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-SATURDAY. APRIL 11. 1917.
n aa ■
H»:%mim« iHnsfm
W*M-k«."• «Ur with Willi'Nt f.vrr
»fc»* la “(iriil.i V.rrlrti" I. rvM>r-
I* Uarrirli. Ik. w.rk •! April U
Theis l*n't a <<.tu.<li«n < n ih- stus
mors popular or ixUrr kno" ii than
Eddie Foy. who will h< ridltm th*
T*mple hill BtU *f*k Hr liaa b#<n
caricatured. irnpersiinatni irnjtatr-d
and copied—yst there In »>nly on#
Kddie Foy. Capable n# h. la. her.
*v#r, hr will h«v» to look sharp for
h< la In danger nf havlnr hi* stellar
righ's encroached upon from •<•* *-n
different sour*.'* 1. log fir
ftcyen Younger Foy*. aon an-' daugh
ter# of Edwin Fltxgera'd I ov, who
nnof aspired to plav "ll.Blft " They
will all hr with him iuit ».»V, In
-e+odHeg Mamma Ftrr Ttre
Yniincer Fry* air a log part of th*'
• 't. for •»«< h nn. la a horn ■ •oniadtaii
and Papa Foy la not a bit sting) in
pet mitt in*; thr little Foy# to shine
111 thr |intfli|hL It'a a case of like
father like son and daughter too.
In thr Foy fatnlD Thrir vaudeville
olNriti* this oitrin ia a Jrt-ntinut*
fun frolic ailed **Th« < »id Woman In
th* Shoe." written hy Urorg* V. Ho
hart, «ith tunra and jingle* by Wil
liam Jerome. He. ond feature of the
TANARUS» triple hill alll he Udi M Mlllan. the
original “College Widow" of Oe..rge
Ad< a play of the aatm name With
an efficient rompnn-i III*. McMillan
*1)1 otter a net*. whimsical comedy
tailed Th M untight Age A au
p.ftot two-a-day team on bhe hill
will he Oeorge M Kn and Ottle Ar
dlne In then lever »klt of aonga,
daneea ami patler • ailed On Broad
way” Other a<fs Inrlude Prlmruee
Four, vaudeville's 'biggest" quartet
piogranimed t* "l.a“V Pound# of Mar
iri"*n>". P*lro, nid.r of the ptsno
.renrdeoii Meehan * doaa. Including
•everal wonderful leaping hounds.
Pert Whee|*i and companv in auto
mobile fun and frolir-, Kane brother#
In g new novelty and th* movies
New, popular aonga. bright, hreesv
)ok*« and tuneful. cat< hy music will
predominate nn the Miter hill nest
week The moat important feature
will he the Argo streamer# here of
Hgrvey Meyer a All-Star Novelty min
strels The rompanr recently' com
pleted a moat *ur< e*.ful tour In the
eastern ttjegters and the ottering T#
said it and r *
Inal miniature minstrels #\d» organ
ised All the old time worn Ideas
have bean eliminated and every de
tail. from the elnborats purple and
gold stage mountings to th* beauti
ful coatum#*. it ij- declared awsrkt*
with originality. With a repertoire
that range* fVom ragtime to bur
leaque grand tp* popular fav
orites. Bteln. Hume and Thomas, re.
turn this season with anew .ff»-r.lng
Other arts promised are Hiatt and
Oeer. high speed boy. D< n and Pat
ty. the “Chatterboxes . Harms trio.
European novelty entertainer*, and
Flood and Erna. physical cultuie
girls. Screen featut** for Ine week
Include Margarita Fisher In "The
I>ev 1 1 a Aaalatsnt". Jackie Saunders
In “Sunny Un*", and The perils of
Our 'Jlrl Reporters The screen pro.
duetlons are thutn from 13 JO.-to
tJ# o'clock daH' prec« ding the reg
ular vaudeville perf >i mane#.
• vi tJMTir .
“Sleeping Fire* with Pauline
Frederick In the leaning role, will
be #erti in Ot» Majeati lltMlgr nut
week starting Kundar iifrernoon. M »»
I'rd.rl) k i role la a sympathetic one.
