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[ Battalion of Pershing’s
Boys Will Parade
For Public
Speed With Which
Army Was Sent Is
» Surprise
glass Correspondent United Press
PARIS, July 2.—Paris is going to
male* Wednesday the most glorious
Fourth in hiatory. It s to be ‘ Amer
ica day” Gen. Pershing has, of
course, drawn lots of cheers, but
what’s going to happen on the
Fourth of July will Just make the
"irelkin ring.
There are plenty of American sol
diers in Paris now; plenty of navy
Oftcers. But the spectacle of ser
ried ranks of France’s latest de
fenders marching is one that will
ho saved up for July 4.
Arrangements were completed
With Gen Pershings arrival today
Ibr the dispatch to Paris on Indepem
donee day of a full battalion of
American "Sammies.” in regulation
torching order. They will exhibit
their steps to the Parisian populace.
They are due in Paris early tomor
row morning, and frpm that time
Util th<* depart probably on July
B, Farts proposes to show them the
Inest time ever.
But the American paraae is to be
only one part of the celebration.
There will be speeches and special
amusement* —and back of it all the
oolid, heartful gratitude of France
oxpressing Itself to Its newest ally.
First news of the American troops
girival was heralded by the biggest
headlines Paris newspapers have
Hoed in many a day. Unofficially,
the arrival of the first contingent
had been known for several days but
announcement was withheld to tn
gnre safety of other transport units.
French editorial writers outdid
themselves in welcoming the Ameri
-The great new world democracy
does not do things by halves,' said
the Journal des Debats. "It enters
the conflict with the full realization
and with full resolution. They will
neglect nothing, spare nothing to at
tain those aims. America’s help
will be decisive.
“Seventy-five days after America s
entrance Into the war, American sol
diers arrived at the European fir
ing line—not with a modest van
guard which was the most optimists
dared hope so with strong
forces, whose success in crossing
•lone la the cruellest setback to the
Dorman submarine campaign.' The
achievement surpasses any reasona
ble thing that could have been
wished In such a brief time, when
(he time in which England prepared
Is recalled and It Is remembered
that then the seas were free. Llke
trflae It should be compared with
fee time occupied by us in sending
forces to Salonika.
“When all these are recalled, the
fbrce of America’s master stroke 1s
kQ significant.”
Curious, admiring crowds gather
Everywhere in Paris around the
American soldiers. French potlus
are vastly favorable In their com
ment on the trim American uni
form. the business-like revolver
tangling against the soldier's right
leg and the free, swinging stride
With which the ’'Sammies'* cover
Paris la also keen for the Atneri
fn navy officers' white uniforms.
fe ■ ■'
ftaemost Dramatic Critic of
America Succumbs To
j Heart Trouble
NEW BRIGHTON. Staten Island,
*■l7 2. —William Winter, for many
fears dramatic critic of the New
Fork Tribune and famous as a man
of letters, died in hia home hers
Saturday night of heart disease.
Mr. Winter was II years of age.
Re was raeognlzed as the fore
most American authority on the
drama, and was a master of Eng-
Uah proae. With Edwin Booth he
adlted the plays which formed the
Cncipal part of that actor’s reper
re. He also prepared elaborate
prefaces for many or onakepeare’a
America’s Three Great Na
tional Parks, Including Cody
Road and Colorado’s Garden
of the Gods—One Trip
On on* circle trip, over on* splen
did railroad and on thru train*, the
Burlington is prepared to take you
this summer, and show you more of
Interest and delight than can be
found elsewhere In the world.
Glacier Perk. the land of enormous
•now clad mountain peak* and gla-
Clara; Tallowatone Park. with Ita
geyser* and wonderful color forma
nMHi Cody R<<»d, the magnificent;
Rocky Mountain National Park. In
cluding beautiful restful Piste* Park.
