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How About Your \acation. I
Why Not a New Spot—Some
thin!* Different Thi* TimeTJ
ft# the iruiM tl.*t h» r** *
w* hav mountain *• .*r»*ry that i»
' ' fauAlM] (n aH worl/l
And hr»i4r<. in pla>-*« *>kr <!!»<•»*'
Nation*! »*• rN undar th< dlrnrt *up.
• rviainn of our fi.-vrrpniml. n- t «my
" ar* thr ' nrr, »nd N«i**i*-* marvel*
unaurpa —'l. hut «r. and -«ud> ».av*
!>•#« appltmi to make «B*cl*r a nv>at
fomloruMr an« «Ml*htful pi** <> to
vialt Mitmiiinlli rn<*untmn inn* n*
Z~Z >* m «'it»lnt» on
a nmalh r • ah- hut s» v
ronvantrro •- in <*••• «ut-of-doora It
will ror. you for board and »®d« , »«
from on** «»» n '** dollars *
cordln# t.- your pur**. »'!>> •' rr *:
thin* WrJJ K 1
Wond. iful. Itionou-. a, *"‘ r , ' * r K ,
Thf bom*- < f "iivinK j;ia and
f.,w*Tin«t mountain |o,k» of
•at *»
illuatratd folder *hl<h
mtkr t) -of g dr* td OJartar
National Park thia -ummnr appeal to
J Fruiv ■ f»«*n. V***- A*t , C B
&Q. It i: .%<: Jackaon Wvd , t'hi
<a*o. — Aib
Poultry Association
Wants People to
Help In War
Extra Pound of Fowl
For Every Person In
U. S. Urged
The necessity of producing in Is’7
an extra pound of poultry for
every man woman and rhi'd in the
United States has been taken up by
the American Poultry association
and circulars have been receded
Is -fcXPtroit h> poultry ralf-ers asking
that every effort be made to ro oper
ate In the plan and to urge cttixen.
generally to maintain a "her. roost"
In the backyard.
“You can be of rust service to
yonr country by aiding In the ns
tlon-wide food conservation move
ment that has been inaugurated,”
reads the circular. *’T>o all you can
tn your neighborhood to u-ge the
continuance of hatching during Ma’.
and June for meat production. Poul
try men have the quickest of all
-jneana of meat production En
courage more poultry in your vleln
tty. l T rgc citizen* to keen a few
hens In the backyard, supplying the
feed from the waste from their own
tab]® which otherwise would And Its
way into the garbage can. Make
your table and kitchen scrap* a
•ource of profit.
“Aside from the question of profit
to the poultry raiser -which at
present Is far above normal Amer
leans must look at the matter from
a philanthropic and humanitarian
standpoint, and stand ready to do
the utmost In the food exist nrr Let
us all try to he a far* r in th« pro
duction of an extra I'MMXMM**)
pounds of poultry m< a* *his >ear
I>et every home have a ue»' poultry
yard and a few well-kept profitable
fowls. Never In the hi < v of th*
world has there been h uri.-trer n»*-d
for the production of foodstuffs than
In the present and the next iwo
years will see every na','>n on earth
crying aloud for food. It is largel>
up to America to assume thi* bur
den, and “he run do it with her
riches, her resources and the inge
nuity of her people ’’
Henry Keenen, No. 9nr> Four
teenth-ave . a member of the Ameri
can Poultry association. -a>a all
poultry dialer* ;ind poultrj publics
tions stand ready to give aovice and
help to all who undertake the rais
ing of poultr' this year.
General Motors Prosper*.
For the eight months ended
March 31, the undivided profits of
the General Motor* company ate
said to have been approximately
918.750,000 as compared with sl7.
624.1 IT.0? for a similar period last
year. The increase in the sale of
car was 2.1.<*20.
11l Iviru!
In the middle
of the after
noon to give
you added
A vigor the rest
V of the day.
4- .. '• • -•
The Do in its of the Duffs.
JJ kin fctAA b(»sk* Todtr MAWIJitD [ TUinn. Ii PCAtM-JOST LtX>h.
