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Solons Move For Cloture On Food Bin
We’re at War—
Time is precious in wartime.
The compact Times saves your time.
No wasteful wordiness.
Nothing hut worth while news.
Practical Seizure of
Mines May Solve
Labor Question Also
Cuts Larffe Figure
In Situation
WASHINGTON. July 2 Pve.iluem
Wilson today took h hand In nn at
tempt to eliminate th** dangers
which arc feared will con.** thru
intermingling of “patriotism and
profiteering” Th » case Immediate
ly In point la the matter of coal
The president himself, it was
learned on highest authority today,
la not satisfied that last week's “pa
thotlc'* price fixing of several hun
dred coal operators, will s .Ive the
problem of the threatened serious
coal shortage ami the matter of
mounting prices.
Asa result the prices agreed upon
were todav su*p**nd**d The matter
Is to be held In nneyanc** tiniLl the
president goes thoroly Into this
matter which has already caused
the most serious split in cabinet
ranks since the declaration of war
One plan for solution which the
administration Is considering Is
that suggested In the (’aider nil 1 In
troduced some days ago in the sen
ate. This hill, hacked wholeheart
edly b\ the federal trade commis
sion. would give the government
control of all coal immediately It
was mined. The government then
would distribute It at a cost plus
profit percentage price thru the or
dinary channels to big wholesalers.
Under the bill, to these wholesalers
the* go\ernmrnt, in effect, would
say: “Here Is your supply of coal.
The cost to you will be so much
You will he permitted a certain per
rentage of profit when you sell to
your retail customers’* The lat
ter. In turn, would be closely watch
ed to see what retail prices they
charged. Any attempt at boosting
of prices which would apply a su
perprofit anywhere along the line
would be met with refusal by the
government for such channels to
distribute any more coal.
It was suggested today that not
only coal hut nil kinds of fuel be
regulated thus under the law. There
Is also strong sentiment today to
push the hill to passage Immediate
ly the food control bill Is out of *he
way. Even those who favor the
Calder bill, however, said it would
be insufficient unless the govern
ment takes charge also of all coal
carrying cara. These men Insisted
"cars Is the answer" to the coni
and food problem. Get sufficient
coal cars properly distributed and
kept properly moving to and from
these mines, these men said, and
coal prices automatically will drop,
since sufficient coal can always be
r I" 1 ] li /[ Whose Remarkable Cartoons Begin in
X h 0 Man THE TIMES on Thursday , Jm/h ssh
LOUIM RAKMAnKnRK, one of th*
supremo figure* brought'but
by the Orest War, was born
on April dth, I*l9, In Roer
mnnd, Holland. Hl* father whi the
editor of a small paper. hi* mother
1* a tJerman hy birth. For a great
many year* h* *«« * landscape
artist and portrait painter of local
reputation. Ill* first cartoon was
drawn on th* 4th >of August. 1914.
Since that day hi* fame ha* become
world-wld* and hla work haa bean
printed In more than .1" l*ngu*g<*
XMirn the ilrrut War haa passed
Into hlatory th* cartoon* of l«oula
Ttaemahera will l*at, growing in
strength and Interest aa the year*
advance-, a permanent, Imperish
able hlatory of the war. t’lvlliia
tlon will hava a record, vivid and
everlasting. of what man died for
In th*** tn* "brave daya of old *
In studying Raemaekera* work
on* can find th* whole story, told In
mined to supply the nation's domes
tic and export wants This hell* f
is held by at least two members
of the Intel state commerce commis
sion. by nearlv all of the federal
trade commission and hv Secret a r
!e» Daniels and Baker.
Secretary Lane insists that th.*
matter of cars is only one detail.
Lane thinks labor is as big an lean*
Haker and Daniels also believe
the price agreed to last week by
th** operators not sufficiently low
Many government beads hold this
same view Among them is Attor
ney-General Gregory, who Is oppos
*-d to permitting the coal operators
to pool their interests and thus he
lionized as "pniriots” tor retting a
price that Is higher than the go)
••rnment has contracted for
It is thought likely the whole mat
ter will be .tired tomorrow' when the
cabinet meets with the president.
