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S AT r R D A V . JINK 2 . 19 17.
P4t * • • I.*a **Wfc-* ■* 'K m'
* *lJfy
■ft wßr
1- v 1 \ 3sJi&4»lP
* '■ ■ .wff# f J , J?a
I IM >KI IN I' \ \ < .toll \
With Hun *lr 11#- <-niiifit«nt In (•nrrlrk
s •
Real Lstate Man To
Suspend Land
W alter ( . Piper Helps
Work of Lar
der, in

ha* pi a- * and in . IT-.' to su.-pend all
|i ri vt■.ni ■ <>!i r *■ l « state contracts
held bv • • n1 1 • <1 nu n. and rifop tru_
!* r. I•. nu n* ♦ nTtrr-lv urn , th<
\\-.p I ;;il , h I«s been • Tn In
i • u<!• - ill buyers who may be draft
f and into service under the < *n -• rlj*
Hon a t. The detail* of th* plan,
of hi ni.itiv of r '•;< company '
patron- havi t;C • r» advantage, were
explained «t a meeting of
?h» \iim rn aniz.ition committee of
’ln In" ro:i Ho ird of Common e by
Ralph \V Sinmnd*. sales manager.
r» pro-on’inc Mr. I*ijj« r who is m
ni flvr >-••■!'\ s* • fn t hi* qiiarternwkH r>
and. par Mui-nt. at lon. ,1 at Chicago
Ho :bjcct wa.* brought up in
<«r. % Kr-tl M. P it/rf dtir
it;*. and: i> ion of tin bt yt moans
ia which fboroif- for< isn born «iti
> ) ■ •> 1 • l" tuncht m flnam >■
thru.-. 1 V - t p.M i.tlly for th» bent
f t of thi famtlii • of those who
ha\t b ;tmai ’b< i nlor- t,rn« ral ro
ojit't t’ -in <d t .. mil • -rate no n In
mi«p« n ;ori of payments during
term « f m ' 1 a declared to he
a pac C t-ol ,lion of fh*' problem,
■inrf n woi;ld tallow tha wives and
families of thotisanil“ of thrifty
worker- w bo aro investing their
pavings in home* and home sites, of
r< ponsibih* v and anxiety of keep
infir the contract up to date.
To * nrouraßf further the invest
ment in real estate and home gar
dening to conserve resources, the
Piper office has bought 100 bush
els of seed potatoes and has plant
ed them at the expense of the com
pany to 10 acres in the Royal Oak
IJttle farms property. It is esti
mated that each plot of one quar
ter to one third of an acre will yield
7a to 100 bushels of potatoes, a sav
inc of approximately $ 12r> tat 91.50
per bushel 1 for the purchaser who
cultivates the property.
Mr. Piper Is now- touring Ohio and
West Virginia with the military
board of five, appointed to select
irAtfiini* tamp sit*‘< m those states
V. M. C. A. WILL
Four of the greatest Littlefield*
will b» shown m picture* at the
' M. c A. Sunday afternoons, with
“l he n.’ittleflclds of Vrrnage !don" th»»
fit.St Ihe R. V, Oorge R <; U || rn>
of the West Grand blvd. Methodist
church, will explain the pictures,
which will be thrown on lhe screen
• :, t p m This grout plain In
Palestine ha* h» • n the scene ot
more decisive battles in both tin
cl<nt and modern times than any
oth< r spot in the world.
Other picture* that will h» shown
on succeeding Sundays will he
Junt 17, ‘The Hattie ,>f Tours';
July 1, "The Rattle of Gettysburg";
anil July la, The Mattie of the
J ~'LL _?!>> . 1
Km f i ■ in i r J
X ii 1 Mr. Coffee Drinker
i A Theresaßeason’
■* 9 v I for
| -
t intorm
P**tl# r*r»»k.
i'ont im Corral On,, Ltd!, •
Wlnd»6r, Ontario.
If %-jSlj
!L- Wm
\ i I. r. .urn i..
I‘lit Titin l*-Milli*tt rule In ’• W •nimn
bonil" lu VV ioliliikion.
, '♦ °T ** J V
r * *w
*4 i
w.m.r • •■■■;„ ».v :•;• lyrir ,
I omnllnii * II It •• I Ik«t I 11 *«■•>. ’* i-<
* 'Kill l:i < .
