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m>l|nii te leg
laiotii to the
Mi of Multsb novelist*
to ptrUkt it the Roture
Ithi in their gripping
hb Mg their ability to put
|UEfc4) the Vital experiences *»f l' f *
(hie author who dhco»" w '
Kb.M "Jean Chrtotopb * and is
into Rnftteb ao faithfully
|SK |m> IWUO of the power of
Mendsl the little Jr*
IjE u * or Jesn Christoph
PS|n ho hat more of the curious
iMamN deeire for the true *»»'»<“
LKojgg than bad the other M*nd-!
Bppnieii a genlua and go*** thrn
pbaee* of the artlv *
Mpiatence HU father hard, cold
clinging to
jKLfe; bla mother Ideal utlc, fui!
HTjovt, yet with a broad, splendid
SSjingtftnlltj, are masterpiece* Hl*
kSgt friends are drawn with a *rasp
Of%p«tb which teemo to place Mr
nSmnail la the lead The days for
for the young person are
HLtfgg We now demand literal ir.
Kr our fiction Ragland is respond
Dj| nobly, but vice commissions
WEE. supporting are handr tiffin*
BLrlm with atael damps
gq w>|) H. Doran, publisher, New
mk*’ • • • m
ICpirtrvda Hall, a novel which ha«
running In the Ce*tu*y mag
E||m Hr nmi month, but wh.ch
rnm auk hi beak farm.
crude Americana New
preferably, and tran*
tho* to the refined cultured
■fcMphore of Italy, u aot anew
iKfcW- IK Howell, did It In one
mmL brood rub * and It baa boon
«ear atnee Pot this u a
|§jE* MB> written and sane story
AaranTh the natural
HBL flknTtho vtdasliudM of the «.
«E Tlaranoe Gerald Fane
apgf tad bla own feettnirs nntt*
->?% laorltabie All at Aurors «
loro her aad treats
bla fnafto. Jed how
I| | tk«t confidence l>om 01~ g
I t P'° n * *hkk \ MVtf Lwn | •
S lo a suoc«*fni conclusion .w a
| u • talec fUia occasion lo inviW
Cl you to tlie— j;
'; ' Jr is>n
’• fiointWlwl-Jourwt ot i *<
Lvc come auf nertne modes to
compose <?Ul»raW spring di*-
pUvjs of naw milliiumj—**
Uu , <pwns Yousef, coaU,
o •porl'f apparwl and 4k? mam^
Tuetday Cwligkff ul rccruifiks of J
'wLeday. inWpwU, tko trcndoMU
March Ujhionj in » u»ay which iw
27thahd 28th ! tcltovo.will bo <wlujMtul to
our pafronff. *
f —
book reviews
a— - -
not permitted to know The boob
la well worth reading; fntereotlnf
from the flrd chapter to lb# lad
The Cootary company publish
era New York |1 W
o o o
■nor H.Howell Abbott, it a IKtla
book aaay to put In ooe’a pocket
It la alao an entertaining dory
and, aa uauai, about an Invalid.
Juat why Mlsa Abbott prefers
tick pooplo, wa do not know Hut
anyway, aha dooa and the young
doctor la uaually the hero about
which the tale revolve* The young
doctor this time la of Urn variety
which gone to the root of thlnga
and practices the neurologist’s moat
modern tactics Given a woman of
50, rich, and sick because she has
no Interest In life, the tuove of the
doctor la naturally, to provide an
Interest. Thla he docs by arrang
lng a never ending process whereby
the sick woman may be able to give
things aw.y; this bring her special
hobby. The Invalid’s complaints
that people a“e such “stingy recetv
ers” gives the title to the book.
The giver would like a little vicari
ous Joy, reflected from the Joy of
the receiver, but almost never ts
satisfied Anyway It Is an original
Idea and worth a few hoars’ time
The Century company, publishers.
New York; sl.
• • •
CARTOONS, by Luther O. Bradley,
a volume of cartoon# coproduced
with a biographical sketch of the
uneventful life of the artid by
Honry J. Smith.
Luther D Bradley, known awer
the country as one of the best Amer
ican cartoon artists, died suddenly
in his home near ('hieago In Janu
ary He was away front his work
but a week and what he has left
shows that bis last thoughts were
on the great European conflict and
the part America might be called
upon to play He was an advocate
of preparedneas tho not of war.
and one ran trace the intensity of
his feeling In his pictures This
book has been published as an ap
predation by his friends and will
be of historical value, aa well. In
showing the history of the time# la
Rand McNally A Company, Chi
cago . publishers
• • •
THC TIGER'S COAT, by Elisabeth
Dejesus, an absorbing story la
which a canny Scotchman a Mom
loan and an artist, with the com
plete outfit of artidlc tempera
scant, ploy important parta.
Would anyone expert a Scotch
man to fall viol rally in love with a
girl who is an Indian t part Mexl
cam spy, who has deceived him In
a shameless manner? The Scotch
man thought it was "all off." but
the reader knew better From the
time he found her In hex red kt
ruons up In the mountains he wax
a “goner ’* As rpr the artist, it
couldn't be helped that he should
have brain storms over anything
so entranctngly beautiful and so
mysteriously pussy-footed as this
young creature la. Add to that the
fact that she consented to let him
point her picture and fill tn the
chapters with some deecrlpttve mat
ter and let It go at that. But this
aiusstng Indo Mexican Is • real
woman She loves the Scotchman
with a real, self sacrificing lovs.
