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Lens, La Fere and St.
Quentin Doomed,
Is Report
Nivelle’s Thrust On
Aisne Brings Smash
ing Victory
tOKDON. April IT.—Five key
point* to tko much vaunted H laden
hurt Un# wore • truck at oo uft|«
ty by tbo groat Ft am 00-British drive
today that their continuation In the 1
«>«ay'i haada much longer ieemi
Os the Are, Lens. Laiare and Bt.
Quentin may fail to the Allied oo
alaogbt at elm oat any hour. Cam
brl aad Leon are leaa closely en
▼eloped, but the menace of the drirfi
*ia none the leaa potent.
Oen Haifa report today told of
another aurceeaful thrust to the
oouth of Cambrai. around Kp*by.
aimed at Le Catelot. 11 miles south
of Cambrai
Paris official statements more
than confirmed the m»*. sanguine
hopes of success In the joint often
airs entertained here.
Oen Nlvelle reported a desperate
German attempt at Aillea to stem
the French forward rush at Leon
Allies lies Just seven miles to the
rnuth of liSon. The rounder attack
waa repulsed by the French.
Agair, Oen. Nlvelle’* force# with
stood another powerful German
counter attack at Courcy, four miles
north of Hhelms. It la In these two
sections, apparently that the French
wedge has been thrust farthest for
ward sgalust the German lines.
Unofficial battle front dispatches
received here today declared the
German losses were tremendous In
opposing the French offensive.
The Bolssons to Rhelms battle
front selected by the French staff as
the spot In which to strike Is Ideal
for offensive fighting It Is a slight
ly rolling country, permitting the
operating of vast forces and stiff!
clently clear to enable best
maneuvering. Moreover, aside from
the favorable nature of the country
itself, the spot Is strategically well
situated, since every blow there is
a jar to the German line northwest
to the channel. The German line
makes a vast blunt angle around
I jtfere, heading on an almost
straight line around to Verdun The
base of this angle—on the new Hln*
denburg line—ls Ijton The French
blow Is directly against this point.
Ixmdnn was thrilled to'lav with
the actual start of the greatest of
offensives—the forward thrust for
which every man. woman and child
tn the British empire has been
working and sacrificing for the past
all months At least three million
of France's and England’s heat
troops arw probably fighting along
this gigantic front. More guns than
the world has ever known before In
one operation arw belching forth
death over this stretch of 170
It was along the faro no* "Aisne
line*' that the French made their
greatest advances In the first blows
•truck by Gen. Nlvelle It was here
that the Teutons stood firm after
the retreat following the battle of
the Marne,
The point of Nlv*Do*o wedge was
pushed into the German line at a
point about midway between Sola
sons and Rhelms, wtth another
smashing blow struck coincidentally
around Berry Au Bac, where the
German line turns and twists around
Rh< Ims. Ten thousand prisoners
and a great quantity of supplies cap
tured attested the Irresistible force
of these two greet blows.
Meantime, the British fibres have
not stopped the force of their owp
drive Like a skillful boie/, Oen'
Hale was •ualgiuf' hiatlew* inMk#
on Gle enmw SiWWrWSi af OF
ittd miles Battle front dispatches
Indicated the perfect coordination
of the Franco British drive In the
synchronous attache of both greet
armies. Haig was smashing away
with l>ena almost in his grasp; be
smashed again nearer Cambml; he
pushed forward nohth el St Quen
Havre De Grace RennlU.
First Ra<*e—4 furlongs! fit for Tat,
100 iWskctn. lists, |fss. it 71. won:
Sunny Hill. 11l VRoblnson), tl >O.
SI 7S. second. Msrmont 101 (J. M''-
Tsasart), I*l*. third. Time. :4t 4*l
Old Homestead, Abrades, Dal Acton.
Csltlvs, Merrlehen. Little Awsepsr
and Josle A. also ran.
Second ftscs—Wteeplechass. I it He*:
High Flyer 14S
I* 41. IS >9. won; Ths Carm*t 119
(.Stevenson), 111 90. t( 10, second.
