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.BMm| "alriimirr of >' »>••- i***
§{■£,£sl |t>f h pro*rti *< - •"< *
fTi'ftin;, <r 8<
Dancing will
K\ gy>t franklin I nldw .-!• I\*lk<-r «n
a* brUlr*- Ft! day
ijlv MIM JulHitih Monni, • h »< <; <-
Mjfep* to N«li Mr.HUlan I' will '■’►• ,
9jM|| «9iiiiori nf th>- I w-< r*»it Y*< hi
mfklk will open Thurwday
MM u, with a dancing ( * l '-' ln
KfttUii dancing partic* will "•
Un r fv • •
K s —^B^ —
m' 4 foe Nprtbwrst- rn Woman * b
Djptfl give a eard part Tu-fday .*!•• r
The Confessions ot a Wife
The Pride of Heritage Cannot Be Broken
ami 1 v i ■
in Waghingwa m 'ho h » .
iaawgunr loo.'
E[ >fjEl found m>*elf h.»ph.-*' ">•'
been any tnu*
P'‘ lather tend moth-" |«-ft tin alone
Hp our wonderful #
* think of u
Uiij there
B|Kfl|gr* than an
i» .i rm< *
S|hHt ♦
differin' *r*u. !■
Kguiptoya* 1* «is ifreat and deep <*»*!
to bndg. »* that
BpjNkbnauadnr and tiv* huiuel* '
Sr -|i»rh»‘ at th<* legation
Ry> old families m W r._-
ImErrr an itka that th* > at* n
Qod a.- tin kor; <
capital S F-v. n ihe pr<-
HpHH and the m-mber* oi t ,- <-•'■.
Klfaei aiur’ bav«> som-Uiln- !>•-''>
pnaltion the> im*e >-*-')
EhtytCted to fill for m short Uei* to
fExgmftinr them to th« iu» :b* • • of ’
mm Um*i*** *ho trar* • !>*• i >
|f&%tck tO tbr Mluwtnou- maker-
FjliN flf i» hwtort;
prawtdea:* h.< • • rr.
Iggflpt «P ft* »h** standard* of f h*—
of Washington ><a .-
Jprea'*»st *><Ril ann
J(tlU’acr<' rl ->il>* That - N*
SttLolmti ...' .'.
9pSr" ftrnt martyred prrsio- 1/
gfip eonaid#*r*>d th- -un-rw < ou;*
G*«>rg- -•-» ■
a frntiani ■■( -n* ..
*ho m -...-
rnart'a*- u- ■i
to « frlrod *' mHn
tfcftrrooon brui# i>a:. ■
t h«*ar • ..u t .
'h- MRtf apartm* nt bouae
moth<r ',ht
Ek&Mml ia acunc ro mar-'
Hnf an- S • r-"!
Qp wn or
bi -a f»w timrs
you . ■ '
’• r ' *'
}a . *
JX 9
#4> \ ■*■ Hickey’s for Quality
\t' *)
/£*< Hickey-Freeman Suits and
/\ Topcoats at *2O and 125
Have ti Word to Say !—
v “ Workmanship
wHUfs That in a word is the thing which sepai ates Hickey
ffifijEu \ I/) Freeman clothing from most other makes.
fa l lVv Thf ring, r you rxamlnf th*- <l«-tnJln of ?Ailorinac the b«t'«*r
w* i/I '’S 1 \Y\ you'll Ilk•* Hickejr-Frerman clothing
V&f r 1 I’ Ih mad** In fto< het*t‘*r, N*w York *h**rr- a rr* a* of
■ * I ll' ‘b*’ *'« 1> !>•'*« *UI»« corns from It In made in a bright. «'r>
«hol*-xon u > .*MablMhnu-nt It I mad* of pur- wool f
mad" b\ hnnd
’*'**“* flf BE much style In Hickey Prr»m.in clothing »«

jiu lA
for young men or older men
*" r * ® ,mit nien--ahort m**n —slim m»*n —m» nos oxer*
& 'Vj l-d, $. , and on up to $1"
, noon. April IT. m the IVdaratlon
rlubhouar. may bo
froin Mr* n R Ka*C Mr*.
KfrfrMO and Mt J l' I' 0 Maaun
• -
Thr marrlair ot Mias Pranr*#
Keating, aister of Mr. and Mrs f.
W. Birdseye, of thia city, to llamld
Anthony Van l»>ke. was quietly per
formed Thursday, m Chlca*o. Ue-
fcaase of riHrinl bereavement In the
I bride's family, onlv the immediate
I families Ui-rw present. Af’er May 1.
