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EmOKS 0. K.
E War Finance Measure
is Pawned 84 to 0 In
Upper House
[ president MAY
McAdoo Confers With |
Financiers On Float
ing Issue
[. WASHINGTON. April I*.—The
United States aonate last nigh'
passed ths $7,000 000.000 war bond
bfH by a eats at *4 to 0.
•seen hours was consumed In din I
cussing ths measure, but the de
hats was concerned largely with
minor changes in the wording, prac
tteally no opposition being voiced to I
tbs bill Itself
Nearly all of the 12 absent sens
tors wore 111. All of ths -wilful 12*
voted for H, with the except ion of
•anator Lane, who *as among those I
absent I
Several minor amendments were I
attached to the bill which may ne
aaaaltate a conference, but no op
foattioo is anticipated from the
Sanaa. It is expect sd that the mess
are will b# sent to ths presides
today for his signature
While ths senate was considering
the hill, iocrstsry of the Treasury
William G. McAdoo was conferring
with J P Morgan and other great
inaaclers in regard to flotation of
tbs $2.004.000.t00 bond issue in
vo jved TV4* considered probsh *
tbnt the bonds will be offered ii*
denominations as low as $25. in or
der to permit the man of sms .
meaas to Invest In them
Han lr ers brokers and bondtm
companies have been Invited to
sffer eaggeetions
Amendments adopted by the sen I
ate tndude provisions
Limiting deposits of proceeds
from the bonds In banks to th*
amount subscribed by the banke
and their depositors; permitting de
postt of proceeds in state banks and
trust companies as well as federa
reserve banks; providing, for ex
change by subscribers of the is
sues anthortsed for bonds subse
quently issued during the war, st
higher tntefeet ratee.'requiring the
secretary of treasury to reftort ex*
pendltufes <st the bends proceeds
Dns. tl, annuaUy thereafter, and
exempting the $2,000,000,000 of
treasury indebtedness certificates
anthortsed from all taxation except
estate sad inheritance levies
Tears of John Whelan. M. No 277
IlMilanii an shed In police court
Tuesday, saved him from e 50-day
term la the House of Correction
Who ten was arraigned before
Justice Heston on n charge of dis
turbtng the peace preferred by his
wtte, Mary
‘Wand him to the workhouse,
judge. He comes home drunk every
sight and won't let me sleep Put
him in jail foe days," she plead
ed In a rich Irish brogue stolidly in
different to the sobe of her husband
ta the prisoner's box.
Wt*s n lie. yer honor." Whelan
There was a fresh outburst of
tears from the prisoner’s box and
'Patrol me, judge' Patrol me'”
be cried
Obavuleed, the Justice suspended
sentence on the weeping Whelan
with a warning not to molest his
wife in the future
Bdwin Den by, former congTete
man and ax-prealdent of the De
troit Board of Commerce, will ad
dress the Detroit chapter of the
Sons of the American revolution at
ths annual meeting, to be held Fri
day night in Hotel Statler.
Representatives of the French.
Htogllsh and Italian consulates hare
been invited to attend. Gov. Bleep
er has Indicated that he will come
from Lansing to speak
MaJ F. E Phelps will respond to
a toast for the army; Capt D. F A
De Otte for the navy; Gen Ixjuls
C. Coveil, of the Michigan National
Guard; Commander J. Farrand
Lawia. of the Michigan Naval Brl
gade. 00l Harry Burgess, of the
OUeers' Reserve crops, and Capt.
Morrison, of the Marine recruiting
•tattoo, will attend.
Albert M, Henry will preside as
toastmaster, The Rev, Joseph A,
▼•nee Raymond E Van Ryckle.
Charles Moore, and George H Bar
hour also will speak John IKckln
•on will amg
Altbo It has bean planned at first
te iavlta offeers of the Canadian
army to the dinner, It waa decided
by the executive committee that be
cause of the inherently American
Character of the organisation that
this would not be flttiag
Election (ommiswoner* Will
Decide Whether Wilkin*
Or Jaflioaski Hon
j Whether It will certify to the flee
lion of Charles T Wilkins by six
votes or Charles H Ja*no*#ki by 12
votes to the recorder’s bench will
be decided by the city election com
mission in s special meeting at ' j
I o'clock. Wednesday night The com
missionary have the choice of either I
tallowing the tally sheet figures,
which give the election to Mr. Wll-1
kins, or to accept the returns as to
taled on the return sheets, which I
place the prosecutor 12 votaa In the |
Mr. Wilkins, thru his attorney.
