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JMla laMwln Tons Over Huge
Ranch to llnde Sam’s Army Men
jffe •
at |ghi RaMwla. <Ull | hl » r and heiress of “Lucky Baldwin, the spectacu-
IpglM aad racetrack who has turned over to I'ncle Sam her
tM|| CtUfonit ranch at Santa Anita, near lx>* Angeles. for any purpose
H «UA It Bay ha put by the government.
toss presser waa accepted by Major*.« nersl J Franklin Bel!, recently
InSpni (ran command of the weetem army department to the eastern
iptont In New York
to* fOAebo containing many thousand acres, has long been one of the
tomnr fAnaaa to the west
%p t» DtcMt Recordemhip
Ml m the Returns
ton dtoatoi cemmtsekm wedn*«
4Ur attaVMM treated (he petition
to Ctortan V. totoi for a recount
to ton mae ant far recorder April
% ton tha' oogamies toner* had
rputo toto It would be unfair to
torn n nartffcate of election to
totor to. Wtotae or Proeecutor
toWtoa A. Jaaffowski The recount
fffift toton tototo afternoon At J
to**. and Me caw piet lon will re
ftoh tram a weak to 10 days
- torfto Cannally. City Clerk Undaay
Bto Henry Out hard chairman of
ton civil aeretca commission non
fHMad n fiaorum Coryoratioo
. tinaaaai Dtngemaa and Justice Stein
ton nbaant
to toe suggestion of the commie
toaan. Proeecutor JaanoweJd will
®e n formal paction for a {recount
*oday, fisffiswmg the land taken by
'r. Wilkins Ife waa represented
ha commlaaion meeting bV Paul
»*. Veorhlaa chief assistant prose
cutor Hr Wilkins was there In
to tow Os the torolred nature
af Che returns on which Mr Jaanow
tof apparently is alerted fj 12
auAoa, and which majority is upset
tp ahianpea made in the tally sheets
by election boards before members
to tMa commission. 1 am opposed
it either of the candidates a
OSftflßeat# of election said Commls
tosr Out hard Commissioners
Ctomoßy and Lindsay agreed
Ohuntlna of the ballots will be
toHt by the members of the com-
Htotom sue commlealoner being In
toMRs of each ballet bos that la
gponad Represent at tees of each
gßßtointe will witneas the counting
to <Mh hot, with the tallying done
Ip the employes of the election
Snmmtetoa As many ballots boxes
l jT y#JF*j|
j. j? •
Wh HwIM, knows on the *t:i*o
m Ywette, lMK*r. MTI abe will
WrH# to th* Russian dMm* asking
Mum of Capt Johann Millar, a
ktSMi who wm with tb* Austrian
iHMn mM a frlsonar la Siberia.
will be opened for recounting st one
l»me as there are members of tbs
election < ommtSsion present.
The commission notified Police
Commissioner Cousens late Wed
nesday afternoon to place an extra
guard on the boxes, which are kept
In the police barn*, to prevent any
attempt that might he made to
tamper with them
The commissioners spent tb
greater part of the afternoon in
warking out a set of rules that will
govern in the recount.
At the same rime the bailors for
recorder are recounted, a tally also
will be made of the rote* cast for
Dr John 8. Hall and Mrs Carrie
Church Ooattfyk for school Inspector
for the foup-yaar term The returns
showed Mrs. Oantdyk elected by a
small maj-gte- Or Hall petitioned
for a rectoßt,'-**
inferences between the state tax
commissioners the assessors of De
troit and the tax committee of the
council over Wayne county value
tions were burled, at least temper
xrlly, when they convened Wed
nesday as a board of renew to
consider petitions of property own
ers for changes tn assessments as
fixed by the commission. Thomas
D. Kearney, one of the commission
ers. opened the 16-day session with
a plea for 00-operatloc
*T believe that the city of De
troit would do well to employ au
expert on personal property to work
the entire year.** said Commissioner
Kearney. Commissioner Kearney
also suggested that Detroit should
have a larger force In the assessor's
In commentln( °n the valuation
statements submitted to the com
mission by the large corporations
Commissioner Kearney said:
”1 have little confidence In tbeee
reporta I hare in mind one con
earn that submitted a statement
showing Its valuation at $2,800,000
laes than a year ago. When we
made Inquiry we learned tbat the
statement had bean prepared tn a
baphaaard manner"
Error* of this sort sometimes are
due to a difference In the under
standing of th« law, Commissioner
Orlando F. Barnet explained to the
Seated upon the board are Com
missioner* Kearne*. Bernes snd
Casa Benton. Asa*—or* Kohler. Dll
worth snd Albrecht, and Aid. Rleit,
Vemor, Rebuilt. FRarker Rlopelle
T>odt and Mlotke.
