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George Timorous Dauss Probably Is Lost to Tigers as a Regular Pitcher
»C4 |r •
Tub fl»r wduhi ouuook «»» OftrpooDrU iit » 1-11 '* !u > IfH'ikr Bpot It
cJ*!uadl%m£r. Tlmorow Ilttl. C.-or,. Dun «« *
«0> IrSS.
*«£«•-«• as-{«r ■«£?£*i&rs&sssxs
susoH -<• «»u»« —■" - *“»
to from* *xt*e rating clrcmpstraces.
A. .urtiM ■ boovor m Grovsr Alexander wan shelled until be looked
... first tii fames but nobody Is fretting about him The
hi with this I feu an situation is not a single defeat, but an overdose
tto.U« wUt tbtt PW» du , to barkflr. Tbla
MVfr has been as good a pitcher as he should because he is a psssl-
Si” He riftis* •to bellETthaf be is as difficult to hit as he is W hat
” „ of B uJ« „ M has come to him has surprised him Last year he went
2d X bad a sor; elbow for an alibi, and reason to beliere that ojfe
ann rscSreJed its strwngth. he would be himself again. He was minted
Hehas been afraid of himself all along. Extreme
wls Uken that be should not be started before he was ready A
2ndn-.i schemes wsrs framed to give the veteran more confidence In
I ..I wnek Manager Jennings took Daus* out in the bull pen and gare '
Mm a blistering workout. He had every thing His control had returner
2d hi* curve was absolutely baffling. His control was all right yesterday,
ftor that matter, for he walked only two men and hit a score of bats
■agbey decided that the time had come for the showdown. Stanage whom
Georg* prefers, was sent In to catch him. The club hit well for the firs
ttee this year and got a lot of runs early In the game. The stage was
liven an ideal setting.
Then came the blast. Dauss was doused There is excellent reason to
btilleve that now his confidence has gone forever Only by remarkable
will he amount to much thi* season ivetroit can thank whatever
|»ckv stars shine for this burg tbai Khmke and C. Jones are coming thru
They'll be needed now.
Jennings was right In not rescuing Dauss Far Into the ninth inning
E> was a chance that he would pull out with « eietOTJ To have vanked
would be to loee every chance of inatilllng some confidence into him
ley had lota to gain bv leaving the rig hinder «• work ovr h:s own
agjvatlon. and what he had to gain much more than offset the matter of
tgklng ehancea with a single game, desirable as a victory yesterday would
lig V4 i been. It la Just aa important to Detroit that it have Dause in a
•ouftdcnt winning mood as it Is to New York to have Ray Caldwell in shape,
ag to Chicago to have Faber going well, or to Cleveland to have Morton
Concerning MrjLSothoron
IT mav turn out that when Dave blew h:m*elf full of bullets
lyipm IB Tessa last Winter, he did Tb* St !,out« Browns a great favor
TMacmerlng that Mr Davenport would not be available this aeason
Fielder Jonee tore hla hair for a spell and then hied himself to Port
land Ore., where he found one Allan Sothornn awaiting the call to the big
league Young Mr. Bothoron la from New England. Bob Hedges bought
him from New Haven a couple of years ago and farmed him to Wichita.
Last year the hoy was shipped to Portland and turned loose In the Coast
langur, where he pitched 3*7 innings and won 30 of 47 games
Fielder Jonee not only found this Sothoron. but brought him back to
Louie with him. Last week the young man got into a game Just in time
ta get credit for the flret decision taken from the White Sox. He
pltehed again this week, and held Cleveland to one hit and no runs in nine
Slugs Sothoron'* stock in trade la a sidearm spltter. It rosy not last,
hUt right now It looks as If the Browns not only had an effective right
haader but had a right hander who will make St. I.ouis forget Dave
Davenport altogether.
Baseball has pulled the unexpected again After a decade devoted to
rm. Fred Merkle la having some luck fal> Fritt was shunted to
Dodgers aa a has been and doomed to bench duty for the rest of his
dags The preeent season opened with prospects no brighter. Buddenly
31* burgh discovered that a youngs'er nar ed Adams couldn't hit Almost
luhaneously Vic Saier broke » eg W ere pon bo'h r «t*burgh and
Cltfcago began to bid for Mr Merkle, who Is now in line for a regular Job
at a salary very likely to be at his own terms and who is a much wanted
tkaii for the Aral time la hla life;
A Shade Fo* Tig*
HANDSOME SID MERCER. Who wrli*fe b*-*b*H for the New York
Globe and who was one of the mavericks at the Tiger-Giant round
up out west two weeka ago. saw the 111 ers in their military drill
and then
Mgers Whereupon be was gioved to scribble the following lines
Good aa the Yankees are they will have to step some to beat
the Tigers in the competitive drill next summer. In the cahsthenic
drill the Tigers are especially good Furthermore. Jennings de
clares that these calisthenics should be incorporated In every
coefse of baseball training This exercise, in which bats are u -ed
Instead of guns, accomplishes wonders in “loosening up" a baseball
player before a game.