Charles W. t asgraln. Tuesduy after
noon filed a petition for a recount. I
depositing slo* with the commls
• ion. Howevsr, in a letter aerom j
paaying bla petition he set? forth
that the filing of the petition shall
not be construed by the commission
as waiving any of his rights to a
certificate of election. Mr, Wilkins
calls the commission’s attention to
the fhrt that the election boards In
he aacond of the Tenth, tha seventh
of the Fourteenth and tha fifteenth
of the Seventeenth wards corrected
the totals in the presence of the
commission, deducting in ail 20
votes from the totals cast for Jaa
nowskl. which left a majority of six
votes for himself.
"I am, therefore, on the returns
the duly elected recorder of the city
of Datroit and entitled to a cartifl
cats of election as such, which 1
hereby demand from your honorable (
body" Mr Wilkins says in conclu
Prominent Detroiter and For
mer Legislator Succumb* to
Operation In Boston Tuesday
Tha body of Noble A*bley, Sr .
'firmer Detroit alderman and mem
ber of the state legi«la»ure. will
reach Detroit. Wednesday. Mr
Ashley died Tuesday in Boston
Vasa, following an operation. H*
was 54 years old and had resided
ir Detroit since I*4* Mr. Ashley
went to Boston for the express pur
;>cse of having th> operation per-
I tanned
Tho of a retiring nature. Mr Ash
ley became one of the most prom
inant figures in the political circles
lof the state »A* a member of th*
I legislature, he sponsored the work-
I 'ngmen’s eotni*eneatlon act whicn
lis now a law. He was elected al
I derm an from the Tenth ward lu
I 1895. He served bis first terra in
I the legislature in 1504.'and served
J five consecutive terms.
He was engaged in the printing
business In Detroit, and was a mere-
I her of the Masonic order, th-*
Knights of Pythias. Maccabees and
the Modem Woodmen of America
Surviving Mr. Ashley are Ms
I widow. Mrs FTorine Ashley, three
I son*. Noble Ashley, Jr.. Russell and
I Dr. L. Byron Ashley, snd one s'w
I ter. Mrs Edawrd T Bishop, of Oil-
I ford. Conn
Because President Wilson inaug
I urmted the World’s Salesmanship
congress, and has t;.ken a personal
j Interest In It from lta beginning ‘t
I was thought advisable 'n view of
tbe recent appeal on uniform on
I eentratlon for preparedness for war
to ask bis opinion on tbe wisdom
I of holding the congress in Detroit,
I June 10 to 14. says Secretary D
I M Barrett He has replied tbnt
I the congress should proceed with
I Its plans
OTTAWA. April 12.—Five more
Americans are listed In last night’s
Lieut. T. Bechraft, Rose City,
Mich . previously reported wounded,
la now reported killed in action on
April >.
Private R Mr.Math No. 88 Cam
pau-et.. Detroit, Mich, Is seriously
wounded and Private A. Winchester.
No 3322 Scranton rd . Cleveland, is
reported wounded
Military Address Postponed
Military duties have caused the
postponement of the address by Capt.
Edward 7. Bte* ver, U. 8. A., who
was schedul' and to spesk in the Board
of Commerce auditorium Thursday
noon A telegram to this effect was
received by Secretary Walter O.
Cola. Tuesday. Immediate ar
rr.ngements ware made by the
Board of Commerce to have Capt.
Sieever appear next Tuesday noon
Capt. Steever is the creator of the
Wyoming system of military in
struction for high s< h*>ol boys. The
subject of his address next Tuesdav
noon will he. The high school vol
unteers of the United .States ”
The \es Hampshire Conference
of tbs Methodist Episcopal church
will begin its annual session today
it Keen**, wiih Bishop Kdwin H
Hughe*, of Boston, presiding
—«k* grata aeaf h'ad—«Wa«
la right— HJah Dsfl—Nila «aja
11 Stage |g||
— —..— r—aC=^=».^
Marie la>ula* Higgera. one of the
leading singers In the Ahern opera
company, now in the Detroit epsra
house. was s protege of Mme.
