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For the Up"9tand«
ing ‘Man—at the front
in the trenchee, on the firing
line in any business, the best
(bod to sustain energy and
strength is Shredded Wh^t
Biscuit, the food that sup
plies in a digestible form the
greatest amount of body
building nutriment at lowest
cost. A better-balanced
ration than meat, or eggs,
or potatoes. Two or three
of these Biscuits with milk
make a satisfying, nourish*
tng breakfast that puts you
in top-notch condition for
the day’s work; Delicious
ly wholesome and nourish
ing for any meal with berries,
or other fresh fruits. Made
at Niagara Falls, N. Y.
Cowgirl’s Daring
Feats Are Feature
Os Wallace Shows
•'S \
Mina Bt. Vurain is a daring equc«-
trlenii«». She appears at < very per
formance of the Hag* nbe> k Wallace
circus, using a silver-mounted and
diamond-studded ILP.uuo r ; .>ddle a
prize that ahe won la*l ><ar at the
P* ndleton roundup. Her trick rid
ing feats are on* of th* features
Os the circus. She appeals with a
troupe of 60 cowboys and cowgirls
that th* circus has recruited from
Montana, Wyoming, Idsho Okla
homa and far western Canada The
circus this year tiavcls in three sp*
cia! trains, carrying more than 1,000
people. Twenty iwo ten!.*, roverlng
12 acres of gTound. are required to
house the shows, which will be in
Detroit May 2?* and M*»
Warren to Boost *or Loan
In the Majestic theater Sunday.
Tuesday. Wednesday and Saturday
evenings. Homer Warren will de
liver a four-minute talk on the lab
erty war loan. Clot JMeeper hs*
set the week of Mav to .fur* 2
as the time for Michigan le.*-.dents
to boost the loan, and th* Males
tic has Inaugurated this *eries of
talks in compliance with the ex
pressed belief of official* in Wash
ington that motion picture exhibi
tors can be of great aid .n raising
the IJberty war loan
®A m#r *•
(*tK hr
C Sn',4r .
while playing
tennis, to slakt
your thirst and
avoid drinking
wdter while
your blood is
Pays Penalty For Peek 1
Slaying: In
Regards Execution As
Adventure In
Unknown \
f 1 ok:; M*' v
Warren Waite. Kenti.-t, who pot
'i>ned hi* tnililonaire father in law
John E Peck, of Grand Rapids
M b ,n order hmv**-lr |
of a share of the older mans for I
tune, paid the penalty -of his a” i
in the electric chair in Sing Siny j
prison at 11 10 last night.
Waite met hie cat my He |
walked with a Arm >’.cp tr m ht*
cell in the condemn* and row to th* >
i. tii. r IM bIJ lhe 1
gre*n door. Calmly he »ii mtiteu i
to the ordeal of being strapped in
ibe chair and waited for the end.
Three shock* sere applied within
four minutes Wait* died without a i
word of pro;e-! or good-bie
The |a«t i*o hour* before hr*
death h* -p*r.T * !h Dr V N Peier
•on. Prote**an ; chaplain of th*
prison. J i-t h*foi« the hour sc I
for th* death march the clergyman )
a-ked him if there was an'one to
whom h* w >hed t« *fnd a farewell j
“No thank you, there i* really no j
one." was his reply.
“Waite «e«m*<l *o retard his e* j
edition ■** a great adventure." Faid .
Dr Pet«»r«on after sentence had j
been carried out He had *he air!
of a man who had made hi* p*»ce '
with God and was convinced ibat »
he should live again *
Waite's brother, Frank remained
with him n hi* ceil until rhortly ,
before the e\»-r U tion He broke
down utterly on leaving. The con- ;
damned man. however, was calm ;
and urged him not to worry
In letter* wri'ten to a friend dur- j
ing hit* conffnemem in Sing Sing
Waite acknowledged the justice of
his sen’ence and said that he w»«
willine to pay the penalty
The. history of Waite'** crime is
the story of a:. rscr.puio’is nan
who gambled for tI.Ot'O.OOO and los*
First, according to his own con
fe.««ion. he poisoned his mother-in
law. Anna Maria Pea, thus remov- !
ing one oh.-tacle which stood be- i
tween him and the posaesaion of |
his wife's share of the Peck estate. J
Undetected in this crime, he began
attempts to do away wuh hi» fath- 1
er-tn iaw-, flnallv succeeding the j
use of arr-en'r after deadly disease j
geinis had failed to take effect.
