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Belated Rush Swells Liberty Loan
We’re at War —
Time is precious in wartime.
The compact Times saves \our time.
No wasteful wordiness.
Nothing but worth while news.
SK V KNT EE N I' 11 YE AR . NO. 221.
'JU99 IBiW aSuH sOaH m 1 A , Jf'J Pjpß>| a/Mj* Iniißfff J l yv»j
Pledges Will Pass (he
$2,000,000,000 Mark
With Large Margin
Excess of $100,000,000
To $1,r>00,000,000
Is Expected
WASHIKC.TOV, Jnn*- 13 The
Liberty loen, Am rica'a first gigun
tlr war c* ntributiuti t.s a success.
\V*hen th" list-* closed today Afll'T
lea had written n figures of aid
and iher her answer to th** in
Itlirt appeal, and incomplet# tabula
ti-ui- . 1 rl> todav indicated the loan
would bo ov. r subscribed SIOO,OOO,
000 tut“ 00 tIOO.CaO
Hie bunks pouring their resources
into tit* loan swelled th* total in
th*- r■[> . inn hours tho the plain.
ver'day f-.ik and and a tremendous
share in a*k n,; the h>«ti go
Men and women of humble cir
"tunt tnr»* - did th*-lr due. taking
s'»), s|oo or even more of subscrlp
lion- The wealthy turn'd in their
subscription- hv million- hut the
fact "that thf** wa>» a people-'** loan
was brought impressively home by
the fact 11 at three million or more
persons '•h i 1 * and m th« uee* **
New N f t ahead <,f all com
petitors, s*'in« In massive -üb
script tun# in ihe *losing hours.
Other cities follow*d in propor
tion and nowhere could th** charge
of slack-t he laid again-1 a com
ri:- ' bank tu* fW It r|. *n were
respon - hie for the heavl# -f con
trlhutlon** today, hut these in turn
reflected popular investment, hit in
a vast, pari of the subscriptions th**
hanks w«>re acting as only agents
of the common people.
nnrvtio, June la.—The Middle
W. and did ii
With liut I t"o,ouf> to go. the i ’hi
cago federal r* serve district crossed
its IZtiO.nao.bou minimmu mark in
the Liberty loan handicap witii a
rush today and was away to make It
SHOP 000.000 when the Issue «-lt>s*-d
at noon
I noflirial report were received
frnir. the -tat** chairman of Indiana
and Michigan that $20,000,000 from
the former -tale and 121.0U0.000
from th* latter were not included in
the s2**-y,600,Qu0 total announced at
midtilglit last nigh'. If this is borne
out. tb<* $300,000,000 already is as
* In Chirigo the Corn Exchange Nr
llonal hank topped all subscribers
with appi ox Imately $11,000,000 worth
of bonds of which $1,000,000 was sub
scribed by employes oi Bears Roe
buck A- Cos.
The total of subscriptions under
ir.ni had reached more than $12,000,-
000 last night and were expected to
nt'aip $20,000,000 before th*- time
limit expires.
The llnle town of Pawpaw, 111.,
with KOn population took s.'»o,ono in
Ruth Law. the aviatrix, who was
to have bombarded the Ix*op with
Liberty loan circulars at the end of
her long flight from St Ixmla, was
forced to descend tn an oat field near
Lexington. 11l . lase yesterday be
cause of engine trouble
run rtriKii m»ri t:
IlfirafnH'a *rl«l I"
1 0 ti’i v 1.. h*'fV tnl for r\ha nt*»'t con
ir! ania. Non alcoholic , Try It
not x osrr-aMW Hi «Ttt mxt
I new H i* l .frlewoM Cafeteria
l« cun iftperl w it t lea ut Ifilt r»la*** l"P
(-••I - ■!•!. . «t- «'hirh von may dmr
tn ecu.fori Adv.
.lame.- Hawkins, Negro. Lk y* it
old. returned from his work End*'
morning to find breakfast unprepar
j **d and his wife, Cora, still in b**d
Seizing a pistol he shot her six
Imes In the head and tlu-n -hot
himself thru the right temple H>
tiled almost instantly. His wife *x
pi red in Receiving hospital a few
minutes later
The shooting occurred at No. 70
Mullett st. Hawkins was employed
nigh':- ;C the I >et i oit & Cleveland
Navigation company’s docks.
