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Grand Jury to Probe
Woodward Avenue
Fire Horror
Falling Elevator Car
ried Floors With It,
Is Belief
, M i' ifw- —
l'M< At+wmtf* CefßlN- n-»-
RHm n*. ft rt«Mww*.
l.tfllf. |§44#p
•mrmt Vs, It nsMra**. If*. SSS
Tw»«i>-»rH mt.
fIIKM OH* 4- Usttlrk *»-
JWw. Ml wsMtsw.
W»*a wmn Lmii, »••»«♦
IIT W«k Mi sMifcai i. M*. «4
hSMMS tto«M RarM*s4. »w
--ato« MMSMF M*. ft rt«lSf«rf, H*.
3r» j»i»f^s-*»*.
Ural. AktMl*r n»a*M«. «h
■la# nwy# t *•■ Ii r»»W#a##. Ho.
• Rah»r-«< I likriil la|ar(*A
#m4Hlm wrtaaa
U#at. Collm P. »r*«a. lod«»r
■■■apoor Ho. Ii raal4*a#t, Ho. M
Poarl##a«k->M aahl# fra»tar#4
rt|#oM Vla#»al Oor4oai. »•-
pa# ii»M»r Ho. Mi raoli— ro.
Ho. SM HaSo«S-a*r.| r»1 ood
At the cent of the live* of five of
her firemen. crushed to death Ban
dar morainic without even the
slightest chance to escape. the city
of Detroit has been shown one#
more wherein she has been woo
fully negligent In protecting the
Urea and property of her cltlaens
Every one of the city officials In
tervlewed Monday morning by The
Time*, from Mayor Mane down, ad
Bitted aubatantlally that the men
who were crushed and smothered
under the burning debris In the
doorway of the building at No. 117
Woodward are., were sacrifice* to
Inefficiency in municipal govern
Lax building Inspection. due to In
sufficient appropriations, and n Inch
of authority that leaves the fire
commission almost powerless to en
force regulations which It knows
are essential to public safety, are
responsible for the latest disaster,
aot only In the opinion of veteran
•re fighters, but of officials who
hare begun Investigations.
•object For Grand Jury.
Mayor Marx declared emphatical
ly that the conditions which per
mlt ted the sudden collapse of the
four floors of the Woodward-are
building were fit subjects for the
tnveettgatlon of the grand Jury
which is to be railed la recorder’*
qourt, before Judge Connolly, next
Thursday. He added that the trag
edy should hasten the formulation
of n rigid building code, with full
power to enforce it. Member* of
the commission who will create this
code will be appointed this week,
the mayor said.
Investigation this morning showed
that neither the buPdtng at No. 117
Woodward are.. occupied by the
Field cloak • Suit company and
R H Fyfe 4 Company, and the
Fyfe building at No. IIS Woodward
are., had been Inspected by the city
aafetr engineer's department stare
October. Itll. John C. McCabe,
whose multitudinous duties require
that be Inspect buildings elevators.
Inflammable liquids and other dan
gerou* elements, declared that he
had but one Inspector at that time
to cover the entire oily.
*Tre get two now. and that laa't
Marching Troops Are
Feature of Cere
President Renews Oath
Amid Cheers of
{Htmff Correspondent bnttea Frees *
Flanked by thousands upon thou
sands of his countrymen, President
Wilson was Inducted Into bis sec
ond terra today
The spirit of the time harked
bark to the days of IJncoln.
Thrill and solemnity of war was
stamped upon the simple, demo
cratic ceremony tbo a strain of
peace ran thru the proceedings too
It was Just 1t:47 p m . whsn WII
son kissed the Bible, completing the
oath which he had taken twice with
in two days
Standing with bared bead be ac
cepted the solemn, serious gift of a
nation still at peace, but touched
on all sides by the flames of war.
Rebind the blare of martin! music,
behind the patriotic clamor of the
throngs, behind the pomp and splen
dor of marching soldiers, marines,
civilians, the war not* rang clear
The president himself sounded it.
saying we may perferce be com
pelled to take more active part In
the great struggle. But, at the
same time, he pronounced anew
peace doctrine, for the whole world.
