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We’re at War
'l'inie is precious in wartime.
The compact Times saves your time.
No wasteful wordiness.
Nothin** but worth while news.
SK \ K \TK K NTH 'K A It. N<>. -- - •
Position Over Lont?
Front Declared
New Gain (on firms
Importance of
LONDON, Jun* 14.—The G© r
man Zeppelin L 31 was dc»t'-fty
ed early today over the North
Sea by Britiah airmen. Chancel
lor ©f the E*chequer Bona*' L,ia
announced in the houae of com
Which of ini ' tL■ r i lit . ' \
A nn"Mn' ri) (tr«*roy.cT by Ur !: “h
tn re**-* Ai - iir<jtn# t > tie * ••tint
I,f Uh.'-ff!«-ial. !' apt •n? V r••
h v 1. u.b ri Tim- *■
t>j|lD th* tT; rl -I *'•. bcrtiiion
4..ut - \ • ?
l.oNIh )\ .In- : i \! -r.-l-m
merit i-f ;11.» i'.f <
1 in« h*tw •■* n 1 1 It • I !nd
| Sf ' f ‘
of ' b-- tr« tn« *i< 1 < • • ur* *' ‘
MriM-li idv-*r - * « • ■ .!• in*-
v in. .11% !•*.< I I Mir i l!
ilfmr today
• <btr further ad'.in'" * ** east
of M* ;|. «. < ■• Vi ! w• •! nth* r
l»r» ' r. * ■ - • •
NKW Y*»f?K. June It ;
mam will imnnur to mak air |
| raidt* s»mh as ?hnr over l*r*ndon I
>*--*#ri|rt>. until Bn aland mak*
i r« prlsal- In th' opinion of |/ird !
I Snrthvnm
Commenting (> n yesterday s j
j laul today !• aid:
\ir rait!.-- -in I .- r >«I *«n and o?b* r -
KngM<d> tow n* v i • (in' n«
} lone a- ih< llrdi f.< vi inn mi* ■
\ dors noi permit i >1 ov* r hit: 1
i fa rmiin • lti<* '
pband n imjiiat n* • n' »f ?h< r
jflr«t lln< betw •rn tht> I.\ md Si
Yv- ” r|,t In ri -'i < omm-tml'r in
fclilnf iu ,-rtmf
The victory thus rained by the
British fore*-.- « iin cmr«b > r> - *l..
dominating *r- ngf! -f " '.Vv*
iochaefi Mcs«dn* r ridge, taken In
(Inst TA'r.'kV cr• •it a anlt TANARUS! •• T• ■ r
jrlforj mu j’cnd.cml ?<> »li.» British
ifor-•• • t|,«' German rcir- tnnt till
(farther back !n F e triangle formed
b\ rti» Htv* r I,a and the Ypn •*
ul v llb l i mat the point if which is
at i 'i-m fr - wl ii - fa o a -it .-r
’w-tv J-*in Th* <n*rriv postth n In
Ihls nli* nt : < tr*-ci|ini;!> precnrl
Oil ■! 'li to tlie I l .-el i lid '?-)•■ cat ,ll
turnip* rim- r*p'd operations on thrlt
par? and n-dpary id > ; •,. be re to
flay expr* n-rl the b« Ib f that rvnru
at on ■' i- ••».' it i' nwl • T-.tr’.'
ti** fores 1 1 idovi i*d by the tin*-
Withdrav al reporfid by f-'h !d M *r
I>hal Mali:
) In addition to the Mriti«! pain by
withdrawn! "f the »h nmus from
thdr first Jim bet won Si Yve.*
and I#} a, Hi' il"n eju •t. I
f *'Kh sos IMin tiert wood no fol
low • and ihe mini/ c!o» *dv I’d mn
*lder;»bly pro* i-a-ed In flu neigh
borhood of flap tard W'* pained
krruind at nißht."
Mi l I.Vltn < II V I tab.. Jni.r
j 11.- trlhur 1.. Wltl/irri |irlnrtp.il
p nt Uir Mini: ham <1 Inh l 111. h
j Dl'himl, l« ill INo rniml / lull ho.
J lu4m iinil i* • limir nt
l! I* rtf*«•.•»#»«! ill l.r Itlr.l ncnin-l hOli
M n rrvtill nt the UlllOit- nt t r. II
Mnlm#. nn#i nf hi. Mftdll.
j NKW YORK. J r ii John J).