Denver i*nd Colorado Springs with
Manltou. Pike a Peak and the Carden
of the Qod* near by—all on one
trig, on one splendid higher lass rail*
road, at low coat and with every
Thla la our Special Offer to you for
a per fee* slimmer vacation !*et me
tall more about It/and aid you
♦n planning for a trip "around the
great Circle" or to any part of the
Wonderful National Park region I<et
me pend you folders with Interesting
clotures, maps and descriptive text
describing these delightful place# I
•an It jreir «#rr Ire and glad to help,
r* mmla Oon Pas* Agt.. r. B
and It R.. 117 W. Jackson Bids.,
“Spiritual Bride” In
I “Soulmate” Case
* jiJ
V* - r
S-r r'- *
. Gvo. R. Mam s>le/
Mm. flninaleyr Is one of Ihe Man
ciple* In an nnuannl “wulnule" «*o«e.
Her home la in OHraar**- Her kas
ha rut tens npreeil to «tl*oree ao • ike
mu nrd KlwaaS V. Hatlach of *t.
I «.iil* In the regular way. Juat no**
ahe la hi* “spiritual l>rld» H hy virtue
of a eeremoay performed by Prof.
Da* Id «r*hnrt, Cul»er Wllltar*
academy pay ebologlat, after be bad
derided tbetra naa a real -aoulmate”
caae. Hr*. Mntlack lan't ao i-beerfnl
about the mntter. *he tbreatena ta
cull lu federal proaerutor*. Matlarb
la reported wealthy.
f Continued from Page Onei
cess snd wide open to the public
The skeleton of the human lot
tery that fixes upon the men is con
etructed in the rules. The exact
method of the lottery is left for a
la»er proclamation Within a few
weeks the draft will be made. In
military quarters it is stated that
one million nun will be drawn in
the first levy.
Upon proof of their status the
following classes are exempt:
Men indispensable to Industries
that are necessary to the mainten
ance of the military establishments
or the national Interest.
Men with wives, children, parents,
brothers or sisters dependent sole
ly upon them for support.
Members of well recognized re
ligious sects whose creeds forbid
bearing arms students of divinity
and ordained ministers.
legislative, judicial and executive
officers of the United States or the
states of the Union.
Men in the army or navy of the
United States
Aliens who have not taken first
citizenship papers and rubjects of
Workmen In the armories, arscn
als and navy yards of the United
States and men engaged In the
transmission of the United States
Pilots and mariners in the mer
chant marine of the United States.
Criminals convicted of felonies
and the morally deficient
The most vital pow«r—that of
deciding wnlch men are indispenst
hie and the necessary industries —
is placed In the hands of the dis
trict board*. One or more board
is created for each federal district
In the country.
The entire burden of proof for
exemption Is put upon the claimant.
Appeal from the rulings of ihe
tribunals Is provided for in th«
As outlined In the rules, the fol
lowing are steps leading up to the
ordering of the men into camp:
A local exemption board of three
members for approximately each
30,<W) of population Is set up Most
of these tribunals are already
formed. In many cases they are
the registration boards.
Other higher boards for each fed
eral Judicial district are rormed.
They are composed of five men of
the highest standing, and known
as district or appellate boards Any
member of either board may be re
moved by the president
On a day to be set the lower
boards meet and organize The
registration cards are secured from
the registration boards which then
cease to exist. The cards are num
bered serially from one up and the
name* and numbers posted In a
public place and given to the press
for publication. At the same time
a copy la sent to Washington.
When every card ta numbered and
posted In every precinct In the na
tion the stage is set for the actual
Altho the method is left for an
other proclamation. it is known that
the drawing will take place In
After the order In which the men
are called tip for service Is and»
termlned. the quota that each state
must yield up to the armies will he
The state governors are directed
to divide the quotas among the
count!#* and cities on the basia of
These numbers and names will
again be posted and published and
the men called will be notified by
Next the "honor men” will be
summoned for physical examination
before the local board. One mem
ber of .each board Is a physician. He
Is ordered to make thu examination
In the presence of another member
of the hoard.
To guard against any unfairness
In the physical exam’natlon the pres
ident mnPca ?n ingenious provision.