Srhuman-Heink and began h*r stu
dies with hteffanl. in Rrookijn. in
which city eh* tt» born Four years
•go eh* toured Germany in concert,
singing in eueh musical <-#nir*« ••
Hanover. l<r*si*n Munich. Kerim and
t'olegn*. She iitr sang In con *rt in
Florence. Napier. Rotr.e ant in
ttaly. and returned to Amerioa to
join the century «>p*ra -ompany In It*
ilrit season In th-- Century opera
house. New Tarh. The first sols in
which Miss Riggers was hsard m
America was Huaukl In * Madam But
terfly. Miss Riggers forebaars ort
ginaily cam# from Hajiovev. and a
long line of grand opera artists made
th* family In Germany distinguished
•n the muiiiwl world
Singing snd dancing enough to
please the most fastidious, and melo
dious number# that send the listener
a wav whistling. Is the pralae accord
ed Andreas Dlppel’s latest production
The U>ve Mill, ’ to be seen next
week in the Detroit opera house. The
boohs and lyrice are by Earl Oarroll
and the muaio by Alfred FT an els The
company Is headsd by Ralph Ner»
who has original comedy methods
and thsre ars also su h favorites as
Aliee H'gtmtn. W# *-centric coroe
dienr.e. Grace Leigh Jewnetta Ixvwrle,
Ernet Wood. will Norton. Billie
Rhodes and a vivacious and sprightly
beauty chorus.
A siren who In tha stress of war
becomes the angel of tbe armies in
Franc* Is the part assumed by Louise
Glaum in 'Sweetheart of the
Doomed to be •h««n on the Orpheurw
screen next week Along with the
enthralling story >f the regeneration
of a woman given over to deceit and
lntrigua. love transforming her into
a lender and sympathetic creature
depriving herself of even th# last of
creature comforts In order to minis
ter unto the wounded sufferer#, goes J
the pitiless revelation of war a rav- I
ages In an endeavor to reach the
side of tha man ah* love# the girl l
roams ths hattle fields dressed ae s
French p-emant boy to escape detec
tion The serial. ‘ Patrta. * reaches
the next to the last chapter in the
episode which will be seen next
»**k In vaudeville the feature s> t
will he that of Amelia Bingham, who
with her company will give a con
densed version of “Joan of Arc.”
Amelia Bingham snd her company I
on a IS week tour of th* country. I
in a vaudeville version of the stag
euccasa. "Joan of Ar' . will he in* ,
feature attraction in the tVrrh*um
theater, next week From "Oliver
Twi»l. ' by Charts* Dickens Owen j
McOiveney has taken his dramatic I
episode "Bill Hykes in which he I
plays th# leading role tweeter B* rard
and Earl Lloyd will have a skit with
muG joking snd singing In V tU**d
T Need s l*w>*r." T. H*dru>tt and)
company accordionists, will present
an exceptional musical act. !*■»* T <ng :
F*>o, t’h*n*s* singer and con »and an an
nounced f >r this week s bill hut wt
was unable to reach Detroit, '•ill be I
found am >ng uh*r acts on tt ;« h»H •
Ths feature pictures of the **■•■* ;
will he ,-we*'li**rl ->f the !>©<-> ir.ed
with liouise Glaum snd th* so ,rt*enn •
» of "Patna a ith Mrs \ -rrr*n 1
On the Majestic screen next neck
the feature film will he The lem*-
mmt <‘hap. ' with House Peters and!
