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The Detroit times. [volume] (Detroit, Mich.) 1903-1920, June 15, 1917, NOON, Image 5

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KRf I) \V . JINK 1 '». 19 17.
■* \
*• ■' pwfcjK/V ~
Trirrs of ; In. appP lav* not
gone up And ptn«*«p|.« i k .
about rn uni p'■ <■ \■ fll
gone up. So now is M . it- t ,-lo ( m
pinesppl *
The diimnd f.*t pin. .j iI. } tS
nor beeni* k* •r, i- o it. UJ .n<j for
the mori staple .• r ll . 1 - which p. >-
2222-22* WiMidward
s I.OO Day in
Blouse Shop
WAffTS - Special tahl* Wai t - limited
r':,;;'." 1 ;;; : 2 for SI.OO
30 styles in voile and organdie KLOI SKS.
Some plain trimned with dainty edgings;
others lace 'trim nod oral still others with
s I.OO
200 M(I >1 >! 1 > -it colors and white combined
with colors. Some -mocked; others plain
s I.OO
llnil<‘* ltl<>,».** —Vnmil l lmir.
Dolar I)a> on the r ifth Floor. Bigger
—Better Than Mer. These Items
Speak foi Thensehes. Bead Care
SATIN' RED ••rit-WI'N, ft I! fed rul > lit
rrri , Hu .1* .• i» 1 s t , cf |'f ♦r< n' tv , »
;r. in th« i< t lit r '.sly «>\i: r*» \ *i s r
TOM I; l; Vn Mi -i lit* )i il I < ii.|i SUN)
HEM ST I Tt' ME D RLLOW CAmLm-. at/'* 4 '
I ‘ h< « R r ► ' . •( for * I ,<m
201) (Hilt < iN'iY t. t-> a i ;iat i ttii-r
ENGLISH LONG ts OTH. 1»; ImTiea wide
Yin*. .• .ft . .I■« L ■„r f. ),„
g»rie <»i .■ . i 11 1.7-'» v a!u* - It i * l ,im»
HEMHTITCII KI > JCfft si/- lAxlg
Irclm". > ■ irs *- I iv* **<t *u Mil" i>.. i ts. ether*
II ui n S'' |. i i«n'ln •f i l!"- iii a r it. v i in. •
i it. v Vi i t I I . I for % I ini
«u"At.i.oPKf ’ an i mtvm»irii:rtT*r» lxvfl
opk i»av «-asi> -«• •>•*-»* .a »•*•* -*
l'Ti|ti|nii' -ttint tdfv ni i "R urn <J< ?ikn■! Made
f* --m Fruit t . I .<• i,. n 1 t .
pair ft I.INI
Kr**m to in <i'i a m
AM. I.INKS (>• SSi;| i-»\i./{- i/, is, ,
|r. (it's -v Mil »!•••{* in | i(t. | t| i •
f/iffnt pa’term * i” * li ■c» ai 1 * tin ** m
pair si.ini
PATTERN TA t-L''(.< »Ts I- v / -.xtOimh
t s I • * 1 | , (Hit tie* nit. h. o tlrrp nil
a i miml I: • * % < u» Si I .mi
' Only (o 1 a It « Ilvt.int-T
R/ri venlti n d«*ilil> \m» « i nti:f{-
*• in round, vn i-« .... I for it|,no
12 In ri'Uit'l, I " v’l’i't i t«r si.mi
12 In n>und,t t v . ■ . It ftl.mi
11-pt.M «• 1.1 flllt'V M'.Tnmr | av < la,-
filKf. tt ,*h •• >* i . ni. i ih• i- i.i
I's hlic Iflil (lilt 1 '!'■:* • « Orient , ! ||„
Just Hi'- thirty’ *r • !,>*( mmnsr , I * i
v a in*.. «. i. , ft i .<»•»
FRENCH v( I «' I' li i ZI: I • i:\tisi k. C, m hot
Wl'l* rr«t f> t. I’ll* I i nirtiit v\ ** a i 7..
