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■fftlPflgs Will Give Young Hurlers Considerable “Looking Over” in Week-End Games
■ l
rjH m ni(] Biii f.ttUa the mound it N«vli l® *
VV acnMnbk> to iu fool and ro*r «hji ih*- lu»tie*t %fkom t.
Bg -CTJi a sr7.Jrsr,r r ■ «£•,£:
,fii Ml as bo hht bead oat of th* dugout He didn't **»
t much or th* „me during
ter Manager to discipline thr
Ho Übi The club now!*-,] better pitching to win 'be P*nnan and
Si packer who «M not delivering thru fault chiefly hi. on. and
• pretest ww jaatined
g Nobody know, that hotter than BUI him.. If. To hu credit
In I "ill II fi II |1 that be took hi. panning like a man. He 1.
kll alayercon be. He bold* no grudge* and vole*, bo r< m
aSSatba Shortly alter the season wa* over, ho h'.ed htirselr ; > ”*
ttatoMthe *l. Ho .pent the winter hurting in » where
Sfw n# mmotx rOhor on foot or horseback t* arduous. gruelling abor H
■afti?? with eo much blabber worked off that hi. <*«*«•
Srtiß | B fold* Ho came to catr.p In perfect condition Hi. )ob ha.
IP **? * hU Ajm i n to »bape Put h< hasn't been satisfied *lth
I, ow of the moot willing worker. In camp.
rhe track three time. wb*re rao*t pitcher, are *ati*H»-*1 wi h
H haont been necesaary to drive him at all In tart, he ha.
ffcpace-aetter over alnce he arrived And how he ua« been zipping 'ha
pUTovor the pen*
It’s a Peppery Camp
ITCHBRF should boast twice the physical condition of other player*.
win do more than that He know, how to pitch, be ha*
mm m»ptfl<»anl physical equipment mid can man* the hall cell h m
■»;. BUI He is determined to prove not only that he te no* a
tata. Nat that ho to actually a alar. There Isn't a naan on the loam who
aredi- tmg tor this fellow a superb eomebm k All he ask. I* tha'
ton* be with him, rath*T than agalaot him. The impression
*■ «taP ’hat all that is now needed to bnng Jamu- into Is
to a spectacular vote of confidence from the fans.
S'- pal that any of the hoys .honld.be overlooked .They should not.
teltaw never was a jollier, happier training camp than ’his has been this
SSC Nor on. where there ha. been more hard work without driving
loafing have been in evidence nowhere, and there has been
riS»Bttto poker oone of fbe sort that send* the boy. around tagging for
oSEttocea to tide them over Spirit, weather and result, have been fine.
lv:V: ,n very fair enable of what la doing here is one Oorgie Dau»*. who
iaMte dteep inter in the morning and exert himself lew. during the day with
Stater flaa »ht* almost any good man In the game George is one of the
Est worker* to camp this yenr He never ha. objected to Growing •
frolicking In an occasional pepper game but he always has hated
IHtotantß around the track This year Dan** ts a* frisky a. a rookie
traO all kls own biased around the cinder speedway that fd
XL (tow fence. It Hi always assy to get the youngster* to work, but when
tai vwts Ml the pace for the kids, there’s big diddings doing
R tarnse to simply coming hack to the form which won him hi. big major
’totatoß ctawce a tow year. ago. He bed been corned by Cleveland for a
mmrnt tetad wanting He wee shipped back to Portland where h«
mgg§ fctmeetf won e roast league flag for Walter McCrodie in 1913
flL||( tSt Inning* scored 216 strikeout* sod h.d a win lose record >f
ft ft SL Laois bought BUI In 1914. and be started out by having a year
BtoMtani • fine futuiv for him The next year be was still wtth Sr
SBtokNl tfcgt club didn’t amour to a hang in a good manv wav* and he
tad fhir lh the tell James wae sold to Detroit and did »om« good
itotak. aMta be bud asune tough tuck in the way of support He wound
jta% taflfig 9*4* butt, winning and toeing 1) gomes He «ti a night
State teat year, but this year—that'a going to be another story
Concerning Dyer.
