From D U. R.
Marjorie Tisdale. 14 years old, is
sutng the D. U. R. for 920.000. in
Judge Hosmer's court, for Injuries
the declares ahe received when an
automobile in which she was riding
with three young men was struck
by a street car near Beaublwn-st.
and lltndrie-ifcve The accident hap
pened a year ogu last June.
|)**at we cared for sS,otw The aver
age «*t of tree per seaaon Is 10
j cents, s much lower rate than ot>
tain* in oilier cities It would cost
u* lee* ban $30,000 U> do <*ir work
completely, but the appropriation SI
U»wi»d tn the ihum has been only
jr» ,00O a year A tree abould be
piuaed every three year* With the
money avalable, we are able to do
this only once In It years Unless
we take prompt maaaure* to aave
•or frees and replace thoae that
have already died, we will be a tree
less city before many yearn”
The average life of a city free Is
from 40 to in year* Mr. rtinlth de
I ciarrs.
Patronize Builders and
Traders’ Expo
The Builders A Traders' perms
neni building exhibit Is becoming a
bureau of information where real
estate men an obtain practical
knowledge on construction and ma
terials. It fortifies them so that
they can discuss intelligently the
composition of a structure, the
quality and advantage of the vart
nua materials that go Into It, and
this knowledge enables them to be
of greater service to their pros pec
live customer*.
Many real estate companies have
availed 'themselves of the exchange
exposition ever since It has been
opened and delegations of their rep
resentatives are Inspecting the ex
hlbtts every day. This week Gordon
K Mac Edward, advertising manager
of the H A. Jones company, piloted
about 26 of Its salesmen thru the
hundred or more qshtbita, and the
men gathered In a fund of valuable
information. They were made ac
quainted with the various kinds of
woods and their uses, marble, tile,
vltroltte. terraso, finishings, furnish
ings, equipment, etc. In an hour
they Inspected the products of a
hundred factories located In all
paita of the country.
On Monday afternoon the puplla
of the Higgins school visited the ex
position in charge of Mias O. H.
Vanderberg, principal: Miaa Mar
garet O’Connor. Mias Claudia Park
er" and Wtlltam Warren, teacher*.
The Cary Safe company of Bus
falo. N. Y.. and the American Hu
mldifler company, of Holland. Mich.,
have taken apace in the exposition
snd will show their product* there.
Apartment construction furnished
the larger part of tbe new work
which came from the offices of the
architects during the week, accord
ing to the report of the Builders'
A Traders' Exchange
A threestory, brick seven-family,
a two-story brtdk veneer four-family,
and a number of smaller structures
of similar character, were In the
A three-story brick and reinforced
concrete garage and storage build
ing. snd a two-story brick snd stone
Sunday school building were also an
The - contracts awarded did not
mention any particularly large Item
allho the volume was fair.
Officer* of the Detroit Cltlxens'
league atate that the cltlxens’ school
Itoard committee, of which Tracy
McGregor la chairman, la ivo inde
i>endent body and Is not, as current
irports have seemed to indicate, an
adjunct of the Detroit Cltianas’
league. The school board commit
tee. according to officials of the Clt
lxens’ league, is an entirely sepa
rate organisation of Interested dtl
tena In the formation of #hlcb some
of the officers and member* of the
Detroit Cltlxens' league took part.
Put the published statements regard
•ng candidates, aa offered by the
two organisations, differ sufficiently
to show that the two organisations
are w<yklng, to a large extent, lnde
•*Our task." said W P. Lovett, ex
••cutlve secretary of the Cltisens’
,Hague, “Is chiefly to furnish Infor
mation to voters regarding all t
candidates for office but not to make
iKwlttve recommendations, with
date* I understand the school
board committee limits Its work to
the candidate* for the school board,
and la actively pushing a campaign
for election of candidate* regarded
4* fully qualified.-
W If. I>l car A Hon s weekly sugar
review says with reference to the
beet mM nation:
’Mlfhljcan-Ohlo price* were ad
Ttneed on Wednesday to Inal* 7 SO
Demand is moderately active for
shipment in turn as noon as poesl
U|e A heavy business could be
done on promise of quick shipment
but the car shortage la so serious
that shipments cannot be figured on
with any degree of regularity, for
which reason, factories are accept-1
tng no order* stipulating any more
definite shipment than a* soon as I
i.oaafble Straight cars of barrela or
hags caa be shipped promptly, pro- i
vlded the empty equipment is avail
able Assorted car* are subject to i
somewhat longer delay. Western
beets are unchanged basis 7.24 Home
of the western interests are with I
drawn aa they have booked all the
business they will be able to ship In
the aeit 34 to 46 daya»
Many Seek Improved
Properly At Small
Lots At S9OO Scarce,
Also, Says J. A.
Detroit real estate dealers are
finding low-priced improved tub
divisions or Improved property that
could be converted tnto low priced
sub-d I visions, an absolute scarcity,
according to J. A. Rebelling, sales
manager In the subdivision depart
ment of Lambrecht. Kelly A Com
f*ny. . ,
“We advertised for 80 days for
property embracing 100 lota that
could be converted Into a low priced
subdivision." explained Mr. Schell
mg. “but we failed to get one reply ”
Mr Schelllng said that by "low
priced" was meant a subdivision
where lots could be purchased
around 9500 or slightly mure. The
demand for thla kind of property has
reached unprecedented proportions,
he says, and there seem* to be no
solution for It.
