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Business .Manager ni
N. Y. Tribune At
tacks Loan Policy
Tells Sales Congress
Cabinet Should Be
“The people of America can take
their choice." said Rlchartl II l!
do, business manager of the N>w
York Tribune, speaking befor* the
World's Salesmanship congres-
Arcadia Tuesday night. "tl-y can
buy Liberty bonds and get something
for their money, or the> r - n
tbelr money in taxes and <i> nu<h
in*. They are going to r.iy * n ?
way, and there is no way out of it.
•‘We went into this war at tier
many's express wish, for w* ar '1
only country front which she ecu 1
expect to collect huge indemnities
We can now either put our money
ln bonds or save it up for Ger
“America has been made a jest j
of and shamed before all the world.,
The catch phrase of tbe east, 'Me
Adoo about nothing,’ shows what !
the people think of the way the loan
has been handled The I'nited ;
States has failed to stand back of
the administration because the ad
ministration does not know the
United States.
"We have been pumped full of
false information as to how well
the bonds were going, so everyone ,
has said. ‘Very well, then, we wnil
wait. There wiil be a loan at four ,
per cent or five per cent and we
will buy those bonds.' The east ha*
fallen down on this loan, and un- '
less the eastern bankers who handle
western money come to the rescue
It will not be fully subscribed.
“The most tremendous democracy .
has gone into the greatest manufac- *
taring business ever seen, the manu
facture of bonds. The manufactur
ing end is perfect, the sale*, end ,
rotten, but we will hold up the
miles end of the government if we |
have to reorganlxe the cabinet.
When we have such men as George
W. Perkins, Henry M. Davison and
Charles M. Schwab In cwr cabinet,
America can hope to do something
"The sales talent of the United
States is tbe greatest asset in the
nation. It has made us what wr
are. The American salesman is the
best on earth when his good* and
policy are right Think of what
Hawkins and Chalmers could do for
tbe government.
“But 110.000,000,000 bonds will be
sold. If necessary, and they will be
as well known as tbe Ford car.
"When asked what his plan was
tn regard to tbe bonds. Mr. McAdoo
looked aurprised and said, ‘Plan*?
There are no plans. Just open the
window and let them float out. They
blew ant— but only a few of them—
propelled by ' McAdoo s forced
draught; and the bankers and
the people generally smiled and laid
back, doing nothing
“The salesmen of the United
States mvist get back of the Liberty
bond It will be the most enlight
ened selffishness, for 90 per cent of
the money will go out in labor
channels, and when labor 'hrives
all business prospers. There has
never been such prosperity ip Can
ada and England as at the present
time ”
Walter B. Brinkhaui. i Duluth
delegate to the World Ssl'-smanshlp
Congress, replied to Mr Waldo's
flaying of the administration, declar
ing that "it would be more fln;:ig
Ff [r i , •• ■■ " '
r rrr rrr | =
v |MIM dF IfHWiTRY f
WShtUkdmm* > _ ■
* - >■- * *4
T v 3-* J's VOfcv H * j k W* \
t A*** .If - u - .
E • ... ... '
■ rnimmmint l umritfmt *J
f, ~k or- 14 - .mu ’- ..re greeter ’han an> thing m the German navy.
hr".thing *lt b* r. —t-n of the Gernian na\> since the ear began. The Oklahoma might stand off many
I for those from the .i section
that h.d fall*,: o fvi'.flli iW obllia
1 t.'on.- if, in s • and of criticizing the
administration. :o> wou\l di*pis>
little arr.-oi ar.u follow the exam
pje of the mt**ule *e*t, «nica
oversubscribed^it; <VUO'.« of the l ib*
erty loan." His remarks were cheer
ed by U audi*ncf
A resolution was adopted pledging
th» •.to •» --i”.; '•’* i*’.* -.1
branches *>f salesmen of United
Si &!♦':* To OQC Caß}.
h. to the sale of »h< next issue of
war bonds authorized by r he sov
t-rrmi n*. Th< r- vt? no dissenting
Si'eak.ng •** ’ p- 1. ty of h«>pes*y
in salesmanship. Mr Waldo sail
“All salesmanship is honest., for
when it i~ not it is no longer -ales
reanship but robb*Ty "
He declared ths* all newspapers
should ruthlessly expose any goods
which were not what they purport
ed to be, and they would win out
tn any libel suit, for it is the sense
of the public ’hat the seller, not
the buyer, shall beware
With the sixty cars sold during
the first 'so days removed from
the building and ’he floor again well
shocked with high grad« atitoino
biles, Tuesday proved to be the rec
ord day for the Detroit Auto Deal-1
ere’ association used car show from
ihe etaadpoint of sales Early in the
morning out-of-town visitors began
♦o arrive and they were ,uW*k In
selecting cars, some of them set
ting out immediately to drive their
new machines home the &ame day.
