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Changes Made In State
Code Are But
Many Merely Amend
Minor Parts of Ex
isting Laws '
|Staff Correspondent Detroit Timet)
ULNBINO, Mich.. April 19. Tb/
Insurance cod* waa adopted by tn*
houa* of ruprtMoUtlvM y*at«rday
afternoon by a vot* of Tl to 10, fol
lowing a stirring debate and th#
killing off of several proponed
Tb* cod* conalgta principally of
rh* present Inauranc* law* of th*
•rata, but ha* condensed some 700
sections to 100 sections. The house
mad* a number of amendments to
It, d*«tgn*<l to clarify It in several
•actions, so It now goes back to the
Nearly three score bills were
passed by th* bouse* In a long ses*
slon that covered part of the morn
Ing. ail afternoon and part of the
evening A dosen of them were ap
propriation bill* and a* many more
»ere amendments of a minor nature
to existing laws.
The Damon hill amending the
marriage license la wto that con
sent of parenta to the marriage of a
girl under 1* mar he given by »
sworn statement before a notary as
well as personally to a county clerk
was adopted by the house and goes
to the governor.
Th* Condon Jaint resolution also
was adopted, designed to amend the
constitution so that when constitu
tional amendments are submitted to
a vote of the people they will all be
printed on one ballot
The Koehler hill which prohibits
any one under the age of 19 from
driving motor car* in city streets
also was adopted by the bouse The
Hanley bill to establish a coramis
slon for the Inspection of boilers
tabled a few days ago after being
defeated, was taken from the table
and an amendment attached to re
move boiler* In use t present, from
Ita provision* fn this shape it was
adopted by a vote of 90 to IN
The Mcßae bill to prohibit the
Playing of the “Star Spangled Ran
ner" In medleys or as an exit march
also waa taken from the table, where
It went after defeat two days ago
Brplanationa that federal military
rules required ell soldier* to stand
when the anthem Is played, hut only
when played In Its entirety and not
In connection with other tire, re
versed sentiment and the house
adopted the bill by a vote of NO to 2.
The house adopted e resolution of
fared by Rep. William H Marts ex
pressing condolence to the family of
former Rep Noble Ashley, who is
dead In Detroit The house adopted
the resolution unanimously by *
standing vote.
Patrolman Doha Admits He
Wan In Evil Rewort Shortly
Before He Shot Youth
Ooroner Rothacher Thursday
morning began an Inquest Into th*
death of Ddward Brown, who waa
shot early Wednesday morning by
Patrolman Fjederlr C. Dubs follow-
Ing an altercation on the step* of a
disorderly reeort at Vo 111 Lamed
st. east
Dubs, according to Assistant
Prosecutor Bpeed has admitted that
he waa In the resort 20 minutes be
fore Brown and James Sumners
began knocking at ihe door
At the behest of Alice ford, who
conducts the place, Dub* says he
tried to persuade Brown and Sum
ners to go # away. He finally opened
the door, displayed his badge and
told Brown he was an officer. The
scuffle followed
Ruraner* told the prosecutor he
did not hear Dube say he w*s an
Th* Ford woman and five inmatea
of her place also have made state
ments and will appear as witnesses
In the Inquest.
Dubs spent the night In the cor
ridor* of the cell block In police
High police officer* «tated Wed
nesday that they were of tb* im
pression that Dubs was not In the
disorderly bouse
Auto Engineer* t« Chang* Nam*
Th# Society of Automobile Engl*
neer*. who*# name will b* changed
next month to Society of Automotive
Engineer*, has been arranging for
th* most elaborate summer meet
ing In Its history. Including presenta
tion of technical matter connected
with aircraft, watercraft and farm
tractor* as well as motor car*.
