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Society ||»
Mr and Mm. H R. Bl*n>p are la
Nnr York.
The Rev Cheater B. Cmmoo faro
a luncheon ta the Hotel Addison, Fri
day. for 12 guests.
Detroit alumni of the 1 niverslty of
Vermont gave a dinner in the Hotel
Addison. Friday evening.
* -4h—-
Mr. and Mm. R. R Sterling and
Mias Rath Starling hare returned
from Florida.
Mr. and Mm. Otto Held. Vo. 1716
Went Or and bird., announce the mar
riage of their daughter, Helene, to
Bamuei H Singer, of Boston.
Mrs Oeorge Tikndlie gave sa in
formal tea In the Society of Arte and
Crafts rooms Saturday afternoon, for
ths Misses Fuller, of Dorset. Eng
Mrs. Thomas E Waterwcrth and
daughter. Isabel, No. 64 Lawrence
ave., have gone to Baltimore and
The Btudebaker corporation gave
a banquet for their local represser
tatlvee In the Hotel Addison, Tfcurs
Mm Mas Broock and daughters.
Eleanor and Elisabeth, of the Hotel
Rtevenson. have gone to Washington
and Virginia.
The members o?the Northwestern
Woman's club, will visit the Ford
English school. In a bodv, Thursday,
March 2*. at 2:10 o'clock.
Members at the Tuesday Mustcale
will give a concert for the T. W. C.
A. membership In the association
auditorium. Thursday evening,
March 20
— —-
Mrs William H. Walsh and little
toe. of Peterboro. N. K.. are the
guests of Mrs. Walsh's grandmother.
Mm. Andrew Hair, No 28 EUot-st.
Later Mrs Walsh will visit tier
mother. Mm Mary H. Christie, in
the Best aha w apartments.
The marriage” <n Miss Rosalind
Bishop to Conrad J. Netting. Jr., was
solemnised In the borne of tbs
Liide's sister, Mrs Wesley O Dodd.
Monroe, Mich., Thursday evening,
only relatives and intimate friends
being present. The Rev. T. J. VU
lem, of Detroit, officiated Following
a wedding trip in Washington. Mr
and Mm Netting will make their
home in Highland Park

Detroit Business Women's club
held the monthly dinner. Thursday
• vening, in the Hotel Cadillac. An
Informal program at music, address
ea and an original play called "A
Club Sandwich” followed dinner.
The committee In charge of the pro
gram Included Mist Hhiily Butter
UeML Dr Anna K Apt in. Mm. Frank
Crieaman. Miss Oltabeth Beckwith.
Miss Ixnilse M. Bret ten bark. Mm
Ella J. Littlefield. Mm. Cora Kerr
and Miss Frances Kerr.
Mrs Frances kornton Whit ton
who recently returned to her home
tn Detroit from service# In France,
in one of the American hospitals,
wee the guest of the Twentieth On
tury dub %t luncheon Friday, in the
Century building. Mm. Wbitton for
many years has been a member of
the clnb, and In recognition at hw
eplendld work In Europe. Mrs
(*eorge Johnston, president of the
club, will place before the member
ship a request t.iat Mm Whitton be
giren life honorary membership
Following luncheon Mm. Whltton
spoke briefly of her experiences as
a nurse In the hospital where sol
diers from ths trenches were
hi ought, She declared that war is
too great s price to pay for s new
msnhood and anew life for any na
tton. She extolled the wonderful
courage displayed the French
soldiers of all stations tn life, both
In going into warfare and In bear
Ing their afnictlons after service,
and of the Indomitable spirit of thrf
French and Belgian women who
have had their kin »>nd their homes
swept aw*y from them and altho
often homeless and starring with
their little ones, are brave In the
face of all adversity.
