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Have a complexion
that eveiyone admires
I* oo t mvy a good complexion, km*
one. Eac h time you cleanse your face
with Retinol Soap you give it a "beauty
treatment with the soothing, healing
Retinol medication. If sided, in severe
cases, by s little Retinol Ointment, this
usually leaves the complexion naturaUy
clear, fresh and free from pimples, red
ness, roughness and blotches.
Rgsinol Soap
sedhes*—lC*s«wiit ——M
W *ll *»•»'•*» Try /An.
r'nmAte m *** K,m ts*,
try, M e«Jr »<** itM Uta ki
(or Uw hair u »ail.
S'W" «... ~11 ■ ■
Rudh Expected to Follow An
nouncement of Victor
April List
The capitulation of the concert
and opera point public to the beauti
ful vote# of Mme Amellt* Gall I-
Curcl has made he,- Victor record*
m tremendous demand, and the new
one* for Aptfl have had an jstonisb
mg long waiting Uat of eager buyer*.
Theae are now on «ale In all more*
where Victor records are kept
VI me Galli-Curcl na* u large l)e
trait following thru two recent song
recital* in thi* city, and It will he
a great delight to ner admirers to
be aWe to posse** record* of thii
marvelous artist* singing of the
waits song from (Jounod's ' Romeo
and Jmliet.” the mad scene from
"lA»cia dl Umnirrmoor," and her
cxqolsltel? tender .\cd sweet r*ndi
tlon of "Home riwoet Horn* **
The fatuous sestet from "Lucia"
sung by Mme Oalh-Curci, Caruso.
De Kgenir, Journet and Bad*,
probably will take tbe place In pub
lic favor of any previous rendition
of this noted con position Th*n
Mme Qalll-Currl, Caruso. De Luca
and Perinl sing the quartet fTom
"Rlgoletto. ’ which also many Will
place superior to that of any other
-Victor record of the music.
Caruso contribute* an aria from
"flamson and Delilah,” sieging II
aa only this gifted tenor rati sing.
The exquisite song, "Come Beloved."
from Handel’s “\talanta" I* Mme.
Alma (Rucks new offering and it
*1" *■*'* •* > harming singer**
legion or admirer* Werrenrai h*
Kipling song* have become cla.-s
--Ic* and anew group will And in
slant favor
Brilliant und lovely number* will
i«■ found, . \l;*< hn Elman. Herbert
Witherspoon, Mabel Garrison. Clar
ence Whifeblll, John McCormack,
Zlnaballst and tbe other famous
artist* of vide* and instrument who
are among thr Victor star*.
Anew and particularly catchy lot
of dance music will be of Interest
to the young folk, and there are
plenty of rew songs, choruses, or
chestra and band selections of the
lighter class to please those whose
tastes runs more to the popular than
the classic field.
Any of th»*e new records will oe
played free of charge at anv time
b> Victor dealers
Clua To Buried Com.
( HNTRAIJA. Waeh., March 30
•'This Is a will of rov own construc
tion. and as a man of good health
and sntind mind do I. W. F Bryan,
colored, give and bequeath to the
finder of this will one-half of a gal
lon glass Jug full of gold coin,
which lies buried five feet deep and
«0 feet east of the section corner
of my old homestead
"The finder mnet publish this be
fore anv work begins on its reoov
e-y. but the finder must get another
party to dig for It and the digger
gets one half. Ido thla to keep my
l*»y kinfolk from getting ft If
they make any fuss about It afteT
It Is found, give them 91 each. There
Is also another Jugful burled a few
rods west of the old dwelling house.
I can't locate It, howevar, as the
mark la lost. Dated thla second day
of October, I*9l
"W. F. BRYAN."
Bryan, who Is well remembered
by the old resident# of Ontralla.
died In the early nineties. Allan
Miller, a present resident of Cen
tralis, was a nephew of Mrs. Bryan,
who died about six weeks ago
.Mrs. Kstclle I-awton Lindsey. o*
l.o* Angeles, la the only woman so
f«r elected to th» city council of
any city of the first or second clar*
In the United State*
Your Liver
has Important work to do. Un«
der favorable conditions it does
It well If sluggish, relieve it with
IwwssSSaleal Amy MWUIm h (he ««I4
Local Peace Workers
To Stage Meeting
In Arcadia
A pence mass meeting wIU be held
lii Arcadia Sunday evening, not for
the purpose of embarrassing the
president. It is announced, but for
ihrf purpose of letting bltn know tbe
desires of a ,rge number of peo
ple who oppuae tbe United States
entering tbe war. Resolution* will
he submitted and, if passed, forward
ed to Washington at once.