Knrknfeller. Jr, mult i-tniihon or* in
hi* own rßhr »«i,d -.>u of th* world's
I first hillionair*, b 1 ililly Sundav s
undo n n in jirayer Hr- <*:*:<l "We
I thank The*, i > *r-t, that th.:.- are so
nmny men and worn* n in cry
I vho are nut iutermti I m m ik :i x
I money, so much a in th* -i* * ;>< r
things «>f the* spirit 'ion* tv not
jm* - ning Sunday 1 “JI * • hung*'r-
Th* pray.-r na»- ptinctanf and by low
Constantine's Fall Not
Entirely Wood
I* -Mils -Tunc It TV,' Allies*
d.rcd ahdhmtion of Kim; Con s’an
• of *;r* • . v i rod ••>!! f'li «h* and
without o.nie Idoi-d''i*d, according
o delayed advic. from Salonika,
received today
A i',i-i . i i:olon< 1 "t b.uriv- a tr. rich
»•-* > i ■ i’; 1
killing two Prench officers and four
• a’. alrvmen and wounding a score.
Si'cM <;r*>* k soldiers w. r*> killed,
:.| ...fPiAr:-. including a general, were
taken prison.?-, and 2C* men cat*
Wh* r Mi* I' * r h *r»-.>;•-» • or- u
pj-d 1 i If■ «.r. < . tb-n Tlasvß
agreed ?ot to r*--i >t Col. Crlviis
of. i h*’ <; r< *t- forfi hnwcvcT, Igl - *
: ord* rod a I ir ack * d--tachnient to
open fir** on ?h*' b' r **tuh cavalr* .
whhh immedjatnly replied
Parfssn ts h Greek town In Thes
■ il>, L*" mib from the Gulf of
Canners and Wholesale (iro
eers To \ppear Before
(trand Jury
CTlirago, Jut c 14 The tnvern
nun' tl'nd. the Initial -’cp tr, an
other drive against the high cost of
eating today when niihp* l»a * were
issued Mgvlnst oP'rl.ip. of th*- Na
tion.'il Cnnned rood- l»r,. Fruit
Rrokej ' ;•• 's in’ ion, t !-•■ Ulmo
Wholesale Groi rs’ npj*t»elat|on nm!
•hr National Whole a!.- Grocer*’ ns
roc tat ion They wcr<* .1
to appear h* for** the i>d«- r • i gll* Mfl
11 <* r i •»n ii >
Visti th- M- nt<i v\ I. u in! TV.liMinn
. r jv Armi-* ir,*>nf*«, t i-f.-r ,».»v • r
Open ’l«tl> »... 1 r*’ •m] v it \j|
f o on*. ti.-Ue* J. ff*-r .-on at bridge
t *»‘fr V!t *«nirlhlna
Ts > i • V i t i* 1| .. .. |».
t**l i Jrl.-- ,-1 < -i - * r i* -.» ri- r
Iliiiml I 1.-iiii* •« II lii - at || illih
Fur- I hruili4ii*ltl HOli bii-'-d liIaAMAII. 4
• 4ltv
Devonshire Results
Flrxt iitkrn I'll--, jr ( %„ f,, r > v-n!
"Id.*- t urtong Il'Kh • 'i-nt. 11 * S
.'ini I in. ft 20, I $2 Hi. w If., Mfti-n
Fix 1M..1..W rth TANARUS, I Tu, $2 ««, Hecond
- ' * r * . llr IS - " r>. » ! M
- I'M W lit - l .-o' I'“|
. vOo vold**, nlHo ran. xPoland *?*»
! bli i-ntrv.
I'nliil rftre I - ur*r JMifl; 4->-»ar
-tdo *.nd up ft u, fart r.g*- v lr*niirhi,
l - l. M»r- n Sf». i “ Jll w -n;
t • .rid -,v;r,- 102. i T'.-Tr j > s*. 'O
• -rid V'-d.-i. l'.'ft, iMi Ia rtlu
: k i i r-1. '1 t.m*- 1 lft l \•«: .t
t \ i-■ > in'• i * i r.- n...* i ituri-
Tin r.l r;» «■ V. rdf* ipr- .. ri s!»*''
rV; • n- I J* 70 v-n I.•- !’<• - >ri U..
