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■wettFind Defense They Couldn’t Dent—Sox Just Gallop Thru First Game
gfp fw \ J/ /r.f jr sTTC'
m rX/2//LCift pr •
fvor IH> some boob pester a caged jungle b*»in*t ou Know
tbr gaychappie who gel* « *»lrk an »l pr«*i» the captu#
Hi# spots until It growls ami roars »nd thralls around In
|T i JEL. The tormentor always wins the argument for steal bars
HUth* animal ggcyrely. PreUy aoon It Just growls and fret* and lasne#
m a While because its rmal heart won t •urn-miei o m*.
but It plainly knows that the cards are sta« ke,l again- i and the
|> anfb- Tbnt '* what happened to our Tiger <>ut a’ Ntoin S’ id.
HE|3hy when tbe Chicago While So* set atxmt the i*~k of p» ->te! ng it
P jTtogtrolt asm had a Chance to win that ball game Our a’hlete* dashed
and yipped to high heaven, but they just butted tbelr be*d»
atael bnra. Finally they discovered that thev were up against a
amntnt and while they wanted to win badly -nough and tried
they began to lunge at bad ball* ar and m «** v * ra! * " > * rev eal* u
EEttffEywefe caged by an unpenetrable defense and knew it.
E jrhttje affair very diatreaslng. In the second toning Hap
led gs w ub • fearful swipe and lopped the ball The globule, spin
kmw flneWy wan dumped as oafely a* a perfectly placed bunt. Oandll
bjS|tf t* Bnrna. and Coveleskle. for two seasons the beat all around fielding
ta American league dropped an easy toe* when he covered the
bunted and Covey hurled to third losing a salvation force
”S Ml, by u evelaeli Then Ray Schalk. who never fail.* to make a
» oir himself on Navtn held, performed as usual and batted in a
i SHSKtfllfifi. James took the slab Rill and Spencer promptly did some
ISfe. »bev wouldn’t do twice a season-they got crossed on a signal in a
l low bounded to the stand while the winning run registered.
i More Misfortune
MV* the fourth canto. Weaver was safe on the welrdeat blow that ever sue-
Is ceeded on a grass diamond The ball bounded so high that Jones
- but too late for a
r £|ny Stehalk successfully worked the hit and run, and another tally
HttMi when Scott hit to right field so strangely that Rlghifielder Cobh
E»t jlMBy at firat bane by an easy margin -another play that Isn’t
Sm a UMoa. In the fifth Joe Jackson mighty swatster for whom
| w playing back Ip the neit township--got his lone blow It
Zm of those sickly draw shots, and Joe was on first before the ball
moll Young That hit was manufactured Into a run. Then k illle
I and later Johnny Couch were assigned to pitching duties They
n nww system. With superb control the> htt every foeman * bat with
f. might and the more soundly thumped pill* were easily gobbled
M loml * dnfnnst
ta while the Tigers hit Jim Hcott with robust swing*, and the harder
, tbs ball, tbs deeper they got into trouble Nothing that amounted
llgg |a a scoring way went safe, except some pink tes rollers, ala
|bat Cobb sorvsd up in disgust, best out snd turned into a pair of
mm •
Em only one real pleaatng incident during the whole contest
Ipsnrnr first went to bat. some Chicago-tainted fan In million
ily and sarcastically sneered st him with this remark. And
’ n y*r corns hack" No sooner had the rooting morsel been
I Hack crashed the ball imo the centerfl-id bleacher wa!: for
triple. That ball very nearly didn't come back Never was
ora tboroiy rebuked
The L«ek of Cieotte
B the freeholder* of Detroit are compelled to view the White
I m i whole with suspicion snd alarm, thev all are rejoicing
tb their fellow townsman. Eddie Clcoite. at the good fortune
defc has befallen him At the' venerable age of at least S3 years.
