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Grain Men Enjoin Michigan Central
We’re at War —
Time is precious in wartime.
The compact Times saves your time.
No wasteful wordiness.
Nothing but worth while news.
RAISE $730,000,000, IS
»Would Increase Yield
Under 8 Per Cent Law
Rates Are Graduated
From 15 Per
Cent Up
Washington, June 3b.—Excess
profit* will contribute $730,000,000
toward th* war tax now being form
ulated by the aenat« flnancw commit
tee if congress approve* the commit
tee's recommendation, made today.
This sum Is $505,000,000 anntially
more than is now raised by the 8
per cent tax on excess profits The
present exces.-. profits law is repeal
ed and the following übstltuted, as
recommended by th* committee
That in addition to the taxes un
der existing law-, there shall be lev
ied for each taxable year upon the
Income of every corporation, part
nership. or individual a tax upon the
amount of the excess profits:
Not in excess of 15 per cent of
the normal profits, 12 per cent, in
excess of 15 per cent- and not of 2">
per cent, 16 per cent; in excess of
25 per cent and not of 50 p*-r cent,
20 per cent; in excess of 50 per
cent and not of 75 per c» nt. 25 per
cent; In excess of 100 per c*-nf and
not o? 150 per cent, 35 p**r cent;
and In excess of 150 per cent, 40 per
The senate committee's decision
would Increase the revenue pro
ceeds Impossible under the house
bill levy on excess profits $305,000,-
Country Denies Intent To Sell
Island To tier
WASHINGTON. June 30. Vene
rijfta today denied that ell her Tier
government or any private individ
uals are intriguing to sell the island
of Margarita to Germany as a
secret base for German submarines.
This is Venezuela's answer to
American representation Hgalnst
disposal of the island to the Teu
tons. Receipt of the message fol
lowed a previous message which
said Venezuela would take up with
Germany nflldly the matter of sub
marine warfare In general Vene
zuela la believed to he one of the
nations referred to In recent an
nouncetnents here of the German
plotting in South America.
Justice of the Peace Harry J. Nle
man, of River Rouge, handed his
resignation to Chief Assistant Prose
cutor Paul W. Voorhies, Saturday
morning He had been arraigned
before Justice Marschner on a
charge of larceny by conversion, but
this complaint was dropped.
ir tiik iMUTon »tti
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low the H»srd Walk. Jefferson st the
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ANNOUNCEMENT EXTRAORDINARY! —Raemaekers* Famous Cartoons Are Coming to THE TIMES—This Is What George Creel United States Censor, Says of Them:
“He is a rolce. a sword, a slams. His cartoons are the tears of women.the battle-shoot of indomitable defenders, the Indication of humanity, the sob of civilisation. They will go down into history. They ARB histoqu” '
The Mile Detroit Theater com
pany, operating the Miles theater,
ha declared its regular semi an
nual dividend of three and one-half
per cent and an extra dividend of
one and one-half per cent, a total of
five per cent for the half year. The
checks will be mailed July 10. Ap
proximately $17,500 In surplus prof
its will be distributed to stockhold
Each (barges the Other With
Delay In Saloon
Pro«ecumr Jnsnowskl snd Com
missioner Couzens clashed Saturday
morning on responsibility for delay
in th* prosecution of liquor cases.
The police commissioner sent the
prosecutor a letter, charging that
dilatory prosecution was responsible
lor a delay of eight months in bring
mg to trial a saloonkeeper accused
of k« pping open after hour*. The
! man "as William Kane, Macomb
snd Randolph-sts. The complaint
was dated Nov. 7. He was convicted
June 2.1
In his letter Commissioner Couz
ens asks If there “Is any excuse In
the world for such a record as this.”
Pro. editor Jnsnowskl declared
that the police were to blame, hav
ing delayed from Nov. 11 to Dec. 23
In getting the warrant even served.