Levins Huft in a clever and convlnc- I
lna *a> Mis* Huft foil » - h*r part
that of a miner s ward thru to a
happy c|r>** after *h» lias apparently
deepened tb# hitter wound a forn.e
sweetheart of her guar-i »n bad made
in deserting h'W upon the eve
th*lr marriage Mr. Veter* »a *b|*
in h l * r*>i* Next w <-ei< - M*)*st ••
pr ; gram w}Lt »-n»-ttide the first f *
new series oF comed'-s In w h ch
Roacoe ("Fatty"! Avbu- kd* is appear-'
tna. Mi* role is that o( .a gro. r
d*-rk and hut h»r shop mans ; r
r, ,rn|c ar tun predominates s)| thru
th-- film, the first *-f which he-vr* n e
t tie *’Th* Butcher’s Bo)
male menus w 11 he reveale-1 in the
chapter of LMtuiar# animat picture-
Mutt and Jeff, in rart<,«ms. will ex
perience the “fps and I*>wns
!**-te<-ttve Life A travelogue "*Md
Fresh Wat**r i'rrstur»i, ' will h
shown. Henry >anlrey will sing ;in 1
th* Majestic Symphony orchestra will
accompany the film# as us ial
Th# four name# at the head of
| <Y ill tarn Faversham • ali-*tar
Ipany to he seen in th* Garrick thea
ter next we»k. in Bernard fihaw $
Getting Married. ' composes as-• ta
j hie a stellar quartet as th* stage ha*
witnessed for several seasons Mr.
Faversham s reputation alone ha* al
ways been sufficient to attract a
large cont'ngent -»f admirer# vh* •
ever he appear# For perhaps » ,r, -r"
i of years he has occupied a conapic
lou* position In tlie front rank of
American stars and with the r»Mre
i mint of E. H. fioth*m he stand* vir
tually without a competitor in th*
dignified line of artistic r
wdh which he has a.ways been id*n
i ttfled. Henrietta Cr inriini su< *s
dates ha< k to her triumph In M •
tree# Nell" !<ater her association
with Dav.d Beiasco In I*-sreet K.tt>
Be lairs' materially strengthened her
hold on public favor, and sever*'
time* In more recent years *h" has
appeared at ike hag
' pany. F«r several season* I'harls*
I Cherry was th# leading tr an for sn I
| shared honors with Maxine FTHc-M
j and upon h»r return to Fnglafid h»
, waa featured and starred 1n pr >duc
tlons under the m»nsi*m*nt • I
I Char las and r>a *• *' T rohman
! Spunc was prominent in l^vndon be
fore her success In this country H
latest association was with H*nrv
' Miller In hi# stock company In Nan
l ; Francisco. J*h* resigned h*r position
to accept the role <>f l,e*hla Gran
thim In Getting Married ” Incited
lin the die»»ng tished comp*n> ar*
leumsden Hare John Harwood. Ar-
Meen Hackeft. Marjorie Fggles* n
I George Fit*g»rald. Mrs hidmund
I : Guerney. ff igh IMltmaa snd Fctwln
('.uihmtn ‘Gett'ng Married” Is *h«
seventeenth Shaw pliv to he given
| In this country sin • Richard Man*
field produced ‘Arm# and the Man
In the !ferald-#q. theater. New y rk
Hept. }4, 14*4 Mansfield prrwl ]• non
introduced Hhaw as a dramatist t
I American audience# and started the
Hhaw vogue in this country.
TJie "Infinitesimal” flar on the
citr hall has been displeasing io
Aid Herman Zink, who derlar*-d
himself Tuesday night in the meet
< ing of the aldermanic body as fa
' vonnr * "nian’a slxe” flag He put
1 thru a resolution calling tar the pur
chase of a flag tha* "can im seen
for miles around” and one "worthy
I our big. beautiful, patriotic city."
Several patriotic resolution# wore
I adopted bv the aldermen One pro
! via*‘d for .i baseball game be'»<>n
I the aldermanic nine and ihc Metro
‘ IKtiiian rlub on Navin field, and the
'others granted |>ermlsaion to pla> «•
. flag# across downtown street* "to
stir patriotic feeling”
| The National Acadetm of Sri
| ence* in annual session at \Va«h
ington. has decided to devote toda>
to a discussion of the work of the
1 National Research Council tn rela
lion to the national defense.
For the S*kt of tho Work!
Teutons Must Be Curbed, A»-
BertN ( has. D. William*
Bishop Charles D Williams
preached a patriotic sermon in Bt.
Paul’s cathedral Tuesday night,
when he addressed tbe spring meet
ing of tbe church’a archdeaconry,
which will bo in session until Wed
nesday night.