Vftlll* .'I inril. for 51..H1
Ol(1 Itftlf ,</• M .-i VM’KIVS tv m i n ,
• Is** ■ ,lu*t. !*I *1 </. n in Hi* lot Half tin*-
»n at . ... ftl.on
Pl'liß IMA ID M m< H» . 11l . K
r n« KI.N i*. UxTfi in* hr.« Our regulot 75c
slliea 2 fnr SI.0(1
ISO .Intel >f l> s Huffy. .I. ni li I r t|, r . ad HATH
'oVV 171,5, Itime have btti«- and pink |• In i• I
- si* j»otiui« ai > i tun ftl.it, : ■>, and
Or va>u« I far Sl.fNt
IlfO 1 ' linen "Imp— llllh floor.
Over One Hundred “DOLLAR” BARGAINS Not Advertised—BE HERE EARLY!
ft a ~ - - -
f pie in;;-' have If also i» said deal
! ct- know if pricrn were advanced
; .11 Krtipoiijon to other prices what
! marker theft is would* almost dis
Hus Iho pineapple l« an « dible of
i firs' quality, apd with piitcs at the
nsuiil I tine I* >aR prudent hou**
l*lv. A1! take att> of *h<
I < .morrow (Saiurelay), we offer the Greatest Dollar Day values we have ever offered. By far the most remarkable Dollar Day anywhere in the United
■fa vs. I host- values and qualities SECOND TO NONE. WE LEAD OTHERS FOLLOW. You cannot afford to miss this wonderful evenD come
early. Some items will last all day others will go quk*k. -
We cannot accept phone orders, nor send any C. O. D. Quantities restricted to prevent dealers from buvinsr.
J •jJlgqlws/iops
Detroit's Smartest Shopping IMace
Extra Special 8:30 a. m. to 9:30 a. m. Only
You Cannot Purchase Any of These Bargains After 9:30 a. m.
SI.OO Day Neck near Special
Si.cn U, !*,;«) \, M only.
which 11 mr» Ku Imrl > lot $,',.F.0 and $4 <*o A .mall
vortment to sell quickly s3.r>n and <t* 1 /\A
M "i val u* ■ for O 1 # UU
11 »• aI » ’•— — Mnln Plnor.
SI.OO Special in Jewelry Dept.
S|»« In 10.10 \. V|, only.
WATCH rortns and RIBBON with -trrlinß silver
2. SI.OO
Upnl.« Main rinor
SI.OO Specials in Hair Drushes
S|W* »n luru* V. V| Only.
H» »l Indian bristle $1,50 t\ a .
'■Our 4g f or Jp 1 #l/1/
Umly Mnln I'loor
SI.OO |)o> in Ivory Shop
!'! iI: N't "H IVOIIV no.VN’KT HRt'SIIRS. JlOft
- for SI.(MI
i »:i:n. h ivnm I’P ti iu: i-hami.s, u o,i
' H *• ... 2 for SI.(Ni
• lil'Nt II IVORY BO! ?>OIR VAST tl >,■<
y * ,r ■■ ■ 2 for S1 .HO
nti.s 'if i\ i>hy nri» \ \sk, h i,a
... 2 for Si .on
I l!l- N’t II !\ 11 in Hot (.or r. CAN I’l.c
S 1 It 'KM and stiade. |I.V» vultie ... si.tH*
I'HF.NTM TV<»(tY riN tTSHIONS. »1 R 0
• • • i .on
*' vsl*ift si.no
II !A' II IVORY ‘HAIIt RFt 'K( VRRJt * t *. *y
.... ti.tm
i‘Rl.Ni'll IM*RY I’OttltKi; Ht i\. |; ;,o
' ” ! ’lft . . 11l .tNI
I RK.VVH IV * »lt V HAIR RRt.'NH. Si .Ml value.
... Si.tm
I'REVni IVORY COM ns. eoftr-e and flne.
T * value . .... 3 for ft i .no
'nine 81.00
llenl>'« Ivory shop.— Main Floor.
SI.OO Da> in Toilef Shop
Afts rtmeni of ! ,\« * 11 r«*YVl»l Rs. RAr vuities.
