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jFJtpfltoa At l»***' Srtr-
Kr Mvr wtU -f <
liiiiii HR* l, win »**
IlfllfHt. gfegr lfcln< wore h/urtV
IIIIPIBk** tokHi •cvtatuc ' f '**
f-illiiSlHfeßt It bad 10 bo tro* ir<n>
oowartug liMU
|l|||||V while run*m* down lb*
ggfgnT submarine
■bl gfCWt.
HH| week official*
MKiB see such i* re*power "> :t ”-
the color* that ih* count r>
world -will b* ama**rt
twv u ( (be chancel’or'* "
■ 0T sent via wirelrs* lo Shi
n*»t fr * ,1 *>* ,hr v
Knave *f tn« Am»rt. «n >.st>*’n * lll
h\ '' *le**B
<---■ «*a«W>n >r * i"
jjiy tirirt) Hi'- <jor<• '•■ »f " *
aeCWf- n ih«* ' ’• ’
b*'i ,h " t 11 '
of etie.kin* th' ' » " ,1
Am. rtra -nd <l«e* n •
IWAweet*.*'! n<- It n, '*t'
V* r eceinat th*'
Aiwrii'* en.l 1 -*
£j {fc«*e things
Hi Sin one* we lol«l tor 1 1 ' -1
IHII we would mek* in
a** of tl.e aubmanr.. >• 1
E£wcn expect ins that t’’* * o' l
Bmedr ||
orbed' •"
1 e«pr*ael>
aoUod “lll**el
afcatv-ellor bare U»e.l
|HLa) by I*r. *M*m w i 'son *’■
Of state Unitnf
which we me n
OTHMT the eight m< iith.* 1
|B|Slt Wh did not give
but Without uni r,
together w.th her ell •»
■■Sly rejected the
BQ7 by so end our all'** end r -
HBJTtIHi alma of war. which
.> Minihllotloo end
took the unrestricted
Wli Into nur hard* which we
WMimiTlm. tor oar defense. *
■lb American nstu-n cmetder*
. aouse to declare war acainxt
a nation with which it ha*
■SlMli than IK* > ear* .n pea< •*
warrant* *'• incr-a-e
laS. BlELed; not vre ahal' have t<>
of reepoo•'hd
OarMn naO° n which feel *
ISSKm ittrwl nor hostility *•»'"*’
States of America ahall
overcome this
HK, Imperial chancelßw recalled
time* the honored friend
■EiKVfn Ruaaln hoc 'iemiaii'
however, mat this Mend
fi%H ■! «B<lod with th» death of
IfßCkgr U. as follow*
ilillKlf— Nirmilu had more and
MMmSU* into ,h ** “ wake
§HHj£ Pan Slavic c.irrer t « nC ' ..'1
<L! r, a p»rll»»n . f the war
under it., it •* •>-
RStr ScSa
MKar..*fc f >r*v ,z.»r
«J»**f*>lnAt*d with • *••
■SUaiy our easmte* i* tha
■Bitbl ’Mtoentie react tona ' •
itoaMa sirainst ail ’he
gXo Ide-da ’Mt her- lr t■■
iMmm tbie aaootreratif ' ' '
HHBUlttfy to the facts
BHfflffWlir I* ttili hr w.e
■VBfMI the resulting revolu
involved In dlstreee it
dJlStt smper i >.* ■•*• ac
twiat one ->f ' 0.l
■f HJtT«,Ue,I lh< It •«« *
HKh ISHMSt to (.MOW the <ll*
IBtlKnr hi* nation ‘-or r
Sep. S’ch.la* pr.reire.