At 13: SO o'clock the president ap
peared at the front door leading
from the capitol to the platform He
was accompanied by Mrs. Wilson
and hla aides. By this time a raw
breese was sweeping the crowd In
the stand and the stamping jf
thousands of feet aa the people
struggled to keep warm, changed to
a roer of applause.
Simultaneously the sun burst out
from an overcast shy.
The president looked up and
smiled: “Well, that's he
The prMldent was preceded to
his place on the platform by mem
hers of the United Btatee supreme
court In their sombre judicial robes
Then followed the diplomatic
corps which took seats to the left
of the platform.
The senate and bouse marched
iCMitoseS M Pa«e Teal
r«m Rirmtß oot.s.
CHttaee* Seh*«l Bm#A r-mwit'##
•Sreeety OfraaMU tk# r*tWw««gi
On Ik# R*»iMl#ai H#k#«
Alstli C Aegefl. f yt. term
?n**ph H. Htrlnghem 4 yt term
Samuel C. ktumford S rr. term
On tk# Denerreil# Ticket
r>r. Andrew r. Biddle t yt term
!>r John SL Hell t yt. term
Freek H. Alfrvd fl yr term
Inquires of Judiciary
If He Can Arm
Have Made Nation
Seem Contemptible,
Says Wilson
WASHINGTON, . March ft
President Wilson has asked the
legal authorities of ths govsm.
msnt t* qiv* him a formal opin
ion within 24 houra as to
whether or not he has th* pow
#r to furnish navy armament for
American merchantmen without
special authorization by con.
Upon this decision depends
whether the preeident will go
ahead deepite the senate's fall
ure te act on the armed neutral
ity measure and take the etepe
which he has feared he did not
have the po*«r te take.
If the president finds he has
the power to go ahead and arm
merchantmen It probably will de
lay hla calling an extra session
of congress.
On th* other hand If his legal
advisors report that he hat not
tho necessary authority without
a special enactment, he will call
an extra session Just as soon as
the senate sets upon revision
of tho ruiss and will re-intro
duce hie “armed neutrality" re
WASHINGTON, March 5-Presl
dent Wilson wants qnkk action by
the United States senate to change
tbe rules and permit rapid paasnge
of an “armed neutrality” measure
when he calls sn extra session of
congress to re-introduce the bill.
Admitting that his hands are tied
by ancient statutes which forbid
4C«wttae#4 ra»# Twtl.
Harold dhay. seven years old, of
No. IHM) Central ave.. was fatally In
jured Moniay afternoon, when hia
head wsa crushed under au nufomo
l lle truck driven by John H«y**s, rs
No. ISJ Hamilton ave., Bt. Clair
The accident occurred at Central
rnd Rprlngwells-avf Harold and
mother boy were riding on the rear
of the truck when Ha>es slopped
tuddenly. He looked back to see I!
the bora had jumped off. saw one of
them running and otppoaed the eth
er was with him Hares backed Ms
machine. n« t knowing that Harold
badb slipped front the truck and
lay la th-* path of our of the rear
Hayes wee released after making
a statement tc the prdtee. The hoy’s
body was taken home on the truck.
rant fORCKgr at (irtMtll trrs’
VOtrski Reeltal Ball. TW*.. liM p. m.
Krwin Rubeneteln. Violin virtuoso,
and Mis* Minnie Q. lUederlch. piano
accompanist You ars cordially la
vtted Adv
Try Oar WaaMea »r IS* lb. son
HsMHt Uaafr? Cs —Bale MB -Ad
roil ran ai.mnrr a irbssar
fob kiroauKa Ad*
MONDAY, MARCH 5# 1917.
Conspirators Planned Attack
On Executive as Part of
Wholesale Dynamiting
Teuton Arrested in New York
Had Enough Explosives
To Destroy City
HOBOKEN, N. J., March 5.—A wholesale bomb plot, in
cluding a plan of attack on President Wilson, was believed to
have been revealed here this afternoon in the arrest of Frit*
Kolb, in a local hotel room, in which were found several bombs
and quantities of explosives.
In Kolb’s room, the police said, enough explosives were
found to have destroyed the entire city. Articles for the man
ufacture of bombs and several of the completed missiles were
discovered. Nitro-glycerin and picric acid were found in con
siderable quantities.