> Mr and Mrs. Van l>yke will b«' at
home at No Sd I>avenport st
l»r and Mrs M W lain. No. 1W
Delaware jve.., left Thursday for To
ronto. where they will conduct a
three month*’ seres of evangelisUr
services In Iktle I’re-bytertan
bed h**r"* was the etclamation ot
bnother present.
“Presidents and pm-ldems’ wives
are onh transitory episodes in the
||v*-s of the old resldeuts of Wash-
In, ;ron, and the peculiar part of it is
that some times you will hnd a wo
man belonging to one of these fam
ilies of decayed fortunes in the mi
I lov of the government and she
has all the pride of birth of the lady
Clara Verc de Vere and her con
t. nipt of the family of the wild west
• m conaressmiin or the purse-proud
MMwtnr m as great as was that of
the lady of Tennyson’s imagination
who scorned the country lout.
"I h*vr been In nutny places in
this countrv Margie,** continued
I tuU. “m ihe years in which I earn
ed my living and I have never been
in one American town or -Ity where
money bad little to do with so
ciety caste standard* as Washing
“I am telling all this tr jou my
dear Margie, because I want you to
understand something of the differ
ent strata of society with which I
( iris tn contact in tnv u, it poai
“Shortly after the tnaugurmtwm 1
became secretary to a congressman
This position, like everything else
thai has ever happen«>d to me. came
to me out of a clear sky. for when I
went to Washinjron I had no more
idea of becoming secretary »o a coo
greewman that I had of issconaing
wife to the richest bachelor in the
“I had no Idea of the responsibili
ties at the posit ton. but I ha vs come
to the conclusion that 1< true of
most of the men and women who
become ffmgrMj-rawM secret an* •*
Os (ourwr, some meg bring with
them from *hetr home towns their
ckl secret a rtes. but the uewr ones
-ire usually hired on the gro*ind of
friendship or some other urge That
these young men and women pick
Up quick!v their duties speaks wefi
for the stability and diplomacy nf
American youth."
For the invalid as well as
those in perfect health
Bakers Cocoa
is an ideal food bev
erage, pure, delicious
anawnoles ome.
Walter Baker & Cos. Ltd.
church, on* of the churches
in Toronto. The pastor of the
! church, the Rev A J Morrow, is n
chaplain with Canadian troops now
serving la the trenches
Prof. Adolphe tTh. formerly of
the faculties of Harvard and Cos
lurabia. will be thb guest of Allian«e
Krancatae. Tu*.*day evening, April
IT. in thr gn*«-n room of the Hotel
Rontohartraio Praf Cuhn will
rp*-ak on "Le realisme et |r romau
Heme de Italaac.** i*rof. Col n found
ed the first American group of Alii
ngee Francalee He is an officer and
chevalier of the legion of Honor.
Stephen Leacock, the weilknown
Canadian humorist and wliter, will
be the gu-at of the lietrott Athle’tc
club Saturday, and will |.v« his In
tmltable lecture on ‘How to keep
cheerful." Saturday evening, in the
gymnasium of the club. Mr l.e»
rock is considered one of America’s
grratest humorists, lie 's a mem
ber of the faculty of MKJiIJ univer
sity. Montreal. The lecture will b«
complimentary to club members at and
their friend**.
The Armstrong Dramatic < lub will
present the comedy. ’ Number Fif
teen.” tVedn»*Hday evenirg. April 111.
In the Federation clubhou.-e The
club, which is directed by l>ewte
Wary, the well-known dramatic
teacher and coach, is coror>o*»*d of
the following members. Marian
Armstrong. Josephine Waltb*-r*.
Marguerite tValtheia. K*lna Jates
Margtieriie llaughey, Norbert Him
melein. Will t*oodrich. Edward S*l
lens and Sylvester Broeg
Crime is lessening in Deteoit. ac
cording to Boiice Commissioner Cou
ien* The comtr:isslon**r cite* the
191 k and 191? records of the depart
ment to Ap-il \ of each yeat in -up
|>ort of his assertion:
Robberies to April 1. IMi. 292: to
April l. 191?. 185, convivijona, 1918.
IT; 1917, 47.
Burglaries. 191*. **7. ;917, 579
ronvictiona 191*. 23; 1917. *2.
Felonious assaults, 191*. 112: 1917.