Knowledge that Detroit's most rep
resentative dealers are exhibiting at
the ehow is a grea* ’nerntive to the
buyers and when they find a car
that strikes their fanej. thev do
not hesitate to get in and drive it
The dealers have been working
steadily for the la*t three weeks
overhauling and reflnlshing cars to
sell at this show and , every day
finds a large number coming out of
the shops in first class condition to
be added to the stock already on
hand. Practically all of the asso
ciation members now maiaialn spe
cial departments for putting their
exchanged cars in conditi -n for re
sale and the "as is" used car is
iartt going out of vogue.
Pair Pound Dead In Bed.
Fred Smith. 40 years old. Negro,
And his wife Barbara, 37 year* old
No. 575 Beaubicnst.. were found
dead in bed in their home late Tues
day afternoon The police «ay 'he
gas Jet was wide open. It is be
lieved that the couple committed
James M. Beck, of New York,
former assistant attorney general of
I■e - • -
commencement address today at the
rniveralty of Pittsburgh.
What Are YOU Dointf?
Jackies in the Oklahoma’s Fourteen-inch Triplets
In the Cadfl!*.c theate* cml week
the "High Rollers will be tha at
traction Th* ah*>w wit! be presented
tv < :.w .•*•■' ‘ r. ;r«
•»t. ■>■>■«• f* *rt>! V Sod-V i il* « p** ’ i%J* •**
Th>* added trratdlOß will be Meltsaa
assisted by H'tily, in a f « ot
c\h+.* I*l
Vi !« Pana in "lat 1> Barr.*-I#‘ will
be the Aim feature . f the Washing
ton pr< itmrn next week Krt-shn*. son
of the Maharajah of Khafr.pt. 1* in
|ov* Wth I*fth«h*r s the daughter of
the Maharajah Bhartar! bit the tw
rul-rs have other plana f'* their
•hlldren Krishna l» aer-t to Amer
ica t study in Harvard university,-
ard I.*k*htma la ordered to marry an
old mar of (treat wealth Tr despair
she lump* :nt th* lake on her fath
er* tr Is. and * r»e~,< •’ bv
Oe. us M ari, an Ameri ir Many
amusing •vent* gr w out of the deep
K ’•at’.iude of the little Hindoo pnn
r-eaa She makes herself the young
man' • slave, ahe wants tenmarrj him
and she t» constantly popping tr t
annoy and emoarras* him H * own
sweetheart break* their sngag-ment
md hes • e nr*t* through ith *r
ie< red little princess he ends him
sejf hound and gaged undar she
guard of two desperate Hindoos, who
demand to k>v w what he has d< n*
»-•*'«- th» g -1. At this point the plot
takes a sodd*n »urn. and everithtng
is finished in a satisfactory manner
In a re-ent Interview Bryant
w««hhurn star of many film *uc
eesses including the famous ‘Skin
ner ’ pictures and '‘Filling ills Own
Sh the last named h»ing the
current attraction in the Washington
theater, declared My gr-at-sr diffi
culty Is securing suitable stories It
seems to me that there must be a
great many wrlte-s In America who
could supply the kind of material
that I need If 1 could only find a
way to get In touch with th»m "I
want plays of human Int.erest, where
the comedy situations are not over
drawn or exaggerated The fun must
he clean, wholesome, logical, and th*
plot m s ‘ he * ••talned m every bit
of the act; n Tha* is to sav J don t
want Interpolated fun. or slap-atick
comedy. Filling Hu Own Shoe*
give* a pr»*ty fair ld»a of the style
of photoplay that I want If th< «*
who read these words, think that
th*r have some of the material that
I am seeking for future productions,
1 shall he glad to h*ar from th»m. ’
"Wh*n I first started to work on
Intolerance, many of my friends
urged me to produce another »pe< ta
ele like Th* Birth of a Nation only
us rg a differin' p»rl >d and ad ff*r
ent story, say* D W Griffith; "That
wa* also my own sober Judgment
but th* big underlying Idea of the
Intolerance of man and the havoc
that it ha* wrought thru ill age* of
th* world’s history was In me and 1
had t* give a expression. I have
fried to show bv m*an* of this pic
ture that Intoleran** 1* on* of the
weak spots of civilisation t have
taken this theme and shown It tiiru
i, jt the dev ■• j.orient »nd gr> wfh of
h .rnan.ty. using the four great pe r
>od in the world s history—the won
ders of the Babylonian era, the days
of the Nasarene in Pales'lne the
w *ked rule of f'atherlne d* Medic
n France and the everydav proh
lepr.s of our modern life Ka<‘h story
»s entirety different b*tt alt ar* co
relatecj becatiaa the dominating theme
f *a~h ;• th» same ' "Intolerance
Magnify Switzerland by fifty and you have the Canadian Pacific Rockies.