“Hl.t-ping Fires 1.-ronth its flipping
plot. In wh' h moth-'r love hatflea
ag*if»«f divorce, ha* the two element*
that appeal most to the average pic*
tura fan—the deiartlv# novel and the
love story After eatrangenient from
her husband. Zelma Hry e meets a
young lawyer. Robert Orgy, who wins
■ ■■■■ ■■■» ■»■
■» If
lmi ?
fIHH«> H V 1.i% %II
In «rn pkal*|)l«) “B»Wltf H In H»4l
4 S *
-* ;-. “
isl w
£-vP!£..-. !i
KT* *^^r L ■ •.'
.A V
*• v
n>> i ••m:r,>
V Ilk * U««ff»
* - v lH
f It Al PH IIKItf
r<i|>alir csweSliS la “The U«r Mill"
la iuMr It the Detrwlt opera
kaatt, the weeh of Aprtl *S
her confidence and is later called upon
to e-cure h-r acquittal us a serious
charge Cray Is play-d try Thomas
M• igt.an. Th- supplemental program
for tits wo-k I* h*>**l--d by Mutt and
JcfT at th- Clm-us" the travsloguea
;tre “The Orang- Induatrv In South
ern California.** “liar v -sling the
N< vt I«e Crop.** and “Picture postal
I'ar-i* Hepry Nantrey wtf) sing
“VA hat Dixie Means to M*-." and other
new a *nga. The symphony orchestra
will offer an excellent program. Hpe
clal f-aiuir pictures taken about the
city show r-<ruillng scene# and oth
er in-ld-nta Indicative of Ihr trend
of .palfiaUAtn and preparedneax In
L>e|r<ui. ' Tr#a' Ahiroala is thr title
of ths w. <w* chapt-r from "Tl
l.tvlng Hook of Nature.*’ Dltmars
animal flim#.^^
VI tlliatiV
Peggy Hyland i* said to bv In her
element In her latest photo play. “Ha
hot I-,'* announced for next week In
the Madison theater. The ator> tell*
of a y< uth whose extraordinary clev
*rneas leads him Into paths of crime
until hs meat* ths prvtty daughter
of the Jail-keeper, This sweet. In
nocent girl changes th# man* view
point. ll* reforms, love# and finally
make* Babelle his wife. From that
time Ms one care In Ilfs l* to corn eal
from her the black record of hla
past Temptation In the form of
pressing need to provide necessities
of life, leads him to attempt one
more unlawful ey.edlth*n H# Is
(•ufht. and thr heroic manner in
which h- keeps Ms lni*lin* Wife tn
Ignorance forms one of the dramatic
scene* of this unusual play. Marc
MacTwrnaott as the youth and Peggy
Hyland a* Babette are cast to the
best advantage. Templet Have and
William Dunn have Important part#
A# added attractions the program
wilt present a beautiful h.*n<f-ool«ii ed
travelogue. Hearat-Path* weekly and
anew comedy. K'h»l Must-M*||or.
who ha* become # favorite w|th De
troit th* atergoera, w ill c-ffei anew
program of y>ng* TIN Madison con
cert orchestra, under the direction
of KVHiard Werner, will play “The
Merry Wives of Windsor” Harold
tarvt* will alna at the M-<nday, Wed
nesday :ind Friday matinees
1.1 i I I *«.
The popular author player .lames
Kyrls Mn'«*urdy. Wll * com* to the
Dyceum theater for a week a stay he
ginning Hgnday afternoon. In his new
and auc> castul romantic melodrama
"Pedro, live Italian." Ths play l* In
four a-ia anil pres* nl* a tt> w type of
the stag- Italian . The son of kial>
6n play ed hy Macf’urdy I" a lovable
fallow with high Idegl# and a atrong
heart The offering Is aald to have
been given an adequate scenic en
vtronment and • competent cast for
. the support of Mr liar Curdy. Th*
play tells an Interesting lov* story
and - fortune# of
r-dro, the hero, a fruit vender The
company include# Knte oo«J# Flake
1 Pearl Ford. Hrac# Msc.daalers. Frank
i It -ad < k tJeorge Tripp Edwin Evans.