iHp'te BN DTCR. the rookie Infielder from Denver, la developing into a
Bgta very promising prospect. Jenntng* likes him very much Ben's
M"m only bed weakness Is the same one which sent Harry Helm*;
to ’frtaco |pr seasoning In 1919, and Dyer seems to be making
ntota a lot of headway la overcoming bte foiling He is poaeeeaed of s
■Efut batting eye. He has no difficultv in meeting the bell squarely
.to|p error to ta swinging his bet with an upwsrd rut that drives the pellet
j33| teto the air. Probably be learned It while shsrpshooting a* ’hose
fZgt Western league fencee last season, when h> set . notable home mn
egtard on the plains end in the mountains of that circuit. He ts getting
Vlgd of careful coaching end seems to be profiting by it.
' tat Dyer's bleeoiugs are a goodly portion of speed a grand pair of
good ana. and a natur.i aptitude for handling ground bell If be
demons:rats* the old courage in the showdown that is ahead. he is likely
|»lto rank-d as a comer
Golf and Baseball
OLF is easier lor pitchers to learn than for ball player* from other ,
M *■ MUMp,' The more perfect the batting form of tbs victim. the
; : m W harder hie golf will That t« the verdict of a baaeOaU-go f
symposium this spring which featured Jpnmnr>. MrOraw and half .
p 4nn gumlatar* of ancient and modern days Their chief lament *a ;
rMggt they cannot keep from slicing their drive* Unless they allow for the
: gQgvn, they are forever dropping the ball Into the rough or on aome fair
■ age balancing to another hole. Jennlnga has to aim at tha next county
\lp osdar to land In 11»** fairway and all the rest are j'-st like him They
Sg ggppa slfhty driven, but naturally loee *ome distance and get little mil
They explain that In good batting form the folio* thru la with the
right hand. In golf ft la with the other The reverse la true of left handed
bHters. At any rata, wrkat would be a grand follow mm m baseball ie i
MMhf drag In golf, and tha diamond sparkler* are forever pestered by th.*
hghit hiiflfl from the anhen mace
Pena* fellows Nke Mathew son and Bender play a neat game of golf
UnaOjf || davalopa that thaoe fallows never amounted to shucks with the
let, chiefly far the reason that they always handled a bludgeon as a golf
ft** should be handled That got them little tn baseball, but helped a lo*
One Like Thte Even Spring
| 1 ERFTH an annual training camp thriller Flanagan one of the
hnakleat of the Tiger pitching recruits this spring started out a«
jp ■ • S southpaw pitcher He now Is a right hander Flanagan volur
In to era that when he was sieves years old. he essayed to ride a
hmmcho Re comas from this country, where nobody la anybody unless
Bo saa wanther the heavy seas of broncho busting Tlhs particular wila
fcttpa got only shook up young Flanagan unmercifully, but carried him
«mAar n law spreadin« tree and scraped him off. Our hero waa dumped on
R gfiMa and bis shoulder blade was broken.
Up It that time Flanagan had been of tha crooked arm persuasion
; MPd Ra was tha pitcher of bla kid team because he was the best ball player
flB hta gang. Ha urns even more Interested in throwing atones, says he.
dad gran haters he could think of playing ball, be was chucking them with
Ml fight An. Bo proficient did be grow in this respect that never since
PSMI hn shown any symptoms of a return to the sou’bpsw form of insanity
ndg yarn makes the training camp official.
(tha WaU-known fact that Trir Speaker had t hi- erperlcnr** in his
Math. He was the tight banded pitcher of the school team at Hubbard City,
TOXaa aad hla arm waa broken by a fall from a pony. Before the arm was
t; RBffißß. he hod laarned to pitch with his left hand and did break Into pro
flteateoal hall aa g pitcher of atntetrr sou per Tris hasn't hurled for a
Mgpd many yarns, but ha still manages to win a lot of game* with that
Siwtag or h«s
H« Han Come Faxt
WRHH FLANAGAN may turn out to be quite a pitcher He la a big
I y jßM>g>hfi hardly as picturesque as M»rtv KHv.inagh but **vc n *.
