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* You Can Do Your
Bftt in tbt tranche*, in the
lom, in the office, in the
fcaorjr, In the etore. when
the body h nourished with
Mi that build healthy
nmole without overtaxing
fee digestive organs. Shred-
M Wheat Biscqft contains
the greatest amount of
body-building nutriment at
lowest cost It strengthens
the muscles of the stomach
and intestines by making
them do their normal work
in a natural way. A better- I
balanced ration than meat
or eggs, more easily digested
and costs much less. Ready
cooked and ready-to-eat.
For breakfast with milk or
cream, or for any meal with
fruits. Made at Niagarn
Falls. N. V
RAISE SI 50,000
Local Association Will Contrib
ute That Amount For War
Camps; Officers Elected
T. If. C. A. director* Tuesday aft
•moon approved of a plan to raise
1160,000 a a this city’s share of the
62,000,000 which the association will
ip mobilisation camps and
other places where American sol
dlers and sailors are In service
The State’s portion of the fund
has been placed at $250,000 Dr. A-
O. Studer, Metropolitan secretary,
reported that 1,000 secretaries
would be needed to carry on the
Dr. John R Mott, pen era 1 chair
■as of the International committee
of the T M C. A will be In Detroit
May 1 to lend hla efforts In organic ,
lSf the campaign.
The directors. In response to a re
quest from oncers of ths Thirty
third Michigan Infantry, stationed
at Fort Wayne, decided to reopen at
ence the Y. M. C. A. branch at Fort
All the officer* of the Detroit as
•eolation were re-elected at the
meeting as follows:
Philip H. Gray, president; Harry I*
Pierson and H. B. Barb art. vica
prssldoata. Dr. A. G Htudsr. metro
politan secretary; Hiram a Douglas,
re-iorfling secretary, Walter W.
ffsalth, cor respond ing secretary. Al-
S» P. Ewing, traaeurer A A Hlg
na auditor. Two new directors
a added They are Howard A
OaCOa. manager of tbe Firestone
fMSeaey's Detroit branch, and John
ft Beaaei. president of tbe Great
La has Engineering works
Beeanee President Wilson tnaug
•rated the World's Salesmanship
congress, and baa token a personal
Interest in It from tta beginning, *t
was thought advisable 'n rlew of
the recent appeal on nnlfonn on
cent rat Inn for preparedness for war
to ask his opinion on the wisdom
of holding the congress In Detroit. '
Jttne 10 to 14. says Secretary D
M. Barrett. He has replied th.it
the congress should proceed with
Ha plans.
JB^^H^^^S^iiH"!! l "!" l . ,^r^^rm^r^rrrrrramm
Good Taste Always Welcome
The owner of a superior and beautiful motor car is invariably
a welcome guest, a desirable acquaintance.
The good taste that selects a superb automobile
doesn’t stop there. It runs thru one's entire
character and into all one’s activities. It is a
splendid quality, highly esteemed by friends —
indeed, it is a maker of friends,
i * •
Enlarge your enjoyment of life and the good
will of your acquaintances by owning a Winton
Six. Tell us your personal preferences in de
sign, appointments, and color harmonies, and
our artists will create for you an individualized
$3500 Winton Six that precisely meets your heartiest
ciontd Cor* approval and becomes a distinctive personal
$4750 to possession. Simply telephone Market 4733.
ie Winton Company
1270 Woodward Avenue
War Finance Measure
Is Passed 84,t0 oln
Upper House
McAdoo Confers With
Financiers On Float
ing Issue
WASHINGTON, April if—The
t. nlted Suites senate last night
tassed the 17.000 000.000 war bond
MU by a rote of 84 to 0
Seven hour* wss consumed tn dts
cussing the measure, but the dc
tate was concerned largely with
minor changes in the wording, prac
tically no opposition being voiced 'o
the bill Itself.
