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iopmenta In
unis Recall
Meyidtk), or
a failed to mention
inf the capture o<
the least interesting
nt remarkable news
la la the fact tha*
len once more, and
te troops of Oreat
» ail the attention
ren to Bagdad--and
it Articles are amat
-that city of the ca
have anything like
tor that old Babylon
history, prophecy,
and story. Babylon oo*
posit ion. and la pass
itrol of the British
British hare taken
ire really two Baby
I Babylon of today,
the Babyioa of the
utneisar The for
of HUlah. situated
see es aid Babyioa.
lta da tea I have
►any pane es Meao
te of Hillab are the
town la anrall. with
red Inhabitants, and
all of mod bricks,
of oM.
more than a echo*
Babyioa The ex
it of excavating the
L ns Dr Kaideway
It a year, were met
•oeornment The
1 interest tn the
et to famous Not
iiiuß work that
imagination but It
te" la this wonder
hlch tha imperial
aa oetd directed
Dr. Kkljpiay a staff
i otocefu. and that
ere sot exclustvely
been damoaetrated
rcess of the Three
ion They aoeom
> British, long dom
gion. had believed
■H Os BMdtd It automaton)
, mmt the fortunes of that meiropo
HV MMOpoUinu When 'he city
Bp Qo call phi foil to Oon Maude »
■llMna. and the Tarim were rhwd
H&t all their outlytn* positions
HptvtoD was oo*> of the first points
|li Hoars and
atudent* best rind»r*-'»n<l the
from Mesopotamia for
«fc* parsons for the moat part.
only the haziest not Urns as to
IVjocntlon of Mesopotamia Its*-if
HHyift apeak of iU detailed points
Hfa Ml the present retreat
Wm TOThltlMierraaa fOrrer is en
IP hy ty fact that thev are op
HN artthta strictly Rtbie lands
Bplir course is almost tden'K*
mm lhat followed by Abraham
■Wfllfi eat of Ur of the Chaldee*
,/.'AJHr OM of of the Chaldee*
The Chaldean* are still
A moo* th*- Christian
by the Tur*s shen
BMA Boffded were eminent men
■BOB Chaldean < hriatlan church
bistort' anaterr, church*-*
Bwy home Witness to Its f* th
Refactions in this ' h
IflfPpWl Abraham *iat to Haran hr
Tigris river. just as the
Hp«« iota* They have the sd
mmmm of * hundred mile*. of the
Kc railway, which has been
northward from the city the
Wm *t Which it bears to old A.
Mfc. Ihe pU< • famous raugious >
tjOD, h nf 'he tenth Imam the
whose return fa e spec ted r>*
St*. It was because of the ptl
that this section of 'he
ilflN’Oad waa completed, without
Bjßlfin* for the rest The mow*yue
rovers the tomb of the tenth
|HSI la one of the moat beautiful
BVf|» world, evemail* So Chris
HI hU ever been permitted 10 en
gPlf Ho sacred precincts, and fe»
npCMrs have seen tta walla
at Mosul, the Turks
Bp Germans will make 'heir next
hBM at another point of Arrlptura,
Hm. Has el Am. which is in old
where Abraham d»rt- betor*
Hp on to Canaan, and where he
ate ward to *»t a wife for
Wmk Her* Rebec, a s well may
Igßirw at Ras el Ain greet Stores of
|BHBpr? supplies are accumulated
HHfc Has el Am is the terminus of
gßßMMteactlan Os the Rafgda.l r s 1 1
have long t>een
l*r * dwfpnr, here should "
This is the pom
Russian »rrr »I' • « r,*.