“Kkne’s place was onlv two blocks
from police headquartevs, but I’ve
nev* r known of so long a delay by
the police in grtllng R Warrant serv
ed.” said Mr. Jnsnowskl. “It should
have been served In 25 minutes aft
er It was issued.”
“We never ask for continuances
on behalf of our office. We some
times ask them for the police de
purtn-.int when the police are not
ready for the trial.”
Prosecutor Jasnowski has been
away from his office ana 111 with
whooping cough for several weeks,
the Illness developing Into a mild
ease of appendicitis.
Pacif Is t sand Protestors
Against Living Cost Threat
en Trouble
ntJKNOS A IRKS, Juno CO- Trou
l)lo whs feared today ovor h demon
nintlon against Argentina entering
fh*> war and In protest for the high
oost of living Kxtra pollro will be
P«>»'oi| thruout tho downtown sor
Argontine Is momentarily expert
od •to announoe severance of rela
tlons with CJermany, duo to destruc
tlon of Argentine shipping In tho
submarine xohe and Irnposslhlllty of
obtaining h guarantee for futuro pro
tection of tho nation's morchant ma
King Ooorgo has Instituted two
now ordors of rhlvnlry open to wo
men. In rorognltlon of tholr manifold
services during tho war.
Baseball followed the flu® here
w hen the American Array and
navy forces came ashore after
their trip across the Atlantic. The
Jackies found a brand new dia
mond waiting for them and. dof
fing their sailor suits to don
baseball uniforms. two naval
teams staged a game the very first
afterneon they were ashore. Hun
dreds of Frenchmen and American
soldiers watched the game.
Board of Trade (Jets
Injunction Against
M. C. Railroad
Tliw Hoard of Trade, acting for
16 grain concerns, secured a re
straining order from Judge Codd
Saturday, enjoining the dismantling
of the Michigan Central’s elevator
"H,” at the foot of Twelfth-st.
Were this done the milling Industry
in Detroit would be Jeopardized, ac
cording to Hnl H. Smith, counsel for
lhe Hoard of Trade, and Detroit,
instead of being a grain terminal
would become only a way port for
grain Only one other elevator, that
owned b> the Wabash railroad. Is
available. The Orand TYunk eleva
tor was destroyed by Are several
months ago and the Michigan Cen
tral's elevator "A” already has been
dismantled. The road, It Is under
stood, needs the space for other
Judge (’odd has set July 7 for a
hearing on the petition for a per
manent injunction.
Aqueduct Result*
First Race -7 furlongs Harry
Shaw. 11 v (Loftus), 16 to 5. 7 to 5.
7 to 10, won. Paddy Whack. 133
O'Brien*, 6 to 3. even, 1 to 3, sec
ond. Polroma. 105 i Buxton). 6 to t,
r. to 2. «to 5. third Time, t 26 3-5
iltllle*. Wooden Shoes. Pollux. Alvord.
11 w fa, The Decision. Burlingame and
llesee also ran.
Second Flare 2 miles: Martian. 136
(Klenck), ft to 2. 2 to 1, ev«-n, won.
Slipshod, 137 * Powers). 3 to 1. 6 to 5,
t to 2. second; Sklbbereen. 147
4 Haynes), 13 to a, even. 1 to 2 third
Time, 4 22 Robert Oliver North
wood, Falmouth and Sun King also
Hamilton Result*
First Race 5 furlongs Storm
Bound. 11" iJeffcott) $4 ft,4ft. I I
won. Wow, 110 'Louder). 12.60. *2 3ft.
second. l«adv Eileen, 110 tParring
(nni. 12 30. thtrd. Time. 1:03 1-6.
• lonnkllty. yolulaml and Senator
Broderick also ran.
Second Race About 2 miles New
Haven, 153 (Brooks), $4 10. 12 60.
§2. 30, won I'hrlv Light, 167 (Barett).