3 for Sl.o»>
HINACIi.S LILAS VKORTAI., ♦. *». va.t.«»
.■ 2 for SI.On
•*iftll nk *>f ponder, puff n*d l<dl*t wnier )| r>o
value fur . . Sl.no
l.\ HI.A' in; HAI’K I'OWI'KII .. . SOe*
t«*Nl> \Y \ ISIII \»J t-RKAVI .%!»••
I Yl.fl Y( I*. IYVI’KIt ftn.-
$ I ;*» value for * I.I«i
' ■' I W YTIil: HVTII J 111 IYI | NKW
I 1 . ■ HYTRIN., - Yl. I.- 1 Lr ' „
** for Sl.no
Sf».\r Regular 1", per ink*. 12 fne sent*
"MY RY’ * i Alt I>l IN CYI'K I’OYVIiHR ineftld
ii.k .ni k•n l*« *>> Iftdlen' Itift or Traveler’s I’nm
t’Hnlnn $1 JO value .... . 81.00
v*lii« ;| for al.ini
TnILKT YY ATI.lt a astir ted «dl.,ra ::,r v 111 tie«,
| f*.r « I «mi
lleoljr'a lottet shop—Main Floor.
market and lay in a supply for cap
Ne\t winter canned gopd ■ bought
<>n the current market v ill not ai
wa» f>* economical, owing to rapid
rising price* t»f tin and glass cans,
as well Hi* of W’hftt goes JntO Hie
While eoramcat, a inibsuiitti for
fl«»ur, has rlai n in price :.n«l is n*>*
to be hail it -«> 111 ** places, while
rice, best siih- Mtutt for potatoes,
has doubled in price, while an ordi
ftniy pul roam for .'in coat** mot**
than sl. th* pineapple is to be had
at usual prices.
lit will utprise most housewives
to find one substantial article sell
mg at Hi*- price ot a year ago
I'll** wise woman will i,« * and only
to know lh* fads to ,u;t.
It I.- possible to put up pineapple
without sugat
Heat will destroy (he grrin lif,
which make canned fruit "spoi'.
Moiling Hie sliced pineapple
thoroughly and sealing it Mule hot
in sterilized jars will prove ,i sue
eessful method if carried out bv a
conscientious cook.
Mom women compromise on all
sterilizing processes Ke mi nted <*r
moldy fmit is the price paid for
careless canning.
Pineapple Jam
1 ■ 1 1 1
'O use trim It awa > carefully, nnd
' til the remaining portion into small !
uutil 'eniler Weigh the fruit and
’»> * ach pound allow 'i 4, pound ot i
'Ugar MR the sugar with the juice i
in which pin* apple »*>; boiled and j
I l ook down l*» a thick syrup Add
the pineapple and boil five minute* j
Turn into jelly glass* -., ami when I
i old pover with paraffin.
Pineapple Chips
Make -chip - ~f infer h.i pm*
.apple which cannot be used in cans !
Alt* i- the pi* . **s Hrln. cover with j
I sugar, and set in a slow oven, or I
an> moderately hot place for fen
days, that is mill moisture has 1
| evaporated from fruit. Turn Hi*
| | let *•- daily Finally set rh** plat* *
iin a hut oven ten minutes, < 00l i
gradually, and pack in layers lik* \
raisins, spjjnkling powdered sugat i
ovei ea* it layei.
S)i< * an<l par* the pin* apple, ana ;
I allow 3 4 pound of sugar and 1 cup
I Oil water to enr-Ji pound of fruit j
A »»ok -j minutes, can and seal in !
‘he usual Always use a i*orr.e i
ir *'n preserving kettle wh* n rooking
Remove *he peel and date the
pineapple, discarding the hard pith, i
io each cupful of pulp allow 1?'