Tn case the physician •le«lfn» , te*
any man the board yl’l call
In e anther physician, fie will rr.*\kr
*r.o,;'»v irlnatton In Ignornc- of
the rr;,t isnoft, ’f both r*Vn* rne
*a;n* diagnosis a certificate of dis
qualification will be Issued Mem
bers of the board are barred from
passing upon any relative's case
After the physical examinations
! je finished the board* will take up
rh«* exemption of the cla*«es *pect
tted in the rules.
A claim supported by affidavits
| must be made by men a«kln< ex
emption. (’lalnn upon occupational
qrounds must be made to the dis
trict beard In making claim for
| exemption on the ground <yf a de
' pendent, the claimant must furnish
an affidavit that the lncrtne for the
| support of the dependent is mainly
from the fruit of hi* labor and not
derived from property. He must
bring another affidavit from the de
pendent affirming the dependency
and another from the head of a
! family .stating the *atne grounda.
Within three daya after the affi
davit* are filed the local board must
make its decision Either an abso
lute, conditional or temporary die
charge may be granted
The local board* next report a list
of the men discharged and those
not discharged to the district board, j
Again these name* are posted and
a notice sent to each.
Claim* for exemption upon occu- i
pational grounds must be made to .
the district board within five days ’
after the man is notified that he Is
The burden of a double proof 1
rests upon these claimants. They j
must prove that the Industry 1c ■
which they are engaged. Is neces
sary and that they are “indispensl- i
ble” to ita successful conduct.
jg The regulations provide that [
claims may be made upon these j
That he is actually engaged in a
particular industrial or agricultural
enterprise necessary to the mainte
nance of the military establishment
or the national Interest and that his
continuance therein is necessary to
the maintenance of that industry
and cannot be dispensed with or
replaced without substantial mate
rial loss and detriment of that en
Each claim must be supported by
When in the opinion of the hoard
the loss of the man to the industry
outweighs the gain to the military
establishment a certificate of dis
charge wrtll be issued.
Claims for exemption may be
made by wives, parents, children,
employers or any other person for
the man In whom they are Inter
The boards are empowered to In
vestigate affidavits and claim* ror
exemption with any means at thetr
disposal. •
After the occupational claims are
passed upon the district board will
next review the appeals from low i
er boards Upon these appeals
their decision is final. When it Is
adverse the man wrtll be drafted
into the army.
After all appeals are decided and
occupational claims pettled the dis
trict board will report its list of
eliglbles to the adjutant general of
the state. These are the men that
are to be summoned to the colors
In the fall. They will be notified
by mail.
An appeal from the district board
in occupational claim* to the presi
dent i* provided for But, pending
the decision of the appeal, the
claimant may be summoned to the !
In a later proclamation President j
Wilson will create a national board
to hear the occupational appeals.
The draft system is one of equal
ity and fairness. President Wilson ,
explained today In a proclamation
explaining exemption and draft reg
ulations issued today
The text of the regulations cov
ers 7H printed pages Every publi
cation in the lnt»ed States will re
ceive these printed copies within
the next few days
His proclamation said
The regulation* which I am today j
causing to h* promulgated, pursuant
to the direction of the selective ser
vice law. cover the remaining steps
of the plan t r ailing int- «-r lee
of the United States qualified men j
from those who have registered j
those selected a* thf result «f this
process to constitute with the regu
lar army, the national guard and the
navy, the righting fores* of the na
tion. all of which forces are bnder
the terms of the law placed in a
position of eq ja! right, dign ty and
responsibility with the members of
all other military forces
The regulations hare been drawn j
with a view to the needs and cir- i
cum«tance* of the whole country and
provide a svatem which It Is expect
ed will work with the legst Inequal
ity and personal hardships Any sys
tem for selecting men for military
service, whether voluntary or Invol
untary in Its operation, necessarily
selects »< me men to bear the burden
of danger and sacrifice for the whole
nation The aystem here provided
pia< es all rr.en of military age apod
an even plane and then by selection
which neither favors the one ncr
penalizes the other, rails out the re
quisite number for service.