■rj AVOID IH T*g AtfMV , NE-sY V ,F t L/LOWS Lih( Vu* AnD AT THAT Pl^TlHte
K pi*T in ACI LL 4nD KEEP
i ....
I WHO 16 7V16 '<**<; i(I HEt3 s ~j» sea SOW - j f
1 LADN A*f> WWERR i I A.N>Lj oV nM- 3ROWN- , f
? r I ! I * TI?eET ! Sf
TST~v f '
ie nans. \i
Former Massachusetts
Executive Urges
Dry Nation
BOSTON. May 2 War prohibi
tion will solve America ? food prob
lem more quickly than “fevprlsf
gardening in park. yard and ■ ;:*
mantled lawn" In the belief r.f for
mer Gov. Eugen< N I >-?. of
chusetts. In a statement to the
United Press today Foss decla * 1
that "war prohibition i- the onl>
path that wlil brine c;v llzation out
rCom monwe all b
rs v~' ' l
r" M v ,r I
t S. E Cor Fort and Griswold Str«**»
; Ai;H2VILLE i
“Land of the Sky ”
I In lb* E«j at ful Monntiidi of Wnltra North Carolina
2™®''-**% The clear, pure air and the delightful, mild cli
ai and refresh you.
Altitude 2250 Feet
r \ U' ■ •' • mnl O' •'i'-.-.r div*r«ion\ m
(\i \
i\i jj
l mb /y !.• i'm Cinr ion.iti f» 35 o a Today
" y U iJfNfl A Arr A«bcvi,,r .... DCO • m Tomorrow
I Corriplr'r through * * r -prft v».»h latrv typ« Pullman Oh*#r
I B AS V V . .. I mint t*r and Ui *»
I fl W V M I Additional Through Pullman Drawing Poom Sleeping Car
I’l I I B B J.ravr« Ci:m innati &. 11l p. rn. Ca .y A'rirei AMiCviUo 111 p. rn. n*af dar
J 51 Jn * Thia ia thr araaoo of thr i ear to viait Wratern North Carolina.
/ M. ri a a of wild flower* in bloom hrigbtea the
moentem mde* aad valley*.
!m > Southern Railway System
Lb* ~ -y /
s'** HAPPY » '<rw n «*r.fi Pai**M*r A«a*t
• 9 rert S*r-»• ‘*.,l Mich,«*.
Tclcthe.-* Ma a 3617
i . . .. I
*7,J- ■
of the wood.* He asserted national
firei. jn •r• - ’ 1 -til
i gram '■■■;' .• -i in makw.g flre
wat.-r,” • !
*• Fr s l \nii - fit ♦ f j nt hsfl
• le>s way in which she has s;de
ftapped ,’h- and» nk n.cn oe. \ dry'
! England could I av# Knapped her
[finger, at ’u» -übmarne* The
| quesMon up »o u? wh“* iier wc
i foot which i- b»>mg roi•»- ,-j into
t t^uc^t^’ , every morning from su -ur

How lone '1 ; 1 it con'inue 'o b* -he
I Amen an 7
‘•There - Tffrvdoubf o' i* M'ar
I the immed* *e present We are
hound to have it and when 1t comes
t* e should insist on a ‘rider’ to if
N .American team should he ship
r. i f,, r hr<-wir.g or di«fillir* In
Fnzlish, French, ?cand nav.an. even

W* .he | in s h s particular pigee
in un} teiding embargo on Ettrope
New Beacon Lig"*.! at Elat.
T-.err be.t.-on *~rrh' - will he es»ab
lished about Mny a -n the old chan
n-d. St flair Flat? canal, ‘o as*is’
a n boa'* Under orders frotr.
•he navy depar"uen' sma 1 c.aft is
barred from the regular “htp eanals
at th* FT a fa.
The artificial arm devised for tLe
*oldler* ma mod In the European
■ r.r Is a miracle of mechanism
W • h jr a man can carry a cane or
ri rre ’v or hold a book. He can
,i... knife and fork quite dexterous
* wrl’e a 'eg!h;»- hand. h.O:d a base
>,,i; nr a billiard cue, a hammer
r r an ax, and pick up a pin
The first American, forts 'o use
■ .t- -mate* were ('»•'!*■ Williams and
‘■e <• ;«ter fort* built, in l' »7 tn guard
he sea entrance to New York.