Europe Has Anxious
Eye On Congress’
Must Ascertain How
Much Food I’. S.
Can Spare
\ ftbjfT < or • snomiffii ! n\rr<l I 1 <-0
I.ONlMi\. June ir> England is
follow ing the Aiiierh an senate d*-
bate on tie- fo<»d bill wi*h intent***
inter* «t The Allies ar<- admitted
ly anxious as to America' po-ition
in th<* food problem of the world.
That anxiety i- reflected daily in ,
Hritiah newspapers Th*- Matl and i
Host today, for instance, onipha |
•*lze tfie vital Importance of early j
congressional action so that the Al
lies may know- Just how far they
ran depend on America')* assistance
and thu' b** able to frame their ow n
. policies accordingly.
Allan Anderson, chairman of the I
J Allied wheat executive hoard who i
accompanied the Halfour mission so I
I the United .States, thus summed tip*
I *he situation today for the United j
I Press
“I met ntanv members of the
American grain trade, and l bo
ileve they fully realize the Allies'
great and urgent n****d. I was as- '
sui**d everywhere that private spec ]
ulation was no longer attractive and
that ail desired to meet the crisis
with the least possible disturbance
to trad** machinery Hut how- and i
when fh«* problem. of food control]
In the United States Is to be settled
is still obscure. America must
settle the matter in her own way
hut we who are depending so much
on the 'United States food supply
are anxiously awaiting the solution
Until then we will he unable to
make a coniprehen«ive program.
The next cereal year Is rapidly ap
proachlng ”
iiovt mttur.T thk ii atvc
.tune 17 t« Roast Turkey
•*sv Sl Hotel l IrtSW'M Cafeteria
h 12 t<> 2.50 Supper. 5 t*» I—
«rV \
Til K si. Kit I* | SMI III! a I TV
I will appreciate hustian-d's Hind-
I ness tn tsking his breakfast st Hotel
I flrlew. M fafeterla r. tn f<> 11am
I Sun'll* v - 7 o* to t: n in. Adv.
xx xnx*h—»r. i.oi is x vi> men nx
II A. -<ai hin' IN t'hslr *«r« -A<l>.
DETnOli iiMcb
New King of Greece and Mother , Whose German
Activities Hastened Downfall of Her Husband
rofjLflL I
i- * i
The new- ruler of (Jrcere, King Alexander, son of King Constantine, is 24 year* of age. The king, pressed
by the alientm of the Allies to abdicate and name his -uccesaor. chose his second son. Queen .Sophie, staler of the
kai***r. has done more than any other single person to biiitg about th** situation which led to the abdication of
the kinp ll» r t.* rman tendencies embittered the ag* nts of tlie AIL* sand others against the royal house;
German-Americans On
School Hoard Are
After Hishop
School Man’s Remarks
Draw Fire of
The fight by a certain clique of
retirinkf school inspectors to oust J. !
R< Hi-hop. principal ol the j
Eastern high school has developed i
into a bitter light between American
patriot- and representatives of the
Herman American element on the I
ea**t side
Inspector Alexander H Rcinhold ]
brought the matter to a focus at j
Thursday ntglit meeting of the board i
of education when he demanded that !
th«* na:m- of Principal Hishop b«* tak |
cn from th** annual Appointment list ;
of teachers and referred i*a< k to the ;
tea« h« r. * committee Inspector Rein i
tiold. In a h>- 'toil tone, said he want ]
*-d to know what Principal Hishop
meant by saying that "he would like !
to shoot down a German.” and he
proposed to have an explanation
from Prof. Hishop.
After much spouting, which only 1
tanie|> re.-* milled the school hoard I
battle.' in sh« old days. Prof. Hish- |
op's appointment »n* Anally referre*!
[back to the teachers' committee by
ia to ol 12 to 7. I’rof. Uiahop was
tint p: e-ens.
Previously Inspector Allw-rt Hely
I ha*l moved ihnt the name of Henja*
j ntin F Comfort, ptlndpal of the
t'aaw Technical higJi school, also tie
f taken frj ni f h** list of annual ap
pc.n* unt n **ferH-»l b;t(k t< '.h<»
’ teach*-r- committee Thi.» motion
carried <>y a x*»te of 14 to '*.