J J dwarf wood. I*ml# M Oranat. and
a canin' p* rformer who Is hilled a#
Tn addition t-- a st-%rg company
of comedians liv hiding Itlllv Foster
and Frank llarcourt. the “Howery
Burleaquers" to come to the (iayety
I'isxt week starting Sunday nfiernoon.
I includes an attract!v« group of
' young women entertainer*. Edna
'Orrery f« « flashing comedienne and
I lira-e \nd»-i .«--n ha« s good vote*,
a hilc Hit'll) Hart and Mwtle and
Pauli offer specialty numbers. Th*
< horu* of JO la said to be the best
trmmed group on the burlesque cir
cuit “At Isnhster Reach" 1* the title
of the two-piece mu*l« al skit which
-- - - -- - -
%■ ••Trrftn Ikr Knllnn" In I, y rr«m.
% 4'
: \s&
< (HO|, M HROMtI.H
"tukrnlr nlifc "(m# Mrlt" In
I n«lllar
m Bk
(•median on Mile* program.
the “Bowery Burlesquer#" will pre
sent. Beside# Comedian# Foster and
llarcourt and the wotn< n principals
the company include# Marty S*atn<>n.
Kddle Aiken and Charles Jansen In
leading roles.
Th* “flporttng Widows" will l*e the
tiayety theater attraction the week
of April J3 The company »a heeded
by Harry Cooper, !*•</ Maps. Ruth
lorkwood Abe Leavitt and Matt Ken
Next week a attraction In the Cad
lllae theater will he the “Auto tltri
In anew burlesque entertainment
presented In ttun act* w»4th etaht
a ewe# in adltion t«* good, clean
eNtnedy there will be in new Singing
a icing numbers and a program
<»f vaudeville specialties Th* - hlef
funmaksr# are Jgme# J Lake, Marry
r'eytnour and Carol Mchroedcr. all of
whom are favorite* with Cadillac nu
d ences The company inrlude* Ham
Muchsil. Fred \mlolt. Ilillv Hallmnn
Madeline WeUh and a chorua of 2<i
gill# The vaudeville program wilt
. rr*r specialtle# by c#pt Harnett and
•on. “the smallest c-medtun In the
world." Carol Bchroeder. lUrr\ Sev
rnoui and other#. The production ts
mounted with nov -< • ner y pretty
coAtum*# and novel electrical effect#.
a# fkere a |ah are the eat I mat we# # re
tag la ewttlag the depariniewt re
quests for appropriations that mem
bers of the hoard predict that when
the pruning la finished about a
week hence, the budget will he
Is## than |!DIM <10(1. When thr
< ouncll passed it the amount was
9SC.Aog.orto. a large par' -f which
was to he raised hy bond issue.
What America Will Do
To Help Beat Germany
Thr die is cast.* The American people take up the fcage of battle which has
forced upon them by the German Government, and will into the war up to the hilt
to defend American rights on land and sea, and the fundamental principles of democracy.
It will be no purely defensive war upon which America embarks, for President Wilson
in his message to Congress called upon the country “to exert all its power and an its
resources to bring the Government of the German Empire to terms and end the war
because “the world must be made safe for democracy.”
In THE LITERARY DIGEST for April 14th. public opinion as to the practical
steps which should be taken is shown. The submarine peril is one of the first, and perhaps
the most important, problems to be overcome. On this subject, press writers in London and
Washington tell of plans already made for cooperation between the American and Allied
navies. The various view-points upon universal military service, the dispatch of troops
to Europe, an agreement with Great Britain, France, Russia, and Japan, for no separate
peace, three steps advocated hy the ( hicago Tribune, are advanced, and arguments for
and against them are presented, in addition to other plans.