Everywhere the Giants and Tiger* went the Detroit team *
drill waa a feature that drew thunderous applause from the spec
tators. There Isn't going to be any clamor ag itnst baseball if this
spirit prevails. It la tec bad that the National league did not fall
Into line. However, the old National never did see any good thing
Bu*h a. a....*...,., 4 1 • S S 0
Young, Sb ........ I t ft « S 1
r. f.. « * S 0 0 0
Vaarh. I. f. Ia | j o l
Heilman, a L .... 4 1 ft i • 9
Crawford lift . 4 1 S 12 0 0
pr*r. Sb I 0 1 0 S <1
fUM(r. o. ......... * 9 0 S Sn
Dauaa. p ,y 4 V 0 0 & 0
Touia .. ~. SI T S?2t 11 “a
' AB R If O A K
Oranry. I. f. 2 0 1 2 0 I
All Mon. I. t S 0 1 In n
Chat‘man. a. a 4 1 0 : : l
Hp*-*k«»r. c. f. ...... 4 S 2 | 0 n.
Wambjr. Sb I 1 S 2 8 0
lb 4 1 112 0 I
ffittk. r. f 4 1 S 1 0 0
Turner. Sb 2 0 0 1 1 0
■Van* Sb a 0 9 0 0 0
QflfrUl. c 3 1 1 4 3 0
.ffihfallftliJa. p 1 • f> ft 0 ft
fkmith 3 0
Opumbc. p. ... I • 1 * 0 0
•Klvin*(hA 1 1 ft 0 A A
fiCUlrr . ..7. 1 0 ft 0 0 ft
Total* 15 • 13 V 14 1
•Batted for Hmlth la flfta
natted for Turner In eighth.
, tTw-i out whan winning run acor*d.
taring* I 234(1744
Detroit . 0 1 S 0 8 0 0 ft p—7
Clear land 1 ft ft ft 3 ft ft 2 S—ft
Total baaea—Detroit 16, Cleveland
It. Sacrifice hit*—Veach. Dyer. Stan
.|m, Chapman, Speaker, Turner and
Stolen bae*—Heilman. Two.
;flMa hit*—Speaker S. Wambegane* 2.
Coumbt, Roth, Cobb, Veach. Dyer.
Lffiallmaa, Crawford. Home run—
-Crawford Left jon haeea—Cleveland
ft Detroit i. Flrat baaa on error*
Cleveland I, Detroit S Ba**» on
■|lla—Oß Coreleskle 2. off Smith 1.
•If • oumbe 1, off Dauea 3. Hit* and
rwna—off ('ovel»*kle i hit*. 4
1 ran* In 3 Inning*, off Smith 1 and 4
»n S; off Ceumbe I and 0 in 4; off
I mum IS and S In ft. Struck out
far Coveleakl* I, by Coutnbe 1, by
*Kmum ft. Pa«*ed hall - Stanaae I'm -
jVffirg*—O' Loug hI io and Hildebrand.
Time ftt
WASHINGTON April 2 ft.—
Pmnidem WHaon will not open
the Washington baaeball aegson
aa ttaual this season Owing *0
a cabinet meeting and pressure
Os official btMlner* the president
he* keen compelled to fire op
the “opener" here this afternoon
O., April 20
Cleveland finally got a chance to
see its champion, Johnny Kllbane,
In action In a home ring Johnny
put on a burlesque last night with
Matt Brock After knocking down
Brock four time* in the first round,
Johnny took It easy and was satis
fied with a shade decision at the
end of 10 rounds (t has been many
rear* since Kllbane ha* boxed m
his borne town.
*fe*re«« e*»ll»*r ku «akrn wp la
eraaae. After platlaa la raiw aa
athlete waal* hat* aa; rraaaa la fear
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Hero of I>one Tiger N ictory to
Attempt to Start Club
on Comeback
CLEVEI-AND. April 20.—Still
firmly entrenched In last place, the
Tiger* prepared today to light ln'*>
ibe Indians In the second game of
their series and start a comeback
Scheduled to pitch for them this
efternoon is Bernle Boland, who go;
credit for winning the only victory
that is noted in the Detroit column
this year. There Is a bit of ques
tion regarding the Cleveland hurler.
but the fellow who la due la Jim
Bagby. Tiger tamer extraordinary,
who has won hla last six starts
against Detrott.
The Tigers didn't make nearly as
much of their opportunities Thurs
day as they could have made, md
for that reason they took another
trimming. Giving George Dauea a
six run lead in the fifth, they !*•-
cided that they had done enough
end took things e»«y. Meanwhile
Dauss. who didn’t amount to a
whole lot at any stage of the con
test, kept getting worse and at the
finish the seven run* the Tiger* had
were Jvist one shy of the Cleveland
total The Anal score was sto 7.
four of the eight tallies being scored
tn the last two innings
The only pleasing thing about the
game is that the Tigers did hit well
and in bunches for a while, and
that Ben Dyer showed considerable
(lass on third base Crawford
played first because Burns already
Is in one of hi* slumps and must be
treated the spectacle of somebody
rise playing his bag and hitting
well. Sam did hit well, and h*
How They Stand
'' AB H. Fet.