-i . - - -, P
A reproduction of the famous ride
of Paul Revere is to feature today's
celebration of Patriots’ Day In th*
teams between Boston and I*xtng
Mayor's Committee Divided Ob
Practicability of Prison
Farm Near Detroit
Because the members of Mayor
Man's Investigating committee
sent out to determine whether the
operation of a prison farm In con
nection with the Detroit House of
Correction would be advisable are
unable to agree on any definite plan,
tb* board of estimate# will be
obliged to consider Individual r*
ports from each of th# committee
men. 19 In all. The estimators are
seeking to learn what amount should
be appropriated for th* House of
Correction In tb* annual budget.
A conference of the committee
men we* held In the mavor's office,
Wednesday afternoon.
Tracy MrOeegorand Abner E I ju
ried, committee members, went on
record as favoring a larger site for
Rh* House of Oorrectlon. so that
expansion along agricultural lines
would be possible. They refused to
commit themselves to the fsrm plan
Fred Postal firmly opposed the farrp
Idea, holding It tmproctlca! became
of the proilrolty of the House of
Correction to Detroit. He believed
tbat escapes of prisoners would b*
Tbs committee was not favorably
Impressed with the prison farm In
Guelph, Ontarto. Dr, Bernhard
Jacob, superintendent of the House
of Correction, said that not more
than 10 per cent of the prisoners
could be worked on a farm
Finely It was decided to name a
sub-committee to Investigate l.ootv
acre sites In Wayne county. Aid.
James Holden will be a member,
it being his opinion that such a
tract could be bought within UNO,-
000. Member* of the committee
present at the meeting were Fred
Postal. Bherlff Stem. Aid. Bahorskl,
Tracy McGregor, William E. Meta
g*r. L. D Epson, Ahner B. Turned,
Dr Bernhard Jacob, John D. Wiley,
County Clerk Oakman and Dr. J. C.
Chicago Dealers Will Sell Only
In Small Quanti
C HICAGO, April 19—Chicago r*
•ill grocer* today are enforcing one
of the most drastic food regulation*
fn the history of the city Following
cut a concerted plan dealers have
placed sugar, flour, soap and canned
goods on a restricted list Consutn
»rs are allowed to purchase only
enough for Immediate use. Stock
Ing up or hoarding will -be dlseour
The movement was made nec»a
sarv by the exvesshe demand for
these four commodities since the
declaration of war. iv-mand hr*
trebled in many Instances and
prices subsequently soared In an
ticipation of higher prizes house
wives have put by enough to last
them for months
8«» great is the scarcity that in
some localities canned goods are
bring refused to all but regular cus
tomers. >
Substantial advances in bread
and bakery product# will bear
nounced In a week
Measure Authorizing $5,000,-
000 Bond Issue Now
a Law
ar it. l. cALSOff
(fifeff Correspondent Detroit Timet)
I-ANBING. Mich, April 19.—The
last formality in connection with
Michigan's W.fiOAnno war loan was
observed late Wednesday afternoon
when Gov. Elbert E. Bleeper at
tached his signature to the Foster-
Petermann hill, carrying the author
isation of the 2<Vyear bonding plan
The MU had been given imm*
dlate effect by the two houses, so Is
now a law
Gov Sleeper presented to Sen
ator Foster the pen with which he
signed the hill
Chiraroan* Want Colonel To
Act As Chief Re
CHICAGO. April 19—Theodora
Roosevelt a* an ewngeliat for Tnclc
Pam. converting lukewarm patriots
and making them hit the sawdust
trail to the recruitiog station, ia
strongly urged today by an organ
lotion of Chicago “Teddy boosters'*
headed by C. O. Friable, wealthy
wood produets manufacturer.
Friable will put this proposition
before the colonel when he arrives
( for hie stock yards speeeh her*
April 29, Frlshl# believes that
Roosevelt could win large numbers
of recruits by means of a campaign
ing “awing around the circle."
England observes today as Prim
me* Dav, the anniversary of th*
death of th* famous statesman
Lord Bea onaflcld
The Doings of the Duffs.