Bsldy Bay. lift (Johnson). 1199.
third Tims. 4:94 Bsltlmor*. Avis
tor. Kenworthy and Charles F Grain
ger also raa.
Third Face—S furlonra: Mavsrra
109 <J MrTssssrt). 113.70. I«. 1190.
won: Thursday Nlghter. 110 (Trolse).
II 1179 second: Bright fltar, 104
(A. Polllns). |ft 79 third Time. 1 ; ftl
Vreshet, Vo Ness. John Doualsss.
Odds end Knd* Wsfe end W*ne Kim
berley, K Inslln* Bill Wiley, Clifton
Girl. Meelogen* and Lurk also ran
Protent Against Reduction of
Bread Ration Prove*
{Staff Corretpondent Vnttad Frsss )
HBRIJN (Via London), AprU IT.—
A general strike fomented by «i
--treme Socialists as a protest against
the reduction In the bread ration
effective Sunday, dialed nut today.
Only a few factories were forced
to suspend by the strike Not a
single munitions plant was affected,
officials declare Business apparent
ly was continuing as usual today
All of Berlin's subways and street
cars were running with their usual
number of employes
At no time did the "general
strike" assume enough Importance
to call out the military force*. On
the streets a few hundred agitators
and demonstrators for the strlks
paraded, undisturbed.
Burglars ttswl Safa
A safe In the saloon of Cbarlea
Qltschlag. No. 2€S Jefferson ave.
was carried away by burglar*. It
contained 9100, according to ths re
port of Gltschlag made to police.
The Federation of Furniture Man
ufacturers ha* called a general con
vention to meet today at ths Hotel
Astor. New York, to promote a na
tional propaganda for more general
public Internet la Interior furnish i
Commissions of Britain
and Prance To Be
WeH Protected
WASHINGTON, April 17s—
Short I y after I: SO Sr cater
Lewie, Democrat whip, an
nounced h* "believed the $7,000r
000,000 bend bill would reach a
vets In ths senate by • o'clock."
Leader* plan to hasp ths sen
ate In session until It passes.
WASHINGTON. April 17.—1n
•n effort to bring about non
partisan support of tho admin
istration conscription army bill
President Wilson today aekod
Rep. Mann, Republican floor
leader of ths house, and Rep.
Lon not t to confer with him In
tho Whlto House.
(Staff Untied Pr*»l )
WASHINGTON, April 17.—Amer
lea’s part in the “big push" which Is
hurting German troops back from
ihelr long established lines In
France, keeping Teutonic commerce
off the seas and aligning the free
nations of the world against the
kaiser, will he under discussion hers
within the next 24 hours.
American fighting force* are yet
(fMthis*4 •« r«(f nimt
COLUMBUS, 0.. April 17 Many
people were hurt, none fatally, when
the railing of the left field bleachers
gave way shortly before the Oolutu
bus-Loulsville game st Nell Park
this afternoon and the occupants
of the end seat* were precipitated
25 fee* to the ground
Detrsll aad *»rtalty—Taasday ■•«*«
sad Sf4«ft4i> claady aad
prabafcty nlib ralai wanacri fresh
sad Mitk atada.
l«Wtr 4lfklf«»—frabaklr rata
Taeaday niahl aad Wrdaradayi
nararr (••Igkl aad la Grt sarftaa
WfdaraSari an*derate *« fraah aaatb
ea at aad eaat alada.
Ml«kea« tear *era (are thla da(e la
paa( 44 yeara. Mla IsOdi laweal. Id la
TODArw rrsnuun sbs
a a. a« ar IS a. at 4T
T a. a% tv II I. a 4a
• a. m 41 ia aaaa 4S
• a. a* 44 Iw-m BO
Oat year a*« tada r —l44aSeat (aaa
*e rata re. UI laweat. 4S| awaa. 40.
elaady rraafker silk a (ra«e af rata.
TWe aaa aeta Tweada > a( 71 HI p «a.
aad rtaea Wrdaraday a« Si(7 a. m.
The area a rlaea rlaea W edaeaday a«
Si** s. m.