BKi. ’ «
If It |«ti down from Blt!i*. Uini
Os even greater Interest. from the
religious standpoint. than the mill
i*i7 opwitioM in the regions of
Abraham's early hom* and of th*
till* and captivlt.' of the ch'ldren of
Israel. la the progress of the British
expedition up from Suet and the
Sinai peninsula Very little about
tbia has got Into print. A recent dta
'patch report**d the troop* a» being
at Hebron, where Abraham and
Isaac and Jacob are burled, in the
Cnee of Machpelah The apot la a
aacred Moslem shrine
Evidently the British have not
oaly driven the Turks from the en
tire Sins! peninsula, but they have
also captured the base aa Beersbeba,
which was the railhead of the new
line build down thru the Holy laol
by the Germans. a:*ter the ear be
gan K! Arlah, the border town bo-
tween Egypt and Syria, 'ell to the
British acme time ago Now. If they
are at Hebron, it will be but a mat
ter of days unfit Jerusalem falls
into their hand*—indeed, the cap
ture of the city of David may have
been reported before this article can
be printed The old Jebualte fortress
which has stood so many and ro
mantle sieges. Is scarcely in position
to hold out against s modern at
tach. altho it is doubtful if the Brit
Ish would attack It with artillery, be
cause of the holy places.
Should the British Suet army push
north ward, to effect a Junction with
the forces from Bagdad, nothing
would be likelier than a landing of
telnforcements at Haifa, and a bat
tle with the Turks on Israel * b»sto
rtc battleground, the pla‘n of E
draelon perhap* in the neighborhood
of the town of Megtddo—the real
battle of Armageddon'
Tacoma Pastor
To Give Lenten
Talks in Detroit
He is pastor of Park Ualmulltt
church Tacoma Washington editor
of "The Master Christian.' and will
be the Ijesten preacher la the
Tbarrh of Our Father (Universal
»at), at Cs>« and Forest area. The
theme for the two weefca’ aerie*,
beginning neit Sunday morning, la
"The great awakening at the call
of the new yoke of Christ lastly"
The Rev. Morgan wIU apeak Bun
day morning at 11, and every even
ing of the two weeks at I o clock.
Hla subjects will be. Monday. "Seek
ing and finding the inner kingdom;**
Tneaday. "Faith that remove* moun
tains ;** W'edsssda) "The divine
law of attraction;*' Thursday. “Our
t»visible helper*. ** PVidav. "The
prayer of faith that heal* the sick "
Daily at 1.30 ia the church house.
Mr. Morgan anil give a lesson In
divine science, to which all are in
Mr Morgan has many old friend*
in Detroit and la remembered for
hfa tne work here ala year* ago. He
la widely known as lecturer, preach
er, author, poet, and healer In di
vine science. He is often called to
cooperate with physkian* in their
work and to lecture before medical
roc ref lea While in Detroit, he will
be the guest of Dr and Mr*. W I Ilia
A Moore. No. 311 Atkinson aic
The Rev nr. William Hiram
Fculkea of Philadelphia, one of the
n f »t prominent of the
ministry, will preach in the Fort at.
Ftpsbyterian church. Sunday He
was bom In Michigan, and la a
graduate of tha McCormick The©-
•ogkal seminary and the College
of Emporia For the last four year*
he has been secretary of the com
blued board* of ministerial relief
ar.d suatentation Mlaa Jane Curry
will conduct the meeting of the
W’eat minster league at HI p m
Thursday night former Senator
Frank J Cannon of Utah will speak
«• "The menace of Mormon isru ‘
Man ti tS. will b*- 'Or
Rkßtiatton day for the adult Ribi.
Haaaoa of Mrait It u npactrd
tl'jit b#for» th# and of thd month
w tonst 100 oiaMM will b« raft
to'scnd. lb* number at prnnt br
,n * tl Insa Application blank* tor
tha organisation of rlimoi mar be
obtained from the office* of the
County Sunday School aaao
elation at No 1114 Kreage bulldins
ih* plain hied—that
h Htlt-Tla». j*k Dept.—n*l a MU.