Three speakers already have been
recured for the meeting and other*
are expected Tboev pledged to ap
pear are Joseph v annon, former
president of the Western Kedera
lien of Miners Max Kastman, editor
of The Masses and prominent pa
clftst, and Miss Grace Abbott, chair
man of the Immigration bureau of
The meeting is being arranged bv
the lietroit branch of the American
Union Against Milltnrb.m and a
number of well known Detroit peo
ple are hac k of it
The I'nion believe* that the pres
ident I* sincere In saying that he
Wishes to know the will of the
American people. In a meeting in
Madison Square Garden, New York,
last Saturday, 10.one perwon* were
present and expressed most absolute
and vociferous opposition tc official
declaration of war The peclfbt* of
Detroit believe that they should add
their voice to that of New York
System In Some Buildings I*
Criminal. Declarer* Mr*.
"The ecarlet fever epidemic, on
account of which the playground*
have been closed and proposals
have been made to doee in-* *< hoois,
and which the health depart men’
*ay* is no* abating. bnn*p forcibly
to mind a vicious system of ventUa
tlon little short of criminal, which is
aUll In use in a number of schools
in Detroit." sa-ys Mr* Laui* F Os
born. a candidal* for th* boa.ru ot
* duration.
"In litlO I biought to
the *SieAtto' of *h«. *-,i ~f edqca
tlon In a report m/tu*- .aru ff»e
Twentieth Century club. We suc
ceeded In having thr system chang
ed in the designs of dew schools.
ln*t the-board refused to make the
change in the sehnol* completed, al
tho I showed by estimate* of expert*
that not more than three or four
hundred dollars per school would
have been required lo make ih*.
change a committee of tb« board
reported It of not enough eonee
quence, and the stand-pai i>ollc> of
the petty politician prevailed We
(hen redoubled our energy toward
getting a small board which we
hoped at that time to tccompllsh
Members of the Council
of Defence Are Ready
bC: p IW*
r \ 1
v 1 V^'i
IBr -i pB
§T‘ f* -* *?
|T r'
ft' «g»P
H*F« «?“ \4 J
I%#' .
I Rpj
i *ji
fbivr w£ ,V W
»»»* w* •<•*!. svear •«>•<«-tsar a ae«u*wva
t AffC M vsoH9tvs- *ci*A«aoN . snof mwm n r wv>
owvimoosfmar s,*oo<yxv«— >«»>/. u ■
This I* the Council of National
I>efenee and advlaory commission
In Joint session In the historical re
ception room of the secretary of
\ jSI fek
A*. * >
] Jl
One of the hundreds of war babies of Serbia. This child waa saved
from starvation by the Allies when she was chased out of her home by tbe
Invading Germans and fled barefoot and poorly clad to Salonika, the Allien
Balkan base
in a year or two. We cousldi-red it
sheer waste of energy to go farther
tn the matter with ihe old board.
And now we hope and expect that
this change will be one cf the new
board’s first accomplishment*.
"This is the reoprt sent to the
board of education and ohould be on
file there We never received any
acknowledgment or reply ot which I
am aware, unless the recent charac
teristic resolution directed against
the club may be regard* and a.* its be
lated reply.
April IS. !»10.
To the Detroit Board of {education
Aft*r careful investigation of the
ventilating Onynt/m of tbe pub|l<-
school*, tn* Twentieth Century club
And* that, tn the e<'n*tru<-tl**n *>f
sch.-cl butldtnra, rh** »<»ho*d >*-htt*<l*
•r- tiltffXlYtg t 'if cloak rn*-ms as port
of ihe foul air shafts of the
Ina system
W* be* to rail the attention of
your honorable t»*»<ly to this ilefert,
and t<» o<-int >*ul that this system !■*
sn art uni tnen*«-e to the hea’th **f
the eptldr* n. and i« destructive of
their clothing as well. The foul air
of the school room, laden with <h«!k
and floor dust effluvia fr m the bod
ies and clothing of the pupils, and
with tn* germs of contagious dis
ease*. |a forced thru the children'*
wraps which form an * ffri tual filler
and retain dust ami disease g-rm* to
be carried Into the home
This condition is true not only of
such school* a* the Alger where Ihe
large cloak room Is the passage wav
for the foul air of the school room,
hut It la true to a much greater ex
tent of new s< hoots like the Ini.-ine.