UM ttP Hmerald Isle brand la very apparent The most interesnn.
thin* aho»i* him la the resemblance of bis pitching *tyie »o the*
iM Oanntegham Flanagan ta ready tn work right now. so fast has be
along ff he were to continue to develop at rapidly aa he has in the
pm ton dfiys. a regular berth would be cinched for him. Frequently, hoe •
•fte. thaas tent dudes reach their limit in a burry and never get any bet
Mr. Pfcr that reason the powers wbat be are bolding back judgment on
favorite pastimes are greeting the whole world wit* ■
MgteaaiAhg smile and whistling a vary amorous bula-hula tana.
Chief Bonder her reseed out The Phillies hsv* made h g s tr+~
mjum Once Connie Mach said that he considered the lodinr the finss’
he *vor saw He' meant ’hat he would rather star'
HHfm lily one contest upon ecics e\err* Mur depended *han anv
HBfir Whger in his larg# ncgaalntan< e.
Georjne Cohan
May Appear As
Ball Magnate
VBW YORK. March 14. —If
Georg* M Cohan puts over the
deal for thr purchase of the
Providence International longue
team he Will be doing a ‘Broad
way Jones” ba< k to his old home
town. Rdward (J. Barrow plan*
to sec Cohan today regarding
the deal
William H. Draper, who lost
money on the club last season
and offered to sell tbs club for
127.000. is understood to hsve
cut tbl* prlc*.
" '
Take** Mfamrf of Detroit
Hockey Players By Tally
of 4 to 3 In Rri«4 Play
Y*reetoo presented somewhat t.f a
cuang’-d ha*'up in its Tuesday night
engagement at tJ»* Arena and rue*
ceeded In beating Detroit b> a snr*
of 4 to S.
The gan.e was raiher brisk. but
there was nothing rough about it.
other than a few coTlsion* and fall*
(hat should com** with every hock
ey game u> malie it interesting It
la true that ScblegH and Roberta
did get their Bata tangled up in each
cher** fare but the referee wou'dn't
iet this go long enough to make It
even of panning notice. Thie should
have been ai lowed to proceed
Scrapping on the ice may become
a recognired aport some day Who
Short of Presto® who guarded the
goal played a beautiful defensive
rase He started a number of hot
emashes hat would have counted
for eeore*. otherwise
Pelletier G .short
fltte h UD Bowman
frlflos* R D Tru*hm*k
Ho|maa ........R. Walker
ftldck C’ Schleae:
Shaw L,tV Ruppe
Roberta RV ...y. Williams
Score— Ir 1 1
fVtrott i 1 I—l
PrMtMi ... S 1 4—l
FI ret period Ooaia—Schlegei 14
min Ruppei 11 min Stop#-- Pelle
tier I. Wi#rt ( Otfeldee—Detroit J.
Preetoo 1 Penalties—None. Hoc»ad
period Goals--Roberts 3 min 14
sec. Ruppei 4 nun 14 eec . Hchlegel
11 min. II see . Roberta 14 min «4
sec. Stupe Pelletier 4, Short L off
•idee—Detroit J. Preston 1. Penal
ties —Short. Pletarh. Trtgtone Black
Third period Goals—Shaw 17 mia
Mope—Hammeieir 4. Short L Offild**
—Detroit 4. Preston 1. Penalties—
Black, flehlegel. Roberta. (htbetltn
ttoan—llaaamdefr for Pelletier.
Manager Bill Donovan of the
New York Americans has no use
for Lh« pitchera who depend on
frank deliveries for snccene.
Bill contend* If pitcher* con
tinue inventing unnatural meth
nd* of deceiving the batter they
will soon be forced to work with
a glovp. The New York
leader say* that alone will curb
the unfair practices, for the
glove te the pitcher who regoru
to such tactic* i* a* necessary
aa a jimmy to a porch climber.