Dr. Mac Mullen
To Take Charge of
Lenten Service s
The thlru week of the Methodist j
noonday Lenten set vice in the De- j
troit opera house will be in charge ,
of Dr WalD.ce Mat Mullen, who will
oe heard, st each of the ineetfbg* j
next week, beginning Monday. Dr j
MarMulten. who is of the staff of <
Drew Theological seminar*-. Is de
clared one of the foreaioet pulpit j
orators of the east, and has held
important pa«torat«s thrnout the |
country For l ft years he was s big
fgure in New York city Methodism.
occup>ing tbe pulpit of the Madison
ave. Methodist Episcopal church
Miss Patt*rw<m, a Miwionary.
Joinyt In Fight Against
Pol> gamy
After having made an exhaustive
study of social life in India. China.
Japan and the Mormon kingdom in
America. Mis* France* B Patter
son is In Detroit until March 39 to
say. among other things, that Mor
monism marks the loweet level of
female abasement
"Infamous” Is the wrord Miss Pat
terson uses to describe the Mor
moo system, including polygamy,
and her message is in the nature
o.' expert testimony
Miss Patterson comes to Detroit
under the sns pices of the National
11 form asoocknion which is n*ow
directing fmm Its Pittsburgh head
quarters a world wide campaign
against the spread of polygamy and
the attending evils of Mormontsm.
Mias Patterson will deliver tha
following addresses:
March *t, 7:45 p. m . in Knox
Presbyterian church. Kercheval-ave.
a' Hillger
March 27. 7 45 p m . In Mack ave.
Ft angelical church. Mack and Van
D? ke.
March 2*. 3 p ro , in Fourteentb
a< e. Bafttet church
March 28. 7 45 p m , in Forest
ave. Presbyterian church. Forest
and Second-ares
March 29. st S p. m , in Trinity
Methodist church. Woodward an I
Buena Vista. This meeting for wom
en only.
The new Cadlllac-are. Presbyte
rian church, corner Goethe. Her. L.
H Bissell, pastor, will be dedicated
Sunday morning at 10 20 The Rev
E. P Hill, of Cfcirafo. will preach
tbe dedication sermon and the Rev.
W t» Burk, first pastor of the
church, will offer the prayer. Dr
Hill will apeak at the evening set
vice also There will be special mu
sic at both services.
The Rt Rev. Joseph Sc hr snobs.
bishop of Toledo, will conduct the
annual Knights of Columbus retreat
from March 26 to April 1. every
night except Saturday at 8 o'clock.
The retreat will end the morning
of Palm Sunday. when the knlgtit#
will asaemble In their clubhouse and
proceed In a bedy to attend mass at
• 30 o'clock In Our Lady of the Ro
sary church. Woodward snd Med
bury-aves A special invitation is
extended to non-Cathollcs to attend
the evening service*
Club Arranges Revivals.
The Hilly flunday club of Detroit
will hold a mas* meeting In the
Rescue Mission Sunday night at
7: SO Chpeter Culver, chairman of
Ute Rescue Mission department of
tne club, will have charge, Mon
day night th«- club will conduct a re
vital service In the ave
Methodist chhrcb.
To Discuss National Honer.
“Pertoasl and National Honor"
will be the topic of Dr Hugene R.
3hipi**n a sermon In the Unitarian
church, Woodward atre and Edmund
I*l , Sundav morning Hts evening
topic will be *'A dangerous book
Hcott Scaring's Poverty and Rich
Thirty-three Vocalist* Obtain
ed for “Darkaeaa and light**
one of the largest and most cep
resentatlve professional choruses
ever organised In Detroit Kw been
imassed for tbs pageant “Darkness
sad Light" Thirty three trained
n tees have been select *d for the
chorus after tryout* extending over
a period of three weeks Regular
meekly rehearsals are now being
The chorus is made up of the fol
It wing well-known vocalists: So
piano. Miss Has let t Moore Miss
Kathleen Gillespie. Mrs Avery U
Urn by. Mrs, tTiarles Welker. Mrs.