Two-Day Session w ill Mark
Ninely-lirM \nni\ etsai)
of \ssoriation
Th* 4 ninety first .iniiit' rsnv oi
the Detroit Haptis" hs.-o* :atmn will
!•« ot"' ■ i 'I u;r day «M• i Ii and. >
.lnn» 7 and h. in luimanu* I HaMis'
< hutch, w ith th* Mi v Wi.la r cjtiai
ringfon. moderator, pr< .-tiding,
j*Jje annual • rmon v. ill ho
pfoaohofi Thursday m*.: n 4 :i.g, June 7,
a* 11:2it o’< lu< k, by fh* It** . J. We!
lington l(itng, following a t»c i• • f bu*l
n* , j'p M'KMon. including th** rngiatra
tion of delegates, report.- of of flooj •*
t.ml appointment of cqui n Moo: in
tho afternoon, th** following talk
will ho gti.-n. ' (>ur Mottvi Power."
th* Rev Peter MiieKnv Firming
ham, **Problems of tin* < it> an*l
Suburbs.’' W. O Atid*r -n. •'Th'-
Kffhi* n» Chut' F V I .* f • i
Training of the Year her," L. Karl
Jackson. "The fi« nominal tonal Sun
day School Program." Magnus Hut
grer- "If I Were a 1/ivrtian, th* 4
Kcv S F. Hrigg. "If I\\«• ?e n .Min
isfer," Thom«H T la * 4 t* . open and!
eusalon )efl Ye Rev. R M. Tinvof,
Pon'iar The B V. P. \ will have
charge of the evening service,
which will consist of song- and
The Rev \\ v . f* Colt man w ill open
The Doinirs of the Duffs.
! PAMSW, OH PiD 'lou LEAVE 8 All 1 '5 DAT
II I L-*„ " ■ WA6 Bur?6iAffs/i MOM 6To
ifefl RWTK. [.2 swsu
MW •; *■
SkM i
M; f ■ -
v rr--v ||J
■ *'N
r y ii ini in i Mi .it I* i«
In ••llrr llrllrr ..II" «*n ytalr.ll* l |
»err*-ii. “ '■
" ,
“ - *, \
•»*.> ■'a,
>i yin * i \t ifi.h. ~
yyiili " l’:i rI-lit it lie ii it fir-'* In tVf
an addt* r- on "Fellow-hip With
* which will be followed by
hort talk by »h< Ibv .1 P <‘ur
rip. rh. If. > K M White, th- If. v
I ■ on if- ft- . i; i! la ugk
lin, (’ l> (Jn> . e.ilior of Tie Stand
* cf. ■■■ l:< \ P 11 J ij» rrigo. of
\* y.■ tK i-V owing uevotinnni
. v i; . by th* Rev .1 W .lambi! *
Friday tiflernoon, and the report,
of standing committee*, there will
lip • "woman’- hour for mission-;,"
ml* r ■ 1- .I*l hip o' Mi • Mug
ttu Murg- . when th*> following id
dr* - 1* . v. he giv»n "A Few
F,"t;. \hout tin- V.-ai Work." Mt -
T M Tivloi Work Willi Hu <’ldl
dr*n.” Mr.- tl. Sutlin* 4 ; "The World
W:d< liuild." Mi.-c Helen If t'ri
mart; "t iiha." Mi.- f.ulti JackHin;
"The Northern Papti-t Convent ion,"
Mrs. C R Martin “The t'hinn of
Tod.a ." th< }f* \ M J> Kip'.ank, nt
’!» *■ m*-. ting will Ho c Friday
eve'tliE- with a patriot l*
with music by the choir of the
Fourte. nth-a'«», rhurch. The Key
Thomas J Vilhr will speak
on ’ The World (*re ■ iiTel IJeorge
'I Moody **n "Pa•: tot i*m."