WBm!. nMmL-l** sttenuo*. Wn Mr
1 , .'"B (Stern.’ -*■ n*t o
have Hawn r>> -m fc-
BT&r of srpsngjon
to thle war and
H the 1 <v.f *g'n: e *•
»♦ t* nern * .ei u a
nd jh aatucai human pit) f^r
mßm aJwiAitaVd«■ c h.>ii(.e ih> n»l*r*
tell h " Ogr* ahall
SuZlUtl'ir » I ' ■ ' ..!' cird RW
;n- VfBF-1 a rI e * h W* e
BKIM fc>- v •|. - »ple that
gyiaASafr abaeldlr .lr f e Internal
Bhb2|l ©f Other countr aa. ft Is
mrff •■ii ret- << - ’ v vt Orrm»nv
mW.ilUhslv .In. *‘e hardly -con
By MMI.III r.< |I flu *o»oei nation
ißwOeegtaMlab the rule of the etar
*>| * H 1 theae
■F Mdflt* flee and "Un-ler. a* I
nation wonte to
■■yartU* home i* o«iv the
the ftaeetan nsti n and we
MMOte with it col >
K| thut 'W* hope |* tni< m ll'.*
-~i .level..p that
her the *tx.ng
■EIMS bwlwarb of peace
reference t l Chine e :< »
Bpi, the chanesUor said
relation* with Chine had *1
HBK. bw*r> of the moat frlendlv na
m .. rt • e a-A. *- wee* r*.Ul • -
IHHI a ri l l T ' o'* **'
■ufaf been terminated hy th« '*hi
Moernment I need not tell
la not hv th* free --
th* fhine*- K v. -nment t. •
[■[ft ha* acted ufi'lr' i.reaaure .f
di ffleu It le» w».;-h could
mastered durtnit thr war
«ls plated a f«" rar< in <t
object aia<*
lelrpr what hae ii*»n e«‘*h
there during many .ear*
efficiency and o*rm«n
of the war a* t c-c«
hope will give the
■■ to rebuild It a* tl.e . »r*n«e
Th«n our friendly rdi
< hm* will
will p--*e-x* ■i n H
t .r<-
IBB) the greed egotism
protector a.
■Mer Detectiw. Now On'
B|Vt, Will ( ontinue An Head
Bark Force
HBgf «f Police Übarl-s \\ s. > I
Os HlghlHr<i Park bs* I<>#~*
HTfMitlon of s.*»;. (m-i month w), *>
|j«bn drawing from «h- I*
retlremcn* fund!
■ tke last two and one half v
a former roemi>**r of th*
#fffi*Ftive bureau, w «*.
to duty Thtirsday by
Couaens. ’hen
IBP f yw* leave of absence so I
fiMDtinu*- to hold hi - |>le
HmM of the Highland
Thr Highland
Mr Couw-nr n •
ffeymour hnck In the I*
a* hr « ** n*« a- !
mm pP village
years Ago today the Unit* and
seas'received from U r *’
Andrew- John-on «
th* fciirpr’sing announ- •
Bit Wat a treaty hart been nego
BBd with the mar of Rtiasia for
nf ail thai part of th**
jBBMt know r n* Russlnn Into
IISaDd now embrac-’d n 'lie *«rr.
«f Alaska
Commoner Urges Con
gress Not To Ex
tend Bloodshed
If War Must Come, Let
It Be By Vote of
*JFTW YORK Marrh 10 —"A* <***
who expect* to Use t:p to a cftlten I
duties. If war comes." William Jen
nlnga Rrvmo wired the followthg to
the Fnited Preae
’MIAMI. Tla.
"To the Members of the t*eoate and
Hotise. Washington. D C.:
•‘Egerctalng the citiien e right of
petition I appeal to jx>u The die
pute with Germane baa passed bo
jrond the domain of diplomacy and
some adriae eettlement with the
The metropolitan preaa. which
tried to prevent the re-election of
the president and failnl. undi*
mayed hy a popular verdict of tnor»
than one-half million now seeks to
lash the coentry into a fury and
urges the government to take part |
in the European conflict.