AMOBmoM WACosJ over, r 1
I jfc- TMBRB? W*Us, I MAvfc A r zrr
3T SvtffiS IHKhORTAHT r— s 1
Ejua Bar, caftan,
I hoßi TUikks I’D
Members of First Congrega
tional Church Say Good-bye
to Dr. and Mrs. Huget
The First Congregational fellow
ship said farewell to the Rev J.
FVrclval Huger and family In
the church parlors Wednesday even
Ing There was a large representa
tion of the fine congiegarion the d*
parting pastor has built up
A New York draft for tGZH). cash
able In his new field, was handed to
Dr Huget as an earnest that the
rhurch meant what It said In the
unanimous adoption of the follow
Ing fervent expressions submitted
b)u.a committee of thjree-
Insofar as three penpi* ran formu
late tl,e tender -entiments of a de
voted follow mg we ~f »b, «»lh Fir*’
eons irmai-ly t- • the Instruct) ns of
the rhurch meeting r-n\-n»«1 on
Mir -h II I*l7. I>*-k to ensure you of
th* grat lb* t i.-n It gives us to ha-e
your seven years with us r*-*-«t#r*<l
In the highest mark of m«mh«rshlr
and activity In the church's history,
and In th* recognition ltnrli»d hy the
unsolicited snd une*pe»t*-d summon*
that has . ime to t n.i tshepherd
the largest congregst) n In the de
As the da> for ir withdrawal
approach* our, thoughts go hack
thru lh» *e\en years In which you
have, hv spoken wold and • •lf-*a<*rl
flclng life shown us the way to fol
low the Master wh- m we profess to
serve Truly you ha\e exemplified
“It Is more blessed to give than to
receive" ae you have broken for via
the bread of life and planned and
wrought t.relessly for our ongoing
aa a ehurrh nnd people at the same
time helng alwsvs reap -naive to the
calls of Congregationalism In state
and nation
Tou have rejoiced with us In our
Joya. sorrowed with us in our sor
rows. brought tender words of under
standing and reassurance to the
graveside and in a thousand unebatru
tlve ways ha- e ministered unto us
Most of all do w-e reran that you
( j n
1 Bought MR SOQLAO*
—'E 1
!J . I mu—'
I v*nT Vou To 4rr ON That i
r i wao<?N ANO dDABD rr. IB r
WANT Soo To call the COWPcsQAL
* - Iff- f ' Tfr
DNDAttATArfD? C«*Po»AL <*T*«C*M*o
U* p * g * T NAY UP oR A4 iVt
have been an ever-preeent friend In
sll that word implies to young and
o|<J and with patience and gantlenaes
have fostered the spirit of good fel
lowship which permeates all depart
ments of our church life.
We are uat aa deeply mindful oi
what the sweet presence, sincere
friendship and qulst co-operation of
Mre Huget and Mrs have con
tributed to the ideal relationship of
pastor and people thruout these se.ven
years; and this makes our sorrow the
keener nl the severing at th* ties
•bat have hound us together In tran
quil and fruitful fellowship
In emulation of your own aelf-for-
example we shall seek to sub
ordinate our sense of Inaa and sor
row at parting to alncere sentiments
of felicitation over th* signal distinc
tion that has come to you. Wa fer
ventlv wish you Oodapeed aa you go
forward to a larger field and work
Dr and Mrs. Huget leave for
New York Thursday afternoon, to
take up at once tb* dutlea of the
pastorate of the Tompkins ave Con
gregational church of Brooklyn.
First Real Thunderstorm of
the Season Visits Detroit
Wednesday Night
The first heavy thunderstorm of
lhe season visited l>*tn>it Wednes
day night, and before It whs thru
robbing th# population of Its sleep
?8 of an Inch of rain had fallen,
according to the official flrures of
the local weather bureau.
