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Buster Rear Regain* Hia Ixwt Temper.
Copyright. lIH by T. W. .
Gob* «»m Peter Habblt and non*
«•« Bobby Coon. Buster Bear
knew well enoufb that there wasn't
the least uae In trying to follow
either one of them. He knew he
couldn't catch Peter, and he didn’t
know where Bobby Coon bad gone,
lie might Juat a* well forget that
he ever had laid eyea on them Os
courae all thla didn't Improve Bus
ter Bear a temper a hit. It mado
It worae If anything. Deep down In
hla throat Buater Bear growled
grnmbly, rumbly growla an Ije ahuf
fled along bark to the tall, old
atump In which he bad found Bobby
t oon. He might a* well have a
look at that atump while he mt
there, he thought. Os courae Bobby
Coon had eaten up any food that
might have been In it but anyway
hr would look
Now Bobby Coon hadn’t done any
thing of the kind, aa you and I
know In the flrat place, when ha
had climbed Into that hollow atump
"hlr. stomach had been too full of
f.ah caught In the laughing Brook
for him to even think of eating In
the aecond place he waa too sleepy
All he had thought of or wanted In
that old atump waa a place to sleep.
B< he hadn't even dug over the eur
fare of the rotted wood at the bot
tom to see what might be In It.
This Huater Bear found out ca
soon aa he got back to the old atump
ard looked at It For a minute he
waa ashamed to think he had treat
ed Bobby so. At leaat a look of
shame crept over hla face Then
he eagrely began to teuir that stump
all to pieces with hla great clans
He tore out all that rotted wood at
the bottom and In It he found the
very thing he moat wanted —« neat
of anta.
"Yum. yum. yum.” muttered Bus
ter Bear aa hla long tongue ewep'
the hurrying scurrying anta into Ha
mouth It didn’t trouble him at ell
that a lot of rotted wood went with
them "Yum. yum. yum.” said he
pir.arking hla lipa and clawing awi.y
a' the old atump and sweeping up
the anta with hla tongue.
When he rouldn t And another ant
Buater sat up and grinned at noth
ing and no one in particular. He
gtinned Just because he felt good.
H« waa hia usual good natured aeif.
To be sure those anta were not v*rv
riling, but they were something,
and thev had tasted good You
know there la nothtng Busier a
mote fond of unless it la honey cr
”1 gue«a I w asn't fair to my eous.
In Bobby Coon,” said Bus'rr
thoughtfully "On the whole. In.
g'ad I dldn t catch the scamp I
certainly should have eaten him if
I had. and that would have hem
the end of him. As It la he la safe,
and I’m glad of it. I don't want to
hurt him I don't want to hurt any
body. If I always had plenty *o
eat no one would have any need *u>
fear me at all It's an empty atom
arh that makes me cross and awe
age and hateful. Hunger Is about
the worat thing I know of. It al
ways did make me cross f guess
It always will I certainly gavo
that scamp. Peter Rabbit, a sours.
I wonder If he is still running. I
don't suppose he will dare come
within speaking distance of me
again thla summer. That will be
too bad If certainly will, f IfVe
the little scamp. 1 like to see h!n
around. And he la such a gossip
that he Is quite useful at times
Well. I'm sorry I lost my temp*r.
hut |*?e got It back now. I think
I'll go Ashing”
So Buster Rear shuffled off In
the direction of the laughing Brook,
his good nature quite restored
Meanwhile Peter Rabbit made his
way home to the dear Old Brier
Pitch and the scolding hr knew
Mrs. Peter would give him Bobby
f'oon was hunting for a place *o
Warehouse Bargain!
Warehouse Prices Are Low Prices. (BEST I
| J I
i I m iMiMIMk JiCV''
,k ■ 1 ■ Z£B U
\mm I ■ i w
ml I B Ti| Ii ■ Sv
mi aiMM ■ ■ I I I H
Living Room Sets^
riA/1 ITHOVT a doubt t h<* »bor» outfft la .« 130 value.'• At anr Cl gfl Cl C
IYY I rut*. >011(1 have to pa> at Inwl that much if you Ware lu %Jf
bu* thr..o(t' th» uaual hannela Made * ■
MHPBMI <<«k anil flmahed In a <|oalnt mla«!,.n « and lai ka nr.-
upholeterad In a aupertor arade of Imitation leather Th«* MHi fIBB
Warenouae offera the complete outfit at at now gi % uki.hi
|uet a few atepa from <**aa.
“1 guess I wasn't fair to my
cousin Bobby Coon,” said Buater
sleep, and there was peace and
quiet in the Green Forest
Neit story: Bohbv Coon Finds a
Home at Laat.
Shoots Self; Will Liva.
John Helen, 3), No. :<« E, High
*i , la In receiving hospital, recover
ing from i bullet wound in his left
tide Irfltrtfu Thursday, police ray.
when he at'empted to Hill himself
in a lit of despondency.