George Whitley. Miss Martha jM ,
Unird Mias Marion Doherty. Miss
Alms Patterson. Miss Mary rsvflls,
Mrs Frank L. Munson Alto. Miss
I>nms Klages. Mrs Samuel Walsh,
Miss Mabel L. Street. Mias ise
sie Scott. Mrs W H Bliss. Mr*
H Tennis. Mrs C. N Ware, Mrs.
L. M. Tamil. Tenor. G H. Whit
ley, Harry M. Bathe. George Beck
er, Eugene Qreenfleld. George C
Rcblnson Ralph Oberlesson. Max
well Stansell. Bas*. Frank L. Kid
nrr, H. Johnson, Holton.
John Renton Bert Schreiber. Frank
W'hyland William P, Lovett. L- S
Pageant master Burrell announced
Saturday that the Central Methodist
church house will not be available
for the chorus rehearsals during
the next two week*. The rehearsal.*
will he held st the Woodwsftl'ave.
Baptist church house. So. 14 Win
der-at.. Tuesday. March 27. Friday.
March 30 Tuesday. April S. and
Frtday. April k.
Twelve of tbs professional* for
the cast have now been selected bv
Pageant master Burrell and the pro
diction is rapidly taking form Re
h»ar»als both choir and platform,
hare been drawing crowds and
everything points to a successful
presentation of the spectacle.
Believing that there will be an
advantage In opening the pageant o*
Saturday night Instead of Monday.
Burrell has decided on April If a*
the co rumen ring day The produc
tion will close May Ik
With# County Sunday School
Aflmriation Arranges Ten
tative Program
The preliminary program for the
twenty ninth annual Convention of
the Wayne C'ountv Sunday School
oatocianoo la announced. It la to
be held April 17. It and It In the
Central Methodist churrh house.
The program follows; ,
Tuesday. April 17, ( 19 p m.—Sup
per for Sunday school »up*rtnt*n<l
entfl. followed by conference led bjr
Marlon * I# p m registrs
tlon of d»l*|«u>« 719 p m prate*
service l*d bv Dr. (ieorg* H lan
open in* of rrm' *n t li >n. Fr*d Hasfcel.
president; devotional eervlr* Rev,
IJoyd Miller ‘The Elementary De
partment as a Character Bonder.
Mlu Mattel A. laett The Flvint*t
istlc fhailen** the Sunday Pebo<tt.
Marlon Lawrence
W»dn*Miv April It. I It » m
Registration of delegates. 7 JO p m
devotional service, R*v i K Malm
huber, address R»v. P K. Stair
>So p. tn.. sectional conference,
elementary, Mra. Mutten and Miss
Haael levels. i*<‘i ndin v
R Holiest on assisted by Mrs P F
Ptalr and Frederic Noogrl'-h. Jr
adult. W. M l/>(*n and Mim May
Case Merdh > <*e p m. adjournment
,f *♦ f. m . devotional service. Rev M
UM*r Smith business eonoton. re
ports election of ofpeers; ronfr'»#‘ , M
as follows: "The Oraded l<e*aon
Miss Haael A. “Perondard Di
vision Organisation." Mrs Ptatr and
FVederle Goodrich. Jr. ' Inaction or
Tn Action." for adult Bible classes.
Prof F. A. tjoodrtrh.
Thureday. April ft. ?t# n m
Devotional service. Walter D Howell,
tAf p m. address Btehnp Mender.
son: J*♦ p. m. departmental mn
ferences, ntlaaKna H W Hnehebe
temperance C. M c’araon t#s»h»r
training. F P Ooodtin*. Jr tovrr
ship offlcera and workers. M -s Ida
ft Blt<'k. ».99 p m . adjournment
719 p m. great adult Bible class
mass meeting end rally In auditor-
Innt of churoh house. W M |> v-n
presiding devotional aerviow. Bev
Joaeph A Vance. D. D.; address, a J
("Dad") Blllott.
