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TIT £ii a » , .lull
The Trip of n LifHfnv
—lo Yotiut.rttcnc
iNalioiuU P&ik
At l**#i uni* in >i>ui Ilf# you
liquid ii* thr Villuw»tim»—an<l tu
l«t lb* m«>»( uul of II you should Ur
• all ln(i>rin*4 In ndvinct
Let ni« I*ll you how vrry comfort
»blv Mil rtlre<.l ly you can «•> thrrr.
• bout this thiough trains, about Ilia
lifTarrnt ways you ran llva thara «lr
nabtfully for a f*w wesks. about thr
• upanaa of tha trip, what you can
sad what you can aaa; how Nature
infolds itaaif aa la no uthar part of
iha world.
And. in |>artluiilar. lot nir tall you
• bout that delightful automobile ride.
• Ithar going or coming, ovar tho
Cody Itoad That rids la worth tha
whole trip In Itaaif—a wonderful
panorama of mountains. ralteya.
•treama and canyona that will live
arltb you for Ufa.
1 can tall you a graat d»*l about
tho trip, and will gladly help in any
way poealblo— for that'a what I'm
iara ror. Call at thr offlca, or wrlta,
today If possible. for llluatratod ho«»h
--1*I—worthI—worth1 —worth raadlng avan If you don't
3 flan. Pur Agt . C , It
• Q. R R. k«T W. Jackaon blvd .
Ijonf Line of AppliamU Wait
ing When Recruiting For
Reserve Corpa Regina
Young man who want to bo offl
cam in the United Ptate* army »re
logion In Dot non. Refor# tha doorn
of tha recruiting ntatlon for appli
cant* for tha Officers' Reserve corp*
opened Monday morning, at it
o'clock, g long Una of man had
form ad aa gar to gat In, file tb#tr
application* and rradantlaln and b<
praparad to ba summoned baforr
tbo aiamtnlng board.
Phelps Nawharry ha* baan d**;g
natad to r*c*lv* applicant* In hi*
office at No. 122* Ford building Ha
will koop tha offlca open dally from
9 to 6 for tha racaptlon of appli
cants who ara ambitloua to baroma
officer* Ha la being assisted by
Mai. OHlaapla. commanding offlear
of tha military training organisation
of Datrolt. and J Brook* Nlcbo'a.
drat llautanant of tha offlear*' re
*erve corps,
Tbla office .Monday racaivad on<i
applicant averr thraa ralnutaa or 20
par hour, A* tba offlca »u open
eight hour* It rnrint that tha ap
plication * of 140 voting man war*
received A little later a medical
and military aiaminlna board will
ba appointed for Detroit whan thaaa
applicants will ba given a thorn ax
gmlaatton Those who surrlva It
Will ba sent to tha training camp.
Mr Newberry think* it will be at
least thraa weak* before ha caa
pass upon the applications of *ll
who will present tbrmselvas. but of
roarae. there will he a much small
<r number accepted.
ȴow t aces vemonon
Aggie DeKol in ID disgrace
Aggie is on* of a h*>rd of prise
Holstein* on the Oakland county
f»r» of Police Commissioner Cous
•ns She committed * socle! fans
l«s Sunday which may cause her
Isolation from the cow colony A
man attempted to ret her Resent
ing bis advances she trod on his
foot, none too gently, either
Now, the man happened to be her
owner He was limping when he
arrived at his office at central eta
tioa Monday morning.
!*na De Clark. 17. and her sister
flossle, ig, are h*l|e/ed to be dying
In receiving hospital Both have
fractured skulls, suffered Saturday
night, when they wvre struck at
llie Seven Mlle-rd rear Qratlot-ave.
by an auntomoblle driven by Mao
rice H L-egrou No. 11*0 (Trmttot
•ire. Ella D# France, 17, a com pan
ion. was slightly Injured. The three
vfere on their way home when the
sec Ident occurred la un
•ler arre*t on a charge of reckless
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At Least One Special
Legislative Session
Is Certain
Friends of Speaker
Rice Groom Him for
{Staff Coerweppadew* Detroit Timm)
I.ANBI NO. Mich, April 2«—Ex
cept for the formal tlee attending
the alne die adjournment of the leg
islatnre on May 10 and 11. the work
of tha 1917 regular session Is ended
Tha lawmakers hare gone home, but
not with tbe notion that their work
is done for a period of two years, as
la usually the case
There will be at least one special
session of tha present legislature
That much is definite now. Thera
also may be others, in view of tha
war situation and Its many pot an
The one special sessloa that Is
certain at this time, Is scheduled for
next January Ready for Its con
side ration will ba tha reports of tha
budget^commission and the railroad
late investigating commission, both
of which reports tha legislature, by
bill* passed this month, ordered
made ready. The budget report
muat ba in the hands of tbe gov
ernor by Jan 1 next. The paaeen
gar rat# report Is ordered for Dec
1 next, but the governor is privi
leged to allow the rate Investigator*
another 20 days. If necessary. This
would bring their report by Jan 1
at tba latest Other matters of eon
sequence that develop may also be
brought before the legislature If the
governor so desires At a special
session only suoh matters may be
considered as the governor places
before tha legislature.