Every Man To Get a
Square Deal With
Ftnff CorrctporxTent vnited Pm a
WASHINGTON. July 2-President
Wilson today created and ant into
motion the gigantic machinery or
(he draft.
By a proclamation of regulation*
the prealdent started the huge labor
of singling out the manhood of th«
nation for America’* armle*
The regulations fix the general
classes of men free from military
service, set up the exemption
board* that sift out the men and
define their duties
Only a very small group of
classes of men sre exempt from
hearing arms. All others must ap
pear before the trlbunala. After
hearing of evidence they will be
discharged or drafted into the army
na “the rase may he. Every action
of the hoarda ia indeed fixed with
double safeguards against unfalr
< font InnrA on Pawn Two)
ovk trick admit* to aix
Tn the Fn||**um of 25 Amusements
on fbo Hoard Walk, Jefferson at
Fridge Thousand* of pleasure seek
er* enjnv themselves nfghtlv In the
huge Collaenm flooded with light.
The auhllme In art devoted to the
moat rldlrulou* In fun. Adv.
n way no word* could express. In
the few example* given In till*
page we trawl the path of cata
clyam, with Raemarkcr* an our
guide. We eae "the Harvest I*
Rips" a* tha great atruggle start*,
and In the successive cartoon* we
see the mind of n neutral, showing
flr*f It* horror at the outbreak of
war which staggers humanity,
th'-n an o\erwhelming plfy for a
suffering people and finally the rr>n-
Nitmlng wrath of an eyewitness n t
the violations of churches nnd the
sacred things of home, the family
and all the word « Ivlliiatlon signi
Hl* work has been called the
"Voice of Outraged Humanity," the
"Finger of t tie Accusing Angel”
and a thousand and one encomium*
tn« newspapers of tha Wojld
hut primarily It ta hlatory in tha
making aeen hy a man In a neu
tral eounify with devastating war
.Stall t orreauondent United I'rena
TOKIO, Julv 2. —A proposal that
Japan negotiate with th*' United
States for ih* ex< hange of the Phil
ippine Islands to Japan for 'hp
South Sea Islan Is. seized by the
mikado, was made in parliament to
day by Kotarnn Mochizuki, an op
position member.
Mochlzuka expressed the belier
that the United States would con
sent to such an exchange, thereby
removing any of the differences
that have tended to cause friction
between America and Japan
Friend* of Measure
Resort to Fighting
WASHINGTON, July 2—After
Senator Reed, Missouri, lead
ing opposition to the food bill,
had talked for more than two
hours today, administration rep
resentatives started circulation
of a petition thru both sides
of the chamber in an effort to
get the neceaeary 16 signatures
to petition for a cloture limit
ing debate.
WASHINGTON, July 2.—A con
certed effort to load down th** ad
ministration food control hill devof
op* and In the senate today among
those opposing the measure.
Amendment after amendment was
adopted until clothing, shoes,
wool and steel manufactures wei<*
added to the already sweeping reg
ulatory features.
Senator Chambc,-i«Jn fried to
check the avalanches by pleading
that the bill already was too broad
in scone.
Senator Robinson in a dramatic,
denunciation of those figuring in the
’’loading’’ process, shouted:
"God help you, if you proceed In
this course longer. If you sr<» for
this bill vote for It. if you're against
It don’t try to kill by a subterfuge
and burden it to death ”
Realizing that the fight is to be r
violent one If passage of the hill Is
*o be accomplished in the near fu
ture, friends of the measure today
decided to try for h continuous ses
sion over the Fourth of July. Fall
ing in this they will try to screw
the cloture rule on the senate. L«al
ers are developing plans along this
Early In the day the agricultural
committee voted to put the fife of
beer and wine in the hands of the
president for ultimate decision
East nnd west of Harcrlcourt he
said a number of the enemy had
been killed and been taken prisoner
In a raid. East of l»os an enemy
raid was successfully driven off.
Take linefeed's Art# Phosphate
When nervous, tire# or resile**, tt
restores the system and induces re
freshing sleep. Buy A bottle. Try It.
lapping at Its very frontiers. Ilia,
tory nt n glance, that la whnt Ra*-
m*i'k‘TK give* ua.