Between 8 o’clock and 8.A9. the
rainfall was U of an Inch While
these measurements do not shat
ter any records. Weather Observer
Conger charactertre# them as being
distinctly "excessive”
Rain began falling in the after
noon, after high winds had swept
thru the city. It was not until
shout 7:10 o’clock, however, that
the real downpour began.
Chief Exponent of Kaifferism
In Conquered Kingdom
Passes Away
AMSTERDAM April 19 —Oen
Von Bisslng, German governor-gen
era! of Belgium. Is dead, according
to apparently authentic Information
leceived today from various German
Gen V’on Bisslng. Germany’s dic
tator In Belgium, was reported ill
unth pneumonia several months ago.
harly In the year the kaiser relieved
him from hi* duties for an indefi
nite leave, that he might rernpemte
• Von Biasing was a master type iff
German rniittary autocracy H*
ruled Belgium withs hand of steel.
It was he who was credited with
conceiving the idea of deporting
Belgians; It was Von Bisslng who
approved the sentence of deatn
passed by a courtmartial on Mtss
Edith Cavell. the English nurse,
charged with espionage.
Th# forma! presentation of the
Harriraan medal, awarded annually
by the American Museum of Fafety
to the railroad or line of industry
that makes the beat showing In the
presentation of accidents, ia to b*
made at a dinner in New York to
night. The medal has been award
ed this year to the Illinois Central
Patriotic sons of patriotic sires
will gather In Washington today for
the triennial congress division of
the Traveler*’ Protective assocla
tte; UjwSjL
— B y Allman.
o the **®
"Lu<*ia Dt Laonmernsoor” was of
fared by tbs Abort! Grand Opera com.
pany Wedrvr eday evening and despite
tbs h »*vy rain that flooded ths
atrssts just as the audience was dus
to arrivs, a fairly rood showins of
true music levers appeared TV#>
wars repaid by hearing a creditable
performance of the tuneful master
piece of Donleettl. Miss Franceses
Milana and Mies Grace Baum, as
Lucy Ashton and Alice, her eonfl
darts respectively, performed their
duties In a highly commendable man
The leading male parts were hand
led b> Salvatore Giordano Louts
Dorman. Riohard Bunn and George
Shields, all of whom are setting their
share of work tbla week as there
are ao many changes of bill
ror Thursday evening there will be
a double bill, with "Carallerla Rue
ttoana" opening and Perns
lowing. Friday evening ■’Faust'* will
be the offering Saturday "Rlgolet
to” will be tne matinee attraction
and “11 Trovatore" that for the night.
For the Wednesday matinee a splen
did performance of “II Trovatoro“
was given
A whirlwind of mirth and melody
corns# to the Qsyety theater nest
week when the - New Sporting
Widows' company will offer s new
show. Two big acta scrv# to Intro
duce such clsver people as Harry
Cooper. Mava Rockwell. Leo Hayee.
Dene Meara. William Grieves. Andy
Ferguaoa and the Merrstte alstera.
The "Fluffy Rufflea" hurlexquere
will be the Avenue theater attraction
next week. The company will In
clude George Ward. Mabel Falser
James Bennett. Ruby Davie. Rdward
Llovd Welt»r Van and Bonnie i.a*our
a dances. The musical skits will be
offered "Guessing at ths Hotel
Guests" and ‘The Pawnbrokers
Tuesday evening, there will b» e
wrestling match, and Friday evening.
Immediately following the regular
performance, there will be an ama
teur try-out.
Jessie Bonstalle and her stock com
pany will begin their annual summer
engagement In the Garrick theater.
Monday evening. May 14. and will
remain until the middle of July This
season Miss Bone telle and her com
pany plav their engagement In De
troit flret end then go to Buffalo,
reyerei ng the usual ord»r Ml*«
Ronetelle he* secured a number of
new plays for production, end the
roster of the company will include
several players already established
favorites In Detroit.