Ii r-1 J * 1.1 I-.1/.V i. -l b
1 .1 ' 'i • I- s•* - * t T T to•
I.i ly Iti-w. n». p;. - p. . ,'vs ft
I ■\. F* 11 liu-l, 21 in l ir, 1 tr-ic: * .<-4 kl ‘ n
t .11 .
■ ♦ ——
Blue I!g>nnt ts Results.
Plr-* K.i ft f<|. ■ r> - J.adv Kl*
i- *ft. til it rump- I • *2 ft. w n.
■ vai TtUi; 1. I**l I .* I
-r Nii.i Fl i.. •*. 1 C lon fur ; i.
i • 1; ’ I H flll •Jt i H • I fl.
i.iif M ‘ • H'-t tI "
♦ *
Belmont Kntries.
1 |.|«f *■! <■ *b| f*n ..rf* ’I t- r «Vp
ii l, tl> a [,,J_ 11 t.pny f; ( >
- I . 1 ttu: i Tlni** ‘.2 1 Mil ft -
ind«. FrontP y T»r. M- t Mario II
J't; •• \N I**. A- r..w V .-I and
I 'ii *•* ten
\ ,’ i Wnl.
rvrt- it li. 1.:-* -I aimer). 7 • > I. ft to
?.. ; ... n' i 2. - • i t*o.-h< H-n!
I -ft *••** *; h . 12 tr- !. f- t ■ 1.4 t. 1.
i hir 1 T in** 4 ! 7 * ’. .-■•»>a-k»*. Tin*
i‘a - mo* A .* *r» n tut Y -deling also
run. shannon lliver f.-11,
TA- I ’ »:*»<■. ri.. r,, r ),. n(r «- Favour,
v * W tvn «In I’ I •r. !' T *K! * k r». n
«, * 7 t«> Ii i 4 -•*. m\<l, guftfn
f 4 V
f l v third T •*, \ :! I»ny
*i* *’* M f':er MiitAit « Hu*. nntr 'i•
NI ‘it A*r ir* t I« h. **y ♦ ridc 11 * M : a

Fir ? !:.*.-** I-. Mutter "Mfltv.l-
Iv ». to, ); • -and f ■ to. vr .ft; N■
A* r- | .1 <i o and *T I**’ aec.nd
• >. - M >*l »4 Oft. •*. •! Ti- ....
; • ■ k »-k : «•«.'. -r . F nef .-•? -r.
.. * ■« nv, J-dtn Wiirgfn-*. Happy
Th it ' 1 F? *n/»- nI M »* tmh
Printer Has SI0.000!
Puts It In Rond
TAPMRTK, hid. Jim*. 14 John
Kldr*'d. printer .rnpioy.d !-• th*' iwi*
porte 1 fer ihi. t f *da' atibsi rlb*’d to
Ild.Oi-o In rt bond It i- be
Ji*»v*-<1 ht-* -tibs rlpflon * \croda that
of i*n nthi s workingman t?i the
conn? i y,
Ir» t-Ph t I jiti tn Kft+ Tt
• 'lfvflnnd-WiuhlMit"fi I< alri
1 *ht« Yt»rl< Katn
Nt I, . 0 1 »>
Hr wtAn ...non
HATTFPTF> t#re»Mf!« nr. 1 r* trl
T in 1 ftidy. FMIMiIRS M
t*ormii:k unt! •''»n?v*»lly
N \TTON \L I. EA(j I T E.
0 i,
It ftTTMUM-'.d llrrnn* * and »*--S\-tv .
Pemarrr -uni NVTlnon. FMt'lltMs My
ron and u! gl«y
v-»\ > r k ft '»
I 111«t>11r »■ ?> ft •• "
UAT'i'MIUMS Pnfrltt nfid llarldenj
-f -and M Wagner. MMIMUKS
i:ti: Ter nnd * >rtli
Hr. • k l > n..,
st. l,i.iln . . .
Phtla ..... *1
M . nil i irn'i
•p • i» .* u no; - 1M PI UFA ':>A .
and Harrla.-n
ttrfroll nn<l % l« Ivilf i •
plii'K riitl I rt ill** full | <-«•** >i n i|< *1 rmtli
ni .1 r .l- *.» fr*-*h ■outh**cat to **••«!
i* I ii .1 -,
I tl -l.luuoi l air I'l’i'oitlt
nlk I 1 ii*i-t Irbbi'l llunu tcinrnlnr,.