With the Pugs
MILWArKEE. Wit.—right pro
raoters and fans f oday are pre
pend for the exp-cted ruling of
*hr boxing commUaion prohibiting
the giving of large guarantees to
boxers appearing in Wisconsin
Amounts up to 1500 probably will be
allowed The commission believe*
that the talk of large guarantee* Is
hurting the boxing rtm«, and Is in
favor of requiring all boxers to ap
pear an a percentage basis.
NEW YORK—Following hla vie
tory over Johnny Tillman at Phllar
delphia, Benny IdOMfi New York
lightweight, iodav began training
for his bout the night of March 12
with Champion lYeddie Welsh Ac
cording to critic* I>eonard Is great
iy Improved since his last appear
1 ance against Welsh
NfcW YORK^-Another danrtug.
cautious reserved fighter hnng up
hi* hat and coat and settled down
In our midst today along with Fred
die Welsh, His name Is Peter Her
I man He claim* the ban lam chanv
j plonshlp and say* he proved It by
! whipping Dutch Brandt.
Fiftv-ftve trotters nave made records of 2 Ot or better. In that com
pany comprising ’he distinguished order of harness horses There are
22 mares in the list and II star.lons, but the chief of ail la a gelding.
Uhlan (1 52). »be fastest stallion being Lee Axwwrthy (1 lit*) and the
fastest mare Lou DfTlon (1 MS)
The moat distinguished 2-year-old In the list- and the only on» is
The Real Ladv (2 041*) Three 2 rear olds are present in Peter Volo
(2 0 IS). Volga (2 04 1 w> snd Colorado B (2 04*) The
Include Peter Vole (2 421. I**e Aiworthv ft i)*» % at that age>, Ftewah
(t 4**4 at 4) and Joan (2:04% tn her fourth year* Three champion
troPing etal|ions at different stages of tbs sport are there in f>ee Ax
worthy. The Harvester f2 41) and • roecacn (2:45*41 Previous »o the
advent of the last named horses tha stallion championship wae held bv
Dlrec’um, whose record was 2 *)s%-, Just outside the eirluaive ctrcle
All but nine of these Rf; members of the 3 05 trotting lls* wen go*
hr sires with standard records at the trot Not on* of them was sired
hv a pacing stallion hot when a consideration of thetr dam* is had a
different condition egfata Peter Volo (2 02) and his sister. Voig,
being from Nervolo Belle, which pared in 2 11. while Joan (2 04 ’ 4 ) ha*
for her dam the hoppled pacer, Aarak W , 2.14*4
Giants Have Youngest Pitcher Who Ever Broke Into Majors
: '~w W;
.WARMS. Texas, March 14.
W’hde Hoyt, of Brooklyn. 1a on* of
the moat remarkable. If not the
most remarkable boy* who has
broken Uto baseball recswtly.
Old time ball players seldom
grow enthusiastic over a youth who
is liable to step into their shoes,
but the (Hants are enthusiastic
about Hoyt.
He is only 17. the yoongent ball
player ever taken serlmialy by n
major league bell club
A remarkable thing about him to
ST IX3IIB. Mo- “Rcoopa” Carry
the Pirates’ classy out Beider, ha*
departed for Columbus. Ow. to
join hta 'Hunmttf* Carey Rlgned
up when Barney CWerfuaa offered
the right figure.
Whit* Sox lost Iheir *eco®d player
by the “retirement route" Tuenday
when InflehJer Alfred Von Ifwlnlt*
wrote to President Comslkey that
he was thru. Kolnitz baa been ap
pointed manager of a potash com
pany in Virginia
SHREVEPORT. Ln—To drill or
not to drill—that's the question
bothering Christy Mathewson of the
Reds Matty will step in line if
the power* that be ran dig him up
a drill master In the meantime
Matty Ms sending his Red* full
gamea almost dally with the result
that the Red* are In the be<d early
condition ewer
Lout# Schneider Trains With Tiges
Louis Schneider. Woodward-awe.
case proprietor, write* The Times
that he has lost 40 pound* "train
ing" with the Tigers In Waxabachte
Schneider - hla friends say—could
loae 40 more and newer miss H.