1 bis tout no-hit. no ryn game of baseball Saturday. The St
l wore his victims and w e are told that th* performance was
rtfllaat In every respect The Frenchman ha* been threaten
milling like this for several year* Last season he got sway
t game against the Yankee* and a three-blow churkfest with
{Soday tn I*ls be held New York to a pair of safeties.
gt Always lucky when twirling in his home town, but he is
graat pitchers of the day Eddie started out In the Copper
■Cw || lfi#4 *■** for JLWO seasons he was Tiger property, drifting about
'dm* minora without making much of a record for himself In 1907 he was
K« f br*“ Neb He shewed class there and in 19"* he was claimed by
iIE2. While Eddie pitched fine ball for the Red Sox. he never had
IwfiE labk winning games and tn 1912. the White Sox got him for the
jjjm&var price. In lfill he was a big winner In 1914 he ranked high from
unmed run standpoint, but wasn't a game winner. In 1915 he appeared
P*' * a ywmr ago last March. Cieotte went to camp witb the public promise
was gi**«g to get into such condition that he would make the
|%lNln league play dead At the age of 32 year*. Eddie came back so
MitaWgfr that last season he won 17 games and lost only seven, and turned
|km earned rnn average that ranked him second only to Ruth among the
ML,gf tbs league. Cieotte has earned a place in the hall of fame Thai
KgMeket thereto should come on the occasion of bia 1917 debut makes the
■Slpvement doubly gratifying and significant
A gu—pee of BUI Donovan when he discovered that Cieotte is pitching
'WAHA games this year would have been worth several shekels. Eddie
urallnped the Yanks only seven time* last season- the most complete
S|aiUt7 ovar one club any pitcher In the league could boast.
A Quaker Tally-fwt
V*I|AfiEBALJ fans in Philadelphia—ls any sucb there are these lean
ml gays will cherish the memory of April 14. 1915. That day gave
m m the Quaker* the first baseball thriller they haw enjoyed *mre
!- ■ October I, 1916. when Grover Alexander sheared the Red Sox with
•Ito 1 victory in the first gam* of a world series Th* Phillies and
between them Saturday coined 37 base htts worth 49 bases and
,gWMI strolls Into 37 tallies Between them in the eighth and ninth innings
> sis their games, they manufactured 19 runs
B During these hectic moments one Roy Hates, late of the Coast league,
tffgfi now Frank Baker's successor at Mack's torrid turn, horned into the
ihfildf fame with a stunt that was super Baker**W e. Bates smote four hits
|U five times at hat. Three were triples and one was a double These
fiMMs ehasetrhuaoe seven runs, and five of them were achieved In tbe
nsvsath frame, when the rookie bumped the bead pin for a triple and a
Mdlv significant thing about this tally not at Philadelphia was
hat the victim tn-chlef wa* pred Jann* n TM* fellow wen*
cion from Buffalo la.*', ve.a < • n <. :-n. ! Alk i' the
Nationals signed a pitcher named Ram Rice Clark Griffith
that he was going to make a pitcher of Jamieson and an out
lies. Sign ban been s howling success to date a flychaaer but
Ins done his howling in altogether a diff» • i
That Busy Yank Jinx
finratloe of the fart that Cappy Huston of the Yankee* is th<
Ura4 lad who induced tbe American league to take up prepared
la spectacular fashion, f’nrle Sim should at once assign a Red
viw. division to Bill Donovan •» brigade Before the season was a
nßfinfc old, tbe Yanks cruised back Into tbe jinx mine field, and Prank
riser's left thumb was blasted Into two parts Baker will be out for a
fltth s- the result of s pitched hail that nicked bis band snd Bill's Infield
40 fitreedy shot to little bits. •
This accident to Baker may put the Donovanite* out of the pennant
P fifigfi. That th« home run king will be missing from the battle line during
. a Month when the Yankees expected to ge* a flying start la important tn
mm. hut a bigger factor Is psychology The club Is very apt to nurse the
—ttnn that Its lilt hoodoo is back on the job. It may lose heart. Pennants
file seldom won by teams that get stampeded In April.