FT. PAUL. Mtnn., March 24.—"A
fortnight from now the capitol will
be blown up.” was the threat con
lained in a letter received by Oov
Burnqulst today ”1 am a Oerraan
and hope yon stay out of my path,”
the letter mad "If you are In my
path tber* will be lots of tmubls
between you sod me." The name
"Oawlke" wss signed ands local
address given. Polks are investigat
BAN ANTONIO. Tex, March 24.
The Mexican border Is now clear
of all state troops Transportation
official at Fort Sam Houston an
nouacad today that the departure of
the Thirty third Michigan Infantry
marked the last of the militia doing
patrol duty along the border.
Col Harrv L Roggers, chief quar
termaeler of the southem depart
tnent, who had direct charge of the
movement just finished, has eetab
Imbed anew record for speed In
transportation, according to officers
here. Colonel Rogers best (he time
set by the war department by more
than n week, dispatching approxi
tnately JliHkt men for their home
at at tons in about 12 days' time
Adrian Couple, Wedded 63 Years,
Will Hold Open House Sunday
lA'Ve'i ■* **.
j 5;,. r**4*'„ "Sr • j
ADRIAN. Mich., March 24—Dr. and Mm Daniel Todd will celebrate
thetr 62rd wedding anniversary on Sunday. March 26, In their home In
Adrian. Mich., within 10 miles of where they were married.
Dr Todd, born In New Hampshire, after a medical training In Harvard
college, came to Michigan In 1261. A boat brought him to Detroit, but
from there to 1 yen a wee county he had to travel on horseback, because of
lack of railroads. , . _ _
Dr and Mrs Todd are In excellent health and win keep open house
on their anniversary to their children, grand children and frierds.
Two eons. F J and W. W Todd, live in Detroit, and a daughter, Mm.
Charles Wesley, lives tn Adrian.
Dr Stanley G Miner, president of
the poor commission, is trying to
put an embargo on news tn the re
ceiving hospital The doctor, who
Is president of the commission by
virtue of th« fart that he Is about
to retire from the boyd. it being s
rule that any member shall be pree
Ident during the last year of hls
membership, did not consult Dr Leo
J. Dretska, superintendent of the
hospital, or Thomas E. Dolan, super
tntendent of ths poor commission.
He Just wrote to various heads of
departments In the hospital snd In
formen them that hereafter news
rbould not be given out. He did tbla.
also, without taking Into hls oon
fldence the fellow members of hls
Bupt. Dretxka was a maxed when
lie learned of it. He had not receiv
ed s letter from the president <tjgf
only became conscious that the
rise# was to be as secret as Scot
land Yard from one of his subordi
nates Then he decided to appeal
from the decision of the pre»;denL
An a result hs will ask Mayor Marx
to make an Investigation Into the
causes that led Dr Miner to believe
The Confessions of a Wife
“Puir Attract* Only the Shirker.
" Again I most ask you to explain
shat you mean by "throwing down.’
I remarked icily to the manager,”
i-ald Paula, aa she took up (hr thread
of her story at the exciting point of
ber interview with the manager.
“He glared at me and then said
Os course everyone on Urondway
knew that Ernest 1-awton fell for
you the minute you turned those
lumps of yours on him Bets were
made all the length of the street as
to how long you would last. You see
not one of ua thought you could
make jour bluff good behind the
footlights But we saw you had per
sonaltty all right and you were the
right type
"‘But I must say you put It orer.
kid and I think It made !*wton
a little Jealous, for I want to tell
you no man iikea to have a woman
beat him at hts own game, and noth
ing kills that little thing we call
lore so quick aa to have the woman
*r have a sentimental feeling for
prove the better of the two
"’lt ain’t right, kid. and t saw
from the drat that you didn’t care a
snap of your prwtty pink Angers for
him. 1 am sure be got his and that
Is why he Is so road at you. Why,
he hae gone hack to hls wife, you
know, and ahe’s a long suffering
skirt to put up with him. any I.