3 10. f.TIO second Otto Floto, 143
(Inndry). $5 30. third Time, 4 H»
Never Fear. Cynosure and The Afri
can also ran
Tidtonia Result*.
First Race 6 furlongs Extermina
tor. ioo (Morys). *12.40, *6 on $«10.
won; Mlslress Pollv. 100 (Dlshmon),
17 00. $7 6ft. second. Quito. 112 (Cun
nrllvt, fl 2 6ft. third. Time. 1:14 4-3.
Parfay; W H Buckner. Flounce. Fox
Ridge Robert L Owen, Count Boris.
Dr Nlokell, Jack Hill and Soldier
B<>y also ran.
PETROORAD, Juno 30 —Nicholas
Romanoff la experiencing complica
tions as a result of hi* dethrone
ment. The cook* of the HomanofT
palace* have formed a union, hired
a lawyer and are suing the former
czar for losA of employment and
nonfulfillment of contract. It be
came known today.
SATURDAY, JUNE 30, 1917.
Plank - Mitchell Hurl
First Half of St. Louis
Double Bill
Inning— 1234 5 6789
St.L. 1 1 0 1 0 0 1
ST. LOUIS, June 30 —Plank and
Mitchell were the opposing pitchers
between the first game of today's
double header.
Sloan, If. Dull, aa.
Aaotla.Sk. Vouog, 2h.
Staler, lb. Cobb, rt.
Pratt. 3b. Vrtfb, If.
S«v«rel4. *. Hcllua. rt
Jacob***, rs. lanii lb.
Manana, at. Vltt, lb.
Jabaaaa. aa. Soraoar, a.
Plank, s, Sfttrbrll. *.
t melna—Nallln and Oaaaolly.
Attendawo* I.HOft
First Inning
DETROIT—Burh was thrown out
by Plank. Young struck out. Cobb
rolled to Pratt. No run, no hit, no
ST. LOUIS—Sloan beat out a roller
to Hush. Austin drew a base on balls.
Slsler sacrificed. Vltt to Burns. Prstt
sent a sacrifice fly to Cobb, Sloan
scoring after the catch Severeld
fouled to Spencer. One run. one hit.
no error.
Second Inning:
DETROIT—Veach was out. Staler
to riank. who covered first. Heilman
out. Pratt to Sisler. Burns struck
out No run. no htt. no error.
ST. LOUlS—Jacobson fanned. Mar
sans singled to renter. Maraana got
a stolen base on a short passed hall.
Johnson fanned. Plank doubled to
left, scoring Marsans. Sloan fouled
to Spencer. One run. two hits, no
Third Inning.
DETROIT—VItt beat out a slow
roller towards third Spencer nit Into
a double play. Austin to Pratt to Sls
ler. Mttohell sent a line drive to
Sloan No run. one hit. no error.
ST LOUlS—Austin fouled to Burns.
Slsler popped to Burns. Pratt was
easy for Vltt and Bums. No run. no
hit. no error.
Fourth Inning
DETROIT—Bush lifted to Jarnm
son Young walked toung died
stealing. Severeld to Pratt Cobb
president, a prince, the cabinet.,
high government officials, congress
and all of the government clerks In
town who would, went out today to
see Washington's baseball classic
a game between Republlcana and
Democrata of the houae. The game,
held for the benefit of the Red
Crosa. attracted all the baseball tal
ent in the house.
President Wilson was to throw
the first ball. Jeannette Rankin,
the lady from Montana, and “Uncle
Joe” Cannon were selected to score
the game.
Clark Griffith, manager of the
Washington baseball team, and
without political leanings, was to
The prince mentioned Is Prince
"Cupid" Kalanlansole. delegate from
Hawaii. He xm expected to piny
on the Republican team and to run
second in the congressional heavy
weight stakes to Rep. Ram Winslow,
of Massachusetts. Winslow weighs
In at least 250 pound*.
Get* Verdict Against Doctor.