Suspicion fell upon him and he j
wa* arrested At hi* trial It dcval- j
oped that he had attempted to bribe i
an embalmer to il*ee arsenic !n/ v *
fluid with which Pecks body waa
Waite '»n zhe witness stand c »n
fe«**ed his crimes attributing them
to the Influence of an evil spirit”
* hich h* dubbed "thf bad man from
While posing as a model husband >
>’ developed that Watte maintained
a luxurious downtown apartment, l
when he met Mrs Margaret Her
ton. whom h* tailed his “studio'
Waite however. f tha<
I relationship with Mm Horton was,
j i irelv arts**ic and platonic
, \\ altC w.fe, Y'lara Peck. S’lCCced
ed m having her ma:»dag* annulled
His father died in the family home
in Grand (f-ipids Just one y*ar after
fcf was arrested Hi* mother is '
seriously in and is not eipec’ed to
'•nclc Sams bill. -T.*T,: t | Oliver*
stamp firtircd as a fir-' aid to r U p <j
recently. Eugene R.m«, 22 >e ar s
: old, wanted to marr* la«c,na l**-P.a!Q
who is only 17. and ha* l**n Itviru
I out in Hamirarnck aw,** from her
home in Decatur, ill
Down to Joe Pllarski. marriage
license clerk, he urn* f« r a license
A ou 11 have to have her parents'
consent," Clerk Pilarsk! told him
"But they're away off ,n llhno •
and we’re planned for ’h*- wadding
in two days," said Bkke
"Use special delivery letter!," su*
Rested Pilarskl
Bicke did. And a rep’- rame
“per! along hv th*- blue s*a:np bef«<re
rfaturdiy. the day .set for »be cere
runny. It contained permission and
good wiahe« from the girl’s par«r. *
The license was issued
•lonea—Gi ea* prestidirtutor, is
I he?’’
Brown—Aim ply wonderful' Tie
can palm a half a dollar and slip
it to a waiter without his wife’s de
tecting it.
To impress upon the Negro farm
ere of Georgia *ha* all possible space
mutt be utilised for foodstuff* and
k| ** ‘“migr*Mno to the north mue*
>e stopped, s food conference I* Io
be held in Macon todsv under o(*
*lal state auspices
Detective Bogan placed c b< i uo
! a horse in the estubli.>hnient ot !
Slffcs, No. 2H*A Grand River
avf., on W ednesday w nil** getting
evidence against th* bookmaker
Then he arrested Sieh- who was
convicted *nd sentenced ti, pay a
flue of 125. The court ai»o order' and
Siehft not to pay any of the bets
he made on W>dnc*da*
After the races were over Thur?
day It developed lh*( th** hor**e he
’ective Hogan had b**i »*n wun at
10 to 1 The detective h.»ii placed
which would have en«nl*d him
to 153.
Aleh* figures that h» is f.e> ahead
on ihe transaction. *ver. ,tr' *r a>
ing his fine.
Beoau«e three fourths of the -*u |
dents have lef* for w ar service, C.d I
ait* College will clo>»“ for ,Vl c v,*r |
today without examination- or com '
■nencenifnt e\erci«e s
Detroit's Largest Clothiers Jgir^s'
When the kresge Building 1 is Completed
Our New and Greater Store Will Have
50,000 Square Feet of Selling Space
Enabling u? to show still larger stocks of the world’s finest apparel—and naturally greatly increased
facilities for rendering a more efficient service.
Expanding because the tremendous growth of our business demands it.
Without a peer
Mf-reband:** •
'4 a nd. f At v this store the finest ready-for-service apparel in the
'' 'T world ia pment atjrlta • >rtmenta larger—values
A. I' t \
a Bird’s Fine Suits and Outenrarments, sls to SSO
* J ust ece i vet l
from the regular makers of our high grade clothes
J *n Rochester, N. Y. I
f Men's 800 Men’s and Young Men's
mm Trousers Fine Spring Suits f
i jfeHfi 1 > jitlfii special (Garments made to sell at much higher price*. I w
Mwm Va,u *** a ’ Thev will be placed on sale Saturday morning— Ia W
53.50 ;hoice . *
Correct We tic* bv rpoipr f .* - »me apparel
Fine *. m Detroit has never -•■on 'Uch a display of
Sr MS' Straw Hats
Trouser* sW Aervento Thousands from which to cho*<e— 5
rit , ifriLral (: *r, . , straw* from all over the world.frana- /. • * £/\ J
showi-c j Ift Ventilated mas, Bangkok?, Leghorn-. Fine Soft \J
on Our UilillSf Raincoats Straw? and Sailor?. Every new and
Fourth ilflifH Guaranteed Waterproof. correct style. A wonderful showing. / \
Floor. J. "■ 'per:, priced /jA /
*7.50 & *lO $ 1.50 upwards ft
<>r > Agent* ) Anew straw hat lor Decoration day. «r
Bird-Sptcal Straw Hats —in all the smartest * ;.!•!’