The Confessions of a Wife
The Prenent Decide* Our Futurcw
"It was a happy lime, Margie,”
said Paula, to get away iroui the
vitiated atmosphere of The One He
Chose into the r«al. clean realm ot
thought in which Alma and Tom
lived. Both these young people
were rather sophisticated, using the
word In the sense of one who knows,
but the sights and sordidm s* that
their profession brought to their
ej es seemed only to empha.«l*e th**
wholesome way they looked upon
Margie. 1 have heard much about
.eentainlnating the voting thru the
to-called realistic writings and plays
and I ha\e come to the conclusion
that no young person was ever
made any the worse by seeing an h
pictures of life and aarrlahips a-*
e r * set forth in mattv of our teal
tsiie plays. The tversg ■ young
t .ml doc.« not understand hall th"
a'tualona that sometime-, make the
undercurrent of th* .te plays dit
tasteful to 'he more mature.
"To me today, after I have passed
•hIU many experiences which have
Completely opened the blind ey*-s qf
girlhood, I think the most-insidious
of all te, 4 *‘ttat ions Is th’ covering of
tdluring mmance wnich modern
\ liters nnd drsmktlst throw around
tea Illy.
The musical comedy with Its
gilding of the most vicious of vice •
is to me s most horrible example of
this, and the young man or woman
who frequents such shows cannot
remain pure minded. This may
sound prudish, Margie, but I want
to tell you I would gladly take my
girl to see Mrs. Warrens Prof**
aion or The Easiest Way, but 1
would hate to have nty (laughter
see on<' of the so-called putty girl
shows that have been current on
lined*ay lor the last few years
"Why. MargT, I really believe
have seen so much of this sort of
thing s.iijie of us tan not diattnguis t
that which purely appeals to sh
sens' j from that which means dc
coney of demeanor and purity of
ml no.
"I found both these with Alina and
Tom and 1 have thanked the good
God every day of my life that they
wen thrown arly »n my p.tth. The/
were both m t u surprised when I
Bishop Henderson
Would Use Churches
As Red Cross Stations
Bishop Theodorp 8. Hendet *oa
made an Impassioned plea for
patriotism and pledged hla are* of
the Methodist church to stand behind
the government w|*h every drop of
their blood in the "rood Friday ser
mon In the ftetrolt opera house. Hia
statement was greeted with hearty
"Unless the American people In
th*lr conscience can ray to th-o
world front thla time- onward. ‘I dare
you to question »«y motives. I nnt
renrred for freedom: scarred for i.u
ti unity; scarred for democracy’ un
ices that be tru«\ w • are defeated.
"I an. ready to nerve with every
ounce of my atrenkth nnd I know
that my people, ntv \’o wecHnu, mv
Swedes, air Dunes and my Germans,
of whom .ir>» 15,'hHi. are with
me. Let there be no question nt.trk
alter Methodist patriot ism. amid .u't
you dare use a hyphen when you
wtlte German Methodist. In our
Methodist college tho voting Gernan
men and girls ate pledging them
told them t was going to leave th"
“T would not do I* If I were vott.
1 hauls.' said Toni 'There a • many
r*-:.»ona why a voman wr* iuu.*>l
earn her brea 1 i hculd «d*» • ti nt
prof usion L t; * flisi >, it
takes-you into th- mlB Os a )fO)l
are able to do creative worl' and
* her* you c*l'.Uc volt b®c ). i on«
wit*- Ood.
”‘Secondly, the actor's prof*?;- » >n
'• 'he only on** In whi’h women nrc
r •• I more tl:.*y me? for the same
work. If you succeed you win the
plaudits of the world while you are
alive, something few other artists
do. My dear Paula, the sordid phase
of the work which you have just
passed thru n»a> come to you or any
other girl In any other work that
Dikes her where she must associate
with the other sex.
“'Please do not let me give >ou
the Idea that men are all raging
beasts, going about seeking whom
they may devour, for they are not
Then are plenty of good men. splrn
did mm. In this world, but there is
always a sprinkling of cads in every
walk of life enough to make the
path of a girl who must work beside
them anything but a bed of roses.
" 'Personally I think the mem
b« ra of the newspaper ptofeash n
the cleanest of all men a* cla
hut you have onlv to ask A! i t for
some of her experiences to know
that even n newspai t oP>e Is not
exempt from a scoundrel o r two
" 'You, my dear Paula are on the
way to great success on the stage.
Os this. I am sure, since I have seen
you give splendid performances
night after nigh* of the role of a
young girl who loves a man devot
edly. while I know personally you
hate that man with all your heart.’
"I let Tom talk on. Margie, but
the more he talked the more deter
mined l was to do something v ise
"I told this to Alma after Torn
left u* and she said, ‘Walt a while,
anyway, before you decide.'
* Margie. I sometimes wonder if I
we really decide anything for our
-elves in this world I think we are
pushed, dragged or throw-n into all
our most Important affairs. Circum
stances pull strings for all."
reives to the country; the inen for
compulsory service and the girls tot
Red Urosa work. I want every
Methodist church to lecomc a Red
Cross station and to remain one
"1 wtll not give mv approval to
anyone coming Into .i Methodist coo
ference unless he la first an Albert
run oltlaen, whether he la German
Or Kttgll It by birth.