Bar. C. H Resdflald ft Broach
The Rov Edwin H Bradfleld. ss
distant superintendent of boras mis
slona of the Presbyterian church In
Michigan. will preach at the Forest
ave. Presbytorlan church Sunday
morning In the evening service he
will give an addrosa on home rni*
xionary work In Michigan Mr Hrad
field la the father of Rev. I E Hrad
HHd He ha« boon a homo mission
ary in tho state for a number n;
years, and will apeak of the rhanp
Ing conditions of missionary work
forvlcoo Continue.
Evangvllatlc sorvicos, begin a
t»dk ago tv the First Baptist
churrh. will bo continued. Dr Her
bort F Btllwrll. of ( leveland. win
Ik the speaker, conducting meet
fras each Wight in the week, oacept
Chicago women are to engage m
a "hanger parade tr*iay in protest
against tho high cost nf living
The final meetings of * Billy Hun
day's evangelistic campaign in Bus
fain are to bo hold today and ta
Lads Si ruck While ( roMikf
Street; Both Driver* Held
Kor Manslaughter
Two more children were added
Friday to the lung Hat of Detrott’.i
automobile victims
An automobile struck and killed
scxenyearold Hubert M/rdellan
No 954 Mackave . as ho was cross
lng Mack ate, between Baidals and
Woodward-ave. Baptist
- Church
(Arvfr Winder
John Wellington Hoag,
10:30 a. m.—“ Fellowship with
7:30 p. m.—“Mr. President
Here’s My Name.”
loin Woodward Avenue’s great
evening audience
Ver«r*nt and Urtad River. Dr Fr*d
rr‘ a M White, pcitor
|r to "Spring I.tliea*
7 I» “Wln-My>Frt#nd W'eek “
Hudson- ave. Baptist Church
Hudson and Mayhury Orand-avee.
19. Sunday echool.
II.II: "The Suffering Christ.**
f 9. Toting People # meeting
7 *l. 'Someone is Ringing Tour
Door Bell."
First Baptist Church
Woodward-*ve. at Piagres-ava.
Rev, Denu J. Filler a. D. D-.
Morning and Evening
Mr. Albert E. Greenlaw, Basso,
Dr. Herbert F. Stilwell
10:30—“The Perpetual Altar
7:30 —“The Question of the
Fourteenth-ave. Baptist Church
fMrtrtath am 4 tatMaett*
Hr t W. A. daarrtactM. Paalar.
Neighborhood Day
10 ta. "Th» t*np< polar Neighbor. -
T if 1 "Tha High Coat of Living '
■Tfc« Aetl>< hrtat 14«a114*4. 4rr«Nlta(
(• Uaalrl i PU«#t»." Chrtav>pher l»r
--nett. 10 10. Maranatha Baptlet, Odd
felloWe* hall. Bruab A Betfauna. 1 14
Herod or the r>angere of the r*aa>-e ’
... , 1 t
«fattaa>aia. Baptist. Jaa T Good
man 19.1 t a m '*Mora Than
Tha a#'* 7:|o p rr in 14 Y*ara—
What*'* Annual meeting March ll
Woodward-ave. ( hristian
Woodward and Joeephlna.
RfV, U/>YP H MILLER. Paator
14 Id a. m.: "Co-!.aborera With
73d p m. Serylee In charge of
nn* m'-n. Serrtv-.n subject. "Thp
Vour>a Man In M<dera Timet."
Central Christian Church
o«cond-ava and L*dyard-at.