"'Now here la my propoeltkm I’d
like to put your name in the bright
lights of the little old street and I
will If you’ll be good and do your
part. I’m tired of Lawton and I can
sen. you are a comer. Just say th"
word and I’ll close the show and It’s
us for the real burg.’
MB* w 2 ewe mm
r —’ ”
' *
that the gag rule would Improve the
efficiency at the hospital
Dr. Dretzka is inclined to bttleve
that as th» hospital lx a public in
stltutinn the public is entitled to
Information concerning Its activities,
and he knows of no better way to
keep the public Informed than thru
the newspapers It looks bad any
wsy. he believes to pat the ltd on
a pudTlc institution. There ore no
many suspicions pec pie in the world
that they might begin to talk, he be
lieves. Also he thinks he hae con
ducted the institution in s manner
that will bear the fierce light of pffb
llclty, snd he welcomes It.
Judg* Hally To Talk on Erin.
Judge P. J. M. Hally will give an
address on "Ireland In the Isst 50
years.” Sunday afternoon. In Elks'
temple, before Division No. 1, A. O
H. Irish music and readings will be
contributed by Edward T. Flannery.
Mlsa (’lain Cooney, Mias Margaret
Foy, Mlsa Edith Thompson, and Eu
gone Van Antwerp
Kerosene Kills
MARHHALU Mich, March 24.
When Miss Minnie lioturoff, of Eck
fend the 14-vear-old daughter of
VYank Boturoff. attempted to rtirt
the kitchen stove fire quickly with
kerosene yevterdav, ihe can contain
ing s gallon of oil exploded Ir* her
hands and rbe was burned to death.
** I’m not going back to New
York,’ i said quietly. Until the
words were out of my mouth. Mar
gle, I did not have any such Idea
~ Great heavens, girl, what are
you going to do?’
“'Well, as soon a* my two week*
are up. I think I'll try something be
sides the stage’
"’Ooing to get married*’ he In
qulred with a leer
”’I had not thought of It,’ I an
awe red
*’ I-ook here, Mies Newton, marr;
"I jumped, and I gu*e* be saw I
was surprised.
"‘Oh, I mean It.* he exclaimed
‘l’m crazy about you and ! ran mak"
you the greatest actress in America
I can see you are the kind of a girl
one has to marry '
”1 laughed, Margie; It was funny.
That rrent fat pig of a man with the
coarsest of minds and no manners
at all telling me I was the kind be
would have to marry
” *1 am not as ambitious as that,'
I said to him, ’and no ! must (Incline
jour offer.’
"Before I could get any further be
interrupted. 'Who la the man you are
In love with?*
"’My persona] affairs are only for
myself,’ I answered coolly.
** ‘You are making a great mistake,
kid. honest rou are You’ll get It
thru your pretty head yet that any
soman must hare pull to get on in
the ft'estr*'"'*
" ’That Is why I think I shall lee
It,’ was ’u} i went
out of the door.”
For the invalid as well as
those in perfect health
Baker’s Cocoa
is an ideal food bev
erage, pure, delicious
Walter Baker & Cos. Ltd.
J. L Edwards, ornniit In It
Johns Episcopal ch'»r< h, will glva an
organ rental In ths church, Monday
• renin*, at I o’clock.
Abram Ray Tyler, of Detroit, will
glv# an or*«n rs< Ital. Tusaday even
ing. Mareh IT, In 8t Andrew s Pres
hyterlan church. Windsor. Mr. Ty-
Isr will give a program Including
works by Rngllsh. C'anadlaa. French.
Russian and Italian compoaera.
f'lyde A Nichols presented ths fol
lowing pupils In a song rscttaJ In
hls studio. Thursday evening Mrs.
Wilbur Oakes. Rloofn field Hills Mrs.
Ronald Frink. Pt.- Johns. Mlsa Msrcta
Reaublen and Weslsy Wltwer, both
of Detroit.
