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K$ Ht)6E
■f •
iMWidtl Expansion
Bare to Follow, Say s
E. Leßoy Pelletier
merchant ships
EMhlmm With Foreign
Nations Doe For
i Trwmrinwg Impetus
| ÜBor Pollotier ads el’Wing
vtth sMru Hi the Fine Arts
'MEM, jnolsrm that be loots for
f #>iPMMBAnMi e—M—mini expansion
IMnIM (ht war.
Os WtltMF frankly.' said Mr Pel
rllMNt* *Tkat 1 am on*' us those who
tapnti tills oowatry would not go u>
•gp, Rat bow that we am la It. we
RStag to make the most of it.
Pflpg •• reviewing the situation I can
Mt anything but prosperity u>
a result of the sinking of a
MmEour number of merchant
sfltps hr tbu snbmannee, we are to
‘flair rajavenating our shipyards and
•flfltaa to them at a tremendous
jflgpkEai when the war ends we will
Hflfla these grant plant.' already
MflMfcpud sad manned by experieo
daft men to ft on building n m*r
dipt aaaiiae for ouraelvea.
Rare. In fart, by the selsure
p, tho Perm an ship#, acquired a
JflflfltfiMmber of very excellent boats
SSih Wo wHI doubtless keep on
tor an to ho derided in Wash
'MflbtML la uthor words, we will have
*a flsrehut marine and we will use
“MoiotUfoi i We American* have
Rum oalisted to supply our own
atflatry with tts noeoaettie* and have
fllfOU scant thought to the develop
aMWt us our foreign trad*.
"TRo extension of foreign credits
f Wflo the trot requlsiie to the (level
aflMtt of that trade, and. hemio
lOfU. with the gold balance on th*
Other aide of the Atlantic, Mir flnan
oiora were not eager for tnat bu»i
L fNow nil that la chant *1 We are
the euatodlana of mom gold
i-lftfla oil tho other countries of Lb**
i warlt oooohined Money here ♦#
gRpUPer than over before, nod our
yßMkora are search log for places to
iflfll It at fcatorea 1 rates and on term*
flat would not former!. have hern
| PihuuuHich as we are now the oniv
Mihg nation the newer countries
m He Spring a Young Man’s Fancy
o|r bo caught and held by a rood meal of victuals just the same
an att any other season. Let us help you plan it
MBwWWAfo* Apple Bator,
TfoeßHl CktW (k*n
I TWmwiw
all put up tn glass
fc; 25*
RS3 52.75
Like Midsummer
Frwli Green Asparagus
I N*w fiiUtlli
Hath—as R*e Plant
Tpnflar Leaf Lettuce
Chsfoa Maad Lcttim
Matßatios Cue umber a
Maw Carrafoy Rig Roaches
Orpaa pr Wax Baan«
Mteta Oatan*. large baachaa
Little Round Radi ah «a
Martda Catary
WIH| v kylKltwe
ftlfla Tama* «aa
Catfoae*. F/uehreome,
IfltS* Big Sanitary Meat Dent.
«*>»« • f*d ytlio*
< fc» g? ,,,a
WBMK ia 35c
*■«■!> for
SSf..r b 35c
WT-.11.50 » *2
toMi MAiAlf*. th«
VM 111 (»• land
MPSSEr tb 26c
WHETr* .32c
JMmMoo com* i*»i
Iwt&jr*.. i4r
Order Friday Night fer First Delivery Saturdays
Vlaet raerenient Intention in Detroit—Tor. Wood* aid and
Area. On Wadwaid and I'roMtown Cai Lines.
of South America and booth Africa,
which have always been hs-avv bor
towers, must, of necessity, look lu
us as their source of supply.