Tor Instance, Hood s Rarsapar lla.
the standard blood purifier. Is recom
mended for conditions that «Te scrof
ulous or dependent on Impure blood
Pep*lron Pills, the new Iron *onlc,
are especially recommended for con
dltlona that are radically or charac
teristically anemic and ner>ous
Manv persons suffer from a rombL
nation of these conditions. They are
afflicted with «we||lng* of the gland*,
bunches in the neck, cutaneous erup
tion*. and sore* on different parts of
the hodr. limb* *mi rare, and are he
sides pal*- and nervous.
If these pa' tent * take both Hood's
.-Ursapartlla (before meals) and Pept
iron Pills (after meals) they are rea
sonably sure to derive fourfold bene
fit. These two great medicines sup
plement earh other, and ihe use of
both, even In case* where oniv one
may appear to be indicated, ts of
gresi advantage (let them from
your druggist.—Adv.
Conflicting Report*of the Great Newsboy*’ Spring Offensive Against
the News and Journal
April 11—For savers! days the pub
lic has observed the absence of
tvenlng papers on sale in the down
town streets due to ths refusal cn
the part of downtown newsboys to
handle them
Every effort has been made on the
part of The News to settls the dis
ference between the newsboys
sad the papers, without avail
The newsboys have demanded that
The News shall sell for 2c a copy
The News and ona other even
tng paper, realiitng that conditions
\ hub surround the cost of publi
cation well warrant n 2c paper, has
readily consented to the demand of
the hoys but has refused positively
to jeopardise Its property Interest*
bv consenting to an arrangement
whereby tbe third paper tn the af
ternoon shall havn an exclusive
tc field of operation ” It would be
considerably to the financial inter
eats of The News to sell for 2c and
the circulation of Tbe News world
be maintained on a basis which
would afford advertiser* excellent
value under such conditions, but the
publishers of Ths News cannot con
rider jeopardising a property
which has been built up during the
lurt 44 year* on a policy of provid
ing a satisfactory newspaper at the
lowest possible selling price
• • •
In the metropolitan centers. New
York and Chicago, all of the papers
are still selling for on# cent because
In eech of those cities one paper
wM'-h ** reputed te own a paper
mill refuse* to advance the price
and therefore other papers tn those
allies cannot jeopardize their bust
ness interests by effecting the w*H
warranted Increase, thus facing tn
many case* an enormous deficit in
the cost of operation a* against
their receipts.
It will be noted that In Chicago
end New York it !s the strongest
;>*.per in each case which has made
t possible for tbe weaker paper to
make the change.
In Detroit condition* are reversed
md The New* realise* fully the
uoaitton of the newsboys and be
'•eves that they should enjoy an in
• reased profit in the sale of paper?
'specially since tbe scarcity of
r bite paper made It necessary to
ehtalnate the return of unsold pa
pers. but notwithstanding altfco
meeting an enormous Increase in
the cost of Its print paper The
News esnnot see Its way dear to
leave open the popular priced field
aud thus Jeopardize Its position ss
ope of the lending newspapers •*(
tbe country la a paper which seeks
by c'lnrtng to the 1# price to avail
i’xelf of an advantage of enormona
rai l# at the expanse of the e f her
afternoon papers • • • •
This statement is made so that
both renders and advertisers may
thoroly understand the situation, we
believing that after s careful analy
sis The News’ attitude will be thor
oly indorsed by all parties con
SAVES $500,000
Because it entered into a contract
with the American Car A Foundr*
company several months ago to
supply 40.000 tons of cast iron pipe.
Ibe largest order of Its kind ever
placed in the country, the board H
water commissioners saved nearly
IAOO.OOO. Pipe then sold for fio r.o
a ton, whereas at the present tin.#
it Is more than tsg
Tbe contract price was $1,200,000.
according to Hugo A. Oil martin, sec
retary of the water board ffnffl
clent pipe was order to lay more
than 100 miles of llneo
Boy Scouts from all over Louis
iana and Mississippi, to a total of
1.000 are to begin a three-day rally
today at Baton Rouge, La.