The successful operation of this
law and of theae regulations depends
necessarily upon the loyalty patriot-
Ism and Justice of the memr.er* of
the boards to whom Its operation is
committed, and I admonish every
member of every local boa rd and of
each district hoard of review that
their duty to their country requires
an Impartial and fearless perform
ance of the delicate and difficult
duties Intrusted to them. They should
remember as to each individual esse
presented to them that they are call
ed upon to adjudicate the most sa
cred rights of the individual and to
preserve untarnished the honor of
the nation
Our armies at the front will he
strengthened and sustained If thev
be composed of men free from urn
sense of Injustice in their mode of
selection, and they n-11l b» Insp-red
to loftier effort# tn behalf of s coun
try In which the ritisens eallsd ipor
to perform high public functions per.
form them with Justice, f**rl*«*n»-«*
and impartiality
(Signed) WOODROW WI!/W>N
Workmen at the river dock a» the
foot of Chene-st. notified the police
at midnight Sunday, that a well
dressed woman had Jumped into the
river a' the dock Ttetcctlve* found
a woman's panama hat near the
place where the woman was sup
posed to have Jumped Into the
Shortly alter 4 o'clock Monday
morning the police were notified
that several c’Mxens had pulled the
of aw • of 'be river
at the foot of Orlenn« «t and that a
man took It away In an automobile.
The police have been unable to ver
ify either of »he reports.
li/Ii/ !■ ■■■■ »—— ■» ■ I .
I*h# week beginning today has
b‘*en designated ns "Allies’ recruit
ing week." to Inspire eligible sub
jects In Mils coun’ry of Great Brit
ain, France, Ilaly ana ajher allied
nations to enlist with tnelr resnec
tlve colors.
Dad Raises Company
But Ben’s a Private
Ecn sS.Sovce:
The Indianapolis Times, of "hick
W. It. Borer Is publisher, has rused
a company nf soldiers and presented
It ta the Indiana national guard. Hut
Koyee’a son Hen. fit, has enlisted In
the regular artillery. No Ttmaa em
ployes sought commissions with the
company the paper raised.
Manchu Ruler Assumes the
Throne; President Must
Step Down
Chinese monarchist* by now
have accomplished a coup d'etat,
dislodging President LI Yuan
Hung, according to state de
partment information today.
SHANGHAI, July 2 Hauan Tung,
former emperor of China, depose’d
in the revolution which made China
a republic, today announced his
succession to the throne again and
assumption ot the government. At
Peking martial law thruouf the em
pire was formally proclaimed. Presi
dent LI Yuan Hung h.vs been for
mally ordered to relinquish all au
William Green assumed the offing
of cotmtv treasurer Monday morn
ing. retaimna a part of the staff that
*as retained under the administra
tion of Sheriff Stein who wfi» treas
urer until the first n f the year.
When Mr. Stein left the office to be
come sheriff. owing to the difference
in the term.- 1 of office under anew
law. if was necessary to have a man
elected to fill out the unexpired
term, and John F W. Vergouw,
chief deputy under Mr Stem, was
elected to the post. Hf will now he
come chief deputy sheriff Mr. Green
has reappointed nine members of
the old staff olf Mr. Stein.
Mr Stein, a* sheriff, is expected
to reorganize his staff to take care
of the men he left in the treasur
er's office who will not be continued
by the new treasurer, and he had
announced that he would make pub
lic the changes in his staff on Mon
day However, he had not prepared
his slate for publication up to a late
Caught as they were alleged to be
robbing passenger* on a Wood* ird
ave. <ar Monday morning. Daniel
Kelly. 33 y--ars old. Salt Lake City,
and two unidentified men tried to
Jump thru *be car windows.