C. J TAVKAR. Mlnlatar
11 a. m "Dominion—the Birth'
right of Man '
7:id p. n».: "Work and Wage# in
tha Kingdom of Ood '
(tibia School. HI a m
Christian Church
Grand fUrar and Allendale-av#a
F. P. ABTIH B Pastor
11 a WL— Subject Type* of Chris,
T:*4 p m —"The Rr«| Genius of
Koater program opena W*4neaday
( ongrelational
W-<*dward sad
10:80 —‘The Higher Fatalism”
7:3o—Address by James Scher
merhom. Editor Detroit
t«. baarfes 1 bsreh. cor Howard
and Fourteenth Sundays id Id a m
and 7 Id P m. Holy communion ter
ond and fourth Sundaya. Id Id a m .
o»bar Sunday ■ lam Sunday achooL
II no»n-
r - w a M
ln»Di«a<t«>M Itu Ul the
doom AkMB W Smith. 11 yenre
old No 190 rtftbwt . driver of ihm
machine. which la owsnd by the
McCormick Plumbing Supply oom
peny No 179 BnkerM . *u irmf
ed ud 'barged with ntutan|blrr
Vuoa Michoiteh flyo yoora old
No. 444 Prodoficfe oao. woo rua
down and kilted by on automobile
on D»qutndr»-at.. bet wees Kirby
and rredertck-neee According s o
the driver of ibe machine. Oeorge
H Sprawl you no Vaaon stepped
into the path of the automobile
from behind a lumbar wagon
Spraul was bald for manslaughter
Vaaon died In Grace hospital
At Woodward-ave. Baptist Church
Sunday, 3:30 P. M.
“A Dry America and a Sober World’’
Admission Free. Good Music.
Mr. Hobson will also speak at Grosse Pointe Protestant Church
at 10:45 a. m. and before the Douglas Bible Class at Cass Avenue
M. E Church, comer Cass and Selden Avenues, at 5:30 p. m.
North Woodward Avenue
( ongregational C hurch
Cor. Woodward an# Blaine.
■r« (knur ■ Taator.
10:SO a. m.—“ The Ideal W ar
7:30 p. m.—“ The Christian and
ROBr.RT R. MA*«. ✓
•unday Aftornoon at I
Eastern Star Temple
44 Alasaadrtna Want.
All aaata ffee--b*r« la ona rul'g
loua matt ration that dcaa not solicit
contribution* at Ita aarolcaa
Sim peon Ta bemad* M. E.
Cor. of *»rand Rhrw. Hath and ian
a D DIMOWD. Pastor
Ml an —Sunday aohooL
II Na m.—"A Right Start"
4 14 p aa.— Bp worth Langtia
Tl 4 p m Inf service and anwa*
by pestor.
Jaffa raoa-ar*. li«lb>4lat Bplasapst.
romar Marlborough Mlniatar. Dr. H
K at ton
M.-ruing 11 44—Tha R»tr*«t Across
tha lakt '
Rraning 7 14—" The ilhaap that
Wars Not I>ost "
Preston Methodist Episcopal
llrd-at b»t Bahar tnd ?*rt#r-H».
KINO D. BRAfTt Putor
1«|« ■ m —■■•Werl’ In a Hfl« af
Mrinnni tnttlM "Kflori ind Da’
ralopmanla of th« I'hrliilta Cluraf
?It p m. — R»d#n»M of
Chriat ** Mon a rfcorua will alnf at
tha *»»nlni maattnff
or ri rut methodist PH<rrEirr-
141 l to luodojra. at church.
I p m. Tuaadays. an am bare homaa
Burns Are. Methodist Episcopal
ntrn *. rarh VUw-aT#.. luat north
of EarahavnP Dr. Wm. J Saltnar.
mlnlatar. raaldanr# 4TI Garland ava.
10:00 a. m.—Dr. Howard A.
Musser from India, superin
tendent of the Detroit Area
7:30 p. m.—“ Two boys.” Rev.
BaJmer will preach.
Chorus choir, double male
quartet and good tinging in
evening. Welcome.
Taka Sharmaa K»rcha*al) car to
Path vlaw-ar*
( ass-Are. Methodist Episcopal
Marnlnf—"Dara to Sa a Pallur#
Bvanlnf—”A Doctor of tha OIS
Grand River M. E. Church
Cor Grand Rlrar and McQraw-avaa.