I r|il«t In iii.rtlt and nr*f ftertlnix*.
| ..j*. r I .Ni- 1 r» *ti i* nit *.*•%% I lily
i r*.** h aryl a 'h.lii n a*-**-It* fair
nrilli.-r tlitir*il.M iiimlil iii.l I'rl.lil
I i.n.-r l.nbi-vt I'r.-nh and i*ox-tM»
- row h .iWtluiMi and *ye«i i*lml*(
fur **• nib*’* llmr-iln* n-iihl nml l r|-
du i ,
T.lil tVtl I'M Ml* Kit \rt m»:>
n n, hi .li In a. nt (It
-a, in ... r.i |l a, m «t.*
a a- mi I# n on «in|
n Yi. m *mi . i |i, in *i*(
II la b*' * I triiiM'iiiinrr t)il*< dale In
the |i**l *t ' ‘ r*. **7 in l*Ki|| 100 eat,
ta In IN7V
Him year a-* linlul i Itiv hr>f *»m
rrralmr, 7fli l*»w.*», *l2» mean, *?*ii
. ■ .4*- or* h r *\ *1- ,!*• trch <-f f tin
I’ll. HO SI-I*. Ihnr d-.y a* »i aik |i
m nd rt e Ir■ it ii» a) tiA*l a. m.
'f'bk Himiu Nt.-* I riitiix at U’lU a. aa.
I' 111 R S DAT, J'l N F; l 1 , 1917.
K.LUiib OF
Berlin Calls It a Suc
cessful Raid On ‘Fort
of London’
BERLIN, (via London), June
14. "Good effects" in “hits”
were observed over the ''fort of
London” in the German aero
plane raid yesterday, an official
statement today declared.
“A fleet of targe aeroplanes
yesterday afternoon dropped
bombs over the fort of Lon
don,” th© report asserted. "The
effects were good Hits were
observed. Despite a strong de
fensive fire, and numerous
aerial engagements in which an
English *« * - an fell info the
Thames, cur pFmes were un
harmed '*
nv rn l. Knrr\.
FtnfT t'orrrsp mfirnt l 'alfrd
I.ONIXIX, .T-.itir- 14 For pure 1
flcndishim**.* of purpo.-t*? .and In th*
-'hartly toll of Innitccht women,
•'hildri-n iunl old m* r>, (>* rrnan:- '*!
n;r rnid *>n Ixmdtin of y* xt*-r*lay, v, , k ■
th** rui-r-t murth-nuut <-f all the a* rial
jilracr which Kn. gland has H***n.
N> w destructive and pah. making
mlAHiica w • r*» dropped by the in
vadtTH. Most of th**.-*' Injurcil suf
f* red terribly from a- id fluids con
fain**d in many of the bomba Many
children and women wrlth*d In ho
tdtal b»’ds today from burns eau.-i and
by then** iiinrilt'nm* miaaileH
llenimny will **-port 'Vue* ess" In
this air r»ii lier.* is the Total *>f
that "k'ii'i «h" as ompiled fmni of
fleial data today.
Killed. '.‘T.
Children. 2«.
Women. 1 ft.
Men fif*. Including u f-<-or* of
f< i chle, aged nun and cripple
injured? Children, I'4.
Worn mi), \-2,
Men. 223
The 1 uildtnrs latr.ig* and w* ro of
an ntteftv non milifary *h:»r.ict« r
School house* were includ'd in
those struck. Tiny bodiett wer-
Still burled b**mr* , h the wreckage
today, it wa- ta *• and. The p d>!