The conductor rushed to the win
dow Just as Kellv’s legs wer > dis
appearing He pulled Kelly hai k
into the car and turned him over
to Traffic Officer Harney S;eel at
Grand Rlver-ave. Kelly's two com
I paoionr also jumped thru th** win
dowx and escaped At police r»*nd
quarters, George Kozskozoe. No. :v *
Falmer ave., Iden'Jfied a pu.-"e fgund
; c.n Kelly a* one he »os» while r:d
ring on the car. Tfte police .-r
--i holding Kelly on « charge of lar
ceny from the person
I hem*- • urn rnmwe tec • wtte4 *i«fn nlrrrnfl prednetlee h«**e4 eee <’•*■
tr<»l the mswnf nrlwre *f nlrplene « for wee «n rMftfsrj ewe r<*aje Y
winy he melntnlwcd. The; are. left In rlgkt. twgi %. <l. • eMr. nt • h.»
cwe*. •erreftirj | <»Mne» I*. Msl-low. Detroit! IlnnsM It. * efSn. efcnlr-
M*«l r-1.1.11n ft. lo Mnnfinmert trn Vwrhl Itrtg.-liew. tieerge O.
*n»lrf wf Ike nrtnii Beer Idml rsl OwcM W. Terler. chief es wevet
r«nitr*< tIA« sw4 regalri Hfl"n: V. 4. Itee4a, (let ten. ** (
Pershing Hitter Over Prema
ture Release of
XK \V YORK. Jut> a.—Bitter
cnik'tvui of the Banner in which
nuo rei*ort of the lw ml mg of Am
trican troop* "leaked" u> America
' was at i rib tiled to Major Genera i
' Pershing at Barn* in a t.ablc printed
! UKia.. in fin New \ork Sun.
••By Horn** unitiß. which the in-
I telliK*m e department ha* under In-
I veftigation. one r* port of the land-
I tng of our troops was made public
I lx fore the I tiding was completed,
thereby endangering the Jive* of the
men still at sea on transporta,"
I General Berthing was quoted as de-
I daring
Flovd I* Gibbons, the eorrespon
d. nt. ■ UU and
••V.,* . r. card to the widespread
pr- : 1: publication of the land
*ng : • o*her United States of
f .i' e !-ss reserve in their t-x
--pressit is of condemnation, some of
th< iv. * great mg shooting for the
P« n»et:s r»AponHib!e. Investigation
of the mr.tter promises to be thor
ough and the punishment drastic,
If nal cranial ot the caisor
ship Is established.’*
Bij? Ship Reaches An Ameri
can Port Un
How the Elder Dempster liner Ak
abo. on Friday evening June 14,
sank one of four Oerman submar
ine- • lining fight of five or
six hours, was told by passengers
from England today on their ar
j rival her* The big liner evaded
all the German’s attempts at firing
! torpedoes as well as gunfire. One
of the Akabo’s shots carried away
a submarine periscope snd tben one
following s'ntck rtie hull of the Ü
boat There was a big explosion
and the submersible went down The
three remaining submarines pur
sued the liner until d»wn, when
British patrol boats beat them off.
The passengers al-o told of the tor
pedoing of the Cunard liner Aa
sonia. All aboard were saved and
the vessel itself was towed into
port The Ansoma is a steel ves
sel of 8,151 tons.
Judge S*eln Issued a warrant for
the arres’ of John Kevawa, No. 2VO
Thinv-thlrd-ave., on a charge of
forging Edsei Kord’s name on sev
eral false checks and the cashing
the checkr about the city. The po
lice say that Keyawa netted more
than 1200 thru the scheme.
Caught In the act of ransacking a
poolroom at No 12 Catherlne-sf. late
Sunday night. Albert Couzens. Ne
gro. No 246 Gratiot ave , hurled pool
halls at Detectives McPherson and
Straith when the officers walked In
on Couzens A hot bombardment
of pool balls forced the ofllrers to
re-reat. When Couzens r an short
of ammunition the officers advanced
with drawn revolvers and arrested
the Negro on a charge of breaking
and entering In the night time
9tabbed in Fight Over Woman.
Following an altercation over a
woman In a rooming house at No.