< upful of sugar Mix thoroughly, I
pack in pine can*, adju-r the rub {
| h'Ts. fiut cap* in place, but do not i
1 r* w 'h* in down, put into a wash I
SI.OO Day fn Handkerchief Shop
I/ftdiea pur** linen hematltched edge, with
lap*- border and liand enibruld* :i and . ornet
white and color" 2f»«- value Hp*-> ini
« f*ir Sl.tin
I -ft *1 le ft pure linen ahee* d'lalttv hand drawn
hem.ftfitched border. RcK'ilftr I'M vain*- .-t *
•' *1 • ft for ft I .On
Ladi-ft pure iin-n hem,*tltch, I hnrd* r. Rek.ii
Ifti li- value. Sprr .ftl, de/.-n SI.INI
Hadleft ftherr quality hematltched border
with embroidered aeript inlflnl 1 <q‘ value*.
Special, (iu7.en SI.IN)
lIIMKt'TS. lad-ft' pure luiep embroidered
corner.*. alighl!> Imperfect. Vahie.* to 2’>. for
d-'*en at.no
MEN'S all pure linen hemstitched bird*-
(.eg Ia- • I !>r value '■f'erta! ». for «i on
MHN S til pure ltn-n han.l drawn ltem-t jft-li
**l border Extra quality./ Regular Arte >t *ie
Special / 3 fnr ftl.mt
Healy** Handkerchief I»ep1 Mnlo Floor.
Dollar Day in Our Popular Corset Shop
The phenomenal value* offered *m ou- p'e
vioua dollar day .tales will not (>• forgotten
Figured Grenadine, medium t>r• wr an*i long
ftkirt, ftom- with ftpoun rlaap f<vr stout fljur,-,
w*e|t h- n-d thru*,ut t? m value each. si.ini
A not he i m*>de| of ■pi<nd’d qualitv h«* r
w ifh free/hlp for averaK- flgnieft. h i oi l ■ -r
ft*-l for fturnm* i we«- ttue- pair h*av > w. h
bin* h </>*•> stjppot let i> |t rr. value si.ini
Hot Hierulei and av*-iaße figure*. fl< -ti *, or
hailyte with • Ittetu m*<ertft and fr*> hip %J uu
v aIvl« ... si no
elafttre t*M’. m fle«p color It ft»v m- d* ; ai ini
Mealy’* t or.el "hop—Fifth Fluor.
SI.OO Day in Picture Shop
TRAYS i’nmhtnat >■ n *«•! of three pi e,
t alloxan)' fYnrah. i*rt - vahlc itl«»ni.<* R-tr <
$7 fiO ae| for . , si.o*i
*» ft E TRAY's, ape*-1 h ! for . .... si.'nv
STANDING IHuTh HHAMRf* hand noil
a nlli| lie Rnld mui Italian walnui flniel *ix
at*e« «,laftft >n lia*k . . .. b|.*n»
'MODERN MYDONNA unfram-d bund
need Regular $7 o<> value... ai.mi
hack 7v* * ire. Regular Ism value Him
<*hoice of eiv HR.VMKD RIOTI 111 s R.r,,
Ia t 29- and l.it valiroa h for ai.*N»
I’holt* or liner HR AM Ml HICTIRES Reg
ulai Ml* ami *,*•. vu!uev 3 for ai.'Ni
Mealy ’* IMelnre "hop— Downalalr*.
7 Economy Moors of
$-'.OO radios’ Silk Hose, SI.OO
sail In !»;.'!« \. V. only.
\Vond*rfui quality of ladies' Italian silk hose,
bla k and white. $j ■ u values *v •*
Hph I * Mn In I'l nor.
SI.OO Day Special in Leather (ioods
Silto In l»:rn> \. VI. only.
LATMF.B’ HAND LAOS of glove leather in ro ■
ca> white, g.<ld, brown and bln- A on
\alU‘ for . OI.UJ
lleah Muln I lt»«r.
SI.OO Day in (ieorjfette Crepe Shops
s|3o In |i::a» \. vi. only,
OKOROF.TTF CRKPKH. pure bilk, \/ fneher
made In while and '!* h, %'■! oq value* a i /v/v
for on-- hour < nlj . / O 1
flpaly viiiin rinor /
I mil r having . f ,!«i hotloni, or into
** wmum ba<h. aid Mimiii 1! hour-
S«*r» w on ihi* top uml rnol gradu*
ally. Pour nulted paraffin about
I the *dg* Os th* covers and rub
Is, not wa,<t»* am usable thing
’hi- >"*r. Make vme K ar of pin*
apple paring* Thor* is no finer
I u«*id f«,r table use than that made
’rom Hu Hun Put parings and
cm*. I « oxer w 11 h water, allow 1
■ up ii nf sugar it* ‘J pound.' of fruit.