Other significant phases of the world’s news are also shown under these headings:
When the Voice of the American People Called for War
President Wilson’s Vibrant Words end How Hs Wes Answered by tke Nation s RepresenUtiee# in Congress
German-American Opinion on War
With Germany
The Prospect* of U-Boat Success
The Voice of Democracy in Germany
The Metric “Myth”
Railway Signals in the Streets
How the Birds Sing
The Passing Era of the Pen
Boston's Melting-Pot
Child-Crime in Warring Germany
Those of tt* who have traveled to any extent are
familiar with that luxury of the tourist, the observa
tion-car It enables the voyager to obtain a clear
view of all parts of the landscape through which
ffe is passing Its window# open impartially upon
every side. It affords a panorama of the country
to right and left, of the pas* ahead and of the long
trail winding out behind It shows you mountain
•and plain, river and sea, green fields and smoky
towns, and you are free to decide which of all these
/ TU
f Mark of \
f Distinction to 1
I BoalUodorolf
FUNK & WAGNALLS COMPANY (PuNtiher# of the Famous NEW Standard Dictionary). NEW YORK
ikmamUU, ‘" 0
MwbMbbf * ■
In eras photoplay Mslrettr ess see-
Fmnk Cody, assistant sup*rtn
t*nd»*nt of th* Detroit public
schools, will addr*** the Bui»ln««s
M*n*x Bible cln»s In th* First Con
<r»*gHilnnAl church. Woodward and
For*#t-gve#. Sunday noon His
nubjprt will be “Th* Americanist*
I Mon movement in the public
| o'hrxjK’* Mr. <’od> hss taken per
[ ''onxl charge nf the Amerlcgnll*-
I Mon efforts in the Detroit schools.
ind Is in a position to supply nn
I interesting nmount of data on the
work that hs* been arrompliabnd,
Truly Grateful.
Footpad—And now I’ll trouble
vou to tnke off that suit of clothes.
Jones -Thanks awfully. Only for
vou niv wife would have made me
wear It for two years more.
Careless Pa.
Rloper—l thought that 1 saw your
; father at a window
Girl —Yes, I'll fix him for that;
he promised not to peck.
Tha Baat and Latent Cartoona and Othar llluatrationa
A World-Tour In An Observation Car.
April 14th Number on Sale To-day—All News-dealers—lo Cents
« * t —., ■,p | —, r, * t rj o may obtain cop ms of Ihe I -itcrar, ! 'iijftt
IN t/W O* UC/A DlkliCT by applying to the Publisher*
literary Dilest
Mrs Went knew how tn
Improve ths valuable business con
UsctlOM of her husband Harry \\
Went, purchasing agem r.f tS«
Universal Products company. Sin-
borrowed |2OO from the vice presil
dent of the company and mortgaged
her furniture to am»*her automobile
man without her bunband’s know!
edge. Went testified In Judgs
Miner s court In an umontested suit
for divorce.
T>nr!ng the time that she put over
•everal private business transac
tions with her husband’s associates
Went was giving her 1125 a month
for the expenses of running their
home at No. M 4 Clair are., and
she was receiving 9160 more a
month from H R. Jenhlna, vice-pres
ident of Went’s concern and John
F. Flick, the secretary, who lived
with them.
The husband said he had never
heen able to And out what she need
ed the money for. and that she had
told hit business friends that she
wanted It for private business
“Ijuß May Mr. Jenkins loaned h*r
f2oo,’* said Went. “He had an
lues I needed It anil was too proud
to ask for It. When I discovered
what she had been doing after she
1* ft me I almost had a fight.“
H. 8 McClellan, of the Chalmers
plant, testified that he had loaned
Mrs W’ent S3OO, and as a matter of
form took a mortgage on her fur
niture. He had been a neighbor
s' the time, h* said
After leaving him Mrs Went took
a position In an Insurance nffi e
under her maiden name, W’ent said.
Judge Miner Indicated that the
testimony was sufficient for a dr
nee but held It up pending the err
rectlon of a defect In the filing of
the paper*.
aittlee •• a beerd #f review. Ike
reenell (•* er ewwellMttee eete
mlttee and the city assessors, as
sisted by th# member* <>f tb* state
tax commission, will hold th*lr
sr«t rneetlne of th* v*ar- Tuesday
morning The hoard will h* In
~..|,n for 1« days, during which
time conaldsratlon will h* given
all r-omt>lalnts of taxpayer* con
cerning their a#ee*«rc*nt*. The
Htv assessors' office ha* complet
ed »h«- preparation of the aascs*-
imnt rolls.