S. -ret.ary „f th* To; -mr*. MeAdoo
is to l*nv* Washington today »*n a
second fip* .aklng trip on h* half of
the f ihertv l*»an. Hi* journ*’' will
carry him to \. ■.* ft. * ton. lie
'roit. I one Cincinn.it . Pitt**-
burgh and Ha' n-bur ir. Pu
I’rtiillna: — (ilnln ih*h» klnit—lh«»
I, rlitht— I lmr» Jnh llrpt —Mnln I-'-'*.
ify' /■ #k ***
l . & £jj> &
rs ’ x,:
|9p| . * M&llm,
affix'* ' InLr
i: %in i: w h ii v m-.
I*» nrn **'r«-*T* |ilM > *»ii y|n*li-*»n I*lll.
Gtfhlfl Incinerators \re i
l enture of Builders and
Traders* Display.
Something new in garage incite
eraton* will he on display in th*
_Uuiiiier.f» Ae Tradtus' buildins .
position as soon as the .shipment*
arrive. This is a Toledo product
and is handled h> the Nod or In* in
. rat or company, of Detroit. This
• ■onerrn is anew member of the
exchange. ba\inc Joined recently
The Bruner system of floor, • ky
•;nd sidewalk lights i- bring shown,
the exhibit being arranged to rep
resent a -id<wa!K with electric
ligh's Above it. so that the practical
effect <an he se*
The Kelsey Heater coni pane
-how- warm .tir generators and <
F File hards has a" ext* umv* line
i.f ln>at* r ■ _ •Mein* rators. boiler-,
rang* - vT ■' I kind- .-lectric snd gas.
and refrig' rat. on display The
Farquhar Furnace company demon
strates its product in detail
Negotiations r*re under wav for
several adder inai exhiiuts along
lines tt'U av*>» rri r< -• nt* and. and
indication- ar< that th* v will soon
b* ;> part of th* 1 exposition.
The file of catalogs *>* reaching
mammoth proportions, and covers
almost every firing in the building
line These *an h* 4 -crp and exam
ine*l by a.r'hit• *•*-. th* ir clients and
(he public generally, by m< r< ly mak
ing n r* .|ue t to the demonstrators
These catalogs ar* 4 all filed svs
tematically and requir* a number
of larg* filing cabin*"-
Many -ample << f bu drug n it*'
rials ~n*l rpeeialties' ar* also in
eluded and Hie exposition i« r* illy
the e* nt«ir of buiblini information
in D* trolt Th* ramb*u <d p* r
sons who daily *a!.< .uiyatitae* of
this source ru <•< at r ' ■ur tuiornia
f ion is ■ teadilv in* I♦ • « r.c arid a
larg*- volume of husine s t*'-ultp
from this free exhibition.
A proposal for a $• .i.iu.opo mvi
bond r-sue and rt nttmh'U' *>t other
mr i:*ntt 4 s pass l dhv rh* la-t i'r< *-.**n
legislature ar" to b* .submitf*'! to
the electorate today at a special
election to he held In thai *’ i«e,.
—By Allman.
rhad Iceland Heads
Force of Expert
Government Asks Rids
On Grounds For
The Detroit Heal KstatP board
h.*- launched :t f Hmifcitgtf to aid in
floating the Idbrrty loan l’oder
the leadership of Thad E Iceland,
pr* sid* nt of the board, never# 1
prominent members of the organtza
t.ion are mobilizing individual sale.*
units to be composed of several
•dfd real estate salesmen rep
rf Ttrr>nTlTie the various large opera
The mobilization was practically
complete*! on Friday. It is planned
to improve steadily in ’he system
of organization and operation adopt
'd m> that the big body of expert
will Kra-doally become a
permanent celling organization to
be at the service of the govern
ment in th* work of placing more
bonds and other similar work.
Mr I.eland had already been ap
pointed by Abner E lab
rtv bond sale- committee to act
,1 captain of the real estate deal
er’s team as a branch of the main
body of bond salesm* n. I'nder the
new plan the re a! estate board will
becom* in effect one big team work
:ns; under the.auspices of the F.ib
.-rty bond sales comm ft. tee of which
Mr laimed is chairman It will,
however, b« free to adopt its own
ystoni of operation and its various
nit v i'l he directly responsible
to Mr. I.ciand who In return will
»< port to the central committee
At the exontivc committee meet
ng of th« real estate board on
Thursday step- were taken to ob
f ;rn a site suitable for a govern
non’ military training camp In or
near to Detroit. The government
has asked for bids for such a camp
to be the central training point for
Michigan and Wisconsin The
earn occupy about three
square nflles of 'errltorv
The next ’ regular monthly meet
ing of the Detroit Heal Estate
board will be held Thursday even
ing in the hnnqm t room of the pel
low craft club l ncertain w eather
conditions <hanged the plan to
have the meeting held In the form
of a picnic in the country.