•4. Laala sad fistara. •• ao
Wabash Hy Itlp m. every Saturday
during April rhMr Para—Adv.
VOl OWK |Ot H 4 Hll.nHK>
a trip to th« Miles theater this week.
Stlckney's Trslned T*oa* ar\6 Pgmlae
are there wtth five other bis vaude
ville feature* “Bargain Matinee*'' |
every day Featura nhofoplaye and
vaudeville 19 Ift to 4 Ift r me edmle
eton 19 and 99 esnts—Adv.
PitatteS - (he »•*•* ae*( M*4—Gel
Is dgkt Wa*« MW—V '-vg*
Homer By Jackson
Features Hard-Fought
Sox-Tiger Conflict
Inning— 123456789
Chi. 000001 02
Dei.ooool 01
NAFIN nSLD, April gy-Tf*
aorta# With two games lost, the
Jungalrnrs worv err parted to battle
deoporatnty for a start toward an
evoo brook. Jonnlngs bet his man
ago rial chips on Howard Ehmks for
tho day's pltchor Ths Tigers faced
a soutkpaw today for the first time
this aoaaoo Tbs Chicago dinger
to start was Danfort h Because of
tho southpaw pitching Dyer, a right
hand hittor. replaced Jones at third
for DotrolL *
■ash, a. a wibeld. r- A
Y*ssa, •■ Xiakerg, a a.
0*94. r. A < •lllae, Ik
Veorh. L >. Jaeksaa. U f.
**Baes, a A FrlaeS. *. t
•sm, ta (aandil. lb
Orev. ia Weaveff. Ik
■O*a#a», *. ftehath. e.
•4sO*> p Daaforilk, a
t*WNi*a Rail Ia aad Bhraa*.
First Inning.
CHTCAOO—Lie bo id wu called out
on etrikee Rleherg lined to Cohh
Colttne walked. Jsrkeon forced Col-
Mna Bush to Toung Ko run. no hit.
no error.
DETROIT— Sadi filed to Jsrkeon.
Youag singled to center Collins
threw out Cobb. Tear* lined to
Kelsoh No run. on* hit. no error.
Second Inning.
CHTCAOO—FsIech fanned. GsndM
singled to renter Weaver hunted *
foul t© fipencer Oandll died etealin*
fipenoer to Bush. No run. one hit. no
DBTltOlT—Bellmen walked. Burn*
bunted aad farced Heilman. Danforth
to nisberg. Dyer filed to Jsrkenn
Burns Was naught off llret and a-**
out. Danforth to Oandll to Rlshrrf
No run. on* hit. no error.
Third Inning.
(*HN'*AOO~-liehnik filed to Young
Danforth etngled pass eooond. Cobh
■V*ar*dLl*bold'a *‘ber Rleber* w**
out V' Berne unaasteted. Ko run, nn»
hit. no error.
DRTROlT—Spencer doubled j'*»t
third, Kbmke *a< rtftced YVr»ver t'>
Oaada Mwah lined to Weaver. Touhg
fouled to Oaadtl. No run. ono bit no
Fourth Inning.
<’H IvAOO-thr* ks toaeed out Col-
Una Young throw out Jaokson
Felech also grounded to Toung Vo
run. no hit. no orror.
PWrnOlT—Oobb walked on four
pitched hall*. It was Ty’e first *troll
thte year v*ach forced Cobh, c..:-
tin# to Rlaberr Ve*ch stole seoond
Heilman filed to Llebold and Vea<*h
took third after the catch. Burns
lined squarely Into FNtsch'e hands
No run. no hit, no error.
Fifth Inning.