Sc*. Prtah factcr Pit a holt. Pactac.
Lantan Sarrlca.
IHI a. m : Tha Croan and tha
7 l(i p m ’Tha Laat Word Eraa*
tha Croaa ” '
North Woodward Methodist
Sunday, 10:30:
The True Sabbath
♦lO p m in tha Narth Woodward
Convrarattanal church Subfact
“Mephihosheth” Fourth ser
mon on unknown significant
Bible characters.
Sparial mu ate Chart#* L Wuarth.
orcanlat and dtractor.
First German M. E. Oiardb
Gratiot and Joa Oampau-araa
Sunday •> h«o|. * a m . German and
d»ri»an praarhinf. It I*. ’Tha Cl(-
mat of tha Suffariac of Chnat.”
Enaiiah pranchinf T}« T.ion •
Stranath *
r harlaa Trauarhal.ypaatnr.
“Robber's Roust” On Farm Is
Raided By Sheriff's Men;
Breaking lato n shack 44 4 North
rill* farm, Mike General and John
Mohr, Sheriff Stein's criminal lu
reetlgnthre RidUO n block a nek, re
rolvere. end other robbers accoutre
ovate that have gives the since the
name at Robbora' Roost ' Two
Central Methodist
4m4v»4 eed Adam*.
10:80—"Suppressed Ditciple
7:3o—Revival services begin
tonight and continue until
The Homelike Church—Come
hilavr MemertaJ Metbadlat. Rsv.
H Addis raster Morning.
Th» Mountain third lonten
•srmon . Rwentng •'ffveryday Vl*
First Presbyterian
Woodward Avenue
and Edmund Place
Pa* tor
Rev. Joeeph A. Vance. D. D.
IS I# g m "Ths World's Religious
(As4»riSip of Tomorrow, * by Rev. J.
M Berkley. D D. V
7:4S p m : The M*ntr« of Mor
moslnn. ly #m-U. i. ••nator Frank
r'ennon of Utah. Introduced by R»v.
James S Martin. D. D. Pittsburgh.
Central Presbyterian Chureb
Cot. Oraad River and »«w«4 even
Rev. Hugh Jmak, D. D.
10:80 am.—" Loyalty to Con
7:30 p. m.—‘Christ at Bethany'
A Cordial Invitation to These
North Woodward Avenue
Pnebvtorfam Charch
10:30—“A Fearless Faith."
7:30—“1* the Soul Immortal?”
Special Music with Violin and
Harp Obiiyatos
Westminster Presbyterian
Car Woatmart.
Mor. Wllta* Bml «*a«o D. D..
la fat* a
Morning—“ Why the Blessing
Evening—" The Single Man."
TrumboN A ranee
Presbyterian Charch
Tram bull. Brotnnrt aot Ora at Rirar,
Raymond McD Huston
,/ Paator.
10: a. m.—“ The Face of
7 :S0 p. m.—“ Not Far From the
Kingdom." /
Jefferson-are. Presbyteries
I Afiriu •« Mr*rtl.
aav. r r pitscmen. jr..
W 10 a. m.—Bible School.
E 11 a. m Sermon by Pae-
L tor. "Attractive Power of
C the Crucified Christ.”
O 6:00 p. m.—Church of To
ll row.