The eloquant clergyman skate bed
briefly the cause# leading up to tha
war. analysed every provocation of
the United State* to engage in the
monster straggle, and arrived at the
concJaelon that the sword drawn by
Vncla Sam has been "batbad In
heaven “ There ta no lost of ©on
quest, no passion far power or ag
grandlxement and do desire for ex
tension of territory, ha aald, and
A people whom we all lev# aa«l
admire for th* oharactertatlo virtue#
of their individual lives and for their
composite character have apparently
gone insane Thru half a oentory
skillfully planned and ooodurted
psychological preparation and edu
cation. by th» ruling clnea it ha#
been hypcnotlsed into war-rnadneaa
It has eolemnly consecrated Itself to
world-conquest as to a holy cauee-
And It will endure to the end In that
strife, devoting It# last ounce of en
ergy, It# last drop of blood to the
aecnmpllenment of It# purpose.
For, in It# own eyes, tt 1# a choaen
ratlrn a peculiar people. with a
Divine mission laid upon it Every
nieana h w ever despicable and hor
rible is \) st lfi ed by the end sought.
Frightfulo**s become# e dellbernt#
poll ' atrocities are condoned, if not
So minded this nation ravages
thru th* world like a madman
Nothing t# «*fe If It should prevail.
Democracy, liberty, cl llliatiop. relig
ion. the very kingdom of God on I
earth are all alike imperiled ,
For the »ake of th* world this mad
nation must he controlled 'f It f *annot I
he taught rea#< n. Just a# an eaoapa-l
lunaM m ist he confined for the sake
of th# community
If w* and and not rise to the occasion
now w* should have undoubtedly, to I
meet, alone and unaid*d. thl# mad
power, drunk with victory, when tt
furred Its gTe*dy eye* to our own
RAISE 5150.000
l. AN-sociation Will Contrib
ute That Amount For War
( amps; Officers Elected
Y M C. A. directors Tuesday aft
* rnoofi approved of a plan to raise
$ 1 SO.ip'd as th'l# city’* share of the
S3.o‘t , >.°iK> which the association will
use in mobilisation camps and
other nla>»* where American *©l
lier# and s-alinr* are in service.
The state# portion of the fund
lias l'#en placed a-» $2;<0.000 Dr A j
Ig. Btu*ier. .Metropollfan secretary.
I reported that 1,000 secretaries
! A-otilil be ne* ded to carry tIH
Dr J**hn R Mott, geneaal chair
m. of the international committee
| s's th* Y. M C. A will b** In Detroit
May 1 to lend hi* efforts In rrgann
i.ng the < ampaign
Th*- director*, in response to a re
I quest from officers of the Thirty
I third Michigan infantry, stationed
I at Fort Wayne, decided to reopen at
once the Y M C. A branch at Fort
All the officers of th* Detroit as
•Delation were reelected a' the
I reeling .is follow# ,
IT.lip H Gray pres,den- H#rry L.
I Plers'in and H. R F.srhart. %i. e-
I president* Dr A G Stud« .. metro
politan »e-reiary. IDram \ Douglas,
I recording *e-re»ary. Walter W.
Smith. cnrr»*i" ndmr secretary. Al*
1 A HI g
| g’nsi>n, auditor Twr> n*x dirertof*
1 were added They »re iL ward A
| G.iffln. manager < f th* i‘ re*r n*
*mpany • I— tr- It t-ran- h. an.i *>hr\
IR. Itu#*el, president nf the rjreaj
j Lak-e Engineering work#
fsifference* of opinion over police
j (1. panmen* policies between Com
jn.lssioner James Cou/ens and Mayor
Marx will not lead »o a break In
I*l eir relation* The mayor «a>*
t h“ hasn't had any intenMon of
d'«ml##in4 the police commissioner
' and Mr Couien* say# that he
| doe*n ♦ ln*end to re*irn If T,e ;*
*■ -k“d to do *o
' The artjDn of the hoard of **tp
r.iates In sending A*s!«tan f Corpora
! tion Counsel t , iAin«ing ha*
j t een largely misunderstood. ' said
I Mayor’s Secretary FiGgerald The
( police department now has power
| Cat is no» delegated to any other
[city department, and i» •# the de
■ sire Os the estimators to put the
i i»ower of the police department on
lan equal hasl# with other depart
n er.t*. There waa not the slight
est intention to t#k* a rap *t the
c ommlsaioner."