' Joe West of EiufLilo. gave Le«» Al
len and Otto Schmidtke a trimming
on Schroidlke's, allew* Tuesday
night, rolling in both match*- ■« an
average of better tnan 2^o
Harold Allen will tackle We* on
the Allen alley* Wednesday night.
Suminartes: •
West—3*l. 144 2*3. 1««, 224. 144.
944—1.404. average. 204 2-7.
Allen —l 44. 144. 1 74* US. 144. 144.
144 1.244 average, lio 1-7.
Waat—24o. 344. 144. 142. 24*. 111,
101— 1 4?« aw* rage. 241 4-7
gch 144. 144. 244, 144. 141.
314 147 1 *44 avers*- 194 *-7
Spertal mat'h—
Allen 290. 244. 444 —444; average.
211 1-3
West —241. 214. 214--441; average.
no l-s.
If the cold weather contlnuee. the
Dartmoutb-I’ennaylvanla dual meet
may be changed from Hanover. Ft.
H. to Springfield, Maa*
hm sits. Hut arms are aa long aa
Jeff Teareau'a.
He has an eaay motion which al
raoat recalls Mathewson He has
speed, an assortment of curves and
a change of pace And he has a
baseball head
Wade Hoyt will not be with the
Giants until late In the season He
will be sent to Memphis where Mlk*
Donlia. an old Olant, will look after
bim —but thla la nog on account of
lack of ability but because McGraw
frors hi* extreme youth may be a
MARUN. Tex. -Benny Kauff I*-
tided to continue l-a*» ball todry
He pried off a hom< run and '-on
tnbuted to 'he Giants' la to 2 vic
tory over Dallas.
MAiOON On —Bill Plenty, rookie
pitcher with the Yankees. Is befng
picked as one of the new men Bill
Donovan will lake beck to New
York as a regular.
HOT BP RINGS. Ark When Jake
rtanbert drags into the Dodger ramp,
recording to reports here, the Na
tional league champions will *»9rt
learning how to be soldiers
HOT fIPRINOH. Ark -Duffy Lew
ie and Harry Kooptr are todav an
route here htaultnt Pram" ra
ce f rad a Ires to tbls -feet.
MIAMI. Fla. —The Graves and
Hetmnotea will bare It oat again
here todat The Brave* won yester
day, 11 to C.
PAUarriNTC. Tea —The Swatters
were to pleased with themselves
when the government drill sergeant
raid they were good 'bat they swat
ted the Boakera in nine innings, I
to 4 Hos horn today loom* like the
pitching And of thd Browns' squad.
HOT WfllJH Tei.~»>ou Norlh
needed a shave badly, In fact he
couldn't see the plate thru the hair,
ro he passed tanr stiotesaive batters
and Ban Antonio*r>f'P+d another, 2
to 2. Mor * lln<-up changes and an
other gam* this afternoon.
The Ten Leaden
mun n*M
Hotel Ntvtrrw. Toledo *.*•!
kniitha Ar«»dea Cleratand *.•«•
«*r*mttt II rot Kara. K«n»-aha . -
OT>rl»nt Trim Ah op. Toledo ... Met
pow-Ha-Tene. Cleveland MM
(’hamber of I>eß Molnee 1,114
Howard Majore. Chicago
a Carter Br nd. Buffalo 5.788
C’oaanoa. Chicago
Butter dlant* Chicago
TWO-1141 TWA If•
Cdwarda and W-at. 8uffa10..... I,ft#
Amorowakl and Lundgren. <T»#a l.fM
Ware and I>ech. +**%•■[
Snyder and Toang. Toledo ... I.ITB
Mackey and Folia Cleveland . . l.ttS
Aehuler and Poggenkere Clara IJO.
D*na*v and Hanaen. I.IM
rut anand Owen
Voaa and Wagner. (larrland . .