A concert will be given Saturday
avenlng, In Dantah Brotherhood hall
by three Scandinavian choruses— -the
Kkko Hwedtah male chorue, Danish
I Ole# club and Norden mala chorus
Hugo Palmhorg. basso, will ba the
sololat. The Ilev. L, o. Anderson la
director of the united chorssaa Be eh
of the organisations will have sspar.
ate nnmhers as wall as the offerings
of the united chortia
A musical a by junior pupils from
the piano and violin departments of
the Detroit College of Mualo wee
Kven Baturday afternoon. In th* col
ga hall. The following took part:
Evelyn Irwin, Ma-garet Frankfurth,
Velma Coona, Arthur Brake. Mildred
Rarnett Mildred Lu4*. Helen Lund.
Flora Burt. Flora Oothan. Leonard
Brow a less. Doris Brown. Krraa Henry,
Marlon Snyder. Marlon ftlynn. Char
i l»ne Mnwrv. Aliena Strobe| .Harriet
Pickard. Marjory Richmond, Cathar
ine Kelley. Kdwerd Kelley, tendon
Hancock, Kathryn Wallace. Eleanor
Hurt. Helen Morgan. Elisabeth Hayes
The Detroit Rymphony oroheatra
will give a special concert Easter
Monday afternoon. April t. In Arcadia,
with John Powell, pianist, as soloist,
the proceeds from the concert to be
used as the nucleus for a pension
fund for the orchestra members. Tha
members of the orchestra and Mr,
Powell will contribute their services.
Mr. Powell will play with tha orches
tra Liszt's Concerto In K flat and the
same -omposcr'a Hungarian Fantasia
Ticket* for the concert may be pro
cured from any member of the or
chestra and In the business office.
No. 956 Kresge building.
Mr* Edward Mac Dowel I, widow of
the gifted American composer, will
jgive an Illustrated lecture Tuesday
evening March 27. at 4:16 o’clock, in
the Museum of Art auditorium, un
’d*r the an iptcea of the Tuesday Mu
sicals. Mrs Mirpowfll Is a fin* pi
anist In her lecture Mrs MacDowell
| gives a comprehensive Idea of the
work being done In the former Mac-
I Dowell home which 1* known as
The Peterborough colony.” where
! creative artists of proven talent are
flven the opportunity tn develop
hemselves and their work under
j Ideal conditions.
Os special attractiveness lh the
final concert In the popular series of
the Detroit Symphony orchestra 6un
day afternoon In Arcadia. The eo
-1 Iolat• will be Mrs Ethel Ruat M*l
-1 lor. soprano, and Frank L. Mellor.
I tenor Mr* Mebor will he heard to
I particular advantage in the aria. ”J*
, dl* tjiW Rian n» m'Epouvante” from
| Fixer* Tarm>n *nd Mr Mellor will
i »Inr ’The o*l UJ a Manlna ' from Puc
' clnt's "Tut R< heme " Together they
will sing the finale to Verdi's “Aids ‘
The orchestra will plav Dvorak's
! "New World" symphony, the Inter
' meito Vo. ? from Wolf Ferrarl's
i "Jewel* of the Madonna,” ‘'Vais*
Trlste” bv Sibelius. ’Rlue Danube"
. waltx by Strauss, and Tsrhatkowsky’s
j Marche Slave ”
Mm*. Julia Clauseen will be the
soloist for the all-Wagner program
announced for th* final concert In
the subscription aeries of the Detroit
Symph'-nv orchestra. In the Detroit
opera house Friday afternoon. March
no Mm* Claussen will contribute
three number* Santa’s ballad from
The Flvlne Dutchman ‘T.lebestod"
from 'Tristan and Isolde” and Pnmn.
h I Ida’s Immolation from "Die flotter
damm*rung ” Tha orchestra will
play the overture to ’The Fiylrg
Dutchman ” "Nechtega»sr.g-' ««d pre
lude to the ’T,l*beatod ‘ from ‘Tristan
snd Isolde.'' and Se«frt*d‘* funeral
muaic from 'T>te Ckittertenmentac."