“Before tke ear It was actually
cheaper and quicker to scad goods
from Nee York to Hamburg and
thence to South America than to
ship direct, almply because them
were no big lll** running between
the Uniud Su.ua and thea* conn
* This is rapidly being changed by
necessity. We will only l>e follow
ing the way of least resistance o»
maintaining these routes
“Naturally the bank mg Conner
rtoas which are now being formed
between this country and thuse.oih
era will he accompanied by the eg
tmbllahment of commercial relations
“This is our groat opportunity
and whether the war lasts for sav
ers! years, or happily may be more
speedily terminated. I cannot see
but that America must reap a rich
harvest for many years \o come.
"We are starting out on an era of
commercial expansion that U vastly
greater than even we, ourselves, air
predate, and tt Is going tc mean that
Amerirn will hereafter be a world
power in commerce even more than
in diplomatic affairs.
“Another thing that la going to act
as a tremendous force In the expan
sion of American foreign trade, ».«
the establishment of democracies,
not one but several of which I verily
believe will closely follow this wai
“Democracies have no commercial
Jealousies. They have no desire (or
territorial aggrandizement. *h*y
deal with <*ne another in the moat
friendly fashion and on the on* os
tia of quality at the price * “
WASHINGTON. April 14.—Plana
to make the seized German and
Austrian ships a part of the Anti
can merchant marine were discussed
today at a conference between Sec
retarv McAdoo and Chairman l)*n
man of the federal shipping board
It developed at the roaferenr*
that there are three wave by which
the government may take over the
•o German and 14 Austrian vessel*
They are:
Seize the ships as prizes of war.
Requisition the vessels under the
right of eminent domain
I-»t Americans purchase the ships
Each of these means were tboroiv
gone into at the conference but in
definite conclusion was reached.
Chairman Denman said
NEW YORK, April U.—Deaial
of tbe report that a German submit
rlne bad sunk the British vessel Tre
veul. off Clenfurgos. Cuba, was re
reived by the Cuban prees bureau
here today In a cable from Secretary
to the president Azpiazn.
rpaiwama a
Vary fine quality,
that make tempting
".SL 18c
•ftS. 35r
MAKT Aret.na. gal
lon can* of lawlaui
fruit equal to oa*
paafc of fr**h ap-
JT... .. 40r
Break large )<***#« of
whol*aom« home-ma*J*
bread a a
atra lUc
Smaller 1 >av*a Z?
aam* quality OC
Finatt on tha market.
Grape Fruit—large i»lae; e* r
I and | for ZDC
Choice California Naval Oranges
’Z. 30c, 40c e 50c
Larga Ripe Pineapples— a r
each fcDC
Choice Bananas— n
lb OC
Sweat Oranges—For alleinf; r% a
very juicy, dos L*tC
Choice Western Apple*—for aa
• abin ue«. box of 4 tUC
Northern Spy App+a»- beat for roo*
Fmncf Lemons oa
dor JUC
Choice Dates, Figs and Raisins.
AH choirs young corn
t*A pi o stock
•fta H»K«t of nn
»h«* rig, ih
°mt O'** **h» r„r.
All port pork, no n.i
t*r so .1^
crr*al tb —rlC
Link*. iin
aam» n* io O^C
On» Okknuf Ramp.
Olr* ■*»••«»•. You rtr<
par Bior* but v>u
cant »»t n£%
better, lb .)t)f
f»T«k e»#k TrpfcrUka
r-n*ll«* *ltc-rS «rt«*r
•’•r*4 ■•<•« an
lb .... . . 4Ur
H*nac kpfc Blnr*
Hml, th«- ktn«l with
th# old h«m» flavor,
r i7c
!b« 50e
mrmii is
(4XXRD boon*
Park wwd Beau,
*w«»r Caw,
Kidney Beaaa.
Llaaa Bean a.
Karl, iaae Prat,
baldea Wax Beans,
R*»ed V *a etahlea for
•oiipe and atewa, , m
*er <*n .... IOC
rut from rhoic* young
natlvs steers
Bib Naaat* at r«unt*r
25* 32c
* baalr* Kelt I*- Hntala
H« »• *»mc* "fesb %|«
«“.r 20,
Veal, etfrs choice and
fat. breaet or 1 Oi
shank off. lb £4*
fbvsMrr ftnaat* nr
for dressing. 1b...4b0c
Seal for Mtslni n i
lb 44c
rr*»b f alren* l.ltara
and «wc»t Brraf*.
nsr.f Beef, Seal. P*rb
nnd lamb.