Speaker 24 10 .417
Jobb 26 9 .346
Jackson 28 9 .321
tedded the bag In fine style. If h*
keeps It up It never will be necesr
fary to drag Heilman In from the
outfield to help out Burns.
Detroit scored In the second wh«n
< rawfotd got a home run over the
light field fence. The Tiger* made
three in the third after two wer.«
rut. Bush and Young drew passe*,
nod Cobb ard Vearh doubled Heil
man angled and then Crawfrrd
fanned for the third out A oa*e
on balls, an error by Guisto. a .-ac
rlfice b> Beach and a double by
Heilman In the fifth brought In
four more tallies - All this disposed
of Pitcbera- B»an Coveleskie and
Smith- and Coumbe finished ih«
game. The other Tiger Inning*
chiefly were of the sort which psi*
(teerm* very faro flier N recently.
Plenty of chances to score car.te
along, but they were booted
Doubles by Wamby and Speaker
tn the first, gave Cleveland a run
Three more were m*d*> in the fl't.b
O'Neil singled and Young rnu"o-<1 a
hall with a double play In sigh'
The game turned or that (Display
Graney walk -d. A'Mson ran U r
him. Cbanman forced Allfaon,
Speaker doubled and Wambv
singled. driving In the last of il/
three tallies Dae** held steady
until the eighth, when Guisto
walked. Roth doubled, and a pair
ot Infield plays put two runs arro*f
Allison led off the nln’h with
single. He went to second on a
sacrifice and to third on a wild
pitch Speaker hit to Dauss, and
Allison was run down. The g*.*ue
iooked safe then, but with two <*ut,
Wamby and Guisto singled tn suc
cession. and the winning run came
Serrenberg and Kammau. fl>ing
the cllors of the Y M C. A , f rn‘
the champion handball team of De
troit. They won the title last ni"l t
at the D. A C. when they def*aiel
Spiegel and Spelgel. also of the
“Y." In the finals match of the im»r-
nament. The summary of the final
kerrenbrr* an«t Kan man brai
J*tr»>na wn<l Ur.—i 51-7 rfrrrenberg
and Kimnun beat ll.trv and klr-
N*ugh*'»n 11-4, NmUr Is and Hell
t»»-a( * Ire ii set and Vaughan 21-11
Spiegel and Hpiegel beat Ifethe and
Thent»*ra 21-5. Spiegel ansi
beat Nenland* and Hell 21-4. Herr, n
t»erg and kamman beat Strong and
Griffin 21-7, and Hp|eg»| and Spiegel
beat Henry and M' Nalighten. 21-14
Cooeland Wins.
Copeland won the English Ml
lard tournament at Bweeney-Hus
ton's, taking the final game from
Daviea last night
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WIl WAUKEK. Wls, April 20-^
The middle west must dig up n n* w
lightweight phenom Ritchie
Mitchell, the latest mld-wettem
wonder to be touted as a coming
champion, t* thru He is free to
k-ep his pledge to go to war for
t ncle Sam He monkeyed with
1 . nny Ijeonsrd last night. In a
- tieduled l'kround bout here, and
Jew hov front New York had
171-175 Woodward Avi.— Detroit's Largest LothlS'S
Ritchie flat on hi* back and snor
Ing in the seventh round
Leonard won his fight in the sec
ond round, when be had Mitchell
out on his feet. Benny took his
time, however, and the Milwaukee
lad rallied enough to break fairly
even tor a while and to get a bit
of a shade in the fifth. In the sev
enth took the steam out
of Mitchell with a right cross, and
then pmmded the westerner to hla
knees with a terrific bombardment
from all angles. The referee stop
led the contest as Kttchie was sink
ing so- the third tJnte.
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BOSTON. April 20 —William J
Kennedy, of the Morningslde A A ,
Nrd York, won the twenty-first an
nual B. A. A. Marathon race Thurs
day afternoon, from Ashland to Boa
ton. In 2 28 37 1-6,
He finished fresh, with Sidney
Hatch. Mystic A. Chicago, one
minute and 41 4-S seconds behind
him Clarence Ivmar. Melrose,
Mas*, was third, time 2 31:05. IK
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Hannas Kolebmalnen, Brooklyn, waa
Tbe moat thrilling part of tba fin
lab came when Prescott Dean.
Rochester, N Y„ Y M C. A , threw
himself over the line one-fifth of e
second ahead of Leroy Davie, of
Dorchester. Dean looked ready to
drop at every step the last 200 yards
snd Juat lasted long enough to cross
the line when he fell.
Tktre'a ■ aafcor Is Yevfe wt«
Ikf BSM •( “IISSIMT " It
nssU isplr Is ■ (Ttal ■ur SaSt^v*
nf know.
tore Open

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