"I shall write a letter to every
Methodist pastor tn uv area asking
for three things: First unquestioned,
unqualified and active loyalty of welf.
nibetance nnd service to the pri-vi
dent; aecond, sanity of spirit and
speech In the promotion of pure
fatriotiam. and third, that every enr
of the 870 church*** in my area ahall
display the Stars nnd Stripes and
continue to do so during the ertria
I want no questions put upon the
patrlotlnm of the Michigan area. It
uiuat be situon pure, 100 per cent.
"It was 8 a. m. on Good Friday
that the lower branch of the con
gress of the United Btatea did what
it regarded as Its duty. There were
those who wished to take the vote
before Good Friday, but ! aay that
If this Is a righteous war, Good Frl
day was the best day that It could
have been declared.
"Unless America can say wtth
Paul from this time forward diet no
man trouble me for 1 bear in my
body the Hear,’ we are defeated now
Senntor Norris, of Nebraska, the
papers say, declared that the dollar
mark has been place J upon the Star**
ard Stripes If this Is true, God will
never permit America to conquer.
Others have said that Wall-st. has
brought on this war If that Is true.
America In whipped now But in
such an hour of crisis to intimate or
insinuate that the government has
been swayed by any such motive*
ill becomes any loyal American*',
Dr Henderson at this polDt read
• xtracts from the president's war
"As for me and my church, when
It comes to allying myself with the
senator from Nebraska or the presi
dent of the United States, I give
myself wholly to my country." he
continued. "Prussian militarism has
77u£Ur Says:.
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This War Will “Kite"
Diamond Values “Sky High”
T look for diamonds to increase in value from 30% to
'iiKr in the m-x» y**r arid, believe me. I'm all set
Let >m go I put every epare nickel I could scrape
tit the finest stock of diamonds snv man ever clamr
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he 'Johnny on the spot” to give my customers the
tvneflt of wi-e biiving When you buy a Miller
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closed every door to humanity, but
German submarine warfare has
blown open a door and behind
stands President Wilson as Lincoln
stood when a southern bomb blew
o|»en a door In the Whit* House in
"You people with sons too young
to serve and with daughters who
spend their vacations in lolling
about, send your children Into the
fields to raise potatoes and corn and
beans I would like tn send word
to the president of the Michigan
agricultural college that we have a
small army of workers at his dispo
sal. **
Bishop Henderson closed withs
prayer for victory If America's cause
is righteous, and the audience Joined
In singing "America ”
Here Are Men W r ho
Voted Against the
War Resolution
WASH IMO TON, April T.—Those vot
ina *K*ln*t the "state of war" resolu
tion wer*- Almon, Alabama; Baron.
Michigan. Britten. Illinois. Hrowne.
Wisconsin. Burnett. Alshoma. fary.
Wisconsin, tattle, Kansas, loxndon.
New York Laindeen. Minnesota; Me.
I/»rnnr,, Texas. Mas<>n. Illinois. Nel
son. Wisconsin; Randsll. California
Reavis. Nebraska. Mlsa Rankin, Mon
tana Roberts, Nsvais Ro<tenhurg
Illinois Shackleford. Missouri. Hher
w-ood Ohio, kloan. Nebraska. Htaf
ford, Wisconsin. Van Dyke. Minnesota
V’olat. Wisconsin Wheeler. Illinois
Woods. lowa Church. California
Connolly, Kansas. Cooper. Wiscon
sin. Davidson. Wisconsin. Davis.
Minnesota. Decker. Missouri: Dill.
Washington Dillon. South Dakota
- - ■■■ ■■ - " " - ' -
Let Your Gift Bea
Easter Photograph
a Dox«n
For a limited time snip.
Studio 970 Woodward Ave.
Kear Warns.
OomonlrW, Houth Carolina Keel*. Wli
ronaln Krrer. Wisconsin; Fuller. fill,
not*, Haugen lowa. ItavM. Califor
nia. Hmelsy, Missouri, Hilliard. Col
orado . Hull. lowa, Igoe, Missouri.
Johnson South Dakota. K«etmg. •'do
rado. King. Illlnota. Klnkaad. Nrbraa
ka, Kttrhln. North Carolina. Knut
son Minnesota. LaKollette. Washing
Bandits Rob Chstrffeur.
t'harle* Hnnnat. chuuffeur. No >O2
fii. Antotne-vt., reported to the p«Iloe
early Friday that ho had picked op
two man v midnlgh* in Elixabeth-st.
who, at thf point of tsvolvarn,
foicad him to drive to Ham'lton
tlv., when* thay robbed hloi of 95.
Capt. Carmina Transferred
Capt George C. Carmina, for sev
eral yoara < ocnntandvr of tba Gutted
biataa coast guard cuttar Morrill,
has been transferred to tba coast
guard bureau in Washington H* is
succeeded by Cap'. D. F. A. Da
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