The First Zeppelin Raid on Kng
lan«l. the l-iisltanla Sinking, the of
fensive at Verdun, the New Russian
ofTenslve, the llringlng I>own of
the First Zeppelin In r.ngland on
September .td thla year, the U-boat
Raids Off the Coast of America all
done with a few masterstrokes of
a pen, that pen which has been
called mlghUrr\than any sword In
It has been said that no man liv
ing amidst these surging seas of
blood and t*%r* has come nearer to
the mle of I’eacamaker than Rae
maekers. The paace which ha work*
for la not a matter of arranga
ment between diplomat!*)*; It la
the peace for which tha Intelli
gent;* and aoul of tha whole nlvil
lse«l world shall rrv aloud, and
ahall Insist an In |b# yeara (o sons
Rioters Disarm Militiamen;
Three Blacks Slain In
15 Minutes
EAST ST. LOUIS, 111., July 2.—Race rioting was beyond
control of the police and militia late today. In the heart of
the city, three Negroes were killed within 15 minutes. Sixteen
militiamen were disarmed by the mob and hooted.
All saloons were closed by order of Mayor Mollman.
William Keyser, a white merchant, was shot and died soon
after, as he stood in front of his store.
Race Results and Entries
Aqueduct Results
First race Kivi* furlong* John
Hare, Jr. 112 <Knapp>, 14 to 6. 9 to
10. 2 to 5, won. I* >rte Drapeau, 107
1 Buxton), 20 to l, ft to 1. 4 to 1, sec
ond: Thistle. 112 i William*). *) to 10.
2 to 5, i to 5. third Time, l.ni 1-6.
Cavan Boy, Jim Hoey, Starry Fanner,
Nepperhan. Assign, Little Devil. Hnap
Dragon II and Atom al*o ran
S*oond race Steeplechase. 2 mile*:
Synaaet. 162 (Power*), 11 to 6, even.
2 to .1, won, Urey Leg. 147 (Kenney),
ft to l, 2 to 1. 7 to 6, second; Ormead,
137 (Holly),. 11 to 6, even, 1 to t,
third Time, 4 20. Bamboo, The Car
met, 7-*ll wuod. Khomb, Masterful and
Minton China also ran
Third race—Five furlorrgs; Fragon
ard, 106 (Lyke> 6 to 1, 2 to 1. 4 to 6,
won. Ballaet. 112 (MoAtee). ft to 10.
2 to 5. 1 to 5. second; Edith F.. 108
iMcOraw I. 8 to l. f> to 2. 6 to 6, third.
Time 101 1-6 Paganini, Coral and
Raptdfirer also ran.
Hamilton Results
First race—Five f'jrlongs Bencher.
117 (Warrington). 2.90. 4. 2*o, won;
Britain's Ally, 107 (Bell), 4 2 *O. sec
ond; Red Admiral. 117 .Rlre>, 6.2 ft.
third Time, 1:04. Toffoland. Thomas
G, Garry Water, Royal Navy, Miss
Edwards also ran.
Second Race—Mile and 70 vards:
Gainer, 111 (Cooper), |4.lb. 11.30,
S’ : r *ft. won, Sam Slick. 107 (Sterling),
fft To, |3, serond Wodan, lbg (Crump).
12 7b. third. Time. 14« 4-6 ! atly
Ward. Buzz Around, Glelpner also
Flrat race—Mile and 70 vards'
Freoloua, lb 4 (C Hunt), JlO 2b 16 SO,
16.10, won; Southern League. lib;
Connelly. It ftb, $* SO. second; Adeline
L. 1)0 (Thurber). 114 f.O, third. Time,
1 to 1-5. Flglit Fair. Llngtal, S«nd>
T-ad, Ginger Quill, Cora t-nno, Je**!e
C.. Alice Welscnbach, Buffington and
Jeffrey also ran.
R«crnd Race—B furlong*: Kle
burne, lift (Gentry). 123.10, sl3 Rb.
18 40 won; Trusty, 105 (KsPavV
!■< 60, 13.1 b, second, Fd. Garrison. 10R
(Connelly i. 14.90, third Time.
1:14 4-5. Conservator. Stephen R.
Evelyn V. Sir William. Belgian
.Trooper, niack Beauty. Brliz and
Mntre also ran.