The estimator* are responsible
I for the budget, which f# now being
i pared to a reasonable amount, and
feel that they should ftl all sal
arle# That {# the mayor's attitude
In announcing that the board had
r.c Intention of questioning ’he mer
It* of the • salary plan as proposed
I by the police commiSßioner
The mayor «ay* that all (aik of a
break between himself and the com
misslon#r is unfounded' and that
I ' somebody Jumped at eoncluaiona."
Clubmen Esongratcd.
After questioning -everal mem
be-rs of the O-troit rlub
j Fucsda*. Assistant iToserutor Paul
W Noorhis# decided there waa no
: ground for prr -ecution in connection
I *ith the d»aih of Iguiis Rice who
!«*« bea»*n when found prowling
among *"tn» automobile# parked
In»ar the rluh County Phvilctan
French de- ;*red Rice was suffering
from heart disease.
1 Spring Coats pj>> «■*© |
I ns - ‘25 /' ;®pL B
% All of the New Styles Li /1 V|] fflljUL ft
went purchase )u#» received. of coat# which meaaurw n>J b JIBHiBU 13 4t , fA
Mp to 4 >*r> high i>tamlai dos quality Mad** In the \»*ry Ml 1 » Lt* \ W P'
be«t of style and tailoriu* \ utV'- VU ■ j/f
i oitif In today and see what a truly M IIW»tal A■ ;i x Vtwra\\vi\ 8 n A ,
aA wonderful collection to chooar ;t\v\ \ \\' 1 ' ,’\\ l zl?
TL7 from. Collar* are broad and deep > 1 il‘\\ \\ ' ■'V,y \t\
rjyj at the hack; the belt la an almoat v m>ij gmgr * " V l jl J i 3
pi )J invariable feature, the looae tie m\\
lift girdle being one of the am art eat /L fi A _ \
M> forms.
M Blouses nGf «2r±r'/X I Blouses
Os Inimitable Charm E| mL I Of N olle and Organdie |\V
r! f 5.75 -$ 7.50- $lO
Patrolman Dubs Kills Disturb
er On I.arned-st.; Detective
Shoots Fugitive
Patrolman Frederick C Dub# shot
and instantly killed Edward Drown.
2S. No. *0 Tw enry.flrat-at . early
Monday. In quellin* a disturbance
in front of No 113 Idtrned at. east.
A few minute* later Andrew Bcr
nard, 27. No 34 Jefferaon-ave. ea#t.
wa* ( #hot in the hip by Detective
O'Keafe while running in Bates-st..
after being found prowling about
the rear of the Michigan Drug com
pany at No 2* CongTeawst eaet.
O'Keefe fired on *he fugitive when
be refueed to halt Bernard wa*
uken to the Receiving hospital. Mia
condition i* not serious
Pa’rolman THib* wa* off duty and
dressed in civilian clothes wh>*» b*-
•hot Brown He was exonerated by
Assistant Prosecutor ?r*e**d after hla
story of the affair had be~n corrob
orated by several wi'ne»*«j includ
mg Brown # companion. Jam## i- ,n
ner. No. s.** Montcalm #t caat
According to lAibs. he was pa**lng
\o< 113 Lamed-#* with h;s brother
inlaw-. Jul|u* C’ainow. No. lltk
Lrandy ave., when Alice ford, occu
past of ibe house balled .b-u» from
a window and ##k**d them to dl#-
jnVae four men wfco were poundlnr
on the door and shouting lor admit
tan< e.
Dub* ran up the »»• p* and. eihib
iMng his police hadg* told the ra»
*o le»\e. Brown and Sumner, he
says, refused to do .so .ir.d push*
him down the atalra to th** sidewalk
wb»re bo:h fell upon him
Forced to hla knee* in the s?ruk
fcle. Dub* assert# he felt Sunnier rv
hi* hand 1 ov*r hi* clothe# In *e.ii
of his gun. which w>w in a i*> f ke*
his overcoat. Wrenching one it
fr*e he drew the piatol and flr>
Brown, a bullet thru hi# heart, t
| 'apsed instantly.
Brown was unmarried and reside
I with hi# parents at the Twenty fir;
Ist. addre«« Hi* l<*d) was remove
to the county morgue by f’oron* i
I Rothacher.