Advance rceervatlope for thla con
cert may b« made In the officee of
tha Detroit Svmphonv *oo!»tv. Vo.
*O4 Kreege building The public aal*
of ticket* will oren In Orlrm*H'« box
offlee Wedn*sd»y morning. March J*.
Advanced pupllds of Miss Elizabeth
Johnson, of the Detroit Conserve tor v
of Music assisted bv Miss Elizabeth
Rennett. contralto, gave a concert
tV*dne«dav af»*rnoon In the
vatory hall. Thoae taking part were
Mrs J R Hol-nea. Hartfo-d loop
Mias Vera Wagner Mu* Ai na 010-'k
Mlsa Clsren* Boiaa Henry Urht
wsrdt. Mlsa Helen Fit* Simona Walk
• rvlll*. Dnt.. and Miss Resale Jeynes.
I* I* Ren wick, orgsnlst .In the fifth
of a serlea of organ recitale In th*
North Woodward avs Congregat >onat
church. Friday evening was assisted
by Mrs. I*ealte lorn born soprano
Alla D Euldema gave an organ reci
tal Thtiradav evening. In Pent"*!
Methodlat church. A concert »m
given Thursday evantng. 1n ths con
semratory hall by pupils of Miss Zae
Arbutus Hnnnaford tbs following
taking part: Agues Milne. Dorothy
Trey, Ruth Palmer. Audrey Little
Lillian Downer. Eulalia .lennwlne.
Louie* Sutherland. Dorothy Emerson.
Albert Hollar, Nell Dow Hanna ford.
Rather Beech end Haiti Gardner.
Morton Adkins, an American Nrrl
tons, who alngs leading role* with
the Abom opera company to begin
an engagemant In the Detroit opera
house. Monday evening April f, was
formerly a professor In Syracuse uni
versity where he taught English
speech for aeveral year* While oc
cupying the college chair M*. Ad
kina did soma concert work, and hts
appearance* In Mcnd*'»"'hn hall.
New York, attracted mn«h favorable
critical attention because of the ex
cellence of hla diction and the sonor
ity of hts voloe Otving up hit pro.
feesarshlp. Mr. Adkins Joined the
Abort! company and later sang lead
ing roles with the r*r • pan*,
returning to tha Aborn company fol
lowing tne disbanding of the Century
company. Mr. Adkins Is one of
t*rHr«« karllwir >rk* ml mm* Uaßaf
r*lr« irltk tkr thorn »>»*■ «*l»-
fmr. t" MW* (* Ik* Dttntt <MWI
■#••«. the week *f April I.
America's opart aing»r« Mho proves
that grand opera r an hr aunt and
understood at tha aama time Daring
th*- Detroit engagement. Mr. Adkln*
will ba heard In auoh rolaa aa tha
Count d1 Luna In "II Trovatore," "Al
flo" in “Ca Valeria Rustc-arra." and tha
triple barttona rolaa In "Tha Talaa of
F*r|enda of Gertrude A. Hetnse. the
Detroit pianist, will ha Interacted In
har sucre*# aa accompanist for Fran
eea Ingram the Chlrago opara oon
tralto Mva Ingram haa arranged
with Ml*« Halnse to art aa her ar
oompanlit In nearby territory and
haa been enthusiastic In praiae of
her e ork Os a re« ent rental In
l»ekport. X T. the .Tnurnal of that
city said "A word of pralaa la due
Mlaa Oertrude Heinte. who wae at
the piano for Mlaa Ingram. Har play
ing had clarity and delicacy w *ie
cntlon and waa roundly applaudad
The concert will be noted aa one of
the flneet mualcal event# In tha hla
tory of the city " Mlaa Helnue ta ac
rompanlat and aolo planlat with the
Datrolt concert quartet, which gives
a concert In the Hotel Statlar Ball
room Tueaday evening.