HM league has scored again < ver th* Nats in the popular
sa. Ran Johnson '■*- ?►.• •<< th« wallop and
tat all bis clubs oh-, rv*. on next I hursday the anniversary
Lexiagton. when tbe shot that wa* h*ard around the world
merican independence The hi*., . fm 'h,- club* on tri.*t
i fiMi a little extra In th< m»\ •.f drilling and to make an
••t he (fitsuited, because there will be no game here,
ff® have a * hsn< •• -o • [
Thursday for the openmt gam*- at the Forest Otv. and
t • «nmd approaching 36 will be out There will be all
fiag raising that made tbe |»*trntt opening a memorable
NruUon Chicago and Washington both well .Inllsd clubs
It the home |>sr • w K
filed this spring, bu the Yanks h» e *n<l h *, i be up le
MilHary punch to th# n**n t n> hd blaster l
State Organization Becomes
National In Scoje; Joseph
Muer la President
The Elk bowlers of Michigan have
decided to expand They held a
business meeting Sunday and de
creed that hereafter their associa
tlon would be known as the Elks
Bowling Association of America,
making any member of tbe order
eligible to compete in the tourna
ments which are held every year.
Hitherto the association has been
tirictly a state affair. The date
and place of the next tournament
has not been decided A commit
tee. composed of John Manev of
Detroit, W. C. Chlnnick of Grand
Rapids, and H W. Heenan of Jack
►on. has been appointed to pick 'he
city. It is definitely decided to hold
the tournament In February here
after, to escape conflict with o*her
bowling meets
The executive committee for the
coming year will be Messrs Gal
breath of Bay City, Van Overeo of
Saginaw. ..Russell of Jackson, and
Haggerty of Toledo. The officers
of the association will be as fol
lows Joseph Muer. president;
John Maney. vice-president; D Me
Msrron. secretary; William \
Guthard, treasurer. McMarron Is
from Port Huron Th# other otfl
cers all reside m Detroit.
Guthard and 9chmidtke of IV
trolt. sewed up the two-man com
netition tn the Elks' tourney yes
tt-rday. when they rolled 1.339 No.
1 team from Saginaw has a strangle
hold on the flve-tnen team honors
with a score of 2417.
] ________________________ ________
at VDAV* GOfg
Rush, ss ..4 Oo 0 4 S
Yount ?*» 4 0 0 t 4 a
t’obh, rs 4 * S I | s
Vsach. If 4 0 e 3 0 0
Heilman, m 3 0 » 4 « 4
Burns, lh 3 o i ;S 1 s
Jones. Jo 4 0 4 I 1 4
Xpencar. c 4 4 t 3 1 I
Cov#l*»akie. p 4 0 4 4 2 I
Jams*, p ... 1 9 4 0 0 4
Mit> hrII, p 4 4 0 9 I 4
Couch, p 4 9 9 4 1 9
•CrswforW 1 0 4 9 9 ft
2Ntcholson 1 9 4 9 4 «
AH K H •> A K
Totals 33 3 t 37 14 3
ABf. If O A F.
Deihold. rs 1* * 1 ft 9 *
Rishara. *• » 4 9 2 3 4
E Coltla*. 3b i 9 4 * 4 ’ 4
Jarksop ts « 1 1 2 4 ft
Felacb. w J t 2 3 1 4
Oandll. lb '.4 l ft 19 o 4
Weaver. »b 3 2 2 2 3 1
fUkatk c 4 S 3 n 4
8 otl. p 4 * 9 4 3 4
Totals 34 < t IT II 1
•Hatted for Jams* In fifth Innnlnß
'Hatted for Mllcbell in eighth in
Innings ...... 1 2241*7*9 R
Detroit 9 9 9 « * I » 0 I—2
Chleog< 990 4 4
Pitching summary—2 hit* and 4
times at bat off Cuveleekie In I 1-3
Innings; S hits and IS times at bat
off Jamas in 3 2-3 Innings 1 hit and
to time* at ball off Mitchell in 3 In
nings; 0 hits and 3 times at bat off
Couch In 1 Inning Two-base hit*—
LelboHL Weaver. Three-base h!te»-
Heilman. Hpeneer Struck out —Bv
Coveleakte 1 fficotti; by James 1
(Klsbergi. by Scott 2 (James, Bush)
Bases on ball*—off Covelesale 2 <l>et
bold 2); off Scott' t (Heilman) First
base on error*—Cht< ago J. !.eft on
base*— Detroit 4. Cht< ago 4. Pasaed
halls---Spanner 2. Wild pitch—James.