heMev* j* its aortal pn*ri -nd anti
air* ra!t guns drove off the rr.mn
befor*. they could and i mo*-*
ov.*r th* capital c ?y Th<:< *-.,»■
dlso -sition t*i eritlciy.* t).*• and f 1
xlv*. M* a m Kngli.nd i !i. •.-
that th* «»ii!v way to xi *j ??-< *k«r
man** entirely v mild b -To r
th** nr with a \,i-t p. - » of ii
aeroplanee. Hut this is *-x. fly wl,
the fi-inu.n, want. Wi'» ' .*' of
■ . i | hi f| ;
probablv *ake aw i\ l;u* o-i <
plefo aerial t- npr* ■* ir it. t? < ". i
• rn front, blind Ft< ' I M > \, u
"♦•yes" and ma Vl ■- .i- ban
per tlu • ■ ■
«|t« t Dec;is•• lh*' '. übllc r*
this, it wan deform :n 1 • b ,-i »
lo? s**« as yraterdiv ** !*h f.-r r>i-t-
In all the affonnaU and u n
there wa" fbe i-ray r . v;.. *
\tnerlon wtatld noon .t *-i a \ *
• rial flout ov* r *-.)s. 'i *o- o.
Vtnermnn airmen itdo t n
on the w # st« rn frottf. the ,oon» r * u
Gti.iTlflN SiGiALISfS
•TOrKHni.M June i; \
liininary Htatem*nt of m.hh of j;
tit< lured in favor of. ini* rnaiionai
luLuialiun of all Uiapiduc; Uiuil-i (
1 \ i r piracy be mopped, uj
ih* public view.
TI - r- w« rc a number of addition*
tl and».i ‘f durinj? the night and
iii/. ■ exact number not yet
I" *.• . «••-• i■:ia If S'- :)(■ of the
k and wor* "fill rnioull
* ring a lift!*-, due to th*- inten.s«dy in
mr.fifor- nature of the incendiary
bon, 1 - bo •- acid explosives infllct
<tl ..orp on n numb >r of the in
jut- ' 1 Po'ic** men an i firemen were
se.i'-e • 'ln* debris today for addi
tional vi'-fims.
? niEiitiN rtiiiti
The nnnual graduating exorcist
" of Western high school will tali
t place Wednesday afternoon, June -
£ in the school auditorium. The cla«
motto is “Build for character an
* not fur fame.” There are 84 men
1 hers.
v The program will include the J
dress of the class president, Way it
Garrett; class history, Grace Ry«i
n son; address to class of January, ’l
pf Carol Roehm; reply. Dorothy Haug
[' ton; class prophecy, Caroline Leo
L? i.rd; presentation of diploma
B- Charles L. Spain, assistant super.
|',. tendent.
The following are the graduate
" rtoM- Igmlse Alvord. Blanche tides,
»- Apt. R<-y Alonzo Austin. Paul)
1 '“ Prances Bailey, Dorothy Evelyn B«.
lev. Male! Docile R»ker Elrsn
r n*’atrlce Baldwin. Maggie B» k. W
lin in J Bennert, Lionel Braun. Ms
Mandellne Beslock, Evelyn ("harlot
•a Bouchard. Emily Susan
, ' Dayton Talmaue Brown, Isabel H
. ena Burch. Harold John Burns. Melt
.2 Amelia Button, Gladys e’urrln.
] v Henry Davis. Clifton IVih.rt D wr«
Florence Buth Farver. Marrs r
Mari Florence Hazel <'!itire F n
'• Beniamin Franklin Freuhauf. Kunlj
*“• Gertrude Garrett. Wayne Hull ('<>*
0 I rett, Selena Gaud ion. Nile* Gem j
(Baden. James David Greig. lei
>n Hectner Groh. Eleanor Armorei ltd
j,l naff. Dorothy Herald Hard, Jo
r Thomas Hayes. Hfcbard James IP
(», den. John Edward H,'*nm»l, Ire
l- Frances Horn lluth B Moufley, !•' 1* ,
rs ence Thendora Huff. Prudentla <"ra
f,- ford HufTinan, ly»Ia Ixro« 11 •r. Mai
in Grace James, Frances KJtaaJ+eth .1
;is de Vine. Joseph Jirasek. Satde Me
garet Knapp, ('arl Martin Kreug
Florence Jeanette Igvurain. Eyel
l" Frances lawrenre ('arot)ne M
*1 Georg- William lAnd«*
to Altnu le»ren». Theresa Mary Lyot;
u. Thomas Alexander Mc("all. Thelt
>e Irene McDonald, Kd>the Lillian M
\>f Pherson. ("ella Mae Matthew.
