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vs At. no. <»•,
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! '■&¥*&&*fir ■ 4^'d ir S^- y
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f 7
JUonf 4<H> rnF»tH of th« hotFl
voro driTF« tn Front atttr* to tbo
ftirwrr floors by th# fln* »hlch dnrr*
kToorb*** to bis doatb. orlalnatlna
a hi* own room Men walked about
Lhe lobby in union fulta, women In
Ihelr nifbt gowns.
About a score of persons whose
nootns faced the court In whlcn
IToorbees went to his death viewed
be tragedy, shouting encouraging
rord« and attempting to save him
ky various means.
Make Rope of Bed theete.
A rope made of bed sheets Anally
iras dropped to Voorhees by two
nen who bad gained entrance to a
room above his on the eighth floor
rhe doomed man grabbed the rope
gttb one band, but was too weak
to bring up his other hand Hla
Ingem Mated their grip sad his
tody crashed to the roof. He was
bstsntly killed
It is believed the Are was caused
»y a cigar or cigarette which the
nan left lighted In his room when
le retired Voorher*’ home was at
<o. 1446 (irsnd blvd west. He
Jved with his mother, and he was
mown anwng hundreds of friends
usd business .issoclatee thruout tbe
>lty as one of the highest salaried
talesmen la T>etroit.
Altho he faced almost certain
loath. Voorhees retained hla com
posure until exhaustion forced him
o loosen his grip He was attired
mly In his pajamas Guests In
worn* near- bis heard scream*,
tbortly after 4:10 o'clock In the
Cool To the Knd.
Voorhees was tn room No. 750.
f. R Edmondson, a high school In
ipector of Ann Arbor, whose room
gas two doors sway from Voor
loss', wm among Ihose who heard
be cries for help and raised their
irlndows to view the tragedy. To
Ddraond«cn. Voorhees spoke coolly
■IU! the end -and when the end
tarn** he accepted It with a smile
-Hold on a little bit longer. H
ibout.d Edmondson "One man's
ton* to the room shove you. An
tther one's going to try to get you
tom below Hold on."
"I*ll hold." said Voorheea.
"Now Much Longer?-
For a few more agonising mo-
Monts tbe psjsms-clad flgtire hung
It If fly against the side of the build
Bg. Voorhees turned his head to
"How much longer*" he asked
-They’ll get you In a second," en
Mm rag rd Edmondson
The knotted sheets dangled be
fore Voorhees’ eyes, but as help
eame the Angers that had graaped
the ledge loat their strength, and
Voorhees went rraahtng to the roof
Hie body was removed to tbe conn
ty morgue
Many of the guests at tbe Tufler
ire thanking a beMb'iv for hla hrav
•ry In awakening them even tbo
the Are did not go much farther
than the room Voorhees bad occu
pied John Niederpruem. of No. 114
•v mnm. n t* mb mmm
- »».y>»<vwr
the earrtSßgf the enveafl aai
eighth IMRt # kUMf wont flag
that there was no grant danger
Steward, Grand Trunk
Detective, Found
Dead In Room
With a bullet wound in hla bead
that caused death, the body of Dan
tel A. Steward special detective for
the Grand Trunk, who resigned
Monday, was found In bis room in
the Wabash hotei, Brush and At
wrter-ets., at 1 o'clock. Tuesday
Following a hurried investigation
of a report that Bteward bad been
followed to his room by two men.
and that tbe report of the pistol
hsd been heard a minute later, the
police arrested Alex Sova, No. 7*
Goyeao-et., Windsor, a special ott
ret for the Grand Trunk railway.
He is held la police headquarters.
That Sova participated tn an
argument with Steward In Bteward’a
room a few minutes before the
shooting, and that they were
wrangling about money mattere. la
the claim of the police.
Steward left the employ of the
Grand Trunk Monday, and Intend
ed to start work aa a special officer
for the Michigan Central Tueadav
When Sova was arrested by In
apector Edward Fox and Detectives
Roggeni. McKay. Brhardt and Olo
sheaky, be was tn the company of
Chartea Blabee, No lit Windsor
Windsor, who the police alee
took to tbe station Slakes the ofß
cers any. also was la Steward's
rootn about tbe time of the ehoot-
Ing. The two men were arrested as
they were about to board tbe /Irand
Trunk transport to return to Wind
Altho everything points to the
fact that Steward's own revolver
was used, the police have aa abun
dance of evidence that cauaea them
to scout the satclde theory Guests
at the bote! claim that they saw
Steward drinking la the hotel bar
with Sova and Slakes earlier In the
•vvatne. Two men who occupy a
room across the hall from Steward
*ald they saw two men going down
'he hallway aftor the shot was
Ared. They were la no hurry as
’hey left tbe hotel, witnesses said.