Hit by pitched »alt—by James
iKetachl: by Sr.«tt tfiurnsi Time—
llt I'mpire#—Nallin and Kvana.
Attendance 16.473
Bush aa 4 | 2 l 2 l
Young. 2b « 1 I 2 » 4
Cobb, rs I 9 9 3 4 o
Veach. If 3 4 1 4 o n
Heilman, cf 3 4 4 4 4 o
Burn#, tb 3 1 4 !» 4 0
Jones. 2b 1 « P « 3 ft
Spencer, c J fti 4 2 ft
Boland p 2 •* ft « 2 «
f'unnlngham. p . ft « ft 4 4 a
•Crawford * 4 4 4 » «
Totals it * * 27 * l
Graney. If 4 ft 1 ft «• •
Chapman, ss ft ft t 2 1
Speaker cf . 4 ft 2 2 4 ft
Roth, rs « « ft 6 1 «
TV am by. tb 4 1 2 t 4 4
Gusto. 1b 4 « 012 1 «»
Turner. 2b 3 ft 1 • 2 4
O'Neil, r * <* 1 2 1 ft
Rulings e 9 4 4 1 ft ft
feteprsr P • 4 ft « 1 ft
Smith. P 4 4 4 0 j 4
♦ Fvans . 4 1 • 4 4 A
|Allison ft ft » 4 ft «
••Harris ....1 ft ft ft 0 ft
JMIIIsr t ft ft • ft «
Total* t! 2 7*24 13 1
•Batted for Boland In seventh In
tßsn for O’Neill in seventh inning
I Batted for Klepfer In seventh In
••Batted for n illngs In ninth Inning
tßatt*d for Smith In ninth inning
tnntnga 1 234*4744 R
Detroit 2*94441 A•—»
i levaland oonoAllso ;
Pitching summanv—4 hit# and 21
times at ha! off Klepfer in 4 Inning*
7 hi't* and 24 times at bat off Boland
in 7 innings. 1 hit and 7 times at hat
off Smith In 2 Inning* no hits and 4
times at hat off Cunningham In 2 In
nings Struck out—By Boland 6
(Turner. Klepfer 2. Chapman. Roth),
by Klepfer 1 (Heilman |. Base# on
ball*—Off Roland 3 (Oraney. Turner
Chapman), off Klepfer 1 (Veach), off
Smith I (Burn#) Double play—
Roth. Gulsto and O’Neill First base
on error*- Detroit 1. Cleveland 1.
te>ft on baae* Detroit 4 Cleveland S
Htt by pitched ball—Hy Smith 1
(Veach). Tim#—l 44. t'mplre#—
Fvans and Nallin Attendance— 2.451.
Wlfk Haaaea Kalebmalaea. Vlltlr
K id,f« sfdees Hatch and Arthur
Balk (be • iartl*a llae. ill, yaar’*
Waratba* es tbe I9*e«e* A. 4. skaald
be a hammer. Tbe XfWmlle grind wilt
be rmm mm April 14.
ts preseal plans are earvted sat
Geprge Chip will again baffle *1 Mr
rmy la llreablra la tbe same Has
where WeCsy leaped lata fame by
baeehlaa *w* « hip la aae raaal.
The Greatest Play.
\*ou hay* all heard of the great
est play, perhaps Hooper's rate! e*
in the world's series, for instance.
W’ell. this la about a gnater plsy
than any you ever heard of. It Is
a bit of baseball as they play ft in
Euro;*-- the no * -;»* <Ut lar and
dingerous catch of a ball possible,
lo err is to die.
A bit of explanation first: Hand
gienades, the most effective weanon
in trench warfare, are vicious aud
deadly little bombs, usually resem
bling a baceball In i-hap* and site.