185 Fast Lafayette ave., late Sunday
night, Sam Kobel*. Negro, 32 year#
old. was sent to Receiving hospital
in a serious condition suffering s
knife wound In the chest. Allen
Thomas. Negro, 38 years old. was
arrested on a charge of felonious as
sault. He is alleged to have done
the stabbing.
Mrs. Christopher W. Collier, wife
of the pastor of a church at luting
♦on, Mass., has undertaken to per
form the church activities during
the absence of her husband, who
has gone to France for service in
•he American ambulance Aorpe.
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Predicted Riots Between Fac
tions Fail To Take
PETROORAD, July 2.—The timid
cnes came back to Petrograd In
force today, after total failure of
the alarmist reports of rioting in
the capital to materialize in any
thing save a few shouting demon
Sunday had been set aside as the
date for anti-government demonstra
tions The anarchists, extremists
snd other violen. advocates were
behind the- plan To offset their
disturbances, the council of work
men and soldiers suggested the pro
government Russian forces them
selves stage a demonstration.
A few groups carrle 1 banners.
“Down with the duma.” “The p<-A
pies' fight for pev.oe,” “We want an
armistice on all fronts" Some,
borne hy pro-government support
era deelared against s separate
There was no serious disorder,
unly a few scuffles
1 Some armed anarchists were in
line, but they did no* offer violence.
A majority of the city's population
was utterly indifferent to the parad
Hundred* of panicky individuals
left Petrograd Haturday, fearing
His Politeness
Ex-President Taft was very po
litely saluted by a little hoy of eight
as he got out of his motor car one
day, and the little fellow's act
struck Mrs. Taft * attention.
"You’re very polite, little fellow,”
Mrs Taft said. "Do you salute all
the strangers who pass in the same
“No, no, ma'am, only motorists,”
the boy stammered. "Father eaya
I’ve to be polite to them, because
motor cara bring him trade."
Mr*. Taft *eemed disappointed.
"What ia your father's trade, my
little man? Doe* he repair motor
cars ?”
“No, ma'am.” said the Utile fellow
meekly. “My father Is an undertak
er.”- Indies' Home Journal.
Pair Held Aa Dopesters
Bennett Funk and Ixittle Punk
have b*en arrested and are in the
custody of the United Si ate* court.
They are charged with dealing <n
cocaine and opium on a large *cnl*»
and are under indictment In Albany,
N Y They are being held for ex
tradition to New York state A pe
tiMon demanding their removal to
the Jurisdiction of the New York
court was filed In the United States
court Monday morning
Live and Learn.
In Precinct 3, Muncle. the regis
trar asked of a youth: "Do you
claim exemption and. If so, on what
grounds? ’
“I have a wife and child, and see
no way In which T could support
them In the army,” was the reply,
and the youth left.
A few minutes later the young
man came rushing back, all out of
brent.h, waving his card: “Hey.
change this card!" he shouted.
"I’ve Just been home, and find I
hate two children Instead of one.”
Mr« Th< odore Roosevelt. Jr. is
an ioatn**«r ’n Uii cooking school
Jor Naval Renorve* at Newport.
PrlnMs* —*!•!■ kl«il*-4k*<
la rlskl—Ttasi Jmb ttrp —Mala 4&a.
“ Sammies' Had Rare Privilege
Os Picking Own Nickname
I/DNDON. July 2. —’'Sammy" Is
going to stick as tha nickname of
he American soldier in Fraaice The
former "dough boys" like the sound
of it themselves, and hy a curious
coincidente, after fbe men aboard
transports had picked it on the way
over, the French populace at the
port where they landed greeted
Corporation Counsel Dlngeman
Monday reported to the common
council that the Detroit United rail
way had started to repair Its tracks
on Trumbull ave . between Michigan
and NVancn-aves Because of the
had condition of tracks and paving
at this point, there have been a few
bad accidents with the reault tha*
the council recently ordered the D.