Kolb Is uoSerstcod to hero bad own cnmpffbe, jjmUp working with
him who got sway. Tbo extent of the police end federal agent concert
traiion on the cage, and remerka of a (leak aerggant at Hoboken police
beituquertera Indicated Kolb's activities probably form only a part of the
plot. The Commercial kotel. where Kolb was arrested, was tbe baee or
oprrations of Lieut. Fay, who confessed to plots against nhlpa sailing
from American harbor*. Tbe hotel la directly opposite the North German
Lloyd st< am «htp piers.
The arrest was made by police and members of the neutrality squad
who took Kolb to detective headquarters immediately to be questioned.
Sixteen bombs were found In the Commercial hotel room where the
arrest was made.
At police headquarters It was said Kolb had confessed he and hia
accomplice, who la now being sought, intended going to Washington aa
soon as possible to "get" President Wilson. It Is understood the arrest
followed investigation Into the Black Tom and other New Jersey
slons. and the police were trailing the plot angle of the explosions
whin they came upon Kolb.
A lieutenant of police said tbe man's room bad been watched since
yesterday morning.
one bomb loaded with a time fuse attached at a time when attention waa
centered on the Inauguration ceremonies at Washington
Chief Hayes. Captain Garrick, two Hoboken detectives and one mem
her of tbe New York police neutrality aquad made the arrest.
Kolb told them be came to America from Germany in July, a month
before the war started and that he Ms since been in Mexico He said
a friend of his from Jersey City had been coming to this room and work
tng there for tern or fifteen mUnites each evening. Chief Hayes refused
further to reveal the man's story
He wa« examined and sweated at length.
MERLIN, via Sayvtlle Wireless
March S.—" President Wilson Is a
theorist, remote from the world,
who looks upon the world as a
cbemlat on a retort; he doesn ’
know Bhirope. but considers himself
Justified to be her teacher.” de
clared Herr Btresetpann. National
liberal party leader In ths relch
stag today His remarks, as issued
by ths official press bureau, lnelod
sd these statements:
“The rupture with the United
Rtates was welcomed by nobody, hut
in the caae of the United Rtates, tbe
unlimited possibilities of nentrnlitv
had become apparent 1 heard two
election speeches by President Wil
After declaring Wilson s "the
orist” as outlined above, the speak
er continued “German Americans
did everything in order to prevent
a conflict between us and the Unit
ed Rtates. They fully understood
Germany’s struggle for existence.
Persecuted by Wilson they have
maintained their idea of German
Americanism until now Wilson
once welcomed them as those men
who could be proud that their coun
try wa# Germany "
Herr Hausman. member of the
Peoples party, added:
"The noble traditions of tbe
American country am set with our
assailants, as tbe eleventh adver
sary against us, already engaged in
self defease against Ift enemies ’
With rao»-e snow nnd Ice in evi
dence than la nauallv the case in
I etmlt. Theodore Blerk. manager of
Wood's road house, rep I Arlned 4K)
tons of Ice Monday, setting It In xat
bfaction of a Judgment against
Frlti Opperman Constable Roa.an
ski took possession of the ice
Block's Judgment is tor ftftftft.
J, Eugene d'Avlgnon. sheriff o?
Essex county slncr Dec. I, !00*j,
died in hie home, Dewar tern-e.
No. • W yacdotte-st., Windsor. Mon
day morning after a brief Mines:-,
with pneumonia. On Friday pl*v*
slrj developed an 1 his ccmMMon
grew rarldly won"
Sheriff U’Avlgnon came to Wind
sor from Mcntreal iC year* ago. and
purchased the drug More of George
H I>ealle. conductlrg thin buslners
until l»0t, when he was appointed
sheriff to succeed Sheriff J C ll* r,
Before cor-lng to W indsor he Imd
been prominent In military rfrcl'*
la Montreal, beln< sn active
ter of th* Victoria Volunteer It Lira
during the Fenian troubles on J 8155-
70. He wuh remarried for hU ter
ttees with a medal tnd a gram
Mr. d'Avijmon wn a public "pirlt
eil eltiten. having terved in the
Windsor city council, and the W nd
sor board »>f education and library
board. He was .* member of VI
Saints Episcopalian church, of
which he was a werura. The funer
al will h* condoned In this church
on Wedne«day at 1.30 o'clock, the
Rev. Artbor Carlisle, rector, and the
Rev P N. lfardlng. arsirtant rector,
officiating. Burial will be in St.