The Madison theater announces for
next wash anew photoplay of lore
and mystery. Apartment it, featur
ing F.arle Williams In the leading
role. "Apartment ft** la the story of
a dramatic critic who is given one
of the moat exciting experiences of
his life after writing s disagreeable
review of a new production But af
ter all. After the hstr breadth
escapes, the thrilling chases, and the
clutches of the poll) e. from which he
• merges, willing to rewrite the criti
cism of the play before hta paper
goes to pres* he finds somthlng else
—A wife In It s typical Karls Will
iams play, and provides ths clever
actor with many of those opportuni
ties for heroic work. which he
handles In his usual calm and smiling
manner. The supporting cast In
cludes Kthel Grey Terry. Denton Vane
and Btltte Billings The added at
tractions for the week include s new
comedy. som» Interesting hand-col
ored pictures, anew trstelogu#. end
solos by Kthel Rust-Mellor The
popular Harold Jarvis matlnses are
held every Monday. Wednesday and
Topping the vaudeville hill In the
Temple theater next week will be
Frank Hale and fllgne Paterson, sen
sational exponents of the modern
dance*. They wtll be assisted by that
famous New York las band known
as "The Versatile Sextet" which is
almost aa much of an attraction ae
the dancers themselves. Hale and
Paterson were formerly ths dance
stare of "Pom Pom" with Mltxl
Hajos and recently have been ap
pearing at private functions at the
dlff-rent watering places In the
south Second feature of the bill
will he that dainty comedienne from
th* I/in4nn music-halls. Joste Heath
er. aided by Wm. t'asey. Jr , and
Robbie Meat her. 1n a repertoire of
new song numbers There will also
be offered on this program George
Ade’s best playlet. ' Speaking to
Father." by Milton Pollock end
capable associates Six other fea
tures of the usual Temple standard
will complete the program.
Herbert IJoyd. known as ths "Xing
of Diamonds’* and one of ths most
versatile artists In vaudeville Come,
to the Miles theater, next week, at
the head of his own rnmpsny of in
ternational entertainers. Lloyd has
mastered almost every art of the
variety performer and his accom
plishments include singing, dancing,
Juggling, feats In magic and acroba
tics impersonations of stage r«leb
rifles and cartooning Hit bur
lesque panorama showing familiar
scenes In Detroit will create no end
of merriment This season the street
<ar system will be much In evidence
Lillian Lilyan. premier denseuee and
oth»r notable artists are in ths com
pany. Grgcts Knglleh male
impersonator and Tom Dempsey pre
•ent e comedy aatlre "At the Club”
ae the added attraction on the pro
gram which Includes DonfTa and
Pameron. entsrtalners de lux* Al
fred Farrell n»wa artist and painter
Wllle-Oilbert company In "The
Masked Frol I" and Prevett Merrill.
Illusionist. Majorle Ramheau 1n
•Motherhood." May Ward In *Th*
Daughter of War* and "The Perils
of Our Girl Reporters*' ere under
lined for the screen program.
"Direct from New York Winter
garden" means what the pTra«e ac
tually save In reference to the "Hhow
of Wonders,* announced for the flar
rlek thaatsr for the week beginning
Monday. April J<V for thle huge spec
tacular extravagsnsa really does
come to Detroit from New York en
route to the Pelace theater, t'hlrago.