After deliberating 2« hours a Jury-
In Judges DcnVoimes* court returned
a verdict of SI,OOO In favor of Mrs
Frsncea Bloan, wife of James Sloan,
secret service operator, against Iff'
George R. Fnv, a nontenant In tho
Harper hospital unit, and the Yel
low Taxlcah company. The suit was
the outgrowth of sn accident.
v/aa called out on strikes. No run.
no hit, no error.
ST. LOUIS- Severeld fouled to Vltt.
Jacob«on singled and went to third
when Vltt threw the ball past Bum*.
Maraana singled to center, scoring
Jacobson. Marsans stole second.
Johnson struck out. Marsans died
stealing third, Mitchell to Vltt. One
run. two hits, one error.
Fifth Inning
DETROIT —Jacobson made a nice
catch of Veach's low liner. Heilman
walked. Burns forcod Heilman. Sta
ler to Johnson. Vltt singled to cen
ter. Burns stopping at second Spen
cer fouled to Austin. No run. one
hit, no error.
ST LoUlH—Plank atcuk out Sloan
also fanned. Austin tripled to left.
Young tossed out STsler. No run, one
hit, no error.
Sixth Inning
DETROIT Austin threw out
Mitchell. Bush rolled to left Young
walked Cobh singled to center, scor
ing Bush and putting Young on sec
ond. Veach sent a short fly to Mar
sans Johnson tossed out Heilman.
One run, two hits, no error.
ST. I/OUIS—Vltt tosaed out Pratt.
Cobb made a spectacular one-handed
catch of Bevereid's hard drive In left
center. Jacobaon singled to center.
Mnreans popped to Heilman. No run,
one hit, no error.
Seventh Inning
DETROIT Johnson threw out
Burns. Vltt walked. Spencer singled
to center. Vltt stopping at second.
Dyer batted for Mitchell and «. Jones
ran for Spencer. Austin booted Dyer - *
roller and the bases were filled. Bush
singled to deep short. Vltt scoring
Young forced Bush at second, John
son to Pratt R. Jones scoring Pratt
toased out Cobb. Two runs, two hits,
one error.
ST LOUIB — Jones pitching an*
Stanage catching for Detroit. John
son was safe on Young's fumble.
Plank fouled to Stanage. On the hit
and run. Sloan tripled to right, scor
ing Johnson Austin fouled to Vltt.
Young tossed out Slsler. One run, one
hit. one error.
FOR 725,000 MEN
WASHINGTON. June 30.—1 t will
be necessary to draft a total or
725,000 men to bring America’s reg
ular army and national guard to
full war strength and put the first
national army of 300.000 men In the
Indications today the last day of
army recruiting week—were that
50,000 men would ha\e to be draft
ed into the regular*, and 50,000
more Into the militia
mnura. June so.—t>*r ih«<
4,enernl *»errell. mmnmnillni the
Allied expeditionary force* In
Waeednnln, m* > He preparing n
general offensive ho* led Italaer-
Inn nrmy eklef* In «*k the Her
man (Aenernl Von >l»«*hen*en to
preside nt n general nnr council,
according to dlapstcliea received
here fodoj from llnigart*.
H43lll><.m, Jane SO.—The
trenatir* |n«|n> loaned ItCjHaO.nOft
to f.rcnt Hrlfam. making a total
loan to that i'*axtr) «f Iftrir Odd,-
onri since the flerluratton of war
■nd a urn'iit total laan to the
Allies of *UHW.non.(rtio.
Tnnlntrs Ii! I 4 6 6 7 3 $ BME
W-.-U ten ft 3 ft 0 1 ft ft 2 0— 6 7 3
Phlla'phla 3 ft ft « 1 « 4 ft *—l4 13 ft
Batteries Dumont. Tlrnry snd Av
rfi, He 11‘< i!d and llnle) Umpire* • Di
ne «n and McCormick.