Builders' Directors To Meet June 5.
The board of directors of the
Builders A- Traders exchange, at
their meeting on June r,, will pass
upon about lr. applications for njem
bership. Each applicant is investi
gated before an invitation to join is
Whv not spend your Vara t lon
there this Summer?
Not many yours ago Colorado was
practically unknown ns n vacation
resort. Toda> it is probably thr
most popular vacation siato in
America More ,iml more is |i com
Ing to be looked upon as the gn at
playground of the nation.
In view of the enormous sums
•pent by the I'nlted States Cov
ernment. and private corporations, to
make Colorado the most popular, as
It is th« most perfect vacation place
>n America, one of the most gratifv
lug aspects of American btisine s
sanity is conveyed in the report tiiat
the war will make no difference in
the Colorado tourist traffic this >ear
The Secretary of the Department
of Interior believes that the entrance
of the I ni** and States into the war
will not materially affect western
tourist travel lie points out -that it
is eve n more important n >w than in
time of peace that the health and
Vitality of the nation's citizenship he
conserved, that rest and recreation
must materially assist in this con
servation of human tissue an.l yn
l.et tin you otir special 111 •i*= •
trated literature, showing the latest
views of the wonders of Colorado,
and giving vou all the detail;- nlwuit
the trip. wh«*re to go. what to see,
and just how little you need to pay.
We will gladly help you plan your
vara (ion ♦
Make sure you visit Colorado this
year, and be al>*n sure \OU 10 \ ia the
Rock Island Uni's
Rock Island Travel bureau. Ma
Jestir Hldg Detroit i r. Gardner,
0. P A I’hone Main 277 b
Safrtj and Service First
- \d\.
s 1"l* • *- • pessl- "«M t.. re. . red
»♦% u!<• ri.-rfc) ..f in- Tow nshtp ..f
«;. I .oat. up t.. * .o i k j. w.
tun* if. rt* 17 in. it,. . cpt. »r ot
Hr.-Py. - v. f H At I>l Oih I And V. r-\
fi‘i% aid bidding i:*nk« i»c.iv.-.f at
the ..fib » sos Wii'ia.n / MiR.-r. Kn
jtinm r. ft ihl *.f• *. k
T* .* t ownship IT ir.| of «Jre*.r
TNdnte T-'Wnshio r<* *rvr. th» right
ts rrt**et *nv or sit bids or wai\# dr
r **-ts iti thr interest of said Town
New I toiler House For Water
works I*ark Among
Week’s Jobs
A rwo-ntorj, brirW, *»t#»*»l and ont
stone, boiler house to be erected in
Waterworks park, the feature
of the work coming from the archi
r«'«■ *.«* during the wmk, according to
• to- building report summarized by
the Builder* A- Traders' exchange,
The list also Included a number of
‘•mail factories and shops, a 14 fain
1> apartment building and several
residences and garages. Plana are
under way for ft.** remodeling of a
large east side moving picture the
A Detroit architect is preparing
plans for the city of Highland Park
for th** erection of a 400 room muni
clpal hospital, a nurses' home laun
dry, contagious disease hospital,
boiler lions* and an ambulance gar
age. to be erected In Highland Park
These buildings will be ereci**d on
two city blocks
The list of contracts awarded dur
ing the week fncluded a three-story
store and office building, a hospital,
a fair number of apartment build
ings and resident es.
Business Section Spreads
North and West in Down
town Territory
The iniprov* rnents in that district
between Cass and Hrooklyn-avea..
exclusive of Grand River and Michi
gan -aves , during the last three years
averaged over 1100,000 per block
While'this district ha- h* «-n one
of the last to'develop, it Is freely
predicted by real estate men famil
iar with the di/trlct that the devel
opments in the Immediate future will
be phenomenal. The spread of the
r*-' uj business distrlet from Wood
ward to Washington and Cass and
on State st., Grand River, Clifford
and Park pi., with the highest type
of building <>f commerci.il structures
and office buildings is having its es
feet on this district.