Nearly all of the 12 absent sena
tors were ill. All of the ‘•wilful 12"
voted for it. with the exception of
Senator lao*, who was among those |
Several minor amendments were I
iiinched to the bill which may
cessltate a conference, but no op
losltlon Is anticipated from the
house It Is ct pec ted that the mess
ure will be sent to the president j
today for his signature
While the senate was considering
the bill. Secretary of the Treasury
William G McAdoo waa conferring
with J. P. Morgan and other gTeat
financier* In regard to flotation of
the 13,000.000.000 bond issue In
volved It ts considered probable
that the bonds will be offered In
denominations as low as 125. In or
der to permit the man of small
means to Invest In them.
Bankers, brokers and bonding
companies have been Invited to
i offer suggestions
Amendments adopted by the sen
ate Include provisions
limiting deposits of proceeds
from the bonds In banks to the
ftnonnt subscribed by the banks
i.pd their depositors; permitting
posit of proceeds In state banks an<l
'rust companies a* well as federal
reserve banks, providing for ex
change by subscribers of the is
sues authorised for bonds subse
quently Issued, during the war, at
higher Interest rates; requiring the
secretary of treasury to report ex
penditures of the bonds proceeds
Dec. 31, annually thereafter; gnti~
exeraptlng the $2,000,000,000 of
treasury Indebtedness certificates
! authorised from all taxation, except
estate and Inheritance levies
Clubmen Exonerated.
After questioning several mem
bers of the Detroit Wheelmen’s club
Diesday. Assistant Prosecutor Paul
W Voorhles decided there was no
ground for prosecution In connection
with the death of Louts Rice, who
was beaten when found prowling
among some automobiles parked
near the club. County Physician
French declared Rice was suffering
from heart disease
Rdwln Denby, former congress
man and si president of tbe De
troit Board of Commerce, will ad
drees the Detroit chapter of the
Sons of the American revolution at
the annual meeting, to be held Fri- ]
day night in Hotel Statler.
Representatives of the French.
Ekiglish and Italian consulates have
been invited to attend Gov. 81eep
er has Indicated that he will come
from lAnsing to speak.
MaJ F R Iffielpa will respond to
a toas* for the army; Cap*. D P A.
lie Otte for tbe navy; Gen Louis
C Coveil, of the Michigan National
Guard: Commander J. Farrand
i la»wls, of the Michigan Naval Bri I
! Fade, Col. Harry Burgess. of the j
Dfllcer*’ Reserve crops, and Capt
Morrison, of tbe Marine recruiting I
station, will attend
Albert M Henry will preside aa ■
toastmaster. The Rev. Joseph A, I
Vance, Raymond K Van Syckle. I
Charles Moore, and George H. Bar
bour also will speak. John Dtcktn- j
son will sing
Altho It has been planned at first
to InTite officers of the Canadian
srrnv to tb* dinner, it was decided
hj the executive committee that be
cause of the inherently American
character of the organixatlon that
ibis would not he fitting.
For the Sake of the World
Teuton* Must Be Curbed, Aa
nert* Chas. D. William*
Bishop Charles D. Williams
preached a patriotic sermon in st-
Paut's cathedral Tuesday night,
when he addressed the spring meet
ing of the church’s archdeaconry,
which will be In session until Wed
nesday night.
The eloquent clergyman sketched
briefly the causes leading up to the
war, analysed every provocation of
the United States to engage in the
monster struggle, and arrived at the
1 conclusion that ths sword drawn by
Uncle Stun has been “bathed in
heaven.” There Is no lust of con
quest, no passion for power or ag
grandiaeinent and no desire for ex
tension of territory, he said, and
A people vhom we all love end
admire for the characteristic virtues
•>f their individual lives and for their
composite «-haracter have apparently
gone insane Thru half a century
skillfully planned and conducted
psychological preparation and edu
cation, by the ruling class, it has
been hyponntlaed into war-madness.
It has solemnly eoasecrated Itself to
worid-eonquest as to a holy cause
And it will endure to the end In that
strife, devoting Its last ounce of en
i ergy. Its last drop of b’ood to the
eo-TMnpttauaidnt of Its purpoee
For, In Its own eye* It I* a chosen
natU-a. a peculiar people. with *
Divine mission laid upon It. Every
means. h< iaever despicable and hor
rible. Is Juptlfl*d by the end sought
'TVtghtfnines*' becomes a deliberate
policy, atrocities ara condoned. If not
J*o minded this nation ravages
thru the world like a madman
Nothing la «afe if it should prevail.