Meant • lriurn-. Mine-*I Bath*
Cure rheums* to am' rie»-vnn*in*e4.—*
Printing—U pla»n uei»t kind—that
fa right—Tlm». I:i>s>«)lKlr
Harper Section May
Entrain Before
Detroit College of Med
icine Unit May
Follow Soon
Harper hospital base hospital unit
No. 17 Is all assembled, every man
is present, equipment has been is
sued and the entire personnel ol
the unit. Including medical staff, en
listed men and nurses, is bivouacked
on the grounds of Harper hospital
waiting to take a train on the first
leg of the Journey to France
Special trains will rush the or
ganization to the Atlantic coast,
where the unit will board a ship sos
the war fields of Europe, with only
a brief stop, if any, at an eastern
concentration camp.
Refore 9 o’clock Saturday morning
the men reported at Harper hospital
with their hand baggage, ready to
march to the railway station when
word would arrive from Washing
ton that trains were ready. It was
confidently believed that befor*
church bolls tolled Sunday morning
the unit, which is composed ot
nearly 300 men, would be far from
Detroit, altho there was still tbs
possibility that It would not get
away until some time on Sunday.
("apt. Coburn, the regnlar army
officer who will have command of
the unit, lined the enlisted men up
on the lawn of the hospital grounds
and gave them final Instructions
Nearly all of the men had sal#
farewell to their families a’ home
and there were few people gathered
at the hospital. Here and they*
were small family groups, hut there
was nothing In the way of a detn
onstratlon of any kind. Several au
tomoblles were sold at bargain*
Medical officera drove to *be hnv
pltal. and realizing that they would
not need their cars for a couple ot
years, sold them In several in
stances machines had beet, sold tft
hr delivered when th* owner left
snd such cars war< turned ov*-i to
the purchaser* at the hospital Sat
nrdsj morning
Iff-. Alien*- MjcLean, director of the
unit, refused to disclose the Bluer
ary of the unit, as tt la against
the war department order*. He did
say. however, that he exported his
unit would he station'd Immediate
ly In the rear of (Jen. Fershmg s
army. \V
It Is almost certain that the Iff
troll Col •ge of Medicine base hoa
pltal unli will receive orders almost
immediately to get und* r way
In th'v Harper uhlt there are ]st
enlisted men, $6 nurses and a medi
ex’, staff o? about 40 of the most
prominent physicians In the city.
The medical staff appeared Satur
day morning in uniform and the uni
forms were supplied the enlisted
men when they reported.
It cannot be stated from what
American port the unit will embark,
but the baggage Is marked thru to
With the departure of Dr. Mc-
I/«an, the Detroit health board Is
left without a quorum. Dr. J. Wal
ter Vaughan has already been called
into active service and Is now In
Washington. It Is likely that he
will leave with the Harper unit for
France. Dr. J. W. Inches, health
offlrer, is attached to the Detroit
College of Medicine unit and will
be called away very soon. These
departures leave but two members
of the board of health, Gtißtavus D.
Pope and Charles C. Drake Dr.
and Dr. Vaughan have al
ready left their resignations In the
hands of the mayor to be accepted
when they leave this country.
The board of health has no meek
Ing scheduled for several weeks, so
that It will not be necessary to ap
point at once, successors to the men
who are leaving.
Whon Mhyor Marx does nami
their successors, however, he will
have named every one of the mem
bers of the hoard, as both Commis
sioners Pope and Drake were named
by him.
Diplomats Recalled; Army
Chiefs Summoned
To Capital
ATHENS, June 30.—Greece raov
ed rapidly tonay in action against
Germany. All Greek diplomatic
representatives in the Central pow
ers’ capitals were formally recalled
nnd all Greek army chiefs were
summoned to Athens for conference
aa to best utilization of the army.
In the capital It was confidently
expected that Germany would re
spond with a declaration of war
aguin.-d King Alexander.