‘I Eugene Mantle. Norman KI nger»
s- Moore, Gladys Elaine . Monger, J“nn
n Grace Nowlin. laltii' 1 W Pater Edi
V Mac Pa \ ton. Arthur W.illtnm Rohmi
I* lone Meath Roberta. Carol Mat
FOR 550.000
Robert F. 1 hit op form* r m iructor;
tn mat hematic- in the I'niv* rmt> of
1 Michigan, hue lllod • uif lor f'.d.ono
damages against I lodge Brothers 1
n i R/>b* rt /tik a • ( r for I»*U*
I Broth°rs. alleging that his sight was ;
I • rnmnently impaired a th( • Milt ■
* a ((ill; •on In • • . F • i ini
• hid, Baton was tiding and a Dodge
i tr that wsv hdtng to *« h* Zak.
Tim acrid *nt o>'c'iu«*d wi ! «and ,
W.ayn« on th" .Mi" l ig ive. road
-■•ver.nl iran*h« ;ur » Baton &ii*/< «
ihat he has le an c’.atd -to t at It on
i'ccoani of ho injury t«- his eye
John L Crardell r> pi a n< - th**
Dili I AD
Lied. rif'-r A’hlotl's *l-sc: ill gatin
I’rlnttnv- hr plnS ’ —< o*
!!• rltih* I t* »(
tog 4 uiiliiury Ktrug^a.
Howard E. Coffin Tells
Congressmen Planes
Must Be Had
Staff Corr«r»iMW»d '«f hnttma Pratt
WASHINGTON June 14. The war
cunuot pose dy la won without air
• upr* !iia-y, .uxxrding to Howard B.
Coffin l.ft for* a bub' ommlttc** of the
Hc?mf* milita y affairs comtnittco to
ll*-. (b'clar* -I th* gr« ateat inaptra
tion to American genius was to gain
huprenmey in her two invention.**, the
a* roplart*. and th* submarine.
Kiupha.dziag tin* n« . and of speed in
Hire mil con. ’rur.tiou i othn read Into
-the re of th* h* armgx th© com
pleo t lor.* ot live iat**at German raid,
cabled to thi» country t.y Kd Keen,
Fnilerl )*i( .* ctaff (‘o;T* ft|vondent at
"T he great* -d .-*> rvi< .- llu* United
State* gov* rniuent can do,’’ Coffin
raid, “it* to turn our wonderful re
miiiics to g.vmg lh* Allies aupre.m
,icv of t!i* air.
"We havi i. r*-ridy started w**rk
on ih<- i»roJe(t. Training ffields are
under const : uction in various part*
of -lie country and others have been
iu?hori/*tl \ d* finite program K*r
th* < onsuui tion of hundred* ot thou
i-atid; >f ma< hni' is already und» r
4.*\ .
liANSING. Midi.. June !t -C»ov
Sleeper tod iv if-; ued a i roclamation
calling upon may on* and presidents
of incorporated village!* to join wilt
ctfllcer ol Lb R* and Cross in it.* cam
:-aign f. r funds K* i Cross a*« k,
June IS to I'.
•‘OnD by vneroUs giving." say*
l.e prnrl mV.-in, "can assur"
l-, ti .i Ih* B<)ldier# We mnd
it •] u ■ ' ' ill l *v r pr. i r care
~j- ,{;< a* -* i,<m ick find wound
j - r ar, v oman and child
sbov’ ,i tl nk of the need
vinel? nr r ." try th* rc-QUcst
ri I' 1 r. vfi ; Ct ’. *I) .
| i « 1 «i»i More.
I.* • J > 4 tnko
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Wait Only Formal Approval
of President
WASHINGTON. Jun* li Amer
ica's draft rul* s are ready.
They n»*ed only the vise and ap
proval of President Wilson and Sec
retary of War Baker, and probably
will be Kubmltti'd t<> Wilson today.
Then, within a tew days, it is esti
mated. the nation will know the an
swer to its inquiry, “Will our son
or brother be in the first army
Tlow will they b* pick'd and when?”
The answer will be given In 'he
form of a proclamation from Presi
dent Wilson which will set in opera
tion the gr* at human lottery system
and the boards who will cull out the
Promulgation of the draft rules
has been a work of w«.* ks A na
tionally known lawyer, who * name
and works have been withheld, hn
toiled to make the rules equitable.