Democracy, liberty, civilisation, rellg
ion. the very kingdom of God on
earth are all alike imp*rtl« and
For the sake of th» world this mad
nation must be controlled if It cannot
be taught reason. Just a* an e*.-aped
lunatic must be confined for the sake
of the community
If we did n. t rise to the occasion
now. we should have undoubtedly. *o
meet, alone and unaided, this tried
power, drunk with victory, when It
turned Its greedy eyes to our own
Damon Measure Ready
For Signature of
Some Debate Precedes
Final Action By
(ft sass Correspondent Detroit Tinier)
LANSING. Mich. April 1«. — The j
Damon bon# dry prohibition bPI vw ;
;>aased by the house of reprerenta
tlve# yesterday afternoon Just a* It |
came from the senate it no» goes
to Gov. Sleeper If he* reached the
executive office ahetd of ihe V, lie
bill, which Is the measure drawn up |
by Anti Saloon league attorneys to
cover the handling of liquor in Mich- |
igan for the five exempted purpose*
tn the prohibition amendment adopt
ed by the people lasi November. The
Wiley bill la In conference because
of senate amendments to which the
house refused to agree.
An amendment to the Damon bill j
was reported by the bouse liquor
committee. It aoreftt to have the
bill known as toe Demon McArthur
bill. Rep McArthur being the father
of bone dry legislation In the house,
bat hla bill being held in the senate
and th# Damon bill passed a sub
Rep. McArthur opposed the j
amendment tn a speech tinged with
bitterness. He declared that Sena
tor Foster, chairman of the senate
liquor committee, had endeavored
1 all thru the session to dictate every
thing in the line of prohibition leg
is) at lon
**l don’t want my name on it.”
said McArthur. "If there la any j
honor In It. let It go to Senator Da I
moo It Isn’t bis 4>i!l. but It carries ;
his name ”
McArthur's request was heeded
and there was not a single vote for
the amendment to call the bill the
Damon McArthur bill.
The house then suspended the j
rules and put the Damon bill on lit
immediate passage
Military Address Postponed.
Military duties have caused the
postponement of the address'by Capt.
Bdward Z. Steever. V. 6 A., who
was scheduled to speek In the Board
of Commerce auditorium Thursday
noon A telegram to this effect was
received by Secretary Walter C.
Cole, Tuesday. Immediate ar
rrngeanents were made by the
Board of Commerce to have Capt.
Steever appear next TuesdaT noon.i
Capt. Steever is the creator of the i
Wyoming system of m.lltar tn
*truction for high school t»ov* The
subject of his address nex» Tuesdnv ;
noon will be, "The high school vol- |
un f eers of the United State*.’
Sun Life of Canada
Sets New Records
RESULTS aeeured dunny die year 1916 re-affirm the position of the
Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada ae the leadina Ufa assurance
organization in the Dominion. Once more it ieade toe field among
Canadian Companies in each of the following respects :
Largest New Its I Best. Largest Bislies* In Ftree. Largest Assets*
Largest Sir pirns EanHags. Largest Net Sorplis. Largest Inewac.
Largest BbtrilMtta ts Lite Assurance BeaeUts.