Doty and Greusel. wheie the dust
and germ-laden foul air cf the school
room Is forced under the doors of
shallow closets completely filled with
wraps thru which all of the foul air
must Alter to pass out of the open
ing at the top of the closets, leaving
practically all th* impurities m the
do thing.
The l-aating engineers stale that
extra force la n*>< »«*»rr to overr-m*
the resletanee offered by tb« ilothea
In these closets
Tbe Twentieth Century club herehv
bags to express Its condemnation >-f
a system which utilises the foul-sir
shafts as cloak rooms, and respect
fully requests that this svslem be
dlsconflnued In the erection of new
school buildings, and that this **h
jecflonsble feature be corrected In
achonls in which It Is now in use
Our children and our homes should
not *>e sub Jaded t-. conditions
dangerous to health and so Injurious
to clothing when they ran he so
readily obviated Ventilation of
cloak room* should he h\ fresh air.
not folil air Herewith Is submitted
a copy of a letter fr >m th<- health
officer Very respectfully.
"As exhibit A I gathered a quan
tity of foul dust from a ledg* in s
closet to show Its amount and char
wrier My own daughter'.! coat and
lial bore ample testimony to the
condition In the Alger school being
covered on damp days hy p mllkv
solution of chalk, pmrtlcslly ruining
•'The same condition exists In
these schools tr*dav and It Is a men
ace to every child In the city. Hhould
not the children be given Ihe benefit
of the douot In so vital a m >tter?"
Hero Can’t Pay Wedding Fee.
to.— After Probate Judge William
P. Wet tig had married J. 1*: Mr
("arty, 71-year-old Civil war veieran
and France* Murphy, 60-year old
w dnw. the other day, the aged m.m
ca’led the Judge aside and explained
trtat he could not pay the marriage
fee nntil hla pension arrived The
veteran declared he had been a
bachelor too long snd he needed a
wife The Judge congratulated him
for hla bravery in facing the hig i
coat of living under the clrcum
atances McCarty and his hrld -
live In Kansas City. Kan
Children Ory
VIMOsAND, N. J.. March 30.
Whether kindly treatment of a ben
will accelerate egg productivity in
ihe inverse ratio of careless or indif
ferent attention Is to be given olfi
rial demonstration in the egg-laying
contests under way here.
Prof. K R Johnstone, snperln
tendenf of the Training School for
Feeble-Minded Boys and Glrla, has
maintained that kindness to a hen
mean* more . ggs, bnt some of the
expert poult r> men hereabouts scout
Ihe Idea, s.tying that the average
u pw *->*• to a {Hired* le
what is done for hVr.
With the aid of Harry R
poultry husbandman of the state ex
Ifterlmenl station, Prof Johnstone
ha* arranged lor the demonstration
of his theory.
Two pens of hens of the same
breed and strain will he set apart
To on*- of them will he attached a*
/•.Mendani a man who will go about
his work with a sunny sruil*-, cheer
ful interest and gentle touch To
the other will hf assigned one with
tn ingrown grouch The same feed
and the same conditions exactly will
I e applied to !>oih pen* and the rec
ord* carefully kept a* tn which
glv«*H the b« f r«'sullw. F*r» f John
ston*- feel* ,-urc that his theory will
be fully substantiated.
ABho thev are greatly in the mT- -
norltv, the girl studtnta at the col
lege ol Nj Inee* adtulnlstratlon of
Horton university hare suoc*oded in
having aJI intoxicating beverng**#
barred from the annua) class ban
The Original
Matted Milk
Substitutes C ast YOU Same Price.
Recorder’s Court
Faithful Public Servant
High Prices and Diminished Demand Bring
Slump in Cattle; Pigs Hit Lower Level
The local situation In the cattle
trade la practically hack where it
»* >*efore tho recent big bulge.
The recent freight etubarv. threw
the market out of its »U dr, and
when supplies broke a hole thru
they came too thick and fait. The
rei«ult la a hat naturxlly might be
exported With price*. so high ;«ni!
the purchaalng power at low «bb.