Public Anxious About Gain in Meat Prices;
Lowering oi Supply Makes Famine Imminent
Recent developments resulting
from tbe world wide war have boost
«and prices in such an alarming way
that people arc believing there is
no lluitt. Tbe government crop re
porta early in tbe month showed
such an Immense shrinkage In the
winter wheat crop when eompared
with the showing made on this date
last year that apprehension* <*f a
famine are ezpreseed on every
band. The recent rapid gam in
market prices for all kin<fo of fresh
meats and domestic animals tends
to increase the anziety in Conner
tlon with the future high cost of
llvlrx and there are those high up
in the councils of the nation, who
are suggesting government control
as the only means of controlling
That the .foundation supply of
rattle, sheep and hogs Is rapidly de
creasing is generally conceded and.
t« usual at tbe el* venth hour, wise
seres are coming forward with be
lated suggestions of a remedy. The
indiscriminate slaughter of young
breeding stock of ail kinds has long
been regarded as little less than a
crime by everyone who appreciates
the necessity for conservation and
enlargement in every branch of the
national food supply, rendered nee
rsaarv by a rapidly increasing popu
latton The demand for drastic leg
islation is becoming so emphatic
that congress and the legislatures
of the various states, will hardly
find It possible -to much longer de
fer taking action Ir connection with
so Important a subject The pas
sage of a law making It a misde
meanor punishable with a fine or
imprtifonment to slaughter a fe
male calf, lamb or pig during the
nett five years would meet the
need* of the case and would assist
tn restocking the country with nal
rnals whkh under the present syw
tem will soon become so scarce and
high that they can no longer be
used aa tood by the average work
In all markets the scarcity of
long-fed bullocks has forced killers
to turn their attention to tidy cat
tle and prices for this kind have
This Napoleon Bed $1 £
Termn, $lJiO Ca*h. :>oc Weekly A tJ
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Napoleon bedroom suite, in walnut or maliogan>
finish. Here Is the opportunity to complete your bed
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This Massive $1 Q 75
Colonial Buffet a
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THIS buffet is built of aohd oak, with an eztra thick
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French bevel plate one.
hardaawd materially during the laat
!U daya. In Chicago, strictly prime
heavy steer* would readily bring
IIS to HI M per cwt. if tßev were
ua offer and animals a grade lower
readily sell for fill &f> per cwt Feed
era aeein disposed to allow their
cattle to come forward with very
little regard aa to whether they are
finished or not and hundreds of car
Uwds have come to hand wlthfn the
past twomreeks that ware only in
(air fecdrng condition
The effect of the recent radical
use in the price of com la reflected
in the in demand fur stork
ers snrf feeders at a time when the
apt ing rise of grass la near at hand
The movement of stock cattle from
the leading markets back to Interior,
wss very much smaller in March
Selected Pastor of
Big* Detroit Church
I \v ♦ < j[^lH^^^Sg'
«- m - •- 'l. *<r '■T-MtM* «i
,#i >\m r ,. dfiiß *
4 jik> 11
He is the new pastor of the For
est ave Presbyterian church, elect
ed Thursday night to succeed Dr
James M Barkley, resigned He
was assistant pastor under Dr.
Barkle\ for some time
. Qvc.
than during the sum*- month In 1916
All of t!ie*e condition* are canaing
people to wonder from where the
future supply of fat cattle wIU come.