TV* foll/iwinf Urf. nifon* lats—m rafbtorMl duriaf tK* f,«r Iff# elmty s*■ —etrot* le
1,1 we WUm C nmf *■/. yirfu— mmd tk* — std—cm mmd prurtf* It la tk* fmkUm mimd l
isis lets wcaeam
AeMtoM.tDwM.WSIH .... St2.M4.ttt $4,422,471 (1141)
CwklMM* 14.444.131 14,072,871 24244 ft (144$ i
SorpU* pHd *T *Uon*4 t. r*Hc T 1,110,900 045.447 125.413 (12.7 ft
Wet SeeplaeM.« Por*Mh*r 3 let. . . 4 504.445 7,545.401 444.274 (12 4ft)
Teeair*rw«atowr»hc7tM»M«r.. . . 7474.014 7,124.470 444437 (#Jft
Ammomm I MM d a»d PaM for ia CmK . 42772.294 34.878.H5l 7444.445 224 ft)
4 i» Fore* 241/434.700 *7.444.140 24,030440 ( 4.3 ft
wit 0m «Uv* Imnum, tK* Ciwf"? e»cc**d*d 4aHa« tK* fwr Is a
«Muotl U 0 mp 1 rtaut »*<hico ta tk* rati* •# ttytM, a fMtur* wktok k«mrakiy effeeta
• •• pitiiykildw* kecMit
tea* mcoeec a amts Urf frtijSfi***
1873 ’ ’ • 44,210.73 94481.94 1444,400.05'
1880 878,500 31 1473.027 14 0.418 ’SB 07
1404 1,488.254 00 8,8*4.144 86 M l* *oo*3
1008 6,312415.03 24 02 ,4 WB5 10*W..W8 14
Itlt 16/494,13142 62. *4.444 04 281,424,* 94 44
ctomjw qf Canada i|
I 871 T. B. MACAULAY Prwldrat. 1917
Detroit Oiv*eion—EßNkoT "J OWEN. Manager, Detroit.
North Eaetarn Michigan Division- C Z WILKINSON, Manager, Port Huron,
Weetern Michigan Olvieion —FRED C. HOLBICK. Manager, Grand Rapid#
JOHN A. TORY, Supervieor. J
Tears of John Whelan. W, No. 777
Harri*onave., shed In polio# court
Tuesday, aaved him from a 90-4ay
farm tn tba Ilooae of Correction.
Whelan vu arraigned before
Justice Heaton on a chart# of dls
turblng tha peace preferred by bia
wife. Mary
Vend him to tha workhouse.
Judge. Ka comes home drunk ovary
nlrht and won’t lat m« eleep Put
him In Jail for SO days. ' aha plead
ed in a rich IrUh brojrue stolidly In
different to the sobs of bar husband
in the prisoner's box.
'•lt’s a Ua. yer honor.” Whelan
There was a fresh outburst of
tears from the prisoner’s box and
"Patrol me, Judge! Patrol me! M
he cried.
Convulsed, tha Justice suspanded
sentence on the weeping Whelan
with a warning not to molest his
wife In the future.
Prominent Detroiter and For
mer Legislator Succumbs to
Operation In Boston Tuesday
The body of Noble Ashley, Sr.,
'r-rmer Detroit alderman and meic
her of the sta’e legislature, will
reach iMrolt. Wednesday Mr
tshlcy died Tuesday in Hoston |
’.’ass. following nn operation. He
was 54 years old and had resided |
jlr iwroit since 1' * Mr Ashley |
went to Boston fnr the express pur |
pcse of having th * operation per-I
Tho of a retiring nature. Mr Ash- j
ley became one of the moat prom- j
t.nent figures In the political circles ;
of the sta»e Asa menit*r of ths j
legislat'er--. h» v sp m-ored the work- |
‘agmen’s compensation act whim 1
|ls now * law. He was Heeled a!
German from the T* nth w ard In
He served his first term in
the legislature in 1904. and serv. and
five consecutive terms.
He was engaged In the printing
business In He’rolt, and was a mem j
her of the Masonic order. th-» i
Knights of Pythias. Maccabees and I
1 the Modern Woodmen of America
Surviving Mr. Ashley are his
widow. Mr* Florine Ashley, three |
sons. Noble Ashley. Jr . Russell and
Di I*. Byron A.-fcltj, and one as
ter. Mrs Edward F Hiahop. of Gil
ford. Toon
v j
OTTAWA. April U Five mors
Americans are listed In iart night’s
IJeut. T. Bechraft, Rose ' City,
Mich . previously reported wounded.
Is now reported killed In action on
i April 9
Private R MrVath. No ft Cam
paust. Detroit. Mich, is seriously
wounded and Private A. Winchester,
No 3322 Scranton rd , Cleveland. Is
reported wounded
Patrolman Dubs Kills Dtnturb
•r On Larnod-ot.; DaUctire
Shoots Fugitive
Patrolman Frederick C. Dubs shot
and instantly killed Edward Drown.