For Infant* and Children
«;i Use For Over 30 Yean
Always bear*
T -nature o«
Sec the Three Big National
Park* and Colorado on
One Vacation.
Ton ar# planning fr.r j our * imrr»r
va''atl*)T» ’
You dns't know wher# to g< *
vt'ell, ifclnk of rh «
Through <Jt.««-»et #r >• Teil'- , «-» r: n*
Nation#! P#ri\s. * fr -o Yellow
st<m» ov*' th'- « n l*r' ,t r.-w "fn*tjr
Fload"—all th*«»- t: p« M- c< mfort
at> 1 s * a ii» *if> f,rrf*''t«(t
only tbi* *ar ir«i r !*n n>- -k»
Mountain 'V l *’*«i '..»t P# n
f.-nlorado. «-|fh a .a iot t•> J'*ov- anl
folora-to «prin*' fk* • !’ tfc »r»1
th* "o*nl*n of t •'• o '• i.*#r hj-i
The gov*rntr*n* hs* *r>*nt m in*t
freely th • |*«i y*«r In ad'ting to
the attra<-t!on of th**' r tvc'-undi
r f th* per>p|*
There Is n<. trlr *o * * wr« rid *o
varied and full <• ‘ ln»»f'e*
The Whole t*ip Is niade ov*r th#
line# of a singi" railroad ••..ten.
the Burlington r» j»* t , g nr
r»erou#. w^ll -rnar ■-« g*d dep.-nd#t.l*
railroad of to* V **t * n ti. k< t
ov*r on# ra!lr«.#d
Stop at the f.fflr* or write f.#t
tell v oti how eistly and comfortably
this w.nderful trie '*n h* \»k
f..r folders d'*'rih'.ne ** i P.rk
Full of maps and j -i-.r** Vo <h*'g*
T Frsh fa G*n I’*-* Ar’ C*, p 4
Q R. R 5<7 W Jack sot).ldad., Chi
cago —Adv.
w- p loq a vat v/is
I Waterproof, mar-proof, makes I
a smooth, lasting lustre, kept I
handsomc writ h only • floor mop I
Fine for oil cloth and linoleum. I
■ads by ievry Brwtbarv
by M Oeatart
2£§T X3
Bt«amgrg for Ctgvgland. Pittsburgh
and points Cast aod Aouth, 10 45
P. M daily. Central tim# Fgr**
Cttv*lgod, $2 50. Pittsburgh, $5.80
$ tea mars laay# foot of Third avonua
Every time
you feel tht
least tend
ency towari
#km*> »-
Ca* m
* '‘VVM
Don! wait for time
to heal your skin.—
“Oh it wrill get well anyhow!“ yno
•ay ? Perhaps it will, and perhaps «
won’t. Maybe it will get wru instead.
Ar.d think of the discomfort and embar
ra«»mrnt it causes you. even now.
Isn’t it better to get nd of the trouble
by using Refinul Ointment and Resinol
Soap? Dort ir« have prea< nbed the
Retinol treatment f«>r over 20 yrars, so
you need not hesitate to u#e it. RtstmA
art uilly sivft tUhtrif rntbrn/fy.
A.l freggists s*ll kseh*«l 1 *«wn> sn4 leitk
V«s F ' « l-M *< -sch wr*!* tn I>w* U*.
krauk. Bsluaser*. M 4. Yttfdkttfr fry—
for that ikin trouble
You Can Do Your
Bit in the trenches, in the
home, in the office, in the
factory, in the store, when
the body is nourished with
foods that build healthy
muscle without overtaxing
the digestive organs. Shred
ded Wheat Biscuit contains
the greatest amount of
body-building nutriment at
lowest coat. It strengthens
the muscles of the stomach
and intestines by making
them do their normal work
in a natural way. A better
balanced ration than meat
or eggs, more easily digested
and costs much less. Ready
cooked and ready-to-eat.
For breakfast with milk or
cream, or for any meal with
fruits. Made at Niagara
Falls. N. Y.
?***frt iff.
A Nutrttiou* Diet for Alt Afoa.
Keep Hor lick’* Alwayv on Hand
Quick Lunch. Home or Office
PriatlM—4fe* etoia *Mt kt#«—(kai
a ea>i tmm '•* o**«— mm.