Latoina Entries
First race— Purse |RbO; 2-year Ids,
T. furlongs; rtedllta V'., Flounce, Jes
si* Ormshy, I.ady Berger, FUulele.
Biscuit Tortonl, Mis* Wright. <>ch*-n
--ta, Clara Martin, Independence 112
•Second race—Claiming, |7on 3-
> car-olds, 1 1-16 miles xßuth Wehle.
I*6; ft Bob Dundon. ft 7; x Vagabond,
Lady Kathern 10b; ftWnlter H Pearce
l ight Fair, 102; Marin, 106; Flash of
Steel. 107. Monotony. Irregular, lib
Third race Claiming $R0O ; 3 venr
oida. « furlongs Walter Beady,
x.lack Hill. 98: Chick Bradley 103:
Little Hollo Pretty Baby 10 )i Pas
time. I**9; Ambuscade, 112
Fourth race—-Claiming. f’ftft; 3.
yearolds ar- op. 6 furlongs: xTom
Anderson. ft 7; Pllsrn, 100; xSisicr Su
sie. 102; R. H Anderson. Trust' l<)4;
Shine lt»*j Alfndlr. 109, Broom cwoep.
110; Sosius. Ill; I’rlmero, Buckshot.
112; Fleetahellc 113 Also eligible;
xJatnes, 96; xBHIy Joe, 114
Fifth race Purse Jl.ooo, 3 vear
old* and up; mile: Queen Errant,
Believe Me Boys. 92: Green Jones. ft 7:
IteCl to right, Perching, Secretarj of Navy Danicla, President Wilson* Roonevelt and Taft.
MONDAY, JULY 2, 1917.
John R. Franklin, 102. Royai 11.. 102;
Bob Hensley, 108; a-Klnney, 107; a-J.
J. Murdock. 110.
<a-J IJ. Goodman entry.)
Sixth race—-Purse $800; 3-year-olds
and up. 6 furlongs: Rosewood. 97;
(•Id Miss. 102; Gallant laid, 104; Moln
en Star. 107; Nobleman, 110; Fleuro,
Sun Maid. Ill; Watvr Bass. Hlack
Toney. Safety First. 113; Bradley's
Cnolce. llS; Jack O’Dowd. 116 Also
eligible: Dr. Barlow, 9ft; Prince R.
11 b.
Seventh race—Claiming. |800; 4-
yar-old* and up. 1 1-16 miles:
xLucky K. 98; xSantq, 102; Fair Ori
ent. 106; Allen Cain. Beaneplller, 107;
vAurpasslng, 109; Beauty Shop. Kle
hurn, 110; Fascinating, 112. Samuel R.
Meyer. Howdy-Howdy, Irish (ientle
nifin, 114. Also eligible: Th* Grad*r,
114; Big Fellow, 111.
xApprentice allowance claimed.
Weather clear: track fast.
Aqueduct Entries
First Lace —8-year-olds and up,
selling, mile; Battle Abbey. 100;
Nigel. 110, xMarse Henry, 106. Court
ship. 10S; xTle Pin. 112; xlcaru*. 96;
Star Finch. ICR Breadwinner. 95;
Nashville. 103. xTractton. 105; Roly.
110, xTwfa. 103. Queen of the Sea.
Second Pace —Handicap, 6 furlongs.
3 year-olds; Milkman, 119; Cock
tail. 113. Barry Shannon. 90; Julia
I.eon. 119; Hollister, 113; Tom Mc-
Taggart. 12*. Crank, 114; rhllirptc.
112; Nebraska. 124; Bally. 106; Sor
tie. 1 10, Marl** Miller. 118.
Third Race—3-year-old* and up.
selling handicap, 1 1-16 miles: Dor
cas 106 Wodden Shoes, 119; Nigel,
10#. Libyan Sands, 113: Airman. 108;
Bdttle Abbey. 100; Polroma, 108
Fourth Race—B-vesr-old* and up.
The Rock sway selling etakes. 81.600,
6 furlongs: Quartz, 108: x-L J. Lil
lis, 304 Paddy Whack, 125; Top o’
the Morning. IS2, Kllldee, 100; Hana
ba In, 100. Bromley, 118. xßlverdale.