! i< 1 ih* mixture ferm* m skimming
! .|,.n into
!or b< il* l adtling 1 -poonful of
i mother" of vinegar to « ach jug
Wild Autoi*t Fined.
.1 ■•-!. Swartz, No. 140 Tilman
•»\< wa- found guilty in police
co r • rhur.- day morning *>n a
( harp, of r* ckh'S-* driving and fined
. oi 5U days in the House of Cor-j
ii* tan Swartz drove his "big six”
down Michigan a\**. toward Grand- j
Idvd . \Wdn* day night, at a high
ia l *• of -,»*ed and witnesses testified
that ii collided with a' least 10
other ,r. Several of the other
nm* hin* * were badly damaged
Swap* did not stop He continued
T>n 1 wild rampage until he
:• a • 1 the boulevard wh* re he
mad* a train* officer jump tor his
I.D n•• officer took chase and
and Swartz near the city limit*
Th* British National I'ninn of
r* aii* •or ihe fir-1 t ime in H •
to v<,iu oi it.- existence, has chosen
i woman a- president.
SI.OO Day in Silver Shops
• I G\ R MI 1; 1.! ,s. ■ n rt crime % 7.'. y < .e,
y si.uu
1 UI. \YI I. YI• f 1 - . it . t j (H ,
«TIKHSi; KNIVES •i.-rlllu; $137, vatic.
t < • I.D M I Y I I 1 >R ft s .■■ter ftp, f I ,Y v a ill -,
S I .IN)
•IT *;i Y- Y Y H Id MY \r, tr ... s 1.00
Hl* KLt; I 1 IRK, sterling mve 11 7', value.
ai 00
MAY'ONN AIS I DISH vv itii «po*«n tlf,” value.
ffI.MPOIIT f ,,r jeß'v. ft, li I value for
SRt; YRRv« ft ; V a lie* 2 for Sl.ftg
' 1 ST A fill I Rl < * vh 2 for Sl.oo
I.EMON or HON HON DISH. 7,-,, ►«. K.
• • 2 for Sl.tN)
SILVER DANDLE STlt’Ks. t’olonlal period.
II 25 value SI.IN)
•I A M .1 A ICS >ll vc i top, <iil r aft ft bed rI e c \
cellanr x^;u , r.flc i 3 f nr g|o»
HI f> \ YSKP s v< I|(*| >*ll, each Sl.tN)
r*> 1 si.ini
S YI.T DIRS with -pitie $, * va'ie a i.ini
RELISH DISH f,-r pickle. ,| S| ,v« vie,
a 1 .ini
1 I. I* * N DI >H I * f eict 11 7'• van*
a 1 ini
CASTER SETs Jl 77 v a ic S |.P«I
Meal»'«i "liver "hop—Down *talra,
SI.OO Day in “(»ifts Artistic”
I'O rTUIIY V Yltfti r ran ware, a ,»aor led
l*’t \ a ir> * ip f- ,u ra, p Si.ini
Hill idiiß I.Y'IRS m*h<’K*iu tlnifth < iond
v aim * I * f*.■ g, h Sl.tN)
Flf AT» 12 roll Ron It'UR LAMP. » In, heft, all
’ik pink. hup . ai.ini
YY AMT I' R Y HER R ' 1. ,T g. ) , lor pra* •
11« »i ;i ml dirr . bl* * ; , i «i ini
GLASS H.Y-Ki; > . , k , ,« n fl,.\v. r* To be
ttftrti aft n v furl J wr ai.tNi
FERN DISH, bi i .ft, c,. t p. in and } ; value.