Insp«ct«»r TLIj, who wa« caught
i nappitt *»v l'*.«i ecfof Momiord a hen
j the latt'*i had lh<* icarh' it" report
adopted b- fore h»* knew what was
goln< on. moved a rccon>iderafion of
th» i p* rt, and won the first s'age I
of th" battle by having th * mo un
carri / 'd. Immediately th» rc «
clamor demanding wJt> Inspector
Helv oppos*-d Principal Comfort's re
appointment, and h*- < xplatn**«l the i
latter had done him an injustice by !
rushing info print with charge* that |
he (Hely) was "sore” becatlS" » 1 tnc
dischatge of a teacher and i janitor,
wh*» w*-r* proteges r.f hi- Inspector
Hely declared ho had no such
rrudge, but he showed plainly he
had developed on* sin**- th* Com
fort charges had been mad**
lnsp*-*'tor Mum ford Increa.-ed the
tension when h* declared h* would
demand that Principals Hishop and
Comfort b* gi'*n a hearim: be tore
the full board
Inspector N’einas attemp'ed to
start another little filibuster agtin-tt
the re-appofntment of H' lh. rt C.
Smith, efflclen* ' * ngin**»-i »f the
board, but th** action died aborning
Inspector Sherman enlivened
Things by demanding (hat the re
ports cix Mrs Anna Si.iwuzel
anil Miss \nna Krausman. *f he
«ompulsory education department,
increase- of s•'. per month •* re
ferred bark to th** tea* hers’ com
mitter The motion carried
Hlanche Ward, 21 year - old, was
arrested shortly before noon Thurs
day- in an apartment house at No.
173 Clifford st., and i being held
by the police as an alleged accom
plice In seven slayings in St Louis,
The woman w,v< found in com
pany with George Hates 27 years
Old. an alleged St Louis gangster,
who is also want**! in conne**tlon
w ith the homicide** Th* Ward
woman Is said to ha'* several
dish foreign minister in a state
m*-nt to parliament late Thut day de
clared It was the intention of the
government to remain stn* ily neu
A pMit-.ric par.. :- . ;*d by
nno soldiers from Fort l-ogan H.
R'K'ts will be a feature th* an
I mint convention of fhr
iTraxelers. whlrh meet-, in little
j Hock today for a twtxdny a*-stou
I It II) A X , JINK 15 , 1917.
“’-S'- Jff&Twil
# 'Mt SrrW >, -
l U £\' JSI' LJk e *
Cases of Men Who Failed To
Register Will lk* Dis
posed of Quickly
Nineteen men in all faced U. 3.
Judge Tuttle Thursday for arraign
rnont on charges of failing to regis
ter, and for conspiracy against the
draft law All prisoners stood mute
and were held in h avy bail
Robert Westfall and hnniel Powell
Jr, two members of the publishing
hoard of th* Michigan Socialist par
tv, were indicted but not arraigned
Thursday Th* y will appear for ar*
r ligntn n» wh* n » alh-d
It is expected that when the trials
o ft lie -darker -tatt Tuesday, th**
majority ot them will be handled in
one day. a.- tin government intends
to push < very * x-r without delay.
All the ca-* s are to lv* determined
on questions ot fact alone, so that
they can quickly be disposed of, say
*he authc-flffti*
District Attorney Kinnane haa as
sured the police department to the
government'* full co-operation in the
arrest of slackers
AATtile on his way home from work
late Thursday night, Frank Poise!.
No i*.t Greeley aX'«\, was held up
and robb**d by a gang of highway
men on Russell at., n--ir Trombley
axe. A purse containing JlO't and
hies watch, valu' and at JJ'x, w*-r* tak
en l*oi«el report** I to the p*>H*-e
'hat there w* re fix*- men in the
Shortly after the TVls* , i hold up.
Michael G "Coni h No n'*3 Mol
brook ave., reported lliat h>- »<t s
livid up an*i r*»ht *-d tn the same -»p*e
hy a gang of high. .t>m<n tfr*-go
rich showi'd fight when th* high
waymen demanded hie money and
hr wa* badly beaten
Willia mHr del \*» 1r.r.7 Ru*
st., and Morris Gardner. No. lt’>27
Rtieeeil st., w* re arr* sfed *.iriy FYI
*!ax I’Mtnur; ind ate held bv th**
police for investigation.