They explode by a time fuse which
is Ignited by pullirz a string Just
before they are hurled over into the
en»my's trench The time before
the explosion after the fuse is light
ed Is four seconds The explosion
is tremendous snd the grenade i«
deadly thruout a radius of 20 or 40
The Michigan cup competition
e.ti.ong the soccer folks is as iar
f “oni a decision as 1/ there had be»rt
no gam* Sunday. The Bricklayers
snd the Packards met on the Pa'V
aid field yesterday and played a 1
to 1 contest. The Packards held a
lead at the end of the first half
thanks to the work of Mercer, b;t
Kay tied the count In the second
ression by a fine bit of scoring play
Efforts are being made to organ
»*► an All Skots team m the Detro.:
district. In other yea.'* the At’
Hcota have given a rood account »f
themselves. Athletes who wiih to
join the team should l In !<■ < h
w ith J F<rn,e or Jock Davids* u
No 13 Cadillac *q
CHICAGO. April Ik—Vic Sa.-r
first baseman for tb* Chicago Cut>.
may never play maior league base
ball again He broke his leg whde
s'iding to the home plate during
Sunday's game with the Cardinal*-
snd Is certain to be out for *he
vear Vic began lo slip badly last
year, and this was to be a cnnie
back season for him It is figured
that an idle season now will wind
him up as a big leaguer Haler’*
home Is at (-anting. Mlrhr and he
got his start In the Southern Mien!
gnn league.
Old-fashioned pool will have an
inning at the Bweeney-Huaton bi'
Hard parlors this w eek After a
4-tnter of watching the balk lin
and three-cushion sharks, the pow
ers that be have condescended to
g've the plebes a f*-wr thrills at
their own game This afternoon
Ralph Greenl*#f. billed *■ the h< y
pocket billiard phennm from Mon
month. 111., took his cue In hand
against one H'vmour of this in
tnd showed the natives how 10
pocket In a hurry everything but
the roe ball For the sake of ti.e
eonfused folk. It is explained the
pocket billiards Is Just old fashioned
pool In society
Greenleaf has been doing son *
wonderful work in exhibitions r.
Cently, and could he play in founts
ments as brilliantly as In ex
h'bltions, h* would now he a cham
pion He will play afternoon and
evening at fl*e*ney Mii«ton * until
Wednesday night
YorNGRTrywN. o~ April k
I,** Dorry is a( hedukd to box
deorge Chip at Young •town May 19.
The boot will go 17 rounds and will
be held tn an open air arena.
By Ripley.
"Now and then.” ►ays Mr. Cor«*y.
Herbert Corey, the noted war cv.r
re*p<)rident, tells of the baseball tac
tics frequently employed by »he
►o’.dlers In defending themselves
against these bombs.
’•* sobLler Is caught unaware and
looks up to see a grenade faMinc
directly on him There is but on**
thing to do—or die. He must catch
the spheroid and hurl It back tnto
the enemy's trench before It ex
plodes! This caich ha* been per
formed more than once. Several
have be«-n deconttod for this feat,
which Is tbe most nervy thing a
man could da for the catcher haa
no mean* of knowing how mnny
seconds, if any. remain until the
th.ng explodes Os course one only
hears of the successful plays--The
♦. rorw are recorded by the Great
J\ orer."
v- —aWeata—■acacc=y
W 1. Pet W I, PM.
('hlcavo.. 3 1 .740 N York.. 1 2 Sit
'’levaland 3 1 7»9 Athlete-# 12 7. .
Boston .. 3 t 4*7 Detroit t 3 259
'Vi!h B . 2 1 4i’. St. 13 . T--
»» __ _
Waw4ii>’« lianM
m l>< i r,ut.
('lav ►land tn rit m*
Washington tn Xi w York.
Boston In Philadelphia.
tn St. lama—
Innings 1 2 3 4 5 « 7 * 9 HUP.