With the adoption of a budget
system at the special session next
January. Michigan's first budget can
he made ready for tha next regular
tension of the legislature. Is Janu
ary. 1818. It la »ow Oov Steeper**
earnest dewire to hare this accom
plished. as the budget will work for
efficiency and economy, It It ex
pected. and help the state get more
rewult* fisr the money ft expends
HUcai guests*, iii raci, announce
ment of Senator i l>ee Morford. of
Gaylord, that he will be e candidate
for auditor-general next year, and
talk of various Candida tee for
speaker of the next house, have
formed almost the whole political
developments The fact that the
Bleeper administration Is Just get
Hng Into shape and will not take
over many of the big ajfte depart
menu until July 1 and that the gov
ernorshlp probably will not wltneee
a contest next ywar has had muoh
to do with the quiescent attitude or
the politicians at this session's cloe
The main political battle In the
coming year will he the contest for
the Republican nomination for Hott
ed States senator, the seat now oc
copied by William Alden rtmltb be
ing the prtwe On the closing day of
the business sessions of the leglala
ture and on the day following.
Speaker Whyne R Rice, of the
bouse, received ssverai strong re
quests to hold himself In readiness
ae a prospective candidate for Unit
ed States senator. The requests
were from friends who believe that
the situation developed In the sens
toiwhlp battle may be Just the op
portunlty for a young man like Rice,
with a good record In the leglala
ture. no especial enemies anywhere
miiwmsm. l ie rvsnk sir*.
Mnnraa. ttl-R. * MawaM.
Ml. Xliusi N DM. -MS Shnr.r
MyrtM ft' . MS H J mmrrrnW
<WfclaM Me— Braaaniy H<t«a CW
' Wklkns mw-wWum Htw 73*
Rivard. Ml-D* Isrwin Oa.
Rvsaetl. MM-M a M HSw* Cm.
RtissMl itWjW* a. achalts,
a* Anktn. Ak J U. s«mu
■i Aiikte, ii* Ain Leake
aiMsy. JM TIM Ifeav. Rare
safls eSP~
TtrsMM. m Tkae Mswe Ok
« ui titrni; v. t icnd* to step in an
fr nu ih'" prize.
S isrkai Rices home I* in Will r
Cloud. Neeavgo county. l)e is an
attorney and a business tnan as sail,
twtween legislative aorslon*.
Mention for speaker of the next
house has ,FncluA*td thr name* of
nearly a doxen Republican members,
among them Tom Read. \ h I'eier
maim. Henry Croll, Merlin Wiley.
Lynn J. William J Ivory and
other*. Friend* of Tom Read were
quite active In the closing days ot
the session and before adjournment
declared that they, had th*- promt- 1
of vpte* for Read for speaker of
more than 60 of the 99 Republican
membera. Not all of theiie will be
bark, of course, but It i* expected
that those not returning will be able
to help land the aid of their *ur
Btate Renal or Edgar A FUanck. of
Branch county, who te ona of the
heat known physicians in the south
western part of the state, and In
northwestern Indiana aa well. Is go
Ing to move to lonslng soon. The
Reo Motor eompany wants l>r
Franck to taka charge of Its health
and surgical department tnd ha ha*
decided to accept. The company
wishes to make Its department un
der Dr Planck one of the finest of
Its kind in the country. Dr Planck
pow la In Detroit Inspecting similar
departments In the Packard, Ford
and other plants.
(ieorff kramb Telia Court He
Thought He Wan Only
Hubband No. 2
That marriage Is a snare ha*
been tbe theme of observers of life
ever the time of Catullus
George Kramb; 60 year* old. a mill
wright, by trade and an employe of
the Atudebaker plant, thinka this is
no cynical platitude. Ruing his
wife. Annie, for divorce before
Judge Kendrick morning,
he said be waa disappointed In her
In the following respects
Instead of having had one'preeti
ous bnsband. as he supposed, she
bad bad alx
She waa 49 >*4ra old. she swore,
when they took out the license for
tbetr Nov. 10, 1918. but
he found out layer that she was 66
Rhe told him that the had 91.000
ta the bank and said she had a 196-
acre'farm* near Mt. Clemen* Her
lawyer represented to tne court that
the had no property
Instead of taking a sociable glass
of beer with her husband. Mrs.
Kramb kept a private case for her
self In the cellar.