Totaled $1,813,000,000 at 1
I*. M., McAdoo An
WASHINGTON. Inn*- li "Bverv
Liberty bond bought by a patriotic
American will hasien the return of
peace and the n establishment of
justice and . liberty tliru<>ut lie
world,” declar'd Secretary of tile
Treasury Mc.Adoo today, in a final
statement on th*- >v* of ?!-• * !>. •
of the l J her l v bond loan Smtu!
* .tn* on -!> t -i n"; e- - , 1 ' ■• l'
scrlption? repoited to h* tr--a*.■ irv
derailment toialed $ 1. >»4 ;.■*"* a*.
Ip. m., today No more tl*. tie- will
be disclosed until the final tot *1 an
John w Stair \. executive Mian
ag* rps the Liberty l/>;m campaign
in Detroit, has c.dl"l upon pa-".?
and manufi)* fur* r* to ring the
church bells nn«l blow the f?i-lory
w *b *< for 18 niinut"- Friday ikkiii
‘n mark the elope of ht* campaign in
I!• tuut had «ub • r ii"*! more timn
t*\ce t!<- oFeleal ullnt'ii* n? of s’’
Obu.imn. and w - lb" Hr-, ct*y tn the
ountry to ov* . - uhboni " ;t quota
I*rl*< *•*>,» —*l* •• iilnln n«*nt kind—did
I. rl h*—Tl»t. I"?* ?>•• IX M-i.«i *VJ*»
\*(« I‘vwiih, t>ack« 1 b> rtii• k pro
• «W-.... ,
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li* pr* « mat iv. of■! . -H
oord «>f fualth *'’rr al«o a
th<* h» irinto rvttiofitl ui tL.
K t a g. T
I 'ro pa jorandist s Here
Bitterly Denounced
As Falsifiers
( ourse of Teuton, Plot
ting* Traced Thru
out World
Full text of President Wil
son’* I'big-IMy speech U 1
be found on patje 7. *’
WASHINGTON, June 14. —Araow-
i h is at wat “in defense or our
rius a free people* anil of our
honor as a sovereign government."
President Wilson thin afternoon
thu.‘ r'a ' • i.l why Vue-rica l. fighting
In a speech solemnly vibrant with
warning of the blood and suffering
the country must enduru. but deop
tin* conviction that the nation
fights for the right
The pr. id* nt i>«>k* in the shad
es of the Washington monument be
fore a huge throne of government
<mplo\i - iii a Fla. day observance.
Tin president's address was a re
cons* (-ration of Flag day was a
speech lha f stung tn the bitterness
< • ! i irr si. : ••!< « < f (}< rmanv
not •>l fli** Cos rmun people but of
Cermany’-: auto rat lie pictured
• b imany “military masters” in a
sipi ter plot of years ol incuhatton
reaching out. corrupting, intriguing,
scheming to deceive thwr own peo
ple and martcr the p* ople and pow
• : of other “mailer nations into
throning a broad belt of Gorman
power and political control across
the very center of Rurope and be
yond the Mediterranean into tha
heart of \ -ia “ Tin president
named \ustria Hungary a» the dupo
nf O rm.'iny an toe rat a, Hulg.ula
and Turkey tlicit cats paws. Ha
• 'tn* 1 1v inveighed against any
com derati nos alleged German
p* u • fe*-li rs put out now by thns*
who I iving set their net and
r< •'»< and 'he 7 -nlth of their domina
tion now sec their sinister plan*
about to become naught Likewise
h> bitterly assailed German propa
ndi-it* In the 1 nit* 1 States who
seeking l»> in idiot;, means to
undermine the nation her* .u homo.
\merica, tfco president said, wars
for tie. first tiru*- h«to*h tho seas
because the principles for which
-he now dgi a ' ,ir< otactly thos*.-
for which -dm waged every
other victorious war In her history
and been,e osh was forced to fight
“in d* f t -nse of yttr rights as a fr* o
»■ -oj I* nd of our honor ga a sov
f r Moll* /.-t r ]vy OfinrlirlOft
oU*. | «. , I.* f* UL 1 thfk
• ;i:i r jrr*» p men that «r*4:* tq
%a> in *.hU dav nt
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i n <>f ts. n ■*!(>{ W■
.w ar <» new
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\ 1; * 1,. r nr ’ fortunes
* * * *fee«y
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I host, ry from
i j.i. .» h;. morn tb*n
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uto ; -vi, . 4tv #■ *.-***

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