Homicides 191*. 21. 1917, 19. con
victions, 191*. ?; 1917. 4
"These recoids obviously jhow an
increased reapcct to” the taw.“ said
Commissioner Couxena “Credtf Is
due the Detroit police
for the k*-en interest Its nfltrep have
in doing their w< rk to *he beei ot
iheir ability. We must a'so give
credit to the motor*sts for thetr
good example in obeying .he ordi
nances be'ter than prev.ou*ly The
number of traffic vtoietkm* ha* de
creased ov«-r 5d per cenv but there
are still too many such violations
and there is far more crime tn this
clfv than there should be The mo
torlats can help still mor> by their
♦ sample and hv enabling the de|»an
•«ent to have sore of it* officers
available for the prevention of
crime **

PrtiMlac— thr *hla kla«—<Wwt
N r*«fcl—tl»»« i«k Uroir HW
flr v
31 rv* \ * MJOtSm
Danny Meadow Mou-c libtcnA to a ('ail.
|f*upvrlgat. kSlt. by r. w.
The msadowa areeo are ratling us,
are •ailing u* are rallina us*
Th# meadow* giren are ratling ui;
"Coer home ’ C<>ma homa’’’ they
The meadows green are •-alltng tie.
•re ratling us. are railing u<!
The meadows green at.' I'attlng us
and we that hear mo*t heed
I tunny Meadow Mouse kept sing
’n* hts foolish little song over and
over until it quite got on the nerves
ot hts cousin. Nibbler tha lions*
Mouse You remember that Danny
ana Nanny Meadow Mouse had
spent the winter in Farmer Brown'*
barn It had been a very comfort *•
b'e winter, quite the moat ~omPor*»-
hie winter they ever had Mott*
' There's onlv one thing* wrong
with it here,” said Danny to his
cousin Nibbler. who. you know. i>
very, very timid
'What is that?” asked Nibbler.
“Use isn't exciting enough,'* re
plied Danny
•Not exciting enough!" squeaked
Vlbbler. *'.My goodne** Cousin Dan
ny. I don t know w hat you call ex
citing Indeed I don't. With Black
Pussy spending half her time ms
h« re life i* altogether too exciting
to be comfortable to me **
!>anny turned up bis nose. "Blarli
Pussy t* the only one we have to
watch out for and any one with hal!
an eye ran keep out of her w. y
If vou think «he's dangerous you
o*u?ht to be hunted awhile hy Redd)
Fox and Old Man Coyote and Red
fall the Hawk and llooty the Owl.
Tliey are the hunters who knp*
how to hunt. Yes sJree’ it’s pluv
to keep out of the wgy of Bbt"*
Pussy compared with keeping out of
the way of any of tho**e others Ot t
Once isn’t enough—
Read it twice
Everything: here is marked for the fellow whose bank
roll isn't hi? enouffh to prop up one end of a three-legged
wofa. That **econd look in what made over 100.000 SATIS
—made them the most talked-of jewelry in America.
Bracelet Watches
Convertible Watch— ran he worn on bracelet or from
pin — ad instable extension bracelet that fits any wrist.
IT’S THK BEST WATCH V AH K I ever saw for the
money. >ou probably pav 520 anvwhere eLse.
l.very “war bride should insist on wearing a Miller
Wedding ring—they’re lucky—made of a solid bar of gold
—no seam and not a divorce in a thousand.
Miller nays: It’s the bunk when they say lots of young
fellows are getting married to avoid the war. Any man
knows that when he gets married he’s got an H-cylinder.
man-sized war on his hands right there. I know—l’m
married myself.
A Miller Diamond Means That
Much Money Invested
Because you are “crawling with money” is no sign you
*WM pay those installment ~tong profits/* Toll gel*
diamond value for every rent you put in a Miller diamond.
The diamonds I sold last vear are worth from 20** to 30%
more righ» now AND THEY’RE GOING IP.
Put Your Money in a Miller Diamond—Be Safe
A diamond bond * with every diamond I
64 Grand River —61 Grand River
351 Woodward- Phone Main 1234
••Not netting enough'" squeaked
Nibblcr. "My goodness. Cou»m
on the Green Meadow* I have to
watch nut tor all of them ami Home
more beside* Blacky the Crow
ti kes It into hit* black head to hunt
me once :n awhile and I never know
then Billy Mink may grow tired ot
15-h and think he wants s Meadow
Mouse dinner. Dtaver the Hadgvr
la another clever hunter. Then
there is Mr Black-make. If you
heren't been chased by Mr. Black
snake yon don't know what c*ctte
ment Is, Nibhler."