Dedication of the new Sharpies*
a ieature of today'-- rontmeTK• :t'**nt
cx*’rci«* al Hnverfoid College J»r.
Samuel H Crothers of Harvard, Is
. liv.>r tl r . Ten - "tv ad
Liberty Loan Cam
paign Formally Closes
Friday Noon
Officials Sure Bonds
Will Be Fully
Far 1 ■’» minutes beginning nt noon
today, the shrieking factory whistles
nnd th*- tolling of church bells will
mark the ind ol ihe first Liberty
bond campaign It is expected that
the $2.000 000,000 issu*- will he over
The campaign was officially dosed
Thursday Subscriptions must all
ne reported to Washington by noon, i
hYom all over the counfrv reports
:ndkat*-d a whirlwind eleventh hour
campaign to bring the subscription
up to th* mark or over. Confidence
was express.d in Washington that
the loan would he Hubscrrnevi
Detroit did her "hit” early, being
thr first city to subscribe its allot
m* nt, $20,000,000. Its quota was then
increased to $33,000,000. and this
mark was passed in less than a
week It is believed that th<- total
will reach well over $4^.000,000
The trend of subscription is in
dleafed by the fact that New York
asked for 1,200,000 loan button-, the
badge of honor for contributor*;
Philadelphia 300,000; Cleveland 420,-
000; P.oston, 200,000; Chicago, !*’>o.
i»00; San Francisco, 205.000; St
l>ouis, 20it,00<»; ;Kansas City, 200,
000; Minn*-apolis. 17*0,000, Dallas,
125,000, ami Richmond 200,000
Hanks all over th*- land reported
flint they wer* thronged with m*n
and women anxious to he *nr*>u«d
There is a mass of clerical work
ahead, hence it may be several day;
itofor* th*> nation know-* definitely
the tQtal reached.
Httf the success of the lean was j
assured with a total beyond the $2,-
000,000 jM*t.
NEW YORK, .1 un<* lf> -C.row«Ls
flocked to I /me Island city Kxlax
to hear file t»>stimony In on** of the
nx -t unusual *.f New York's many
bren* h of promise cas^s
There a young woman of 2*< i**
re. *nvr $1,000,000 from an old man
of !»:.
Rut that $1,000,000 for which Mir
Hottora May O’Brien is suing John
,H Mnnntng Is halm for shatterM
nerve-- no* the wreneh of the hear*
Miss O'Brien said so herself in th*
continuation of her cross-examlna
Uon at the hands of Manning' i*
l«u*rney.s hefot*- Justice Crops'y I
*• .is/ "resm'Of’X and admiration f*
At n.ling's [defy, t?-.«- pr»-t -x >"’*l
L.**red plaint.ft In. lsted. hal i.-.i iv
to ac*'*-pt her ug* and wooerY ardeu*
courtship, not love
Women letter carrlc--. have made
their appearame In Paris.
Nathan P. Lowe, 4D years old,
Whituioie i ,ik", Mich., was convict
e.l in th<- I court before Judge
Tut t U l iiursday of t itling a regis
t« r«-d letter «»f $l3O lie war- -**n
tenced so -i\ months in the Detroit
House of Correction
Georg*- Cecil was convicted of
-b-aliru /ns from the Henderson
pharmacy which is h postal suit
station, and was sentenced to two
y .-jir- in ly-avenworth prison. He ad
mttted having be**n previously con
victed of white slavery.
Otto Ryan, 19 years old, of High
land Park, charged wi'h peddling
morphine, was arraigned Thursday
iftcinoon md held in $1,001) bail
Yankee Flyer Victor In
Engagement With
Five Boches
Occupant Falls 15,000
Feet To His
PARIS. June 15 Adjt. Raoul tgif
berry, of New York, premier "ace”
and fighting airman of the
ette Fscadrill*-, has Just brought
down his eleventh "official" enemy
plane in a slngl**-handed fight
against five Roches, according to
word received here today. It took
the New York fighter Just 26 shot*
to shatter the wings of the ad
versary plane nearest to him, the
G*TUi.-ir? whirling down from the 15.-
000 feet attitude to death. He ex
changed .-hots with the remaining
four, nnd then when more l>afay
»-tte fiver- came to his rescue, the
en<-my quartet hurriedly sped away.