Cleveland * 0 a 2 0 1 in o—4 * |
J4t Lr>uls .44404004 o—ft f. 1
Batteries—Covelaskie and <» Neill.
Groom. Wellman and Hale. Umpires
-Hildebrand and O’ IsMightln.
Innings ..1 i 3 4 i 4 7 a 9 R H F
Cleveland . # 4 0 4 01 10 A—2 7 l
Detroit 20A000 lo • —4 3 1
Batteries—Klepfer. rtmith and
(VNelll; B-dand <'unnlngham and
Hpenrer I’mpirea K' ans and Nallin
Innings. 1 2 3 4 3 4 7 4 9 Rlf E
Boston ... .004000344 2 7 I
New York. I 1 1 M I I t *~l * 0
Batteries ■— Penno< h. Maya and
Cady; M<>gr*dge and N’unamaker em
pires Connolly and McCormick
Inning* 1 23464719 KIIF
Wa»hlng’n 0 0 0 4 2 0 1 I- | J|i ;
PhiladePa I 2 4 4 (> 0 10 4 *l4 24 ]
Batteries—Bhaw. Dumont and Ain
*mith: It Johnson. Mevers and
hunv Umpire#—Dlneen and Owen
Inning* 1 2 3 4 6 4 7 4 4 Rlf K
Chicago ...1 7 * 1 0 0 0 2 4—lt lo I
St o 0 4 0 o o ft ft— ft (i «
Balter!#*- -Cieotte and b- halk
Hamilton Bark, lingers end Hale
l injures—ODnughiin snd llHdehrant.
W L. pet W L. pet
Phillies 2 ft l.ftOft S! Luts 3 2 4(WV
N Vork 2 » l.ftftft Pitts gh t *
(’hi go.. X 2 .ftOo Boston ft 3 ftftr*
CHI' Itl I 2 .4»*> Brook □ 0 2 .oftd
Waaday'a (.aswea.
Phillies In B»>sfon
New York In Br ooklyn
Pittsburgh In Cin< tnnati
Ht. Louis In Chicago.
In Cincinnati—
Inning* 122464749 nil K
rtttaburgh ft o ft 0 l o l o o —j * o 1
Cincinnati 0 1 4 0 4 0 4 0 • —6 9 (>
ttattarles- Mamaux and Fiaher
Toney and Wingo. J'mpirea— Kh* r,
and Ensile. f
In Chicago
Innings .12 3 4 6 4 7 4 4 R H *
!*t. Isvw.s . 0 2 I ft 1 0 ft ft a J 7
Chicago... . ftW2ftft|fto4-3 4 ••
Batteries Dork. Mteel*. Ames and ,
Xnyder Aldridge, liemaree, Pender
gast. Umpires—Bigler and Orth.
Inning* ..1 2 2 4 6 4 7 4 9 RH K
fit. Louis ..o ft ft ft ft t o 1 4—3 4 | ]
Cincinnati oo9ft ft 0 1 ft ft—i 4 1
Batteries Waiein and *nvdcr
|4< hnelder and 66 ingu. Umpire*
orth and Rlglar
N’aw York ft ft ft I 1 ft • 0 ft 4 10 t
Boston ~.M 44 I I I 4 2 63
Batteriaa T»*reau and McCarty
Tvler and dowdy. Umpires uuialev
and Byron.
PhltadeT'a I * ft 1 ft I ft J 6-.JI J 7 j
Brooklyn 40 1 ft ft * 7 1 4 2 1 j
Ratterte* Rlxey and Kltllfer
ftmKh ond 6#»yers. Umpires -oDav
and Rranefleld
Pittsburgh 1 s ft 1 ft t a | a tsn
Chicago ftiftftOAiao 2 t
Batterte* M'ller and Fiwher Hen
drix and Klllett Umpires—K !*m and
Sabbath Scores WiU Be Eaay
To Beat, Only Plotter's
Total Looking Good
Michigan bowler* this morning
started the second day of pin top
pling in the state tourney now in
tell swing at tkhniidtkea drive*
Hhortly after 10 o'clock local two
oxen teams and Individuals got busy,
.xnd they were scheduled to continue
until the 6:SO shift completes Its
rolling tonight. The evening will
be turned over to the quintets, ms
usual, and tonight Hie Bw»*en*\v Hus
ton teams will be the head liners.