“Os course there are any number
of subdivision* vtiorr one. two or
three low-priced lota may be p
up. but there is not a number suffi
cient to satisfy the demand.
“There are a large number of
subdivisions In extreme sections of
greater Detroit where property may
be purchased with a small payment
down and the remainder on time,
hut thla property Is not Improved,
and It Is therefore not In «uch great
“There is also a scarcity of Ins
proved property that runs from 9400
to 9900, while subdivisions that are
selling around S9OO to 91.100 are go
ing rapidly
‘There is a great demand this
spring for subdivision property. Ev
eryone seems to desire a home of
his own and move as far out aa he
can without cutting himself off from
convenient car lines and modern
To Inspect Crossings Here.
The state railroad commission
notified the city council Saturday
(bat It would make an early inspec
tion of the tntereccUuo of Water
loo-et. and the Ifetrott Terminal
railroad to determine what safety
measures are needed. The Water*-
100-#L crossing long has been recog
nised as a danger spot, and the city
la anxious that some Immediate
steps be taken to safeguard traffic.
Tbe communication is signed by
Charles 8. Pinning ham, commis
Choosing Your Color Scheme
All the colors of the rainbow are at the command of the Winton
Six buyer. Your range of choice is unlimited.
And if you are in the slightest doubt as to which
one you like most, or which will retain its charm
longest, or which is best for any particular type
of body— if there is any question whatever that
experts can answer, let our art department
serve you.
We have a staff of color specialists, long skilled
-j Cmri in creating combinations of unusual and endur-
S froo° beauty, and thoroly versed in the tone effects
of the automobile art. Their skill is at your
service, gratis. It will be a pleasure for them
cw<i Cam and for us to help you to a happy decision.
f smo° Simply telephone Market 4733.
The Winton Company
1270 Hood ward Avenue
w, 'ryT
“Best Investment I ever madel
Said Mr. Newhome:—" We are snugly warm no matter how the wind blows or how stingiM
the cold outside! This IDEAL-AMERICAN heating makes life out here in the Of
country, comfortable for everybody. The coal-money I spent this year is the moot e*tMto» j
tory —and the least, despite the new high prices. The outfit will outlast our lihtef-er
investment, not an expense."
fl Radiators of heat per dollar of cost |
No other feature of a building repays so much its cost—or so many times its cost—asaa iMiggi
M AMERICAN outfit—which easily outwears the building. The heavy fuel savings, the absaast sfK
repairs, the little care-taking, and the cleanliness that saves housework and house Ainlii|W
make these outfits
the ideal bargain in heating
No other feature of a building shrinks to little in value —there are no second-hand {DEAL Boilers sad AMfcflßKfjl
CAN Radiators, because they are just as good as new even after many years of am. This is unlike abendOMg
old-fashioned heating devices which clutter up junk yards, alleys and vacant lets.
JSS If jrou ar. wwi, of mriutb, bUckmln,, repalrin, ,ndcouin,,dU- ▲
'.Z.Z£?£?LT: crd .t one th. old „. y .nd put in an IDEAL.AMERICAN outfit at thi. A&S^&m
tt« or bwro«r* thun- season, when you |tt bsst attention and moet favorable prices. Send '• a
for free booklet—" Ideal Heating ” which explains how to get full returns
mot Mm ikw a from every heating coal bill.
This permanent Vacuum Cleaner ia best to buy ; «Jj
Installed in any new or aid building without tearing up anything. Now aiao —aria In two- S*- |WuK -
sweeper sue for apartments, hotels, oflkt buildings, etc. Lasts far yssn-always ready for moat
. iM-X thorough cleaning. FuUy guarantaad. in aicte at $175 up. Sold o» Kaay Payment ptaa. laari CSsSsa—TWSR IK‘«JjELShB^
NSig* \ for catalog and know why the ARCO WAND Vacuum CTaenar la baat to hey. aihsr—SSe— T dUdm wBW
"raESSeaES^BSaEas* 1 * "3
A . IItII li 1111 I I HII m M[% f
• I*l4 kr •
United fulL t v Supply (o ]
.•■I hr* I.<u t u COAL K COrf
* Aloe •elltee •
#Are Yon Getting
Top-Notch Wages?
Don’t bo content with Just ortOiMir/
wages when a llttla study will make you
a "top-noteKor/*
Let as loach 70a to bo an assembler tenter, repair man.
hearing scraper, welder. chauffeur, etc Thooo positions pay
big wago*. and aklllod workmen are always In demand. Spend
a sow woeks In our Auto Rchool and got nno of the good job*
which are always open to these men
Y. M. C. A. Auto School
<1 as nos are both day and night. If you are working now,
loam during spare time We hare all the latest equipment and
the r 0-0 per at lon and assistance of most of the prominent amo»
mobile companies in I>etrolt. The school Is not operated for
profit —tuition goes to procure a high class of instructor* and
a thorough course.
Tome In and let us r.how you arouod. or wrl*e for parti' otara.
Educational Director. Room mi. V. M. C. A.. Ostr«vt
Automobiles and Accessories
Hollier Eight or Roadster $985
THK RDWtRU 9. I.TON < «*.. riioir ROBBTH
■ - ■ ■ 11,1 ■!■■■■■ ' -—*■ ——ffßß
I Marion-Handley and Briscoe I
MOTOR CARS I. f . Fatter Sate* C«apMr I
ni.lr1l»l«r. ter RMfrra «tek. Ittl « Wn»o-*« jB
— n—U
HupmobUe “m ffWJh
—'■* n>«» SmMMH

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