“To you and you only is given i
constitutional authority to declare
war—war, which in this case, may
mean the signing of the death war
rant of thousands, even million* of
your countrymen, and the laying of j
grlevlous burdens upon future gen
erst ions
* Before you take this blood upon
your hands consider, I pray you.
first, that the wrong* which you j
would punish cruel and unjustifla
ble as they are, are not intended '
primarily against this country bu* I
the acts of desperation directed
against other nations with which
the offender* are at war
“BecoMfi that our land ft Dot
threatened with Invasion but tha*
we are asked to go 2.000 miles for
a chance to fight
"Third, that we have not the ex
cuse for going to war that the Eu
ropean nations had They had no
machinery for peace We have a
peace plan offered by this nation
to the world and now embodied in
treaties with three-quarters of
the population of the globe
“The plan has the endorsement of
the president, the commendation of
the senate and the apprnvil of the
people at the polla. It pmv ides for
Investigation of all disputes by sn
international tribunal before going
to war.
“Fortunatidy these treat*e* com
pel us to employ the plan with Great
Britain. FVance, Italy and Russia be
fore going to war with *hem. Ger
many formally approved the plan,
altho no treaty has yet been con
cluded with her.
“Shall we repudiate our own plan
the first time we have an oppor
tunity to employ it’ If, .i* r he pres
ident rerentlv declared, the \merl
•an people do not want war. is tt
not worth while to *r\ sh. peat.-
plan before bringing the people the
horrors of war’ Until an attempt
is made and fails, no one if. able to
*ay that it would be tmoowslble to
secure the suspension of ’rnthienV
submarine warfare befnrA the tnvnu
ligation for which the plan provide*
Shall we deny ourselves tl.e credit
of trying to settle the dispute with
the treaty plan?
“And. Is it not worth while to do
our pan In trying to avoid Injury?
Would It not he better as well a*
cheaper, for the government to carry
on ita own vessels such Americans
as must go to Europe, rath*r than
engage in war to vindicate the right
of rltixens to disregard all risks and
ride upon belligerent ships? Is It
not worth while to separate passeo
gets from contraband carg’>es, so
that the captains of passenger ships
can give their entire attention to the
safety of the passengers? Our na
tion Is the world's foremost advo
cate of peace. If we go to war It
should be for a cause which history
will Justify
“if vou reacii the conclusion that
nothing but war will satisfy thr
nation's honor, is it too mm h to asV
that, hy a referendum y« u consult
the wtshe. of those who mu<*» in
rare of war, defend the nations
honor with their Jives
“As one who expects to live up to
a citizen's duties. If war comes, !
I pi”ad with you in use all honorahl**
l means to pre-eyre pence before von
I take the responsibility ct plunging
our beloved land Into this unprece
dented struggle, begun without an'
sufßcten* cause, and conducted bv
both aides In utter disregard of the
weU-aettiert right * of neutrals."
London policewomen arc oa:d |f.
a week.
Pot Infants and Children
fa Um For Ovor 30 Yoart
A*w«r» bear*
&***>" * CZs*
'l maj.gen LIGGETT ctR WOOD \ \ '
2 maj.geh OARRY \j 5 majcen. DELL
3 maj.gen, PERSHING 6 briggen. EDWARDS
By order of the President the country ha* been divided Into six miiita ry dlatrlcia to take the place of the four established for many years, and the
appointments of generals to command these have Interested the nation. T he most important change wru* that of General Wood, from th* De
partm*™ of the Hast to the new Department of the Southeast, a change w hich many of the general s fnends declare is due to politics. Ha is to be
replaced In the Department of the East bv General Bell. General Claremce I. Edwards goes to the newly created Northeastern department. General
Hunter l.igget wili command the Western department General Thomas H. Barry will command the Central department, and General John J Pershing
will remain in charge of the Southern department
Governor’s Appeal Plus
Threat of House Probe
Brings Results
All Factories M ill Ad
vance Prices To
BY vr. L. CALS OS.