**nd walked leisurely to the foot of
'rush-st.. where they waited for
the oar ferry.
PH* ft mv—rfc# pWi» BMt at we !Mt
is dstf-nsM tea rm rtsis maa
• v A -f* ■; .'* Jm5L 7 V • ■* rSsm 1 ?-
w 5T 9
jvjprjKK’ \
/ BpMMßWg|r# lr r f'ljk
/ x • f \ m %•*¥*» \ \
I '.i .a., X.
This Is what you would see If you were to look thru s submarine's periscope. It shows how the men under
water find their prey and aim a torpedo. The submarine is moved so that the vertical line In the picture, called
the xero of lire, rests on the ship to be struck. The speed of tbe ship is estimated, also tba speed at which the
torpedo will travel after It is launched, so both will reach the same point at the same time
Two men are under arrest at po
lice headquarters In connection with
the slaying of Pauolman Stull R.
Meanwhile, detectives working on
the case say they are positive that
they know one of the men who did
the shooting. He la Harvey Yocum,
23 years old. and descriptions of
him have been sent thruout the
country In addition to tbs announce
ment that a SI,OOO reward Is offered.
The man under, anest are bel.cvud
tc be Yocum’s companions Yo. urn
is said to have been the leader of
(be wire-tapping gang which affect
ed a telephonic connection with tho
hrsneb of tba Detroit Savings l*ait?
at Grand Rlv*rand Wsrren-avea.,
near the »r.*re of the murder.
Believing they have evidence that
connects him with tbe slaying of
Patrolman Herman Schmidt, of the
Hamtramck police force, the night
of Feb 17, the Detroit police, ac
00m pan led by Hamtramck officers
Monday night arrestod Michael
Monahan IS years old. a machinist
Monahan Uvea at No. 270 Glover at .
Hamtramck He Is the first man
to be arreeted In connection wttb
the killing Monahan was in Ike
Berffhoff hotel. Monroe-ava.. at the
tin* of his arrest
Patrolman Schmidt was shot
down bv two men only a few days
before Patrolman Emil R Schmidt
of the Detroit force, was killed out
Orand Rlvor-ave., by men believed
to hare been baadlta.
K 2
- Bibb bbia
IB» : w' ’B k ■ B 91V IBW
,’“T” t ..
I II IflßMßjl 111 II
Looking Thru a Submarine Periscope
TC«#*AT. MAfli't. I*l7.
Reply to U. S. Deliver
ed, Say Amsterdam
AMSTERDAM. March 6—Tbe
method* of naval warfare adopted
by tbe Entente nations agninut the
Central power* were responsible for
the recent powers determination to
wane unrestricted submarine war
fare, according to Austro-Hungary s
declaration today la a reply to the
American government.
Dispatches from Vienna said Am
ertcaa Ambassador Penfleld had re
ceived hla anawer to hla recent "aide
raeiuoire" submitted to the Vienna
foreign office
The Auatro4lnnrarlaa note puts
(ho bis me for the submarine policy
up mainly to Grant Britain for her
iilieged violations of International
law In an Illegal blockade according
to the Drat section of that document
received here.
The note Is la answer to a for
ruol request made by Ambassador
Penfleld at direction of the UMted
States government for aa expression
*f Aneirtv-Hungary * opinion on the
• übmnrtne cone decreed by Ger
PromiiMßt Banker, Twice Can
didate For Governor, Sac
rum be To IQnem
GRAND RAPIDS. Mich . March «.
Amos 8. Mnnaelman. aged sis.
president of the Commercial Sav
ings bank of this city and twice
candidate for governor on the Re
publican ticket, died In bis home
on Robinson rd., at S o’clock. Mon
day night
Mr. Musaolman suffered an at
tack of a chronic ailment last
Tnuraday. but his condition was not
considered dangerous until Monday
morning Prom that time until his
death he sank rapidly.