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• »• XoMfllt««tr* S SaesrSl OranS 'l4l ' -iu- a Halfwa Ulrh -i ,rm Bats
SWacy-Mlc—l* Hay- ca, cyr+rly, pal tnanak l Marrll«r ß M r>mpi«r,,A NunnaUr
l/a :|»on aa<t Pa-|%ito4ra- f J Msrar# , fc n.,.,*, Hawtltns *1 <lllfart !M»a Cn.
r.n.4.’. ’«* wm r Naas 4 * Man :,trr. *m-i h CM*'*
Car- W j.U *»— BulK*-* Or**« new# • •')« 4»- rr«e Kl*S*r»r f|*rN»rt :w— Ism!* Muor-h
o »'*«►■' *\7-Uafcr OMa* H«H*f Wi M >ll«< * OrMt H 4«« r*
Ttr- \7 1411 Hi7»s C*. Qr allm E4-C. B MA»a j#sr**aon K 9t~H M amtlS Ca
fart W U4—Nasi* Nsar? SanV C*. '»-ail*t. l«Ta-!l*r» o-.«r Md»* Ce. ;»*- a**" It *64 Orn H n.irna
r»f> V <*av~A r 1 »nia 'iratlrx lias Stala J m*forann r. . I si* Arthur »f»rry
Vntm* TS4 A J 0-aM«« -C P M: '•* .:*Prrar. V ;j:» Pl»Mn** f J| !«« ri*.
!-*4 To-**- Ava Miss C# Of*|la«. »<%-!«•-Stab )«*•• r, J*ff*r« V* R R 1114 A ft
l.rand Bi'«r «*V inrfcare A PI k«rA Oraan*»il, M.-h RlcA'4 Bias. r.S» e. j*R». *-. n A U -A W. AiUn«ar.
Central Paint and Varnish Company, City Distributers, 36 Cadillac Square.
TROIT JOt'RNAI . April I»—The
temporary refusal of some of Dr
iroit’s downtown newsboys ta sell
The Journal on ths streets la the
result of the following conditions
Owing to an alarming shortage of
newsprint paper production the
publishers of the United Slates
have, for months, been working with
»he government authorities for a
solution of tba difficulty. In n nun
her of cities penny papers have
bean advanced in pi ice to two oea’v
per paper and radical white pa pet
economies have been put into ef
The Federal Trade Commlaaion
after thoro Investigation, has rec
ommended the two cent price and
la auch cities as Buffalo. Pittsburg
Philadelphia and others that policy
has already been adopted, fax each
case, ALA* of the papers la the city
affected joined in the price change
In Detroit an effort to reach a
similar adjustment has beep und r
way for months and during *.h i
last week added reason for the
change ha* been furnished by the
very reasonable contention of the
newsboys that the price of th*
evening papers shoolA.be advanced
tn two cents to increase the boys’
margin of profits. «->
Facing such conditions The Jour
nal and the News agreed to !he
Increase, but the third paper tn the
evening field suddenlv announc'd
Itr flat refusal to follow tha Tra !e
Commission’s recommendation, to
meet the request of the newsboy*',
ard to consider any change what
#• er In its selling price
It will be apparent that no In
crease In sailing price can be made
by one paper alone, or by two.
Tbe penny price is a big ad van tag*
which The Journal agreed to abin
ft n only after It reluctantly reach *d
i>e conclusion that it* wish ta me t
the critical situation unselfishly and
fairly could In no other way b*
: »rved
The Journal regrat* the 111-advts*l
; M itude of the newsboys. It be
lieves the •Tittle merchants’’ have
been misled and It sincerely hop**
they will arrive at a real under
standing of the situation and pet a
tpeedy end to tbe present inconve
nience to the public.
In the meantime The Jottrud
hers publicly renews If# offer to
meet the situation with a two ewi
pr.ee at any time the action can
be taken by the THREE evening
papers of Detroit.
•StafT f'orreapoudrnt Detroit Tmes)
LANMINYJ, Mich.. April 19 —Gov.
61e«per. the members of the state
senate and legislative correspond
ents at the 1917 session were the
guest* of Ideut -Oov. Dickinson and
Mrs. Dickinson on their farm near
Cbarlott# yesterday, at a chicken
dinner. The whole party drova
over to Charlotte In motor cars, a
fast hour's run from lapsing, and
returned after the dinner to resume
legislative work
Talks were made by several of the
senators who be candidate*
for re-election These included Ben
ators Morford. Murtha. Foster and
Wood All the speakers praised
the lieutenant governor for his fair
ness and impartiality in conducting
senate affairs
Oov. Sleeper in a short talk, de
clared that he knew all the state
officers and the cltisen* of Michigan
as wall would help to bark up Mtcb
igan’a war efforts, already consider
ably tn advance of those of most
other states, and maintain it a* a
leader among the states in backing
the aatJonal government thruout the
April I*. 1917. The Times was
established in I9«H» to fill tbe
one rent field, then unoccupied
It announced its mission to
be the saving of tbe eyes, the
• tut and the pennies of the
|.«-ople—“not in competition with
hut tn addition to the other excsl
lent dailies already tn the evening
field.** the News and Journal, which
were selling for two cents. Being a
compact chronicle, printing only alx
or eight page*. The Ttmea sought t
constituency of Its own
Nine months after tbe advent of
the pioneer one cent paper, the old
er and larger two cent aven’ng
papers cut their price to on# cent to
drive The Time* from the field.