Liil shapes; exceptional headwear at . . dflcl **4 L
Fine Tub Suits
The p o * becoming styles in beautiful
fabrics ffa**t co!oi-i newest pn 1 in
wond* r fj! *ri*-ti*
$1 to $7.50. Extra values at.
Corfirmatioo Spec a> C /'v
Fine Blue Serge Norfolk*— I 1 I
Fine 2-Pant Norfolk*—
<mar new pa 1 • rns and colors S
Ki’raord - h Uu« /•*-!*/
Otbe* Grades 15 to t 22.60
Bov- and Children’* Fine
Headw ear—Footwear—Furnl>hings
Fine Footwear
The Celebrated HAVAN’S ( N ; ;•. >
Our ()\\rt Continentals
Featuring Swart \np
Continental Sjiort fTA
Oxford at . . Q*^
Women’s Fine Silk Moeiery
(Mezzanine Hoor)
Hnlinh-American Flotilla Htv*
tng (*c»od Succe-ffa, Say*
New York World
NBW YORK. May Twrwnty
eight Gvnn.xn Bubmarln*** w»*rv mink
by the combined Atueric«n-Britisb
l «4iro! fleet List wc«k. according to
a -p*< ial diapatch to the N> w York
\W>rld In the earn# period 1 7 mer
chant v«ftft«la of all types fell prej
to thi* l'-btHit»
Smoke bi'iubv. wbich throw out
den»*e ' Mark fumes when thrown
overboard are now betnw used h>
*lt:r*e paasmg thru the barred »one
it was Stated The use of these ob
mires the ship and makes it itu
l<*tsible for the submarine observe!
to xim hi* torpedo sccurafely.
Offering to *dl ciothiiig m! m cut
isic price led to the aire*t of Vitch
. Farrell. -M veai> nlil Vo Cltf
| »f , utf Thur-da> aOernoon He
held in |*«»lice hcadquarierH «*r
h ug.'s of burglary and gtitnd lar
ceil' The police alle*. ihnt Farrell
the c loihma from the r«x>ni
i>l Attorn*-.' Cl>(je Mrtkinu>-*>n No
Ju2 Cass ave
Kills Self With G^S
Desponden' o'*r til h•*.'l; h. Frank
Krt*. h«on '» ve;*r* old. No 45 Wi*
t ,; ct . tuin« «l on the early
Tltursda> morning and th n crawled
hark into hi* boil 1-ate Thursday
n'.ght he w.y- found de.id tn bed b>
anotner roomer
'i he Alabama grand council of
l n teri i >• mtii * » a. Tra't-ler* is to
beam it* twelfth annual convention
in Mobile toda'
Quality Haberdashery
Bird-Special Tub Silk Shirts—
Beautifiil Antin Stripen
Rxceptional talue* «t J
Fine Wash Silk Four-in-Hands—
Light weight <T*-pe* color- rnnun
• •ri Kxrcption.il bowing J*s 1
of fin* > alu*-at... . X
New Beits, Soft Collars and other fine accessories
Oxfords —For Decoration Day
>mart \»>w Fs-iilt»n* Ju j i Received in
Continentals —Ri«-omiiy ivioi N
Nr-w Kngli h In*' IlUtke and Tan®
The Famous HAN AN’S—*>.,!. Agents)
America's Fln*-t Footwear
Second Floor—Men’s, Boys’ and Girl*’ Footwear
Presenting wonderful gathering of correc* fashion*
Store o{>en Saturday Evenings
171 175 Woodward Ave.— Detroit's Largest clothiers
i Pianiat, Name* Her
As ('o-respondent In
Divorce Wea
Nh,\V YUriri. Mu) *6 IC»Wit
t»*rn. famous amon# all niuekt lor
I era 4a Kthsl L*cm»ka. plamat, has
1 brought auit for divorce from her
i husband. Roy Kh'verson Wlttern. mu
«lr composer **he .names Matrha
1 Hodman, the actress. a.' rornapOß
j dent
She demand* the custod> of then
hid and a auitable allowance for
! maintenance.
Children Cry
Kwo Pure Thread Silk
Full fashioned Black, whit* and
*ulnrs Very *perial 55c
rartor’** Silk I,i«le Inion Suit.H—
■ I*#; T h l#g Extra vain*- .. w*
Our Saturday Special Bargains
Are the Talk of All Detroit.
Start Your Payments June Ist
Pay No Money Down
Start Your Payments in June
Story & Clark Piano Cos.
Open Saturday Evening Until 9
In the Second Block North of
Grand Circus Park
Announcing the First Showing of
Advanced Spring Styles
in Women’s anti Misses'
Suits Coats
Dresses Skirts
Waists Millinery
All the Bright New Shades
All the Stunning New Styles
Como and See Our Unlimited Showing
73 and 75 MICHIGAN AVL
FRIDAY, MAY 23, 1917.

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