CHICAGO-— Oandll singled to oen
t*£ Wsavsr saorlfii-ad. I>yer to Burns
grounded to Young Danforth
walked Llebold filed to Vaach. No
run. one hit, no error.
hfTtl' >lT—Dyer bounced a double
n» the scoreboard Dyer took third
"ft * wild pitch and trotted on home
when the bail bounced Into a drain
ag* hot* In the bottom of the grand
■tend, while the whole Chicago club
ttsbad for the globule ftpencer we*
SKW YORK. April 17.—" The man
who refuses to coma forward and do
hla share ta no good and bound for
And si this point in his discourse
at the Methodist Social union's ban
qnet Billy Sunday sat ao egettod he
knocked a glass of water In a wo
mans lag
i hit by a pitched ball. Ehmke bunted
1 sod forced Spencer at second. Oandll
Si*. »£.■». ~nVS£9
*d. Danforth tossed out Veach. On*
run., two htt*. no error.
Sixth Inning.
(7HTCAOO—Young threw out Rta
berg In a brilliant play Kpeitrer
threw nut Collins. Jsrkeon hit a
bom* run over Heilman's head tying
the score Felech fiied to Pobb On#
rtin. one bit. no error.
DYTTROIT Llebold went bark to
the screen and grabbed Heilman * fly.
Felech went eway bach sod got
Burn*' drive Dyer lifted to Felech.
Wo run. no hit. no error.
Seventh Inning.
dTTC* AOO-Gandll was out. Young
to Burn*. Bush whipped out Weav
er. Schalk popped to F.hmk*. No
run no hit. no error.
DETROIT—CoIIin# threw out Spen
cer. Khmke died the same way. Bush
walked Toung scored Bush with a
doubt* to left. Rinberg threw out
Cobb. One ran. one hit no error.
Eighth Inning.
CHICAGO- -Murphy batted for Dan
forth. Young threw out Morphy.
Llebold tripled to left center Hls
berg was htt by a plt'-hed tall. Col
lins tripled to center, soortng IJehold
and Rleberg Jacke«n hit to Dyer and
('■'•lllns wa* our at the plate. Dyer
and fipencer. Jackson took second on
a passed hall. Dyer threw out Kelach.
Two ruaa, two hlta ao errora
American League
Washington 0 0 0 0
N>w York .0100
Battorlea —Johnson and Ainsmlth;
Russell and Nunamakar. Umpire*—
McCormick and Coanollj.
Bos; on 0 1 0 0 0 2
Philadelphia 1 0 0 0 0 0
llatterle* —Wior* and Cady; Hush
and Meyers. Umpires—4>tne**n and
Cleveland 0
rif Louis 0
Batteries —Bag by and CFNalll,
do'boron and Hale. Umpire*—
rv'lxmghlln and Hildebrand
National I^eagne
New York 0 0 0
bmoklyn ..000
Batteries—Perritt and Rariden;
Ffaffer and Miller. Umpires- (Jtng
lay and Byron
Philadelphia 0 0
Boston 2 0
Bat far! as—Tdi vender and Ktllifer:
Kruoi and Oowdy Utnpiree--o*r)ay
and Bransfleld.
flt. IxrotaChtrago game postponed.
FHaGag—4bs grain *»at 4(*«—(k«l
I* Ham*—T*wen j*k !>.*(—Wain snga
Chrtat says M>ead on, " yelled
Hilly, grasping a big flag and wav
ing It regardless of fragile glass and
FJveryhody Jumped up. waving
flags and napkins, and promised tn
rfiattaa—(be elate aswt Ms4-(4s<
Is rigas ' Tl«ass Jab Dsg4. gels 4UX
NETS $5,000
h~-"» - ■ "zzlJzsl' v«*
Total Raised For Red
Cross Passes $60,-
000 Mark
In sums ranging from 129 tip, the
Red Cross campaign for funds urns
Increased by |5.651.fi0 up to noon
on Tuesday. Thi* represented about
24 hoars' work The actual amount
at email received was considerably
greater than this, as the contribu
tion* of auma less than 925 have
not yet been figured Smaller con
trlbutions will augment this sum by
at least 12,600, making s total of
15,000 received the first day. The
total to date, including Carl
Schmidt's girt of 995,000 nod othar
large contributions. Is S6O 291.50
The various committees were hard
at work all day Tneeday and pre
liminary reports Indicated that Tues
day would bring better results than
did Monday. All of the workers
were greatly heartened by the re