Kramb told Judge Kendrick all
about 1L
tUie told me that when ! waa a
Tittle older T wouldn't have to work
any more." he said
--e# - *>— *tvv*w»’
marry her on account of 14 I w*nt
ed * alee home and a good woman ”
The couple lived together only ■
trifle more than one month
Kramb waa granted a decree
Sells Anelent Ham: Fined.
Joseph Qlruan, a oeatsr in provi
sions, wss hrooght before judge
Connolly Monday, charged with
offering for sale a ham which was
not fit for table usea. Mr*. Mary
O»go, of No. IS Gladys ave , testi
fied that she bought a pound of ham
from Glman which had reached a
ripe old age and could not be eaten
Inspector Henry F Mnlllns, of the
board of health, made the complaint
Glman wee fined IIS with the alter
native of spending #0 days In the
Detroit House of Correction
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rooms, sitting room*, libraries, hall-
ways, etc.
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Tevlf-h IMS -W H Burr.
Twmity fourth IMt- Th#*. T«nkt
*hii«w" and Orand Rl*ar R y D. 1
Wvvtlawn H4v* Oa.
Wssdesrd MS- Watkins » R«V'C.
Waageard ill* Stan* Brea Hdwa. nm>
Woodearl M*< H#»a Oa.
Wa.'r|H ass Armairnag S Raoofc
WaadaaM uM Waaitisod Cos.
y Mil* Road Rappa
WraMwia. WVrK -K j. l.aasla
WraaSatle Mia*..- ftui L BaranakL
Rest for Constipation
Relieves Promptly
A Pleasurable Physic
For Old and Y'oung
Michigan's “Bone Dry"
I*aw Is Complete
In Scope
(Staff Corretp<mdent Detroit Timm)
LANSING, Mich, April 24—Tbe
prohibition legislation that will bV In
fore* when th* constitutional
am*ndm*nt for a dry state takes
effect on May 1 of next year, has all
been enacted It is most complete
In Its scope.
For tbe benefit of those who could
not follow it« co»r** in the legisla
ture or determine Just what waa
adopted after the lawmakers got
thru putting In or knocking off
amendments, the following summary
may be of service:
The Wiley act makes provisions
for tbe handling of liquor In Michi
gan for tbe five purposes exempted
by tbe oonetltution—medicinal, aa©
./amenta!, mechanical, scientific and
chemical It provides for tbe handling
of liquor by druggists In a way do
signed to prevent drug stores from
becoming hoote centers. Th* drug
gists first must apply for a permit
to handle liquor* for medicinal pur
poses. When he has the permit be
may sell liquor only on the written
prescription of a physician
No prescription may be refilled
and no prescription can call for
more than eight ounces of "boo**.”
Tbe druggist must keep all
lions filled by him. showing tbo
name and address of the person for
whom, they were filled, as wall aa
the date and the doctor who gave
the prescription In this way offl
c als can keep frack of how'much'
liquor a.ny individual procures and
how Uhalrkl'doctors are In the grant
ing of prescriptions.
Tbe druggist i* under stiff reatrio
tlons If be violates the law by
selling or giving away liquor tn any
other way than on a prescription he
will lose his permit to handle any
Uquor at all And If he. ever la
guilty of a i eeond offense he mi
lose his license to ronduot a draff'
store and will not be allowed to
run another one anywhere. In Mich
lgan» ' * •
Th* Lewi* bill provides tor search
and selxure In.the *v*u* that tbe law
lg violated or there la good reason
to suspect violations, but thia search
end selxure does rot Include dwell
Ihg place#. The latter are exempt
oner says:
Pure White
P#rf#ct Stones
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V Stones *
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•vtu 11 11 ni l «
(run ant) liquor sioed in
ihern Is («:lrly from sols.ire. ;
unless those having I Mart io belt f
it Then the dwelling hou*<s li. '
which lhay hil the liguor would
com* under the provision** of th !
Damon act, described bolus.
The Damon act t* th« !»on« dr> 1
!•* Under Ita t ertu - liquor for ,
beverage purposes cannoi l.» ir.it.
ported within the elate. it tou i.e
Inga ompanloo law to the nci.ral
Heed act which forbids the shipp'na
of liquor Into • dry state Posser
aion of Itqnor also is forbidden b>
the lamon act.
Tha Damon aot declares that a
dwelllrg house from which liquor
Is sold may ba declared a disor
derly house aad a* such may ba
abated by tha ooorta aa a public
nuisance, the name as houses of
ill fame are handled when the
oourta remora them.
Tha I jew la net, which complete*
tha prohibition program, glee* the
enforcement of the prohibitory law*
to the state food and drug commis
•loner, who will bare additional In
s pert or* to look after violations of
the law. The dairy and food and* t
part meat la changed by this law*
into a fond aad drug commission
and ths salary of the commissioner
Is raJnod from fl»uOa to *1,400 be
cause of his added duties His term
of eflhoa la made four years. Instead
of tha taro rears heretofore had by
dairy and food commissioner*.