Fifth Pace ft-year-olds and up.
selling 1 J-16 miles: G M Miller.
Ill; xTlepln, 109; xMadsni Herrmann.
106; x Wooden Shoes, 121: xTraetlon.
Sixth Hare —2-yesr-old maiden fil
lies. 6 furlongs Meal. 114: Camha,
114: Lad v Bookie. 114; <"*ne Star,
114: Broca telle, 114: Shark. 114; So
I ,«im « Let'y. 114, Sfipsrmaid. 114;
Wood Violet 114: Tell Me. 114; Beau
teous 114, Firing Dart, 114; Ruthle
M . 1H
xApprentlce allowance claimed.
Weather clear track fast.
I*ANBINQ, Mich . July 2.—Duncan
A Reed, of Hint, has been appolnt
♦•<l state mine inspector by (Atbor
Commissioner Richard H Fletcher,
und Caps. James Mrljirty, Detroit,
steamboat inspector for boats on
inland waters.
The Michigan National Guard
needs hut KOfi men to bring If to
war strength, according to Adjutant
General Bersey.
Treasury balance of Michigan be
Finning of July is $3,499.658.5k.
Primary school ifunriK, 16,223,318.61.
Eleven Known Killed
When Trolley Falls
Into Niagara River
—Forty persona may have lost their
Uvea when the Gorge railroad car
plunged over an embankment and
Into the seething waters of the Ni
agara river.
With the recovery from the river
today of the body of Mrs. G. J.
McCoy, of South Bend-st., Kansas
City, the total known dead was in
creased to 11. Twenty-six persona
were rescued, some seriously in
Twenty-nine are still missing The
bodies of some may have been
swept away In the swift current.
These figures are baaed on the
lat« 8& Tabulations of officials early
this morning. All thru the nleht
and early today soldiers and police
patroled the river in search of vic
tims of the car which plunged Into
the river at the edge of the Whirl
pool rapids. Sunday afternoon.
The known dead are;
Mrs. I/eo S. Wallace, Akron, O.
Marlon Lloyd Schumaker. Akron,
J. R Muck, Princeton, Ind.
James R Kemp, Scranton. Pa.
Mrs. G. W. McKoy, Kansas City.
Miss Bertha Seastrow, Jamestown.
N. Y.
Mrs. B M. Restery, secretary to
the president of the Illinois Central
railroad. Chicago
Harvey G. Phelps. Schenectady,
N Y.
Alexander Heron, Niagara Falls,
N. Y.
Unidentified man In the morgue.
It Is believed the accident was
caused by a washout of earth under
the tracks.
The spot at which the tragedy oc
curred is about 50 feet south of the
abutments of the cantilever bridge.
There, on Its downward course, the
river sweeps around an elbow of
rock and swirls into many eddies
and little whirlpools into the bend'
there created. The trolley tracks
are 80 feet below the street level at
this point and skirting the edge of
the cliff are probably 30 feet above
the river. Under the bridge there
is solid rock. There Is a trestle
of not more than 20 feet. Beyond
that the wall ends in the foliage
covered embankment.
H»tf**U and rlslnltfi Mondny night
end Tuesday fnlri slightly cooler to
night | moderate westerly winds.
Lower ftflrhlgnm Fair Monday
night and Tuesdayi slightly cooler In
east and central portions tonight.
l'PPer Lakes* Moderate west and
northwest winds; fair Monday ntght
and Tuesday.
Lower Lakes* Moderate to fresh
sonthweat and west wlndsi Kcu-rrtllj
fair Monday night and Tuesday.
a a. in 62 111 a. in H 6
7 a. m *l2 || a. m U 7
8 a. m ...... 63 12 noon 6ft
»» a. m #4 I p. in 6ft
If Ralph De Palma, the famous
automobile race driver, can go as
fasi on the afternoon of July 4, as
Alvin Green, a motorcycle police
man says he was going Monday aft
ernoon, he should give Harney Old
field a hard rub for the champion
ship. De Palma was driving out
to the track at the state fair
grounds to tune up his machine
when he was caught by Green, who
declared he was skimming along
Woodward ave. at a rate of at least
36 miles an hout. In the Bethune
•ff*. police station the noted time
killer put up $25 to assure his ap
pearance in court Tuesday morning.