{Atafl for reap©* deaf [>+trn%t Timet)
LANSING. Mich , March .0 A
resolution forced thru the s»ai
hnuse of representatives by the ef
forts of Rep. fkheridan Ford, ba< K
ed by a patriotic appeal from Gov
smor Sleeper, resulted In the set
MVmen* late yesterday of th»* lor*
standing price dispute between tln
sofar beef growing farmers of
Michigan and th* factories to which
they s«W Th" agreement reached
war. a complete victory for
The resolution adopted by the
hnuae called for a complete Inves
tigation of the sugar industry to
am rftaln whether Tha farmers *rrr.
receiving a square deal
Quick results "ame from th<
house action At a meeting held
on a hurried summons in the gov
ernor’s office, the sugar manufar
tnrers yt*dded on every polnf at is
sue to the farmers
They agreed to pay the prices
a*ked bv the growers. I*i a ton for
beets* producing f>-eent sugar I? <
ton for those used in tv-cent *ugar
and I* a ton for those in 7 cerr
sugar These increases are ap
proxfmately $1 a ton In every
The manufacturer* also agreed t.i
lift to those figures all contract*
al-eady signed
The victory of the growers fnl
lowed a statement hy Governor
Sleeper in which he declared tha*
In view of the International sltua
tion every effort should be mad"
to encourage the rreatest possible
production of all foodsfufPi He
urged the payment of the lacreasej
prices as a means of encourarlnc
heavily increased production lr
Michigan beet fields. The governor
estimated that the Increased price
means f 1,000.000 to tl.2So.oofi to *he
beet growers of Michigan
Efforts to atop a suspension of
the rules so that his resolution
would not have to waif over for a
day were met hy Rep Ford in
dramatic fashion He rharged rha*
within the space of a few hour*
“tie sugar baron.*'' had rushed into
Lansing a paid lobtfy to s'op his
resolution from passing and that
the most tremendous effort "e* 1 ,
hsr* In year* had he*»n rot'en n
Id« r way to stifle |t The farm »
[ rallied behind the l»sfr«»tter. eu*
pended the rule* urd passed the
resolution, which now goes to the
! senate
Rep Ford was acting in behal'
of members of the M!< hlgan Beet
I Sugar Growers* s-steuatlon. and
' ba< ked by John C KeWham, master
I o* the state grange, the farm*-w or
gantaatton, in offering his resolu
I The resolution cells for the st>
New Departments and Commanders Established by the President
point ment of a commission of three
hy Gov Sleeper to inventlgat# the
coat of growing and marketing
sugar beets, aa a follow-up to the
request of the farmers' institute*
at a recent meeting here for legis
lative action. The commission la
directed to make a f.h©ro inquiry
into the profits and percentage* wf
p-oflt* of beet sugar manufacturer*
and beet sugar growers and to find
whether a reasonable price la paid
the grower* or not. The resolution
e&lied for an appropriation of SSOO
to pay the expense* of the inquiry
Rep Ford, in moving the suspen
Sion of the rules to consider the
resolution at once, recited a recent
effor* of the beet grower* to come
to 'erms with the manufacturer*
They asked s*> a ton for beets uaed
nktni I've cent -ugar $7 a ton
frr beets u**d for sia-cent eugar
and t* a ton for those used in
seven-cent sugar
‘Their request was turned down
. .nUy by Lha manufacturers.- cald
fnrtl *Th*fr ffrr*h*r request far arbi
tration was turned rurtiy.
Tftey were told to fake the price*
offered them or to keep their bee' *
Ti * hour has ton* by when the men
who ma'.e fortunes with a pen or
a pencil and a piece of paper can
dictate »o the producers of tbij
country "
i Thursdav’s Livestock
i -
- den>and for <attle was rather
quiet at the I>’troH nock yards r.n
Thursday, and pri«-a were about
cents loarer than paid iaat
week on the same dnj. Tl»e run w**
re*r **verly but much us thf:
large supply which came to hanl
ia*t week is still hanging in th»-
coolers TYie log-d dr*sae.| ie**f
trade is reported to be d-cidedly
quiet, and very little chanit" in mar
ket comiition*. ;n this depar»ni*n'
Ik looked for until ..It th*- easier
holiday V*-al calve* were -'arc*-
nn»l price* were to 'e> c»-pv I, .■
er for all but the heavier t p*
which were only steady.