sponse that Is being made to the
appeal for the enlistment of a dollar
er more where tt is Impossible for a
man to enllat his body. The work
er* want It distinctly understood
lhat they are not asking charity, but
they are asking that the surplus
money be permitted to enlist tn the
In order that the campaign com
mittee may mske early and prompt
reports on the progress of the solic
itor*. several thousand of whom are
nos circulating application blanks,
each la reqneated to deposit hla
blank and money contributed to him
at the nearest main or branch bank
dally. Those banks will make im
mediate returns to fi Q, Wetmore
and his associates ia the financial
headquarters tn th* Telegraph bnlld
Ing, and will also supplr solicitors
with new appltcetlon blank* with
which they may continue their
work The success of tb* cam
paign depend* tn * considerable
measure according To chairmen
James Inglis. on the public's ao
qnatntanre with the success achiev
ed from the beginning
An anonymous rltuen has made
knoan to the Red Crne* (.Atrial* his
Intention of contributing l?oo *
month for the relief of the depen
dent* of Detroit noldtere end sail
or*. This contribution will continue
thrnout the war, whatever Rs dura
John Owen and Mrs K C. Wet
more, brother and sister, havw
pledged an ambulance to the na
tron College of Medicine Red Oroae
unit. In memory of their father, John
Owen John Owen. Jr .is now with
the American ambulance corps In
France Mr Wetmore Is In charge
of the flnaneis! headquarter* of the
Red Cross In the new Telegraph
building John Owen was state
treasurer during the Civil war and
gase much of the cause than
The enthusiastic participation of
Lutherans In the campaign wn* In
dicated Monday, when tho Raw. F.
TrwoaeM pastor af tko Bathtakam
Lutheran church, brought in 91M
contributed by hla congregation at
Sunday services
Pletrv Cardieilo, Italian consul,
and FV Unand Palma have under
taken me organisation of ike Ital
ian population, and will work with
a temporary committee wfcloh wflß
be the nucleqs of the gveaksr cam
paign committee
Frank B. Bressler. a regular army
raeervtat who served Ut the Sixth
22?iJHew£ r i2iS ,, £2r
AW. for
campaign committee The Hunger
laa Dally News win aid him in hla
work, aad he fipclarea that his coun
trymen .will solidly support the Red
Cross in its endeavor*.
The opening of the campaign tn
the public schools resulted ta many
Inquiries as to whether an entire
cl aaa-room might enroll as a mem
bar of the Red CToea. aad whether
contribution* of leea than th* lowest
class membership would be sec opt
"We are glad to receive any sum.
however small, tn the Interest of the
Red Oroee.” said Q D. Pope, chair
man of the local chapter. “Member,
ship fees range from $1 to 1100. and
no sum lees than $1 can purehaae
a membership; Mu all leaner eon
tribatlonv will b« added in the ape
rial funds of the ehapter now being
raised for ths eaulawent of base
hospital, ambulances companies and
sanitary detachments, as well as the
relief of dependents. Only Individ
ual memberships are possible,
rlnbs, societies, classes, etc. being
entitled to contribute to but not to
Join tht Red Cross."
Time* Reader Offers
Home to Deserted
Mother and Child
A Detroit mother, claiming de
sertion by bar soldier huaban l,
left her babv on a Detroit door
step. wtth a not* saying she would
return later for it If thla mother
ia looking for work and a home
for bertelf and child, a reader of
The Time* stand* willing to help
bar She can common leaf* with
th# editor of Tb# Ttmea.
NMldUn prwel4tm* k* tk* **•
**(*(*»f 1 af "***r w*u*A**l*»-
(*r«” to (•*•*( Brltal*, Frw —as!