81 e Is willing to leave him for his
own good, only he cannot stand It
and she comes back We leave ..them
together and fee! tolerably certain I
that things will Jog along In the
hasten path of living happily ever
Dobbs Merrill company. Indianapo
Us; Si 50.
• • •
Moses. Is a small volume, well
gotten up by the Roycroftera, con
taining aphorisms on all kinds
and manner of things from soul
saving to the care of automo
This book la dedicated to people
not faatidloue about Addisonian
English by one who does not take
life too seriously. It contains most
of the wisdom of Marcus Aurelius
done up In short paragraphs but
with a slightly different accent. It
has a decided tinge of modern life
evm while giving up philosophical
recipes by whlrh to live and breathe
and we are plunged from the heights
Into 'he commonplace often with a
Jolt. But the author la no poser
He does Just what he save on the
first page and here are one or two
o» the “paragraphs'* aa specfmeeis:
“About the only thing you ran do
today without violating a law ts to
breathe Thank God that congress
baa kept its hands off the os one
“No matter which path you take —
whether osteopath, homeopath or a]
lopoth—lt leads but to the gram."
“There 1s only one real excuse for
war and that is peace “
Bert Moees, No. 57* Fifth-eve,
New York; $1
Students of the University of Vir
gisla. nt the term beginning today,
win be privileged to take a specie'
course tn radio-telegraphy. In order
that they may be of especial ser
rice to the government in caae of
Guarded by MO extra policemen and
200 marines, interned German sail*
ors fruoa the cruiser* Kronprlos Wil
helm and Pr Ins Kit el Friedertch were
loaded aboard trains hers today and
started for their internment camps
at Forts Oglethorpe and McPherson.
As officers from the cruisers walk
ed down tho gang plank to board
(he trains the few men retraining
Aboard cheered.
There was ao oorTOtioa
Adjutant Kilgore at the Uagxr
Island navy yard, denied early re
porta that two of the German sail
ors had been shot by marines while
trying to eicape.
Kilgore denied that any other Ger
man sailors had attempted to es- '
The first to leava the Interned
raiders were Captain Berfelder of
the Kronprmx TMlhelm; Captain
Thlericheeu of the Print Eitel j
Friederlch and Ueut Han* Derg,
who wa* m charge of the prise !
steamship Appam.
Detroit Symphony
Closes Season
The Detroit Symphony orchestra
cloted its reason of popular con
certs Sunday afterucon. In Arcadia,
offering a program that seemed to
greatly plena* the large audience
Mrs. Ft he l Ru«t Melior. soprano,
.nd Frank L*. Meilor, tenor, were
the assisting soloists and sang oper
atic solus snd duet* In a manner to
win the plaudits of the audience.
Conductor Weston dales and bis
men were la excellent ft nn and the
concert brcughi the season to a
brilliant finish. An all-Wagner pro
gram will be given Friday after
noon, March SO. in ;hd4**m>»t opera
house, with Mm* Julia Claussen.
operatic soprano, as soloist, bnnjp
mg the season of matinee subscrip
tion concerts to a cloaa.
Richso Wrong Accomplices.
Detectives Burcxyk and Slarttn
were taken for crook* Sunday mom
mg and as a result. Abe and Louis
nnd Ham Cohen and Abe Abm*hky
were arrested as disorderly persons
The three men are alleged to have
tnvUed detectives to aid them In a
"Job’’ In front of the Hotel Font
chart rain.
All books reviewed on thla
page can be obtained from
7B Library Ave.
Dean J H. Holds worth of the
University of Pittsburgh, n nation
ally known educator, author and
lecturer, will address the Dstroi*
Aseoclatloo of Credit Men on “Bast
ness after the war" at the regular
monthly meeting and dinner March
17, In the Board of Commerce, be
gtnatng at B: SO p. tn
Dean Holsworth ts a lecturer of
nstlonsl reputation, ts the author
of several books on economic sub
jects, among them “Money and
Tanking.” “First Bank of the Unit
ed State#” “Economic Survey of
Pittsburgh.” and many others He
ts a very cultured gentleman and an
eloquent orator and tha subject will
be of especial Interest to business
men at this time.
Members of the association are
urged to send In their reservation
a* once as Secretary Hamburger re
ports 150 reservations already, and
there Is every Indication of an lm
mens# overflow.
In All Ralnts Russian church.
Hendrie and Jos Cam pau area. Sun
day, services were held without the
interference of Russian Socialists,
who it was feared would attempt to
creak la on the services. To guard
against any distur.utn* e, - Sergeant
MvGuigan and'a -quad of patrol
men from Chene-al. station were on
hand at the request of the ReV
Waaily Ornnovsky. Groups collect
cd on street corners but were die
pc reed.