You don't have to cross the ocean to see them- They are on your way to the
Pacific Coast—no side trips necessary.
A (mt tamMln* sea of lUßnr’ and anow-y topped thovnend V o* •»aterfnlla ▼mlad in ahiftin* rpm” make
r• -tla*Eir 4 atid in fhi* »utui»!.t .nerve Join fhi G»rtp' at tb« Giant*. • .
ut ikf North, South, rut im wm Fv**rv • TKycttifl nrwwUnn laat y»or
Vfttrrrr K jr**r. meadowy Inlaid between prrciplna por.y nd. il Vj if. h.kinjb fruatu.it. fUtLias. ceaipm*
mxA with tbelr balta of dark, fit furoau. and with-im Dycwrtcr'airuldea.
"▼So Wnrh**- Gmifnit f4VryW.tv»*
run an Pa*Mfl- h<*t»l» a* n*n4f Take I nni... Field and r. liri.r, S*rv!<“» '"arndtnn
j »f andard non* better. For complete Informal ion anl low r-vind trip numm*r fare write,
* ,>r phone Aak for Tour Mo. inF i
M. Cm. Horp»kr. 0»‘l 7 Fort *♦. W**t. Detretf. Ph*Mf M**tn l**M
Banff Lake Louise twin Rills Mt. Sir Donald
Magnificent hntaL r>- The hM»nd lake of ] Yoho Valley > Glacier B.C.
pprMjr situated In the North Amenca-hii4 fit fi ft# to (h# Motmt Hir Poitll and tfn
hear* of the Canadian • of and Vob> VaL**y, with Its traaa- Dlanltowit ClaAr »l lha
b. mountain. Trail* to the ure »tore of w**erfella, gla- hack door of tha Canadian
c Rock let. Mot lakan la tbaclouds and to g*>. wm| snow- -3 pafc. Parlftc Hotel. Mountain
Spnr«a lulphur twlnrv- |hw tA# wor ld. eambln* p-OY traUa and
- Orix pool, entcllmbtai S i ££ V*” f tn of elgoroe* out- I
on mountain hUhwava. reirva Ear*and the Valley rile miy b* mada In d''<or sport. Guide# for
riding on Alpine height*. '"*3 ** 5-fcft. lift Itmt Attire kaaydr»-«
«- *«*> >• •<*• a& T stfisr,a teJviSjLfcSm pjas&s: afe
National Park. hotal. no™a nrwavMaffNa TraUa to iosuir Al Mae .afras.
will ,•!«»* its •« th* P*-
t *. v » <>>•-» h ■ i«. Saturday tv«ntn|.