■**•!• *7 (4* *rvl4—j t* k*U
•Me* <«Has ska war. was blew
4*f*4 lat 4« mu* tadar fer
rvuAtia*. WudaftM Th* sw
ti*o of mwh -war wlwlaiie
*»|M Ml lafriag* *a (4« dadta*
•f *«r aatamOfi
YEW YORK. A aril It.—T4l«r
thrv* frl«ad* *4 Iwm* Bm4«—
Hr*a 7 rrorlw (kr AlaooaAa, val
or* at and wlllloo dolkara, wkl«h
wad# ktw kaowa (ko waitry
•VW o* "lllajMon 4 Jim Tko will
of (kr oo(rd gro( ol*k(or. *oloo
mi an* *kllin(kr*vUi. 11*4 (o-
Sor, arlvro avardoallr oil ku H
aee.ooe ♦•«*(• (o ikeittr.
Th* competition fnr the prise ot
IlfiO fer the beat play by a Michi
gan Author offered by th# directors
of the LMUe theater will close May
l, Na restriction is placed upon the
type or length of the play submit
ted If accepted the play will !*«
produced tn the Little theater. The
rommlttee reserves the right 'o
withhold the prise should a play
rot be received that tn their opinion
ta worthy of production
CtViS*—*»k dM
‘Smith* Is Undaawgnd)
Miaafle Goss
Guard Cardan dfiUl
, jt daoMdHHHM
many fired (fee first alMt NT M JWP
MtahMt America ~ ulni fis|f ;<H
■■fifiK f
D«clal information rwnMkfii Mkd
navy department shorty sfkr gafig
tkat the nnued States *mm£m
Smith was fired upon hy • dMrifii
submarine at 9to a aa Us fiMk
launched by the ruboaf mfifinft
ike fikxith The laitar gave ekaaa
to the anbinsnaa bat the MMGfir
ship submerged and iirupML
Announcing the first angnguaMßt
of the war, the navy ttapartfiMMi
this afternoon issued the fbOwaflßg
"Reported from Fire island Ugfifi
ship to navy station at Boetaa aad
at New York that at about IS.id
a. m, the 17th. an enemy sGab
rine waa aightad by th# D. fi. ft.
Smith, running partially submsgprt.
The submarine fired a torpedo OX
th* Rmith which missed her by tfi
yards Wake of torpedo plainly
seen crossing the bow*. Sebmarflko
I disappeared.''
| The nary department had not
heard about the clash until proa*
1 reports brought word of It
Immediately TJeut Y'-ont BoDmafit
navy censor, got th* New York aosy
yard on long distance telephone aad
asked details.
.New York too woo tgaoroml a t
the Incident hut at eaoo uoausuN
rated with Fir* Island ‘fikHMj
from which the nojgfnol rspant to
Chariestown had keen mado.
A few momenta lakar Oka Ugkk
ship, it mUea ag Htaady fink
ed hank the Mr ta (talk# Tta* ,
The Rukmannea effuna to aMMg
evtdemea of Sli>3^
ana eta.
Tho fact that ita 91m fefitaf
itghtahlp eonvetpod %* <##4 p>
formation tod tn tho boOaf flkofi flao
Mancy Poartng fat To r
tho Detroit Rad ClHi
riwtowtr • ...owyn
Jell** IV. lUrfii ■>■•.»•<« fififi
J*b* A Rea*# II ■ I
Dr. l.Mrg* DefO«M $0 I
Tkoan** K. on4r» I• • • *•
W <5. I.v* ><••••• Ifi •
Ptiukarak skaf((ea <*«..., tfi l
Wr. *a4 Me*. (1 ■ kwSfc*a 00 i
g Kratfk ■ Ce tag
Ya*<t*(«e* rt*4 l*Sa*e
Alaavr - • «•
( l(f of Strait* I'd**. F- A
4. M ■ • • •••
r*l*nlal las **»ua
le Sli>klg*a fifing
Mr*. A. W. ( aw*(*«a W
(Wrallic R*t»k .... .. K
marie* a f**l**
H V. *ek r*a# ..... Mi
W llllaa* V mm atekel iS
p-vewaal WaMraV .... »
■Oillati «. Afvvaaaa B
4. C. « (ter ... ■
*. r. 9' «* la* M
Jaka N Da*U4M* V
n C Gaadlaerr dta
W. (». OaMwia
R F. Wltllaw* . aa
TWtal fifl^^B

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