where the place will enter upon e
summer’s run after Its presentation
In fttla efty. The "Phew of Wonders”
Is ssJd to be the most Successful of
the many Winter garden productions
and has been playing continuously
In the big B'oadway horn* »f smttw
ment slnoe early Isat autumn Tn
the cast of well-known enteitainere
will he found George W Mnro<\
Walter C. Keller. William and P!u
gene Howard. Dan Quinlan. Karnesf
Here, Ridnev FbUHpa Alexis Kosloff,
Marllynn Miller. Grace Fisher. Adels
A rdsler, Rlesnor Brown. Virginia
Smith end Mahal Hill Tn addition to
numberless vnei of extraordinary
testily. peopled hr boats of typical
Y\ inter garden choristers, there Is
th« sen«atlonsl mechanical effect
.Submarine F T.” which Is said to he
one of the most remarkable of stage
For the flr«t time tn th»lr proses
• -*nal career toother charter De-
Haven and Flore Parker are not
stage lov-.re In Hie Little Widows.**
row in the Derrick For msnv years
Mr end Mrs Deflaren have appeared
ae the hero and heroine of every mu
elcal comedy story In which they
have h*en c*en The d'ntmittve
com»dlan and Ms pet<»# w'fe have
always had the love gw Cu*te end
logical dsndnr nurv*r» The perte
they are play'oe In **H's Little w«d
--ow" ere eo and Parent *mti anvthtag
th*v heve ever dope that farter
makes love fn Mnrle’ TCtsfleon and
Flora Is the stage f-ld» of Heov
Tlshe—tn *be n'ev of eo*ire» Mr
and Mrs Delta* »n heve re*urr*d to
the muslra' cornedv »ta<re after two
veare* work Ir. th* movies In Cali
SHstlas—She Skis sest MSS—that
is .l*kf — Times Jeb Dept,— Mels SWA
Outbursts of Everett True.
I poruiahd, kahch { fsamamm
r* ■■ /fXv ~—l
Patriots Present Historical
Spectacle to Commemorate
Paul Revere's Ride
Paul Revere demonstrated that he
was a man of action when he accom
plished his thrilling ride, and the
patriotic women of Detroit who held
u parade in honor of Revolutionary
hero showed that they were like
him In that respect. Revere didn’t
postpone his gallop until the next
day to see if the roads fcouldn’t dry
out a bit and Detroit women didn’t
call their parade off. even If It was
raining The downpour caused a
delay of about an hour in getting
started Wednesday afternoon and It
chased a few of the marchers out
of line, but the vehicular section of
the pageant was held, despite the
weal her.
The parade was under the aus
pices of tike Patriotic Women of
1917. of which Mrg. J K. Gaily la
the* founder. Following a squad of
mounted police, was a military band
*n automobiles were many historic
characters represented by Detroit
men and women Allen W. Stearns
and Miss Gladys I«yons appeared
as Paul Revere and Pocahontas
Other historical roles eluded
George Washington by ffcnald Vin
ton. Martha Washington. Mrs. Wil
liam C. Hensler, in white wigs;
America. Mrs. J. K Galley, in the
national colors. Lafayette. Fred
Panlssie. Colonel Prescott, Vincent
Bernard. General Putnam. Bruce
Higginbotham Priscilla, Muriel
Telephone Cherry 4420. Grocery Cos.
la tke *mtth BklKlni State and Grlaweld.
Orders amounting to 11 or more delnered anyw-her# tn the city
If street lx pa\e<l. Telephone and C O. D. order* eolU'ited.