E Take Jefferson cars to Ri
»«•» vara uTMUd and Friday tha
lm4f ot tha nliafad iu| w
lorlMd up la tha oouaty jail Ha la
Joha Oaaa. Wick Joaapb Karp aad
Frank Kan par, ha la batmf bald no
a ot coaoaaltdg atolaa prop
artp. Aa autotnobila takaa froa> La
fapatta-blad. aad QtlawoW-at. vu
found la th« aback
"Wa think that moro thaa aa*
holdup aad automoblla thaft vaa
plaaaad ta tha Hob hart ftauat”
••Id Mohr *Taaa ta tha laadar of
(ha outfit It took ua mora than
y*o vaaka to flod htm .**
Kwp aad Kaapar bar* ai randy
baaa atrai«*nd b+fom Joatloa Da
Oaw Honda war* flxad at fl.iOO
Tha "back la aa tha Whlppl* farm
The Mwiifg of the Tfan
MiMorial PrcNbyteriia (lurch
Cor. J—ph ('«mp«u tnd Cl in too
• ••• • * ; "Th* Mon Wlio Mtd.
tli* (?rm
:,!• B m Tl. Ckurrli RU«4tng
•• »h» mtt|»ll*|4 ‘ koth Hontm by
Ik* puter
Prolog* to *tmlb( **rmo« by Mr
W K R»*d«rion. notional aarratarv
•f th* Oidron* "A M>ut|« to Mon ‘
Rousing rkerui t*4 their •mgrtig,
Forest Atmoc Prwbjtfrtaa
Poraat oil R*(*on«-oT*o.
Rot. E. H. Rrmdfield
AieiiUnt Sup*rlnt*n<l*nt of Mom
Mioalona of Ptotr. tp#bk*
It M ant 7 A*
Fort Street Presbyterian
Port **4 T%IH-*tO
_ * ♦
10:30—Sermon by the Rev. Dr,
William Hiram Foulkes of
7 30—Sermon by the Re*. Dr.
William Hiram Foulkee of
Special Sons Service.
Watermaa Arenac Charch
Wotormo* o*o. noor fort-R
«*» Ctrii C. Mho Polo*
Grand River A venae Church
Cor. Qron4 Rhmr not Klrkyo**4
Bar. Hfir t. Pom*. Poo to*.
Mack A venae Charch
Cftrnpr Mirk ant Von Dyk«-»m
M*» 4. A. Miloikoh**. fait*-'.
Hamilton Bird. Charch
Coroar Hamilton bWd oat
Colli n|*»«4-tu
Ooa. C. r ftoekkr >Mt*T
Kerehcral Avenue Charch
Cor. K»r«*harol ont tok*v*o4-if*&
*»» Uwl* If. Nor**. Poaloe.
Harper A venae NWon
Cor. tfarpar oot PlaJ»*r.a**a
Rot. A. MilohoHf. Piitaf.
Twelfth Street Mleeioa
Oar Tvilffh 11. aot r>ori*on-ora.
Oar. A. talok*b*r, Paator.
Goepel Tabernacle
S*thun* ant S*aubl*a.
Praochmg by Paator Rurrh.
1® *• ‘Script or* R*aaon* fTkt
Oarmany Cannot W|e.“
Tie “Conraraian - It* Mr t hot
oat R**uit* "
tit W**lt**rl
tl a m 'Spiritual Alehrmy." Sla
tar rhrlitln*.
■ p m.: Ini tv marling Margarat
Root ant Cthll C. Smith
Wat . I p in.: “Vmlra,'* ita*mgtl
con iacttrfa, tlatar chriattna
Thura. I ». m : Healing tnatnir.
lion. Allaa v Darla.
Firet I nitarien Charch
% '
Woodward Ave. and Edmund
Eugene Rodman Shippen,
It M a. m : Morning aarrlca. *P#r
aonal ant Rational Honor"
It Sohool of Rallgioa. Ckar
ortar not loftno. tha aim
T M a. Eraolng aarriaa. "A
Dangrrou* * Book—Scott Naarlng'*
•Poaarty ant Rlehafc.
Firet Unirereahet Church
Cm roaa-ara at Paraat
It: hunitor aehool.
11 • Morning woyahip ’Tit* Voira
of Chri»t*anity " Hrnry Victor M-tr
«•* *b*abrr
Ito Plratlgbt rirrla
tft r e. r V mooting
7i« Thetfir amt g hotel am *nrb

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