Savings Bank
“How to Invest My
v» ry • ften is a difficult question, especially
to {.>>-■ »a\vr of modest means.
L!\ oiv * • -ir.gr your savin firs in a Common
wc.Jt evings account you can secure the
great >t income consistent with safety,
and e-e o- t or large sums a- your
t arni’ ts- * orrmt.
< all <t v rite for our folder, “Three
\\ y \\ e Receive Savings." *
t v \jr-r at'pf.y, Prrnl<l*nt
F'RANF WOLF Vlc*-Pr« ident
rOMFOI T \ TVT.KR. .... Vlc«“.Pr*sid*m ~
H1KI» H lALnOT Cashier
Bv Allman.
Valentine > critically ill
in ilarp« r luopital.
* —*
Mr nr*! Mr* Truman M Nf* l *
ierry have. F (v ,- to Boston
Mr and Mrs Monr# F Podae
air tn New York for a abort time.
R R. Rid#ley7" < Hotel Ptat
ler. h.t* the Brodh . J home
on Grouse lie for the rummer.
Mr and Mn 1’ V Hitchcock
have moved from the Hotel j>ie\tn
«on to No. 11*' Fanfleld-ave cast
Mr* R Whitton i* atop
jng ;no i: il> m ,l »* l’’ 1 *"*'
\<>n>on Mr* Whitton » 51 return
to Tran n i m n‘h or tw.
Mr. mid Mr* V!!nn Zteharlns
Ii % tvo\ 'J to n* % >v hornt*
Mr md M Yhelps Newberry
Wf \- nl , r,>r New A\vh Mr
VMI.TII iatet will *oto Fort Sh
%!, . i l- p in tretM who
. _ | fV% % ojf y ♦'
roturr* i to tLoir hum** on Oro*Nf
ii I*
Tar" - '•e-:.”'Vo ! ! O O. F
Will aive 4 danclmr part* Monday
ever (he in- : m Brotherhood hall.
Vo ' M> J- T r«on ave *m*’
Mn ■
dence. w :\n ha- l »en visiting hei
~ ~ —w ♦ .. \r . . nar n a a .V-' v * f r \ f • ’
r. M M.t n* •* >
severa' w• • k*. lia- returned to lie
■" i*>-
v r v-< p Connon of
rvrk r.'i.-e, W;n(i*or announce the
pr\gb ■ ' •* • • ! mr' '• ” Fier i
Carae.. ! to !. . O H Brown
(ire Hundred and Fifty ?hlid ba*’a i
ion <' F V *«' not Mr and Mr*
R J Brown. ' Fe-ru*. On'..
Mr* Oooice T Hendrie ha* f
mmed. front Wi h'n«rtor. whe*-* #he
/ :; C 7 NATIONAL}/',;) AJ slUg_/i; |;;- [\
- X *J -,74jV JSjIEQViEUa- .
7 f, .’ft • T^ r V?
.111 :rjH v&L. - ~ f c ■- XnHvrj w
~ r: V \8 A
3,000 Yards of Silks and Corduroys
69’ ‘I and’/■& Values
■ jH^
Sr W/M>
s,ooo yards of Plain
and Novel tyStriped Silks
— . OAI I H 1 ——„ ,-. r- **V^PWTH^BPT'
went two week* ago In the interest
of tin* ivtrolt hr.inch of the
can I’tiion ApalttJ-t Militarism.
Tin* ivtrolt Camera club "111
meet Wednesday rrenine, in *hc
olubroom* No M‘> Ktesee hnlldinc
for an illustrated lecture on I'll*
jf ’ f|i - v r ;• t t h H I 1’«m 1 • ■ |.
r*f the Kastman Kodak company,
no,lt* i]', V Y
TANARUS».,» ,nn i ban,’, ’• ' of 'be Michl
n \ut' la'i«'!i aiil >akt
plao. in the Hotel Cadillac. Thur.**
~.i> Mi> 1 . at *■ ' oVlo k. Mrs
Ji -.ephine S illivan ('oillult. cltnir
roan. • iiT 'i'... ft- an unu* . »Hy on
at |t’ pro era tn ibior S Osborn
w : ... ■ 'on :•!! ’ r ,id aWna
t' .; k’ •’*• W ! b ’hr R*v \\ ’!