John’s cecieiery, K-indwlch. and ser
vices there will be In charge rs
Windsor lodge. A F. • A. M
The widew and two daughterr.
the Misses Helen and Dorothy
d’Avlgnon. survive
Republican candidal* for Warn* dr.
cull Juda* .-••lust* of If . hissn
Stare Normal (V»!lege and Vnlvef
•try of Michigan, Detroit lawr*r 17
years adv.
rate ravonirr strrtvc
Roller SliMtlng at tv»jrit# Roller
Rink. Three eeeeiowe delly.—Adv
Pvtstl— th* pteie aeet Me4—(k«t
B itata-thM* Set eaaa
— i 1— ' ''* lK
'j , - .. H^
Petition to Wayne
Circuit Court
Detroit :*jay have rival grand
juriss. Prosecuting Attorney Jas
oowskt announced Monday after
noon that he was preparing a peti
tion to the circuit court for a grand
Jury to i nvesttgaie complaints
against tbe board of education, tbe
city building department, tJu •l«*ad
ly fire of Bunday and other mat
Mr. Jasnowski said his reason for
(•olng this wax that u question ftiud
teen raised ax to the legality of the
(trand Jury ordered by Judge Con
nolly. Hi said he believed Judg**
Connolly would recognlie the tic
portanre of having ihe circuit court
make the 'nvesitgation and that be
would drop his Inquiry.
However. Judge < unnoily is in
Washington attending inauguration
ceremonl-H and will not return to
Detroit until the day the grand Jury
in to be drawn, next Thursday.
Meanwhile Mr. Jaettosskl will go
nhead, h- savs, and ask for the
circuit court grand jury, whoec Jur- ,
|.-dic»!on wruld include the entin
Mayor Marx said Monday morning
that he hoped the grand Jury called
bv Judge Connolly for neit Thurs
day would probe city activities from
those of the mayor up to ihosg of
the janitors.
"I am as anxious to know ff any
thing Irregular if going on as is the
grand Jury." be said. “I will help
In every way possible. If there Is
anything Irregular or crooked go
Ins on In the city administration I
want to know it.”
As regards the flj-e on Woodwa*-d
--*vr . wblfh cost t*,* lives of flve
firemen, the injury of others and
great property loss, tbe mayor said
h thought that question would
come up tn the Investigation of the
htjlldlng department and be pre
ferred to have nothing to say on
this subject, tho he did aay that
sh« safeguarding of the property,
under the rode, would be up to the
building department.
COLUMBUS, O. Match s.—With
out a dlaMTOtlnff rote the Ohm agn
ate today adopted a resolution con
retnnln* the "pitiful minority"
which defeated President Wilson’s
program In the United States agn
ate veaterday. The m»le acn«t*
I (edged the proaldent Its heanieat
and declared It sianda
behind him.
* Ow»»» Wlansl Ratka
Cara rhtumtilie and aktn dl**aee*
Warn* Mineral Math* and KMMft
Sulphur rat»r ara toth toe
year lihautnatu rgßlita li%.
Against War Polky
AI tho Dot rolt Is being boomed as
a munitions making and aviation
canter in the event of hostilities, on
account of tbe presence of so many
automobile factories, easily con
vertible Into a mnion* plants, tbe
• people of t%# city are distinctly op
posed to wiijr. as la revealed in The
Times’ canvass.
| The first day’s canvass showed
nearly 42 per cent willing to have
the country engage in war with Ger
many over the l boat issue—no*
willing by the way to volunteer for
personal service—while 58 per cent
I announced their adherence to the
banner of peace, believing it wiser
that American ships avoid the war
i tone than plunge the nation Into
Europe's giant carnival of blood
The Times suggested that while
tbe Initial poll showed s preponder
ant of peace sentiment that a sab
sequent canvass, when th* people
would have opportunity for calmer
reflection, would show this senti
ment accentuated, and this ts exact,
ly the situation, for the total vote
to. date shows the strength of the
Srarriors" has dwindled to 29 per
ce«t of tbe whole The figures are
Tor war. sft6; against war. 901.