Fheep and lambs were in If '
upplv and prices were Ju.-*' i l o”
I M> adv with those p.tul l*st we* k
Not as many lambs are rofatng a
are needed and the irsd* Is docid* h
ty firm for all grades of l«.nb and
o.utton. '
Hogs were dull and only fairly •«
tlve at prices whicn are n >’ u ,<
different from tho-'e j aid la • *»• ,
'•xi ept for pig*, which are >
centa per cwt. lower than
•*eek’s average price*. The ••*!
*Htwe»n pigs and mature h. r- >x
feeds J 2. 5 1) per cwt
NEW YORK. March 2* —Th* N.
ti »nal Guard association this if'- -
noon endorsed universal servl<
«ler f-deril control, -imilar to 1 »
Swiss system, hut in so dnini: * lm
lua'cd from the resolution th" w
« ompulsory.”
For a resolution declaring fiai|\
for federalization of the n*»i- -
guard, as rerorom*n<l*-d hv arm<• <"
»<r*. a silhstltufe drawn hv Mx
tjen it Ryan, of New York wa* c<
aider ed and approved
Fmda Bat-y On Porch
The wlmperlng of i halfethsM (
**d Infant stayed Mik< I’inntokovicr
No. *f«9 Milwauk* • ave east, sir h<
was about to »ntei his horn* Th<;r
im i < h a rhuhhv n.r. « w *'<>k*olfl h
Th# 1 mhnfl#lon * <1 Infnn* tjirrn
th* Women's Ho idtsl and infant *
Appointment of John Falvey
to Election Board Awaits
Ratification by flatter
The election corurisston feilod to
get a quorum Thurvluy aftemotm t**
act on the appointment of John Fal
vey, Spanish war veil t in. aa ioci**-
tary of the conoiiH on
Faivey, ahh> he stood fifth
among 12 xpplh.tr ta. waa In
dorseti b> the civil service comniiw
•> on. following a ruling us Judge
!amb. of the circuit, court, <hat war
veterans be given preference
Guy Ingalls, the present secretary
g.' the commission, stood second In
♦h« etnminaiion. and Jam*-* Koli - t
a lorn ter Detroit n»-»sMpermui*.
’■* nk«Nt flget. TTie councl?, after
NearfßJ that F'alvey ha© been «p
--ticdnted. abolished the salary of sl.*
oitO a year Members of ihe e|e«-tion
commission say that the secretary
ship was intended only a* i tempor
ary position until the commission
had h*trn thoroly estgbli.ihed A*
now o»ork*-d out. the chie' clerk of
»he commission received fl.lMtfi ;»
year, or $ (At) » year more than the
secretary, who is thp vir*u*l he-d
Spanish American war veteran*
held a majut n "ettng Thur*-
•lav night protesting aga~u*t
’be council’s action in abolishing
'he salary of secretary o? the elec
ion commission, representing that
It was a piece of political stra'egy
•o protect the present innimk* nt,
Mr Ingalls
Pautor of North Woodward
Methodiat Will Preach !n
f)pera House Next Week
The noonday Me'hodist I> nteu
"rvices in the Detroit o|iera house
t<*r the f*jurth and last w-ek will
».tke an added interest, a* th*- ad
dresses for the first three dava will
e given by the Rev \| H Rl*e,
**tor of the North Wwxlwird Meth
odist church. litshop Tbecdcre H
Tfenderson will he the speaker for
Thursday and Frida *
This probably will he the last op
; or*untty the general public of I>e
"oit will have to hear Dr. Hi* e
ufslde of hi* own church for many
ontha. as b*‘ brill sfor’ly leave for
he Kuropean batflefleld* He has
in aelerttd by the .t-xi cj.tfver, of
he tntematlonsl Y. M «' a. to b**
<ne of three from thl* crajntry to
<ke up work for this organization
Ith the soldiers Dr Klee will
•*on depart for Fngland. and will
f r st. visit the British concentration
amps. He will late*- gu >r Franc**,
h*re he will enn't ■ tii- labors
lose to th* ac*-n* sos battle
Ttr. topics -m* Monday,
Llst'dl.” Tucsfif) "Yes." We»|
°-day, “Anyhow "
TMsbop Henderson, who is In
»rge of the recently formed De
'•olt area of the Methodist chureh,
•a l»een given th** honor of closing
' e series, and his servo- * n <>oo*|
rlday will be ex** nfl< and to in min
Uormor President W tlhim IT Taft
announced as ’he rhlef speaker
i* a big mass tne*'t|rir to be held 111
hiraco tonight In th#* intercut of
t#t •■parednese
Ih- |v inocfal Io tii i lt» r* of th**
d'lrije upon ihelr plan of or* <nltv
ti* n for tii*- six’v flf*h conrre«a.