Vibbler hastened to say that he
didn't want to know. There were
daggers enough for him tight Acre
In Farmer Brown's barn. The Green
Meadow* must be a terrible place
H 0.50
to line with all those dreadful peo
pie about. M»r his part «he eras
wholly satisfied to remain right
where he was. sad he hoped that
Nanny didn't hare any foolish
thoughts of going hack to the Green
Dwany sat up and stroked Ms
I whiskers thoughtfully, while m
j shrewd little twinkle crept Into his
eyes sod danced there "CuUhi'l
Nlbbler," said be, "I am not only
thinking of going hack to the Green
Meadows, hut I’m going I’m going
to start right away, and Nanny l»
going with me Were had a com*
fnrtable and happy winter here and
were enjoyed having you for a
neighbor but now that Mistress
Spring Is here we are homesick
That s the truth, the whole truth,
and nothing but the truth We nr*
Just plain homesick. If you knew
the Green Meadows as we do you
never would call them a dreadful
piace No slree* Why, therw's no
place so beautiful in all (he Great
World! There's blue sky overhead,
with Jolly, round, bright Mr. Mur
shining down by day and MlaA-ea*
Moon by night. Thers's air. lota of
It. soft and sweet. Mere It Is stuffy
and dusty You doo't know whit
g>rod air is. There Is cool, beautiful
Your Choice
■■* • ■~ —" -T”- -
ADr nI T TTDUC you havent rearf y Clish « payment* may
VllClf I I I Llllfl V ,K ‘ made at convenient time after paydays.
*55 - S 7O - *BS - $ 95 - s lls
For I prighl Pianos That Sold New for ! T p to SSOO
We Will lie Open Saturday Until Nine.
_ , t _ -.W --
Y L°oK
That mean* safe*—and we ran show you all kinds of safe* that are safe.
The Cary Safe < orrpany has a splendid exhibit. We ran also show v<»u
somethin* in plumbing ihal will make >ou alt up and take notice The
ltd roll Tank k Seat Cos. hoe a An* line of their product, -hbwin* the
development tn modern enn+tncy Mtwraa
We have pome grrai Mean Fh adjustable window s, mi Utltr Hi'*Y fin
easily be cleaned, can be adjusted to *ivr -vny dcgr»e of ventilation >ou
and. sire and can be operated by a child. We can show you the exhthlr
of the !>wi*h< Lumber Cos.. Including com*- surprtaln* examples of Inlaid
woods—art let Ic. beautiful, serviceable All of tkoae thing* and a hundred
ittMß can b< KIHM II Ml
Building Exposition
Thla service la absolutely free to the public and demonstrators are
always In attendance to assist you In the Inspection, explain the displays
and give you such Information as you may desire
You can spend a most Interesting hour In thia Exposition and ace
many thtygs that will appeal to yon. It coat* you nothing but your time.
I*t Ul Help You With Your Building Problem*.
Indies Specially Invited
Conducted by the nuildera and-Trader** Exchange.
Entire Fonrth Floor, Penohocot Building , |
Ch*rry 1040 (Private Switchboard I ■
trees grass everywhere Tbsrs are
sweat-smelling (lowers and a mil
lieu pleasant sounds- the songs of
birds, the hum of beaa. the rustling
of leaves, the whlsparlng of tbs
Merry little Mreete# They are
worth all the dangers and more
After all. the dan- era are a good
thing. They keep our whs sharp
e ted. and you know Utgre Is nothing
like sharp wiia to get you along In
the world. I tell yon what. Nib
bier, you come hark with u* and
see what real life Is like."
Ne*t story Gunny and Nanny
Meadow Mouse Htart for Home.
Tom missioned and non-cominis
aloned officer* and enlisted men of
the Michigan National guard who
a ere recently plated on the reserve
list haee been recalled, the trst regi
ment to be aff(wt*d being the Thirty
t hit el, two battalions of which are
quartered In l»Njn Wayne. The or
der, which came from ihe war de
partment Thursday, wtjl • itend to
other regiments of the guard as soon
as they are mobilised for active ser
vice '
IJeul Col Edward G. Meckel and
U«ul, Ktank Lawrence, of Ihw Ma
chine Gun company, in addition to
many enlisted men, were iecsiled
Thursday, following lb* receipt of
the order. They were mustered out
In Februnry while liudi icgimual
was in Kl Paso, and while tipsy
themselves were on lurtougli Tbs
quest ion of the status of these men
arose wrhen the Thirty-lhtrJ was en
route io Detroit ftom Kl Paso and
was ordered hulfl In LA- federal ser
vice Indefinitely
The order releasing mm with de
pendent* affe t* only about flve*per
cent of tha membership of the Thir
There 1* nothing that can prevent
the men of the Thirty third from pa
rading In ihe streets of Windsor Sat
urday. However, the regiment as a
body cannot take part. It Is proba
ble that several companies of tha
Michigan boys will head the patri
ot k* demonstration in the border
Pot Infanta and Children
Cn Um For Over 30 Yoart
Always bears

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