T-ANBfyrj Mich . March 6,- Mrs.
Amelia Van Ffps, 30 years old, and
her two sons. Flerlft, 3 months old.
and (jouis, 8 year* old. burned to
death Runday moralhg when their
home caught fire from a kerosene
Boy Shoots Himeelf In Lunq.
Fred Radfke. K years old. of .Vo
1M Engel are., shot himself in th*
left lung with a texolver in his
home Monday nfl< moon, at i.3t>
o’clock. The police oeilnre that the
wound Is sclf-lnflict»d and that the
lad’s parents can give nc reason for
bis attempt lo end hir Ilf*. The l*ov
1 Is In the receiving hospital In a seri
ous condition
D#(f*ll mnS » l#-t*l4r —S«>4«r night
fair silk ant »w#k rhnng# la l#a
pnra«ar#i Ts#*4a# #l»»4» aa4 atm
nri tr#ik wl«4« •hlftlai tn •nataraal
aa 4 -nath
Inarr Nleatcaa—Fair atnnSar
ala a , aarw#r ta aarth aa4 want
pnrftnaai Tw#a4ar #U«4r *a4 warsa
nei protea Sly IM a la anrfte pnrtlnai
wlaAa bnnasalag anathnaat aa4 anatte
S a. I# a. m ta
T a. a 14 II a. a IS
• a. as ia IX anna IS
• •- m is l e a as
Hlgkmt i#at«ntar# tain 4a<# la
th# gnat 44 rears# *S la IMB aa* l*t*i
l«a«*t S la INI.
On* rmr agn in4n y—Wlghnar tnaa
grratavn. S3 l Igwnna. I4i aanaa. SB i
clear #*rather
The a—_anSs ■saßay m* AM g. m.
*n» mom aas/rwaafti at Ml a#
Pleads la lunml
For International
Isolated Policy No
Longer Poimk'
He DeckunJi
<Unt Wilson kited anew
Os Internationalism and a arid |«ai
In hi* Inaugural address today tout |g
the same breath warned that the
United States may "require | malS
Immediate association" with the war
than mere armed neutrality.
He bespoke a unity of * nrniaua
thought, spirit and action, ant
I voiced the view that this must be an
Americanism steeped In world-spirit
—lnst fad of the Isolated national
view of the past.
His principal plea for world panne,
spoken before the thousands attend*
mg his second Inauguration, called
limitation of world armaments.
Equal Interest and responsibility
of all nations for maintaining paean.
Equality of nations fa all matters
of right or privilege.
I>e*fruction of the ' armed balanee
of power."
That all the world should support
no other power than the view that
; govern ments derive all their jest
power* rrom t-be roe sent of the grr
erned .*
Freedom of the seas equal to all.
Crushing of any attempts within a
nation to organise or assist a revo
lution against another nation.
Electric with the spirit of paMgt
, ism. of Americanism, of anew world
unitv. the speech soieainly suggested
1 that despite the war Ore* ragtag add
despite the possibility that thja sa-
I tlon must take a bioagar hAhd» (NUB
rhi" peace la coming Ng,
The shadows Thai now He dart
tpon our path wfli soon he dia
pe? led," the president declared
Armed neutrality la ear sued, ha
• aid. yet this may mm he u gee
"We have hewn obliged »o ana
out selves to make toad our data ta
a certain minimum of right, and es
freedom of action, * hr declared «■
this subject.
"We stand firm In errand neutral
ity since It seems that la no ether
way can we demonstrate what It It
we insist upon, and cannot forage.*
A hush followed this
Then, gravely, he continued: "We
may even be drawn upon, by cir
cumstances not by our own purpose
or desire, to a more active assertion
of our rights as we see them and a
more Immediate association with the
great struggle Itself. *
Any such step, he assured, how
ever, wilt be with nuscllleh purpose
—not with any views of roeqoeet at
national aggraadlcooMat.
The United Staten oomsat, ■ *
wi'baa. longer stead sgM^ajp^

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