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FRIDAY, MAY 2S, 1917.
Dr. Ignatz Mayer
Kupture Specialist
Who ha* sper in I iz**d for j!l|
1!# vf»ri» in ih#> sanm of |||
flo*** in Mi* cur*’ of Rup ||||
lure Hi* stirr*** i* mea* W
ured by hi* 4,1*00 run-d i |
and satisfied ex patient* H
i 'onaulfat Inn fi *•**
MOl-2-.‘l Chamber of
Commerce Bldjc.
Ilnur*—lSO In 12. » In 4.
*nfur<tnr mill Siinßwy*.
11l l« IS.
Unusual Demand Over
taxes C apacity of
Its Plant
The lirtrnlf City On* company
notified Commissioner George Fan
kail, of the department of public
work*. Thur*dav, that If is
unable to supply the abnormal de
mand for gas resulting from the
cold weather, and that, a* a reault,
mdoniers mint *tifT*>r many of
them severely
Thousand* of person* were
•aught off th»ir guard by the
:old snap, and resorted to heat
ing their homes with gas as a tern
porarv measure. For the last
three day* the department of pub
lie work* and Warren K Stoddard,
citv meter inspector, have been de
luged with complaints from ga«
User*. Some said that the pressure
was unusually low. and others that
they were unable to obtain anv
gas af all. These la'ter complaints
came largely from the northern «er
lion of the rlfv
Commissioner Fenkell set out
Thursday morning to And out the
cause of trouble and was Informed
by gas company officials that fhev
could not supply the demand even
tho their plant* were working to
their utmost capacity
Coal is now a* scarce as during
the winter months, many home own
ers found when they tried to re
plenish their bin* Furthermore,
the price i* Just as prohibitive
Italian mission last nigh* paid to
President Wilson and tie United
S*R*e* the highest tribute in |t
pow er.
I.ed by Ponce I'dine, cousin of
Paly’s king, in full court uniform,
the mission tailed at the White
House at noon and extended to the
president the gratitude of the Dalian
nation for the entrance of the Inn
ed State* into *he war Prince \ dine
.presented to the president a letter
written bv King Emanuel, extend
ing to the president greetings and
expressions of gratitude. In a short
address the president welcomed the
visitors. In »hc party were Prince
I dine and Deputies \rlotta Nun
Criilf* 111 and Itorsarell
LONDON, Mav 25, On* thousand
American army uniforms on one
thousand American men and women j
enlivened I <ondon today I'hey were
worn hv surgeon*, nurses orderlies j
and sssistants of the lakeside i
iClevelandi. Roston, New York and
Pre*hrfer 4 an m*dle*| units and h'
American » ,T nv engineers, the latest ]
*n arrive of th* American army !
The engineers were scheduled to I
confer with l/ord Derby, minister of
war, tonight.
Prtntle*—fHe plate nrst king—tket
t* r*|kl—TlmM .Ink l)»|ii._Mnl(i 4S2A
50% |
Discount P
on e\er\ piece of
in our large stock.
16 John R St. M
One Lot k
18 in. NX Flouncing H
$1.19 \ allies at I
69c I
ft John R St. fl
One Woman s Story
Chapter XC. .
As I reached the new hotibe l
stood for a moment looking at D.
contrasting Its simple elegance with
the worn-out look of the old one
The place was really most attrac
tlve. Many of the flower* I had
planted were already In bloom, and
the freshly cut lawn and wide paths
were very restful after the narrow
broken walks and acraggly bushes
of the older place
.lust as I was entering the house
Myrtle drove up and came in with
me to see how the settling was pro
“Have you seen Phyllis Ij»wson*s
book?’’ she Inquired after she had
admired and enthuaed over every'
thing she saw.
“I didn’t know she had written
one.” I replied carelessly, hut nt
once curious and interested “What
Is It about?”
"Oh. It’s a psychological novel. 1
understand It la causing quite t
furore I’m surprised that Robert
hasn’t told you about It."
"Perhaps he hasn’t seen It."
"Oh, yes, he has. Ned was In his
office and Robert was reading It
He probably forgot to mention It.”