It does not require a large over
supply of cattle to make a glut
when the demands of the meat eat
ing public haa ben out down SO per
< eat.
Buffalo had a bad day on Mon
<la> and the decline In prices was
uniform thruout the cattle division
of the trade The demand in Chi
cago la great ly decreased by the
lack of shipping demand from dis
tricts which are well supplied with
cattle Detroit got a record run
of cattle hurt week and the close
was very dull for all of the com
n»oner grades. The trade opened
this week with looal onoiera filled to
overflowing and a decidedly quiet re
tail beef trade. The belief Is gen
eral, however, that the present lull
In the demand for dressed beef and
cattle Is only a temporarv condition
which will very soon be changed by
smaller arrivals and an Improved
demand for beef fiom the block
which nearlv always follows the ljen
ten season The latter half of the
Lenten season Is nearly always <k»ar
acterlxed bra decreased demand for
b»-ef. the public showing a prefer
ence for veal and lamb until the
holiday Is past, when they again
turn to steaks, roasts and boiling
Advices from all Interior points
would seen- to indicate a phenom
enal shortage of finished bullocks,
and the big markets have been
practically bare of these cattle for
Only One Day BMj CHiST Zjjjj
Price Sale| jjA J|
of Library Tables Bj
Ends Saturday Night
JHHB There are only about 300 of the library table*, parlor table*, jardiniere Rtands and
pedentals left of the $12,000.00 purchase. These will be placed on sale for Saturday. &.J
There are dozen* of the ehoice*t new de*ign* HP J
quarter-sawed oak and genuine mahogany. Every jbr C a NK B r W •/ 9
bixt table must go and the tag* have been marked lO Jjj
accordingly. The prices range all the way from. .
H Go-Carts and Baby Carriages^jj^p
[\v 'Wt/L'/f ’wt. •
if Ii \rdbjli 1 lilllißllßi valu*- i w
yWi ißliiUMyl arc Jr
) r KSBh? **quipment Mam magnificent car ~ m/frigr
Mages go tomorrow other wiw
This "Sidway” Guaranteed 2 Years tr
1 '125 up
j George P. Codd
K 1
" §
q Mis Record is Our Recommendation, and We Believe $
Wayne County Should Retain His Services.
V n]
. .... ...
K Every Citizen Should Vote on
] rvl
)J Monday, April 2nd.
5? f? o ca ca c? ca ra ca a cf*
'* 1 ————— —■
The Timea your children the
most important news not habit
forming advertising tips
the last 10 days Killers In all
markets have been obliged to buy
feeder grades or go without a kill
ing Cattle have not been reinstated
ui the baron and f<edlots of the
country ibis winter as has bean the
rule of other years, and there are
few In sight to meet the needs of
ihe spring and early summer de
mand. The demand for feeding cat
tie is still very light oaring to the
extreme price# at which all kinds
of feed are selling
The sheep and lamb trade la de
cidedly small la volume, and the
markets of the past week have
shown very little variation from
those of last week. Prime lam be
have sold above sl6 in Buffalo sev
eral Umes within tho last fortnight,
and the ruling price for top noteb
••rs In Detroit and Chicago haa bean
$15.60 per cwt. Arrivals of sbeep
and lambs at Detroit last w*«-k were
far below the needs of the trade
and a shortage of good mutton ex
ists In local rooters. The wool
market seems to bo haring a breath
ing spell, not from a lark of demand
but rather teoanse that part of the
clip, still remaining unsold, is in
strong handr, making It Impossible
fer borers rnd sellers to get togetb
cr. Bhesrers h ive paid sl4 50 for
lumb* to take bark into the country
but And It hard to get any great
number at this price. Lambs cost
ing $lO per cwl. ss feeders have
te* n frequently sold of late for arf
Increase, over original cost, of $5 50
per owt.
The demand for fat hqjrs holds
firm and is practically unchanged.
but pigs have taken a header It
Is hard to understand why owners
of good thrifty young hog* should
send them forward to be sold at
prices which average $2 50 per cwt.
lower than those paid far finished
hogs. Oorn Is high. It 's true, but
It Is hardly possible that the food
!rg out of thrifty pigs eould result
In anything else but profit, espe- ]
oially when the spread between food
ers and mature bogs Is equal to 20
per cent of the value of the former
Karly last week tbe average cost of
the hogs. x ended in the (%lcago
ttock yards, rose to sl6. something
that never happened before drill
the trade does not look top-heavy
and prices have the appearance of
legitimacy. A year ago the best
shipping hogs were selling in Chi
cago fur $9 70.