Si on
S I ATi Y!{ Y tl ull)* 'l.i: (an ma-t hle email
busts <)# rltth t , i ai imi
SERVING TRAY' Papier jr.a he. ’vhit«
enameled $7 'rt v»i,i > SMni
t ‘ YNDfftF >il ADR Head fringe fl’igree, *ll
- for ft I IN)
ft' NITTIN*} R YSft r. f's. Japanese t’an h*
tired f*,r mati v prirp •• n .- * va’ -e* 1 fnr II ,in>
CRETONNE - Daioß iatl e * ns, jb, values
1 surds for ■ I imi
CANDLE STIRKS genuine niat.egan.v Mas
siv, i.p, k inn f r mint* 1 tl value . a i.ini
Mealy's t.lff "hop—flovstvstalrs.
Keep the baby well!
I The mother who '.works tor thiji
every hour neid never worry aboul
infantile paralysis.
Most of the baby’s llloer-aes corue
from some fault in food
Summer trouble between the bahv
|and the bottle i- not alwav.s the
nairymnn’a fault.
I*r Paul ?,. Skoog, chief dairv in
'pee tor. lllinolo Ktate hoard of
health, savh trjfithers and house
I wives need education ns well as the
milk producer*. Here are Home *.f
] th* 1 rules lir. Skof.g says mother*,
j should learn about the care of milk
i after it is delivered.
Many time- the summer diarrho*
i of infants is attributed to teething,
w!. I* .1 ' ,i *,).«: ter U fj. t , j,
! affliction du** to mfecUHi food
Milk should be delivered to the
consumer in capped hot ties at a
t temperature of 50 degree. Fatten
liejt or lesa.
If left on the porch it collects
dust and din, attracts flies, and in
creases in temperature 1 »og« and
(cats may have access to it.
l\ h«*n Hip milk is delivered early
! in the morning a box should be pro
: vided into which the milk bottles
| may tie placed.
Ihe milk should be taken into
I the house as soon as possible and
placed in a cool place preferably
lin an i* e box. The col*l* r It is kept
| the longer it will remain sweet
1 Germs are the cause of the
Detroit’s Smartest Shopping Place
SI.OO Day Special in ('hildren’s Headwear
SiXO to »i4O A. M. only.
Fine STRAW and LINGERIE MATS, well made
and b» ant ifullv trimmed with laces, rib rv/x
I'ons and fl' Wern. Values to S3 OK for .. SI«UU
Hea I » Main lloor.
SI.OO Day in Table Lamps Shop
M.K» to t*!»n K. VI. Only.
Limited number of one light PORTABLE TABLE
LAMP, V' n*'tian gold, metal. porcelain, enamel, otc.
t>ji!\ one ot a kind <4 An to s\oo « f\f\
l*«»m *t«lr« *h op
SI.OO Day in Needlework, Pillows
and Scarfs
•iiTO to ftitto v. m. *»nir.
20 hand embroidered and crochet PILLOWS and
SCARFS, value* to $lO, Prom 8.30 to £-a rvrv
0 30 on Dollar Day ... «pI»UU
llfaly'a—Mailt Floor
SI.OO Day in Needlework Shop
M-tn-h CENTERS, stamped on tnanlHa noth,
with nil good .lealgns $2.50 value for sum
Large sice I.AEN'DRY RAGS, made of rre
t< rme. all g od pat tarns 76c values a f„ r st.oo
l.arg- ilg> ALL LINEN TOWELS, "tamped
with all of the best d-signs. ft'** values vvptl,
*hev last . 2 for Sl.oo
DAY CASES, stamp* and n*i fine , >t*,,n tub ng
with all new designs $’ 0(> values Limit-. 1
number to be a*,id at 3 for ai.<m
I’fLLftW' CASKS. ftfampe<l nnJ,*i *•.-,ll* • tub
. Ing for I rench and e>e|et enibrnlderv
' aloes o tnr m m,
With material for embroidering
Com* ear);, and aetr,-; your PILLOWS and
st a nrs
r 1 1 .1. «) WS. 1•a and > made and ft I •,I \., ,1 r >
’ . RCARI *, t Y • | - .