she added apologetically
"Isn't it perfectly wonderful that
she should be able to write’* You
know she never had written a thinß
until after her divorce. 1 guess she
never had tried But Bfter that she
needed something to occupy her
time and mind ao she tried writing
I’d try it too if I thought I could
do it ”
Bven if you had to divorce NVd
to coax your latent genius*’’ I
"I might be tempted to even that
If I could write-’well enough, ' she
laughed "Then, too. I expeet Phyl
lis law son Is glad of the money T
heard »hat she dtdn t get much from
her husband ”
"Very likely.” I responded ' Mom*
women can use «l| the money they
can get "
"And you know she is a regular
contributor to several magazines,
not always under her own name ’*
Myrtle continued, loath to drop the
"I read one story In some maga
zine before I was sick, but I didn't
<are much for It, aliho I remem
her Robert thought It quite wonder
fill,” I told her. determined she
should not think I hesitated to speak
of Robert in connection with what
concerned Phyllis Jjtwson
"I don’t agree with you. Manga
ret . I like her stories, they are *n
human. Ned says. ‘they come right
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the Car ing for the added demands of spring and
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close to one. right down where we
11%e.' I guess he's right, for almost
•very one I have read relates in
some way some experience that
might have happened to either of
‘Oh, well, perhaps when I am
more familiar with her work ! may
like it better,’’ I admitted, then to
change the subject asked about Hol
land and Tod
"Do you know 1 think they are
perfectly happy, aMho Holland does
order him about a great deal,” she
laughed at the recollection "You
remember that night at the dinner
I gave foi them she bossed him like
everything” **
"Tod always was easy to handle. ’
I returned. "He never used to ob- j
Ject to anything I wanted him to j
do.’’ For the life of me 1 couldn't i
help bragging a little about my In
fluence over Tod Freeman, and even
now that he was married I still
found pleasure in talking of It.
"I wish they would come out here
to live,” Myrtle replied “They
would be such au addition to our
circle. Holland is so attractive,
and with all their money they could
entertain and make thing* pleasant
for other* ns well as themselves
"It would be nice,” 1 acknowl
edged. but with no enthusiasm. The
Idea of Holland Freeman living In
Clearville did not appeal to ine Rob
ert might not be wholly recovered
from what | considered his infatua
tion for her. nnd I had enough tin
happiness because of Phyllis I .aw
son without worrying about Hol
"Well, I must be off ’ *aid Myrtle,
looking at her watch. "I told Ned
Id cal) for him Be sure and ask
Robert .to bring Phyllis i
hook home I want to know what
you think of it ’’ .
I had planned to do many things
before Robert came home to dinner. .
but they were all forgotten In my ,
jealousy of Phyllis Ijtwson Why
had Robert not mentioned her
hook He usually discussed, at least
Your Liver
has important work to do. tin*
dcr favorable conditions it does
it well If sluggish, relieve it with
Lviti* S«l« of Any Mrdicin* in tka World-
Sold a*«rjrwh*re. tn boar*. 10c., 25c. ,
mentioned, any novel he read with
me That he should hesitate to
mention her was to me proof thai
he was more than a little intetest
ed In her, I would get the book
and read It, but I wouldn't mention
it to Robert.
Then. too. as I thought of the
book 1 knew I was not only jealous
of Phyllis lawson because of Rob
crt. but I was also Jealous of her
talent, and her ability to use it
Was not this one of the reasons
Robert was so attracted* Again I
felt that some day 1 too would show
Roberi that I could do something
besides tend babies and take cars
of his hntfse.
So called torpedo boats were used
in the American civil war, hut the
first torpedo boat of the modern type
was built In Norway In the early
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Outfitting Cos
44 —4 0 4ff - JJi>e Corner c/ Shelbii Street
In Judge Murphy's couri Tbur*
day morning J»m« Boyce, one of
♦he Jurors whose Activities are he
in* investigated. was accused of
having triad to corrupt Fred .1
Meade, one of his fellow Juror*
The investigation grows out of ac
cusaftons that the I>eiroit United
railway damage case*. are being
handled at times hv Jurors who are
being patd hv the railway
Meade, who lives at No 411 Rio
pelle at , testified that Boyce had
told him he could get some "easy *
money” if he would vote “no" on
damage rases against the D U. R
Meade said that Boyce told him
after a case was finished that he
would get money out of the fact
that there was a disagreement and
added that Meade might have had
some of the "easy money" as well.
Joseph K Brennan, atio.her Juror
who is being investigated. is said
to have to|«1 attorney* that he was
not acquainted with A B. Hall, one
of the r>. U. It attorneys. Mrs.
Kmma Chisholm. who was a wit
ness in a case on which Brennan
served, Thursday testified fhal when
>he testimony was in and the jurors
were filing out, Brennan held hack
| (fo?TOCt
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P graceful, wholly comfortable. n
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We bought them long be - \C"A 1 These clocks are so good in
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ninety-nine back.
Jewelry Company
29 Grand River Weit ***': Opposite Griswold Hotel
In the doorway, mat Mr. Hall and
walked down the corridor arm-in
arm with him.
N ; !
About .100 guests are excreted to
ja" nd Hu thirty i.ijth .nl anuua
dinner of the Bankers' elub of Be
trolf in the Hotel Ponfehait'aln l-Yi
day evening, at 7 o’clock. A recep
♦ ion will be held a* fU.in o'clock. Pa
vid R Forgan, president of the Na
tional City Bank of Chicago, will he
I ih« principal speaker.
ROLL 10*
f Blacks

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