The Breeders’ Gsxotte, of Chicago,
publishes tbe following'.
Hog product Is to tho hands of a
bull party that la constantly forcing
prices hlgnsr The south Is buying
meat* and '•inorti have been on a
liberal scale despite nubsea activity.
A large quantity of cured meats has
been sent to the bottom of the ocean,
which fortifies the position of the
holder Packers are selling nothing
on the board sng trade Is mainly a
matter of swapping among specn
latora On the advance this week
Mar pork sold el s9l 06. lard IIP SS
and ribs $19.26, all of which era
recorda. Europe's necessities are a
bullish Influence. Rations last wsek
were 14.911.000 pound* of lard and
17.4*9,00n pounds of meats, against
11691.000 anti 16.398 000 pour .Is re
spectively a year ago.
Retail meat prices nre phenomen
ally high the country over, but the
meat-eating public nrems to be re
blgned to condition* aw they exist
and. while the Hixe ,rs Individual ot
derw front the retailer are said to
he diminishing, no fault Is found
with the cost and little is heard
übout the adoption of nn exclusively
vegetable diet, M.'atistim place
every branch of the trade In a
trfiong poettlon and the fact that
there are venr few animals on feed
meiuw contimied scarcity. March
arrivals of finished stock are sure
to be small in every branch of the
Printing—the plena neat Ms4-4kst
la dvkt—Tl«r« Ink n.nr Wain 41110.
Fori and Grit** old Slr««t»
In planning your summer trfp remem
ber that travellers’ checks will add
greatly to your enjoyment.
Thev may he cashed at any hank or
hotel without vexatious delay, as no
identification is neers-ary except your
Safety Deposit Boxen $4 per Ammmm
Resources More Than s3ojfoo,ooo
1 491 Wno4wtr<i. I*o* G»«nd ■ HP*
♦O7 Gt*tK>T, 147* Foari»»r>th. ♦*•
’ZT- w.y »«d W *«•&. 7** ~
v My
1 Dr. (guts Muißß
1 JB
if No loss of tins* durian wllflfl
H ti-etnient 9HH
1 *-'.bftahsd tv year* m mBM
th* »ain- offl-ea
I NO 1-2-3-4 ( hambwr «f Ml
| Commerce RttUdii*. BWI
!ml " 9 * H -Mrs to u< it t Blp
fl • « Saturday and Sunday.
IB to to 1]
THa %»n« CNm Nstk J
Th« Wailwtshar —"Lofa havw B
liumper of milk punch in honor tflßf
your birthday It’s a small gift, m£B
tbe l»«M 1 can glv<- this vanr." * 1
The Rumhound- ‘Ah. but 1 <M*B
predate the spirit that la In H” , I
March IS. lilt -g
Healsd proposals wtU ba rmnUfl
Sths Village Council of ths VtitaSSfl
<Jr.-sa<* Points Park. Wajmt
Mich., up to S:6(> o'clock p. as..
day, April I. 1017. said proposals tn ,1
be for furnishing all labor, tosls. 9Ws«
tsrtai. etc., and doing all work ssimß
narv u> construct Latoral Be wars igw
the alleys betwean Maryland AiWnBM
nor and Nottingham Road. •■■■§
•outhsrl/ of Mack Avtnut, accorgHlgf'3
t<- plans and spsclfioatloaa on flftsßHl
the offloe of tns Village Clark. ,ff
Kach proposal must be scoompan* M
la.l by a cartlflsd check made pay«eM
able on Ita face to tJ»« VtlkiV d#B
i Irosse Polnte Park. In ths penal awnh'M
• f Three Hundred (109} Dollars aaWM
< back to bs forfeited to aald ▼UmSlFii
in .-me the stircssaful bidder fail# Imß
enter Into contract with said vlßiujngi
'V’th'n ten <10) days after ths «on*B
tract hae been awarded to bins,
Plans and profile oan be seen awjfl
the office of the Vl flags InylsMK M
Thomas M Cbm pan. Iff
> Tfl. e Bn Mine, Detroit. Mich. I
The right Is resorvsd to rofodt ansP m
or all bids. •%

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