OtMky and Bradehaw rMeago, 1.1 tT
iimviDi *m
B Bradehaw. Claraland
C Bfatak. At Paul
A. Toledo
ft Eaaery. Port Huron
J Reilly Chicago Ml
U Macfctn. Dwbugue M*
O (V»|llar. CWtM'* •
p Brunnett, Cleveland . ....
B MankHv Chicago
r. Brinkman CtnHnnati alt
3. LI nan Cfclrogn. .
r» H Manaen O»l'-ago «-■
P. Utley. At "*■
The three big Inagua taama of
(•renter Naa York hkra no fewer
than 11t pa-I,mam in training »»
the prana*i lint Tha (llama hnve
4f playara under < otltrnrf. *ha Tan
kaaa 27. and tba Unpacks* 27
Praaldani Ran John-or of tha
American league hna aaeurad tha
ptanngamrnt of tha Toronto club of
his Intention to rlait tha Cnnndinr
rltjr for tha Inpde day enlebmtlon
| to be bald tfcore oa«t Jm*
Waltsr tbs youngest recruit
in the major leagues, snappsd In
action St the Qtante’ training camp
at MaHln Borings, Texas
handicap to him without another
asnsnn in the minor*
Hoyt has only been pitching bail
amateur and professional—for
two year* He broke in wtth Ekas
mu* high school. Brooklyn, tn April
Glance over this record.
1919- Won three championships
in the Greater Now York amateur
league*, winning S3 games and los
ing three.
1914 —Pitched for Lebanon in the
Penn State league, for Hartford and
Lynn Pitched 30 game*, winning
I 32 and losing slg. Including two bo
j hit games
Second Big [ Start Stats Early
Greater Than “The Birth of a Nation’’
The Most Daring and Astounding Production in tho World
SuhnariM Si oka Big Liner With All oa Board. Aeroplane* Attack and
(Vetrov City. Battiefthipa, Submarine* and Torpedo
Boats in Tn riding Action
Popular Priced Dally toatmeee, 39c, 80c Sunday Mat, and Evmrys, 25c, 90c, 79«; Fsw filoo
Broadway THIS » reutlaonua
and Grand a KF,K
Orrua Park OWI.V to It P.M.
Mary Pickford
“g Poor Little Rick Girl’’
i a Weehly
••Wo* Cooes afesse” Iteaetlfel I
Ethel RneV-Mellev,
GARRICK NtgMa >< aN > 'l*• Md*
I wls a hew A—ertoan
Br twotlu Adam*
nffTDAIT Mat. Todar-*af. fill
Utlnvll TO BIGHT AT Sill
DavlS Bolaee* rreoeat*
Original R*law« Thaateo. Sr* T«k
Pmdnellan nnS Cast
Boat Woeh—BßN-HI H.
MB Aim MAH.fi
H Shannon A Annia
Mai the Pnnrt a Jeaeeteei
R|Wkl**h A v Kaitnaa
Msr*« i lew Ne#F a Wrlfk!
IfjWalaA 4 Bvefleri *»!■•
-allitar rarr—
■tit vroofci mi Barloeqae."
a Blow mi «ko Uwat BkHt War
Broadway After Darfc
kerf Bwfe, Ik# Akin Oprra (f.
' eroui on nt.i.tnn
lain to Watt aw*, ter
koet. tSbtda mi ktmmwimm
CADILLAC «',."4V.r
■ »«t Weak—-Benatr. I#ftl aad Pel'r
* Pristine—«he pint* seal Sloe—tkaf
la rtahf—'■ Hero i«k Oip.—Mala 4Ma
Rookie Gunners to Get Plenty
Os Work in Series With Waco
Crowd Demands
Speech—Jess Goe*
Thru Window
KANBAB CITY. Mo. March 14.