June 1#
T»k» n< e W ; .1m ? Hart fan*
vour id draw’ Ms » v bit
'n»' , s dur'r.y the pr.'-gr-»s of his nf» -
e*t rcvcer. lMm* U !f »>
the Orph*»m th * w-rh N»-t as a
gambler. « fighter, r al. r-ur.d bad
man is h- C • «»* n. but In a r\rt
i*-,** Ijk almost O'- tcinl* a b> i heart
•<l r ..ggy art de* om Sav*
Hatt, who w»* t r > s v 't up on the
western plains th born in N>w
Y>>rk state dO yea r '' l>a k The real
western ran h man JM rot think it
n»<-«s«irv in earrj a? * ahooter In
fa<t a man was I< k*d d>-wn <>n
more or l*s# as a e< ' ‘ of builv an)
c-ward ■' he wt- too conspicuous
with hi* ntf Irons The theory
■f ;h- true plan >man was that ts a
man V.-uld n- t pi tret himself with
his hare hands the west was no pla> *
for h.m r stay Th. harocter of
Wo!* 1 L>swtj i«. I *hink. a sort of
general character i-cC. nos the men
who went to rrak' up th* population
.f the plains In th tr early days
j ffarrr Irrlnf, a nluakls m*m
he; t th ~ R- list'd!* rompanv. now
Jr the Onr ■i. k w;«« born In India and
r la' ms that - re he Japan
* • e m.;; p -o. •
the world It through Professor
von Herkimer that Mr. Irvine heram*
Interested in the stair* and his first
appearance was u-
Viols of Sir Herbert Tree's daughter
In Twelfth Night. Hl* e*perlen>s
since then has carried hrr, throu«: v
all parte f Kngland. Bsl*lum. Net
way. Germany, ftw iraerlaad and th*
West Ind.e* His theatrical aesocla
tlon has teen with such well known
people as Sir Herbert Tr*-. Lew'
Waller Sir Charles Wyndham. Sir
John Hare and Sir Johnston* F*nrb*«
Robertson In fact It was dne to Str
Johnator.» Torbea*R<' > >ertS“n th* -
Mr Irvine cam* to America In h
youth M" Irvine decided ».n study
law and that h* s'*co**d*sl is proven
*n th* fact that in Rnglajvd he is
registered a’ a barrister at law. and
a member of the Inner temple. F al
lowing hit engagement in America
with Sir Johnstons Forbaa-R-nert
«or.. Mr Irving wen* to the Brooklyn
Institute ■* Arts and Science*. wh»n
he had charge of the unlQU* and
artistic productions brought forth by
thl* fAr%nn>#t Institution of it#
in th* T’rlted States
a . e t . V r„ *r. |*H rry IbW P]«>
th* leading role* in anew film play
called The Question to h* seen In
the Madison n»»l w« ;k. Miss ’ o ' r *•
ofiss r\f t # p in motion
pictures and wli known for work in
many ff>rm»r auoc.e nr
Womanhood and Her Secret.'
• A - * ♦ f r * Mftfthi V. r 4 *t
and« tf*'-.- r of a
a young -h*mtst Harry M >r*y Is the
chemist, and th* part provider Mm
with many dramatic opportunities
and Jus* *M kind of a part »hf has
made him popular with so rrvsnv
theaters: *rs Gulden lame- * ha ■ «*a
K*n* and Amy Remt*y ar* ne.m.*d tn
th* *pabl* mirpcrung cast. Th-re
will be the usual h‘*h class added at
t'■actions to accompany "Th* Ques
tion including special music, aopra
no solo* and the usual musical mat-
Ine* on m nday. Wednesday and Fri
day. When Harold Jarvis alnga
Vivian Mar»’n will com* to the Ma
■ mmt'i' *r - at. r s r*<n n*a* * * 1
th* new ph. toplav. "Giving H* kv a
Chance." Possesaed of unusual
pjguenoy and charm. full of life and
vitality. Mlaa klnritn t» one of IV»*-
1 » , mx Ts t'f Y? \
Am*riijin girlhood. In “Giving Decoy
}th« story i* the nittthUr
, ... oftne general tn a
’ , jntr , vl||«|f Mistaken »mbtll«n
, r Ihr'l <>* >! 1 t r lend* hej |>m»nU
t jif .u t f ‘i iusurious hoard*
.' '„ t '»• «h' i* „li«• !■ Ird »nii. Jv* !