The Xew York ftymphony orchea
fra. Walter Damroech. conductor, and
Margaret Anglin, the well-known
actreae, will Join forcaa In a eerie#
of Greek dramaa during the aeaaon of
t»l7-1 h Mlaa Anglin'* first appear
ance In the Greek chuialca wee In
I*lo aa Antigone, the eeeond In IPIJ
aa Klectra, and during the Panama-
Paclflc exposition aa Fphlgenla and
Medea. For the latter performance*
Mr Pam roach compoaed and conduct
ed the music. He |e now at work on
a mualcal setting of Flektra which
will he the first offering of the New
York aeaaon which season will ba
followed hy a tour of the principal
cities Including Datrolt and extend
ing to the Pad He coast.
The announcement that Mme. Ame
nta (Jalll-Durcl, who ha* won a large
end enthusiastic following In Detroit
In th* two recitals she haa racantly
given In this city. I* to he one of the
ertlata In the Philharmonic course
next season will be welcome news
to music lovers and undoubtedly will
cause a greater rush than ever for
course tickets. Mme. Galll-Durcl la
the rregt Mg success of the aeaaon.
and her every appearance establishes
h»r more (Irtnlv In public favor.
C.th»r artists already engaged for the
Philharmonic course Include Mme.
Alma Gluck. Mme. Schumann Helnk
Mme Marta Gay. Mme Mabel Gar
rison. Mme Sophie Rraalau. Flmba-
Ilst. Josef Hofmann. Zanetello and
Krelsler Mr Krelsler will open the
course tome time durtng October
Subscript 1- n tickets for the course
are ndw on sale In the offices of th#
Devoe-Petrott management. No. tit
Dime Rank building
The Detroit Concert orchestra, tin
der the direction of (Cdwarri O. Flta-
Oer*ld, a'll give a concert Monday
evening. March X In the Hotel Rtat
ler ballroom This oegentßatio" la
one of non-profeaalonal talent. Mlaa
Grace Davis, soprano; Mr*. Helen
Purr Brand. harpist, and Rudolf
Copeland, baritone will be th# as
sisting soloists. Tha program will
be as follow* Overture "Im Game
n’anche" iRolldleu); songs "Danny
Denver'* (Damroech). “Dawn In the
Desert" (Ross>, "Until” (Sanderson)
Mr. Copeland Nocturnes Nos A and
7 (Chopin), harp aoioa "Barcarolle"
(Haaselmani, "lcf*nd*” Isabel) Mr*
Rrand, three dances from "Kin*
Henry VIII" (German); aria “He I*
Good, He la Kind" from "Herodlade'*
(Massenet), "Were My Song With
Wings Provided" (Hahn). Miss D»r'a
"tv* Marla" < Bach-Gounod), Misa
Davie Mr# Brand and Mrs Clara
Koehler Heberlaln. "Hungarian
taste" (Tobanl).
Tha coming of Igngts Paderewski
the famous Polish planlat. to the De
troit armory. Thursday evening
April Ik will asasre a pretentious
closing of the musical season The
Buffet April
Supper 13ALJL Fourteenth
$4.00 a Couple Addrett all mautnn In
number of recitals played by Pad -
avewakl has been greatly raducad
durtng the past two aaaaona and local
concsrtgoere and piano students are
to b« oungrst dated on this opportun
ity to hear thla great artist The fe-
Oltal given by Mr Paderewski in New
York a few days Indicated that h*
had lost none of hie vigor and facil
ity. No planlat who hae toured Amer
ica haa succeeded In establishing a
following e» great and enthusiast!)