An" >*• r evidence of the future of
•he di trim Is found in the class of
buyers in this section Some of De
troit- shrewd* sf - investors are pur
Chasing good sized parcels with the
intent ion of building. Improving or
holding for future profits.
rrintln*—the plain neat klnit—thit
In richt—Time* Job I>rpt.— Wain 4MO.
Detroit vs.
New York
Game Called at 3:00 P. M.
Eastern Standard Time
Reserved and Box Seats at
Soper's Cigar Store, new
Dime Savings Bank Bldg
C U N A R~ D
H«-»tnl»»r r»»wn«rr «r»«l
Drnfl*, Money Orilera. Mull or Cable.
Great Hritnln. Irelnml. S«ai»-
<ll on' In. Ilnly.
Kor further information apply
7i 'TITK A. 1., er Loral t*e«ti
I, lit I %M> It I \ I'll 'TRAMr.IM
I IKF *N!> »r I \ » M MTI VMIR<I
for KtalTal. HI 'I r r ’ir.t« ei»«i daily t 01 )
p ni far* 14 0# K«'r < leteland Pltta
'.>ur» anti I'o ii’h f»ou»h daily lv 4j p in
Kol Alpena kla kina t»iaod B' l|na< •
(ii. l nay yvrU. Mnciiaj* * 1)0 p ni I rl
daya I 10 a m. initial Tima Stcam
rr» lea'* root o' ‘I hlrd a’ »n i» City
llrket Off a, 11) tiiiamoid atraet.
!*£!£ BELLE
' JSL’ ;
\ fl j? Moonlight
Saturday, June 2
Steamer Tashmoo
Ml I li| I IIM» 11,1,011 R|)
T.eave Ori.HoM ft Wharf I P. M
RUN 5407.180
Ke<vnt Turnovers Are Made
on Uesidt'iuc Property
in Detroit
The Hannan Heal Estate exchange
property aggregating $407,1 ho. K
E Miller, sales uianagor, ( hat
III* klOkHfl "bUr!n**>(( MMial" let
bring hiainfa.iU'ci m b- - »:• par m- nt
and the future outlouk ia very
The Mies, in part, follow
For J. W. Kbid)r to lj. McQunde,
two-famllj at V -t. ii-K Cg-nru.n’
ave., value 17,100.
For Corn (*. J nn> « t <• Kob> rt B.
Ic.rke. property at N't. 11 C.iluH'lo
or., value $11. .00
For Huey 4k Stin. hfl. pt to Bertha
Sanger. two-fa.mil> .• N. .1 M»n
--t f r •• > - H \ » value*' •
Pur llane> t> A.ia B. .i>.hn*
sen. two-familv hr • k ven.-et at Nus
4*l-433 . Virginia vatu $t *>.«.%0
Pot Ida M, S. hr«o P 1 to I•. 1 H.
Vr.KM, lotn Nos. 7.0:,. and TH.Med
bury subdivision value s4.Ron
P.ir Millar A- I.crl<-\ to l.ou Bn
Auken. single friime resident * at No.
It>:'4 Kurltd; value *.*> .TfiO.
Pot P. V Nichol to .T. )•; Fergu.-i'n.
single brick residence at No. SI
Chandler value |16,5"0.
For William Ho** to I,eo F. Fitz
patrick. Single frame residence at .Vo,
H r . Stair value I'.OOft
For •’ C. Carter to A. A Wide,
mnmr. two-fgmilj frame at No. .'>4K
Continental, value $7.200.
For George H ltou.se t Fred Wal
ter, three - family frame poii>,> No.
R.vR JjiclteTition. value -s4l-, U*»4.
K r »■ • il l Mitt s. ? • \ ,< -v- >rd
residence si No. 7 1> Palmer hlvd. cant
value fS rrftO
For N ip.re to jk.phle K Hahn,
two-fanilty 1 1 Nna. 11-1,7 Kanada
ave value js.ono.
For ! H. I.e.<h e r to George A
den l .p Na, tsl M ntgomi •-a •. •
v aluc
For Annie c. TPinltscel to .1 W
Ora bows ky, angle trick veneer resi
de n < - e No. 771 TUlronn-ave., value
For .1. H Plchards to A H Whit
lark. sinale frame residence .«t No.
ins itfa Idewood value $, r ,.f)75.