Myor Mitchell and Henry L
Ftim.won Coming For ler
ture. It Is Announced
MaJ. M Alger, chairman oi
•nr finance rotnmittoe of the Michi
gan division. Military Tralnl* M
Carnes association of the United
States, reports that ticket* aPe g.«-
intf fast for the lecture by Frederick
Palmer on "The S- mroe and Vrr
duL," to tie given Monday evening
in the Hotel Pontchartrmia eonvec
tion hail MaJ Algor predict* thM
a shortage m tickets will develop
before the day of the lecture There
is still a limited supply at the asso
ciation headquarters. No. 11341
Penof#eco’ building, as well as at the
1 ontchartraixL Detroit AthUtvc club,
rntrenrth' rtnb uid Detroit chib
Mr Palmer's lecture gives an fo
r-ifht Inm crodem methods of Var
frit- aa pursued on the western
front Mr Palmer waa the Amert
can preaa rorreapon lent accredited
h> the Br.tish amV French govern
menu. He also *as permitted to
»;.ke war pictures which were later
< tlk-iallv sanctioned for exhibition
I urptwes by thaw* two allied govern
n.* nt*.
Jus' to what extent tbe govern
ment r>f the United States la likely
tc participate in the event q/ war
b< lng declar“d «>n Germany will be
t*»ld by Me- Palme,*. Ifla lecture,
coming on the day when cougresa
meets to dderraine % war policy, has
• pe< fal significance Bo Important
I Mr Palmer's knowledge of mod
rrrt and the tmanmttonal
titUAtion held that he was recentry
asked by the armv college In Wash
ington to Jellver a confidential talk
to the general staff
It has announced that H*nry 1*
Stimson. former secretary of war.
and John Vurmy Mltchel, mayor of
New York, •vIII be in Detroit Mon
day and will attend the lectum.
Mayor Mltchel «Ibl nurh laat sum
iner to mxke the Platfshurg Idea
famous. Tlie work for which the
Michigan division Is planning Is the
raising of this slate's quota of 3 000
"rookie*” for the sunnier encamp
ment at Fort Bherldan. 111.. In July,
August and Septeniocr.
( ompubmry Mllitajy Training
Carrie* Overwhelmingly In
( ampuM Meet ion
ANN ARIIOR. Mlch.. March 20
In a carrpus referendum hald yoa
t*rduv, students of the University
of Mich,can voted overwhelmingly
in fa vor o r a system of universal
tn.lltarv training for every nnder
giadmt- ihe vote lo favor of
training for all students waa 5.2H9:
oppo“id to any kind of training.
‘32. f>r compulsory military train
inx for fr-Hhraen and sophomores
only. 2.* *2; againat compulsory mill
tv ir ning for upper classmen
buts «v* ring It for under
asx, opposed to compulsory train
In* for underclassmen alone, but
favoring 'he system. 1,052.
These figures will be submitted
to the regents who inoet today to
and id<- among.other things, the ques
ticu of military training
The Michigan Aerlcultural col
lege ha* compulsory training. Hai
\ and. Y «!* ,*;id Princeton novf have
military training. h*i' It I* not corn
p ’.•©ry MiA tgan now hae an
el dive course in military •clen"**.
FRIDAY. MARCH 30, 1017.
Decided Price Advantage*
In Girls’ Coats
-*5.00 - *7.50 - *lO
Just the atylea that girl* will like the moment
they eee them Nearly all have broad rollara.
wide ruff* and cunning ahaped pocket*. Velour
checks In new roJug combinations, Serges, Twill*
and Burella Cloth Rise* ft to 14 year*.