SI, No. SO Twenty-irei-et., early
Monday, In quelling a disturbance
la front of No. US learned-at east
A few minutes later Andrew Bar
nard. 27, No. S4 Jeffersosvave. aaat.
was shot In the hip by Detective
O’Keefe while running in Batewet.
after being found prowling about
the rear of tha Mtchigaa Drug com
pany at No. IS Congress at ea«t.
O'Keefe fired on tha fugitive whan
ha refused to halt. Barnard was
taken to the Receiving hospital Hla
condition la not serious
Patrolman Duka was off duty and
dressed In civilian clothes whan he
shot Prowo Ha was exonerated by
Assistant Prosecutor Speed after his
story of the affair had keen corrob
orated by several witness*3 tnclud
.ng Brown’s companion, James Sam
ner, No 65 Montcalm et aaat.
According to Dube, he was passing
No. 113 Lamed st. with hla brother
in law. Julius Carnow. No. It 6
C.rsndy ave , when Alice Ford, oecu
pint of the house, hailed them from
a window and asked them to die
p*-rse so r- i #*n who were pounding
on the door and shouting for admit
Dubs ran up the steps and. exhib
iting his police hedge, told the men
to leave Brown and Sumner, ke
says, refuned to do so. aud pushed
him down the stairs to the sidewalk,
a here both fell upon him
Forced to his Knees In the at mg
g',e. Dubs asserts he felt Hutnnar run
Ms hunds ov»-r his clothes In search
of his gun. which was in a pocket of
his o\crcoe* Wrenching one arm
free he drew the pistol and fired
Brown, a bullet thru his heart, col
lapsed Instantly
Brown was unmarried and resided
with his parents at the Twenty-first
st address His body was removed
to the coun’y morgue hy Coroner
you feel the
least tend
ency toward
MaSSr v
Both the Series ~lt” FOUR and the Series
*11" BIX Chaaale are the evolution of four years'
crperl sues and concentrated study.
Mechanically, these car* have been Improved,
refined and perfected, until today we believe that
the chaaala represents the finest piece of motor
ear mechanism on the market. Thla continuous
study, based on the experience of 260.000 owners,
la manifest tn simplified design and wonderful an
•eeslblllty. You can easily get at every part of
the Studebaker car for adjustment or for Inspec
It ia distinctly the "Owner's car" distinctly the
car for the owner who llkea to take care of hla
own car The design Is so simplified, the function
of esrh part so obvious, snd the detail so easy to
get at. that you ran verv soon understand your
car and learn to know It. and especially so when
you are taught by th* Systematic Service System.
which every Rtudebsker Dealer has established for
Studebaker owners.
40 H F. 7 Passenger FOT’U. .■} | 945
KMI P, 7 Passenger SIX l£so
Prices F O B Detroit
gBMH— ■ ' |l B—
i Investing Advice \ »
We are always glad to aid clients by advia
-1 ing them about investments. »
It is a fundamental part of our service to al
ways plsce at the disposal of clients our
knowledge and experience.
* Safety Deposit Boxes, $4 Per Annum.
» Resource* More Than $30,000,000.
» %
Branch Offices: .v
14S1 W.odw.fd
1 304 Grmad River, gyj|Bl
1174 J«ff«rM*
407 CratMt.
F ourltta

B r o« <4 w . r
Mad<hb«s)U SMk
cwagmmm*. sA*e amo motto
r -iuj!— . ■ - -vj. r -.■■T-i'jj.m — . -■ 1 ‘-'imli jij—
Forgetting Your Power
When after due investigation you
decide to use
Detroit Edison Power
You turn over your power-supply
responsibilities to an organization
whose sole concern is to see to it
that you fret all the power you
want, and when you want it, and
at as low cost as it can be produced
on your own premises, or lower—in
short, you can forget your power
W> will help yon an a lyre
vour power reqqtrementH
and coat*, without charge.
Detroit Edison Company
Main 4.100
. KIL 18, l»ll.

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