For IV C. Shippert to I C Auster
hurv single' frame residence at. No.
■lsl. Vicksburg value ’ATi rt.
F. r H A. McT.aug hlln to T* F
United Fuel (o
Stress bit building supplif?
Automobiles and Accessories |
I Marion-Handley and Briscoe I
MOTORCARS B. F. Falter Sales Company ■
Olnf rtlmtnra for F.««trrn M Irk. 1251-. IS Mnodn'J. I'kanr Market HT4 H
9 SrSIV »2U«-lfU>o \\*«d oard-Mf*. m
■* - I'kone Market !IM4. ■
|,(KR t>t) Riu:t( *TR k M Kllk. I %KK \M» ItIVKR **TBAMEIUIJB
f IMmltle Pally »rn li-r In Kflfeet I omra<-nela*^B
m riiotcrn times iIMIUK, »rflf# I
xx him:
pi-TBC'.' Rivtw STI AMERa. ! ~ |
SBC* TODAY »• 00-LlI
9:00 am., 1:30 aid 3*oo p. m., Eastern Time Bate* St. Dock. 4IW
it iu • rj* v k n»»h- 1 •* * <i* ,\h* >x oi *kns u ’n k !i ill
Sunday Eve. Si/. Columbia, 40a
l: I*. Sf I 1 k v Tt» !'<>«.«l• rt» TilM
The i cht •< r* r< it »i t I’.i; ».<• r* -fitofl
■amaßuaamaMt ■—i—mn ■ ■ I —ra.inni ih»i—i n.« pII 111 —a—
Big Steel Steamer Cut-in-Bay I
Sunday, June 3to Put-in-Eay Leave 3a. m. Faresl I
/’vrv IVlooniight Saturday June 21
J |5 Leave 9:45; 50 esnti. I
I' C. ' tFpT* fyafcji liofw p t;; c A\i |\<; ln thn Sttam* I
r-^.. ' ' « NzsL-a l
~~p ~ ‘••23. T. 111. -i'.M I '*’ • r ‘»> ' |«l« IVrrj't |
** t—f i*naiJft^aAaak»—lkaaiiJMK—< nnmi nl. liar <a» ra, pie- fl
t TTfianF"’ I
.Moonlight—Continual dancing tnmi s. ! ( > p. m. to 11:30 p. m. I
I not of I lr-t *f liklrt A Uu*lin steamer I Ink. I
Sunday, June 3rd!
I ;;nr j j*;\ |.;m Si \!)\V Thereafter '■
To t>ugar island and Toledo I
To the Flats, Tasianoo P*nk and Port Huron I
Tl»«' ii • i S><*;i riii’i Pn '.midi ' /T\v:iv.» *» <»t> * niv
airit* s t j* i ;i ! \vt: * r Waul.* 1 ' v ill I*!»>a 30 p.
pas . •ij:.*i j. 11 n t lift fi*n» tn«* Hdta ,tn»l l.idumo on ftp. S f ».uu#lfjM
l aril iIM-Hi. .
K'n**' dannii* on the boat and »!i •!.>' a* Tuihfnoo I'ark. i
Tickets: 'Sugar Island. r»0c: HnH and lashmoo, 7*>c{
Toledo. $1.00; Port Huron. si.-*» letum. H
Wharf l oot of (Jriswold St. White Star Line Eg
N- 40‘i^« 'bairn ya-av*. value^HO^#®
K* r H.e>man *. \Vin»* to
. hit
K<>r <"h ir!**« I H 'vn to (Jar ■
( rlt,>n, - n*t!e brtrj.. »fnwr rminfitM

i ft
ija* .1? ».• ■ r« at H 8
1 lfl Kinjr; value fl», SIS <7 ->1
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t H» "•!•-■ r, pi .party at So. S?t St
value $5>.7<70.
rrliitln*—ll# f>tam Meat Und-Htil
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office wnpkmrwift^l
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163-169 C««« Ave.. Detroit
>ar*e»t, Best Kqolppod BuatMfl
School la Michtffm
Phone Main 6534 for Catal*

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