Mussel man was born near Getty*
burg. Pa., and was a student in Get
tysburg college . He came to Grand
Rapids In 117$, where he obtained
n position as a grocer’s clerk A
few years later he established the
Muaaelman Grocery company, which
did a large wholesale business un
til Its absorption bv tbe National
Grocery company. 10 years ago
After retiring from the grocery
business, Mr Musselman became
associated with the Commercial
H ewas a staunch Republican and
prominent In the party councils.
His last campaign for the governor
ship was In lilt, when he was de
seated by Woodbrldge N Ferris.
roa iittrr acaoot.fl.
rtvteeea «en**l »«»« r4 C
•treeelv rsse—iemas tbs t*llsein|i
On tbs ReMbllsnn Tteb»t
Alexis C. Angsll I jrr term
Toseph h Stnngbam. 4 yr. term
Ramus! C Mumrnril 4 *t farm
On tbs Ps ms erst la Ttebsf
Dr. Andrsw P. fltdOls 3 yr. term
Dr. John B Hnll .4 yr. term
Prank II Alfrs4 < yr tsrm
Damon Measure Is
Aimed At Boose
Will Be Reported Out
In Legislature
(Staff Correspondent Detroit Timm)
LANWNO. Mich.. March «.—With
the house liquor committee prepar
ed to report out favorably this oft
• moon two bills designed to fur
t.lsh the state with bone dry condi
tions os the result of tbe prohibi
tion vote of last November. Senator
John A. Demop. of Mt. Pleasant
came forward last night with stlli
unother dry measure
The Damon bill is designed to
meet what some persons have
thought was a loophole in the Reed
federal amendment prohibiting ship
ments of liquors Into states hav.ng
prohibition laws. It was figured by
tooee seeing the locpholr that indi
viduals who brought liquor* in them
relve* for their own use would not
be receiving shipments, and that
there would be nothing to prevent
thirsty Detroiter* from motoring
down to Toledo on hot day* and
hrlnving back sn auto full of wet
good*. i
Senator Demon’s bill puts the lid
even on this scheme to gel drinks
Into a dry state. It prohibits the
hiigging of liquors into the state by
any means. It prohibits the trans
portation of liquors thru any part
of tbe state in any way whatever.
It prohibits the carrying of liquors
bt anyone 4nd finally It prohibits
the poerejsion of liquors by anyone
within tha state. Specific oxcep
tlons are made, of course, for the
medicinal, sacramental, mechanical,
scientific and chemical use* of
liquors permitted under the consti
tutional amendment. The Darnon
lull is Intended to dry up any ves
tige of dampness that any one
might Imagine could vxtst under
even a bone dry statute.
Senator Tripp Introduced a bill
to exempt horn taxation all crw-Jlts.
including bills receivable, accounts
nnd promD*ory notes not secured
Ly mortgage or lien on real eatr.te
Senator Foater Introduced a MU
tr provide a mill tat of threwtenib*
of a mill to furnish money for rtate
I.capitals and sanatoria. Senator
Wood Introduced two bills to e*tab
lii-h closed reasons on whlteflsh for
15 davs prior to the spnwntng sea
»on and irom Oct 10 to Nor. 1
each year.
Senator W. W Smith Introduced a
bill to appropriate >6O DOh for tbe
purchase jf 200 acres of virgin pine
forest near Interlorhea. Grand
iravarae county, tha largest orig
4 r W. .JbO ■ f-' kuP US
inal ptea flMwat Mb tn the state, and
u. prea*res it as a Mate park.
IS turn kMM Rep Thomas Mend
ffitrodaoed a bill is ralsv the salary
of the state highway commUKffige
tram SMM to $4,500 a year Mi ap
propriating PMs> a year ler the
ret** tnhsraaen to Ml ln*?gdp
•treaaa af Up State where iftgf
ooaU go H m kind of * M|
eople af Cheboygan to vets this
print oa whether nr act they want
to bead the elty for $25,000 to pay
up thetr present debt*. The town
of Beauth. tn Btonsie county, wants
n fish hatchery and a bill was put
In to appropriate $12,000 for one
Rep. Harris put In a till to vllonr
circuit court commissioners to near
alimony eases la circuit ccurt dis
tricts that Include five counties
The senate passed the Foster bill
to allow the rale of the site occupied
by the industrial school for boys In
Lansing. The house passed three
minor bills and defeated one on
third reading, two votes leas thsn
tbe 51 needed being cast for It. Tfcd
bill. Introduced by Senator Foster
and already parsed by the senjte,
would enlarge the power of police
officers to make arrests without war
rants. Rep. Pence had tbe hill
tabled on a recon*ideratlor of the
vote and another effort will he made
later to get It thru
One battle was avoided tn the
bouse La.nl evening when Rep Ofm
sted had his oleomargarine bill put
over for the day. Fanner mem cent
who paid ilttle heed to the Olmsted
Mil when )t was up In committee of
the whole, have orgsnixed agalrst
It The WU would permit state In
stitutions to serve oleomargarine tv
Inmate* and would do so by repeal
ing an act passed many years ago
requiring that only butter may b«
served In these institutions. The
high cost of living argument is t>e
bind Rep Olmsted'.! effyrt, hot the
fanners object to opening the dooi>
to oleo
U-Boat War Forbids Holland
To Forbid lb
IvONDON, March fl.—After Satur
day Holland will be compelled to
prohibit the export of bread to Bel
glum, on account of the German
submarine warfare, according to sn
nouncement mod* here today from
Dutch sources.