The trouble ts aa«! tn have arisen
because of the abi!i<*»tl« nos the Ru*
. kpl Czar on* Iktttal
exar’s retirement, wants to discon
fnue a pension of 11,200 a year paid
the pastor. Other* insist that it
continue to be paid
Hearing of the demurrers on In
d.ctments charging numerous ce
ment companies of Oregon, Wash
Irgton and California with viola
tk ns of the anti-trust law Is set for
today tn the federal court at Port
land. Ore.
The Curtain Rises on the Last
Week Our Co-Operative Sale
I I gsaa—mi i 1 " ■ ■"'■n COME TOD.W If you poswibly ran—only fire morr day* before thin
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I? All O Vxl o M AU I w* that wholesale price* will be advanced almost immediately. STEINWAY
law and KNABE of our line have already advanced. The vastly greater cost of
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P* jOI O alternative except to lower the established standard of quality—and this.
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A House That Wasn't.
(Copyright, lilt by T. W. Burgess »
Bobby Coon was quite upset He
had been so aura that that house ot
Unc’ Billy Pooauaa'e d»s going to tn
hia house that tt upset bin a whole
lot to find that he had been mtsmkeu
nnd that be had got to look some
» hero also for a house It made him
unary Disappointment la vary apt
to lead to anger. Bo Bobby Coon
«u augry He thought be waa an
gry with Unc’ Billy POaanin. but
roaily be waa angry with ht uaetf for
being so stupid aa to forget all about
old Mrs. Possum If bs had remem
bered her In the first plaod he
wouida t have dreamed of trying to
take that bouse for htmeelf Two
against on# was one too many
But Bobby didn't let hts anger
show. As be looked up at the sbarp
faces of Unc’ Billy and old Mrs. Poe
rum grinning down at btui he grin
ned bach and was full of apologies,
pretending that his coming there
was all a mistake He begged to be
eirused. naylng that he had got the
w rong house.
**Yo' cert'nly have.** snapped old
Mrs Possum “Must he that yo’
haven't wholly waked up from your
winter sleep to make such a mistake
as this. Mistah Coon Don’t do it
again, because Ah reckon It might
lead to a UT unpleasantness, and
we-une don't want an> thing like that
to happen *
.Hobby said that that was the last
tiling tn the world that he wanted
and kept on apologising as he back
ed down the tree {le kept saytng
over and over that it was all a mis
take. a very great mistake, but be
didn’t let on that the real mistake
was forgetting about old Mrs. Pus
“What fo’ yo* looking for anew
house. Brer Coon”* asked Unc* Billy
as Bobby reached the ground "Ah
thought yo’ had a very comfortable
home In the big hollow chestnut
‘So I did So 1 did." replied Bob
by. “1 guess you must have over
slept this spring If you doa’t know
what has been going on. Unc* Billy.
Farmer Brown has cut that tree
down. I hope he won't take It Into
MONDAY. MARCH 26, 1917.
ft % f
Where It stood wee a stump with
a lot of yellow chips scattered about.
hie head to do the same thing as to
tvlTh* this Bobby atar» ed off
chuckling to himself. You see, he
knew that that last remark would
be very likely to set Unc’ Billy ami
old Mrs Possum to worrying, and It
gave him a feeling of getting even
with them, a feeling for which he
Lad no real cause, as you and 1
know As soqn as he was out of
sight of Unc’ Hilly and old Mrs Pos
sum he eat down to think what he
rhould do neit. He thought over
all the hollow trees he knew of. One
was too small. Another was too near
the edge of the Green Forest. A
third h«ul a long crack in It which
let in too much wind. At last he
remembered one up on the hill above
where his old home used to be He
knew all about that house. !!*» bad
looked into It mon than mce It
waft*aJtnoet as good as his «<!d home
“Why didn't I think of that be
fore”* muttered Bobby “It 1 had I
wouldn't have made such a silly mis
take as to give Unc’ Billy Possum s
chance to laugh at me. as I know
the old sinner la doing this very min
Bo Bobby started f«r the hill above
the place where h old home used
Lvetting Johnnie
Off to School and
husband off to business are
problems that tax the nerves
and strength of the house
wife who runs her own
home. So easy and delight
ful if you know Shredded
Wheal Biscuit, the ready
cooked. ready-to-eat whole
wheat food. Children like
its delicious, crisp aroma
whCn served with hot milk.
Mad# at Niagara Falla. N. Y.
to b#, sad as h# went all bis good
rptrlts returned to him He didn't
Lurry There wtui no need That
house wouUUi t run sway, and b#
couldn’t tlmik of anyon# likely to
have taken possession of It. So h#
took his time, poking about among
the leaves on the ground, sniffing
the sweat spring odors and quit# sat
isfied with blmsalt and the world In
Ho at last he came to th« pi sc#
where that old house had stood as
long as h# could Then
very abruptly Bobby sat down and
nibbed bla eyes. Where was that
old tree? Everything e|»« looked
lust os he remembered It. hut ther#
was no old hollow tree? Where It
bad stood was s stump with a lot of
yellow chips scattered about. Far
mer Brown and Farmer Brown’s Boy
bad cut down that tree, foo' Bobby
Coon felt as If bis little world was
turned quite upside down
Children Ory

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