aa that of Paderewski and It la not
unlikely that hia Detroit appearance
will bring out the customary capa
city audience The advance mall and
telephone order sal* Is now In pro
gress In the office of the Devoe-De
troit management. No »33 Dime Bank
That Datrolt haa much to be proud
of tn Ita musicians will ba demon
strated Tueeda) evening. In the drat
appearance in this e»t> of the Detroit
Concert quartet. In the ballroom of
the Hotel Statist, under the manage
ment of .lame* C. Devos. Tha pro
grans arranged Includes "In a Per
sian Garden (Lehmann): How tha
Night in Starlit Splendor' from "Lu
cia <f| Lammenaooc" (DoniscttD;
"Flower" duet from 'Madame But
terfly" (Puccini); song cycle. "Peter
Pan" (Trevalea* quartet from “I *
lotto." and "Spinning Wheel" quar
tet and "May Gentle Sleep Tall O'er
Thag” from "|fartha" < Plotow > The
quartet members are Reeete Rcoth-
Dodgfe. soprano; F.roily Louise
Stretch, contralto. Laurence P Smith,
tenor, and John L Dickinson, bari
tone Gertrude A Hetnae a< ta a* *r
ompanle* and pianist Ticket* may
he had from any of the members or
from the Devos-Detroit management.
No. IM Dint Bank building.
Ia obaarwaaoa of Pa salon Sunday
the eholr of Sr Mary's Roman Catho
lic church, under the direction of I*
M. n raster, director and organist,
will give tba following program Sun
day evening. Tha sinners prayer.
"Lord. How Long Wilt Thou Forget
M#r t Mendelssohn). Mlsa Clara
Dlaeh and chorus; ‘ , Ood So Loved the
World. He Gave Hla Only Begotten
Son" (R, H. Woodman). St. Marys
quartet; Than cried all the people.
"Hla Blood Be I'pon Us and Upon
r Hir (Xilldren'* (Dubois), Joseph W
Moeller. Stephen D. Mary and chorus;
"Ta. Who Paaa on the Highway,
Hearken and f|»a, If K'er Sorrow Wae
Like Unto My Sorrow" (Dubois);
Mra W, H. Kent; "Fxaudl Domlnt"
(Forgive Ua Oh Lord), "The Dis
ciples. who had deserted Jeaua re
penting. followed Him at a distance,
weeping bitterly," (C J I’erllcha),
St Mary's male chorus. "My Redeem
er and My Lord” (Dudley Buck), Mr*
F Veltan; "This Day Wilt Thou Re
With Me la Paradise" (Duboia); J
Moeller. 8 Naey and chorus "Be
neath tha Cross Stood tha Sorrowing
Mother" (Rossini). Mia a Josephine
Mlchela F v*>it#n. M r» *ll it ng and
choma: "Har Sorrowing Soul a Sword
Pierced ThrtG (Roaalnl) F, Valtan:
Who la the Man Who Would Not
Weep at the Sight of Suoh Suffer
ing?* (Roaalnl). Mlaa Agnes Rrueck
man and Mlaa Flies Main; "Woman.
Behold Thy Ron; Son Behold Thy
Mother" (Duboia). Mra. A. F Korte.
Thomas Hogan Henry Ooetbals and
chorue; 'They blasphemed, and they
reviled Him. saying 'Gome Down
From tha Cross If Thou Art Jeaua.
Son of the Father.*" (Duboia), cho
rus: "Lord. My God. Why Hast Thou
Forsaken Me?" (Duboia), Martin
Dettllng: "Father' In Thy Hands I
Commend My Spirit" (Dubol*), F
Velten and chorus; "On the Dev of
Judgment. May Thy Croa* Lead T a to
Thy Kingdom'* (Roaalnl). Mra F.
Veltan and chorus, benediction of the
Messed sacrament; “O Salutarla**
G»hell«y), St. Mary's quartet; "O Cor
Marlas, St. Marr*a male chorus;
"Tantum Frgr>. Mlaa Julia Schulte
Mr. Dettltnx and chorue; concluding
prayer. * *V* Adore Thee, Oh Christ
Jeaua" (Duboia). chorue
Ncwgiaa To Hold Laat Matting.