TVlth orders of |) or more of oth**r goods
Pork Cho pa. Reef l.naf. QA Perfeex ( andy—A a
nlre and G£ b m* i* ad. h eorted J. 1 j- Oum
lean lh mUC f'tnnnn Meddle. I»«et Drip* . n
Shari Rika. 1 £ 1•\ I r »*■ I OC
native b»*f lb lOC /]*'' ■ . ‘ ' Aeeort** Fruit Tab-
R«aa« Steak, Q O f **’ r, * h - , _ let a, rw\
fholre rul*. lhelOC * **enh -ele.. „ /U f
Olr.mariarlnr, I•” * 1 *l^
1 ’arnatlrn ty 7 *»7' »t,ck 9- Bread
brand, lb *’"*<• -« Jb . *.*K H -ma ||
ll,r<!'*’i C araa, freak H*K, Made lIC
half-pound a7„ ?()/• Fr '» h Currant
can. epenal at I|C r ' fcUC \lr< td q
Je It), rure fr.iit - D*c »-a t or ■ ijeaf Os
aseorted, 1 a rout. 1 K . ... Amtrr Tea Rlaxa—
-- ox ale** I‘ ft ' 1 /Fresh twice -sq
JSr xkrimp, | G h i - ~ / daily *e b .. l OC
wet pack so las I ’ * 9 < row. Hall* Plain
kIWe rr and Hrrriil. i * -L.VX fanry V /J
Normana Fan > ; • ■« *■’ •»" dos IOC
Bonalese IO ‘ tr * • 1{). rear t affae. r-aaa
ran lOP ,4 1 be'le- f r *ha Off
riot, clean - " 7'D. T* ,hl «I money. 16 ...,Ooc
white heade lb but t-*k 9)i- I Rera Oeffae,
Qaaker <»ata. _ . , axc«ptlona t)C
very nut r O K 90c H» aof
tloua. pkg 1 *4 J-a C Faaey Tva Biaok
Vfaearoal lUn«s and ■ '*• * r-rel on i)r..n or ra
rum Noodle.. 4 r-r mfxed. 1b . OUc
P l ** ■ 7 C r . . ' Oeaagea Fxtra fa«-
Caeoanat. fr-.*”. x : .»* r A 9 2c cy Florida and A
aj" ,h * ,r ’,n *Lii r ... r-Z v.-»-i.. o« 40e
/i" 10f • 15c ZZr zxr'yz
forkstrrng h3.")C ;.r n* baked Vr Fl. J l*
■ i. k i >a farnily e'*e r 1 • Icagr pie- Ift
Farrr’.Sweet sO *’n .. tlDf r'ent lb
Mixed pint I“c FT* hare. Head Daft*** lm~
w.r.s. Salad A r Rureftg 1-e r .e<«t Valley. Off
*7.00-e made lb 25c I filing lb 15c Treber*. lb .. OOff
Over 200 varlet ee to select from. All n*w stock. Ijß
Per package ..
yaatnrfluai Dwarf law* Sard - For j G!adl •1 a a mixed
ar.d tail mixed o «hady ® lace* IA _
Io« r kr . SC lib pk* . 4UC p#f
««•*! Fena- *"holce CWm «e»4 - Wi'l*
mlx.d O Dutch rarely. .)/» Raftla Far trlag
1 of pkg *1 wv flnver* and Manta,
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SatunUy SpecUiß in Friday New* and Journal
-By CaoiA
Lyona; '.John Carver. Dr. Herbert
Bernard; Mrs John Carver Eleanor
Moore; Benjamin Franklin, Gecaral
9 A W’ldrlg; Mrs. Murray, Marlon
Reed, and Columbia. Edna Beckett.
Beginning today large loaves of
white bread will be increaae4 in
price by two cents, selling at It
cents per loaf The small loaves
Jump from seven jo eight cents.
The high coat of flour has made the
boost Imperative, the bakers say.
To Dedicate New High School
Dedication efercise* will be held
Friday at Detroit’s new Northern
high school. Woodward and Gwen
ares The school la the moat elabo
rate one 1n the etty. Special exer
cises will be held at 1 o'clock, and
from 3 to 5 o’clock there will be a
reception to all the teachers of the
city. The faculty will be boats to
the board of education and city offi
cial* at a banquet at % o’clock and
at S:JS the formal dedication ex
ercises will begin. Aid. Jonn lodge
will be the chief speaker.
Relics of George Washington, tß
herlted and collected by William
Lanier Washington the jn’eat-great
grandson of Col. W'HHara Augustine
Washington, the eldest of the drat
president’s nephews, are to Cm
placed on sale today at the Ander
son Galleries In New York city. One
of the chief features of the collec
tion Is the*only known authentic
portrait of the mother of Oeorgpe
FHnfiaar —the prat* neat kus—tket
la Hxkt—Time. Jak Drat.—Mala 400

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