Two more arrests in connection
with the recent robbery of Manager
Charles Williams, of the Temple
theater, have been made in Buf
falo. One of the men. James Da
Floco. has been Identified as & man
seen leaving the alley back of the
theater after the hold-up. accortLng
to dispatches from Buffalo. The
other man, Frank Rapepe, is held
on suspicion.
The cAr alleged to have been
used in the robbery also has been
found in that city, the police say.
DeFlaco and Rapepe are said to
have told the Buffalo police that
they shipped the car in question
to Buffalo from Detroit, but denied
being Implicated in the Temple
Boston • •
New York 0
Batter;*** Allen and* Trnur -ss**r.
Anderson and Rartden. Crop res
Itiglci and Orth.
Philadelphia 000
Brooklyn • • " 1 3
Batteries- Ocschger and Killlfer;
Cheney an.l Miller Umpires—Kleni
and Hransflsld.
.«t. Louie 1
Littstiurgh • ■ • '• 9
Butteries Horstman and Gonales;
Mameux and Wanner Umpires
u Day and Harrison
Washington .ft s 6
Philadelphia -.; 0 ft 0
Batteries Gallia and Henry;
.•Sehaue; and Haley. Pnipires Pt
neen and M.'t'ormlrk.
New York n 1 ft
Boston . . . . . ..oto
Baiterle* -liau key Mogrldge nnd
Nunamakrr, Shore and .ftgnev* t'm
plrt O'l-otighlin and Hildebrand.
Phi.aao ft I 6
Cleveland 3 0 0
Ballerfe* Panforth and T.vnn:
Roehlin* Lhmbeth and O'Neill. Um
pire- Evans and Owen*.
Push Believed Prelude
To General Russ
BERLIN, (via London), July
2.—Loss of the village of Korn-
Inkhy In the Russian offensive
In Galicia was admitted by the
war office today.
"The Russian attack was
caught up with," the statement
continued, "and we prepared by
anew barring position. A fresh
attack was thus frustrated."
WASHINGTON. July 2.— Rue.
sla’s attack In Galicia is prob>
ably only the beginning of a
general offensive. The state de.
partment let it be known today
that some weeks ago it had been
advised that the reorganization '
of the Slav army was under
way and that a general attack
against the Teutons would be*
gin about July 1.
PETROGRAD. July 2 —General
Brusiloff’s offensive took 10,178 pris
oners In 24 hours, according to war
office announcement today. Thia
was the total of those captured on
Sunday alone in free Russia's
smash In Galicia More Teutons
were reported as taken in the ac
tive lighting today.
One village has already been tak»-
en and strong German positions oc
PETROGRAP. July 2. —Russia's j
offensive Is now fully under way/
In 24 hours of fighting, 10,000 pris
oners have been taken. Today a
great artillery preparation waa
roaring all along the Galician front,]
The town of Komlnkhy was cap- ;
tured, aocordlng to official war of- ;
flee statement. More prisoners are ]
coming back of the lines hourly,.»
Here In Petroprad. Minister of War I
Kerensky formally called on Prom** j
ler I A' off of the cabinet to inform
him that new Russia had begun t<*s
play her part with the Allied ar
Allied attaches here hailed fton*-*
news Joyfully, believing that the-J
new Russian army invigorated byh
its freedom and knowledge that It *
was fighting to keep that which had. |
been won by the revolution would«
give a splendid account of itself.
Oon. Bruslloff Is driving again a€ .
the Galician city of in the
same region where the Russian of
fensive of late last summer smashed
thru to Halicz. The front ovef
which tho fighting is now beln<
pressed by the Russians totals about
2f> miles.
T-ONTtON. July 2 —British trootn *
apparently "stood pat" on their i
gains around Lens today, awaiting
consolidation of their new positions
and bringing up of fre*h .-upplles.
Field Marshal Haig's only rei>ort
from the whole British front was
of raids.
CrlntltiK— (hp plain n*wt Mint—th«|
In rlnh*—Tin*— '•,»* Oca* Mil** IVm

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