There waan't much good bowling
Sunday, altho plenty of pin assas
sins tried hard About the only
score that amount-d to anything
was the 62ft total turned in by Pfla
ter This gentleman, together with
« ne Mr, Giroux, holds the two-men
ti Bin league for th*- day, but their
I. Is not likely iq survive long
The leading acores %t beginning of
play today
J. Pfisler 2*5 I*l 2*o-«2*
\| J Mye 1 a 234 144 I|*—.*ol
r. 6’antherot 3#2 2*7 1»1 6*9
V Schmidt 174 231 1 9ft-447
B> master .. . 1«1 2*3 2*'2—s*4
Bauble a. •
Pflsler 16# 321 ID
Girous 199 ir.6
Totals 379 »2’< 344—11 44
MrD<>ugall . . 174 H>l 3«l
F Schmidt.. 314 176 173
T tsls 3*7 373 374 —ll 44
F Bckeen .. 1»? 174 2uft
M Co«»ney ..190 16* I*'.
Totals 342 334 34f> —ll "1
64' Weigart .190 I**
K F Kals-h 14« 172 199
Totals .... 134 311 *<M IS4J
Me.aler 1 ** 147 2«'l
' Vautherot ..147 212 144
Totals .... 345 379 345—1*49
Mte Men.
M AM N |
M A M No t
H*n*ona (Port Huron). 2,4*3
i M A M No. 3 2.413
Salvage No. 1 2.4*
J. Kilbane and
F. Welsh Say They
Are Matched Ajrain
CIJEVEI-AND. April 16—Swear
ing that this to an hone*? to-g-nv!
ness match that positively will tak«
place. Jimmy fkinne has announced
Ithat Johnny Kilbane. featherweight
champion of the world will box
Freddie Welsh, lightweight chem
pion of the world, at New Y'ork -n
May t. The bout Is to be a 10
round decision affair. According te
h*- article*, the champions will
e'etgh 135 pounds at 2 o’clock Kll
hone will fight a* about ISO poun>‘ x
•rd when he enters the rjng. We»sh
will weigh close to 10 pounds more
The New
Is Here
A car of popular price in ivhich
anew. four-cylinder, valve-in
the-head motor attains a degree
of power and efficiency hitherto
unknown in combination.
This Harroun motor rates at
but 16 horsepower for taxation
but develops over 43 horsepower
on dynamometer test.
The Harroun car’s appoint
ments are complete. Its weight
The Motor Sales Corporation
(Detroit and Southeastern Michigan Harroun DiMtributors)
Woodward Avenue at Willis, Detroit
Cunningham or Ehmke to
Hurl for Tigers Today
Jennings’ Entry Is
Helpless Before
Scott’s Stuff
The Tigers continue to complain
that they caji't hit wall on cold,
windy day# Thin afternoon thv)
will get a chance to show what th* y
can do in som** bright sunshint*
They are scheduled for the second
game of the series witb lha White
Box. and they enter this aecotid
fracas one down and three to ko.
Dill James was scheduled to pitch
today, hut he was used yesterdav
a*ter ('oveleskle had shown that h(
is not yet ready to go at lop speed
K.hmke wa* scheduled for the Tueb
Cay game. Howard may he moven
ti| to Monday, or Georg# running
l«m may start this afternoon.