They failed For siatesn yaar* they
have failed to kill The Timas altho
14 has ceatiaued te put eut a typi
cal on* cent paper—typical In six#
and policy—while the News and
Journal, much less exacting as to
contents of both new* and advertis
ing columns, have grown In slxe r.n
til they Issue a* many as 40 page*
on Mg advertising days.
With ths wartime Increase in the
cost of white paper the New* and
Journal are feeling ths pinch of the
ancient Standard Oil policy of go
ing two or three times as much for
the money a* the rival whose anni
hilation they seek They cut off the
return privilege heretofore extended
to newsboys. The boy*, obliged to
pa> 40 cents s hundred for the
New* and Journal—-10 cent* a hun
dred more than The Times charges
- maintain they cannot afford to
sell the larger papers without the
right to return unsold copies unless
they are permitted to charge two
cents s copy. They call upon ihe
News and Journal to go back to
their former price. The New* and
Journal refuse The newsboys,
therefore, decline to handle the
News and Journal.
They have no grievance agamat
The Time*. appreciating the ab
aordtty of trying to aell an fi, 10 or
12 peg« paper for the two cant figure
to which papere of from 24 to 40
pages are clearly entitled. Blit the
Near* and Journal from the down
town afreet*
The federal trade commission has
made no recommendation aa to
price If haa asked metropolitan pa
per* to cut their tonnage flee per
cent thla year »© that smaller pa
per* will be able to get white paper
The Time* ta the only Detroit paper
that haa fomplled with thla request.
ta their extremity the News and
Journal cordially Invite The Times,
the successful survivor of Iff year*
of underselling tactics practiced by
Its competitor*, to go bam with
I hem 40 thair former prim of two
cents. The overture* have ju*»
about the same allurement for The
Times as a proposal from Von Hln
denburg to the unconquered Preach
to return to German territory aad
dwell In peace and proaperlty with
the baffled Teuton'
WASHINGTON. April If—Govern
ment officials here expressed the
view today tha* Russia wfll stand
steadfast with the Entente Allies
German pressure la merely a pro
paganda. It la believed, to whrch tile
new democracy will not listen
Borne military men disagreed to
day with this view, but affairs are
so shaping themselves that with
America’s assistance Russia will
probably forgs forward to anew
strong position In the war. It Is
believed the new government will
send Baron Rosen, a mao of libers’
. views, to succeed Ambassador Bakh
■ ' ■ —~*r — ——■"
The historic Potomac rlvsr haa always played aMg part la our wars This picture, taken by The Timas'
tuff photographer, Robert P Dorman, now at Washington, show* a guard teat along the Potomac with soldier*
guarding tha railroad bridge aeen In tha background
Officers of the navy department
are making inspection of hundreds
of private pleasure craft owned by
Detroiters, with a view to obtaining
them for government patrol service
Already. It Is known, a flotilla or
motor boats is available, as more
than a «4gTf hundred men who own
boats have volunteered to give them
to the service of the government.
These vessels have passed Inapec
One prominent Detroiter, whose
name haa been connected with much
of the patriotic and naturalisation
work In this city, la reported to have
balked a hen asked If he would cnpi^
Your opportunity —Tomorrow
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to ternflF with Uncle Ram on a prop
oaitlon whereby the government
could make one of his yacht
Hd called on Ideat Richardson. In
charge of the navy recntftlng ofll< *
Wednesday and made It plain that
he was willing to let the government
have the craft. He had been und- i
the impreaalon It wad not fit for pa
trol eervtce.
Tha Ikankhead Highway asaocia
lion which la promoting a national
highway from Washington thru the
aouth to Ix>* Angeles la to bald its
first aopual convention today at
Birmingham. Ala
Today la the aeventy-flfih birth
dar of the Galveston Dally New*,
the first daily newspaper published
m Texaa.
Negotiated For a Cotnmia
sion With Oar
WASHINGTON. April II —Second
Lieut. Robert H. Hall, Flrai Infan
try Indtana National guard, has
been eentenced to ?h year*’ tnipris
onrornt on charges Including eoa
that he negotiated for a commission
from Che Mexican governtnem.
•FatrloVa Day." the one hundred
and forty eecond annlvrranry of the
battle of Lexington.
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