>r* a * I.(hi
Yrv'thet g,*((*l ape-la’ , ‘A-Nt )(•; PILLOWS.
r*ad; male and fi ed \ t, $i 1 a i.ini
DRESSER and IH ‘FEET Si'AlO's, « (a< e
Dimmed and "lamped w.rii almp * design"
$ 'I v > 111 e« will' Ih* 3 for ftl.tNt
i" inch ('RETHINK ('ENTER Rll.i'E Ro|.l«<
all g*>nd pattern* value* l.'mit»d rum
her to lie ,«r,:d a' 2 for ftl.tNi
t ’HILDREN'S DRESSES, stamp* .| on pin
blue nt lan chain hrav sl/.e* 7 t.. t v«ar>
VfcllP" Limit* and n U 111 he I to be ft.ilil at
... .3 fnr Si.ini
a*d • AfIRIAfJK MTIvAI’S, stamped 01 fine
j.iqu* $7 5 values i«>r smni
Ileal*’* Y eed le work "hop—'lain floor.
SI.OO Day in the Lace Shop
METAL CLOTH, n ** ao pnpn at f**r separate
skirts nti in*he» wide \\> iia*e it in gold,
"tiver. American h»a id nile nn>l blh*-k ti ~*i
and ti 25 quality f r yard.. ... ai.twi
I AHOY LA* ’LS NET Tfiß, In uainiv patterns
Whit* and , r*-*tTi Widths i. to IA Inches
• •nt t jrt, |t 50 and $1 .Yr, values f,-r. yard Sl.tN)
Y I N IMi; I. At * f HAM’S ’ n -whit" an -I .am
■nr trimming Ger,en»tt" bloua»a and rtr.- a*-*
W'ld'h" from i to * in* hra Value* t*> •♦.h i
yard fnr, varrt ... stun
FILET LCVCHEON SETS, ronaiatlng «,f ~n e
(I t renter plf ft sl*e 0 m en a r-. «<■ ,
plate tinilfea ■»!». with lace edge to rnr et,.
set $1 60 values fur , ... gl.on
Men I*’* ( are Shop—Main Floor.
changes w irh tak* place in milk if
I kept cold the gei tur (nept-aae -in |
Milk should f*e kept in tiie oria I
j Inal bottle until needed.
I The bottle should oe cleaned be
j orr P°'4ring out the uiilk
The cap should be removed bv a
f lean folk or some other sharp in- 1
itorument. l*ushing the c ap j n with
! the ilt.ge r j, lia-bl* to r .niamlnate i
I thr> milk
N'evei toil* h the lips to the hot- I
i tie
ADer the cap ha®, been removed
th** bottle should be cover* and with!
a tumbler. , ■<
Keep the refrlg-ramr dean an-1 !
sweet, it should be scalded fre |
quent 1 v
A' soon as a milk bottle is emp ;
tie*l rinse if in lukewarm watet Fa,
fresh « l*>an water Do not use dish
water that has been used for wash
ing other utensils. Wash the bottles
in hot water and drain
When the bottles have been prop
erly cared for they should be placed
where ihe ijaityinan can get them j
without any delay.
Milk bottles should be used for I
no other purpose than that of re
taining milk
Bottles must never he taken into
n sick room, as they may become j
infected, and ma* not only carry
infection to other members of the
fatly but to otl.ei families.
Milk bottles must not be removed
from a home where there is a * on j
tagious disease un’il after the ex I
S I.OO Day in
$1.50 Wash Skirts, SI.OO
Fancy stripe, ramie, pique, wide or narrow
wale; wide flare, two patch or inserted
pockets. Fathered buck, separate belts. Sizes
23 to 36-inch waist. Plenty dj
of large waist bands. |
Very special #V/v/
Me* lj 'n— l hlrrt l lnnr.
SI.OO Day in Glove Shop
Two-clasp WHITE SILK GLOVES, black
and white contrasting flj tm
backs. 65c values, iBCB
2 Pairs for
Mine vbon—'lnin Floor.
plration of, quarantine and the twifc.