The village of Nsmeokl, 111., which
1s more than 100 years old. Is to
hold Its first municipal election to
day The town recently Incorporat
ed tn order to be able to retain Its
Try o«r We«Wlaa Wy U» Ik. W**«w
rtxwtto Lax«4ry C»—Mate NKI -—Ad
yotx ms HIRST a. iHrnXtR
Reptibllcoa eandtdate for Wayne Or.
Kit Judge Ore duet* es Ml<*hlgaa
*te V'-rwi! r«H*g* end T’ny*r
elty es Mtcklgan. Detrelt lawyer if
rear a—*4*.
for LoephoAeh*
Old Laws
■ - - : -
Omrnmm • IBmHBBjPv
ships mw. unless kin toffnl Ml
find a great Mg loophnls la iMPfo
which he says. Mni kin knati
This was tkn oMat vtew MksT
with the cabinet iidiilM fen am
and a senate Dsaiaarstte ananas
slated tn ttnrt Ilsrawing n «Mm*
move, asked by Wilson to pcoewt
such a situation as kills* bis unmi
neutrality request
If some reform of the smM
hidebound rulee of the eeanto nan
be obtained, the president will ah
doubt edly coll an extra s seal on na*
try to put over the armed eeffiml
tty measure anew. There Is an
question aa to Its passage—with tkn
rules altered to check llUlHutaßlag
But there is grave doubt that the
senate rules con be remolded.
At any rate, the senate cloture
fight promises to be spectacular.
Senator Owen, now engineering
the move, claims M senators win
support a rule he plana to Intro
duce. But some senators have mid
that they are unswervingly opposed
to a change.
Such men, under the very nnttm
Red debate rules that the president
seeks to amend, could check the re
vision plan
President Wilson, however, hopes
public sentiment will force the sen
ate Into line
Perhaps, if a broad cloture plan
cannot be wrung from the sennte.
some modified cloture can be forced
whereby bills touching upon a na
tion*! emergency cannot be talked
to death
The Democrat* planned to mnrii
at 10 o’clock. Home of the sooth
erner* parfleolnrty are strong
against the ctoturn plan for fanr •
“force bill- might bo used agatae
th»m later that Republicans might
paee * measure providing use of
federal troops at southern balloting
place*. The * Ingle weapon again at
tht* measure. touching the Mack
ard white queation. has beon in pact
times a filibuster.
Jadaea PW«» B , ok* t|«
**«r <»•« mmm the
apeak er at the regular week
ly luncheon. W nliy t. >on, of the
V. O 1 eluh. Other epeekere ware
H«* foMnwlri andldatee fog the
hoard of education ft If fHtkta
aon l>r. .lohn H Hall. 3. B Mane
held. W A Pariah, Joeeph )* Meas
ure J. R Mansfield and ft W.
Reading. buaineaa manager of The
Tlmee. were chosen reptelna to S
campaign to raise funds fer Uie
Bor grouts.
| Tree 1.-riar* T»ahA* t «a,
41 a Weed ward ewe. - Age
mabt «n.m sirrm
In The Oentle Intruder," “The Fortin
Os Our Olrl Reporter*" and a si* art
vaudeville show That’* what we anil
a “Bargain Matinee" fer 1# and fin
Mi lea Theater (111 week. —Ado.
rmtn nooi—agar mrwm.
Warn* Dancing Pavillen Ferf
aight. Uaala Its. U4lw ftia jj|

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