The Detroit conference of the
Methodist ckuroh Is engaged in the
biggest campaign In Methodism for
obtaining an adequate pension for
retired preacher* and widows snd
orphans of deceased preachers li
haa received the largest single gift.
sl2l.K>O, ever given to the pension
The oonference began Its Intensive
campaign last week to seoure an
endowment of fTOO.bftfl. the first
unit of a $1.000.000 fund for retired
preacher* Bishop Henderson is in
charge of the campaign, assisted
by the Rev V3arl R Rice, as sane
taiy Os the campaign since Beptem
her, lfilf, the Rev ■. C. Clem ana,
field agent; the Rev J. T B Smith
editor of publleatlone. board of con
ference claimants: the Rev. Q. A
I,amph«ar. special representative,
and a commission
20 u-3«ais
British Get Many of
Them, Says One of
Balfour Party
Then Wait for Divers
To Come Back For
member of the British war oommis
slon today said ?0 German snbma
rtn*w and their crew* wer* captured
by the British April 10th, the day
before the party tailed
“They weren't exaetlv captured
either," said the Englishman "They
had been searching for a destroyed
bate for day*, had been suffering
for food and water, and when our
Curtains and Draperies
Present ing all that Is beet, new
est and artiatle.
The collection 1s ▼ scried and wor
thy of attention
The values hold forth a strong
appeal that will carry particular
interest to every woman.
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Advertise—for this reasoo
And You Should Understand
There we util! many persons who
prefer to go to a dentist who will not
advertise probably because they
think it is wrong for a profession*!
man to nse publicity.
The people have been taught this
through a generation because of the
fact that when dentistry was first
generally practiced, it was necessary
to avoid prominent publicity because
physicians had never done it and the
dentists of those days desired to have
their profession placed on an equal
basis with that of a physician.
The result has been that dentistry
was instantly recognized as a calling
in almost every way equal to~lhat of
the practice of medicine. As the
science of curing and preventing bod
ily ills progressed, hospitals were
founded throughout the world and the
practice of medicine was given pub
licity that would today cost millions
of dollars, while the dentists had to
“plug along" as best they could.
For the reason that dentistry is
only called upon when a person has
gone beyond the means of some
simple home treatment for the tooth
ache. it ha* progressed more slowly
than median*, and only recently have
Dental Clinics been given proper con
To overcome this unfortunate lack
of publicity, many dentists have
boldly advertised their service
through many mediums and have bo-
boats picked .be?j up, many of the
men were on the verge of etarva-
M« n The erewi were quite sub
durd snd glauly sur~ender*Q.
"England te gettlnf a lot more
submarines than you to
Auicnca have any Idea of.
"The submarine rommAdsn are
having a rough time of it Their
ban*-* are sought out end destroyed
almost before they are established
The British know of certain baaee.
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to be Leaders
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come what are commonly called “ad
vertising dentists.” This has been
the cause of much "knocking" by tha
dentists who do NOT advertise in any
way—but, nevertheless, the public
cannot afford to ignore the dentist
who is so confident in his work—and
so proud of it—that he is willing to
spend a good share of his inoome to
publicly publish his successes and his
ability to perform permanent satis
factory dentistry.
You probably use an advertised
brand of soap in yoar home; you
buy your groceries as a result of ad
vertising; you patronise each mer
chant because you have heard or read
that he can best serve yon; you wear
advertised makes of shoes and cloth
ing; you attend a theater that has
advertised its attractions.
Then why not just as well patron
ize a dentist who is willing for you
to compare his workmanship with all
others ?
Take the Peerless Painleas Den
tists for sample. These popular den
tists are advertising EVFRY DAY I
They have perfected a treatment that
positively remeves every particle of
pain from dentistry in EVERY oper
ation and they do not charge ene
penny extra for Its use Don't you
realty think that this is WORfTH ad
vertising? Would you prefer to suf
fer when you are aw arded the oppor
tunity of AVOIDING it ?
The Peerless Dentists operate ntf
fioes at 69 Woodward, corner of Jef
ferson, open evenings until 9 o'clock.
Surely you can at least afford enough
of voor time to Investigate this bow
really painless dentistry.
•ill they let UMM
O'- •« rinse are
' hem and Isaes tM
bole -
■ mm* ~ -rim
DetreM sank M|.ll
Detroit beak ekmitng*|KMMd||B
were |t 144.7*4*
for If 17 to 4ato are
u against |ifd,«ld.m.ft |pr
■ nrreapondina period H Ul% I
Steinway *- -
GrinneU ..
Bros. (IS.)
Sohmer W,
voee i : < ;
“Pianola” Player

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