The laat meet In* of the Datrolt
Newsboys’ association for tha sea
►on will take place Sunday evening
In the hall. No. 140 First-at. A dr
bate o« “Resolved. That universal
military training be adopted" will
rreaent Louis Ooftllab and Ren
(Jerber for the affirmative and l.eo
Mellen and Mark Feldman for the
negative The Judge* will be X.
Rrooks Nichols. Frank M brernan.
and Horatio 8 Earle. Miss Florence
Hedges will sing.
“Th# Chile a Pketogruytker**
■ Speciil Easter
$ K.OO Offer
* It Deluxe Photo
g graph# for 91.

Studio §7O Woodward Avg.
Near Warren
Posters Designed for Sir -
Albert Stanley, Former D. D. |J
Worker, Are Shown in Mms3
A collection of ZSO poster* de
signed under direction of Sir Al
bert Rtanley, a member of the Brit
ish cbalnet and a former employe
of the I>. (J. It., are on exhibition
In the Detroit Museum of Art. The
posters are advertisements of th*
underground railways of London, of
which Sir Albert laths executtye
Among the posters Is a series by
Toni Barg called "The Humors of
JA>ndon. M This series is especially
Interesting to students of carica
ture and character illustration. An
other series deals with London
sights and shrines and the series of
historic portraits has literary as
well a* historic significance. The
ixmrton amusement posters are done
In the form of map* such as ware
used In the days of SMr Christopher
Wren An Interesting series com
prtnes the free Imaginative works
of Nancy Smith, one of the latest
ard most striking of poster design
Th# poster* relating to Txmdon
suburbs are especially beautiful m
color and design. There are po*
ters for children, others for lovers
of birds, still others for seekaro
Bar and Press Indorse
Judge Alfred J. Murphy
For Re-Election as CIRCUIT JUNE
' “One of the ablest judges in the State of MichigamA—
Detroit Saturday Night, March 3, 1917- **
A free booklet mail
ed In plain envelope
telling about the
wonderful Neal
Detroit Cleveland
• r hi*t<»rl« (Mares TIMM
• he .- onliiK M l. ’lon of
"KaiG-rsea Bridge** Thai* ifi|||S
ear po«t«fn of rwnl J|||M||||H
'nr* design* by Biuc^mH
other* of bla class '
They were an MsaaUsl gMMflH||
in hi* success n ’timing Us
KMcind railway trom a looUf^fl^^B
nucceasful venture.
Former Resident Taft li U
<lr*** a preparednens imstlH
At Hlrmingham. Ala , and oft
day he will be heard at MB4INIS|uK
- - —_■■■ aae—mM|B
office cTmilnyuwl M
th* ter or evening
H9-1N Cass Avw. o**i -1
(argast. Boot Bgnlppad
School tn MtaCsM V
Pfcoa* Mai* iS34 far MM!
From the Detroit Journal
"Oas of Iks moat laaarnal dB
ciatoaa handed dews by Judge Mor
phy from tbs aw cult beeek *M Ua
rich nit Mm of tba rases lag sad (Mis
ttoas o< s street rallwev I ssu.btaa in
tka Fort street case Mete the jadwe
was braakmg coeatdaaehle new (IWSM.
for no trainar cess bed ever snwe
mto e Michigee eourt He wrass the
opinion of the circuit oovrt. which was
•a* lautad by the •spraaae court"
"Hla capacity end hWegrßi Wn
been so definitely deaMoeSiaSad. The
Tianea look* for e renewal of the aea
partieaa support that hea kept Jtrrlata
of ki* fk« -cruptihlc type ea the baa oh. *
—Tha Detroit Times, rah. A IMA
For Re-Ellection

Bom in Detroit 1856.
uated Michigan University
1875. Elected in 1887 Judg*
Circuit Court. On bench *inea
I.ook for Name in
Democratic Cohunn
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