The Most Wonderful Religious
Spectacle Ever Produced
/ \
Thousands of Participants —
Grand Chorus Orchestra -
Soloists —Children s Processional
April 28 to May 26.
MJ im&L N .
Mehta, "mn *n .1 M<mM • 1 k4| 'IVr«I| K V lOLir.- V
Halida?* iV-Mlia* \
*I-W Ut THIC IR«t tUlIM.n .A Hit II Ml* ’ 4
Oh.PI ease Mr. Detective I KATHIYN WILLIAMS u 9**
OTIII'H IHI.KMMD »m !»► t ti«T nf Ht IHI U AMRu ; |
at J. A *• and R p tn * at a I A p \, *
Mrs. Vernon Castle Patria < ”
Aborn Grand Opera Cos.
Mat. Todav—ll Trovatore
Tonight—U CIA
Tk#r>4«f Maht—li«iMr mil
« A V VI.I.HHI V enrf f*%f.l l%<* I
Frlkir llgkl-rtl n
Sat. Mail#**—HU.lltF/rrO
»#t#rOr Mill —11. rHOI IT«*HK
Tcrwr- 400 SI.OO
rrv* at •■-*#. V M-er W A.WW
vv r.FK #r,r.nviMi \pnil. 21
Pn*«iar gall#** #*4 a*4 Ut.
V* DOSSAL ru-CAL g | I
. aIFB-0 *■
vvi) mri.*i «.iei,*: imi •■im n *'
f’rlr *a 1 Wat. ai*-|l IW| gl#at. !M»* M
a*ai *ale Tkara. Wall Order# >a«
eiDDirg re*. Wat. Todat
uannivn 28- . , n *, )M >
Tkr Vra f aaaedy W Ilk Wa*lr
His Little Widows
• 11-Star faat
■ tnnalng F.neeaihle es 4 talk aad
drag if.
urvT u/rrir »*«i *•># ifcur.o»
HLA I VVLLn Wall Ort*r* v«.«
Vll-atar t ora kina t lea
< karlro t kerry and Mild# "anaa la
Hernard *ka»»'a Heat t nmedf
flit.llFit f.RVIIF HI HI T*QI r.
I all** to Wata.. If*.
vr*T- *rt»HTivir vv mow a
The Liberty Belles
*lad **«IIRtJ.n WoF.l’l.l »:. Paaeer.
r*rfi»rmancea, } 15 an<l • 16 f’ M.
“Auto Girls”
>»:*T wi’» n— Rio #H IK.W or iair
These Adverlisers— |
prefer to ipeak to the
real buyers in
the home.
Wa. a \t i ■ M JWOil
Ml* \ m i ii t TANARUS( 111 01.1.fi
j-tn |n 4•*<»! TANARUS::?«• and titß
T-—U>> 111 I .It IfUK 4T tl ph—r
i nr i. riini'o ri tit. 11 m to i>m
Mata., t Os- 3t»r MllH. IV- - TT,n —a
Peggy Hyland
i «i ii. \i»i>r.i» Krtrntri
Harold Jarvis;:
in “»it:r:m(.
IVEMN'iS. ; ■ ■ M \TINKF.S.I*-ll
1 if. Kr\ -K v r»#«»ntn
Enlighten Thy Daughte
0. Henryk,:;,' The Third Ingredien
l<inta: Ml** 1 1 nI h fterh. (rrnlr Vt rr k I
Bvarln**. |R*'»r Mat' '•trept Ha
nr'l s<ntn), ll*}k,
‘•ImI w tfli i Mata. Ilallr *tnrtlna Rat
And the Seven Youner Fo]
Cl. Ma Mr MI linn and ta.| MrKav
Irdinr i I'rlntnuf l-*nnr| llrin
■ ,> ’I eha l> a- li» > t Wh»«l» r
n i Mane llrix.i M»nrraarepe.
BASE •help
I Detroit vs.
l Game Called at 3:00 P. M.
Eaeterft Standard Tima
Beae-ved and Bo* Scata a
—— Sopar’a Cigar ttora, navj
•••me Dima tavinga Bank Bldd
Nn 7 *

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