—Jean Willard, pugilist and Kan
aaa stockman, la Is Kansas City
from Mayetta. Kas to market
10 carloads of cattle. Jess was
tired and sought rest in the of
fices of a r ora mission firm But
his presence was soon discov
ered and the champion's haven
quickly filled to overflowing with
a crowd demanding a speech
Jess fled Into a bank office,
climbed thru a wfcidow and e*
caped via a afreet ear
ORAMD ItAPIDR Mich , Mutch
14.- The Buffalo turn who xrv lead
Ing the tso-raan event. Henry Rd
warfis and Joe West roar close to
being passed in Tuesdav’s roiling
st ihe tournament of the American
Fowling Congress
George Snider and William Young,
of Toledo, were rloee on iheir beds,
but four railroads in the final game
topped them Edward* and West'*
aeons was 1.399
Jaek Reilly, one of the best io
Chicago, rolled up a marker of i>6l,
the highest In the single* Reilly
had only one open game, a 4p)lt at
the first.
The Bulßeh-Green* will otosh
with the Rayl reeervs* just b ffcre
the basketball match between the
Ravi regular* and St Mary'* college
from Port Wayne Wednesday night
in the Moore temple gvm The .nain
match should prove hard fought.
Manager fikelly, Paul Pederson
and “Young* Dnlton are in Toltdo
where Ped-rsor has been tn*<ahed
for 10 rounds with a Toledo lioy
Wednesda/ night Dalton will ap
pear In the preliminarie*.
The Greatest Week o i Moving Picturen in Detroit
MARCH Uth to 17th
Program Changes Daily
* r The Little Yank.” featuring
Dorothy Qish.
"The Americano,'’ festurtrg
Douglas Fairbanks, Rose Fash
lone and Comedy
**On Record,® featuring
Mas Murray, and Comady
"Felly Rad Head/’ featuring
Ells Hall, and Comedy
owpheum ga: A
Mimic World
WM. S. HART in “The Gun Fighter®
Conductor. Soprano.
• :Ift F. M
TfCKffTi, 50c to 22 00 AT ORINNSLL’f
rv»Ntnga. IB >S Matinees. I*- IBe
nn.ivE mb ■
nut V at A r one • p. no.
These advertisers prefer to speak
to the real buyers in the home
Three Per Game Will
Be Used Saturday
and Sunday
{Staff Correspondcnf Drtmit Tim t
WAXAHAFHIB. Te*.. March 14.
—Rookie hurlem will Mala be
given a chance to ahow Manager
Hughle Jennings what clalma *h#y
have on a major league berth In
the aertea with the WAro club ot
the Texas league, Saturday tad
Janninga will continue to «ee
three tnotindsmen for each game In
an effort to give them all a fair
eorkout before he paeaea final Judg
mrnt. Jones Watson and Flanagan
are all pretty wild yet. Flanagan
has the spaed but he aeama to have
difficulty In shooting them over the
T>ver. Ellison and Jones are still
fighting It ont for Vttt'a job Jones
however arrived a week late and
has not had the same opportunity
to show hts merit as the others. He
has a more striking minor league
record than the others, but It Is
doubtfol ts he can hit as well as
Wilson or field as fast u the latter.
The Tlges were pvt thru (mating
practice Tuesday, and seen* to be
progressing considerably along thla
line Hughte has tried for a number
of years to develop a long string of
hunters, but has not produced as
many as ha would like. He may
achieve this ambition this year,
Association football was playod
hy the athletes Tuesday afternoon.
Hughte was In charge of the win
ners who beat Jimmy Burke’s squad
by a score of 1 to ft
Would Match Ray and Overtan.
NEW YORK. March 14.- Bffort*
are being made here today to ar
range a meeting In a one-mile ape
clal race between Johnny Overton,
the sensational Tale distance man
and Jots Ray. star of the Chicago
Athletic club
‘Chicken Casey,® featuring
Dorothy Oelten,
The Roaring Comedy Kntltlad
"The Last Sentence,® featuring
Marc McDermott, and Comedy
Marguerite Clark.
Detroit's Screen Favorite.
[/v\ i L.i y
a iSe te * me. ram tits
u«4. manssif K Hi nt i#»
i.pjt-w m i -sun nn-ALOtr
f-wir mom n tvs. ta.a* te i<h
Wale.. lOr-JOv klpht*. Hr-Bk-U#

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