How Europe Welcomes United
States Into the War
Is the Moon a Disused Target?
The Sheep and the Goats
Team-Work in Germ-Land
Authors and Artists as “Vigilantes’
“Hearing” and “Seeing” Plays
The Churches and War
Vice-Traps in London
Mexico's Inhospitality to Missions
you prefer There is no compulsion, no touting
Your judgment is completely uninfluenced. Through
the world of events THE LITERARY DIGEST
travels in precisely the same manner, giving its
readers an unbiased view' of all question*, all ideas,
all diversities of thought. Here, as in the obser
vation-car, you are free to decide upon your likings.
There is no attempt to persuade or convince you
You are simply given a broad view of the facts The
decision rests solely with yourself.
Detroit College of Medicine
Celebrate** Naming of Base
Hospital For It
Com mom ora ting the fact that to
the Detroit College ot Mndlcln* haa
l*e*n gi v**n the honor by the gov
eminent ot establishing a base hos
pital unit under Ha name, the only
college in America to be thue bon
ored, the student body on Friday
presented the college with a beauti
ful flag. It was unfurled for the
first time at 1 o'clock Friday after
noon, with ceremonies conducted by
Ihe students
Before pulling the brilliant ban
ner out on the flag staff in front of
the college building, the atudents,
more than 200 strong, many of
whom will be In the personnel of the
college hospital unit paraded In the
neighborhood of the college on An
toine and nearby streets.
When the flag was unfurled one
of the students played the national
anthem on a cornet while the others
stood around uncovered Dr. Burt
R fltmrly, dean of the college and
head of the hospital unit, accepted
the flag on behalf of the college and
in a brief patriotic address he
sketched the history of the flag and
outlined some of the glorious
achievements accomplished under
ita folds.
A convention has been called to
fleet is Toronto today to complete
•re organisation of the new Do
minion Tjtbor party.
I Detroit vs.
■ Cleveland
Ab Game Called at S:00 P. M
Eastern Standard Time
Reeerved and Bex Seats at
- Soper's Cigar Store, new
(}«■, Dime Saving* Bank Bldg.
w stick Hat •—Twice | aieaaa MMffWi
si amis mm; duly I obadi WaMII . wagrt
joe Nt ene rmnu
The Season’s Supreme Carnival of Laughter
T01>4% ANI> »l(»HT--it ni.lwatK SCMBW*
Raal Burlaaqua
Automobiles and Accessories
Hollier Eight or Roadatar $989
I Marion-Handley and Brisco#
MOTORCARS 1. F. Falter Salt* CMpsqi
Ots*rfW»*»r» tor Eaitrra MleS. ISSI-SS «w*w'i PkM* NtrkM MT4
ffupmobile 'SS,*
PWe»* Merfcei >MI
uk teach you to be an assembler, tenter, repair roan,
bearing scraper, welder, chauffeur, etc. Theae positions pay
big wagen. and skilled workmen arc always in demand. Spend
a few weeks In our Auto School and get one u / the good job*
which are always open to these men.
Y. M. C. A. Auto School
Classes are both day and night. If you are working nofcr,
learn during spare time. We have all the latest equipment and
the co-operation and assistance of moat of the prominent a no
mobile companies In Detroit. The school la not operated for
profit—tuition goea to procure a high class of instructors an<s
a thorough courae.
t ome in and let ua rhow you around, or write for particular*.
Educational Director. Room 303, Y. M. C. A., Detroit
As a Rubber Band
A point to be well considered by
the Manufacturer is that the adop
tion of
Detroit Edison Service
gives him the assurance of being 1
able to stretch his supply of power
to meet all increases in his busi
ness—he will have no engine-room
problems to solve. Back of his
meter is a practically unlimited
supply of power.
Talk it over with on*
of our engineers
Detroit Edison Company
Main 1300
•re. Hunt tadillac
The Show of Novelties
extra extra
Capt. Barnett & Son
Smallest Comedians in the World
Biggeet Hit in Burleeque
toimi—T»ir per* wakfirl*
Are You Getting
Top-Notch Wages ?
Don’t be content with just ordinary
wage* when a llttia study will make yoe
a ‘Hop-notchor.’*

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