*le* have been and lainfected,
Pir'v milk In etpcoatve a* *QT
Conatable Turns Birkrir
Constable Deo Komanskl ha* coa#
into the ealoon buxine**. in the
barroom formerly run by John
Tnirkomowir* at WUtil and Or*
Iran* f-tjK.. the constable la standing
in the apron of a bartender and dla*
penaing xchup*r*. •' riqht In line
with Constablr Romanxkt* former
exploit#, H*» has replcvmed a
street car, and not long a«o took
possession of a two lord rooster
from a < oop surrounded with quar
antine Man*. Up will continue in
hi* present capacity until a Judg
ment for i", 00, obtained by Anthony
Salesky, is satisfied
Two hundred and fifty years
’he first tran-fustion «>f blood
m imin wax performed by .lean
Paptiste Denis In Kranc** .
Thousands testify
The Original
Malted Milk
Upbuilds and susta.ns the body
No Cooking or Milk required
Used for VS of a Century
Substitutes Cost VO» r e
Hue Grange Ilateliere,
SI.OO Day in Neckwear Shop
Plgt'l' <'< >l,l. V IPointed ahmild* i rffi. r,
with <ol*r<d .rif'M iex »t.« s’■ " > muni
(JEORO KTTK I'Old.-AR Sailor bank. *,« !-
lope#! <ilfc’r • 1 #*t moiatl • <r» $> o! 11 •' Cl.oo
<> KOIKtI :TTK ioI.UHS Sr, ill, p. , | and ptrnt
. a*a rfd |mto rr)s anil ahnpe* |1 ",fl
' all)*'* ... 2 for *I.OO
< nn.i>fu:\ ' figrK •vh.i.ahs \m> nrrs
Kioto Mid# r fol in patriotic color** VOc value*,
STOCKS and I.AIioTS ■ ! !in« u-t< an,l a.-
.•<••! ted >a pat*' o** $1 .*<t t a hi* •* * t.iMi
ASCt'tT STOCKS Kvi.* pique and >l* and .-ill *
with * • !<>*•#.l df-’s:r« S1 "0 v a i# • f»*r *I.OO
AS*'* *T SPORT STOCKS in blue and v\h‘t .
pink and white. veli**w and \*lit*
\ a tu** 3 far * t .tHi
rtgi;r roU.vit and rrrr sk.ts m tie
nni * ir*-.* valuta - f«*r *i.tto
atiPhed mla* f* alii and t * ll ton trimmed * 0
a i'd $1 TT* value* for Al.ipt
norpoif: CAPS of .irpa (j. chin* and * •■
rihhon and rmcbud trimmed |1 'c* f
* l ,no
MAMNFJ Rl'i fS of •. n-»rr. f ir.a’in' *’ w
n and rihhon trimmed A and % ' ve ire
sot . *l.*hi
IlmtCi Ari'knrit —Main I lu**r.
SI.OO Day in Baht Shop
POM Pi: Its P I, h pn.p'ia with wid* i-c*
abort j#|o#\»-a In prrftv ntflpri, di'< I « nod
P:h in w h 11« I.• .• u at *.# ■ < 2 for a i ihi
i 2 to f oirt i
DRKSSf3.fI Pr ttv little ginatiam and ih«m
2 t • f % #**■• ?’r VII: 11 e*> ..’2 for SI,OO
hRI'SSES AA'M’r a nd, r-*«'« #<f dn<* renal l ’ »,
«< # i 'O 'ea v*. ith ..r -'s*i#l (• Ic. h** I** *• . Jr iSh -
mtnk* si.tea a m *nthe t<i 4 v*'»ri. V»lu*i m
',O ‘ 2 for fit t»o
PAHA SHIRTS Pin# <a«hm*»r<. merit i and
Hah ahi r **« n m.'*tl> all alfra to i '»if
\ all - T I' c 3 for fIAII
VTOfth PANTS S*Tir»' style* In atork
p.iit- .IV v a * i . .. 3 f«r * I Jot
P.Ain C A PKS Knitted and -rb-'hried ai r*.
S. rn« tao liu da at . :* and A am* * I- I *.
.. ~ . .„ ... *l.o*l
Hull 'a Haby »Tn«r.
r <th

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