Coats for Little Folks
Sizes 1 to 6 Years
*5.75 - * 7.50
Plain tailored, or dr*s*y little tnodela in silk. Velour*.
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1,000 Girls’Wash Dresses, 95c
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Red (roan Lays Plan* For
Fund to Help Needy One*
In Wayne < ounty
An non nr *m rot wa* made F.idajr
by Ji>**>ph H. flchlotnan. vlce-presh
dmf of the Detroit Chapter of the
Red Ones, that th* chapter la pre
paring to aid th* families of those
who #»n I let In either far srmv or
navy from Wayne county.
"Mr, FSltott Wadsworth, acting
chairman of th* national organiza
tion. telegraphed u* yesterday that
a** should lay special emphaais on
this part >f thr work." said Joseph
B. Schlolman “It Is something that
w 111 appeal especially to men who,
Irr one reason or another, cannot
enltst for sendee themselves bus
who want to do something In behalf
of the men who do enlist. A num
her of me« have spoken to me al
ready asking If they could not do
inmethlng to help the families of
men who enlist We will get in
touch Immediately with officials of
all organisations who are now doing
any work along fhie line and ar
range for ro-operatlon
“The work of taking care of the
families are men who go to the
front is a part of the general pro
gram of the Red Cross We will link
up the family relief work with our
campaign to establish as have hos
pital ands hav* <elegr.ip.ied MT.
Wadsworth that he may ns pert De
troit to do her pgrr In the nation
wide campaign.*'
The Rad Cross Campaign bead*
tiuarters in the Board of Commerce
Is humming with activity, and daily
conferences are held presided over
»«> James inglls, campaign chair
At a luncheon of the campaign
eiecntive committee Thursday. It
was decided to l«aue Invitations for
in Informal dinner to be held Mon
day evening April 2, tn Hotel
Rtatler. at 6SO o’clock Henrv U
Filmson. former secretary of war,
Frederick R Ooudert and W I?
Hill of the National Red Cross will
U- the ape ikera
To Cura a Cold In One Day
Tablet* !>ruggt«ta refund money If
|it falls td cure K W (1 ROVER atg
I nature la on each hot 2Rc.—Adw.
Dingwman Rule* Amendment*
Are In Conflict With New
State Law
Volerw M .ftdya will bars befogs
them but one proposed charter
amendment Instead of four as orig
inally Intended by the council. Cor
potation Counsel IMngemon ruled
Tntiqeday thst three of the proposed
amendment* cannot go on the bal
lots at this time because of the m
moment of the Beatt law at tho
present session of the legislature
This provides that all amendmanta
must be proposed at least 10 days
before election The three amend
ments affected by the corporation
counsel’* ruling Were taken off the
table but two weeks ago.
The amendment that will go he*
fi re the people provide# for the
separation of city ■ elections from
stste and national elections. Those
that are ruled off the ballot pro
posed that the election commission
fli the salaries of registrars and In
spectors. thst the public lighting
commission be empowered to en
gage In commercial bualneaa. and
that all tree planting In Detroit be
placed under the supervision of th#
city council
•laying Suspect Cocfeeee*
Declaring that he arte® In self-de
fense. Frank Kills, of No 411 Mon
tint ave, has admitted to the pe
Ike that he fatally stabbed John
Ploechel early Thursday morning
In front of the IsibeUe Inn. Wood
ward-ave. and Ht*rMlle-rd. Ellis
and a companion, Potnlnk TVRub
ha. of No 847 Rlopelle-at., were
found biding in th# baaement of
the Montana ave. house toon after
the stabtng Kills saya Ploechel at
tacked him. The Crat version of
the slaying wbkh the police got
was that Ellis became enraged be
cause Ploechel tried to explain to
him that It was Impossible to buy
a drink tn the Labelle Inn after
Mra C C rtchroeder la the first
woman member of th* fndlaaa O.
A R . having recently been admitted
to the regular memoerahip by Par
rnguf Poet of Kraus Villa.

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