If. It. to make repairs within 10
Annoyed by the delay of the rail
wav company In complying with the
action of the council. Aid Ross, of
th*- ward Interested, caused a reso
lution to be adopted at a recent
meeting Instructing the corporation
counsel «o proceed against the com
pany to force the improvement In
his letier to the council Mr. Dtnge
man says It Will not be necessary
to start action now, as the work is
under way.
The recorder’s court of Detroit
collected In fines Just 1873 50 dur
ing .Mi tie. The cost of up-keep
amounts to 222,780 a yesr. exrlurlve
of anv charge for rental of the fine
new court house and »xcluslve of
27.000 a rear the state pays toward
the salaries of fbe recorder and as
sociate recorder, which would make
the cost of the court mora than
22.500 a month.
Police /’ommlssloner James fouz
en and f--1 are and Monday morning that
he would not comment upon tha
letter which ha recalved Raturdav
from l>otils Schneider, cafa- owner.
*n regard to revoking the license
f or 'he Schneider case. “Thera will
be p hearing before tha mayor some
t'ine w-i*Mn the next few weeks and
if Mr S-hneider haa anything to
sav he i in bring It up at the hear
ing." declared the commissioner.
Vrlntisg—(k* plain sast klaS—tkat
In Haht—-Tlatea Ink Os»l.—Mata 41190.
New Hotel for Bachelors Is
Named “The Commodore*’ In
Honor of Late Capt. Eber B. Ward
A modern hotel for bachelors with
all the ’’ultimate" conveniences com
fJTned with a distinctly “comfy" at
monphere, is “The Commodore,” No
128 Cassava., which opened Its
doors Monday under the manage
ment of P* owner, Mrs. Mabelle
Ward Seitz.
The building is entirely new and
is within two minutes' walk of the
postofllce end of the new FJika’ tern
.lie. Masonic temple, Detroit club
and 'ther well-known buildings In
the vicinity. The property upon
whi !i the building stand* haa been
in Mr* Seltt’a family for many
years, and the erection of the build
ing was undertaken by the owners
In preference to selling the prop-
MONDAY. JULY 2. 1917.
them with the same nickname.
The | ondon Times today printed
a lone story about elaborate delib
erations on the transports tn which
ih*- regulars chose their name. It
was agreed, the Times asserted,
that "Sammy'’ was the only name
worthy to rank with “Tommy" for
the British and "Pol lit" for the
Fifteen Known Dead Are Re
covered From
MILWAUKEE. July 2—Police
this morning estimated that at least
40 persons were killed Saturday
night when a huge fte***l tank top
pled over from a wharf on the
crowded decks of the excursion
steamer Christopher Columbus
here. Twelve Identified and three
unidentified bodies had been recov
ered from the Milwaukee river this
The ship was crowded with pas
irngers when the accident took
The steamer collided with th*
do<k. loosening the Jsatenirgs which
held the eje\ated steel tank In it 4
place and sending it < rushing down
on the crowded decks.
2.- Just how far
Germany is »rylng to deceive her
self was Indicated in Holland dis
patches today showing that tn Ger
many some leaders nt least think It
Is all a “bluff" that American troops
have landed In France. One dis
patch quoted Count von
most bitter of America’s foes In
Germany, as asserting that the only
troops landed* aro aviators nnd medi
cal units; that •■glee before the ar
rival of American troops had b*-e*
reported and prove untrue and that
In the present Instance It could not
be true, otherwise “the arrival
would be kept secret ’’ He conclud
ed that the report war, "pure bluff”
■*,. -*mmm
Poor Outlook.
Host -“l’ve had this whisky in my
cellar for 8b years ’’
Guest (hopelessly to himself)
“Gee whiz! And I had hoped to
borrow aome money of him."
erty, which I* one of the moit valua
ble In down-town realty in that sec
tion of the city
The hotel offers finale room* with
bath, and suites with bath It la
furnished simply and artistically.
There are no housekeeping suites,
and no'cafe In connection. The ho
tel Is In memory of the late Capt. v
Eber R Ward, who In his lifetime
was known as the "commodore.” Its
accommodations were planned espe
cially for professional and business
men who desire a downtown home.
Children Cry

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