!:a:n S Prin Winfield ljonel Scott,
.» < ..■’rjrerhorn. !.onls Htvrn
b„r. \ ir sr-ohm, and the Ret
Chat!- ' l». Arnold.
V number of patriotic corner and
*l*• t;• *' of »»• C l'ed Spanish Wm
in.:: it • .
tton to arsis' in Red Cross work, a
meet inn. *° h* he! 1 P* ida , rrmatE
In (1 A Ft. building The >fllrrrs of
the new oreaniration arc Presi
dent. Mr* V eida Thomson flist
vice-president. Mr* Thomas If. Rev
no! !* second vice president. Mrs,
t !tovv> .'re'ary. Mrs }* J Con
ne I! t res .«ur-*r Mr* r ( »>orge A
tv h,*w; < . ,r.ceilor Mr* Join
St*-r ■.£. hi -tonan, Mre Charles
- JN-
The ar.n :v declar: a* ion <on»e«t of
*h« I'astrrn i! eh School Debating
* * T * ;r « i'
• '.'nine M a in the school aud*>
f 'rnim Pro ipa! ' Rem«en Rl*hop
t\':i t. • in «hare* ami 'he Jud*e«
w: : be William V. Ftolies Thomas
Chinn and F <1 \J'en. Three rrlr. -■
w !, I he ,) u,,]d medal. th»
gC* of Miss v «* Is I'i’c* M a rah
bronze medal the gif* o f *he «oo'e*v.
and i r ’d society pm The con
W EDNKSDAY/ MAY 2, 19 17
• «r*< Raymond Leonard, Ktl
w.ml Van Horn#, Carroll <;U*nn, Rub
it Wl.*nrke and Ikmg!ns giet-ro, ‘
Searching for Mother.
1/>S ANYJBLKS. CaJ . M*> 2 -A
#*ir«h fur her mother, ahum eh**
has nut M on fur lfc years. w an start
♦*d in Isis Angeles the oth*'r day by
Mrs. K Stephen*, who was Miss
is* >r:u I «nt, of Sun Jose and who
with her husband at the Hotel
Austin Fifth and Crocker at*. The
mother Is now Mrs Frank Fitgaide
and furmerly iiah Mrs Joseph Dent
Vr*. Stephens and her husband
intend to establish their home here
a id both of th* tu wish to find Mrs.
Stephen's mother.
Detroit Bank Clear! nn R
Detroit bank clearings fur Tites
day were $• 0 Total Hear
ing* for iOl7 to date are ss>n7,Ssl,
7 17 u s«S4,»'ih
'lie corresponding period in IJI6.
Wear Picard Overcoats
Luturioui, Lightweight Garment*
For Motoring, Country Club or Street Wear
Thor# four di*tln»*ttv# features
• ‘ >ut rii'urd «i\ercoata
l#f They are made of finest imported
tnatartal*. *<*|ected with Picard
' re«.«rd for c iolu#i\ene»* and
In 1 • I>i stinrtl ve Ktiglish models h**t
■« iapt**d to t’.e service* they
nr. to render
Ird Ks 'Uleesly tailored to th# nv>*t
nrnute d#tsi 1
«r ft Pri at ever • mi.eh 1*«« than
they would Sest made to order
Th»re'« a satisfaeti->n In wearing a
r.oard .iter at f at .ant * phr»»* 1
in words or measured ri dollars and
'".•me and see these r. ata today
#nd satt»f> y ur*elf that
Picard Price* Are Never Higher
Than Picard Quality
2.">7 Woodward Ave.
- ■
A Nutritious Diet for All Ages.
Keep Horlick’s Always on Hand
Quick Lunch; Home or Ofhc«.
I IKK SMI HI \ Kit mtMl ItS
Steamer* for Cleveland, Pittsburgh
and point* East and South, 10:45
P. MX daily. Central time Fare*-
Cleveland. $250; Pitt«burgh, SSBO.
Steamers leave foot of Third avenue.

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