L'tfbcrry was due in Parle late
this afternoon, with Lieut. Thaw
* llttshurgh), Sergf Charles John
son (S f lyouls), Sergt Willis Havi
land l Minneapolis *. nnd ('orp Har
old Willis (Hostont. to nttend a din
ner tenden-d them hy Ihe Aero Club
of France
The Americans were to be award
ed club nudnla and a sum of money
rai-*>«! by suhi'crlpfion in enmmem
ora*lon for their bravery and devo
tion !<* the CHtiae off Yance.
Ltifherrv was the guest yesfer
day of th*- French general com
r.' tiding the sixth army, to which
t! e Fscadrill** will short
ly be attached.
The liite-if exploit of the I>afav
eft# squadron as a whole, wns a re
markshly successful hombardlng ex
pedition over enemy reserve bar
rn< ks at a p*dnt six miles deep Into
*he German hn*s. The entire Ls
•ndrille flew at an altitude of a
hire f* et, disregarding anti air
• '♦ ct'Tix \*’d “'ed sh Ir IT' -hire
ojn-- and dropped bomb* over mill
farr establishments, roads and hat
. rl> « w ith g(*od* t-ffect
rHnllik —UK- pl**ln n*s* I* i*i*»— |h»*
la ri*h«— 1 Iwo* Jab Urfl.—H«l» 4XM
i; z z :i
Present Position Ren*
dered Hard To
Most of Foe Pieces
Have Apparently
Moved Back
LONDON, June 15.—-How great a
strategic retreat" Germany is. pr#*
paring around what uaed to be tb*
A pres salient was subject to the
keenest speculation in military cir
cles today. It was accepted aa a
foregone conclusion that with Fl«ld[
Marshfil Haig's tightening squeexo tn
the triangle of ground between th#
Ypres-J.ille canal on th#> one aide
and the River Lys on the other, tha
fiermans would be forced very soon
so evacuate all this territory up to
Some nattie front diapntrhea today
hinted such a retreat was already ac
complished in parT. This la the sec
tion in which Haig reported a r*'lln
quishment of fire line positlona by
tlie enemy yesterday. Unofficial ad
vices detailed that practically tlie
onh 4Jerman artillery fire was from
veryj long range guns, hinting that
most of the German pieces have bean
moved hack.
Ijondon expects now to sew an
other powerful offensive thruat hy
the Hrltlsh along the River Ly».
It has been Field Marshal Haig’S
strategy In recent months to drive
along the course of aome groat rlvar
—like the Scarpe and the Senses.
The valley of the Lya Is lik -wia#
peculiarly adapted to Hhlg*s opera
Senate Ralftea Levy To S6O Per
100 Pounds, x Prohibitive
posed war taxes on grain for dia
tilled liquors, already prohibitive,
w*>r*» still further Increased by th«
action of the senate finance ounmlt
toe last night. The new rate as
written into the war revenue bill ta
sr,o per 100 pounds Instead of S2O
p*'r bushel.
Distillers 9»y that It will beyond
question force them to close down.
Other liquor tat increases wer®
approved virtually without changd
-front the house schedule.
Th*- manufacturers tax of fiv#
per cent on athletic gO"d«, camcru,
patent medicines, perDiraery liflHfjj
cosmetics was reduced to two p®r
cent and a tax on scalpers ticket*
wax adopt*»d
It hit* hot**ls, n*»w«» stands, and
all pl*ie»»s selling amusement tiofc
ets at an advance over the "gular
rate Th«- tax provid#« for a raf# of
from fire to 50 per cent.
Chautauqua and Lyceum tb-kiit*
not to
IVrlrott *i*4 virlnltxi KrMsr i>i(M
and XnliiritiM #«lr| rising t*
inr«-: mnd-mlr mrlxhlr >* In4*.
I nm-r v||,-hlvnnt I'nlr »»4
rt»l"K frn*iM-rnlnrr I'rtitar Blfkl •M*
SafartlMr. "
•rar*s *l»k n y*rn *• rnMlr *at, 1
t« a. 4**«4i«"» He*el. Ads,
gaunt Clraeraa Wlnrral Ha*h*
Ctir* -haurratlent and t>® <1 A '<»«*.
~ Adv
Pr'illr g «•»• |»*a*a a-*« kl* o*4
U rf«k*—llan l*e®4. — *4aHi I

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