Tha »heep sad lamb market I*
ilooming again with a fair prospect
that values will make anew record
before tbe summit of the rise la
reached. Nor* shorn lambs are
making their appearance tn the
market t*nd tbe spread between
shorn and wool stock is growing
wider Tbe high value placed upon
wool on an average sheep pelt is
shown by the fact that while the
pelt with the wool on I# worth
|4 ii, without the wool the skin ta
only sorth II 15 Reports of heavy
losses among early lam be in all
parts of the country have led to the
contracting of unborn stock at 111
per cwt. to be taken at weaning
time. This is a higher price than
wss ever before paid in this depart
m*nt of the trade
Live bogs have again got their
stride and new records are sure to
result. The gain tn hog values dur
og March equaled 12 per cwt. and
predictions that the “trick* will be
repented in April are frequently
heard Current arrivals are deetd
.*dlv common indicating that about
everything fit to kill Is forward The
demand is the main sup
,*ort of the market for light and
tedium weights The smaller kill
• re have been liberal buy err. but tbe
Mg packing outfits have been
oound'ng the market with little re
*ult so far. Tha speculative provl
• ton trade ha* been gradually work
ng higher but tbe best that they
can do in future* values are far
-low a parity with the price at
shich live hogs are selling.
The Breeders* Gazette, of Chlca
go. sacs:
Provision stoeX. tn CM<-*,ro showed
h-avy •leereas«*s during March and
there was a similar shrlnkas* at all
principal packing points On April
! the (*ht>aa<> sto«'h of meat* was
15* MI.SM pounds against IJJMSSJ'*
pounds a year ago and were S »67 4*4
pounds tichter than the April 1 aver
age In 17 yeara past. Mmh of the
•t<x k tn packers' cellar. Is und-r
contract and the re«t could be easily
sold If holders were disposed te part
w th It. The movement across the
Atlantic Is still mpre.*»d t.y % lack
of ve-eel hut exports test week
The Credit which he obtained of Queen Isabel enabled Christopher Columbus to make the journey
resulting in
The Discovery of America!
T 1 HERE was no thought of “ethics” or “dig
nity.” In fact, it w r ould have been admit
ted even by the enemies of Columbus that it
would have been foolhardy for Columbus not
to have availed himself of credit.
Credit enables you to have a beautiful home of your own, living in it while paying for it.
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were 4,144.409 pounds of lard and 14.-
SSH.eoo pounds of maata, agaln-t &.*
4SV (too and t1.415.u00 p oinds respec
tively. a year ago 0 Further shrink
age of stocks during April is cer
January returns tust available, ilia
close the fs.t Dial only lit* t?e
pounds of frash beef acre tmpoitvd
during that month. I'anada •ontrlbut*
ine the sntiis package tn January,
1414 imports were 1T.114.71Z pounds,
of which 4 4te.*|4 pounds same from
Argentina During tbe seven months
* r
■Hi I Byfirtkw
LI J. 1 v aka# in
In a low
Solid m
only by
th* Hou»«
to Suit
Your Income
kfstrx+Hon (cr tkt Central Concert Co.’s course, seoson toi7-19, con note be made here.
•ndme with January imports of fresk
beef wprs 12.874.7ie pounds, ngslnst
-VSis.3ll pounds ix# previous year
end 144 444.772 pounds In. 1914 Mut
ton end limb imports during th* ssv.
-n months ending with January. 1417,
wer* but I*4l |1« pounds. a ß «in<«t
r»Tß.tap tk* previous year eng 24.-
223.1*14 tn !4|4. Imports of fresh
pork have drapp-d from 14.444,1«4
pounds during fit* s*vsn months end
ing with January. 1411, ta 444.44*
pounds during th* »am* period end
lug with January this year. Imports
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real and lasting musical enjoyment and satis faction’
Headquarters, 243-247 Woodward Ave.
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til 1 11'
i f,^\ « .
pji >{ - ? VrfeL
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I(>0 puns, s different patterns
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of <*ur*4 moat* hov* prAottcAtlf
CMK 4.
•hot toplo Devouring
HAHTIN'U*. Mich, April I*.
(loorgo H Skoal* of Spring I All*,
dhot a largo oaglo tho othor morning
ahllo tho bird *ll doTourlng •
roontor at hi* honnarjr •It m*a*ur*4
At* foot from tip to tip
to All

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