The sunshtne that Is blessing the
athlete* today brought great joy to
Harry ('oveleskle. He tried to pitch
veaterday. but showed he wan under
r strain even when he wa* warmlrg
ui He wasn’t right at any stage of
the Inning and a fraction that he
worked, and Manager Jennings did
rirht to Jerk him as soon as fielding
mishap* got him Into a serious hole
( ovey'ii arm Is not »ore. hut hr
hasn't been able to get hi* iinuel
drhe Into the salary wing yet. All
Ihe needs Is a few days of hard
I word In hot weather, and tt now
K *-»ln* to appear that he will get
‘t this week
Jame* wasn't a* good a* he was
r gainst »he (Hants hut there wm
nothing seriously wrong with hi*
pitching He didn't ghe everybody
in the park a base on balls and he
was fooling a lot of batter*. A
comh'natlon of bad luck and very
cl* ver ui»e of ihe hit and run by the
i 6\hl»e Sox stung Dili for some *sl
hew. and in the fifth he was removej
to allow Crawford to force Spender
at second. Mitchell worked the
rext three innings and Couch the
I ninth Doth Ju*t humped their
hacks and Mlammcd the bell thru,
ar.d escaped unscathed The Hose
j made their bats ring when thev
I crashed into the offerings of Mitch
ell and Couch, but they ddln't *e»'n
able to drive anything safe. Couch
showed even more class as a relief
man than he did last week and
! Mitchell apparently is ready to *t Tt
j ft game with promise of sure# *.
lJttle .Nemo I>e|hold. Ihe Detroit
| »*oy who Is rlghtfleliHng for ihe 801
I this year, led off with a walk Ri*
t-erg *.*• iflced and Eddie t ollln*.
j who did nothing ail day except to
! f eld brilliantly filed to Veaub
| Covey tossed out Jackson snd *■*•
<aped trouble in the first round. In
I the second. Felsch got a cheap In
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MONDAY, APRIL 16. 1917.
Rom* might? fmtu at pin-apill
ing are scheduled for Mlllett's
bowling alleys out Trumbull ave
tonight. Itobby Veach has en
listed Donle Rush. Ren Dyer. B.’l
James and Remie Roland, and
is going after the scalps of a
team that ha* been recruited by
I**w Rentier. ( atroll.
llradley and Connors are tha
Rent lev Ites Veach was em
ployed at the Millet! alleys all
winter Rush is supposed to be
the crack bowler of the Tiger
quint, because he led a tourna
moot down at Indianapolis for
a day a year or so ago.
fivld hit. and Gandil grounded to
Rums. Covey covered and dropped
the toss. Had the score been clos* ,
It could be said that the game
turned on thts misplay. Weaver
h inted. and Covey went gunning for
Felsch at third, narrowly missing
the play.
Then Ray Bchalk, who has made
Ha reputation as a hitter by his
terrific clouting on Sarin field, came
thru as usual and pounded home
two runs with a single to left Rent
fanned but I.etbolJ walked again,
and James was sent to the slab
rill and Spencer got crossed and »
low ball went for a wild pitch that
stored Weaver. Then Rlaberg
frnned and Collins grounded out. In
Ihc fourth o scratch single by Weav
er, s clever hit and run blow by
Sehalk and * double by 1/eibold
brought In two more runs, fn the
fifth, Jackson got on by means of
sn Infield single, end Felsch sem
I Joe to third by coming thru on the
llt and run An Infield play le*
. ? a< kson score and the final Chicago
On offense the Tlrers were nfv
They didn’t have »nv luck and the>
found Jim Rcott, who usually Is t
lunch for them. Invincible. In the
tecond and third, Hellntan atul
Spent er each led off with triples,
and neither scored That s how good
•he Tigers were Sunday. They did
get two runs oßth were scored by
Cobb one the result of a two-bare
e-ror by Weaver and the other tH»
result of a timeir single by Hell
man, the only Detroit blow de||y
ered In a pinch all afternoon.
The weather was as bitterly cold
s r It was Thursday and Saturday
but nearly lAOOO fans were at the
park Considering the • eather and
•he way the club has been going,
the attendance was marvelous It
• ure put lo a boost sot Detroit as a
'baseball town. ,
is Ik'loiv that of any other car of
similar capacity. Its interior is
unusually roomy. Its finish and
upholstery are comparable only to
cars of much greater price.
Designed by Ray Harroun and
to be built in quantity under his
supervision, by the latest auto
matic machinery, in the new
plants of the Harroun Motor*
Corporation at Wayne, Mich.

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