The full war strorath es Greece la
somewhere around 300,000 men,
cording to best available data. Prao I
tlcailv all of this force ht.< been tno
tdllve.i f-.r neinly two >fHri, Hi* I
armv I* forme! under th<- ormjnil
anr \ nor vice law and i» generally rt
warded .Ik nrll disciplined, a* ho net
ar well equipped a* necesaary for
effective service
When Venlxeins resigned a» pre
mier under former Kina Constantine
and established hi" provisional gov
ernntent at Salonika a large force
if soldiers attached themselves to
nis standard-
Del roll and vicinity i Saturday
nlakl unsettled. probably «h#a«n
and tbnnder •lnrm<i *»armeri Sunday
fain imidrmtr to fresh south t» wr«t
a Indn.
l ower tlli'klgnm Thunder storms
this nfternoon nr tunlahtl warmer to
eastern and erntral portions tnnlgktl
katidni fair.
t pper I nkrsi I'rrsh south winds
with squalls this nftrrnnnn on,l to
nlaht shlftlna to west by Sunday
mnrnlni t showers nnd thunder storms
this nfternoon nnd tonights Sunday
probably fnlr,
l.nwrer t.nhesi Moderate wr*l baeh-
Ina to south winds with ) thunder
showers late tnulghf or *nndny.
fl a. ni .... (11l 111 n. m lit*
7 a. m HI || a. ni 7n
h a. m W 12 noon .... 71
A a. m H 7 I p. m 75
lllg best teiwperoture this data In
the past 44 yearn. 55 In IHin and
IIM I| lowest IV In I vss nnd l»H»t>.
One year nan today* lllahent tem
perature, 7H| lowest, th*: mean. Hst
partly elondy weather with .53 Inrh
of rain during the enrly mornlna.
French Repulse First
Drives On Old
Crown Prince’s Troops
Gain Only Small.
Btafl Correspondent United Press ~
NEW YORK, June 30.—Germany
1* striving desperately today to
trieve on the French front' an im
pending disaster on the British front.
With the fall of Lens apparently
now only a matter of da>a, the
Crown Prince has once more been
intrusted with picked troops and
prodigal supplies of ammunition to
direct a drive on Verdun.
Official statement* reveal that
this stroke Is of tremendous poweY
Despite the concentrated fury of th*
attack, the German gain—a little
ground on tho west slope of Dead
Man’s Hill—has been disproportion
ate to the losses In men and ex
penditure of munitions. Thia Is at
least the fourth major offensive op
eration which has been undertaken
against Verdun —and the fourth
time the initial smashes were
Field Marshal Haig has been eery
chary nC details of the British op
erations around Lena, but today be
revealed the full extent of the en
circling more. The British a<k*
vanoed a mile deep over four miles
of front. The official statement did
not mention th* particular location
of this advance, but It appears cer
tain that the British troops have by
now almost reached the city limits
of the I-'rench coal metropolis.
Os secondary interest Is a con
tinuation of the German drive along
the Cbmnin das Dames. It is mani*
festly dealgned to relieve the In
creasing French pressure around
Lfton, itase city of the Hlndenburg
line. The French statement records
A failure of the general attack.
fXJNDON, June 30.—With IrrestsN
llle force, British troops swept on
closer around Lens today. Oaln of
a mile over a total front of four
mile* was reported by Field Marshal
“As the result of our attacks." he
said, “strongly organized defensive
systems on both banks of the Sou
rher, river covering l,*ns were cap
"Our whole objective* were gain
ed with slight loss and with consid
erable enemy casualth-s.
■'Positions of great strength *e
well -is tactical and strategic im
.port a nee are ours.
"Additional information confirms
PITTSBURGH, Pn. J'no 30.
la-.-pite hisV non release contract,
good until Oct. 10. Jirutii) (lallnhab
was given his walking paper by
Barney Dreyfus* at noon today.
Hans Wagner was named '*t* na
fMtmry manager” of the Pittsburgh
The nett move Is up to Callahan
—or possibly Wagner.

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