• - that r,ei*ft% lose her tha j
i IM , «*f a worthy man with
her ;r ■ she makes »»*
% f-*r >nr talent to a*'a. .her father
.. nfo * falling while tha
/*' ’ 1 “I Will Give Another. §
; JUNE 23rd” I
V. i. TTow Is that for good ntwi! Another T cidich Apodal Cruise.
1 1.600 Miles—St* Dr..** *>f <>r*»at Lakes l ravel to Duluth via Sarnia. Son, Port Arthur
; au and Fort William. A complete vacation msde up of numerous vacation* all in one
■ An inspection of th*> World’* Graataat l/ocks at the Son a Special Tran Trip to
r L’.KpSBfcSCsBMi Kakabwka Falls and a l’lcnic beside.this Niagara of the North a Twelv#- Milo IL u!t ,irj
■■ ,'.V' Drive at Duluth- a close-up view of Duluth'* Aerial Rrlilge All this plu.» Ms*- luxury
that travel on rhe mllliorvdollar Notonie afTorda -owning dance* ,tnd concert* aboard
.iuL S.\ wx the ship—afternoon teas— bridge game* deck gamer and whole com t« but
C. Leidich ? 4
Meals, Berths, y<C [% Everything
jig Side Trips Included
fej and up
Think of such a trip for such a price!
Come along. This is your opportunity.
J Meet new frlenda- aee new sights breathe new air Read visit write picnic -
( very minute Is planned for yet every minute i* >our own to do just those thing- you
E>r wish to do to carry out your own Idea of an ideal vacation.
r/t ni be with you all the way. All of 'my Arne will t*e devoted to planning your Jr ■
% c mfort and your pleasure.
v[\ Leave Detroit —Grand Trunk Dock
yS 4L\ Foot Brush St., 9A. M.. Eastern Time
s' j/j I\. R.turn to Sunt. ,1. ‘I.J. l.t.r .nd th**n by Special 1 rmln to Dorrotc jY.
c.llin. mo on tho phono
■g, ►**** «S|j- V •1 • I 69 Fort Pt. West
;S* personally I I.olCllCll Phone Cadillac 5»25
The Million Conducted by
jj ■ : . . .1....... ..
met her la i*f Inmb til Melt
will he seen In the chief supporting
role The remhinilei of the bill fvr
the comiuk week will b* made up of
comic, are me, educational, and mual
cal feat,ufea.
"Joan the 'V untan.” which cornea
to the [Jetroll opera house, Sunday
evenlnit. June l*, for an Isd.flnUn
entf n a emeu t f..»tutmg Geraldine Far*
rar. the opera atar la tonaldei ed it
film masterpiece. Going hack lea*
than seven centuries in the thousand*
of years of life on this earth. It em
phaatssa the recent stride* toward
anHghtenment. It bring* before the
Detroit Edison
Highland Park Office
We have opened a branch office at No. 15 Ford
Avenue, Highland Park, for the convenience of
our customers living in the northern part of the
city. Business can he transacted the same as at
our downtown office—bills paid; lamps renewed;
orders given for installation or discontinuance of
service; information obtained, etc.
The Detroit Edison Company
WEDNESDAY, JUNE 13. 19 17,
modern audience the bltndnsaa and
#up. ratltion of our anceators and the
evil- of the di'lne rlghte of hlny
Strnnflv It portrays the fallacy <.f the
theory that one man should control
the destiny of mlihufl* • f « t,h<*rs
\fter aeelria this p.cture »"»re I* h
satisfaction In r«ulitm* that
the preaent .*Re. as tilled a* It ’s with
faults, la ailll the most enlightened
tn the World a history, and t' at the
tendency of life is toward prof'rea*
Instead of retr«>*i . * i»i» ‘Mo* the
Woman" Is a vlaualltMtion oft! -
life of the world s greatest worn n
.She ta not the saint popularly pic
tured. hut Joan the norrar a living
Mi'Tertngr person atruealtng for the
"reriom of her countrv In Imper
aortailntr Joan Mies bss sur*
t vased nor fvins a.« a and won
nan laurels as m e-treaa i* !• ,1
•*iar and The
Walla e lie ». Th*..p ’ t en., ilay
tn. •, • '.ill, Tully *.« :>l. H «r?
It ,sworth C iirlei (”lar''. .• «• »e* !• “HI.
Horace ('aipenler. Il« go Korh, LID
'ln I I.elghion. Mat j> i> i'tv. * ’ion
lildßlwv, WTiilam ronhi.n, Walter
lamg. tai ry Peyton tt MM n Elmer
itinl rrst.y others Ta > performances
at ( umt at t Jm o’clock will he given
for the opining of th» engagement
Sunday evening

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